so i haven’t made url graphics in over a year and i really wanted to start making them again

must be following this human being

must reach 30 notes 

only reblogs will count

here are other url graphics and here are all my things

i will be doing as many as i can that inspire me and if i make you one then i will send you a message with the link. i hope you have a lovely day and good luck xx


Rin Hoshizora [ x ]

These came out kind of weird but oh well..


‘’You look.. very tired.’’

Yeah.. I tried drawing more than one panel.. Ha :’D

For a lil context: He returned from war, only to get to know his girlfriend (which he loves like crazy) (an OC from the lovely inokoo) nearly died in a battle with an old enemy of theirs (and is still not awake). He- in a fit of rage- tracks the thing down and (in said rage) awakes an old god, a vulcano erupts and covers the city in ashes, leaving them trapped in the house.

(Also credit to inokoo for doing this awesome RP with me! It’s so fun >v<)