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i'm such stydia trash and never thought another ship would come close but boy do karamel make me feel all tingly and excited for their love


i mean i dont love them as much as stydia because its impossible for that to happen with any ship ever but wow THEYRE JUST SO CUTE AND PURE TO ME and theyre both cupcakes and ajfhksljhfdskjhdsk

no but just imagine all the shit lena and kara put jess through

after they start dating lena is sometimes late to her meetings, consequently she’s late to everything after the first meeting and poor jess having to stall and find excuses for stuff

imagine all the time jess walked in on them

jess having to pretend to believe their excuses every time they break something in lena’s office

jess going into lena’s office later to talk to her abt something except lena isn’t fucking there and??? poor jess not knowing how she disappeared since she didn’t pass through jess’ desk. the first time this happens jess is so fucking worried, she’s panicking and lena isn’t answering her phone bc it’s still at her office and jess is close to calling the police when fucking supergirl herself drops lena off at her balcony

all the times kara ran through jess and barged in on lena’s office

the time kara brought coffee, but she was planning on asking lena out on a date that day and ended up dropping the coffee all over jess’ desk and the paperwork there

honestly, poor jess doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this type of shit

give jess a raise 2k17

when girls shut their eyes really tight and tilt their head back while they’re laughing my heart explodes with love


The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Yuuri’s sure if it got even a degree colder, his balls would end up bluer than the goddamn sky.

“O-o-of all the t-t-times, wh-why now?” he stutters, stuffing his hands further into his track suit pockets. Any deeper and he might just rip a hole through the material, but Yuuri couldn’t care less. It’s freezing, and he knows as night falls, it’s only about to get colder.

He’s no stranger to harsh weather- Hasetsu has hit him with ridiculously hot summers and chilly winters, but Russia’s cold bites in a way no other place ever has. Yuuri’s spent a majority of his life in an ice skating rink, but the sheer amount of pain he feels at the moment is unnatural. No amount of exposure to ice could possibly prepare him for this.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

It’s a familiar voice, the anger and stubbornness a comfort that cuts through the fog in Yuuri’s brain. He never would’ve thought Yurio’s voice would be a source of such happiness, but it is.

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I love how in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them soundtrack, one of them is entitled “Newt Says Goodbye to Tina.” It starts out a bit sad and slow, but then it becomes kinda upbeat? I don’t know how to properly describe it, but I think that it reflects the scene at the harbor. Newt and Tina know that something about their relationship has changed, but before they could figure out what it is, here they are having to part ways. Add to that the issue with Leta Lestrange. However, Newt tells Tina that he’s changed, and he touches her hair and asks her how she would feel if he gave her a copy of his book in person. And then we see Tina leaving with a playful skip to her steps. I don’t know about you, but I think their relationship is so precious, and I want to see more of it.