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What are your thoughts on the almost kiss of bawson? I really enjoyed it, like at first I wanted them to kiss tbh but like that scene killed it for me:) & now like it's gonna be all awkward between them next episode.

Honestly, I think that the way it played out was the best case scenario that Bawson shippers could have hoped for! 

Going into it, I was pretty convinced that that scene would be some huge fake-out, like a dream that Ginny wakes up from like “WTF” and they could bait the shippers while not making any huge steps forward in the progression yet (call it TVD survivor’s cynicism, lol). But what happened really wasn’t a fake-out on any level. 

It was so utterly perfect for them. I mean, look at this. It starts with Mike awkwardly grasping for something to say at this seemingly final moment, this goodbye that he’s been avoiding for the whole episode… trying to think of some way to let her know that how much he’s going to miss her goes beyond the joking stuff they talked about at the bar, that the affection he feels for her is something else entirely. He’s just called her by her first name, a new intimacy that surprises her but shows us exactly what frame of mind he’s in.

But he can’t articulate those feelings, and instead he falls back on what they do best, making each other laugh:

… And this is clearly going to be a very long post, lol. So I’ll put the rest under a cut. (This scene, rightfully, has already been giffed a million times so this may be redundant, but I’ll be posting these gifs in their own gifsets in a little while too):

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Westallen, The Flash Season 3 Episode 7 Killer Frost. 4/?.

Iris just said everything I want to say. Barry made a mistake but he is not a bad person. He knows he made a mistake and is having a hard time forgiving himself. Just like in season 2 premier, it is Iris who offers him support. She is not making excuse for him, she just points out that he is just human and humans are not perfect, they make mistake.  It is what Barry needs so he can get back up and be a hero again. 

And it is such a beautiful scene, everything about this is perfect. Kudos to  Grant and Candice, and Kevin Smith.

We all get Isak’s side of the story so its easy for all the mentally healthy people on here to just side with Isak and expect Even to leave him alone for a little while.

As a mentally ill person who deals with mania but also with depressive episodes, I can tell you that this text will most likely have hard consequence on Even.
The guy he loves, who in his delusion he thinks he will marry and who he spent all his time with for the past week just cut him off. Cut him off the very next day he learned about Even’s mental illness.

(I KNOW ISAK NEEDS TIME, just talking from Even’s pov here)

He was terrified to tell Isak about it and he tried to hide it for weeks. Then the big night for their relationship come and its just so perfect and sweet but it gets ruined by a reckless manic action and his boyfriend, who now knows about it, told him to stop texting him.

As a mentally ill person who has a hard time coping with my diagnosis and who has a very hard time telling other people about it, this will be devastating for Even. He’s losing his boyfriend and his ex girlfriend who he thinks know him so much better than he knows himself will probably brainwash him into believing that nobody can love him like she does, that Isak just played around with him but didn’t want a mentally ill boyfriend and that it was just a phase.

while you all worry about Isak being hurt bc of Even’s mental illness, there’s a boy, alone and scared, who just go dumped by his bf the morning after his illness was reveal.

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Seriously though. Even those who made the koma episodes are shipping Royai 😂

I know, right?? Like,

“When it’s just me and the Lieutenant and there’s no one else around.. SHE CALLS ME A ‘CUTEY-PRETTY-LOVELY-SEXY-HUNKY-MANLY ROYYYY!”

The result:

And then…

“They may have taken away my sight, but it’s the perfect time to ‘accidentally’ grope the Lieutenant!”

His blush OMFG

I do find it interesting, going back and rewatching these, how it’s mostly Roy pursuing Riza and her thwarting him every single time. Although… there was this little bit:

Was this her way of telling him to get back to work or some subtle jealous!Riza?

Honestly it makes perfect sense that Clone Wars Anakin is different from Episode III Anakin. Matt Lanter’s Anakin is more confident and upbeat. But by the time of ROTS he has lost his padawan and grown to distrust the Jedi Order, which surely had a large impact on him. So Hayden Christensen’s Anakin being depressed, unenergetic, and aloof makes a lot of sense. It’s totally believable to me that it’s the same character, the different portrayals even add more depth to his character.

Utapri Season 4 Episode 10

This episode was perfection. a.k.a- I actually got everything I wanted out of this episode and I still can’t believe it.

I couldn’t be happier with how this episode has turned out. It was an emotional roller coaster but so worth it. I want more of this from Utapri. Please more episodes like the last two. Please more seasons like this one because with the exception of the first episode it has been pretty damn amazing.

