Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 


I love how you can SEE her INTERNAL MONOLOGUE in this scene like: 

wtf is this? why is he handing me, his platonic fbi partner, a small jewellery box?  quick, dana, make a joke about alien implants. he says he made alien implants into earrings but is he actually joking oh god don’t tell me he did that. wait, dana do you actually want him to give you  jewellery? are we even…. what ARE we even? is our relationship the kind of relationship where that would be a THING? just casually giving each other JEWELLERY on BIRTHDAYS?

*opens box* 

IT’S A FUCKING KEYCHAIN. I can’t believe this. ok, quick, don’t look disappointed. act natural. act interested. APOLLO 11??? did I ever tell him that I *like* space? I thought I’ve been making it pretty clear for the past four years that I don’t even believe in space. what is this thing made of? what does this MEAN? 

*looks at Mulder*

Oh, look at his dumb happy face. Suck it up, Dana, he remembered your birthday. This is as good as it’s gonna get.

And then she spends the next episodes analyzing the fuck out of this gift. God bless this woman.


Built To Fall Apart

Angvlicmish’s Writing Challenge 
Theme: Taylor Swift
Word Count: 3k
Summary: When will Dean and Cas finally be out of the woods?
Tags: Canon divergence, love confessions, possible s12 spoilers, recommended listening

Hands sprout from the ground like flowers. Flowers that have been residing in Hell for forty years, or to another, four months. It depends who’s asked. The flowers grow taller, a head eventually appearing after them, dirt and sweat covering the freckles Castiel knows adorns the paled skin.

A flap of wings sounds beside him, lost on the tortured soul trying to claw his way out of the ground. Castiel doesn’t bother looking over. He knows who it is.

“I had to see it for myself,” Uriel grunts.

“You did not believe me when I announced Dean Winchester was saved?” Castiel asks plainly, keeping his attention on Dean as he flops on his back, lungs heaving for air.

Uriel snorts. “He seems too weak to be Michael’s Sword.”

Castiel stiffens, finally sliding his gaze to Uriel. “I just raised him from perdition. What do you expect?”

“I suppose. We’ll see how he handles his responsibilities. The sooner he knows, the better.”

“You will not communicate with Dean. He is in my charge and no one will speak to him without my permission,” Castiel says, voice more terse than he intends.

His tone doesn’t go unnoticed by Uriel, who tears his gaze from Dean to glare narrowly at him.

“Castiel, do you need reminding of what our purpose is? Do not get attached to this human. He is lesser than us. If he weren’t Michael’s Sword, he’d be just another worthless mud monkey.”

Castiel flares his wings in warning. They’re not as full as they were before his trip to hell, having been damaged by the fighting, but they’re still impressive as they loom over Uriel. He drops his voice dangerously low, threatening. “I suggest you watch what you say, Uriel. Until you’re needed, I am dismissing you.”

Uriel stares at him incredulously for a moment before snickering under his breath and vanishing. Castiel returns his attention to Dean again. He’s gotten to his feet, slowly surveying his surroundings. The dead grass, the circle of fallen trees that surround his grave. Castiel relaxes his wings once again, itching to communicate with Dean but resists. He needs time to adjust, to eat and hydrate before Castiel attempts to speak with him.

For now, he’s content just watching over Dean.

Castiel didn’t anticipate what their first meeting in Hell would be like. Finding Dean’s tortured, corrupted soul, Dean melting into his grace after he’d finally stopped resisting the rescue. Castiel could never guess how strongly he’d be affected by Dean, so much so he’d unintentionally left his mark on Dean’s shoulder.

But Dean needed comfort. In the midst of the fighting, Dean clung to him, torn between needing to break away and continue cutting flesh and crumbling under the effects of Hell. It was when they were almost out that Dean looked up at Castiel, trembling with only one hoarse whisper escaping his lips.

“Are we out of the woods yet?”

Castiel held him more securely, strangely amused by the question despite them not being in any sort of forest. They were in Hell. Nevertheless, he answered Dean honestly.

