“may the bridges I burn light the way” is so accurate to the era of my life im in right now if there was a book about my life that would be the title of this chapter i love it

Kill everything destroy everything and I shall rise from my very ashes

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If Twincer is real, I'm willing to bet money that she's been pretending to be Spencer, which is a given, but what if Twincer is the one who dated Caleb? Or the one who kissed Toby? It seemed to me that Twincer was trying to get info about what's been happening and Spencer's life so she could accurately portray her, perhaps planning to get rid of her and take over her identity? Maybe under instructions from Mary bc she thinks Twincer deserves a life like Spence has had? Much like the books?

I like this idea! That could explain why Spencer is mainly being targeted by the police re: archer’s murder. AD might be setting her up more so that she will go to prison and someone else can “take over.” Obviously it wouldn’t work because the girls would know Spencer is locked up, but there’s something scary and unstable about AD thinking they can just do that with no issues, which I like.

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I made this lil things with your models here ^^ youtu(.)be/GofN4oeeQLA I headcanon these 5 to be in some kind of after school club together xD I hope this will somehow made you feel better after all those ship asks #vietanon


HONESTLY?????? THESE 5 BEING IN AN ASC TGT SEEMS SO ,,, ,ACCUrate?????? i approve and this is very nicely put together the colours r so nice i love nice colours huuuuuuuuu 

i feel mUCH much better everything is making me happy 2day i am eating pistachios even tho i think i got sick bc i took a 5 hour nap and i’ve dont NOTHING IMPORTANT but das ok heheeh

thank u for using my models!!!!!!! im so HONOURED every time huEUHUhe

Actual lyrics by Harry, like,

Why are we always stuck at running from the bullets

We gotta get away from here

They told me the end is near
Remember everything will be alright

Stop your crying, 

Baby, it will be alright

Hours go by, but these still keep hitting me over and over, it’s so much.