I have really conflicting feelings over whether Christian Borle or Ben Platt deserves the Tony. On one hand, Ben Platt has really dedicated himself to the role of Evan Hansen. It’s so hard to accurately portray a teenager with anxiety/social anxiety, and he’s done an excellent job to say the least. Every night he puts so much emotion into his performance that he cries himself, (like a lot). However, This is an issue I know I’ve mentioned before, but I’m gonna do it again anyways. Ben Platt developing Evan’s habitats and having to go to therapy doesn’t mean he deserves the Tony more. He deserves the Tony because of his dedication and his ability to move an audience to tears every time he walks on stage. He deserves the Tony for his incredible singing talent combined with his acting. He deserves the Tony for his contributions to opening peoples eyes about mental illness, how society nowadays is rapidly changing, and how we are never alone no matter how much we think all hope is gone. He does not deserve the Tony for worsening his emotional and physical health in the process. Hurting yourself in an attempt to fully immerse yourself in a role does not deserve praise, and it shouldn’t be encouraged. With that being said, Ben Platt has still achieved a lot, and it’s wonderful that this is his first Tony nomination. 

Let’s go to Christian Borle. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love Christian to pieces. Aside from the fact that I have an obvious bias towards him, and that he’s already won two Tony’s, let’s look at his performance as Marvin. In a way, it’s slightly similar to what Ben Platt does. Marvin is an extremely complex character, and while we may not know exactly what he “suffers” from, he’s definitely neurotic in some way. I’m not going to go into to much detail about the challenges of playing Marvin, but I will talk about a few of them. Firstly, the development. Marvin is an asshole in Act 1. We’ve all continuously discussed how Marvin can’t handle the fact that Whizzer’s more masculine then he wants him to be, and how he’s frustrated that his family won’t allow him to shove them into the boxes that his disillusioned view of society wants him to. He can’t seem to even see Whizzer as a person with his own wants and needs, and completely ignores the damage he’s done to his family member’s relationships with each other and himself. I could go on and on about how confused and mislead Marvin was in Act 1, but that’s for another time. In Act 2, his change in character is clearly noticeable right off the bat. He literally sings, “It’s about time to grow up, don’t you think” during Welcome to Falsettoland.  Throughout the rest of Act 2, he shows how he has matured much more since the end of Act 1. He manages to successfully start up his relationship with Whizzer again, and What More Can I Say displays perfectly how his feelings have changed from seeing Whizzer as an “obedient housewife” to caring about who he actually is as a person. Along with general character development, there’s a lot more that could be taken into account. His relationships with other characters, the emotion he has to put into his performance as Whizzer dies, both his individual and group singing roles, and how he’s able change “moods” so quickly are all great reasons as to why he should win the Tony for best actor in a leading role. 

I don’t know y’all, this is a tough call

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I really love your KS art style. Its just so accurate like Koogi's and its so gorgeous ;w; its like a Koogi twin descended upon us and gives us official-look-alike fanarts. Pls do more KS arts, I love them so much ;w;

I have every intention to~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Which translation of the manga is best to read to catch up? There seem to be some huge variations, so I was wondering if you had an opinion. Thanks!

If you are looking for the whole manga, I always read them on mangapanda.

If you are looking for new chapters, they always release the new chapter on Thursdays, I read them on mangastream.

I avoid the fallen angels translations because most of them are inaccurate lol especially when it comes to bakugou.

but then again the viz translations will always be accurate so try to support them.

Actual lyrics by Harry, like,

Why are we always stuck at running from the bullets

We gotta get away from here

They told me the end is near
Remember everything will be alright

Stop your crying, 

Baby, it will be alright

Hours go by, but these still keep hitting me over and over, it’s so much.