*me lyin face down in bed, muffled by blankets, very tearful voice* garnet is the good mom.. loevs steven so much….

So I’m thinking here for a while that Lily knew Remus was a werewolf… It sounds almost like from the Prince’s Tale that her thoughts were “don’t ask, don’t tell?” I mean, I don’t think she would have embarrassed Remus by asking him after Snape presented his theory, but let us look at the evidence here:

Snape: They sneak out at night.  There’s something weird about that Lupin. Where does he keep going? 

Lily: He’s ill. They say he’s ill.

Snape: Every month at the full moon?

Lily: I know your theory,” she sounded cold, “Why are you so obsessed with them anyway? Why do you care what they’re doing at night?

Now, ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in Lily’s character, and we’re told sooooooo little about her. This passage has interested me for a while. Just from the way JKR says Lily “sounded cold” when Snape brings up Lupin being a werewolf suggests that she does believe Lupin is a werewolf,  is angry that Snape is bringing it up, but isn’t going to risking out him by agreeing with Snape because she likes Remus as a person. In her last bit of dialogue to Snape her attitude is basically “what does is matter if they’re sneaking out?” If Lily were the stick-in-the-mud!Lily here that a lot of canon loves to make her out to be, why not help Snape? The boys are sneaking out after all. But instead she’s just like “Does it matter if they’re sneaking out?” 

My theory here is that Lily is pretty sure the boys are sneaking out, but guesses they are somehow helping Remus, and therefore decides the best thing she can do in this situation is act like she doesn’t know/care about the situation, especially given Snape’s obsession with the boys. 

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whoa whats with all the mutsuki hate??? sure mutsuki isn't the best fighter. but he is one of the sound and calm minds of the group, and he wouldn't dare leave anyone behind like i have the horrible feeling urie will do. you guys have to remember that the quinx are all experiments. some of them aren't going to be as powerful as others. it also sounds to me that mutsuki wasn't really briefed on his role when it comes to the auction raid? he even thought that it had FAILED. keep that in mind.


i spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how it would have been between thorin and bilbo, had thorin survived botfa which he did ofc and like, i love the happy sappy headcanons where they’re kissing and getting married the day after botfa as much as the next BUT honestly, these two need a deathbed, now-or-never confession of love to get them rolling. without that, i think we’re gonna be watching them a) in bilbo’s case tiptoe around the issue, feign ignorance in the face of thorin’s obvious devotion, and clam up any romantic feelings he has for the dwarf, and b) in thorin’s case continue to make grand overtures of Important True Friendship probably complete with priceless gifts signifying his Big Apology for the arkenstone incident, but ultimately fail to just tell bilbo that he’s in love with him. 

what with bilbo’s “to me he was… well he was something but i’m not going to dwell on that for too long so let’s go with ‘friend’” and thorin using “master burglar” as a term of endearment as if bilbo’s supposed to know what he’s getting at… well. basically, they need thorin on his deathbed, apologizing and confessing to bilbo, and bilbo finally letting his devotion to thorin as a person show through - and then they need to frickin talk about it after thorin recovers from his wounds. best of luck to these two, they better hunker down because their stay in bagginshield hell isn’t going to be a short one. 

i don’t get the argument that august was a ~jerk~ to emma and that’s why people don’t like him. are you forgetting he’s pinocchio and it’s part of his story to go off and make really bad decisions and make friends with the wrong people? the point is he learns his lessons and he comes back in the end because he’s a good person and does in fact know right from wrong, and he’s filled with regret for not doing what he was supposed to do and disappointing himself, emma and his dad, like damn he ain’t perfect but doesn’t that make for a more interesting character

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walked in on you in the shower [college au] :) Love your writing!!

Thank you so much, sweet anon! A thousand days later, I’m finally replying to your prompt :)
This one happens in the same ‘verse and is kinda a continuation of my other olicity college au ficlet.
Hope you all like it! If so, please let me know somehow :)
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This is definitely not how she saw her Friday night going.

This time she can’t even blame sleep-deprivation or Sara’s peculiar choice of drinks for it. But she can totally blame Oliver, because really, how could she have known?

As usual, she had followed stone cold hard logic:

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