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What if, in Merlin, more of the Knights found out about Merlins Magic (not just lancy) and they were just "ok" and were completely fine with it bcuz Merlin uses it for protection or they were freaked but couldn't tell Arthur bcuz HOW DO YOU TELL THE KING HIS BEST FRIEND AND SERVANT IS THE THING HE HATES MOST? Idk just the Knights knowing and then assisting Merlin in hiding it from Arthur

First and foremost, I just want to say “lancy” is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever read. 

Onwards, let’s be real here, Gwaine knew. I know they didn’t say that he knew or showed us the scene where merlin told him or more likely, Gwaine worked it out but he knew (come on). And the others would be so amazing about it, they all loved merlin so much because although Arthur was their king and friend, merlin was compassionate and human and full of so much kindness. I doubt any one of them would think him malicious after seeing him make doe eyes at Arthur every bloody council meeting and quest they went on. So yes yes yes to them knowing and assisting Merlin. After all, assisting merlin in looking after Camelot and Arthur is just them performing their role anyway. 

“brendanrobinson: As filming on #PLL comes to a close today, I’m left reflecting on how much this show has changed my life. It’s been an incredible experience that I will hold close to my heart forever. And none of it would have been possible without all of YOU, the fans, the #pllarmy! The cast & crew and I are eternally grateful for your love, support and loyalty for the past 7 seasons!! Also, a special thank you to our fearless captain @imarleneking and all of our writers/producers, everyone at @freeform & @warnerbrostv, and of course @itsashbenzo for being an amazing scene partner for so many #HannaandLucas scenes!! Cheers!! @prettylittleliars #bestfans #prettylittleliars”

Looking through the Jonerys tag and seeing all the excitement over the behind the scenes pictures just fills my heart with pure happiness. Because us Jonerys shippers have waited sooooo long to finally see our beautiful babies meet this is a truly amazing day. So take that haters! Because I’m gonna be here doing my happy dance till the premiere.💜

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4 Books on American Documentary Photography
A Shelfie from Eric Gardner, Digital Publications Developer

Hi, I’m Eric Gardner, the digital publications developer at Getty Publications. When I’m not writing code or thinking about the future of digital publishing, I’m a passionate amateur photographer.

One of the great fringe benefits of working here is that I have access to vast libraries of the Getty Research Institute (as well as the art books we publish directly at Getty Publications). Some books that I’ve dug up lately and find pretty inspiring include:

1. “The Americans,” by Robert Frank. (Steidl, Originally published in 1958.) 

This book is an amazing window into 1950s America—and not just the “Leave It to Beaver” side, either. Frank, a Swiss native, spent several years in the early 1950s traveling around the country and making photographs. His ability to pull out strange or uncanny details from everyday scenes gives the book a timeless feel, and The Americans remains a major influence for street photographers and documentarians today.

2. “Other Americas,” by Sebastião Salgado. (Aperature, Originally published in 1986.)

This book is a kind of counterpoint to the one above. Sebastião Salgado is a famous documentary photographer from Brazil. He has spent his career photographing people and environments in many far-flung and extreme locations, such as the interior of the Amazon rainforest, the African Sahel, the ship-breaking yards of Bangladesh, and the war-torn cities of Bosnia and Rwanda. Other Americas is his first book, a collection of about 50 black and white photographs from his travels in South and Central America in the late 1970s and early 80s. I became a fan of Salgado’s work after seeing Wim Wenders’s recent documentary film about him, The Salt of the Earth (which I highly recommend).

3. "Walker Evans: Cuba,” Essay by Andrei Codrescu. (Getty Publications, 2011.)

One of our very own Getty Publications titles! This book (and the exhibition it accompanied) was from before my time at the museum, but I’ve long been a Walker Evans fan. Famous for his photos of impoverished Appalachia during the Great Depression in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Evans was a socially engaged journalist who saw artistic production and politics as activities that couldn’t be separated. He traveled to Cuba in 1933 to document the island in order to expose the conditions people endured living under the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado. Cuba remained under the rule of colonial-style dictators like Machado for another two decades, until the Cuban Revolution of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. I think the images in this book provide some context for Cuba’s history as relations with the U.S. are finally beginning to normalize.

