Who’s the hot muddy mess now

Request: “Stop laughing and help me for Gods sake” with Newt

Pairing:Newt x Reader


Newt and I were giving orders to get some water from the forest by Alby. Saying Frypan needed some, or something, I don’t know. I could at least have some alone time with Newt. We’ve been dating for a while now, but its hard for some alone time because of the other Gladers. 

As we were making our way to the river I playfully pushed Newt. He looked at me like ‘really’. I just gave him my most innocent look. He just had a smile cute smile on his pretty little face.

After while, I pushed him again. And just pretended to look up. He looked at me, “Oh your so on!” He said but before he could finished, I pushed him and made a dash for it. “Y/N!” 

I just giggled and ran faster. He chased after me, even with his limp, he was still very,very fast. I hurried and turned fast around a tree and kept running until I just heard m footsteps. I looked around and saw Newt nowhere in sight. I walked backward until my back hit a tree. I hide behind it hoping when Newt came I could scare him.

“Roar!” I heard as I was suddenly pushed and feel on my stomach and into a thing full of mud, making me very dirty. I gasp in surprise. I turned to see Newt dying with laughter clenching his stomach. My mouth was agape. An idea popped in my head. 

“Newt!” I whined. He didn’t reply, laughing to hard. I pretend to get annoyed.

“Newt” I said sternly. His laughing slowly died down and he wiped some of his tears away. “I’m sorry baby” He says still chuckling.

 “Stop laughing and help me for Gods sake!” I said “mad”. 

“Okay, okay, give me your hand you hot muddy mess”He said chuckling as he outstretched his arm to me. I grabbed his hand with a firm grip and smirked while pulling him in the mud, getting him filthy. “You did not just do that”He said.

I sneak my arm and grab a huge pile of mud, “Who’s the hot muddy mess now Newt” I say as I slap the mud on top of his head. I start laughing, I thought he would laugh but he seemed kinda mad which had me worried.

“You think this is funny?” I just stayed silent, I close m eyes and take a deep breathe. I squealed when I feel some cold wet mud on my face. “Haha, now that’s funny”

“Your on” I saw as I through a chunk at Newt’s laughing face. I kept giggling and tried to stand up but ended up slipping again. What started as a little play fight was now a war between us and mud.

In that moment it felt like everything was normal, like I was living a normal life and not stuck in the Glade. After some time in mud fighting we finally calmed down, I was looking down with a smile on my face. I felt Newt’’s finger go under my chin and making me look at him, my smile widen. He had the same stupid,cute smile on. He leaned down and lightly placed his lips against mine. Both of us smiling in the kiss. I giggled which made him laugh and break apart slinging his arm around my neck and bringing me closer, kissing me all over my face. Me just smiling and giggling. “I love you Y/N” “I love you to Newt” 

Muse (Part 2)

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Seunghyun x You


Part 2

Summary: He was a strange person, but for some reason you had a feeling that things will end up getting even stranger.

You groggily shifted in bed, slinging your pale arm over to slam the alarm clock into silence.  Lightly sighing, you forced yourself upright, a text message from your boyfriend immediately waking you up despite the lack of sleep you had received overnight.

Hey, sweetie.  Have a good rest?  Because you have a lot on your plate today~  Don’t worry, you’ll get uh…  a…  kiss at the end of the battle, so work hard for me, alright?  ^^

The cute text sent a smile gracing your lips, giggling at his clumsiness and uncertainty.  It was just adorable, and you felt so lucky to have such a usually professional and secretive person to share such imperfections with you, and you alone.  Just that thought of it made your smile widen even more as you energetically hopped out of bed and waltz into the shower.

You were enjoying the peaceful rush of water in your ears while in the shower, but then the memory of the night before hit you like a brick.  His dark hair, mysterious speech, otherworldly handsomeness.  You knew you shouldn’t be feeling like this, especially with a boyfriend as amazing as the one you already had, but for some reason, his brass voice reminded you of something, in the very back of your mind, but you couldn’t remember at all.  Leaving the shower in a downtrodden mood, you pouted at your reflection as you got ready for work.

