It’s been ages since I’ve posted any yogscast fan art (I apologies for that) but thankfully i’m back into drawing fully again. So yeah, still had a lot of practice whilst I was away and as you can see I’ve definitely improved a LOT.

But anyway, I’ve been loving flux buddies loads recently and thought I’d make a poster in tribute of it. Super fun to colour in all the flux and stuff everywhere, i forgot how fun it is working with purple. Got to do a bit more experimentation with logo design as well which was interesting, so i’m probably gonna work more on that skill.

Anyway, I hope you all like it, i’m definitely going to post way more often again! :D

(Also, I’m starting to have a theory about the necklace on Kim’s current fluxy skin, like maybe it’s some kind of flux nullify thing to try and at least slow the spread of taint.)    

Don’t worry guys… Even after a weekend of fun, I’m still on the wagon! I kicked ass today with my workout and am feeling some major #bodyappreciation right now. 👀 Drinking #shakeology and some pre-workout totally helped me get through everything I had planned, but my arms feel like jello. 💪👙 Lately I’ve just been doing one of the videos from my program which I LOVE, but I wanted something longer and different this time 👉 Walking/running (2.25 miles), loads of dumbbell work, and the 10 minute abs video was just enough. Okay, I’ll shush up now. #getitdone #sosweaty

okay but i don’t think you understand i can still remember when i first saw meg & thought to myself “you’re so fun & lively & confident & you’re probably gonna get slut-shamed by your friends at one point but it’s okay because i will love you” & like. i was kinda wrong about the slut-shaming part but. i’m just. so happy???? to see her doing so well after the disaster that happened last year??? like. her role in nmtd was basically to be used & taken for granted & have other people roll their eyes at her bc she’s the “provocative one” & apparently had a shitty job in retail to top everything off and now???? now she looks so happy???? and she’s got a cool job writing for a magazine like?? CAREER GIRL HELLS YEAH. & she’s not dating but she’s still v secure with herself even after robbie’s sorry ass & she’s having fun with her “casual affairs” as she calls them & she’s dancing like lydia bennet??????? which is adorable af????? 

i’m just so proud of her & happy for her like. “i know i’m intelligent, i’m hot, & i know what i’m doing.” I MEAN???? I THINK I’M GOING TO CRY?????? i am so happy for margaret winter you don’t understand.

this has been a meg winter appreciation post carry on with your day now.


So this a request that was posted back on ff.net but due to some issues with the site, I’m having to repost and decided to do post it here too as a back-up I guess. S/N: I did make a few changes to the original but overall, still the same.

She walks into his room and sees her best friend and the love of her life lying in bed, his face pale and even from where she is standing, she can hear him struggling for breath.

She immediately feels the tears well up as a heavy feeling settles on her heart; her heavy heart that seems to be beating even more slowly but as she sees the man the she loves lying in that bed, she’s surprised that it’s beating at all.

I can’t do this she panics. She doesn’t want him to see her upset like this but before she even has the opportunity to move, he slowly opens his eyes with what appears to be a great deal of effort.

The way his face still manages to light up with a smile as soon as he sees her feels like another blow to her heart.

They had their ups and downs just like any other relationship but there was one thing that nobody could ever deny: they were crazy about each other even when they drove each other crazy.

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Edna & Harvey

A quirky point'n'click game i’m still working through, Edna&Harvey is a really fun lil game about a girl (Edna) escaping from an insane asylum, with no memory, but she knows she’s sane as her rabbit (harvey) tells her she is. There are some randomly funny dialogue throughout the game; i love to bits!
So, i always want to do fanart of this game. The right side was me playing around with my cartooney style back in April (trying out the new g-pen ink as well, badly), left side is me trying out my new style improvements last week (except the top-left pic, that is the actual game artstyle). I need to do more of Edna and Harvey and play more of the games!!

peterdonaldson asked:

see, i sort of thought it would be fun if both peter and balth were in the "lords" position and were living in the flat and imposed the "no dating" rule upon themselves since it would fuck with the heteronormativity of the original where it was the 4 guys and then 4 girls paired up. of course freddie being a girl also fucks with that. but you know, it would be fun to have a love's labour's lost adaptation where 2 of the lords ended up together

I agree that this would be fun, and I did include this option in the other post I wrote, but the only reason I didn’t talk about this in that post was because if they do go this route, things get really confusing on a theory level.  But I do think it’s possible.

