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either someone on the writing staff is trans or has trans friends cause i have never seen a trans-coded character handled so accurately and respectfully

i’m really convinced somebody has trans friends because holy shit

they did THREE different dead-on perspectives on what being trans is like and meanwhile cartoon network still can’t get it right

hey everyone, we’re in the process of updating & fixing our taken list !! all of us admins are working hard on that for all of you !! anywho, would everyone PLEASE add their CURRENT URL’S below for us ?? we want to be current & accurate as ever while we organize everything !! thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts while we fix things up !! help us out - all CURRENT URL’S BELOW !! for all characters that you play here at altverse !!

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Hi hi! I am a member of team delusional! How many are even left!? Anyway, I left twd fandom after Beth was "killed" because of how horrible it was during that time! I have wandered back in to all these new theories that have been speculated since. I wanted to ask what the flash in the credits has to do with Beth? Is it hope for her return? Also, if you could help me find the top theories to keep my hope for Beth alive? Thanks so much!

Hello love. It’s hard to say how many members Team Delusional has. One blog, @bgd-society, keeps a list of over four hundred members I believe. Though their list hasn’t been updated in several months, so it’s hard to say how accurate it is. There are also TD members who aren’t on Tumblr. @bethgreenewarriorprincess and I run a Facebook public page called the Greene Effect which has over 500 followers, and we also have a private version of GE with over fifty members. Overall, I would estimate around one thousand, if I were to focus on people who actively believed/researched Beth’s survival. Because there are people out there who would probably be TD if they knew there was a chance.

The flash at the beginning of the opening credits is a clip of four people running.   Beth is one of the four people. You can see her yellow polo and ponytail. The clip has been there since 5x01, long before Beth’s “death”, and it is an original scene. It had to have been filmed specifically for the opening credits. It appears that she’s running with Edwards and two other people from Grady. TPTB hid this egg in plain sight. This clip should never have existed, as Beth never supposedly made it out of Grady, and on TPTB also update the credits as the episodes progress anyway. For example, TPTB removed Glenn/Steven’s slide after the season seven premiere. Not only has the flash stayed, but so has Emily’s tunnel slide.

(gif credit to @emilysnorman)

  • Beth (yellow polo, blonde hair, and bloody arm)
  • Edwards (plaid shirt)
  • Grady cop or Andrews (black T-shirt) (X)
  • Grady patient (hospital robe and shorts) (X)

You can read more about the flash here: X. (@crazybeautifuladdicted)

Regarding theories and evidence, I archive all of them here (X). I would recommend starting with my summaries tag (X). Here is a good summary post on large pieces of evidence and the accepted theory regarding what happened to Beth’s body: X.

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Yooooo Voltron season 3 is coming up in September this year whhhhattttttt I'm hyped!!!! I mean, I just read an article about this just now so the sources better be accurate or I will be pissed.

im pretty sure it is! i think i get their whole schedule now whenever they release a season, you wait six months–during the months–we get a trailer for what’s coming next–then a release date later on! i have a feeling that they’ll release season 3 on the friday of september 

Q: Author (Koogi) I have a pointless question ㅎㅎㅎ(hehehe) What’s the ratio of korean to foreign language asksㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Koogi: Hello! I’m sorry to say it’s about 8:2 on ask.. Foreign readers are 2…ㅜ It’s because the google translate doesn’t accurately translate them so there are questions I can’t understand or that may become a spoiler (If I answer them) …ㅜ So I can’t reply to most of the asksㅜ..

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hey is there anywhere i can see your commission info? i found one post but its from four years ago so im not sure if thats accurate !

Ah, sorry bout that! My commission info is here. I need to make a more consistent commission tag/post here sigh.png 

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How do I research for spy stories? And building and defusing bombs? (it's for a story, I swear) Basically all I know is from movies

Well there are two ways you could go with a spy story - first, the spy story set in modern day with all modern tech is probably pretty hard to find real information on. If you’re focused on the adventure, I would recommend striving for believability over accuracy - accuracy will likely be much more difficult to recreate. Accurate information will be hard to find, so making your story believable and exciting should be the priority instead. It does mean you can take a lot of creative liberty with it. The next kind of spy story you could write would be a historic adventure - with this, you can write with accuracy, because there are a number of books and even museums on spy history and technology. 

As for building and defusing bombs - I’m pretty sure there is a writer-friendly site to get that kind of information. Can anyone remember what it’s called? 

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"my name is Mary and I'm addicted to writing angst. Jason Todd I'd a lifestyle, not a character. Fight me" *drops mic*


this is amazing. this is too accurate omfg. THIS IS SO ME

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i can see credence learning piano and happily playing it whenever he feels a little low

this is one of my personal favorite thoughts, babe!!!! for me, the piano is one of the most emotional instruments (i grew up around it) (my uncle is a successful pianist) and would allow him to indulge a depth of emotion he had previously been incapable of expressing accurately/sufficiently. so i picture him playing little snippets of anything, occasionally writing his own little piece when he finds sounds he likes that go together. i like to imagine that no one teaches him too much at first and that he just has this amazing ear that allows him to replicate what he hears. he eventually takes lessons to go a little further, but,,, ultimately, it’s an innate talent that allows him to process his emotions thoroughly and gently and becomes his go-to method of releasing those emotions.