Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!

When you shift your focus from what is absent to what is present,
from what is missing to what has been given, from what you are not to who you are, from the ravages of linear time to the immediacy of Now, you are reconnecting with love, truth and beauty, and abundance is yours, effortlessly.
For in truth, nothing is lacking where you are, nothing is missing from the present scene of the movie of your life, and you are forever full, and at the point of completion.
The only reason you cannot find Oneness is because you never left.
The day is just waiting to be lived.
So breathe in life, friend, breathe in life.
—  Jeff Foster  - HOW TO FALL IN LOVE…

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Do you have a favorite fansite for each of the members?

i have a couple favorites(or just ones i really like) for each member :)

taehyung: VIA *, NU-NA V*, taetaeland, vtac, to my darling, because of v , crescendo,

jimin: scene stealer*, jimson weed*, jamjam, the luminary, aphetamine1013*, tension up,

rap monster:love you too much*, hide and seek, RAPMONsthurr‏ , namjunemolle*, resonance stand by rm, refulgent mon*, alive

jin: 10seconds, pinkpiece*, sensation,

suga: sugaflow, su can fly*, flame*, major scale,

jungkook: snowpeach*, mystic red, made in 1997, fortune*,

jhope: 218*, the ho’s hopesmiling,

* = ones i really really like


Maki-san, you’re a musician, right? Music doesn’t go back. It only goes forward. Similarly, if a heart is moved, it goes forward. When you like someone, you can leave the past behind. 

To Torment the King, Threaten the Queen

I decided to rewatch Arrow 5x17, and it’s even more amazing (and heartbreaking) to watch the second time. My first viewing was just pure emotional response to what was playing out onscreen. I caught some details here and there, but mostly I was trying to process while hanging on the edge of my seat anticipating what was coming next. Watching the scene again in which Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus, taunts Oliver about Felicity was fascinating, because I could more easily see how Chase segued into each particular jab and the intent behind it. Like the sick, twisted psycho he is, Prometheus slowly escalates the stakes both physically and mentally for Oliver by threatening his love.

You murdered your own wife

After Chase drowns Oliver for the same amount of time it took his father Justin Claybourn to die, he starts to taunt Oliver about his numerous victims. He tries to humanize them by saying they had families of their own: husbands, wives, daughters, sons, etc. Oliver, however, isn’t swayed because he believes these people committed terrible crimes and had victims of their own. He then points out that Chase is sick and a hypocrite, especially since he murdered his own wife.

It’s that exact moment that Chase makes a very interesting transition. Of all the victims on the wall, he chooses to specifically single out The Count. Why The Count?

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Caro... What kind of friendship do you think Flowey and Papyrus would have if Flowey can't feel love or compassion? Honest question.

Welllll I’m not really sure.  I have a headcanon that Flowey isn’t literally incapable of feeling love or compassion, he just thinks he is because the trauma of the buttercup incident had a big impact on his ability to relate to others.  But I’ll admit that’s just a headcanon.

Based on what Flowey says about Papyrus and how he acts during that scene, I get the feeling that Flowey’s relationship with Papyrus is more complicated than “I give him attention and he runs errands for me”.

The way he’s looking away from you makes me think he’s hiding something, or he feels really regretful about what happened between him and Papyrus.  My interpretation is that he is kind of emotionally attached to Papyrus, maybe not in a way that involves love or compassion but in some way.  He befriends Papyrus before you arrive underground, so it’s entirely possible that his motivation for hanging out with Papyrus didn’t have anything to do with using him to get the human souls.

As for what type of relationship they would have…. I think Papyrus would give Flowey a lot of love and affection, which he desperately needs.  Ideally he’d know that Flowey can’t really reciprocate those feelings, and he’d understand that and not expect that out of him.  But he’d also act as a sort of conscience for Flowey and wouldn’t let him hurt people or manipulate them or anything.  The nice thing about Flowey is that he’s pretty blunt and he doesn’t seem like the type to lie to spare Papyrus’s feelings, and I think Papyrus would appreciate that a lot given the other people he spends time with.  And Flowey would like hanging out with someone who doesn’t see him as the boss monster kid he was before, the way Toriel and Asgore might do, but still likes him as a person and does things to make him happy.