At work, you were in your office double-checking the order forms for the next batch of designer shoes when one of your well-trusted colleagues, Hyemi, walked over to check on you.  When you were an entry-level employee years back, Hyemi was the first one who befriended you, while the others simply cast you aside just because you were a mere foreigner.

“Yah, _____.  Have you ever been to a kpop concert before?” she questioned with a coy grin gracing her lips.  Shaking your head, you informed her that ever since arriving in Korea, you never had the time to really get into the fandom that many other citizens went through.  Hyemi then asked you if you were free on Sunday; Jaesung had a business meeting overseas that day in Colorado, so you told her that you indeed were free that day, which caused the smile on her face to grow even wider.

“Well~  There was this 1 + 1 offer for BIGBANG concert tickets, and of course I can’t let that slide…  Front row tickets too!  I don’t have anyone to bring with me though, so want to come?  Please come, it will be fun!  BIGBANG is practically the king of kpop, you have to come!” Hyemi persuaded, adding in her signature aegyo that always got you dumbly agreeing to whatever she desired.

Looks like you were going to a loud, noisy kpop concert on a boring Sunday.  Yay.

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What were they called again?  VIPs?  They were…  very dedicated fans, it seemed.  For some reason you wanted a light stick of your own, but you shrugged it off.  It wasn’t like you were going to attend another BIGBANG concert any time soon, so there wasn’t a point in buying one.

Hyemi was ecstatic, happily hopping about at the front row.  You, having never heard kpop, were curious.  Having stayed in Korea for years now, you have heard songs from various groups here and there sometimes, but were never interested enough to find out more.  Your wonders on what they sounded like was answered with a song called Tonight, according to Hyemi.

His voice returned.

Your eyes bulged in shock as a tall, handsome figure made his way up alongside four other handsome men, the tallest male’s rapping the only thing you could hear, having automatically muffled out the screams of excited VIPs and singing of the others.

“H-Hey, Hyemi.  Who is that tall rapper?” you hesitantly questioned, but had to scream over the noise of the fans around you two.

Choi Seunghyun – T.O.P.  He’s really hot, don’t you think?” the girl joyfully answered, also having to strain her voice.

You weren’t hallucinating, were you?  He looked like the exact copy of the mysterious figure that had intruded into your apartment the nights before, and he was again, nearly right in front of your face.  This couldn’t be happening, no way.

Throughout the whole concert, your eyes were only dully focused on T.O.P’s movements, trying to contradict yourself and hoping that you were just a bit crazy the night before and really never saw anyone intrude into your house.

A normal person would most likely just laugh it off and force themselves to believe that they were simply hallucinating, but you couldn’t let the matter pass.  In the very back of your mind, you were nagging yourself for being such a wuss and so, after the concert you approached the very famous idol group.  Hyemi was expecting an autograph; you were expecting an explanation.

Your colleague ended up immediately approaching the member you could vaguely guess as Daesung, while you hesitantly approached a calm Seunghyun.

Oh, you foreign?” Seunghyun questioned, seeing that you definitely did not look like your average Korean citizen.  You found his grammatically English incorrectly cute and amusing, but his deep voice made you keep a straight face on.

“I’ve been in Korea for a few years now, T.O.P-ssi.  It’s okay, I understand Korean,” you answered him with a patient smile, causing his eyebrows to raise, pleasantly surprised and impressed with your fluency in the Asian language and culture.  The beastly rapper reached down for his pen in order to give you an autograph so the next fan could come and visit, but you cut him off.

“I’m actually not here for an autograph, I apologize.  But…  I’m terribly sorry if I sound strange, but I…  I believe that I’ve seen you before.  I mean, not on the stage or in front of a camera, but…  in my apartment?” you began with a great amount of doubt and a blushing face.  He must have thought that you were a crazy person.

“…I don’t believe I would know you enough to be able to appear in your apartment,” he calmly answered, all the while diverting his gaze away from your blue eyes.  Cheeks flushing a bright red, you immediately apologized for your ridiculous question.

“However, I will give you an autograph,” Seunghyun comforted, giving you a card with an autograph on it.  You clumsily thanked him with an embarrassed face, meeting back up with Hyemi.

“Did something happen?” your friend asked motioning towards your blushing face.  You dumbly shook your head and followed her out to the parking lot.