4. Carleton Watkins: The Complete Mammoth Photos,” (Getty Publications, 2011.)

As a photographer in California, I’d be amiss if I overlooked the amazing work of Carleton Watkins. He produced an amazing body of work in the latter half of the 19th century, photographing Yosemite, the Pacific Coast, and the rapidly developing cities and industries of the American West. Photographers today have it easy in comparison—Watkins worked with large-format cameras and produced glass-plate negatives. In order to access the remote areas that he wanted to photograph, he needed trains of mules to haul his equipment up mountains and into the wilderness, enduring significant hardship to do so, but he never let that get in his way. Modern photographers complaining about their DSLRs would do well to remember what Watkins went through for his work.

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I was wondering if you'd be willing to share any tips on how to write as interactively as you do? Like, seriously. I seem to just melt and merge with your stories. That's an amazing skill.

I’m…not entirely certain I know what you mean by ‘interactively’?  (And if I’ve taken the wrong meaning, just let me know.) 

If you mean it’s easy visualize/experience, it’s overwhelmingly a matter of practice. I’m also a very visual and emotional person myself, so it’s fairly easy to kind of…imagine the scene happening around me, rather than on the page. I suppose that would be my big trick - I insert myself into the story, the character, the setting. But not always? I try to keep details of a scene light unless something about the details will help to set the mood. That tends to draw you in.

For example, in the last chapter of reverse, Obito and Kisame were standing in a bare stone hallway. If I wanted to emphasize the bleakness of the moment between them, I’d add description. Since the focus was just supposed to be on them, without any mood beyond that set by the dialogue, I left it blank. In contrast, when Kurama is walking back to the inn, you get description. It’s snowing. The sky is dark grey, and the streets are empty. Kurama is feeling lonely and a little out of sorts, and his surroundings emphasized that.

It’s a nice trick to tell the reader’s brain what to focus on. Like lighting in a movie, or a backdrop in a play. Wider focus gives your brain more to experience, while a narrow focus puts all the emphasis on a conversation or a handful of gestures. It’s unconscious, but you’re sort of forcing the reader’s brain to engage and construct the scene themselves, which draws you in. 

Sorry, that got kind of wordy. Hopefully it makes sense? If not, just let me know, and I am totally happy to clarify my nonsense. :)

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GDI SasuSaku fans who keep saying how SNS is just illusion. Yes they vomited after their first kiss, which is logical because their bond was still shallow at first. But at their second kiss they're clearly shown sighing and blushing. Naruto is disgusted seeing Sasuke x Sai no jutsu and Sasuke not interested in Naruto's boys harem jutsu because they're only attracted to each other. I'd admit they're platonic if after timeskip they kissed accidentally again and they vomited again with no blushing.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t really hold any value to the kisses. 

I mean sure, they’re fun, but they’re both just for comedic purposes (not to mention the second one was just a filler) and in my opinion SNS doesn’t need it to be a strong ship with an amazing base anyway. 

Think of it like this, would anything about SNS change if these kiss scenes hadn’t happened?? Would Naruto no longer be Sasuke’s one and only?? Would Sasuke no longer be Naruto’s most precious person?? Would Naruto no longer be Sasuke’s place to come home to?? Would Naruto not have wished for Sasuke on that falling star?? Would Naruto no longer be the one to save Sasuke from his darkness?? No. Nothing would change. SNS doesn’t even need the kiss scenes, it’s way too strong for that. Their love is way stronger than that. 

"The most amazing love story" - Joanne Froggatt & Tom Riley speak to HeyUGuys on set of British indie Starfish - HeyUGuys
On a bitterly cold December afternoon up in the nation’s smallest county Rutland, there was a rather warm piece of cinema being shot, in Bill Clark’s affecting drama Starfish – and HeyUGuys were fortunate enough to be present on the set.
By Stefan Pape

“There was one scene Jo did and the whole crew was standing and staring at the monitors. Nobody could move,” he explained. “It was ages before I called cut because you never knew what they were going to do next, and that is the great thing about doing indie film, you can explore that stuff and take the film in different directions at the end of a scene. It’s been a phenomenal experience, intense, tiring, but just brilliant.”

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Still screaming over this, still screaming at Ozzie and his cuteness and complete uncertainty,and still screaming at Ed to NOT.

