Dark Headcanons

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1) What would your OC be like as a villain?

Vaeyin has a strong sense of morality and would only become a villain if he was manipulated to where he felt as if his actions were just.

Vaeyin is calculating and will not hesitate to spend hours plotting his next move. He would be well suited as a strategist, planning and executing invasions and sieges as if they were nothing more than a board game. He is typically three moves ahead of his enemies.

The areas brought under his control would quickly be reorganized with a new infrastructure to support all within it, particularly the lower classes, raising them up and giving them work along with improved food and shelter. Most of the impoverished citizens see this as an improvement over their previous situations and willingly join his ranks as workers and soldiers, swelling his numbers with both bodies and resources. This cycle allows him to build a nearly unstoppable empire quickly and ruthlessly, crushing those around him before they’ve realized the true threat.

2) What is your OC like at their worst?

Vaeyin is a perfectionist and has exacting expectations for himself and those around him. When things don’t go according to plan or one of his subordinates disappoints him a time too many his punishment will be harsh and swift with no escape. He is ruthlessly logical, which means there’s nearly no way of someone talking themselves back into his good graces. Vaeyin will make sure they’re dispatched quickly and efficiently, typically ending the person himself to ensure the job is done to his satisfaction.

3) What villain does your OC most closely resemble in other works?

I’m going with General Hux from Star Wars The Force Awakens ( @selydra is a lifesaver)

4) How can your OC be defeated?

Vaeyin is brilliant and meticulous, watching those around him with a suspicious eye and planning each move with critical scrutiny directed at every possible outcome before he acts. It would take someone wild and unpredictable to take him down, someone he couldn’t plan for, someone who takes almost ludicrous risks that would defy logical expectations.

Although, if his love were to turn on him, he may not see that coming. >.>

5) What makes your OC so dangerous?

His intelligence and paranoia hands down. He would dominate militarily and economically and it would be extremely hard for anyone to stand up to his organization once they’ve got a foothold.

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It was months later in that same bedroom, Laura snuffled into her side, when she found out that Laura had nightmares. […] She woke to tears and fists clutched tighter to her fur than ever before. Laura’s face buried in her neck and small words whispered against her skin, “You’re here. You’re here. You’re here.”

Wishing On Imaginary Stars by the lovely @ariabauer

I swore to myself never to draw comics again because ugh I suck at it tremendously, but since @takemetolurch and I started this whole thing, and Aria killed us with feels…….here we go again.

The first time Sherlock and Jim touch, it’s aggressive and rough, almost passionate. Sherlock’s fingers curl like claws around the lapels of Jim’s coat as he holds him off the edge of a roof top, suspended in mid-air. He desperately wants to wipe that infuriating smirk off Jim’s face. He’s not prepared for the bored look in his eyes, the lack of fear. It puzzles Sherlock, and intrigues him enough to not let go.

The second time they touch, it’s brief and hesitant skin-to-skin contact, but Sherlock still has time to explore every sensation brought on by Jim’s small, cold hands. A current runs between them as their palms connect and Jim’s thumb comes to rest with soft pressure on top of Sherlock’s hand for a moment. Just a fleeting moment, before he puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The emptiness behind the amused look in his eyes makes Sherlock’s mind go numb, the sound of the gunshot ringing in his ears the only certainty in the chaos.

The third time they touch, it’s feather light and searching. Sherlock’s fingers barely touching as they trace the outline of Jim’s face. He fervently wishes this was their first touch, and he knows he’ll spend a lifetime regretting it wasn’t. Jim’s eyes are closed, long, black lashes framing them, resting against his cheeks. Sherlock can’t breathe at the thought that he will never look into those liquid brown eyes again. The room starts spinning, his field of vision narrowing to comprise only Jim’s lifeless body on the table in the morgue. Greg’s voice is in his ear, muffled as if underwater; “Enough now, Sherlock.“ Strong arms wrap around him from behind, keeping him from sinking to the floor.

The last thing Sherlock sees before the merciful nothingness of unconsciousness sweeps him away, is Molly gently pulling the sheet over Jim’s head, hiding him from the world for the last time. 


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