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As someone who recently created their own DnP blog, how does one get views for gifs and content? I would like to share my love for these guys with everyone else and make friends in this community. :o

welcome in the fandom♡♡
aw I mean I don’t know, I’m kind of just here floating through space but let’s see ummm. the most important thing, like seriously The Most Important Thing, is that everything that you post is /original content/. I know it seems like something very obvious but sadly it isn’t, there’s a lot of people who repost other people’s gifs and art and edits, etc, and it’s a very bad thing to do that is really hurtful for the people who originally posted them, so if you want to make your own posts please make sure it’s not reposted stuff and you made the content yourself!!
then follow other blogs who share your same interest, maybe at the beginning you can start by doing follow back, and look for other phan blogs who also do follow back so you can start with a few followers :D and maybe once you feel comfortable you can try chatting with the ones you like that you think they’re nice and if they seem willing to reply then you can talk about dan and phil~
it’s not really about “views” though, it’s just posting your own stuff and maybe someone will reblog them, I dunno there’s not really a method. BTW having an icon and a nice theme also helps, so you can start from there if you feel a bit lost
sO yeah btw you don’t have to post original stuff if you don’t want to, you can just reblog what you see on your dash and keep your blog active, maybe queue-ing posts, and then I’m sure with a bit of time you’ll fit in the fandom really well ^-^ good luck bb!!♥
(but then again, I’m just floating through space I’m not an expert on anythingg shhhhhhh)

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Thank u for existing and making gifs and choosing to share ur opinions with us

No Problemo!! tbh i legit have no friends irl and spend 99.9% of my days alone in my bedroom cause i have really bad paranoia and can’t leave my house more than a few times a week, so like … i dont do a lot of Talking. so i gotta get my OPINIONS OUT MY HEAD somehow, so unfortunately for all my followers that entails the many, many nonsensical ramble responses to things cause i have MANY THINGS TO SAY DEAR ANON, I AM FULL OF THEM OPINIONS! and thank u for being so kind and sweet, i am personally sending a million air kisses UNTO U! im having a shitty time w/ gifs cause of Drama and Reposting and people being rude and disrespectiful and shit, but i love making them and i love making things for other people to enjoy, but it just seems i cant do anything to stop ppl being assholes to me and other content creators in this fandom, so it gets me a bit disheartened so comments like this make me really, really happy and remind me for all the assholes in the world there are HUNDREDS of ppl who are kind and sweet and respectful. ur the ppl i make gifs for, other than myself obviously. thank u AGAIN, i lovies u xx