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I need all the spoilers of Poldark!! No access to buy the book series from my local bookstores(they couldn't even find it on their search engine...) and it'll take me forever to get the books from Amazon. So, here I am, your humble servant, asking for a little help! I particularly wanna know what happened in the first two books. :D


oh dear, really??? i suppose it’s super easy to get in england because it allll originated here and is huge part of english (esp cornish culture). i know people from cornwall who are called demelza because their parents were so into the series haha.

ALL the spoilers?? ;D that would take a little while! there are sooo many books and the latter novels are mostly about the children of the current generation. but i can give you the first two books! (forgive me if i make any mistakes, its been a few years and im only on book one in my current re-read)

most of book one has already happened in the show buuuut i’ll go through it anyway :))

first book:-

  • ross gets home from the war with an iconic scar and a limp YES A LIMP AIDEN TURNER WHERE IS YOUR LIMP. sexy scar is a new source of gossip for all the ladies of cornwall
  • he goes to trenwith before nampara, everyones there. he makes sexy eyes at elizabeth and she’s like. shit. elizabeths mother reveals that elizabeth is engaged to francis just to see ross cry and everyone else is like shit. ross makes sad eyes at elizabeth.
  • he goes home and his house is fucked. i mean literally a sty. he yells at the paynters. uhmmmm in the next few months he fixes up the house and brings together investors to start wheel leisure.
  • francis and elizabeth get married. ross starts a flirtation with ruth teague at a ball literally because he’s bored. i’m pretty sure verity meets blamey properly at the same ball.
  • ross forgets ruth teague ever existed and sleeps with margaret (a prostitute)
  • he picks up a 13 year old child at redruth fair. DEMELZA Y’ALLLL (yes im sorry she was 13, but dw ross didn’t even think about her as an adult until she was literally seducing him at 17)
  • her father comes to try and claim her back the day after and ross is all no go away
  • ruth teague comes to call with her mother and ross is all… who u? she see’s demelza and is all okay thats why he doesn’t like me not because i’m boorish and uninteresting nope not at all
  • the whole verity/blamey thing. after everyone throws a hissy fit about what happened to his first wife, ross allows them to meet at nampara which they do for six months. ross literally only does this so he can annoy francis. thennnn francis shows up with charles, he and blamey have a duel, francis is injured, charles has a heartattack, blamey rides away in shame.  poor verity.
  • meanwhile there’s all this crap with jinny/jim/reuban clemmow. basically jim fancies jinny and jinny fancies jim but reuban is this gross old stalker and the martins ask ross to tell him to back off. he does, then reuban disappears. they get married and a while later jim starts poaching every night and everyones like stapppp and he won’t. then one night he goes out and reuban returns and breaks into her cottage and stabs both her and the baby GODAMNIT JIM U IDIOT. but thankfully both survive.
  • maybe charles is dead by this point? idk my memory is failing me now.
  • they open wheel leisure - yes now like 4 years after ross first suggested it. they have a meeting at nampara and demelzas taken over as the general housekeeper so everyone looks at her like HOT DAMNNNNN THE RUMOURS MUST BE TRUE LOOK AT THIS GODDESS ROSS HOW DO YOU GET ANY WORK DONE and ross looks up from his brandy like hmm? what?
  • ross and demelza are like bffs now and shes basically getting smarter than he is *ross weeps in the corner*
  • jim has not poached for 2 years but he decides to go one more time and wouldn’t you know it *sigh* this is the time he gets caught.
  • ross finds out and immediately rides to hugh bodrugans house. but hugh is all lololol sorry ross sentenced him this morning THE HUNT WAS ON ROSS THE HUNT DON’T YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THE HUNT IS??? and ross is all ihatemyclassihatemyclassihatemyclass
  • demelzas father returns all methody and is all i think you should come back to live with me and by think i mean you don’t have a choice. so demelza sends him away all sure sure and realises the only way to get out of it is to seduce ross basically, so he’ll feel bad and all responsible for her.
  • ross goes to the trial, but jim gets 2 years. he drinks a lot and gets home really late and finds demelza in his mothers dress.
  • at first he’ll all damn you’re pretty. but then he’s all TAKE THAT DRESS THE FUCK OFF AND NOT IN THE WAY YOU WANT TO.
  • then they yell at eachother and she steals his brandy and drinks it in front of him and he gets so mad he raps her hand, the glass smashes and the drink spills all over her dress. he feels bad he kisses her, then he sends her to bed. buuuut demelza comes to his room all im sorry sir i couldn’t undo the hooks and u said take off the dress so.  you tried demelza. you tried. but he falls for it anyway. but demelza feels too guilty and starts crying like IM SORRY ROSS I LIED ABOUT THE HOOKS I LIEDDDD and he’s just like shut up obviously
  • ross and demelza get married literally just because it seems like the right thing to do and he can’t think of much else to do? but she grows quickly into his life in a way he didn’t expect
  • then there’s this adorable little scene where they take a boat out together to help with the pilchards idk and he just kinda realises he loves her. fun fact: he calls her ‘little silly’.
  • verity comes to stay and she and demelza eventually manage to strike up a friendship
  • christmas at trenwith, and demelza passes the evening with success! cute fact: ross nicknames demelza ‘love’ and ‘bud’ all the time. she also gets drunk on port - new favourite drink ayyyyyy.

