I’ve spent a lot of time rewatching the end of Episode 9 and I Noticed something!! When you watch the gifs of Victor and Yuri from the last few minute of the episodes, you notice how victors shoulders move: 

It looks almost as if he’s putting something on a hand, like a bracelet or ring, eyes slightly downcast, shoulders shifting as if he is slipping something onto another person. Now, as we all know, this is the scene where Victor asks Yuri what he’s going to get him for Christmas, to which Yuri responds, “something round and golden,” possibly implying a ring or a medal. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT! In the OV we hear Victor say ‘Oh wow,” but clearly that is not what he is saying here. His mouth does not form the O shape, not even by any stretch of imagination. He is most likely addressing Yuri in someway, which leads me further to believe that Victor is the one giving Yuri a ring. 

This brings me to Yuri. 

First off, notice the way he’s dressed. Hair down, glasses, looking like he’s in a state of vulnerability instead of being as confident as he is on the ice. He looks almost as he did when we first met his character in the beginning of the series. The point I’m trying to make is this is not the Yuri that would propose to Victor, this is the Yuri and is so shocked that he doesn’t know how to react. We see a similar reaction the first time that he sees Victor in the Onsen for the first time, one of pure shock. ALSO!!! Notice how he looks slightly down at his hands, gulps, and then looks back up to Victor, almost as if to say ‘are you sure?’ because we know Yuri struggles with anxiety, and he needs to make sure that Victor actually means it. 

side note, christmas is the most romantic holiday in japan so a proposal would make sense   

for real though, why don’t people talk more about the queer rep on Sense8? 

There’s an interracial lesbian couple. One of whom is a trans woman. 

There are two hispanic men who are in love. They have a platonic hispanic woman life partner (that’s quasi head canon because it’s never exactly clarified or confirmed, but they love her and care about her). 

There’s a german bad boy who definitely is down to sleep with men, but really loves this beautiful indian woman who is a GIANT nerd. 

There’s a scene where a queer trans woman talks to a closeted gay man about the nature of self and truth and love and the beauty of embracing who we actually are, the holy blessing of it. 

I’m just…….why don’t we talk about sense8 more? Is it because it’s all weird and scifi like? Is it because it’s a lot to watch? Is it because of something else? Why isn’t it more discussed in the queer community? It’s everything I want in queer rep. 


This is the only thing I have ever wanted in my life G O O D B Y E

With an added bonus extra of this E X T I N G U I S H ME

Beyond decency

Got to watch Star Trek Beyond for the first time.

I absolutely loved the scenes involving Spock and Bones, as well as the introduction of Jaylah.

Besides that, I was disappointed.

Stop making Star Trek too much about action and intergalactic war. Cut the unnecessarily long fighting and chasing scenes and concentrate on character development.

And first of all, stop The Pairing From Hell. Just stop it and never speak of it again

Spock/Uhura ist the worst. THE WORST!

This is so wrong. SO VERY WRONG.

Not only came I to loathe Uhura, after I really liked her in TOS, but it also destroys Spock as a character.


Don’t take this any further.


After a few comments on the matter: Holy crap, not once while writing this post did I anticipate to be mistaken as racist. Uhura’s cultural background has nothing to do with the way I see this relationship. Nor has her gender, I would have thought no differently if the pairing had been Spock/Chekov.
And yes, I am a Spirk shipper. And you know why? Because they’re obvious. When I first watched Star Trek, I didn’t look for anything between them. Back in 2013 I didn’t even like slash fiction at all, especially non canon slash shipping. But there I was, watching TMP (completely oblivious of the fact there was a three season TV show previous to that movie) and the very moment Jim and Spock saw each other for the first time on the bridge and Jim’s face lit up as if he was some disney princess seeing the prince coming to her rescue.
One moment I was “Okay, so people ship them in fanfiction just because they’re friends. Happens in every fandom” and after this scene I was “HOLY SHIT Jim Kirk is SO IN LOVE with Spock!”.
I didn’t go into this fandom looking for a slash ship or wanting to see one. It simply jumped at me like no pairing ever before.

I was aware of Spock/Uhura before watching TOS and AOS. So I spent quite some time of my experience watching TOS looking for the alleged hints on some connection between those two. I didn’t see A THING, no matter how hard I tried. What I DID see was Nurse Chapel being VERY interested in Spock. You know Bones’ assistant Christine Chapel, the one they completely ignored in AOS?
I also did see some strong hints (honestly, they’re practically canon in my opinion) in the later TOS films regarding Scotty/Uhura, a pairing I would have REALLY liked.

