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I agree with trent's voice actor... Daria and trent would be a good couple.

Same. Glenn Eichler hated the idea of them together and thought the only way Daria could be in a successful relationship was if she was with someone who was boring and smart kind of like her. But Daria isnt that boring after all. Trent and Jane are pretty similar and look at the amazing relationship Jane and Daria have. It’s cause Jane brings out the best of Daria. Just imagine what else Trent could bring out in Daria. The ONLY con or flaw about Daria dating Trent is that Trent isnt ambitious at all but who knows maybe Trent being with Daria could of influenced/inspired him to do better. I just think Glenn didn’t give Trent enough credit.

Type Of Dancing Headcanons

Denmark & Norway : Would be very slow, traditional couple dancing.

Spain & Romano : Would be very fast, doesn’t matter what type, but fast.

Germany & Italy : Would be pretty good waltzers, took time for them to not step on each other but they got it down.

Prussia & Austria : Prussia, when ever he tries to take lead would speed up on Austria.

Austria & Hungary : Amazing, many years of practice, have even made up there own.

Prussia & Hungary : Swing dancing.

America & England : The two wouldn’t dance together but they could, America is more for square dancing, England is more for watching.

Sweden & Finland : Very slow, in there couple dancing, would step on each other quite a bit, takes a while.

Hong Kong & Iceland : Have no clue how.

You can request more.


AD LIVE 2015 - Niconico Announcement

Taniyama Kishou & Okamoto Nobuhiko taking about their match up!

Suzumura Kenichi: This is an amazing match here!
Taniyama Kishou: This is pretty odd, huh. “How did it end up like this?”
Okamoto Nobuhiko: I know right, I was pretty surprised! Maybe it’s because we’re both type B (blood type).
Suzumura Kenichi: So you’re both type B?
Taniyama Kishou: Oh yeah, now when I think about it. But I don’t think that’s the reason why Suzu-kun put us together.
Okamoto Nobuhiko: Ahh I see. So instead, we would like to know why were matched together in the first place.
Suzumura Kenichi: Umm you guys just seem unreadable together.
Taniyama Kishou: Yeah, were unreadable.

“The witch broke their souls apart and reformed them. Each soul with pieces of the other: fractured, but whole. A broken soul only seeks to be mended, so their souls search for each other always, for their missing pieces. That ensured that they were always drawn to each other, no matter what. Stiles and Derek didn’t anticipate the witch having a quid pro quo. The catch was that in every life, only one of them knows that they’re soulmates. Only one of them has the memories of past lives, of them together.”

(The Chasms Between)

This is the t-shirt that Stiles is wearing (x) :) if you like my art, and would like me to draw more and more often <3 PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE check it! you just lose a few seconds to see great clothes (and maybe find something you like) and surprisingly I will be financed by my art! which is amazing! THANKS! :D love you all!

I love how new the Marrish fandom is. Like…I get that we’ve been around for a little while but it’s blown up like crazy the last week and we’re all in that new fun stage of trying to defend it. 

There’s really no need guys. We’re all on the same page in the Marrish tag. We like the ship. We love them together. I, for one, would like to just go to the tag and read through all the drabbles and look at the pretty gifsets. I don’t need to be reminded every other post that there are people who don’t like my ship.

Take it from a very seasoned Klaroliner…it’s better to just enjoy what you love about it and not let the haters get to you. If we all dwelt on the fact that people didn’t like them and listened to everything they had to say, we wouldn’t be the strong, crazy, confident, amazing fandom that we are today.

I’d like the same for the Marrish fandom. 

It’s our time to shine. It’s going to be a fun thing to watch. And we should just enjoy it while we got it. Because Lord knows on Teen Wolf…

So in conclusion, don’t fill the marrish tag with a bunch of complaints about what you’re seeing others say. Don’t go to the freaking anti tag, because all you’re going to find are anti posts. 

And how is that going to make you feel good? You’re not changing their mind and they’re not going to change yours.

Be strong Marrish peeps. And freaking love your ship!

Blacklist Fanfiction Awards?

So I have seen this done in a lot of other fandoms where the community gets together to recognize the amazing talent in the fandom. 