“Almost, Dean.”

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ok i know we all think the wedding is jake and amy’s but….can i introduce you to the concept of it being the celebration of the union between captain raymond jacob holt and professor kevin cozner?????

just imagine, after their reunion (almost one year apart!!!!) they decide that yes, they really do want to have a tasteful celebration of their love for each other and all that’s kept them apart. they plan it, kevin and ray show up in IMPECCABLE tuxedos. cheddar is the ring bearer. the squad does some like…honor guard thing down the aisle. terry is ray’s best person. idk maybe gina is kevin’s best person. idk. happy dancing where kevin and ray have slight smiles on their faces as they waltz IMPECCABLY to some meaningful song. maybe they do a slow dance to a jazz piece about l o ve. the end scene has amy and jake looking at each other, looking at the captain and kevin across the hall and how besotted they are, and just….”maybe,” they think. “maybe.” 

just…..the holt/cozner wedding we’ve been waiting for, with the couple that’s been apart for ONE!!YEAR!!! 

they deserve this. u know they do

A beautiful scene between Sherlock and Molly in 4.03

Oh god. Oh god. Ooooh god. The relationship between Sherlock and Molly is paramount.

I don’t care about romance. I don’t care about sex. Their bond is bigger and greater than that. Molly matters so, so much to Sherlock. Series 4 will have more of them both probably sharing only a few deep and meaningful words, showing us all how powerful a connection between two human beings can be. Unique on TV. Doesn’t matter if they remain just friends. Sherlock can’t give more than that. In truth, he gives her as much as he possibly can. And for once, ladies and gentlemen, the girl next door, the girl in the background, slightly awkward with a taste for death and kittens wins the love (yes, you heard me) and unshakable loyalty of her man, the main character, without even trying. He would kill for her. He would die for her. Not because she’s sexy or beautiful in a fake, hollywoody way. No. Simply by being bright, kind, faithful and fair. This is too rare and precious to be left unmentioned.

Take that, lame tropes.

I Miserabili: Feuilly

okay I heard a lot about l Miserabili before setting in to watch it but no one told me about Feuilly   And he’s an amazing Feuilly! Political, outspoken, enthusiastic and incredibly present , and 100 percent as much of the Politicaal Organizing scenes as Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfyerac. 

this frigging nerd

(he’s talking about the rights in the charter)

(he’s so happy that it irritated the kings) 

(at this point he’s got like 300 times more dialogue than Hugo gave him and it’s all Excellent and also he’s doing a dialog with Combeferre )

(you can’t tell but he has just EXPLODED out of his chair and Enjolras is nodding and omg this Feuilly is 100 percent Enthusiasm )

(Feuilly is SO starry-eyed about fighting for the rights of citizens!  also everyone is kind of in love with Enjolras, AS VICTOR HUGO INTENDED.)

(.5 seconds after this , Feuilly goes full I WANT TO BE IN THE FRONT RANKS revolutionary squee again but I am not good enough at screen capping to get that! )

Not pictured: Feuilly denouncing a bourgeois moderate as a CITIZEN SPY, HDU,  Feuilly vibrating in place and BOUNCING WITH EXCITEMENT while revolution talk happens, Feuilly recounting the mistreatment of political prisoners from his PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (!!!) because of his die-hard Fighting For the Rights of the Citizen,  and just generally more and more excellent Feuilly-ing than I have ever seen in ANY adaptation, or ever expected to see. I haven’t even seen the whole thing yet!    Anyway good Feuilly, I Mis, 10/10 Valiant Artisan of the People. 

(with English subtitles here!) 

Something exciting!

So, yesterday I read something really cool. It was a series finale script written by a fan here on Tumblr (I am so sorry I can’t remember the exact name of who it was!!) It was SO fun reading someone other than the writers’ style of writing, and also their ideal endgame. So I’ve decided to join in on this, because it looked so fun to write. So…

I’m writing my own series finale!