Why Spock/Uhura? Why such a dramatic change in characterization (including BOTH of them)? I see Spock in AOS as somewhat more emotional than in TOS, but also much more afraid of his own emotions than in TOS. I can’t see him in a serious relationship at this point in his development. In all three AOS movies, it seemed unfair to me. Towards Uhura, who seemed to expect something from Spock he wasn’t able to give. Because he didn’t yet KNOW how to feel this way. In TOS, it took him years to acknowledge his human half, to accept his feelings, and while he still has some development in AOS regarding that matter, the fact that he ALREADY is in a relationship renders most of his character development completely useless.

I don’t want to hate Uhura and it makes me sad I feel about her this way when I watch AOS. But never in my life have I encountered a pairing that seemed so off, so forced, and so unnecessary.


So I’d like to talk a little bit about JJ.

I think most people have an opinion on this guy one way or another. And while this post isn’t meant to say that he isn’t an ass when he’s off the ice, I’d just like to talk a bit about his skating and where he gets his inspiration.

JJ after episode 8 was mostly seen as a very self-centered character but episode 9 showed an entire other side to his character that completely turned the tables. Unlike Chris who skates for no one other than himself, for JJ we got the scene in the above photos.

People may have seen the last shot and though “JJ is feeling like he isn’t getting enough love from the crowd and he’s just an attention seeker” but hear me out. Immediately before that sentence he dedicates his skating to a whole bunch of people. People who have supported him, inspired him, allowed him to chase his dream of skating.

I feel that JJ as a character is the embodiment of this concept:

JJ has been raised in a nurturing and loving environment and, unlike Yuuri, was much more aware of the love that existed around him. Instead of having that be a pressure however, he has used that to fuel himself.

So I believe that JJ’s line of “This isn’t enough love!” is not about him not receiving enough love, but that he isn’t giving enough love back. JJ may be an ass to his fellow competitors off the ice but he undoubtedly does not skate just for himself. He skates for all of his supporters as a way to pay them back for allowing him to chase his dream.

This show tackles many different forms of love and accepting the love of others and giving it back is a very beautiful concept to see in motion. Thank you JJ!

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Clarke is most afraid of forgetting how to draw Lexa. She's afraid of forgetting the details of her soulmate that she had so unconsciously memorized. Clarke breaking down, sobbing, one day and furiously ripping page after page, attempting to draw Lexa again. Her shaking hands tries to recreate Lexa's eyes and her smile, Lexa being alive and well. Anyways can we have a scene like this in s4 b/c Clarke deserves to break down b/c SHE JUST LOST THE LOVE OF HER LIFE

“Frisk finally smiled at Chara like once. Chara cried.”

Fanart for @soleilos​ / @askhopesanddreams. I know you’re not active on the blog anymore, but I needed to express how much I love your interpretation of Frisk and Chara (both before and after the new headcanons), how much I enjoy your blog, your storytelling, and goodness, your art. It’s just so clean and cute and just–

So, fanart! Dunno how exactly that particular scene went down, but here’s my interpretation of it. I just found it adorable, okay?

I guess I just can’t get over the fact that...

Bryan and Hugh wrote the lines of the last scene with each other, and then together Mads and Hugh created the whole feel of it, and I think we can all agree that scene is one of all of our favorites. It was just such a beautiful, collaborative effort and a real love letter to us, and the characters, and themselves, and reflects on just how much we all really grew together. The show needed us and we needed the show, and we gave to the show and the show gave to us, and within in the show they all gave to each other creatively. 

BASICALLY, Hannibal is just really like nothing else that exists. When we went to The Path panel at Paley, the showrunner felt so against the notion of this collab thing, and I know that’s how it is in most cases.  Writers don’t want comments from their actors, and then, mostly actors don’t care enough to want to think about it, just want to accept what’s written. And no one really wants to hear it from the fans most of the time.


