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tom holland is the type of guy that you'd tease for a whole night and he'd let you think you have the upper hand until you guys finally get to the bedroom and he just straight up d o m i n a t e s

this is so accurate wow,, prepare to be fucking wrecked™

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I wanted to rec 2am on jupiter by starglowed! it's beautiful and probably the best fic I've read in the entire klance tag and i shit you not, i've read every completed work lol. Author's fic "darling i fall to pieces when i'm with you" is also beautiful and like the most in-character thing i've read, set after an episode in season 3 and tbh it slots into canon for me bc it's just so good and accurate and heart wrenching haha.

hnnnnng thanks so much!! i too read all the completed works but that was a while ago so theres probably loads more now asdf - Karri

2am on jupiter by starglowed (1/1 | 35,453 | Teen And Up)

Lance has always believed in aliens- but falling in love with a beautiful boy who fell out of the sky was never his plan.

//alcohol //past abuse //implied homophobia 

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The more I watch the first two episodes of ML season 2, the more AMAZED I am with your portrayal of Chloe and Adrien's friendship in Lucky Us. Even your characterization of Chloe is so accurate????? I'm shook. Ugh. You're awesome.

Thank you, friend!

My strategy for writing characters is to take aspects of their canon personalities and either exaggerate or minimize them as needed.

LU Chloe was the product of that scene in Origins where she’s genuinely worried that Adrien hasn’t shown up at school yet. I like that Chloe. I believe in that Chloe. ;O;

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IDK if I'm the only one who thinks this way, but I reckon that Meatly is playing pranks on us with a couple of his tweets. A couple of them are a little shifty, like the 'Ever wondered if wolves and sheep get along?' instance. I feel as though he is playing with the fan base, his tweets can sometimes contain information that is vital to solving the enigmas, but on the other hand we can't trust him too much just in case he's trying to throw us off the track. What do you think?

I don’t know, all of the info in the tweets has been accurate so far. At most the “Ever wonder if wolves and sheep get along“ one was questionably worded, but it’s not like he said they didn’t either.

Ieyasu’s BIG book of insults part 1~

I’ve decided that I want to see how bad Ieyasu’s insults are in the English version vs the Japanese one. So here we go with one of his most famous insults:

SLBP: Dung beetle


Tenka: Garbage

Now I’m using google translate so it’s not totally accurate so if you are able to read Japanese and see something wrong then please let me know!

pom-seedss replied to your post “you refused to post this before, but yeah, i think if you want ppl to…”

Not saying your username isn’t descriptive but like… I’ve seen usernames along the lines of “Fivebirdsinatrenchcoat” I genuinely don’t think people confuse the blogger for five actual birds? The username argument is… weird.

I created this account in 2011, when I was more than halfway through a program at BCIT called ‘Chemical & Environmental Technology’. Graduating from that program in 2012 qualified me a Chemical Technician.

So it is fairly accurate. Some will nitpick the fact that I’m technically not a Chemist (as that requires a Bachelors or higher), but I should be one eventually, and as it stands I am right now being paid for a job in Chemistry. Shychemist has a better ring to it than ShyChemicalTechnician anyways. :P

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I feel like the problem with KL shippers is that they seem to be... queerbaiting themselves? and also potential new viewers. I remember I watched V0ltron some time after the initial release because everyone was crazy about KL and how almost-canon it was, and I was interested because there's no mlm content in western animation media. So I watched, I got hooked on the plot, but I still felt that the way everyone boasted about KL was false advertisement of sorts. (cont.)

(cont.) But other viewers, instead of blaming the so called queerbaiting on the fandom, they blame the creators. It’s unbelievable how some people genuinely think the writers of the show are baiting KL when there’s next to zero romance in the actual show.

Exactly! “Queerbaiting themselves” is so accurate. 

There are lots of KL shipper who just like the ship and that’s it. They know it has a slim chance of happening, but they just ship it, and that’s cool. 

But yes, there are also a lot of people (basically K/ant1s) who accuse show staff of queerbaiting KL. And I’m like “are we watching the same show?” This is first and foremost a sci-fi, action-adventure show. There’s no queerbaiting of any ship.

KL shippers “false advertised” to me too. Before I started watching the show, I reblogged fanart that showed up on my dash that I liked. 90% of it was KL art. I didn’t know the characters, but I knew it was the most popular ship if the amount of art was any indication. I had seen the “we had a bonding moment!” clip and was like “LOL that’s hilarious, I see why people ship it if these two have scenes like this.” I saw people writing metas using scenes and interviews as evidence, so sure KL would be a thing. Then I actually watched the show and… there weren’t many KL scenes at all (pre-season 3), and I was so confused. 

The v0ltr0n fandom in general is really guilty of this tbh. They did the same thing with P1dge, with that post I reblogged earlier. I legit thought P1dge was trans or nb in canon, I thought she used “they/them” pronouns and hated girly stuff and everything. Then I watched the show and nope, she posed as a boy to fake her identity as much as possible, but seemed very comfortable with long hair and dresses in flashbacks. 

So I dunno what’s up with the v0ltr0n fandom misconstruing things, but I swear I’ve never seen another fandom mislead me this much lol

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Love your stuff! Its so wonderfully accurate and true to the characters while being very unique and creative! Thanks for the content! (Especially on the Inquisitor ;) )


THANK YOU THAT’S VERY SWEET!! i try to stay in character but also add my own flavoring of happiness and silliness SO THANK YOU FOR VALIDATING ME

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I imagine Asher as a fox bc of his eyes and how he moves (like that clip where he slips in and just stares at the camera and leaves is so like graceful the way he moves????) And he seems smaller than the other dudes, not necessarily but like how he acts and holds himself he's more introverted

oh mygod this is so accurate? ????

and to play into the whole foxes being tricksters thing that’s totally asher like just watching his streams he’s a little shit who likes pulling lil pranks on people and just being defiant for the shits and giggles


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Oliver/Oli/19/nonbinary/greyro ace/... American??? i dont really remember aaagh/ single & amazing / halloween, autumn, pastel colors, rats/ romantic moxiety? Hahaha also coffe with milk? / hmmm you have a great nightmare before christmas mug and a matching tshirt also i think you like your coffee with cream, another radom fact: YOU'RE THE SWEETEST BADASS TO EXIST and you drew winnie the pooh as patton and its awesome (ahaha how did i do i kinda feel like a stalker pls dont hate me 😂)

literally everything is so accurate holy shit you know me so well & i fucking love you?????

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

A Guide to Roleplaying Systems

Player: Can I do the thing?

Mutants and Masterminds: Yes you can do the thing.

GURPS: Fill out these forms in triplicate.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition: Yes, but it’s really not worth it unless you are a Dream Elf with the Godblooded feat and at least five levels in the Thingomancer Prestige class from Complete Thing. Or you could just play a Wizard, they get The Thing as a 3rd level spell.

Call of Cthulu: You can do the thing, but you REALLY don’t want to.

FATE: That depends, can you bullshit the GM into believing that one of your vaguely-worded aspects supports you doing The thing?

7th Sea: Only if the thing is properly dramatic!

Shadowrun: Yes, but you’ll need a bathtub full of D6s.

Paranoia: The thing is treason.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

[I copied the above from this brilliant post, and I reblogged as text because I really felt the need to add the gif for 5e, and chat posts don’t allow gifs, dammit.]