Hey guys so this is my first time playing something by ear so pls bear w me!! But I just absolutely fell in love with this song and its meaning. I mean, come on, that scene with Barry serenading Iris was just PRECIOUS. I actually sobbed for about an hour after I finished the episode. Anyways, it’s not finished yet, but I got the chorus down pretty well so I decided to upload a video of it!! Here’s my rendition of Runnin’ Home to You!

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Wait what happend in that scene? Trini x kim?

It was part of their training montage and how their skills were getting better outside of training too, and Trini and Kim were out for food alone and they were playfully fighting over the last piece of dessert and the playful and loving tension just made it so gay for me

(This is the scene anon is referring to)

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I'd be so done if in Chaol's book she decides to make the main people he talks to in the Southern Continent be white. Like. No. And she may have LGBT+ rep, but it's literally one or two sentences that says someone is gay or has a lover or something. Like Enda and his mate. Or the two lovers in the Thirteen.

I can’t disagree with this. Honestly. I will finish out the series to find out what happens, and then likely move on. I feel like in Chaol’s novel, he should be the only white man so that he can experience prejudice to learn why it sucks and why he shouldn’t do it to anyone else. And I would KILL for a lesbian love scene honestly. Or just two girls kissing. Or fucking holding hands. Like I’m not gonna be picky.

Swing Dancing

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 750
Warnings: Fluff.
Challenge:  This was written for @wi-deangirl77‘s Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge.  My song was “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera.

Authors Note: This was meant to be smutty to go with the song but I’ve written so much smut today that I just don’t have it in me to write one more sex scene so I went with fluff. I’m sorry !

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i’ve watched the Justice League Flash teaser trailer and I still can’t get over how awesome that shot with Barry!! I love how sparks formed when he put his hand on the ground. Also, his surrounding is moist and someone pointed out on twitter that you if you look closely you can see rainbows formed just as he run? There’s also an afterimage when he left!! I love how much detail Zack and co. put in the scenes?  like he didnt have to put that small rainbow that’s barely noticeable but detailsss! i love zack so much.

Showing wonder woman and the head of athena in the same shot and going “Wiser, united.” as the caption of the teaser trailer is just wonderful and witty.

Also, Batman standing on gargoyle was probably the most iconic batman shot i’ve seen(aside from the doomsday fight in bvs when he used his grappling hook.)

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Hello, it me/I have a question for thee/Visually my scenes do speak/but longevity makes them weak/the complaints are yelling/‘this is too long!’/'did we really need this paragraph on songs?!’/yes I cry its needed for plot/yet my chapters just seem to plod/so how do I, your wizardry/make my chapters concise but visually (Basically my chapters are long n have a crapton of depth, descriptions etc. And I love that but i know it’s painfully lengthy n dunno how to shorten it)

Aww, that was so cute! Well done! :) *applause*

The best way to shorten long chapters is to be really honest with yourself about what can be trimmed. So often, we tend to get caught up in describing things that just aren’t important to the story. We might spend a paragraph or two describing a room that the character will be in for a minute before passing into the next one. A really great rule of thumb is to reserve in-depth description for things that really matter–things that are important to the story in some way. With settings and side characters, a lot of the time we can just choose one or two details with impact and leave it at that. For example, say your character is walking into a mansion because they’re going to interview a countess…

1) Shelby stepped into the grand foyer, the rich red carpet muffling the sound of her footfalls. Gold-flecked wallpaper covered every wall, catching the prismatic light cast by an enormous crystal chandelier hanging above the entryway. 

“Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Okay, this is nice description, but why is any of that important? All it tells us is that the mansion is opulent, which–duh! Most mansions are opulent. This doesn’t actually tell the reader anything, and unless that crystal chandelier is going to fall on the butler and spray gore all over those gold-flecked walls, these details are completely unimportant.

