Alternate Titles for Every SU Episode Thus Far
  • Gem Glow:coOKIE CAT!
  • Laser Light Cannon:Amethyst Makes A Bad Projectile
  • Cheeseburger Backpack:Steven Is Still A Bit Of A Fuck-up But We Forgive Him
  • Together Breakfast:*the face*
  • Cat Fingers:Jesus Christ What a Catastrophe
  • Bubble Buddies:We Literally Trapped An Awkward Kid And His Love Interest In A Bubble And Their Relationship Still Isnt As Forced As Bruce And Nat
  • Serious Steven:Steven Is Banned From All The Rides
  • Tiger Millionaire:Amethyst Is Best John Cena
  • Steven's Lion:Introducing The Best Character
  • Arcade Mania:Garnet Cheats At A Video Game By Constantly Seeing Every Future All The Time
  • Giant Woman:All I Wanna Do Is Get This Song Unstuck From My Head
  • So Many Birthdays:Btw This Show Is Hella Depressing. Have Fun.
  • Lars and the Cool Kids:Lars Is Fake AF
  • Onion Trade:Devils Dont Come From Hell Beneath Us They Come From Beach City
  • Steven The Swordfighter:PARRY! PARRY! MURDER!
  • Lion 2 The Movie:Why Dont You Tell Me You Can Do These Things That You Do???
  • Beach Party:Gems And Dads Are Both Cheating Bastards
  • Rose's Room:Steven Breaks the Matrix
  • Coach Steven:The Nicki Minaj Episode
  • Joking Victim:Lars Is A Huge Dick
  • Steven And The Stevens:Steven Accidentally Makes Fall Out Boy And Then Murders 152 Of Himself
  • Monster Buddies:Potato Chips Are The Most Effective Training Method
  • An Indirect Kiss:Amethyst Falls
  • Mirror Gem:Delicate and Elegant Lapis Lazuli Makes Fart Noises
  • Ocean Gem:Fear Waterbenders
  • House Guest:What The Hell Greg
  • Space Race:What The Hell Pearl
  • Secret Team:Square Mom Is Alpha Mom
  • Island Adventure:Survivor: Awkward Teen Romance Edition
  • Keep Beach City Weird:Snake Conspiracies, or Snonspiracies
  • Fusion Cuisine:They Turned Into A Giant Woman
  • Garnet's Universe:This Is All Canon
  • Watermelon Steven:Steven Creates Life And Everyone Is Cool With It
  • Lion 3 Straight To Video:Rose Quartz Has Twenty Seconds Of Screentime and You Cry Your Eyes Out
  • Warp Tour:Ladies And Gentlemen, Introducing, the Dorito Nerd
  • Alone Together:Two Kids Perform The Gem Version Of Marriage/Sex To Get Into The Club
  • The Test:Steven Is Insulted That His Moms Didnt Try To Actually Murder Him
  • Future Vision:Multiverse Theory Except You Start Crying Halfway Through
  • On The Run:The Boxcar Children Except You Start Crying Halfway Through
  • Horror Club:Sadie Should Totally Date That Conspiracy Theorist
  • Winter Forecast:Future Vision Except Without All The Crying
  • Maximum Capacity:Amethyst Is A Bitch If You Dont Marathon Her Shows With Her
  • Marble Madness:Endless Balls
  • Rose's Scabbard:Pearl Is Hella Gay For 50% Of Steven
  • The Message:Greg Saves The Day But No One Gives A Shit Because Lapis Is Back
  • Political Power:Mayor Dewey Is Actually An Okay Guy
  • The Return:Master Hand Fucks Shit Up
  • Jailbreak:Garnet Is Actually Two Lesbians That Sing The Most Kickass Song Ever Aired On Television
  • Full Disclosure:They Fucking Put The Ringtone IN The Song That Is So Clever Like Seriously That Part Killed Me
  • Open Book:Cosplaying In The Matrix
  • Joy Ride:Teenagers Notice Important Plot Points And Dick Around With Them
  • Say Uncle:We're Fucking Watching You, Fandom. Now Stop Drawing Buck Dewey And Sour Cream Making Out.
  • Story for Steven:Young Greg Is Suddenly Hella Hot
  • Shirt Club:Steven Takes On A Mission Himself, Which Leads To Him Assassinating The Mayor
  • Love Letters:Straight Tobias Funke Hits On Two Lesbians. It Doesnt End Well
  • Reformed:Amethyst Plays Real Life Super Meat Boy.

