So many materials now for a beautiful Naruhina AMV ! Please Lord, find a talented child who can do it, I want to cry even more! omg please someone 😭

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The Flash music: Westallen in ‘Duet’

HEY Y’ALL! Have we all recovered yet? Who’s still shook? Who already knows all the words to ‘Runnin’ Home to You’? Ha, trick question, I know everybody already knows every single note of the song already, myself included.

So I’ve been asked to talk about the music from the musical (and let’s not lie, I love it lol), and what it means for Westallen. I’m choosing to write this now because A) I met all my fuckin’ deadlines today so I actually have time to write now B) I have finally stopped fangirling over the episode enough for this to not be incoherent shrieking over all the sheer perfection.

I’m going to do this in two parts, talking about two specific moments - when Cisco vibes Iris and Mon-El to the musical world, and the proposal at the end. I doubt there are more substantial WA moments that more important than those two in this episode.

TW for Mon-El shade, because he is bland and terrible. Also, I swear a little.


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I couldn’t write anything after the episode because I didn’t know what i would write. 

This episode was a mess. Yes, maybe VS isn’t a perfect written drama in many ways, but VS never insulted the viewer’s intelligence. Turkish fans are protesting the writers now and sending so many messages about the unexpectable inconsistencies that no one understood.

For example the letter Veronika read was very clear. Leon described the girl he loved; blue eyes, white-skinned and a patriot. But guess what might happen after this. No you couldn’t guess right. Because Veronika thought the girl was Yildiz who has green eyes and is not white-skinned and most importantly NOT A PATRIOT.

As if this wasn’t enough, when Leon was still unconscious in his sick bed, Yildiz who never liked working at the hospital so heaven knows why she was there in that moment heard what Veronika was saying to her son. Because the door left opened, what a luck! So she misunderstood that she was loved by Leon very very much, and also heard that Veronika would allow them to get married. (Oh. My. Dear. God. I wanted to smash something.)

You may think this misunderstanding isn’t insurmountable but there are some things which I didn’t share before because I thought they were utterly ridiculous, some rumors have been going around lately. This rumor source had said that Yildiz would become an obstacle between Hilal and Leon. But of course no one believed that this would happen. Because the writers seemed they ended Yildiz’s obsession about the power Leon had and her dreams about being the lady of the mansion. (No, of course I didn’t talk about love, because SHE. NEVER. LOVED. LEON. She confessed it too.) So after the last episode, when all rumors came true, everyone became worried. Because the things that the rumor source said were not only these. It also said that Yildiz would threaten Leon with saying everyone that Hilal was the culprit who shot him. Maybe you think Yildiz could never harm her sister but the same Yildiz also wasn’t worried about Ali Kemal who could die if Leon confessed everything when he woke up in the last episode. So this character does not have any logical side anymore.

These unpleasant things don’t make only us uncomfortable. Yesterday a fan wrote a message for Senan Kara (who plays Leon’s mother Veronika) and said that Veronika was one of the smartest people in the drama but in the last episode the character deduced the girl her son loved was Yildiz altough he clearly wrote ‘blue eyes’, 'white-skinned’ and 'patriot’. After saying these, the fan also asked her whether she was surprised after reading these lines in the script. And Senan Kara liked the message. 

Also another fan wrote a good rant and sent it to one of the directors. (The rant wasn’t only about Hilal&Leon, there were all illogicalnesses in it.) And the director also liked this rant. *lol* I have no idea what is going on. I think the crew also aren’t very pleased with the scenario.

Maybe these rumors won’t come true, but what’s certain that they made a huge mistake by writing Yildiz this way. No one could understand her anymore.


I wanted to talk about Hilal’s screams (“No, he can’t die!”).
I wanted to talk about how she was devastated after all happenings.
I wanted to talk about how much she relieved after her father controlled Leon’s pulse and said he was still alive.
I wanted to talk about how she was determined that she would not escape even if Leon confessed she was the one who shot him. (Because poor baby thought she deserved that.)
I wanted to talk about how much she was happy when she heard he woke up.
I wanted to talk about how Leon couldn’t hide his smile when he heard that she went crazy while he was fighting for his life.
I wanted to talk about how she blushed when he said “your apology has been accepted, young lady” and she realised he had been listening her the whole time.
I wanted to talk about how beautiful they looked when they smiled at each other.


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I know I've already annoyed you today but I'm having lots of dead father feelings tonight and it's probably gonna lead to a horrible depressive episode with me isolating myself from everyone and idk what to do nothing is helping.. can I have a hug or smth? Maybe that'll help 😔

Oh my sweetheart, you are never an annoyance. You are perfect and you are allowed to feel everything you’re feeling. I am sending you so, so, so much love. You’re absolutely amazing, and I’m so proud of you for being so brave and for being you.

Here, have all the hugs <3 <3 <3 <3

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Hi there! Are you recovering from last night's episode yet? I just wanted to let you know I love reading your insights.. you're always right on target. Curious what you think about episode 22 "Missing". Will it be Felicity missing? Also I read Stephen's comment about the last episode being shot entirely on location. I'm assuming the island but why would AC bring her there? Unless it's Oliver that goes missing but I kind of want it to be felicity for all the great angst that would provide.

