Namjoon walking in the park and having a bunch of little duckings following him. Namjoon gets freaked out and starts to run but the wee little duckings are still chasing him.


so I watched Grease this week and I had to get this au out of my system

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For your interviews, have you seen the danger days era one where the super obnoxious girl and guy interview g? It looks like maybe a music TV show, idk? But they ask him if he's a romantic and he gets super embarrassed and turns red, and they laugh at him, and he blames it on how hot the lights in the studio are. Its my sweet disheveled awkward g at his very best!

do you mean this one because YES, he blushes up to his ears and turns the exact color of his hair and tries to blame it on the studio lighting, it’s amazing

gerard at the beginning of the interview acting cool, collected and suave:

gerard at the end of the interview, a complete and embarrassed mess because he thought about touchin a boob:

Skin Picking Disorder: Info, Coping Mechanisms, and Lots of Links

I wanted to make a informational post about something I struggle with, but never see info about on my dashboard - even though I follow a large amount of mental-health blogs! I did my best to compile facts into a reasonably short post. I hope this is helpful for some of you, especially those who weren’t aware of / well-educated about dermatillomania. Links to sources and further information, as well as some YouTube videos on this topic are at the end. -AshLynne

Dermatillomania, also known as skin picking disorder (SPD), compulsive skin picking, or excoriation (I will be using these terms interchangeably during this post), is considered a Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). Dermatillomania is commonly thought of the be part of the OCD spectrum, but it is important to note that it is not classified as such is the DSM-5 (one percentage I saw said that 23% of people diagnosed with OCD also have dermatillomania, so while it is not considered an obsessive-compulsive behavior, many people are diagnosed with both) . People with SPD repetitively touch, rub, scratch, pick at, or dig into their skin to the extent that this behavior causes physical damage. Not all people who pick their skin have SPD. This disorder is not to be confused with trichotillomania, which is the repetitive pulling out of one’s own hair (another note: repetitive picking at one’s scalp would be considered dermatillomania, not trichotillomania). The picking is often to try and remove small “imperfections” and irregularities. Many people who have SPD have a pre-existing dermatological condition(for example,cystic acne or eczema), but this is not a requirement to be diagnosed with dermatillomania. It is said that SPD may affect as many as 1 in 20 people and occurs more frequently in women; the starting age of this disorder varies greatly, but commonly begins during/slightly after puberty. The DSM states that use of some stimulant drugs can lead to picking one’s skin, but is ruled out as a cause for SPD. Common places to pick include the face, arms, legs, back, shoulders, and stomach (basically everywhere). Most people have a primary area that they pick at first, but will move on from that area to allow it to heal. Picking can include the person’s fingernail, tweezers, pins, etc. A common treatment for dermatillomania is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). If you have a deep wound (something that might need stitches) or think you have an infection, please seek medical treatment.

                            Coping Tips/Mechanisms I Find Helpful:

·Apply moisturizer on your skin that you want to pick

·Apply a thick lotion (body butter, or something similar) on your hands/fingers to make it more difficult to pick

·Wear gloves (”normal” gloves are an obvious option, to prevent picking or scratching. I wear fingerless gloves when I want to pick my palms and wrists. “Convertible” gloves that have both “normal” and fingerless options are also sold a lot of places)

·Get rid of any tools you use to pick (tweezers, pins, etc) when/if you’re ready

·Avoid/get rid of super-magnifying mirrors, you can also cover bathroom mirrors

·Use a stress ball

·Use facial cleansing clothes or a liquid wash with a washcloth

·Purchase a TangleToy (or a couple, since they’re so cheap - the textured TangleToy is great for me during picking urges [U.S. website link])

·When showering, use a liquid body soap and a soft loofah/washcloth

·Shower with dim lights (Don’t have a dimmer switch in your bathroom? I use artificial candles that I place on the bathroom counter.)

