There’s “standard playing,” which any amateur might aspire to. Rarely, for professionals, there’s “absent-minded playing.” Occasionally musicians are under stress — say, from an audience interruption — and labor to return to normality.

And, most rare and interesting, there’s “deep absorption,” when players enter a kind of trance, a state of “euphoric joy” in which they have complete control and yet feel almost disembodied. Think of it as the equivalent of how an athlete gets “in the zone.”

—  David Allen from New York Times
"And despite understanding the language her eyes spoke every time they locked with his, he wasn’t going to initiate it."

“Had he been the Oliver of the old, he would have seduced her. But he wasn’t. He was a changed man. And despite understanding the language her eyes spoke every time they locked with his, he wasn’t going to initiate it. ”@supersillyanddorky06 this is so accurate

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I totally see Kara having tons of plants. TONS. At first she asked Cat for permission?? And Cat was like 'fine whatev' But then?? She just kept getting more? Like Cat doesn't even know where she gets them. Every once in a while she just looks around and bam! another plant. 'This is f-ing ridic Kiera its like a jungle in here' Kara just gets all wide eyed from her spot behind the palm tree the nice landscaper contractors gave her this morning as thanks for her bringing cake for Carlito's bday

okay so heres the thing – thats pretty much exactly accurate. 

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You seriously just make videos of yourself smoking listening to music? Don't you have anything better to do than to show off like an asshole?

lmfao okay this is so funny for so many reasons like?? first of all, this is MY fucking blog. If you don’t like the content, leave. Trust me, I don’t want you here anyway. Also like??? I changed my url so that it would be more accurate since I post so much about weed. there should be no confusion that about half the time, I’m posting about weed. and then the best part is you probably went thought and watched all my videos and were (for some reason) super fuckin bothered by the fact that I’m having fun in my life and I love myself and love to show the world how cute and awesome I am. I know you must be unhappy in your life and I’m sorry for that, but you telling me that I’m ‘showing off like an asshole’ is just downright hilarious, and honestly you can go ahead and expect more videos to get upset about.

y’all never asked for it but here r my fave su ships, 1 is my most fave and obvs stuff like 9 and so on i like less. list goes up 2 15

these rank in terms of ships that i personally am very interested in btw, don’t get offended if ur faves arent on here or are “too low” on the list bc these r ones *I* like the most lol

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just was wondering but why'd you leave that one ask blog? i figure it's to let someone out try it out but.. i don't know ! i miss looking forward to seeing you get online and talk about things as dave so accurately. you portray him extremely well and it was nice seeing the character come to life through you.

ohhhh my gosh thank you so much????
that means the world to me
but i left because i went through a breakup with one of the cast members on there and i just was in a really bad state after it happened
a person cant really get over another if theyre constantly interacting with them while roleplaying romance stuff with them
so i had to leave
i really do miss it though
i might go for another ask blog in the future because i enjoyed it so much roleplaying dave constantly lmao

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as a fellow libra moon, I relate to your libra moon experiences so much 😂😂😂 too accurate, omgggg you know the struggles so well!!! what's your fav and least thing about being a libra moon? have a nice day!

thanks!! and yeah, the struggle is real it sucks lol

my favorite thing about being a libra moon is that i can easily notice the little emotional nuances in someone but my least favorite thing is that i can’t do anything unless someone’s with me :)

for example, asking your friends or boyfriend to take a 30 second walk with you to get something and then come back bc you can’t stand to do it alone lol

as trendy as it’s been to blame Andersen for the Leafs’ losses so far (mostly because it’s been accurate–his .876 SV% is flat-out unacceptable), I’m gonna give Babcock a share of the blame for this one

Hunwick and Polak shouldn’t be in the NHL, let alone both out on the ice to protect a one-goal lead late in the third or to kill a penalty in 3-on-3 overtime, I’m sorry.

love ya, Mike, you’re great, there’s no one else in the world I’d rather have to coach my team. but cut that shit out, would ya

Black cards:

Hard no’s include: ____, ____, and ____.


Looking to rp my otp: ____ and ____.

White cards:

The elusive femslash rp.

Big busty sluts John.

And then add fem!Eridan to the pack seven more times so it’s a more accurate representation of the prompts page.

Also if anyone in this tag deserves a card I think it’s @skeletorb

ok since i havent gotten any asks yet, here’s some Misfortune Facts™

  • it’s a short story that was based off of a dream! the short story was made for school a few years ago, so it’s not that great, so i’ve been building on it to make it a bit better!
  • the story is named after one of the main characters, whose name is Mallory, which apparently means unfortunate/ill-fated. i thought it would fit the character, so yeah!
  • it takes place in a small oceanside town called Sunflower Shores! Sunflower Shores is based off of a place i visited on a roadtrip a while back, which was called Ocean Shores. i hope to go back there someday, so that i can be a little more accurate with the setting!
  • it originally has just two main characters named Carla and Mallory, but i’ve recently decided to make a third main character, a trans girl named Jesse! i haven’t really decided on how much of a role she’ll play in the story, but i’m still thinking about it! i have a lot of character stuff for her so far, though!
  • the album Transatlanticism by Death Cab is usually what i listen to while coming up with stuff for misfortune, because i had listened to it a lot during the road trip when i had visited Ocean Shores, which is the inspiration for the setting. a lot of the songs fit too! 
  • i tried to make a webcomic for it, but it didn’t get a whole lot of attention. i’m thinking of just making it into a story when i have enough confidence in my writing abilities.