So glad you’re enjoying my page, @olivevicarious, even though there is greatly reduced activity since removing anons questions. I’ve been enjoying the serenity myself. I kind of feel like I’m cheating with how tranquil it’s been. lol 

And yes, interesting spoilers. I think ending them back at the island would be perfect. Marrying up a literal leaving of the island for both Oliver and Felicity along with a figurative one would just be amazing. Felicity is heading down a dark hole which will have heavy consequences, so, at this point, it’d make sense for her to be the one who goes missing. But then, maybe William does? There are a lot of possibilities and I’m strapped in and excited for every one of them. :D

Superstore is such a perfect show because anyone who’s ever worked a minimum wage job can just relate so hard but it’s also just so funny and has so much heart and it’s the ideal version of a shitty minimum wage job because of that sense of community they have and it manages to feel so real and so relevant while still being entertaining and well written and anyway I’ve watched seven episodes so far tonight so

we need to take a moment to appreciate how viktor nikiforov, inventor of being extra, completely misread yuuri and was firmly believing he would get laid on night one

first, yuuri basically barges into the room where viktor is minding his business and relaxing after his long travel

so he just sees that like: oh great! so you’re just as eager for this as i am? better bless you with a display of my hot bod yuuri i can’t stop thinking about you since the banquet i’m desperate

then all we know is that yuuri screams (same tbh) and then we get this bit of information on the next episode:

so they barely spoke??? yuuri fainted and woke up when viktor was napping??? we’ll never know

but then viktor wakes up, exuding extra realness:


or maybe it’s just hungry for dick which all things considered is a possibility


ouch, vitya, that was harsh??? but it’s also important to remember we get a lot of examples that show viktor isn’t really savvy when it comes about reading people and that he’s capable of delivering harsh truths with a hear-shapped smile on his face

BUT NO!!! YA BOY VITYA IS NOT DONE, as soon as they get some alone time he tries to drop some questionable hints

oh yuuri i’m so sorry i had to be like that earlier, i’m just going for angry coach on the streets, passionate lover in the sheets

which,,,,you know…



if anything viktor nikiforov is a symbol of perseverance and has unshakeable confidence in what he does, bless him

Victor and Yuri arrive at the church

world: saved

homophobia: ended forever

engagement rings: out

Katsuki Yuuri



I’d been waiting for him to break down and let out all the negative feelings he’d been keeping… and I honestly loved it when it happened.

I’ve never seen a character development this beautiful. And it’s all because of Viktor.

I’m still v emotional from today’s episode but also really wanted to post this because apparently, I missed not only one but two birthdays.

So first of all, very happy and very late birthday to the loveliest @bleulily!! I just wanted to say that I’m so glad we started talking and I love screaming with you about yoi, keep being your awesome self! 💕

Secondly, happy birthday to my sweet sinnamon roll Yuuri Katsuki. We’re all very proud of you <3

12x12 Coda: All of You

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They misunderstood his meaning once again.

The Winchesters had a habit of doing that.

It’s not that they were wrong. Because he had finally accepted that, while they were not his kin, they were his family.

For whom he had - for whom he would - for whom he will always lay down his life.

Because in forty five sunrises and sunsets void of Sam and Dean, it became clear to Castiel that nothing in his world mattered as much as the Winchesters.

But that declaration - it didn’t belong to them. It belonged to him.

To Dean.

All those times Castiel had thrown himself in harm’s way, all those times he’d faced Death for no reason other than to buy the Righteous Man a few precious seconds - in his whole time spent alongside the two hunters, he’d never really admitted to his motives. 

Never ventured to say the three words with which Dean’s kind were so enamored. The sentiment - it was difficult for the angel to make sense of. In some eight and a half years, Castiel had never named the profound bond for what it was.

But this time, through gritted teeth and lacerated lips, as excruciating pain gnawed at his gut, as he felt the life leak right out of him, this time, Castiel found the strength to own the elusive phrase.

I love you.

Maybe it’s the last vestige of his angelic nature.

Maybe it’s the clarity that comes with being so close to death.

Maybe it’s nothing more than the connection between two souls focused solely on the other.

But in the wake of those words, Castiel can see - hear - feel every thought passing through Dean Winchester’s mind.

An exercise in doubting it could possibly be true.

Because Dean surveys through all the reasons he’s sure he must be unlovable.

Every bottle of whiskey in which he’d drowned his sorrows - every broken chair he’d made a victim of his rage.

Every lie he’d ever told - every promise he’d ever broken.

Every time he’d dared to look into the mirror and couldn’t stomach the man he’d seen looking back at him.

The face of every person he’s gotten killed.

Every monster he hasn’t managed to slay. Every mistake he’s made.

Because the words have barely made their way out of Castiel’s punctured lungs when Dean’s giving him every but he can come up with.

It is only a few seconds but it is not a short list. He’s had years of practice convincing himself he’s broken beyond repair.

And so with what he believes could be his last breath, Castiel offers a clarification.

I love all of you.

All of you, Dean.

Every single shard I stitched back together after I pulled you from the depths of Hell.

Every aspect of your being.

Every precious part.

All of you.

Dean had a habit of misunderstanding Castiel.

But in that moment, in the small glance the two share, his meaning - its abundant and profound truth - is clear.