Blankly staring at Choi Seunghyun’s autograph, you gritted your teeth as you pondered about the strange night.  Frustrated at your stupidity, you helplessly flailed the piece of paper, the black strokes of T.O.P’s signature being blown by the air conditioning of Hyemi’s car, drifting back onto your lap face-down.

“Wait.  ______.  What did he write in that corner?” Hyemi asked curiously, and your eyes immediately shot down to where she had spoken of.  Indeed, Seunghyun had written something.

010 *** ****  Contact me sometime.  I’d like to get to know you.  And answer the “crazy” question you had given me.  -S

And soon enough, you found your fingers flying to your phone.

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Can I request Rin reacting to his gf offering him a cute handmade stuffed shark ? :-D

“T-This is for me??” He asked, carefully observing the pink stuffed shark in his hand. As a response, his slightly smaller girlfriend nodded happily at him. 

“I made it with love!” Her words made him blush slightly and he figured out that she noticed it when she giggled. Rin could tell that she really worked hard on it based on the tiny bandages wrapped around her fingers. The stitches of the stuffed toy were quite messy, confirming that it was indeed a work of someone who lacks experience in making those.

But he still accepted it wholeheartedly. He appreciated her efforts so much like he always did. Rin pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead. 

“Thank you.” He whispered and she contented herself in Rin’s embrace with a small smile playing on her lips. 

Chapter Fifteen


His attitude check had turned me on. As much as I fought for control, his touch melted me with ease. He wasn’t a pushover. He liked control just as much as I did. We challenged each other for it and I was loving it.

We cuddled and made out under the covers. Rolling around, laughing and giggling while doing so. I enjoyed teasing him. He was hard as a rock but I didn’t dare touch him. Too much temptation if I got a good grip on it.

He fell asleep on my chest while I played with his small curls. His arm draped over my torso.  Like a big baby. Somehow even while sleeping his hand found it’s way to my thigh. Lying there long enough made my eyes heavy. I joined him.

We woke up around six. He offered to take me out for dinner. I suggested we save some of his hard earned dollars and cook something together. Burgers and made from scratch potato chips. He wasn’t bad in the kitchen at all.

Sy-Fy played a marathon of the Jurassic Park series. I happened to have the fourth installment on dvd. We watched them until we had fallen back asleep.

He was a heavier sleeper than I was. His phones buzzing off the hook woke up shortly after nine o’clock. I watched him for a few minutes and before deciding to get up and go give my art room a little attention.

When I graduated from college and got my own place, I made sure to have a room that would strictly be dedicated to my art. Some of my work hung on the walls in here and throughout the apartment. Everything that couldn’t be displayed was carefully stacked in against the wall. In the middle of the room was my easel, canvas and chair. The bay window had a small day bed, where I kept my sketch book. That was my favorite place to sit for inspiration. My self constructed cubed shelf housed all of my supplies; paper, brushes, paint, pencils, markers, pastels and anything else I could get my hands on when I visited the local arts and crafts store.

I sat down in front of my easel and was quickly intrigued by the sun rays beaming through the windows. I picked up a pencil and drew an outline on the canvas.

A gentle knock at the door paused my illustration. I looked back and saw a shirtless Aubrey leaning against the door frame.

“Good morning,” I smiled at him, “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Nah, my phone did,” he rubbed his neck.

“Same here.”

“Sorry about that…it’s-”

“Business,” I completed his sentence, “I know.”

He chuckled and let his eyes wander around.

“You can come in.”

“I wanted to be granted permission first,” he smirked.

“Shut up.”

“This all you?” he checked out all the different pieces.

“Yeah. This is most of my work from college. My parents and grandparents have some.”

“And you’ve been doing this since-”

“Middle school. It was fun for me. So much fun that I took my talents to the train yard in Scarborough with some friends and tagged a couple box cars. Not once, or twice but three times.”

“You got caught?”

“Twice. First time the cops brought me home. Mom loved that. Second time was in the summer. I did a week in juve and fifty hours of community service to cleaning all the tagging.”

“Ah, so you was a bad little ting. I like that.”

