i couldn’t decide if i even wanted to post this gif set but i have several asks about it and it’s better than people randomly spreading rumors about what’s happening so here you are. i did by no means post this in a hurtful way or to draw attention to it- the original interview has already been posted and i made the choice to post the news on my blog this way. 

plus i think it’s better that you see the news on here instead of through other articles online, many of which are cheering the fact that ed is now single which frankly i think is unfair to both him and athina. anyway. i wish them the best and i hope they’ll both be okay [x]


hahahah ok so i made this comic on a whim mostly but it was fun 
inspo: "i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot" au from this post

  • Kurt:Give me your hand. . . . Blaine Warbler. Will you go to Junior Prom with me?
  • Blaine:Prom?
  • Kurt:It’ll be the social event of the season. You don’t want to go to prom with me?
  • Blaine:No, no, of course not, of course I want to go with you. It’s just . . . prom.
  • Kurt:What about prom, Blaine?
  • Blaine:At my old school there was a Sadie Hawkins dance. And . . . I had /just/ come out. So I asked a friend of mine – the only other gay guy in school. While we were waiting for his dad to pick us up, these three guys, um . . . beat the living crap out of us.
  • Kurt:I – I – I’m so sorry.
  • Blaine:I-I’m out, and I’m proud, and all that, this is just … a sore spot.
  • Kurt:This is perfect . . . you couldn’t face up to the bullies at your school so you can do it at mine. We can do it together. . . . But I have to say, Blaine, that if it makes you feel uncomfortable at all then we’ll just forget about prom. We’ll go to a movie instead.
  • Blaine:. . . I am crazy about you.
  • Kurt:So I’ll take that - as - a - yes?
  • Blaine:/Yes./ Yes. You and I are going to the prom.
after mars

Hackett’s words rung in Shepard’s head, loud and clear.

“I’m sorry to hear that. But we both know this is just the beginning.”

“Isn’t it at least worth a try?” Liara pleaded, twisting her fingers together in nervousness.

In a way, Shepard admired the innocence that Liara carried with her, especially for being alive for over a century. Liara, despite the terrible odds, always managed to see some silver lining, and right now, her optimism about a relatively unknown Prothean doomsday mechanism was something unprecedented, even for her.

Shepard leaned all of her weight against the circular terminal in the War Room. For a moment, she didn’t even process where she was. This was the same ship, the same Normandy she’d used to take down the Collectors, minus Cerberus. It was an Alliance ship now, and something about that made it feel like home. With Joker, and Kaidan, and Liara on board, it felt like the Normandy that had fought against all odds to take down Saren, and now, it felt like they had a fighting shot at doing it again.

Shepard reached to her neck, curling her fingers around her dog tags. She clutched at them so tightly that she could feel her own name pressed against her skin, and knew it would leave an impression. She shut her eyes for a moment, and took in a deep breath before nodding subtly.

“I’m going to go check on Kaidan,” she said, departing the room.

She felt Liara looking on in desperation, wishing Shepard could give her more of an answer than that, but she simply could’t. As close of friends as they were, she knew Liara didn’t know what was really running through her head. No top secret Shadow Broker information had access to her feelings, and there was no way of knowing the pure anxiety that coursed through her veins at the mere thought of what had happened on Mars.

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yu yu hakusho<333333333

That show. Ugh, you don’t know how much of my preteens/early teens and how many hundreds of dollars were spent on that show, those DVDs that were 4 episodes for $20 a pop. Kurama was the best (although I adored all of the main 4)… I mean, a kitsune thief hiding in the body of a human baby and learning how to love from his human mother, hyper intelligent and seemingly fragile and fought with flowers but so fucking deadly when you tested him. Who lived for centuries as a totally selfish being, and then was willing to wish away his own life to save his sick mother. Just…

Kurama will always be one of my favorite characters of anything ever.

Can we just savor some of his dialogue for a moment?

“The ability to feel pain is not a weakness. It’s a strength. Pain tells a creature its vulnerabilities, and not you expose them to attack.“

“Logic is panic’s prey.”

"Regret is a different beast when you live for centuries."

"Suicide is not the answer. There is neither honor, nor redemption in that."

"What irony. Such beauty sprung up from such an ugly soil."

“I’m warning you. You so much as bruise what’s in your hand and I’ll show you pain. The hue of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die; you will no longer exist.“

“I’ll help you… But not by death, this world has enough of that. You can keep your life as long as you change the way you live it. It’s never too late, believe me.“

Seriously guys, just… go do yourselves a favor, if you like anime at all, go watch Yu Yu Hakusho. The Dark Tournament. The Sensui Saga.

Seriously, just how rude do you have to be to remove the caption before reblogging a drawing?? If you don’t respect the artist enough to keep the caption, then don’t reblog it at all. Their intention behind what they have created (something that would not exist if it wasn’t for them) is wayyy more important than that it fits your aesthetic blog.

“Why do you wear so much makeup?” 

No, I don’t just wear makeup to impress others.

No, I don’t just wear makeup to make other people jealous.

No, I’m not vain.

No, I’m not insecure.

And most importantly, I do not have justify to anyone why I like to wear makeup. Deal with it :)


One Year of the 100:
↳ Day 5: ~ Favorite Quote:
“We all have monsters inside us, Clarke. And we’re all responsible for what happens when we let it out.”