forever, endlessly [m]

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pairing: yoongi/reader
genre: soulmate au!!!!!!! fluff!!!!! fluffy smut!!! bad writing!!!!!!
length: 3.9k
notes: this is a thank u to my sweet followers for continuing to follow me etc. etc. and also a celebration of the comeback! i really love u all and even though i’m not good at longer stories i hope that this is okay i just wanted to post something :( i hope to post some more stuff soon :( also the smut is like the last 1.5k words so if u want just the sfw stuff you can stop before the last section! 

Your mother never had a mark.

When you were young, you didn’t understand why. You had a mark, your strange twisting line on the inside of your left forearm. Your best friend Seulgi had a mark. Your uncle and aunt had marks, twin ones on their palms that met when they held hands.

“Where is your soul mark?” you asked one night, curled into her warmth as she read your favorite story to you, her fingers carding through your hair.

“I don’t need this, sweet pea,” she said, tapping her blank arm, “because I have you, and you’re all I need.” Her smile was soft, and kind, and you stared at her with big eyes.

“When will I meet my soulmate?” you whispered, tugging your quilt closer to you. You tried to imagine the meeting: the summer sun beaming down in the middle of a park as he approaches, flowers everywhere, the wind rustling his hair. Would he have black hair? Brown? What color would his eyes be? What would his voice sound like?

“I don’t know, honey, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you do.” She leaned down, then, to kiss your forehead, and walked to turn off the light.

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night,” you replied, voice small. With the dim light of the moon pouring in your window, you thought about your soulmate until you slipped into sleep.

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Rude Awakening

Written for: Ash’s 300 W&G Challenge / Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge / SPN HWC – Week 17

Prompt: “Speaking of chairs, you look like a fun place to sit.” / Professor AU / “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” (Quotes are bolded in the story)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 3270

Warnings: Smut, Angst, AU

A/N:  So I found a great way for all of this to be wrapped up in one fic. Well, I sincerely hope it works and it’s enjoyable. Thanks to all the wonderful organizers of Challenges. It’s very hard but a ton of fun. All errors are my own, gifs found on the google, and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!

Summary: Upon returning home to finish school and care for your father after an accident sees your best friend Meg taking you out for a night of fun. It leads you into the arms of the man of your dreams. But what’s a dream come true without a nice slap of reality?


     “I’m just so happy you finally transferred here, Y/N,” Meg grinned pushing another shot across the table at you.

    “So you could have someone to drink with on a Thursday night?”

    Meg looked at you for a moment before shrugging, “Either way this year is going to be epic.”

    You’d made the decision to go to a closer college for your last year of college due to your Dad’s accident. Bobby Singer taking to using a wheelchair was an obstacle in and of itself. Thankfully you’d convinced him the nearby college had a better program for your degree and that seemed to appease him for the time being. Meg was your high school best friend and had convinced you to give up daughter duty for a night of drinking before classes started on Monday. However, she had a late shift Friday through Sunday so tonight was your best option.

    “I don’t know about epic but I’ll be glad to put it all behind me. I have that paid internship at the hospital starting next week and as long as I graduate and pass my boards I’ll be an RN in no time,” you held up a shot as she toasted you.

     “Oh damn,” Meg jumps up. “I’m going to go find the restroom, order another round and request some dancing music.”

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i just backed nour on ks and WOW i can't believe it's already almost 1/3 funded!! that's so cool! well done! :D it looks so cute and fun, i can't wait to get my grubby little hands on all that delicious food

I’m just as shocked as you!!!!! I can’t believe how fast it’s getting funded and I’m just so excited! I’m definitely going to be able to make this game so many times cooler than I would’ve otherwise, so I’m hyped. Thank you for ur support!!!

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😮 so jealous that you're going to see Seth Meyers! Will you post all about how it goes?