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i love destiel so much and I respect so much you shipping for fanon and accepting it not being canon on the show but i cant help wonder how you do it. while i cry over my ship not being canon :((

Please don’t cry. <3

I’m sorry you feel sad, and I’m not sure how to make you feel better. But what I think is fun… Go to Google. (Most popular search engine on the interweb.) Google (literally) ‘the greatest love story ever told’. Click the very first hit of millions upon millions. 

Remember that all of that is CANON. Remember that fanon and canon do still have a lot of things in common. Whether or not the writers will ever deliver on this story, what we’ll always have is that it IS one of the greatest love stories ever told. Whether it will be acknowledged in canon or not; the story is still there, and it won’t be erased. It is a love story between a human and an angel with the most potential in the history of ever, and if the writers decide to not go there because it happens to be a ‘male’/male thing… That is their loss, not yours. 

The story remains the same, and you shouldn’t be sad for seeing it for what it is; one of the greatest love stories ever told. 


Congratulations to our giveaway winner! Now I’m afraid there’s some bad news. Was anyone with us when we mentioned the future of the blog a few weeks ago? Well at that time, we weren’t sure what was going to happen after that pesky anon questioned our blog, but I have been informed that this blog needs to be simplified. 

 Please do not worry. We will still be answering your excellent questions and reblogging your outstanding photos but a few of us employees who currently run the blog will no longer be available to run it. Jack and Emma will still be here to run the blog for you guys but unfortunately simplifying the blog means that members need to be removed, and the blog name changed.

 It’s okay though, we can put the fun of this blog into our work instead! We have loved being part of the blog, we would appreciate it if you would be lovely in the replies. Thank you! - Emily, Amelia, Sarah and Vivian

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Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you enjoy the cake I made you and the gifts I got you, it took me a while but I do hope you enjoy them. We're so happy to have you and so is Dean, so have fun today because you deserve it, you've done so much so be happy. :) ❤️

Your cake was amazing!! (I had to hide it from Dean because it was so good)

I still have to open up all the presents you got me but even if they are only half as awesome as the cake I’m gonna love them all!

Thank you for everything and have a really nice sunday :)

I don’t just want this to be a young lovers thing, I’m in this for the long run, I can see us living together, doing stupid and crazy things, going on adventures and holidays, exploring the world and everything in it, having fun while we’re young, getting married, starting a family together, being annoyingly embarrassing parents, having wonderful grandchildren, I can see us growing old together and still love each other as much as we did the day we met, I can see us, together, forever and always.

Will someone PLEASE give me an au where muse a is a shy closeted guy and one night they just somehow come across the Rocky Horror Picture Show and they see the live version and they LOVE IT and so they start going every other weekend when it’s on and muse b plays a role in it and notices him and tugs him on stage and muse a is so shy but has so much fun and ends up wanting to come back and do it again but of course doesn’t say anything and just… Idk it could go anywhere I just thought of it last night

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Hey I was wondering about Aquaphago because it's so beautiful and I am very very jealous you thought of this first (I just saw it today and I am in love) but you mentioned people can get infected in bits and pieces so I was wondering; could someone get just their eyes infected? Like little water orbs in their face with a fish in them? Would it affect their sight so they would be blind or could they still see?

I’m glad you enjoy it, it’s fun to work with! I will be building up to explaining this further through illustration (hopefully!) but specifically for Aquaphago, the manifestation is most likely to occur in the torso area first. Spots can probably occur on arms and legs but they still stretch over a wide enough area.

I don’t know if it could infect just someone’s eyes- I feel like this makes the infection too specific, so for this AU, probably not! Just the eyes is such a small area, while I think they could turn to the same watery colour, fish can’t “travel through” eyeballs.

I think I can see where you’re going with this and it’s a really cool idea, I mean, maybe there could be a strain called FishEye Effect- which actually sounds awesome, but it’s not Aquaphago. If you wanna do something like that, you should go for it! It doesn’t just have to be this AU friend.

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7, 14, 23, 38, 49, 52

What’s a negative thing about your character that you enjoy writing?

*—;; I enjoy writing his snaps, when he gets furious and angry, during Wartime timeline where he has little mercy for anyone and is literally out of control. I love writing that part of him because it still exists within him, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. The more animalistic problems that reside – usually as a safety are fun because he just loses all out control and becomes hard to handle and crazed.

Do you like fanfiction more or less than reading rp threads between characters?

*—;; I love both equally, however with Fanfiction you can read more at once without waiting (unless, you know, its uncompleted.)

What’s your take on AUs?

*—;; I fucking love them. I have so many stored in my head (and my wishlist) that I would love doing when I get the chance. 