2) Shelby stepped into the grand foyer, the rotted wood floor creaking beneath every footfall. Peeling, moldy wallpaper covered every wall, striped by the dusty sunlight pouring in through broken shutters.

“Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Now THIS is telling us something! This is no ordinary, opulent mansion. This is a dilapidated mansion, and it tells the reader that Lady Rocheforte has fallen on hard times. If her financial status is somehow important to the story, this is a description that carries its weight.

3) Shelby stepped into the elegant grand foyer. “Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Shelby stepped into the chic grand foyer. “Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Shelby stepped into the stylish grand foyer. “Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Shelby stepped into the old-fashioned grand foyer. “Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

Shelby stepped into the austere grand foyer. “Right this way,” the butler said, leading her into the study to wait for Lady Rocheforte.

This is a much shorter description than in number one, yet if Lady Rocheforte isn’t an important character, and if her mansion isn’t an important setting, it’s plenty. That single word choice, used to describe the foyer, is more than enough to set the stage for the reader. It’s a mansion, it’s opulent (as all mansions are, unless described otherwise), and it’s whatever this one word tells us it is. Think of that word as the theme for that room. It makes that one room the character is passing through a bit more real without taking up a lot of space on the page.

I hope that helps! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Look at this handsome fellow. I wish I had one as a pet. They’re lovely chaps. Slow, deliberate in their eating habits, and they poop once a week. I also find them unbelievably charming.

But look at him…and tell me you don’t think that certain myths are not simply humans who didn’t know any better encountering this sort of scene and wondering “What in sweet merciful Hell did I just see in that shadow?”

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OOOOH OKAY! What about Cor with a super girly princess-y daughter with absolutely no interest in fighting??? What about the BROS?! *Prompto at tea time!!!* :'D You know he'd be the first one to slip on a tutu and sip tea with his princess daughter! *loves*

Haha, I love this! Okay- short drabble time :D (Cor’s is the longest because I had to set the scene haha). Also, all these baby girls are below the age of 14 so they are all quite young and adorable still. Feel free to send in another request if you’d like older!daughters interacting with their dads :D

Cor: When Cor’s partner falls pregnant, everyone in the Crownsguard just assumes that it’s within the world’s natural order that Cor should have a son. You know, so that he could be Cor’s living legacy once the ‘Immortal’ is finally proved mortal. Even when Cor discreetly starts flashing around baby pictures of his precious little girl, the palace staff, Crownsguard, and even the Kingsglaive all decide that- yes, Cor’s little girl is going to be a powerful, headstrong young warrior woman.

However, one day when Cor brings his six year old girl with him to the Citadel, everyone is rendered absolutely speechless. Cor is holding the hand of a tiny girl, whose head comes barely past his knee, and this little girl is decked out in various shades of pinks and light purples. She’s wearing a frilly pink skirt and a purple button-up blouse with black leggings. Her shoes are shiny little mary janes and her long brown hair falls in perfect waves down her back.

She’s brought to the Crownsguard training room, as Cor needs to run through a few combat drills with his pupils. He helps his daughter settle down on a nearby bench where he can keep an eye on her, and makes her promise that she won’t wander off. She plants a kiss on his stubbly cheek and pinky promises with the Crownsguard marshal that, yes, she will be a good girl and that, yes, she will stay put and play with her dolls on the bench.

As Cor presses a swift kiss to his precious daughter’s forehead, a few of the younger Crownsguard have a chuckle at the expense of their marshal. No one had expected Cor to be such a doting father. Any residual mirth within the training room is put to rest when Cor begins the drills. The harsh, metallic clashes of weaponry ring harshly throughout the echo-prone room. Grunts and gasps of exertion are commonplace and the occasional pained yell from a stray hit by a real weapon isn’t unheard of. That’s what training was for.