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latchofficial asked:

top 5 video games & why

  1. Alan Wake- The symbolism in this game is fantastic, it has really interesting mechanics and like its the best story experience i’ve ever gotten out of playing a game. Like it felt like I was experiencing a Stephen King novel and it was great
  2. Pokemon Crystal- Mostly Nostalgia but I have spent more time with this game then any other game ever. I love it so much and one of my proudest moments was beating Red
  3. Fallout New Vegas- It did everything 3 did but better, dropping you into an amazing world. 
  4. Spyro 2: Riptos Rage- Another nostalgia heavy game that is just so much fun to play. Everything about it is perfect. The colors, level design, soundtrack, it all just puts me in a great mood.
  5. Skyrim- I’ve been playing this game for 4 years now and i still am finding new things to do i love it 

smartwaterofficial asked:

If you're still doing these ♡ - romantic headcanon ♥ - family headcanon ☮ - friendship headcanon For Chris :>

yass the more the merrier! (and ooh chris-senpai >///<)

♡ - romantic headcanon 

  • Chris enjoys going on dates and spending time with his s/o; he will always make time out of his schedule to see you because you are not an option but a priority. Rather than texting, Chris prefers to give phone calls because he loves hearing the sound of your voice, especially hearing you laugh. He will ask you how your day went and will make sure you are doing well; he will listen to your complaints and wishes without being judgmental. He loves seeing you smile, and isn’t afraid to tease you just to see it again and again. Chris can get easily embarrassed and will sometimes find it difficult to be assertive when it comes to physical contact (holding hands, kissing and sex). However, he will love and care for you with all of his heart.

♥ - family headcanon

  • Growing up as a single child, Chris looks up to his father for helping him and watching him grow. His gentleness and positive attitude attracts many children; he loves spending time with them as he finds their innocent and and playful nature endearing. In the future, Chris would like the warmth and adventures that come with having a big family; however, he will not pressure his s/o, and whether they prefer having many children or none at all, he will undoubtedly respect their wishes.

☮ - friendship headcanon 

  • Chris is a very loyal, supportive friend. He’s incredibly observant and knows how you’re feeling just from studying your body language. Chris is always willing to help you out, whether it involves studying or personal matters, and is a great listener. Although he is soft-spoken, he worries for all of his friends’ well-being and is not afraid to voice his opinion if he knows that you are not feeling well. His positive attitude and hard-working ways will ultimately inspire you to grow and become a better person.

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I would totally fave all your posts as Joker X3 There are so many different versions to choose from or even make your own. I totally get what you mean about being self-conscious. I'm still very much am. I'm trying to work on that so I can actually do more cosplay. I've done a few, but nothing amazing. When Dark Knight came out I did a really crappy thrown together Joker but I enjoyed it even if it looked like crap. As long as you have fun, go for it ;3

The only thing that matters is doing what you love and have fun with it. None of us are perfect. Nothing will come out perfect because you know what? Even that perfect cosplayer you love so much can give you at least 20 things wrong with his cosplay off the top of his or her head. 

So go out there, strut your stuff, and hold your head hi because at the end of the day all of us are nothing but a bunch of weirdos dressed up like fictional characters. 

learntoflylikeyou asked:

When people ask me. I say that I'm bi too. But I know I'm pan because gender has never been a thing for me. I told people the truth once, and they still make fun of that at times. :( I really don't care that much what other people think. But it's still sad. I really wish people were more open minded. Hope you have a lovely evening. All the love x

I’m so sorry that they made fun of you. They had absolutely no right to do that. I think it’s beautiful to be able to love anyone no matter what gender. They shouldn’t have made fun of that

Hey guys! So I am still looking for someone to do something multi-muse with me! I am down for anything and am just looking for an active partner to roleplay with and create ships and angst and all that fun stuff with. I have some ideas I really want to do like a mumu solely based on love triangles, or MTV’s Scream or a re-casting of Degrassi, or practically any other plot that you could imagine! Feel free to like this, or message me on tumblr or AIM @ nicholasrps and we can get talking! 

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Heloooo! Dont know if your still doing request but i was wondering if you could do a ereannie one. Where its a modern Au and eren and annie have been dating for sometime. Annie believes that shes a bad influence on eren and reluctantly breaks up with him. Eren desperately pleads to her that's not true, but they break up anyway. time passes and they reunite after eren tells her he still loves her.

I loved this prompt ngl, it was very fun since I tend to not do angst unless specified, even though I love to write it. Thank you nonny for sending me this prompt, one of my favorites!!!