Has a roleplayer ever changed your view on a character? If so, how? Good or bad? For better or for worse?

*—;; Optimus. No comment, but I find that primlyconscript is saving me from hating him so much. And thus its better for me since I don’t have hate swirling around so much. 

Do you roleplay with people whose characters aren’t from the same dimentional universe as yours? (For example, if your character is drawn or anime, will you RP with people who use actor face claims/play-bys?)

*—;; That all depends on the fandom. I don’t mind people who RP using actor FC’s because I do the same for my humanverses so I’d be a dick if I didn’t.

What’s a trope or plot you think is overdone in roleplay?

*—;; ‘Oh no my character has amnesia we have to fix this’ plot.

here’s a fun story: 

when i was younger I used to love dogs (i still do but ofc financial situations deem it impossible to own a dog) and I would always be around dogs and have dogs and everything. When I was younger I also liked to be naked like I was this little brown kid that’d run by screaming and giggling and completely naked ALL THE TIME. I just had an aversion to clothing I swear. Anyways. So! 

We always found rural areas to live in because 1. that’s how my dad grew up and 2. my momma didn’t really care much for the city. So I could live happily in the forests and fields as a naked lil bean. 

When I was about 5 years old, we lived on a property with a buncha other people. They were all sorta… alternative lifestyle/hippies that loved nature it was like a small lil community of tree huggers. On that same property, there was like a whole buncha stray and owned dogs that’d come by and the people, being nature lovers, of course fed and cared for all these dogs even though they weren’t technically theirs. 

So here’s where I come in, a naked child of five. I had a fucking GANG of these dogs. The leader was this pit bull or boxer breed I don’t really remember. All I remember was that he was the same color as me, toasty brown. And I used to walk around with my arm draped over his back because he was like the same height as me and all the other dogs (like 3 or 4 more) would follow us around and I’d run with them and play with them and thats the story of how I used to be a dog lord.

EXO as little league coaches
  • Xiumin:Stretching is important, make sure the camera catches you at a good angle.
  • Suho:No one is quitting this team. Ever. We're in this together. We are one. No, Jaemin, you can't go to the bathroom. How do I know you're not going to stay in the bathroom forever and release solo albums in the bathroom and never return to your team?
  • Lay:Remember kids, everyone is a winner. -pulls out acoustic guitar- Let's all sing the sportsmanship song to your lovely mothers. Wave to every spectator you can.
  • Baekhyun:Hey, kid, what's your mom's story? She's kind of cute. Her and your dad still together?
  • Chen:Cook out at my house after the game! I have no idea how to cook... pot luck at my house after the game!
  • Chanyeol:I know we lost today, but we sure had the most fun. I do agree with your moms, though. I should probably read up on the rules before our next game. Apparently happiness and delight are not the only components to winning a soccer game. Sorry about that.
  • Tao:I don't know how you all expect to win without a background in martial arts. And no, I'm not just making excuses because I accidentally kicked our soccer ball into the river.
  • Kai:Cloud watching with you guys in the best. Did we have a game today? Eh, doesn't matter. Let's take my dogs on a walk!
  • Sehun:I'm canceling practice today on account of I don't care. Anyone who wants to play video games with me and Kai is invited.

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are you happy with the way things are? we are in the middle of the break and i still feel like everything is falling apart. we aren't getting anywhere. no co no management change no internaction. nothing. the fandom is collpsing too. half of the people are angry and disappointed and then people like you are indifferent. this is not what i wanted. i don't even know if there is a point in all this i just. wanted to get it out i guess. don't answer if you don't want to

I’m really sorry, love. I hate the fact that there are so many people who aren’t having fun right now, I understand the disappointment but I still feel bad for you all. I think the fandom being divided is completely normal, it’s our status quo. We are capable of coming together in times of need and that’s truly amazing, but it’s impossible to do that the rest of the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are such a diverse bunch, we are different people with different opinions and ways of seeing things - it’s just the way it is and it’s okay, it’d be impossible to agree on everything. I think it all comes down to that: when something happens in the fandom our response is based on our personalities, expectations, wishes and priorities. None of us is better than the other, we just have different realities and we have to accept that we can’t force other people to see things the way we do.