I really think this would be a really fun way to show it in The Blacklist fandom! 

It’s a lot of work to set up so I wouldn’t be able to do it all by myself…but I would be willing to start something as a pretty neutral blogger on here.

We could have a Lizzington, Keenler, and Keen2 category with subcategories for places for people to win.

For Example:

  • Best AU Multichapter
  • Best Fluffy One-shot
  • Best Canon Multichapter
  • Most Underrated One-shot
  • Etc.

I would be able to organize it but I would need some help setting up a place for people to vote and nominate these fanfanfics! I have a couple ideas but if you would be willing to seriously be involved in this then please send me a PM (But only if you are 100% willing to put your effort into this and help!) Plus….I would really need someone who really knows how to set these types of things up.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

Thinking about inojin/shikadai interactions and

I actually don’t think they would bicker that often. I think they would both exasperate each other to a certain extent but they’re definitely brothers through and through. They’re both incredibly intelligent. They play shogi together (shikadai always wins, but inojin puts up a pretty good fight). 

They would both be incredibly, fiercely encouraging about each other. Shikadai thinks inojins a massive wet blanket and a nerd, but he’s also smart and talented and his homeboy so back off. And injoin would be so DONE with shikadai’s laziness and he’d constantly be trying to keep both him and chouchou out of trouble but he’d also be really proud of both of them and what they’re capable of.

And on the battlefield, there is such amazing faith and trust between them their communication skills are unparalled. They literally just make noises and they know what the other is thinking, they finish each others sentences.

And chouchou is their girl. They are a little scared of her, but also really proud of her and they know she can handle herself. They try to shield her from negativity as much as they can, but they have absolute faith in her strength. All the same they can be a bit protective/brotherly. This pisses her off.

new inoshikacho is so interesting.

My inbox is quite full of messages asking about Cash’s autism, so I’m going to try to answer you all at once.

Cash’s pediatrician began feeling concerned before Cash turned 2. He was missing milestones. Months went on and he was presenting with pretty significant speech delay as well as other peculiar repetitive behaviors. It almost seemed as though he was deaf because he had this amazing ability to tune out the whole world. He wouldn’t respond to his name. He couldn’t put 2 words together. He didn’t point at objects or look at objects when we would point. He would have violent fits and cover his ears when we would enter loud and crowded places, public bathrooms, elevators, go outside when it was super sunny, etc. He would spin in circles for minutes at a time and never get dizzy. He would fall down hard and never seem to be hurt. He never slept for more than 2 hours at a time. He would repeat the same odd sequence of movements over and over and over again. His hands are almost always wiggling. I could go on and on.

I was certainly the most in denial and defensive. He’s just a baby–why does everyone have such high expectations of him? Autism had come up many times after his 2nd birthday. It wasn’t until we were visiting with a neurologist about seizures that I finally began to accept that he might need help. The neurologist visited with Cash for only 10 minutes and suggested that we have him evaluated by the CDSA because he presented with many signs of Autism. She said that early intervention was key and that helping asap could make a huge difference in his future quality of life. We had his hearing checked first and found out that his hearing is perfect, so we scheduled the many evaluations. After being observed for hours by therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists they concluded that he qualified for weekly speech, occupational, and play therepy. Autism was mentioned, but not yet diagnosed, because many kids blossom tremendously after a bit of therepy. While Cash did indeed blossom in brand new ways with the help of his therapists, his autistic traits remained and even became more apparent to others. After about 6 months of in-home therepy, he turned 3-years-old and aged out of the CDSA.

We are very blessed to live in a county that provides a preschool for special needs children as part of the public school system. It was almost like an audition for him to be accepted–more hours of evaluations with multiple professionals. It was concluded that he was accepted into the school full-time under the umbrella of “Autism Spectrum Disorder.” He started on his 3rd birthday in a “contained” (all special needs) classroom. There were 6 other children with autism, 3 with Down syndrome, 2 teachers and multiple therapists. Cash began to love school. He would even mention his “friends” in his ramblings. He memorized the stories the teacher would tell and the songs they would sing and would bless our ears with his rendition daily. At this point, we knew our beautiful little Cash monster had autism, but we were still waiting for our medical diagnosis.