It acts as a theory, because you get to see the way I explain the main things (I’m not going to the extreme level that I expect of Marlene - like answering the season 2 unanswered questions) - and also the way that I would reveal it because as we all know, especially after the disappointment that was 610, the delivery is equally as important as the reveal itself. 

It’s not full length like 2 hours! Just a couple scenes. The important scenes. I’ve already started and I’m loving it! Hopefully it’ll be done in the next week or so. 

Anyone want to read it, or do I stop working on it? hahaha


or: (to me,) falling out of love with someone is a very painful thing

read on ao3 (x)

based on this excerpt from Fangirl (Simon Snow and the Seventh Oak):

Agatha wrung her fingers in her cape miserably. (But still prettily. Even Agatha’s tear-stained face was a thing of beauty.) Simon wanted to tell her it was all right, to forget the whole scene with Baz in the forest.… Agatha standing in the moonlight, holding both of Baz’s pale hands in her own …

“Just tell me,” Simon said, his voice shaking.

“I don’t know what to say,” she wept. “There’s you. And you’re good. And you’re right. And then there’s him.… And he’s different.”

“He’s a monster.” Simon clenched his square jaw.

Agatha just nodded. “Perhaps.”

They’re fourteen when he tells her he likes her. They’re fourteen when she tells him she likes him, too. They’re fourteen and the late afternoon sunlight is streaming across the grounds and he’s looking at her like she’s the only person in the universe and she thinks this, this is it.

And she believes it for two weeks, three months, a year. He smiles at her at breakfast and waits to walk her to class. He’s endearingly awkward and cracks just the right jokes to make her smile. He offers to carry her books for her and tells her she’s beautiful in the most matter-of-fact tone possible. He tells her he can see a future with her. She tells him, so can she.

They plan, sometimes, because Agatha is paranoid and Simon willingly accedes to her requests. What they’ll do after they leave Watford, where they’ll live, how they’ll survive.

(Perhaps planning ten years ahead is a bit much, but Agatha doesn’t care.)

He intertwines his fingers with hers, and she laughs, eyes shining with all the hope they have inside.

It’s a year, five months and two days when she starts to panic. Something in her suddenly locks in place and it’s four in the morning and all she can think about is the realisation that she will have Simon Snow with her for the rest of her life. She’s fifteen and he will be with her until she is seventy-five and she’ll never know what it’s like to live a life without having him at her side.

She should feel peace, shouldn’t she? Happiness to have a fairytale ending? Finding her true love so soon, locking down her prince, never worrying about relationships ever again? Isn’t that what she’s always wanted?

And isn’t Simon everything she’s always wanted?

Then why does she feel like she doesn’t want it?

Agatha, you’re tired and you’re not thinking straight right now. Go to bed.

(Her alarm goes off at six-thirty. She’s already awake.)

They’re back from the holidays and she stumbles across Simon in her trek back from the dining hall. He calls her name and she waits for him to catch up, hoping, praying, for any sort of butterflies, any stomach flips, anything. She’ll take anything.

He reaches her, and takes her hand, and she feels nothing at all.

“I missed you,” he says, face lit up.

She opens her mouth, but no sound comes out, so she just kisses his cheek instead.

Simon drops into the seat beside her in the dining hall, grinning. “Hey.”

She smiles. “Hey. How was your day?”

“Pretty good. I still think Miss Possibelf has a grudge against me.”

Agatha props her chin on her hand, asks the routine question. “What’d she do?”

“The usual scowling and ‘Simon’,” he jokingly mimics, and Agatha laughs.

“She’ll get over it.”

He turns to face her better. “Hopefully.”

Like clockwork, she thinks. She tries to remember the last time they’ve had a different conversation. She can’t.

Penelope Bunce seeks her out before breakfast on a Saturday morning, pulls her into an empty classroom, eyes hard, jaw set.

“Stop this insanity, Agatha.”

Agatha averts her eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

(I know exactly what you’re talking about.)

Penelope shakes her a little harshly. “Snap out of it, Wellbelove. It’s not doing either of you any good.”

Agatha’s eyes refuse to meet hers. “I know.”