AHH I honestly wasn’t planning to ?? because I didn’t think that anyone wanted to hear me ramble about it lol… BUT since you mentioned it and since the experience was just such a blast, I think I will share about how it went!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a rly long post (with a ton of unnecessary exclamation points) under the cut, but before anything I want to share that tickets to a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers (and a number of other NBC shows) are completely FREE!!! I didn’t know about this until a few months ago and am not sure that this is common knowledge, so I thought I’d share this! I’d def recommend this for anyone who is a fan of LNSM or just looking for a fun/different experience in NYC! There’s more info here if you want to look into it, and feel free to bug me if you have any questions about how to get tickets or whatnot! 

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For the fluff therapy thing, Jacob and Newt?

:D :D :D I have no idea what’s happening in this ‘verse, but it’s fun.

“Look, Newt, you’re good with animals, but I’m just going to point out that you’ve got no idea what you’re doing when it comes to machinery,” Jacob says.

Newt, elbows deep in the engine of the car that they’d absconded with, scowls. “I can solve this!”

They’re standing on a country road in Middle of Nowhere, USA, probably being chased down by a crew of very angry farmers convinced that the two of them are actually men from Mars or something like that.

Jacob rolls his eyes. He adores Newt, sometimes feels like he’s running around like Watson after Holmes, but then there are times like this. They’d stolen the car out of pure necessity, because there were men with guns and Apparating while carrying an injured baby Graphorn–there had been an escape from the case–was really not a good idea. “Come on, Newt, let me take a look.”

“Fine,” Newt says, rolling his eyes. He steps back, letting Jacob roll up his sleeves and get to work. The care isn’t exactly damaged, it’s just that Newt doesn’t know how to drive. Jacob’s a decent hand at machinery, and besides, he generally doesn’t assume that a “Reparo” will fix everything wrong with the world.

“There we go,” he says after a minute, stepping back and wiping his brow. “Now, can we please get back on the road?”

Newt, petting the baby Graphorn situated in the back of the car, swings around to climb into the passenger seat. “Let’s,” he says.

Jacob takes the wheel, because Newt may be good with a broom but the man can’t drive worth a damn. They tool away down the road, and after a mile or so Jacob says, “You know, when I agreed to run off and have adventures with you I didn’t think it’d be quite so…”


“Yeah, that.”

“I’d apologize, but you were laughing when we were stealing the car.”

“I always wanted to be the Sundance Kid.”


“The Sundance Kid. You know, Butch Cassidy’s partner in crime?”

“…this is a No-Maj thing, isn’t it?”

“‘fraid so.”

“Well, you’d better tell me the whole story, I think we’ve got a long trip ahead of us…”

tag urself as a student

i.d.g.a.f:  goes to school unbothered, doesn’t give a shit about makeup or looking nice, constantly has a water bottle filled, when they’re not taking notes they’re sleeping in class, goes home and actually studies/does homework, bottles up emotions, wants to travel

covfefe: lives their life on coffee and tea, always participates in class discussions, likes to observe, challenges themselves sometimes a little too much, needs more sleep, always trying to make plans to fill up their schedule, likes aesthetics

netflix & procrastinate: honestly wants to do well, gets distracted easily, when they’re focused they get shit done, pulls lots of all nighters, tells everyone ‘im fine’ when not fine, accidentally skips breakfast, loves their friends, gets anxiety over tests and quizzes

pastel: is always organized, loves to journal, actually listens to the teacher, people think they’re always super sweet, wants to visit japan, loves animals, does research for fun, looks over work 948208 times before turning it in, watches horror movies and then regrets it

complaint department: acts like they didn’t have enough time to do homework (they did), blames others for their problems, doesn’t study then cry when they get a bad grade, secretly is very insecure, is always out “sick”, acts better than others for no reason sometimes

chilly child: is very relaxed but knows how to work, is nice to their teachers, tries to avoid half-assing things, loves autumn, likes studying with other people, is very self motivating, tries not to focus on the letter grade but rather how hard they worked, and tbh they’re just tryna enjoy life,