Aaaah yes Oswald was the cutest blushing baby in this ep I can’t believe. Look how he flutters his eyelashes, that looks even more amazing now than before. Mmm some goth volume mascara for his Eddie to notice him. It’s totally canon that Oswald wears make-up and hairspray. That mascara and eyeliner and perfect eyebrows are not a part of the basic costume/make up department to turn him into Oswald but that is to show that Oswald himself is a character that use make up, mmm smol emo trash. Now I’m really waiting for some black nail polish too! And a scene where he actually do his make up mmm. Open mouth Oswald putting on mascara in front of the mirror yaas we need it. 

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By the rate they are moving, I bet there wil be a sex scene with barry and iris next week, and LOL they were so nervous around Joe like... LOL I cant, I just cant, this is amazing, and like they are all flirty and touchy and stuff, like.... oh and killer frost at the end... DOPE, I feel bad for Caitlin tho :(

You know i’ma have to say i aint completely off Caitlin this yr.. the past few eps she was hardly in it and now that she was in it she doing something so i’m cool with her for the time being! 

why are they like this… I love how Iris is sooo chipper and happy and all about the fun and Barry out here making speeches! i just love the fact that whether people about to admit it or not Iris jogged Barry’s mind and tha’ts how Barry came up with the plan!! team work at its finest.


The west/allen family drama was funny af im glad they talked about it and how akward it is, im just soo happy right now honestly i loved this ep! i’m glad we’re back to season 1 feels.


I could go on forever but just know your homegirl loved this ep

I have gotten seven of my “secret” projects back from the copy editors, final contributions from the other creatives that I have been working with alongside all the other legal okays and paperwork concerning such processes as the one I am undertaking. I was going to release something for Halloween but intuitively everything is telling me to hold off for right now. I am a firm believer that there is a right time for everything and right now I feel like the timing is just off. I’m excited though. There is so much I have to share but timing just feels wrong. I apologize for those who have been waiting for these projects to be revealed. There are so many things happening behind the scenes at TarotProse.com and I cannot wait to share them with you but right now I have to listen to my gut, and when the right time comes along, a launch date will be set, you all will be the first to know and I promise the outcome will be amazing.  Thank you for your patience. Thank you for sticking by me.

- Ivan

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This was actually a very cute and good episode, I am leaving everything out and just keep the focus on Sylvie and Antonio.

The moment she asked Gabby about her brother, my interest was pieked. I loved how through the flower Sylvie asked Gabby about Antonio’s undercover phone habbits, and the moment she realizes that he didn’t pick up on purpose was also on one side funny on the other it didn’t stop her from asking him out in another scene.

It was kinda cute how he tried to turn her down, even though we all clearly saw that he was more than interested in her… oh Antonio, all these excuses … But nothing helped.. see girl power rocks!!

The moment Gabby helped out was really amazing. I loved that scene.

How she cut him off was sooooooo goood!! I loved it. And can I say here that she looked amazing!! I mean that black dress  whooo She gave it all. Yes, let’s keep it real here, she wore it just for him! Ok back to the fact that she cut him off and didn’t give a shit about his excuses, that was very hot, and I think that he found that too. <3

So for now I’m gonna leave it at that. I probably forgot to say a lot here but to be honest I am so excited about this right now, I can’t even think straight. My mind is already drifting to fanfic ideas.

I would love to hear your opinions, also fic ideas…

xoxo C

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Aaron and Robert looking beautiful in their wedding suits. The vows (which they will totally write themselves). Exchanging rings. Tipsy Dingles dancing at the reception. Robron just watching with happy benevolent smiles as their relatives celebrate their marriage. That is what I'm focusing on. The Whites who?

Yes, nonnie! Let’s talk about the stuff that really matters! Robert and Aaron are engaged. There’s going to be a wedding (with any luck an engagement party as well). We’re going to get scenes where we see them together in the pub and people will be congratulating them on their engagement and wishing them luck. We’ll see shots of them wearing their rings!

The vows will be amazing! They are both such romantics, even though Robert used to come with a lot of pomp and circumstance and Aaron is a man of very few words, they both know how to make each other (and us!) melt. The Dingles getting on board with Robert as one of the family. Dragging Rob and Aaron onto the dancefloor with them! Everyone toasting the happy couple, and Robron exchanging happy, heady, in love kisses not just at their wedding but for months and years to come!

Yes, let’s focus on that!