Cor is transported into another plane of existence when he fights- he loves the feeling of his blood rushing through his veins, the thrill of blocking and parrying an oncoming attack that could potentially be the end of him… He even loves the painful and proud feelings he experiences when one of the younger Crownsguard manages to land a hard blow on his shoulder. There is hope for this lot yet. Cor lets out a small grunt of pain before lashing out with his katana at the young man, only to freeze as a familiar distressed cry reaches his ears.

“CEASE!” Cor shouts immediately, and all movement is terminated within the room with a scary aura of discipline. Cor whirls around so that he’s facing his daughter, and his heart breaks a little at how she’s clasping tightly onto the edges of her skirt, her breath hitching terribly frequently as her chest rises and falls with each shallow breath she takes. Cor immediately rushes over to his distressed daughter and whisks her shaking form into his strong embrace. “What’s wrong angel?” Cor’s stern demeanour has completely flipped and everyone around the father and daughter are extremely confused.

Cor’s little girl sniffles and snuggles into her father’s chest, throwing her skinny arms around his sweaty neck. “Everyone’s fighting! I’m scared!” Cor sighs and presses another kiss to his daughter’s cheek and sways her back and forth in his arms in an attempt to calm his little angel down.

Cor is absolutely sure now that his little girl will probably never touch a katana. He’s can’t say he’s disappointed in that fact though.

At least she’ll be safe from the horrors of the battlefield.

Noctis: Noctis is low-key over the moon that his baby princess wants nothing to do with the toy swords that Gladio bought her on her third birthday. Noctis’ s/o does insist that their daughter receives some self-defence training, but it’s clear that Noctis’ daughter abhors every second of it. She comes home in tears after each and every one of her weekly lessons with Gladio- though Gladio insists that he wasn’t pushing her anywhere near as hard as he used to push Noct.

On the days where Noctis’ sweet princess does complete her self-defence training, she has a hard time falling asleep. Noctis worries about this because… shouldn’t it work the other way around? The kid should be tired after a tiring day, so she should fall asleep the instant her head hits the pillow… right? That’s not the case here- Noctis’ daughter is almost always kept up by nightmares usually pertaining to being injured by a monster, or not being able to help her mummy or daddy during a tough fight for survival.

These terrible nightmares persist even into her early teenage years, and Noctis always makes sure to leave his bedroom door slightly ajar. He and his s/o make sure that on the days their daughter has training, they do not try to do anything… unbecoming, in case they unwittingly scare their daughter even further. On nights where Noctis’ daughter quietly sneaks into their room, she knows that her father’s conveniently fallen asleep in the centre of the large bed, leaving her plenty of room to snuggle into her father’s side.

Being the deep sleeper he is, Noctis never wakes up at the slight movements, but during the course of the night, he does find himself draping a protective arm over his daughter’s back. Noctis’ s/o has taken many pictures of the close father and daughter, laying asleep side-by-side… both fast asleep like the princesses they both are.

Prompto: Prompto’s s/o is beginning to think that their boyfriend is a little too ready to indulge their baby girl in whatever she desires. She wants a new doll? Prompto’s driving off to the toy store in a jiffy, calling Noctis to ask him whether his god-daughter wants a doll too (because he can’t treat his daughter differently to his god-daughter- they’re equally loved by this sunshine man).

Baby Argentum wants some sweets? Prompto ends up at Ignis’ door step 5:30 am, sweaty from his regular morning run and pleading with his clear blue eyes until Ignis relents and whips up a quick batch of naturally sweet, yet healthy breakfast muffins. Ignis’ prim and proper daughter secretly loves it when Prompto wakes the entire household up so early in the morning- she enjoys sweets just as much as the next kid!

And by the Six, when Prompto’s little girl wants to play princess tea party with her three god-sisters… Prompto is so ready to take on the role of presiding Queen of the Tea Party. He even lets the girls dress him in the most obnoxious pink tutu skirt one could ever hope to find. Letting the girls finish the look with haphazardly painted red lips and a copious amount of pink blush, Prompto hardly cares that Noctis, Ignis and Gladio stand as FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from the tea party shenanigans whilst judging him. Hard.