Two years, four months and nine days later, Agatha Wellbelove asks Baz Pitch to go with her into the Wavering Wood. Two years, four months and nine days later, Agatha Wellbelove is fully aware of Simon Snow standing fifteen metres to her right, hidden in the trees. Two years, four months and nine days later, Agatha Wellbelove finally turns her mother’s whispered advice of how to twist perspectives of situations into exactly how she wants them to be seen, of how she takes exactly two steps towards Baz Pitch and looks into his eyes, of how she hears a muffled gap exactly fifteen metres to her right.

Two years, four months and nine days later, Agatha Wellbelove feels a sharp stab in her stomach as she breaks Simon Snow’s heart.

anonymous asked:

Uhm Harley Quinn literally started off with Joker, and that's the time frame in SS. How is she supposed to be with Deadshot in SS when it's portrayed that she just met him? And Joker, Deadshot and Ivy were all her love interests btw. How is it racist that she's with Joker first when that's how it is in the comics and series? Lmao

She was supposed to be with Deadshot because that’s the original construction of the plot, both in the original comics, and the original shooting of the film. DC, or David Ayer, or someone who tf knows, went in and made them change scenes to make it possible for Harley and Joker to appear in love and, for the most part, happy and as stable as characters like them can be.

The scene where Joker pushes Harley out of the chopper was initially so he could kill her, not so he could save her life. They refilmed the dialogue to make it more romantic.

Choosing to pair Harley with her abuser over her canonical man of color love interest is racism, no matter how “small” the sleight.

Choosing to “vanilla” an abusive relationship for merchandise sales over having to market an interracial couple is in such poor taste a food critic wouldn’t even feed it to their dog.

And this is just one of the inappropriate ways DC chose to handle sensitive subject matter in the film.


Another video from 6x01 filming. I have couple more. I just hope they don’t cut these scenes. (Guess we’ll see tomorrow)

Totally love Sam doing the whole robot thing!

Read something on a friend’s blog about how nobody had written this scene from episodes 4-5 from Lance’s POV and I love pain sO. Here you go.

It was funny, how reality liked to crash into you when you seemed to be getting a little too comfortable.

Sure, being a defender of the universe was a dangerous job, Lance hadn’t been stupid enough to doubt that. Just stupid enough to forget that it was a possibility.

The explosion had taken him completely off guard. The idea of the Galra attacking inside of the castle, in their safe space, it hadn’t even occurred to Lance. He was just glad that he’d realized in time to push Coran out of the way, to keep the casualties to a minimum.

In the end, he guessed he’d rather it be him than anyone else.

Lance was only somewhat conscious as the dust began to clear, his ears ringing and skin tingling as he tried to urge his eyes open. He wasn’t sure if he’d blacked out entirely or just for a handful of seconds, but all he was aware of was the intense, searing pain. In the back of his mind, he wondered if Coran had gotten out okay, if he was injured, but he was in so much agony that he couldn’t focus on one thought for too long.

Lance wondered if he was going to die.

In reality, he had no idea where the others were, or if the attack had been confined to one space or if it was widespread. For all he knew, the Galra troops were coming to kill him, and the others were too busy fighting to come to his aide. Lance was in no shape to fight. He wasn’t even entirely sure he could move.

Thundering footsteps alerted an approaching group of people, but the steps were too uncoordinated to be the Galra. Through his muddled mind, he heard voices, calling for Coran, and then someone shouted his name, and he was being pulled into someone’s arms.

Pain shot through his body, but he didn’t even have the energy to open his eyes or speak. He managed a low, agonized groan as one of the Paladin’s moved him, feeling his consciousness waver. Through his muddled thoughts, Lance couldn’t really keep up with any of the voices. They were frantic, though, and before he knew it, most of the noise was gone.

Then, he was being moved again, the pain flaring up so badly that Lance was sure he’d blacked out, if only for a second. His mind was going a thousand miles an hour, and while he still couldn’t find the strength to open his eyes, he managed another weak groan, loud enough for whoever was carrying him to hear.