We waited 6 months for a very sought after developmental pediatrician and on May 20, 2015 Cash was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

After a spectacular 3 months in a “contained” classroom, it has been recommended by Cash’s teachers and therapists that he move to a “blended” classroom next fall. Being able to grow and flourish among “typical” children will help him tremendously and hopefully lead to him being able to thrive in a “typical” kindergarten classroom in the future… But that’s me getting ahead of myself.

Cash is the most brave and brilliant little human I’ve ever known and I’m so beyond proud that my body built his. You may wonder why I call him brave–he chooses every day to leave the comfort of his world and join us in a world that overwhelms him in every way. He swallows his fear and pain to be present with us, because he loves us so much. And why do I call him brilliant? Well, if you’ve met him then you know.


6 months. If you had told me back in September that the girl I had just randomly started talking to about our recent DCP interviews would one day become my best friend and then become the love of my life, I actually probably would have believed you. Right from the very beginning, I knew there was something special about Marisa. 

 We’ve accomplished so much in the last few months and no matter what life threw at us, we always got through it together. She’s my rock, my biggest fan, the one I can’t go without and if this past week has taught me anything it’s that I pretty much need her to function at this point. While we’ve done some amazing things over the past 6 months I know the best is yet to come and the day I look forward to above any other is the day that Marisa Isabelle Hernandez becomes Maris Isabelle Autry.

 I love you so much sweetheart, the past 6 months have been the best of my life and I look forward to all that is to come. I miss you so much and I hope you have a fun day in Costa Rica! 

 Forever yours, 

Your Kit

I missed Love Your Artist week

I meant to make a list last week when I got home from work and then I didn’t. SO IT’S LATE BUT HERE YOU GO. The artists I admire (in no particular order) are:

kittysupreme - You inking work never ceases to amaze me. Also, it’s not just about your 2D work, but your plushie work and attention to detail in cosplay that also makes me proud to know you.

magical-hobo-cat - Your imagination is so amazing; you’re able to come up with these ridiculous ways to make anything and it always looks fantastic. I highly admire your cosplays, as well.

limpstella - I really admire your style and coloring techniques. I followed for the Dragon Age, but I stayed for the witty humor, hilarious comics and beautiful style. I’m also pretty sure Pahpi and Ramsey (my Qunari Inq.) would frolic through a field of flowers together on their mutual hatred of Orlais XD

greatwhiteguts - I know I keep saying this…but I also really like your style! The lines are so crisp and sharp and I just really enjoy how you compose your pieces. I’m a big fan of your newest piece (the Reboot one with the red “arm” reaching up). Also love Reboot to pieces (and I still have the little drawing he made for me :3 ) so I enjoy your writing as well.

yiynova - Yea no small surprise since I basically fell in love with your character designs awhile back XD I’m thoroughly enchanted by the way you draw; sketching, inking, and especially your coloring. Your shading is so beautiful I just…please don’t ever stop drawing.

c2ndy2c1d - I blame you for all the Kevedd feels I have now and forever. I just really like your coloring, and sense of light direction…and comics…and just yea everything.

phliker - You’re line-art is so clean. It’s perfect. I just don’t understand. I must save everything you draw even when I’m not in the fandom. Why do you do this to me phliker? Why? You art is so awesome in all the ways.

professorpemzini - I CAN’T EVEN. The lighting, the colors…Please don’t ever stop drawing please please please.

dezzoi - I CAN’T WITH YOU EITHER. It’s dark and gritty and I love it so much.

eraemilius - I really love watching your art evolve with you. It’s light and fluffy and the colors are so sweet and lovely. I always like seeing your art on my dash, it brightens my day :3 Also keep writing forever. Until your hands fall off. Even after that. Oh and have I mentioned your cosplays? I haven’t? Well good golly gosh batman, you should know that I am your biggest fan when it comes to your work. I get all flustered when you say you want to build me something. Me? Really? I’m seriously not worthy. But I really enjoy the time we spend while we’re creating. That’s my favorite part.