This sunshine man will do anything for his girl, and all his bro’s girls too, because he loves them an incredible amount. And he absolutely, positively supports his baby 100% when she outright refuses to hold a gun in her hand. That means that he can be her hero, and have an excuse to protect his little girl forever.

Gladio: Gladio’s upset at first when he realises that his baby girl is averse to fighting and learning about combat. He does manage to convince her to learn how to protect herself in the face of unexpected adversity, but those light hearted lessons usually end in tears. Feeling guilty, Gladiolus Amicitia would do ANYTHING to see his baby girl smile again. And so, whilst swearing his baby girl to secrecy, he lets his seven year old braid his hair.

Over and over and over again. (Gladio’s s/o has pictures of Gladio’s haphazard braids, but he doesn’t know that *winky face*).

Gladiolus absolutely HAS to take a picture of his baby girl’s daily outfits. He adores the fact that she loves bright, happy colours, and the fact that she proudly wears her weekly favourite colour coordinated with the traditional blacks and greys of the Lucian culture. If at any point in time, his daughter’s clothes need mending, he immediately commissions Ignis to patch up his daughter’s favourite clothes. Ignis usually takes the opportunity to patch up his own daughter’s clothes as well.

One very endearing habit Gladio has formed has everything to do with keeping close to his daughter, no matter the time or place. Gladio sleeps best when his daughter is snoring softly atop his chest. Gladio’s s/o always jests that their daughter has inherited Gladio’s snoring, but Gladio finds everything to do with his tiny, pretty daughter absolutely adorable.

Gladio low-key panics when his daughter is nowhere in sight- so when it does eventually come time for his daughter to start attending school with the rest of his god-daughters, Gladio is actually the most distraught out of all the chocobros. The way Gladio takes his daughter up into his arms, even when she eventually grows into a young lady, is absolutely heart-warming.

The way the father and daughter pair smile at each other after a few hours apart could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Ignis: Ignis’ daughter is prim and proper. She always has her hair in a braid, with a wispy side fringe framing her stunning face. Her moss green eyes are filled with intelligence, even at a young age, and she absolutely cannot leave the house unless she’s decked out in a plaid skirt, black stockings and a prettily embroided jacket or pullover. Despite his inability to see, Ignis has suffered through many finger pricks to perfect his little girl’s choice clothing.

Ignis is in charge of many things around the household, but his s/o MUST be the one to do their daughter’s hair. Once, Ignis had tried, and the whole ordeal ended in tears. Apparently, he had done a very poor job at braiding his girl’s long straight tawny brown hair, and her god sisters had made fun of her all day. Feeling sorry for the whole ordeal, Ignis cancelled all of his attendances to meetings and simply rocked his precious daughter in his favourite chair begging for forgiveness as she sniffled quietly into her papa’s chest.

Ignis, like Noctis and Gladio, insists on self-defence training for his daughter. But then he withdraws her from the program completely after a year, when she develops bed wetting tendencies from the nightmares she has about fighting. Ignis’ s/o feels like Ignis coddles their daughter way too much, but Ignis will hear none of it as he cradles his daughter’s distraught and tired body against his during the night, stroking her back gently to lull her into a peaceful sleep.

His daughter is his kitchen assistant. He will usually ask his baby girl to use the plastic peeler to remove the skins off of potatoes and various vegetables. He will hold his daughter in his arms as he stirs his meals expertly, rattling off cooking tips and tricks while she hums in amazement at how much her smart papa knows.

Ignis is self-sufficient and enjoys his independence. He doesn’t like it when people coddle him or try to mother him. But when his daughter offers to tidy up the kitchen after cooking a meal, or offers to read him a children’s book, or even offers to help him cross the road- he lets her do exactly as she wishes. He likes to tell the other chocobros that it is because he wants his girl to grow into a responsible and caring woman- but deep down he just wants to be the man his girl drops everything for until she outgrows him and starts to prioritise some unknown young man’s whims over his own fatherly wishes.