second book:- (so this one is going to be more brief because i haven’t started rereading it yet sorry)

  • julia is bornnn yayy
  • there’s a christening, actually TWO christenings, one for gentlefolk and one for demelzas family but her father comes on the wrong day and fucks it up ofc
  • dr enys is introduced, ross’s new best friend. :333333 a young surgeon who decides to dedicate his life to the health of miners who cannot pay him sooo great lifeplan there bud.
  • ross and demelza host a travelling theatre troupe and put on a play at nampara. mark daniel - one of the miners - falls for the lead actress keren. he’s a bit of a dimwit. but she wants to leave the acting caravans so she agrees to marry him and settle down in cornwall.
  • demelza is sad to see verity so bleak all the time so she’s all i knowwwww i go see captain blamey thats a FANTASTIC idea. so she does and he obviously gets mad and is like DON’T MEDDLE WOMAN. so she’s all like *smirk* okay but if you change your mind me and verity will be here tomorrow. obviously he changes his mind and they reunite in secret.
  • uhm uhm keren is bored as hell with her marriage because mark works all night and sleeps all day. one day she hurts herself and is taken to dr enys and she takes one look at his rich house and basically jumps him.
  • everyone goes to a ball! partay timeee. demelza is a huge success with the gentlemen and ross gets jealous. verity and blamey are revealed at this ball and francis gets mad and punches him. 
  • francis loses all of his money to a cousin of the warleggans called samson, and when he has run out of funds, ross sits down. they play for hours until ross has nothing left but his shares in wheal leisure. he bets them just before he uncovers samsons cheating. the whole warleggan family is shamed and ross dumps him in a water trough. no 18th century party ends without someone being dumped in a water trough.
  • im pretty sure jud and prudie are fired at some point?
  • ohhh btw theres this whole thing where ross tries to start a business venture called the carnmore copper company in which he and his fellow shareholders will start their own smelting works in order to keep the money of mining in cornwall and not upcountry. buuut most of the shareholders bank with the warleggans so they keep the names a secret. ross invites francis to join the venture but he declines (bcus all francis does this book is drink, lose money and make snarky comments). he later betrays these names to george warleggan and they call in loans to the shareholders basically killing the entire venture and placing ross in severe debt BAD FRANCIS.
  • mark daniel discovers kerens affair and. well. kills her in a passionate rage when he sees her leaving dwight enys’s house one morning. APPEARANCE OF CAPTAIN MCNEIL a soldier who investigates the death and who is basically out to arrest ross for something the next couple books because he has the hots for demelza, and believe me ross gives him plenty of reasons.
  • mark daniel appears at nampara and ross and demelza decide to help him escape. like??? why??? he KILLED his wife just for cheating because he was a terrible husband. i would have slammed the door in his face but whatever.
  • he hides in wheal grace for a couple hours and just as ross pushes him away in the boat he’s all OH BTW THERE’S A WHOLE LOAD OF COPPER IN WHEAL GRACE MIGHT JUST SAVE YOU FROM BANKRUPTCY ! and ross is all ‘wait… what????’ *mark daniels sails quickly off to france* bayYYEYE
  • ross almost gets caught by captain mcneil who arrives at the house immediately after he gets back to question him. they evade him for now.
  • uhmmmmmmm. god what happens next OH yeah verity runs away with captain blamey. she leaves a letter and francis is pissed as hell about it. ross gets REALLY angry with demelza when he finds out she interfered.
  • ross spends a day or two in truro to sort his finances and during this time demelza receives word that elizabeth francis and geoffrey charles are all ill with the morbid sore throat. she decides to go up and help.
  • elizabeth is the least affected so they tend to francis and geoffrey together, they begin to not hate eachother quite as much as they did before. yayyy???
  • when ross returns he’s sees demelza on the road and discovers where she’s been. he’s not exactly happy about it. i mean C’MON ROSS WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO PLEASE YOU. he discovers demelza is ill, and she soon passes it on to their child julia.
  • ross tends to both of them for two days, and demelza recovers. julia however dies. ross is really bitter over it, esp when he hears that everyone at trenwith is in good health. fuck u geoffrey francis guess whose not getting a christmas present now
  • there’s a shipwreck, and in his state of mind, ross rouses the village and incites looting. he saves the captain of the ship and a few of the crew, soldiers arrive and ross skips back up to nampara. 
  • the novel ends on a really depressing note, with ross and demelza mourning over their child and in deep debt. this is probably how the first season with end lmao good luck to us
Inside the mind of an over-thinker.