This time, the voice was clear. “Hang on, buddy. Help is on the way.”

Shrio. Of course it was Shiro.

The castle must have been in various levers of chaos, because everyone else had been pretty quick to flee the scene. Lance didn’t take it personally, he knew that protecting the universe was way more important than his own life. That’s what it all boiled down to. If Lance died, the paladins would fine another paladin to pilot Blue, and they’d move on. It wasn’t as if Blue was picky–she’d bonded with him, after all.

When Lance really thought about it, he figured they might be better off with someone who was a little more put together. He knew just as well as everyone else that he was seen as the weak link. He was the weak link.

Lance heard Shiro say something again, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t directed at him. His voice sounded _____ and far away, like Lance was listening through water.

Painfully, he was reminded of how much he was hurting when he was pulled away from the solid, warm body that had been carrying him until now. Lance couldn’t blame Shiro. He was sure carting his semi-conscious ass around was getting tiring. If he couldn’t even open his eyes, what good was he for?

Still, the hands lowering him to the ground were undeniably gentle, careful that he wasn’t jostled on the way down. He’d have to thank Shiro for that later.

If there was a later, that is.

Lance was pretty sure he actually blacked out after that. He’d tried valiantly to listen to the evident fight, to hone in on the voices, but he was so tired that he couldn’t resist just… letting himself go. He wanted to help Shiro, he wanted to so badly, but he knew there was no way. He wasn’t good for anything, not like this. Even if he tried to help, he knew he’d probably just screw things up.

Jolted awake by something grabbing him around his waist, he cried out, though it came out strangled and weak. He was thrown to the ground, and he couldn’t even brace himself as he went down. His body still wasn’t responding, and at this point, it hurt so much that he was sure if he was even a little bit conscious, he’d throw up.

Now, Lance could hear Shiro again, shouting and fighting and trying too hard. Why? To protect Lance? Probably just to keep the castle safe. It would be idiotic for the leader of the team, for the pilot of the Black Lion to be risking his life to protect Lance.

There was movement, then, and the pain had gotten so intense that Lance couldn’t even think. He just let his body go limp, let whoever was carrying him do the work. What was the point? He was probably going to die here anyways.

Lance was hit by the sudden realization that dying meant his mom would never see him again. Sure, they all knew what their families must have thought. That they were dead, gone, kidnapped, never coming back again. Up until now, though, seeing them all again had been a possibility. A dream of sorts, that maybe once the universe got its shit together, maybe he’d be able to go home and tell his mom about it.

Now she’d never know.

By the time they were dropped to the ground in another room, Lance was sure he’d be crying if he could do anything at all. Selfishly, he found himself relived that Shiro was still there, still with him, scrambling over to his side and propping him up against something once they were left alone.

Lance slumped heavily against whatever he’d been propped up against, his consciousness coming back to him in slow, uneven waves of agony. His breaths were slow and shallow, his chest aching with every inhale. He was beginning to wonder exactly how badly he’d been hurt. Was it even possible to come back from this? Surely not if he’d waited so long for any sort of treatment.

“It’s gonna be okay, buddy, we’re going to get help soon.” Shiro’s voice was much closer than he’d anticipated, and Lance’s breath hitched suddenly at the feeling of a hand on his shoulder. The touch was so gentle that he was sure the Black Paladin was being conscious of every aching part of Lance’s body. Lance managed to move his head, just slightly, letting out another breathy groan. “Hey, Lance, hey–are you with me, buddy? Can you hear me?”

Getting his voice to work was hard, harder than anything he’d ever done, but he somehow managed a strangled sounding, ‘hey,’ that was barely audible and only just discernable enough for Shrio to hear.

“Hey, hey..” Shiro’s voice flooded with relief, and while Lance still couldn’t get his eyes to open up, he could practically hear the relieved smile. “How’re you doing, kid? We’re going to be okay, Allura and Keith and Pidge, they’re gonna be back soon, and Coran and Hunk are getting something to power the ship back up-“

“I… I d’nno, Shiro…” Lance croaked, relieved when Shiro was the one to help reposition him against whatever he was leaning on. Talking was taking up all of his energy, and the last thing he wanted to do now was pass out. Not when things were getting so bad. “It’s bad, Shi..Shiro..”