I giggled, “Not necessarily bad. A little rebellious, but not really. It was just something I enjoyed.”

“Everything in here’s beautiful,” his eyes wandered till they got to me, “Like you.”

I blushed, looking down to my thighs, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he made his way behind me. His hands gently massaged my shoulders, “What are you painting so far?”

“Honestly, not sure. It’ll come to me as I go along, though.”

His lips pressed onto the top of my head, “Do I get a turn?”

“If you want one,” I smirked.

“I do want one. But you only have one um…”


“Yes, you only have one easel.”

I giggled, “Well, it doesn’t matter what I wanted to paint. Let’s see what you paint,” I stood up.

“No, finish,” he looked at me.

“I’d rather see you paint, instead,” my eyes observed his perfectly toned chest. I wanted to devour him. I hugged his body before pecking his lips.

“Fine,” he quickly kissed my lips again.

I smiled as I let him go.

He sat down in front of the easel.

I grabbed a fresh canvas for him, putting mine to the side.

“What colors of paint do you want?”

“Black. Just black.”

I wrinkled my eyebrows, “Just black?”

He nodded, “Yea. I know what I want to paint. It seems pretty easy, but don’t make fun of me if it comes out terrible.”

I giggled, “Better not be no stick figures.”

“It a figure. But not stick figures,” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Okay,” I smiled, “I was thinking of a healthy breakfast today,” I handed him the black paint and a small paint brush.

“What’s that?”

“Oatmeal and chopped up fruits on the side. Sounds good?”

“Good enough for me,” he shrugged, “Put extra pineapples in yours, though. Gotta prepare.”

I laughed, playfully hitting him, “Stop being such a whore, Aubrey,” I started making my way out the room.

“I just want to taste you,” he yelled after me.

“Keep dreaming,” I yelled back as I made my way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

I multitasked. Kept the oatmeal on the stove, while chopping up apples, peaches, pineapple, pears, plums, oranges, and throwing in some grapes. The oatmeal took about 10 minutes, and the cutting of the fruits only took an extra five.

After making our plates, soon I was back in my art room to call Aubrey in.

He was finished, already. Putting his signature on the bottom corner. He had made a painting of a woman’s silhouette. And it was honestly beautiful. It was simple, and sometimes less is more.

“Wow,” I spoke as I strutted towards him.

“Do you like it? Honestly?” He looked up at me with the cutest brown eyes.

“Of course, I do. You’re catching the beauty of a woman, I love it. I’m definitely hanging it up somewhere. What was your inspiration for it?” My eyes were on the painting instead of him.


I looked at him immediately, “Me?”

“Yea, it’s you. I painted you.”

“Aw,” I playfully frowned before leaning over, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

He chuckled, “I actually want to ask you something.”

My eyebrow raised. I hated statements like that. They made me worry, even when I had nothing to worry about.

“Come,” he patted his lap.

I sat sideways on his lap. I looked up at him, “Yes?”

He inhaled deeply, “Okay. I haven’t said these words in forever so just… understand why I’m so weird about it right now.”

He was adorably nervous. My hand gently caressed his jaw, my thumb grazing his beard, “Tell me.”

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He looked me in my eyes.

I smiled sweetly. My lips crashed into his. “Yes,” I whispered before going back into the kiss.

He grinned from ear to ear. It was so cute. He was making me feel so giddy inside.

“Why me?” I asked, “you can have any woman in this city. Why me?”

“Because,” he brushed away the stray hairs falling in my face, “you’re beautiful, first off. Smart, confident, and have this edge to you. My status doesn’t phase you and to be honest I can’t get enough of being around. You’re so addictive and I have no intentions on sharing that with anyone else.”

“So that means no more J-Lo’s?” I giggled.

“No more J-Lo’s,” he laughed, kissing me again, “now that I’m done painting, I want you to finish yours.”

“Okay,” I stood up and replaced his canvas with the one I had started on.

After prepping some different colors to use, I sat back on his lap. He sat up, securing an arm around me while looking over my shoulder.

I always liked to use an array of textures when I painted. Whether it was using different brushes, my finger tips or changing the stroke techniques.