Anyways, onto the episode itself. In point form because I just woke up and watched this and I’m typing this post from my phone:

- the first few minutes killed me because you could literally feel Otoya’s suffering and that hurt
- Tokiya this episode was a star. He was a strong leader for Starish while Otoya was not there and more so he was a brilliant friend to Otoya. He went out of his way to find out what happened, from talking to Eiichi to talking to the orphanage and finding out about Otoya’s past.
- Starish was just awesome this episode because we could see just how concerned they were for Otoya. They all cared so much and it was amazing. But more than that was their conviction that he would come back. Even after finding out about his past they were able to say with conviction that he would be okay. I especially liked the callbacks to Masato and Natsuki’s episodes and their own revelations.
- Eiichi. There was not much of him, which makes sense because of the strong Otoya and Starish focus, but what we did see answers some of the questions we had about him. Heck I could probably write a whole post on him from this episode but I have a feeling some others will do I’ll leave it for now. It’s enough to say that while this boy definitely has issues he did not do what he did out of malicious intent but for the song. Does it make what he did right? Again, no but at least now it is confirmed that he wasn’t deliberately trying to sabotage Starish on daddy’s orders. In fact he seemed quite shocked that Daddy seemed to think he did that.
- I feel like while they didn’t address Shining being Otoya’s dad in this episode they definitely dropped some hints to that fact for the fans. Shining’s face when Otoya was still missing and then the suddenly perfectly timed anniversary of Shining’s first song (written about Otoya’s mom) and then him choosing to play the Starish song. It may not have been blatantly obvious but Shining was pulling out all the stops to bring Otoya back.
- To cap off my rambling I need to talk about my favourite thing of this episode. Otoya. Otoya fixing himself. I didn’t think I would get this, I wanted it so much but I didn’t think they would go there and then they did and it was brilliant. It hurt to see Otoya struggle through his issues this whole episode but he did manage to face himself and his heart and he got to where he needed to be to smile again and that is brilliant.
- On an side note, I found that the dramatic ending and slight cliffhanger was a little odd. I mean, the light is back in Otoya’s eyes and we knew Starish believe in him so it seemed a little over the top dramatic for what we know will happen. Though maybe it’s supposed to be from Otoya’s perspective, since he’s probably still worried about facing them all after what happened.

I’ll stop rambling now but I just can’t express more how happy this episode made me.

“Now remember Steven, if you run into any trouble out there you can always bail. There’s never any shame in bailing.”

Wise words there Mr. Universe. Greg is such a good dad. Why can’t all media depictions of dads be more like Greg - he’s not perfect, but he clearly loves his kid and does his best. He’s a goofball, sure, but he’s so much more than that. I hate the whole “big goon” stereotype that dads are always forced to be in television. 

And I wish I had that advise a few months back. Would have been so helpful when work got hairy and continued getting worse and worse, but I was too scared and ashamed to quit. I’m so much better off now.

ok let me get this straight?

Riley got Farkle (Riarkle lives!)

Farkle got Zay

Zay got Smackle

Smackle got Maya

but in the episode, Maya didn’t give a gift out AND Riley didn’t open a gift so…

Maya must have gotten Lucas and Lucas was assigned to Riley? and it was just a coincidence that Lucas was gone this episode??? I hate the writers

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So I just remembered there's this myth that you could tell the future with the moon or something like that. That got me thinking... What if the Blood Moon can somehow look into the future, and the moon's real intentions is to make Starco as perfect as possible? What if it turns out Marco does need the self-confidence build up from Jackie and Star needs to be fully aware and accept the fact she's in love with her best friend before they officially become a thing, and the Blood Moon knows this?

It wouldn’t be so bad, since it means that the Moon knows… but doesn’t do anything, since except for the red flash everything that happened in the episode was decided by the characters themselves, on their own free will.
(it’s also true, though, that almost anything has been used in one or more traditions and cultures as a way to predict the future, from the flight of birds to the flatulences of sheeps…)

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Maya, I just had a thought: if season 3 of SKAM was going to end badly, the episode we just got would be the perfect ending. Isak cries in his bed. But there's one more episode to go! They are going to get it together, I'm positive!

I really really hope so! There’s defintiely time to properly work on things and put them back together in a healthier relationship where real communication plays a big factor. I think there are actually 2 epsiodes left? I’d be more unsure about the outcome if there was only one left. This way we have room for a whole, miserable week of pain and doubts and misunderstandings that hopefully leads towards a positive resolution where understanding and love and effort prevail :)


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


From a salty child denying his embarrassing parents’ love to a salty child rooting for his parent to do their best. Beautiful.