Familiar faces || E X L

In society’s social class, Ezra Lambright was a golden boy; he was the epitome of a perfect man. Not only was he handsome and charming, but he had a trust fund from a pair of very wealthy parents. This wealth he was gifted with gave him a cushion for the real world, and he could easily get anything he wanted, or get himself out of any trouble. On the outside, Ezra was your typical, spoiled child that had more than he would ever need. However, he was a rather completely different person on the inside. The male was never actually able to pin-point what had influenced him to be so different, but he had a pretty good idea of who is was. 

Ever since Ezra was a child, he had been best friends with a girl by the name of Lottie. Although they were on a completely different spectrum in life, the two clicked, and shared an amazing bond together. While Ezra was lavished in money and wealth, Lottie came from a broken home. She was taking each day as it was, and was trying her best to make a living. As they grew with age, their friendship suddenly took a turn for the worst– And they too were growing apart. The female was turning to drugs and alcohol to try and rid of her problems.. Ezra was trying to help her in the best way that he could, but she never wanted his help. It was when the female was permanently out of his life, that he realized he needed her more than he would have ever anticipated. He began to appreciate everything she ever did for him, and regret everything he never did in return for her. 

After some time, Ezra soon found himself turning to a lifestyle filled with toxic habits that were hard to break. Many people still thought he was the goody two shoes like always, but in reality, he was just some guy with money. He never spent it on anything good anyways.. Now it was all used on drugs, and alcohol. Every party he had heard about, he attended. So it was no surprise when he was walking through a crowded home with a red solo cup, filled with God knows what, in his hands. As he turned the corner, he smashed into someone, making his drink spill down the front of his shirt. “Fucking hell-..”

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I feel like the only reason they're including Anna/Kristoff in the heroes vs. villains is they want to ensure Elsa and Anna have the same number of dolls. But I wish they had done Anna/Hans instead, then Elsa/Hans would work as an exclusive variant. Actually I saw someone else suggest Elsa/Anna/Hans set which would have been perfect, if unlikely.

Having the three of them together in one set would be pretty amazing! Yes, I really do wish that it was Anna with Hans because I definitely think he was more of her villain than Elsa’s. Oh well.

Today (july 3rd, 22:04) is my last day of being 23! I’ve been thinking lately about how much I’ve changed in the past few years and it’s quite incredible. I’m not gonna get much into it but I feel so fortunate to have had all these amazing ppl by my side in this adventure (it’s also been really good to leave some of them behind cause quite frankly they weren’t worth it so fuck ‘em). 23 has been pretty awesome, and I’m hoping 24 would be even better. So many adventures lie ahead on my path now, going to France and travelling around Europe a bit is gonna be a big thing for me, and I’m pretty fucking excited this is all coming together at what feels like the right time. 

So if you’ve been around all this time, thank you so much! I’m sure you’ve been helpful with your own experience and I appreciate that you’ve shared it. 

So, here’s to 24 being an amazing year!

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Do you think it would be insensitive for a surrogate to put together a photobook of all the people who said "congratulations" to her unsolicited during the pregnancy, to give the parents when the baby is born? It's such a nice phenomenon for moms.

Hm.. I think for a surrogate it would be pretty nice! If it was for a birth mother and you adopted the child then it might be insensitive. (If the mom regrets her decision later) I watched a few birth shows and the surrogates are always so happy to do what they do, so maybe it would be a great gesture and an amazing way to appreciation! 

- Meg

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would you mind if someone made an edit with like screenshots from sharp zero? like for example if i wanted to make one of those posts with text posts on screenshots of the comic or like just screenshots that look pretty together etc like of course i would credit you and link to the comic bc sharp zero is amazing! i just want to like check that it's okay with you tbh

!!! i would love that! please do i would be stoked

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Female, 5'4", tan/brown skin. Half Asian. 21. Dark brown hair down past collar bone length and brown eyes (omg wtf everything on me is brown). Muscularly built. I like making music, working out, and fighting (grappling). I'm funny and on the introverted side, so I need my space or I get huffy. I would take you out for authentic Chinese dinner, then take you sightseeing and out on the town for dancing (bad on my part) and a few drinks. (You probs can guess who this is ;D)

It clicked when I read half Asian HAHAHA. YES. Tbh, you’re really pretty and I seen you take a bitch down so that’s hella amazing, so HELL YES DANCING. AND FOOD. Wanna learn how to salsa? Because I can totally teach you coz it’s a hell of a work out and super fun and we can be cute and badly dance together :D

that audio post reminded me!!

a while back i made kotomaki mixes of “aishiteru banzai” & “bokura wa ima no naka de” as a gift for my partner and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in me uploading them here? they’re not super amazing bc my audio editing skills are pretty limited but i think they sound okay!!