I want to clarify that I’m not indifferent, I’m emotionally invested in this band so it’d be impossible for me to feel that way. I wouldn’t say what I feel now is indifference, it’s more like I got a huge weight off my shoulders. I know there are people who stay here because they love the enigma, the puzzle, the conspiracy part. That’s not me, that’s definitely not me - I came for the love story and stayed because I wanted something better for them, for all of them. That’s what I’ve been fighting for, that’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve been dying for things to calm down a bit. That’s why I feel so relaxed now, I’m just happy because I feel like this is it. I wanted Harry and Louis to have more freedom, I wanted the other boys to blossom and be less like a caricature of themselves. I’m aware of the limits of this industry and I know it can never be completely perfect and transparent, but I wanted more than what they had (still do) because they deserve it.

I’m 100% convinced something has changed for good, I trust whoever is calling the shots now to do what they have to do to get there. Do I want more? Hell yeah. Am I going to get more? Yes, I truly believe that’s the case too. Until then, I’m good with what I’ve got. I think this has been a long process and yet there are many things left to do but I know the end game is what we all want: for the boys to be less controlled and to live up to their potential; the official management change and the CO - I think that’s what’s waiting for us at the end of the road. The fact that there is a new road is enough for me right now, my first priority has always been their happiness and I see it possible now, I feel like they’re getting somewhere really good. We might not get the CO or the official takeover announcement or more ot4 interaction at this very moment but I don’t care because I know it’s happening soon. Maybe not in this break (although a lot can happen in a month) but soon anyway, I’m convinced of that.

I feel happy because I see changes, I see the boys looking good and being excited for the future. I see them building an individual profile for each of them and still working together for the new album. I see Louis getting ready to conquer the world, Liam and Niall making getting headlines all by themselves, Harry getting some quiet time and Zayn aiming for what he wants. I see someone denying Harry is leaving the band and I see great magazines writing good articles about them. I see them having some time off tour to work in other stuff, things they’ve been doing at night while being exhausted and overworked until now. I feel safe too, I can finally relax and stop waiting for the bad consequences that every good reaction used to have. I’m not scared of being who I am anymore either, I don’t feel like I could get personally attacked by their team at any moment. I’m pretty sure those days are over and that makes me feel so much relieve you can’t even imagine (although you probably can).

Wow, that got really long, sorry. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that: I’m happy with what I have, yes. I got my first priority solved (for the boys to have more freedom and be happy) and now I’m just patiently waiting for the rest to happen. I’m sorry you are having a very different reaction, hope you get what you want soon and it doesn’t become a source of stress for you <3.

What really sucks the most to me about 700 and everything after it is that, we see Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto. Go from a fun-loving, kind, compassionate, strong-willed, energetic person with good morals and a drive to always do the right thing even when he knows he has or will mess up,

to a depressed, middle-aged man with two kids he doesn’t seem to really care about, a wife he doesn’t seem to care about, a dream-turned-job he doesn’t seem to care about, with an outlook on life I can now only describe as “detached and broken.”

I just can’t accept that as canon, even though it still makes me so angry to know it exists and that Kishimoto gave up his artistic integrity to make it. It’s pointless and unfair. Not just to the fans, but to the characters.

I just can’t see why people support that, how they can support seeing Uzumaki Naruto, the one who always said to never give up, literally give up.

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Do you think Heroes of Cosplay helped or hurt your cosplay life?

Honestly it made me realize that I’m not really a cosplayer in the sense that the show defined cosplay. I love making stuff that’s larger than life and fun, I love bringing wonder to people. I don’t care if you see my face or know who I am, in fact I don’t like that. I like to become something else entirely and make someone’s day a little better. Thankfully all I really was on the show was a pair of hands that made the costumes and occasionally talked, haha. That’s why I’m doing more costumes like Blathers, because it’s all about giving, and bringing joy through making something really cool. I still like doing characters where my face shows too, later this year I want to make an armored Pearl from Steven Universe, but I definitely think the show made me a little jaded about the whole world of cosplay, sadly. But I want to always keep making and creating, because that’s really where the joy is in all of it, and inspiring kids and other people to take up cosplay for the right reasons.

Anyway, here’s the video of my Blathers costume from SDCC and where I’m going with my cosplay.


You know that interview where Michael said that he would love to have a girl that he could do nothing with and still have fun and the other three boys were laughing and calling lame

but i understand what Michael means, personally i would love to find a guy where we could just cuddle and watch a movie or play video games and not have to go out all the time to have fun together

Before I was into Gurren Lagann fandom I was HUGE into Metal Gear Solid and my thing was Big Boss and Revolver Ocelot.  I still really love young Revolver Ocelot because his desperate need to impress tops really anybody in ttgl and I don’t get to do as many fun comics as I did with him concerning that.

Also, Revolver Ocelot has eyelashes to combat Kamina’s, seriously.