“Don’t talk like that, Lance… The healing pods-“

“They’re not e-even… Even powered on, now… S’gonna be too late, probably…” Lance croaked, exhaling shakily as he tried to corral his thoughts again. “Shiro, I don’t want to die…” His voice was barely above a whisper, shaking so badly that he was sure the other paladin wasn’t going to understand.

“Lance, come on…” Shiro whispered, voice gentle. “You’re not going to die, okay? We’re going to be fine, Keith and Allura-“

“They might not e-even be okay themselves…” Lance muttered, voice catching. “I don’t want my mom to t-think… I just want her to know.

“You can tell her Lance, okay? Your… Your injuries probably aren’t life threatening, and if you can just hang on-

“Shiro… if you ever go back to earth…” Lance breathed, feeling his consciousness waver. “Tell my-… Tell my mom, okay? Please…”

“Lance, stop, it isn’t funny. You’re going to be-“

Somewhere in the distance, Lance heard doors opening, and heavy footsteps into the room.

There was a voice, Sendak’s, and Lance knew that had to mean bad news. No sooner than he’d thought it did he feel Shiro disappear from his side, and then he was saying something, and he was pretty sure he’d heard Pidge’s name, but then Shiro was screaming and he was feeling completely and utterly useless.

Thankfully, it didn’t last long, and Shiro was dropped back to the ground with him. There weren’t any retreating footsteps, this time, but Lance didn’t really care, now. Maybe they were all going to die here.

“Pidge is in here, Lance…” Shiro whispered, breathlessly. “It’s going to be okay, Keith and Allura and… We’re going to be fine.” He insisted, though his own voice had begun shaking now.

“Shiro, I c-can’t…” Lance’s consciousness was beginning to fade, again, and oxygen was getting increasingly hard to get, now. “I don’t think I can…”

“Lance, please.” Shiro said, voice soft.

Sendak laughed maliciously, the sound sending a jolt of unease through Lance as he clung onto his last strand of consciousness.

“Lance, buddy, just hang on, okay? Just stay with me.” Shiro’s voice was desperate, his hands on Lance’s cheek.

With his last ounce of strength, Lance managed to pry his eyes open, his vision spotty as he tried to focus on the blurry outline of Shiro’s face. He was just about to give up, to stop trying to keep himself awake, when the doors slid open and a familiar looking green blob stood in the center of it all.

After that, Lance didn’t remember much. Shit hit the fan, there were voices, there was yelling. His memories were only halfway there. He knew Keith and Allura had shown up, but he wasn’t sure how. He knew they were in danger, but he didn’t know what he’d done to stop it all.

His thoughts didn’t really catch up to him until after it was all over. Keith was in front of him, suddenly, taking his arm and sitting him up slowly and carefully.

“Lance, are you okay?” He asked, close to his face, his voice gentler than he’d ever heard it before.

“We did it.” Lance croaked, half delirious with pain. “We are a good team.”

When he listed to the side, too weak, too injured to hold himself up anymore, Keith caught him and pulled him against his chest, carefully supporting his head as he shouted at Allura to prepare a healing pod.

Lance was only vaguely aware of being carried after that, Allura’s voice soft and sweet, sweeping over him in a way that sent calming waves over his body, soothing him into unconsciousness.

So I just submitted my lab reports and my dashboard is suddenly on fire hahaha don’t worry guys, the sormik will never die and no matter how illogical and fake ufotable’s sorey was in the finale, we’ll be ok. We basically have everything we need to hibernate till the next season. Let’s pray it’ll be a good one.

More than sorey, I’m actually pissed about Alisha being a squire. I thought we passed that. I thought we’ll get to see Alisha in action on her own with her own story and shit. I LOVED the way ufotable focused on her in the anime but they just had to— *inhales*

But on the bright side, if this continues and sorey becomes partially blind, remember this scene?