It took me about thirty minutes. I had painted the window with beautiful golden orange and yellow rays peaking through, with a hint of the blue sky and white clouds in the background. I added a few bird silhouettes too.

“Wow,” his deep voice made me shudder, “you’re very talented. Watching that was amazing. Kind of therapeutic.”

He leaned back and pressed my cheek against his lips.

“Thank you,” I smiled, standing up,  “You ready to eat?”

“I’ve been dying to eat, baby.”

“You are terrible,” I gasped as he picked me up.

Damn, he was strong. I wrapped my legs around his waist so I wouldn’t fall.

He walked us into the kitchen and sat me down on the island, standing in between my legs.

“Whenever you let me have you. I’mma eat you right on this counter,” his voice lowered as his fingertips grazed my inner thighs, “lay you down, spread your legs like this.”

He swiftly did so.

“Mmhm,” he looked down, licking his lips, “I can’t wait.”

“Be patient,” I closed them shut and hopped down, still sandwiched between him and the counter, “good things come to those who wait.”

“How long do I have to wait?” He licked his lips as his seductive eyes stared into my soul.

“Until I think you earned it,” I ran one finger down his bare chest, “You seem to be a fan of eating,” I smirked, “Do you do that with just anybody?”

“Absolutely not,” he smirked back, “They have to be really special to me.”

“So when’s the last time?”

“My ex-girlfriend.”

“Wow, that long ago, huh? So you’d come home from fucking random girls, and eat your girl’s pussy?”

He chuckled, “Something like that. It’d only be that way when she’d be really mad at me, and suspect that I was out with females. I’d eat her out to stop her from crying.”

“That’s so fucked up. You basically used sex against her.”

He sighed, “Look, I’ve grown up. Okay? That was six years ago.”

“Better have. Because if you get me upset to the point where I’m crying? Best believe if you touch my vagina, I’m fighting you.”

He laughed, “Damn, all that?”

“Yea, all that,” I squeezed from between him and the counter to the table.

He followed me, “What if I really want to make it up to you?”

“Make up what? Cheating on me?” I sat down in front of my plate.

“I wouldn’t cheat on you. That’d be a waste of my time. But just.. Anything that’ll make you cry. What if I want to make it up to you? And please you?” He sat down, too.

“I might allow that depending on what you did,” I mixed up my oatmeal with a spoon, “But if head from you made your ex-girlfriend stay, you must be good at it.”

He smirked cockily before eating a chunk of pineapple.

I blushed, “Let me guess, don’t wanna brag?”

“Not at all, baby. I’d rather surprise you.”

I ate a spoonful, before nodding, trying not to smile too hard.

Breakfast was delicious, and Aubrey claimed to have loved it. I often wondered whether or not he was kissing up to me, but I never commented on it.

Gisela: omg so he made it official?

Gisela: helloooooo

I was in the middle of typing a response to her before she called.


Lisedi answered her phone, “Damn, you couldn’t give me time to respond?”

“Who’s that?” I mouthed to her as we laid on her couch.

“Gisela,” she mouthed back before blushing. “No, Gis, we aren’t that far, yet. Slow down,” she giggled.

I felt awkward, probably because I was guilty. I was guilty of knowing something that she didn’t. Something that she should know, although it was Gisela’s personal right to keep it to herself.

“Yea, well, he’s right here,” she smiled to me, “So I’m gonna have to call you back.”

Her smile was beautiful. I knew I was falling for someone when watching them smile automatically made me smile. Her juicy thighs draped over mine always slightly teased me. She was a work of art herself, and I loved to look at her. Making it official with her was going to be hard, though. How would I be able to show her off the way I want to, without my boys finding out I’m in a relationship with her?

“Okay, love you too, bye,” she hung up the phone before turning to me. “Are you okay? You seem in deep thought.”

“Something like that.”


“Nothing. It’s fine.”

“Don’t you trust me to know your inner thoughts?”

I sighed, with a deceiving smile, “I’m just adoring the way you look.”

She blushed before my phone began to ring, too. She pouted, knowing I was going to excuse myself. She took her legs off of mine.

“I’m sorry,” I kissed her hand before standing up and walking towards her bedroom. I answered the phone to hear Ethan’s voice.