Rating T for language (no surprises there)

No Archive warnings needed

I have more filled prompts here, in the ‘my writings’ tag

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aight this is actually gonna get kinda heavy but real talk: having low self esteem my whole life and then dating an asshole during my formative years really made me dependent on someone else to make me feel good about myself, which is the reason why i have so many fictional boyfriends. im a hopeless romantic who enjoys playing otome games and watching 1950s-60s romcoms and reading shippy fanfiction about my favourite characters. but i dont do it because im obsessed with my loneliness, i do it because its a roundabout way for me to appreciate myself. i am still accustomed to being dependent on someone else to make me feel loved because im still trying to learn how to do it by myself, and so having imaginary relationships is like me secondhand loving myself, if that makes sense? me appreciating myself in the shoes of someone else who isnt really dating me. which is still lame but ive got a deep rooted craving for close interpersonal relationships which isnt going away anytime soon so. i might as well just have fun

you might be thinking this is super deep shit to be sharing with strangers but mostly i just dont wanna be judged for being so boy crazy so id rather spill the beans on stuff like this than have you guys think im lame

allyouneedarecats asked:

sapphire and ruby

lmao…okey brittany…..enough of these overlap that im just gonna consolidate it into one.

Sexuality Headcanon: Gay. capital g Gay.
Gender Headcanon:
gem (aka. have no concept of gender and thus agender/nb by our standards but is fine w/ being treated as female)
A ship I have with said character: each other lol
A BROTP I have with said character:
their individuals interactions w/ steven are fun and im soooo curious as to what their relationships w/ rose quartz were like.
A NOTP I have with said character: romantically? anyone that’s not each other.
A random headcanon:
ruby is the type who would love lush bombs. sapphire likes having her loved ones style her hair. also spooning is hard for both of them bc both of their hair gets in the way but they still love to do it anyway.
General Opinion over said character:
i love these married lesbian space rocks so much.

anonymous asked:

how can you stay a fan of both jessica and taeyeon? or for that matter snsd and jessica? i still follow you because i like yoona thats it.

Because I love all of them? It’s that simple lol. I don’t believe “ot9″ was a lie in the sense that they used to be very close (minus probably Taeyeon and Jessica), because according to Jessica she looks back fondly on her memories with the members. Also I’ve only heard Jessica’s side and SM’s statement. All SNSD has said about the everything was that they wanted to have SNSD’s best interests in their heart, which I honestly believe.

I don’t have the time or bitterness to hate or question one side when I’ve loved them all for so long. The safest thing for me to assume is that there were a lot of misunderstandings between them leading up to the event. I just hope in the future that they reconcile, but either way I’ve loved SNSD for too long and I can’t just stop.


the last movie i saw was ant-man, i really liked it! the villain was kind of weak but it was a fun movie, lot of edgar wright still left in there.

i love her, she’s my favourite. best name for a cat forever and ever.

i do, but i get motion sickness really badly so that affects what i can play ;c i love space channel 5 too! also most of the zelda games. i really liked the last animal crossing, i’m looking forward to happy home designer. as for anime, probably sailor moon! also ouran high school host club. visually i really like utena and ojamajo doremi.

anonymous #1:
i don’t think they’d be very pleased with me. kid me would probably think it was pretty cool that i’m still doing comics and trying to get into animation, but i’m still as socially awkward as ever. i would tell my kid self to get rid of the toxic people who were in my life faster.

anonymous #2:
ohh gosh, probably tokyo even though i’ve been there twice before! i want to go back and do so much shopping and eating…other than that, maybe burbank, CA to have a look around all the animation studios. i’m going to new york in september so that’s already getting crossed off my bucket list \(><)/

anonymous #3:
if i’m outdoors, then cold but clear sky. if i’m indoors, then either a big ol’ thunderstorm or snowing. either way cold is better.

it’s kind of a turquoisey, tealy more than a blue? quick google image search led me to this one, that’s about what i had in mind.

anonymous #4:
i’m doing my MA at central saint martins. there’s also one at the royal college of art, but it’s really expensive and conceptual. i heard a new one is starting at LCC? it might have been a different college…

anonymous #5:
it’s kind of a milky, pearly white. the pupil is still black though.


HOLY CRAP. I have never felt the urge to draw something so bad, (im sorry its so sketchy!), and holy crap that episode. I freakin love sardonyx’s fusion. And holy crap tf2 fusions/ tf2 steven universe stuff in general is just so fun to draw.

One day I shall do a cleaner version of this, but that day is not tonight. 

they made fun of me. ‘How could you like someone as gay as them’ 'their songs aren’t even good’ 'ugh turn down the music before I throw up’ 'how can you love them?’ I ignored them I just kept them to myself not saying anything about them in front of them anymore just kept them to myself, still loving them more than ever. And do you want to know why I love them? I fucking love them because they saved me, they saved me so often, when I wanted to cry, when I wanted to run away, when I wanted to die, they were here when y'all were 'busy’ so fuck you, fuck you for not respecting my choice of band. Fuck you for saying that you don’t like their songs when you didn’t even listened to one of them for once. Fuck you for calling them gay when they’re just wearing what they want, living how they want but Poor you for doing fun of me when you clearly have nothing more important to do in your life
—  had to get this off my chest

still credit | rebloggable quote

You’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.