I fell down a musical wormhole on YouTube, and remembered that actors don’t have to adore each other to have chemistry.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers got along “okay” despite arguments over choreography and costuming, but they weren’t in love with each other. Yet, if you watch them together, their chemistry was off the charts.

This whole “actors must be into each other to be that hot onscreen” thing I think is a result of the Method that so many American actors subscribed to, and the way in which the Hollywood machine used that to gin up publicity.

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SHIP ME PLEASE!!! You know everything about me already so I don't think I need to describe myself heh : u : /bear hugs/ THANK YOU CHOUUUU

Sorry that this took so long to be written Loulou, but I needed to find the right words to explain why I shipped you and honestly I’m still not 100% satisfied, but you’re practically bursting in all the facebook messages ._. And you have that exam thing tomorrow so you either need something to relieve your stress before you go to it or you need something to relax with afterwards. It all depends on when you check your messages :P

so first we have

Actual Prince Jeonghan -

Originally posted by yuu-jin

The elegance of this coupling would be amazing.  I just. aslkdflkajsd if you put pictures of the two of you posing together then I bet the entire world would explode because of how gorgeous you two would be together. Visually the two of you side by side would be absolutely fucking stunning

But despite your really pretty elegant outer beauty you’re an energetic child with a very sweet personality.  The impression that Jeonghan gives me is that he’s slightly reserved and soft spoken (we’ll find out as their personalities show through variety shows and videos and things but for now that’s what i think of him).  Anyways so I think that those two personalities being together is the good match.  He’d quietly admire and love your enthusiasm for art, for friends, for fashion, and just how you act in general.
*update: Actually I just read from a profile that apparently he says he seems quiet, but isn’t.  That being said I think he’s still pretty quiet.  But I guess this means that when you’re even more ramped up than usual he’ll join you on the endless energy train and you guys will share a lot of loud laughter and conversations that end up with you guys talking in a passionately loud voice to get your point across (… i still don’t think it seems like him but if he says he is then -shrugs- XD)

Also on his profile he says he kind of prefers someone older than him if he were to date because he needs someone to take care of him. While youre not older than him despite your excessive energy (energy that makes you very child like), You’re always taking care of the squad members. you show a lot of care towards your friends and how you take care of them. So i think that the moments he needs you the most to take care of him you’ll easily be able to do so.  

Overall I really think he’d find you irresistable.  Especially the dimple.  He’d purposely do everything to make you smile so he can see your dimple. ... shit Lou i think I ship you with Actual Prince Jeonghan more than the scoops. (he apparently calls himself angel cause of his birthday, but I THINK THAT WHEN HE SEES YOU HE’LL CHANGE HIS MIND AND CALL YOU ANGEL INSTEAD)

lil Scoops -

Originally posted by j1nwoo

You knew already that I shipped you with him. At first it was just because y'know roll with the tides. Since he was your bias and the other squad members were shipping you with him I chose to ship you with him too. But I think … I think you guys would be really cute together.

Granted I don’t ship you as much with S.coups anymore as much as I do ship you with Jeonghan, but i still think it’d be a pretty cute match.  He’s loud and playful and I think that’s someone who you could have a hell of a lot of fun with. 

I see you being one of the most laid back relationships. and by laid back i mean the more casual less formal dates. Like I’m sure you like your fair share of fancy lots of planning in advance dinner dates, but between the two of you I see you guys having the best dates when you’re just together goofing off and having fun. He’d probably take you to museums to see all the art just to make you happy (i’m not sure if he’s an art kind of guy. I don’t get that feel from him, but I’m sure he’d try for you) 

I’m afraid I can’t be as detailed with you and scoups as you and jeonghan. I ship you more with him ^^; but i still think you and scoups would be cute! just not as cute and dynamic as  you and jeonghan