(Thoughts based off this article: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/hannibal/news/a816083/bryan-fuller-reflects-on-the-end-of-hannibal-season-4-movie/)

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I just saw the newest trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events and I have to say…I’m really really really looking forward to it. I’ve loved everything up until the first trailer. Watching it left me conflicted because there are so many scenes that weren’t in the book at all. And the same can be said about this trailer. But with that said, it did capture scenes that were in the book! Like Violet being the one to invent a way up the tower instead of the sexist movie rendition that even Daniel Handler hated.

There’s a bunch of extra scenes but even they seem to capture the strange aesthetic of the books that I have always loved. It’s like…a cryptic Seuss. Or a more melancholy Road Dahl. It combines silly and surreal with suspense and misery. I’ve always loved that and I get that from watching these trailers!

And who knows? Maybe the extra scenes, while not loyal to the book, will actually dive into the story even more. I read somewhere that there will be two whole episodes devoted to each book, which weren’t very long, so it makes sense that they add in extra scenes. As long as they keep matching the tone and they leave in most of the original scenes, I’m down for these very fun differences.

I can’t wait for January 13th!

Aaaah! Welcome back for the time being Faa! ^^
Saw some Octi and Spell on my dash and I forgot how cute those two are and just had to doodle it at the break times I had here!
I hope you are doing just fine (and same for you Butter! ^^)

~ @7goodangel


AAAAHHHHHHH~~!!!! OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING AND NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING IN MY INBOX~! Also Butters is making incoherent noises while i type this as we’re in a call and she can see my scene…teehee

SEVEN U AMAZING PERSON U LET ME LOVE YOU YES~!! AAH! *drools all over everything* I love this so much! Octi and Spell don’t get nearly enough attention, they are adorable… and sexy… and amazing~

THANK YOU SO MUCH~! Hhhhhhhhhhhhh~

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Draw tamatoa from Moana please, he's just so shiny and i love him❤❤❤

I loved this movie and although Shiny wasn’t the most memorable villain song I’ve ever heard, I still enjoyed it and couldn’t get it out of my head. I loved the effects they used for the scenes involving Tamatoa. 

I imagine in season 7, Arya walking into Winterfell, becoming a real badass scene, with wolves, blood an all…. But when she sees her siblings, she is FINALLY allowed to be just the little girl she was before the war. The little girl who loves her big brother and her big sister, the little girl who is to tired to stand.

A little girl who saw way too much…

I think it would be adorable to see this tough and hard warrior to be just the little wolf, back in the pack. Just little Arya, happy to be home and happy to cuddle with Jon and Sansa.

so I rewatched episode 8 again because apparently I love suffering and pain and you know what I realised? I think the scene where Even started talking about their wedding wouldn’t have been as bad and dramatic if Isak had gotten the Pretty Woman reference?

without knowing what Even was talking about it seemed like he completely lost his mind, calling Isak Princess Vivian etc. but now that I’ve rewatched it with the knowledge that he was just telling Isak about one of his beloved movies it actually seemed kinda sweet? I don’t know, I really don’t want to offend anyone or romanticise a manic episode but I just wanted to point it out… 

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I know you've probably been asked this before, but what's your favorite line of J's in Suicide Squad? Personally for me it's "Would you live for me" because of what the line meant or "Doctor Quinzel" in the electroshock scene because I loved the way he said it and the visual behind it lol

Still don’t think anything has topped this one yet for me lol

positively-emerald replied to your quote: I must vent: This all builds to a moment where…

Based on all the buzzfeed shit I’ve been reading because I am actual trash, the population of Stars Hollow are stand-ins for the writers. Because like Stars Hollow, the writers are completely blind to Rory’s…increasingly substantial flaws and see nothing wrong with anything she does because…well actually they never give a good reason for that but they are in fact blind.

That is brilliant!! That’s the most frustrating part of it!!! That the town just won’t admit her faults and can’t. And with the revival I’m like…is this a commentary on what happens when you spoil a girl rotten? Is this the result? Is this purposeful? (which would be kind of clever) But no, I don’t think it’s that intentional. I just think the writers are blind. 

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I still don't quite get the bathroom scene the first time they met. why did even had to take all the tissues left and then be kinda rude and give isak the used one? sorry i know it's quite an old episode but it just keeps popping into my head!

I’m thinking he wanted to impress Isak TBH. And the joint behind the ear??? Fucking dork he’s so extra hahahhah
Some say it’s part of his mental disorder (idkwhy) but I think he’s just a giant nerd and in love with Isak since the start TBH