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What does this all mean? I am confused…

Sometimes people put together a collection of edits/gifs that they did not make, and they upload them to tumblr, often putting a ‘gif/pictures not mine’ line underneath it, clearly stating that it’s a repost (which is against tumblr’s rules by the way). 

It’s bad enough that people feel the need to do that in the first place, but this post is directed towards the people who reblog these kind of posts. If you know it’s a repost (as the ‘gif not mine’ line clearly states), then you should never, ever, ever reblog it. 

Reposting is such a horrible thing to do to someone, as an edit/gifmaker, you spend a lot of time making these edits/gifs, it hurts a lot to see people stealing your work, and it hurts even more to see so many people reblogging your stolen stuff. Not only do those reposters get away with stealing your edits/gifs, they get rewarded by it by the community. And that’s just an awful feeling.

What Ana ( hiddlescheekbatch) and I were trying to make clear is that we should all avoid reblogging reposts, because the original makers don’t deserve to get their art stolen, let’s not make it worse by spreading it out, right?