·Color/draw when you have picking urges

·Wear a hat, headband, etc if you pick your scalp/forehead

·Cut your nails really short (alternately, get long press-on/acrylic nails)

·Cover areas you want to pick with band-aids (cute band-aids are fun)

·Purchase a spinner ring (example: [U.S. Amazon link])

·Wear long-sleeve shirts and full length pants (weather-permitting)


·Use silly putty/play-dough/clay/kinetic sand during urges to pick

                           Sources and Further Information Links:

Excoriation disorder - Wikipedia.com (*contains images of wounds and scars)

Skin Picking Disorder Fact Sheet PDF


Skin Picking Disorder: Signs & Symptoms - Trich.org

Skin Picking Disorder: Frequently Asked Questions - Trich.org


Canadian BFRB Support Network

Everything You Need to Know About Dermatillomania - SkinPick.com

BFRB Disorders Article - Scientific Electronic Library Online

YouTube Video about Dermatillomania by Kati Morton

YouTube Video “What are BFRBs?” by Rebecca Brown

Have you ever felt like standing up and finally doing something with your life cause it’s starting to be depressing and sad but somehow this sadness is really calming and comfortable and suddenly you can’t even move anymore


Just a small sketch dump. I’ll probably finish some of these later.

stand back - a harry styles imagine drabble story piglet masterpiece inspired by this post

harry is siting with his legs crossed like a yummy auntie anne’s pretzel Wen his phone vibrates on his zebra printed yoga mat in front of his pretzel legs (with extra salt). for a sexond he is annoyed until he sees the name of the most bootiful superfood girl show up on the screenn. kayle ;*

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Izzy! Hope you're okay. I have a question that I was hoping you could answer. What do you reckon some of Zayn's qualities are? His most important qualities. I'm trying to write a story but I can't quite place my finger on the most important aspects of him. Not him in regards to the boys, but just him. What is important about Zayn by himself? Thanks, Iz. Much appreciated.

Ooooh, okay! Here we go! In no real order: 

1) Zayn is quiet. I don’t mean that he can’t talk, or doesn’t; or that he isn’t loud and giggly and bubbly sometimes. but he’s quieter, in general. he likes to stay in with his pets. he likes to define his space and stay in it. He doesn’t like to talk when he doesn’t want to or doesn’t have anything to say. He doesn’t feel the need to fill up silence, is perfectly happy sitting in silence. 

2) Zayn is loving. He just is so affectionate and loving to the people he loves–his family, his boys, his pets. He bought his mum a house, and it’s pretty clear his family’s still the most important thing to him. He was so obvious and kissy and huggy and praising with his boys. He clearly dotes on all million of his pets. And on all other sorts of animals, like, Zayn and puppies is the worst thing ever. And don’t even get me started on Zayn with babies. That one gifset of Zayn and Brooklyn where he’s following her around as she walks and he’s letting her go where she wants? How he grins at Lux in that interview where he’s talking about how she messed up his hair? Zayn’s just got so much love in him, and he’s not afraid of letting it out. 

3) that being said, Zayn takes no shit. He will absolutely clap back, he will argue if he thinks you’re doing something stupid, he will make snarky sarcastic comments. He will not put up with anyone coming at him or the people he loves (even if it’s other people he loves). He isn’t always mean about it, though he can be, but he’s immovable and will not let anyone walk over him. He decides what he does and he does it, and he doesn’t let other people change that. 

4) He’s creative. He’s definitely clever as well, the English teacher to be, but I think it manifests more in creativity–in how he just likes to draw, even though he doesn’t think he’s good at it, in his tattoos, in his music, in his style. I just remember that one interview where he talks about the connection between music and art? He clearly thought about it, is mulling it over, but he’s got so many facets to his creativity. 

5) Zayn, and this cannot be overstated, is a giant fucking geeky weirdo. This is possibly the most important. (and is said with the greatest of affection, from a total geek). Zayn can wear leather jackets and shave his head and everything, but he is still a giant geek who has a zap tattoo and loves superheroes. He is also still that kid who decided to attack his bandmates with a light saber. Who gets great pleasure in putting a bandana over his head. Who uses what we can all agree are the worst filters ever. Who tweets just the weirdest shit. He is a giant nerdy weirdo child, and that should never be forgotten under the piercing cheekbones and blonde hair. 

There are, of course, so many more qualities that I could rave about, but these are the most important and general that come to mind. I hope it helps!