“Yo, we still on for those drops tonight, right?”

“Yes, nigga, didn’t you text me this same question last night and I told you yes?”

“I just want to make sure. What’s that shit you be getting from Serg called?”

“I get a lot of shit from Serg,” I wrinkled my eyebrows, “Why? You know what, I’ll just talk to you about this shit tonight. I’m not having this conversation over the phone.”

“Aight, I understand what you mean.”

I could hear a lot of people in the background. But the voices seemed to be from men.

“Who are all those people in the back?”

“Um, you know, just around family and shit.”

“Oh, aight. You been around them a lot lately, but that’s what’s up. I respect it.”

“Definitely, but I’ll talk to you before that drop later.”

“Got you,” I hung up the phone.

Something’s been off about him but I trust my boys.

I walked back into the living room to see a pouty Lisedi.

“What’s wrong?” I sat next to her.

She folded her arms, “I thought I was your girlfriend.”

I smirked, “You are.”

“So why are you still so secretive?” She raised an eyebrow.

I grabbed her, avoiding her question and pulling her close. I planted kissed all over her face.

She giggled, “Aubrey, I’m serious.”

“It’s business, baby. My phone is always ringing and I know you don’t wanna hear all that shit. It’s boring,” I said.

“I mean, I just don’t want you having to go around the corner every time someone calls you,” she said, “but I guess you’ll just have to get more comfortable around me.”

“I am comfortable with you. It’s just a habit I’ve always had. Don’t let it make you feel a type of way,” I rubbed my hand along the side of her hips and thighs, “I’d lay up under you all day and do my restaurant and pharmacy shit from there if I could.”

“You couldn’t handle that,” she grinned, “especially since I’m not giving you any of my cookie. That would be torture.”

“That’s alright,” I kissed from her cheek over to her ear, “cause as soon as you let me get a bite, I’m turning into the Cookie Monster.”

“Oh my God, you are too much,”’she blushed, “but I love the confidence.”
I didn’t like the fact that I could lie to her so easily. If she knew that other aspect of my life, she wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I couldn’t have that. Seeing the smile on her face when I asked her to be my girl was everything. Ruining that by adding oh, by the way I’m a drug kingpin distributing high grade narcotics in and out of Toronto was out of the question. For the first time in a while, I was feeling something real with the opposite sex. I didn’t want to mess that up. If that meant concealing this part of my life from her, then so be it.

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Not to be a total dick but you tagged a Jar Jar Binks photo as "Carol" and it made me giggle. Can you imagine. "Meesa girl...flung out of space..."


my ‘carol’ tag is actually for my friend named carol, i tag things i want her to see as that. my tag for the movie is actually ‘movie: carol’ because my friend came first.


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yes gross hs au!!! tyler walks home with josh so they can finish their partner project n josh gets frustrated bc he cannot work out this one section!! so Ty figures it out n josh is SO impressed he goes all red n self consciously covers his face bc he thinks his acne looks ugly when he blushes! but ty's like 'why're u coverin ur face, s'just me' n josh peeks at him through his fingers n giggles breathlessly n ty shuffles closer getting carpet burn on his knees n kisses joshs cheek n BLUSHES

IM A MESSSS!!!!!!! they hold hands th whole rest of th nite even tho it makes it hard to study so eventually josh jus cozies in tys lap timidly takin off tys glasses so he can kiss his eyelids “y'got pretty eyelashes” n ty giggles smacking a wet kiss on joshs neck bfre realizin tht made josh gasp a lil!!! so he starts suckin n bitin n joshs all trembly clutchin tys waist n whimpering thumbs grippin tys tummy chub


Funny story from ten minutes ago.

Okay so X and I were 69'ing and it was going good and all until a small lapse in time where I was quite literally sucked into my head. The reason why?
I Had the Urge to fart.
I stopped everything. And concentrated so hard on not farting.
Fighting the urge made me start to giggle.
My last fleeting thought on top of him was “abandon ship”

I rolled off laughing

X was confused until I explained……

Well, that was embarrassing...

I sent Cupcake a funny photo, but she was at a meeting.  So when she got back, I was in her office and made her open it.  We both started laughing really hard, and since I’m a little wheezy, it was really squeaky and weird sounding from me.  I was so loud that the Head of Security came over from his office down the hallway to find out what was going on.