“You mean goodnight.”

anonymous asked:

I don't have anything against Alisha but they better give us at least give us Sormik only episode during the 2nd half. Also if that is how sorey acts when Alisha is hurt what would have happened if Mikleo got hurt?

I love Alisha! And it’s not like I think we have to worry about them totally forgetting about Sormik, not after some of the episodes we’ve had so far. Some of the stuff in this episode just felt really… out of place, with regards to Sorey’s behavior. I don’t think he ever got that close to falling in the game, and now he does because Alisha ALMOST died? Like, he even knew she was okay at that point. It was just a really strange and out of place scene.

But as we all know, if Mikleo got hurt, we really WOULD be going into Tainted AU territory.

The Captain Swan Story Book

So this summer @whimsicallyenchantedrose and @flslp87 came up with this incredible idea, and worked their butts off to create THIS incredible thing!

It’s chock-full of wonderful work, both fics and art, and I want to try and take this opportunity as fandom awakes from hiatus to slide a little credit the way of the contributors, starting with the Missing Scene/Canon Divergence fics because a) they’re first in the book, and b) they are my kryptonite gdi I love them.

1. “It Won’t Be Long (Til I Belong to You)” by @revanmeetra87

This is a tiny little divergence from S2 canon that could have made a massive difference. It gave me masses of Millian feels along with the proto-CS, including this line that really made my heart clench, just because of the way it can be applied to both Emma and Milah:

She didn’t have anyone else to fight for her. Never. Her whole life.”

.2. “Just Who Are You?” by @itwastruelove

I love the quiet understanding in this Neverland piece. A beautiful conversation between a lost boy and a lost girl and “He knows he matters.” Gah, my heartttttt.

3. “A Neverland Thank You” by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

This is one of those missing scenes that could so easily be canon - the calm before the inevitable storm - and also contains one of the few versions of Neal I can actually stomach, so definitely extra kudos there.

4. “The Things That Stop You Dreaming” by @mahstatins

This is my naval gazing little angst bunny (but I won’t complain if you want to say nice stuff). Mad props owed to @hopeandbeans for creating me a stunning piece of art!

5. “Ways of Magic” by @dani-ellie03

This is so cute! Funny and adorable, and one of those lovely light moments that canon just doesn’t have time for.

6. “A Captain Swan Quiet Moment” by @thegirlwhowaited82

Another lovely moment that the show glossed over. I especially love their mutual reassurances in this, it’s so very, very them.

7. “I’ll Show You the Stars” by @flslp87

You know how Emma in S5 talks about the ‘old days’ like we haven’t only ever seen one CS date? Well, here’s one we missed. Achingly sweet and romantic.

8. “Hope Among the Roses” by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

All the spec we dreamed up regarding Camelot brought to life. Nobody touch me, okay? I’m emotionally compromised by this one.

9. “A Bit of Absolution” by @snowbellewells

Masses of Killian feels, followed by Millian feels with an over-arching vibe of CS being each other’s best support and allies and just everything. Ugh. Too beautiful by far.

“Steve! Don’t do it!”

First things first: I absolutely loved episode one of season seven! It made me remember why I fell in love with Hawaii Five-0 in the first place. The episode contained a lot of great scenes and I can’t stop re-watching them. I liked the team dynamic, the Ohana moments and the bromance, but one moment stood out to me the most:

We all know that Steve has never been any good at listening – Not to anyone, but especially not to his partner. He easily ignores and discards Danny’s concerns and worries and just leaps into action. Steve’s not reckless in my opinion. He just puts others – victims, mourning families, friends and family – above himself. That’s just the man Steve McGarrett is. Unfortunately, that’s also what often gets him into trouble – and/or the hospital… Danny’s requests for him to slow down and take his own health and safety into consideration get brushed away most of the time. That’s why my favorite moment from the season opener is the moment Steve listened.

