Arcusaurus by thewoodparable!

Asylosaurus by thewoodparable!

Efraasia by artisticthingem!

Nambalia by thewoodparable!

Pampadromaeus by thewoodparable!

Pantydraco by thewoodparable!

Plateosauravus by thewoodparable!

Ruehleia by thewoodparable!

Thecodontosaurus by askedmontonia!

Agnosphitys by thewoodparable!

Chromogisaurus by askedmontonia!

Saturnalia by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Panphagia by askedmontonia!

Guaibasaurus by thewoodparable!

Unaysaurus by artisticthingem!

Plateosaurus by thewoodparable!

Plateosaurus also by thewoodparable!

Plateosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Plateosaurus by sheriff-kyle!

Riojasaurus by thewoodparable!

Eucnemesaurus by askedmontonia!

Euskelosaurus by thewoodparable!

Jaklapallisaurus by thewoodparable!

Sarahsaurus by askedmontonia!

Glacialisaurus by artisticthingem!

Coloradisaurus by askedmontonia, spinosaurus-the-fisher, and fezraptor!

Massospondylus by askedmontonia!

Massospondylus by redtallin!

Massospondylus by dirntbag!

Massospondylus by bookrat!

Massospondylus by ryuukiba!

Massospondylus by a-salute2satire!

Lufengosaurus by asklokiande!

Pradhania by askedmontonia and thewoodparable!

Adeopapposaurus by radicalestes!

Leyesaurus by radicalestes!

“Thotobolosaurus” by fezraptor!

Xixiposaurus by thewoodparable!

Xixiposaurus by snowysauropteryx!

Yunnanosaurus by thedigitalfeather!

Yunnanosaurus by mybelovedtwinflower!

Yimenosaurus by loveoperaphan!

Jingshanosaurus by fezraptor!

Seitaad by thecarnalscientist-jt!

Gryponyx by dinofloof!

Anchisaurus by ohshitikilledbaurus!

Fendusaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Aardonyx by mymissedcalling!

Aardonyx by cherry-bubblegum!

Chuxiongosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher!

Ammosaurus by tepuitrouble!

Ammosaurus by euphreana!

Ammosaurus by rafallerart!

Leonerasaurus by cake-of-awesome!

Mussaurus by askedmontonia!

Mussaurus by wanderingnork!

Sefapanosaurus by spinosaurus-the-fisher and artisticthingem!

Sefapanosaurus by packymae!

Lessmsaurus by moonofthestrawberries!

Melanorosaurus by fireflysummers!

Antetonitrus by keberyna!

Camelotia by comicbookmama!

Blikanasaurus by eomao!

And finally, Gyposaurus by ryuukiba!

HOJLY CRAP that is a lot of art!!!! I seriously appreciate each and every artist that has helped contribute to this project. It’s been amazing, and you guys have definitely helped in the cause of increasing feathered dinosaur reconstructions! 

Here’s to the beginning of Sauropod Perdition! WOOOOO! 

I might not need to scramble for feather art but there are a lot of obscure taxa and quite a few of them look nearly identical! LET THE FUN BEGIN!

But the main point is, thank you to all of these wonderful artists for your help; this blog literally would not be the same quality without you guys ^_^


Not since the first Iron Man movie have i seen a comic book character rendered so accurately from comic book illustration to real life. Batman like Iron Man before him looks like he was pulled out of the comics into real life.

I would love to think of Clemont being someone to make mechanical/prosthetic limbs for injured Pokemon who’ve been in accidents or stuff like that. Like he creates an entire business out of it, working day and night to make sure they’re as close to the Pokemon’s original limb as possible (and so he does a lot of research, observation of their healthy limbs to make a accurate duplicate and so on). Perfect for someone who wishes to improve the lives of Pokemon with his inventions.

Seventeen stan x Starbucks
  • Barista:what can i get you today?
  • Stan:i'll have a seventeen-a seventi-a venti. Sorry i want a venti hot joshua. No! I mean chocolate forgive me. Hansol loves chocolate. My goodness joshua made a song about chocolate too!
  • Barista:who's hansol? Who's joshua? Why are y-
  • Stan:*cries diamonds* you don't understand
  • *leaves starbucks and as exiting through the door*
  • Stan:naega hosh, COUPS!
  • *runs out leaving a trail of diamonds and banana peels to slip into that diamond life*

originalandcreativename asked:

Why are people so fucking stupid?

I would imagine the most accurate answer to that question will come from evolutionary psychology, coupled with neuroscience and maybe even a dash of philosophy.

I don’t have the answer, but I would be as curious as anyone else.