Have I mentioned that the Security Captain routinely tells us we giggle so loud, he always knows exactly where we are?

Real talk.
A couple of years ago one of my favorite people was in a play called “I Remember Mama”. I don’t actually remember the Mama the author apparently wanted me to remember. But I do remember the unholy amount of time my friend practiced these two lines. What could possibly be so hard about yelling “Take it” twice??? So, naturally, I teased her about it. Endlessly.
Came premiere night I was ready to burst out in silent giggles as soon as she would get to that part. But when she finally yelled “Take it. Take it!” it was one of those moments. She made the words so meaningful (this sounds so awkward) and I was so impressed and so proud (and touched but we’re not gonna talk about that). Four words. How is that even possible???
But I’m not the sentimental type so I didn’t tell her. Kinda regret that, so I’m telling her now.
That won’t stop me from yelling “Take it. Take it!” whenever she asks me to lend her something, though. ❤️
#sorryforrambling #digitalart #dramaqueen

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13,20,22,56 :)

13. What’s something that made you smile today? 

I teach a 2 year old ballet class in the morning and one of my students told me I’m her best friend. Adorable, right?

20. What’s your favorite eye color? 

Honestly this is so impossible I love every eye color but like, maybe green? 

22: Are you a morning person?

NOOOOO. I need coffee like ASAP, or I can’t function.

56: What are some things you find endearing in other people?

-someone who giggles at stupid jokes

-when they are laughing so hard they can’t finish a story

-when they’re protective

-when they get really mad and then start smiling

-when someone is clingy

-when they try to cover up their feelings but u see right through them

-when they frown or smile in their sleep (ahhh this one is fav)

idk i could go on forever but imma stop there <3

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Hello! I stumbled upon your "Keep Your Secrets" fic and boy, am I glad I did! I had a mighty need for some Sole Survivor x Deacon and honestly, this? Just what I needed. It's just so well written and believable, it had me smile and giggle at the screen like an idiot one moment and want to cry softly the next. Please keep up the good work and have a nice day!

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this!! Bc I’m just crying?? I woke up feeling sore and gross and this just made my day!!!

I’m just so glad you like it, I try so hard to make everyone in the fic feel like a real person with feelings and motivations and– God this is so nice of you to say! 

(And I’m totally keeping up the work! I have a chapter to post today after a little editing C: )

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but what was your opinion on the snippet?

My bad!

I really can’t say much on it because it is less than 5 seconds.

Also I’m gun shy of his teasers now. Thought I was getting “Befour” and instead got “Pillowtalk”. So whatever drops I will make an opinion on it. For now he can keep his teasers until I get the full thing. I giggled at his over-enthusiastic bobbing to a nonexistent beat because it made me think of BB. The interviewer said he grooved so hard he spilled his drink. Lol, poor guy.

Listening to the Galavant soundtrack...
Yes, I mean the ABC TV show. Yes, I actually downloaded the soundtrack. I downloaded BOTH seasons in fact. Go ahead and judge me all you want. The show is absolutely ridiculous yet it makes me laugh so hard that I have NO problem admitting to being a fan of the show, especially if it means they will renew it for a third season. I’m sitting here giggling to myself while listening to the humorous lines in the songs that made me laugh the first time around and at all the new jokes (and adult ones!) that I missed the first time! I really hope they make a third season. Besides, I think I’ve developed a slight fan crush on King Richard/Timothy Omundson. ;)

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“...I hate this uniform more than I hate frizzy hair.”



“What? You do!?” Noya exclaimed quickly. He actually kind of liked their uniforms. He thought they all looked good in them…and really part of the fun of playing volleyball was getting to look super cool in the uniform! “Though I guess I could see why you’d hate frizzy hair,” he chuckled. “If your hair got frizzy it would be hard to keep it tied back.

His eyes traveled up and down Asahi’s body, twisting his lips in confusion. “I don’t know why you hate it…I mean it looks really good on you!” he smiled. “I think you should be proud of how awesome you look!” he said, giving Asahi a confident thumbs up.