1) When we say “we’re sorry,” we mean we’re really sorry. If we feel like we’ve hurt your feelings, what you didn’t see is the hours we spent going over every single detail of our fight. Seriously, rest assured knowing that whether you accept our apology or not, this will not soon be forgotten.

2) We’re not insecure control freaks, we just think. A lot. I mean you don’t have to call us back right away when you’re out, but just know that our mind is playing out a bunch of horrible scenarios in which you’ve cheated. Or died. That’s right, if we reach your voicemail, we can’t help but consider that you might not be alive.

3) Our critical thinking skills are pretty on point. Seriously, we have mastered the art of interpreting what people really mean by what they say.

4) But our friends don’t seem to appreciate our analytical ninja skills. They end up saying “you are so over-thinking this I can’t even,” when we proudly tell them that we’ve figured out what something really meant. 

5) Sleep is probably the most difficult aspect of our lives. Laying silently in the dark without any distraction inevitably makes us sink into our racing thoughts.

6) God forbid someone unfollows us on Instagram or unfriends us on Facebook. We won’t rest until we figure out who it was and why.

7) We delete texts, hesitate over writing emails and Facebook messages, delete and re-write tweets. All because we could and should have said something other than what we did. It takes us forever to write an important message. Okay, basically any message. 

8) When we go out we can be the life of the party - if the party is authentic and exciting (and has enough alcohol), we can live in the moment. Until the hangover. The next morning we are left in fear of what we could have said to that one person we’d rather die than act like an idiot in front of.

9) Of course, any pain in our body leads to us imagining the worst case scenario. We need someone to talk us off the ledge, and tell us they’ve experienced a pain similar to the one we’re describing.

10) We can’t let things go easily. We’re convinced that if we run over the details of a few more times, it will somehow change the outcome and we will uncover some new understanding of the situation.

11) We send a lot of screenshots of stuff…and evocative details. We need second opinions.

12) We actually enjoy a break from our heads. If someone takes us somewhere stimulating enough that we won’t have to be mind-numbingly introspective for once, we’ll love them forever. Well, you know.

13) What did they mean by “I’ll see you soon?” What does “soon” mean? Like soon soon? Or “soon”? We like when someone makes our lives a little less complicated and tells us straight up what they mean. I mean, we’ll probably spin it to mean something more, anyways, but it’s still nice. 

14) If we meet someone that makes us live in the moment, we’ll hang on to them for life. Or as long as we possibly can.

the signs as generated aesthetics
  • aries:sad furry
  • taurus:celestial dad
  • gemini:emo memecore
  • cancer:trash core
  • leo:glitter jock
  • virgo:political rave
  • libra:black hole vintage
  • scorpio:gordon ramsay scene
  • sagittarius:grandpa grunge
  • capricorn:meme punk
  • aquarius:skeleton skeleton
  • pisces:flower hippie

I love that Zelda can fly when she uses the Wind Waker as a weapon

(These designs… this height difference… <3)


mAN I got so tired with finishing this but here’s that trolls heights comparison uvu

also a stitched version of it

[kids version]

— the angels revealed themselves to her; said they were ten feet tall, radiant, and one of them was black; said they helped her with various household chores. One of them changed a light bulb for her, the porch light.

After working on this piece on and off for almost a year, I think it’s finally more or less done. It’s so difficult to decide when something is “finished”.

I’m intrigued by the idea of Night Vale angels looking like something one wouldn’t traditionally call an angel. Heads like those of ancient Egyptian gods and bodies like distorted modern sculptures. Tall, ominous and creepy, but happy to help an old lady with simple household chores.

"In 2008, a classified briefing note on radicalisation, prepared by MI5’s behavioural science unit, was leaked to the Guardian. It revealed that, “far from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practise their faith regularly. Many lack religious literacy and could…be regarded as religious novices.” The analysts concluded that “a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalisation.”

okay, i know i have seen the shape of stan’s portal before… but where?


remember this from paranormal activity 3? yeah, me neither, that movie sucked. this bad boy is solomon’s triangle, or the lesser key of solomon the king. 

you know what this thing is made to do? compel spirits to do your bidding. why they listen? those names you see written there are supposedly the three true names of god.

but this thing’s totally useless without a magic circle to summon shit first!


are those constellations???? ahahahaha that’s hilarious you only put symbols like that in a circular formation when you’re drawing a magic circle to summon shit -

oh, hell.