“Steve! Don’t do it!” – There was no endless speech about what could happen, no rant, no nagging,no argument. To me, it didn’t sound like Danny was annoyed about what his partner was about to do. He wasn’t angry. Danny often sounds mad when he tries to prevent Steve from doing something stupid, but this time it was a short and simple plea: “I’m begging you not to jump. Please.” That’s how it sounded to me. And that’s the reason this short line is my favorite from this episode. I loved the “I love you.” and “Thank you.” but this goes even deeper – Because Steve actually listened and took what Danny said to heart.

April: “Don’t worry. I’ll save you from the pirates.”

Raph: “…uh…aren’t you a pirate?”

April:” Shut up! Just play along if you want to live!”

Y’all can thank @thewinterme for this one. During a conversation about the sadness of shipping non-otp couples, she brought up our shared obsession and bitterness over Zutara. Naturally, this scene worked its way into our conversation. With the love we both have for Zutara and now Raphril respectfully, she mentioned the pirate AU that fit in with the TMNT SDCC shorts. So, what better way to combine Zutara and Raphril than this?

P.S. I updated my 2k14/16 Raphril fict “Crazy” if y’all are interested.

P.P.S. I am forever destined to ship couples that will never happen….

Thoughts about LLS ep13

I have various sort of feels swimming in me atm that I don’t even know where to start doing fanarts/fanfics and there’s 9/28′s Final Live BD too asdgadfasdfdfa

  • Yoshiko/Yohane is just awesome - I adore all of her moments the entire ep. That moment when she hugged Maruby, my heart jolted and I’m just like QAQ my girl’s all grown up and she has a home adgasfsdafsdfsd
  • Those who’s seen my blog long enough should know I’m an utter 3rd Years Trash and fcking hell, that scene with the group hug killed me. Kanan thanking Mari for not giving up on her, Dia getting teary, and Mari thanking them both for inviting her to school idols in the first place. I can’t. I just love them so much ;w;
  • The second years dynamic seem to be fine now - it’s as if there’s an understanding between YouRiko of their respective relationships to Chika. The little glances they share seem more natural(?) now
  • Chika’s lmfao?? Also Maru’s grandma, Yoshiko’s friggin’ beauty mom and holy shit was that the Kurosawa matriarch???? So I’m guessing Kurosawa Papa is red-haired asdfasdfasfasdf So like Dededen’s parents, we’ll probably never get to see Kanamari’s parents?
  • Unlike the case with μ’s , I don’t think KimiKoko and KoiAqu are going to be part of the ‘anime songs’, like how Borarara and SnowHala were. After all, the themes and scenarios of both songs are already conveyed through the eps. Step Zero to One and really, TodokanaiHoshi too. And it’s fine the way it is, the messages are clear enough.
  • Mirai Ticket. Oh. My. God. Someone hold me.
  • Ahem, at first the outfits honestly reminded me of printemps’ 1st/last single outfits because I’m trash but yeah, honestly You our favorite uniformtard did a fantastic job on the individual outfits. -still can’t get over Kanan’s flying kiss. Why is orca so sexy??
  • The last scene was just perfect. I have no words.

Thank you Love Live Sunshine! For these lovely three months. Weekly eps that make me roll out of my seat, spin around in frustration or just gape with starry eyes etc etc. Either way, it’s been a fun ride and a good reason to look forward to weekends and survive the weekdays. Can’t wait for the 1st Live and Season2! (And ofc I’ll be tuning in for the weekly UraRadi and all the niconamas!)

  • Me:*Walks upstairs*
  • Mom:*Is watching The Polar Express*
  • Me:Mom...? Why are you watching this movie...?
  • Mom:I don't know it was playing on Cartoon Network but I love this movie now shush *Intently stares at screen*
  • Me:What?? But it's not even HALLOWEEN yet.
  • Mom:Shush, child.
  • Me:Mom--
  • Me:Fine..
  • *Movie gets to the hot chocolate scene*
  • Me:Oh no--
  • Mom:*Starts dancing* HOT HOT HOT HOT CHOCOLATE!!
  • Mom:WOOOO