Time travel might be impossible, but Marina Amaral gets pretty close with Photoshop. The Brazilian artist digitally colorizes black-and-white photographs from the past with obsessive accuracy and stunning near-perfect hues. Poker-faced historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Lewis Payne suddenly look less stodgy, becoming the kind of warm-blooded people you could imagine laughing or eating or yawning. All because of a little ROYGBIV.

SEE MORE: Travel back in time with the master of photo colorization.


‘Your hands are the first things I will have them take, for hitting him. I’ll make them leave your eyes though, so you can watch me spit down on your grave. I’m not your hostage anymore, Jelco. I’m your liege. Deny me again, and I will use the full strength of Land Simms to step on you like the sycophantic bug you are’. 

Power looks good on you, Seyah’. 

‘You’re goddamn right it does’.


Here’s the template for the Papercraft Salandit! 

It’s pretty difficult compared to the Mimikyu one- but if you’re up for the challenge here’s everything you need! I included some photos for reference (especially for the way the legs are folded). I had colored the inside of the mouth with a marker, so that’s why it looks red. Cut on the Solid Lines (the color bleeds out of the lines, cause I’m sloppy with a scissor lol) and fold on the dotted! 

I’d def use cardstock if you can! It’s not impossible to make it on computer paper (the first few tests I used computer paper) but it’ll be much sturdier with a thicker paper.

Coloring your theme’s text so it’s legible and accessible

Having enough contrast between your post text and post background is one of the most important parts of coloring a theme. Without enough contrast, your text is going to be nearly impossible to read, even for people with good eyesight. Unfortunately it’s ignored in far too many groups.

Not sure if you have enough contrast? Use this tool. Enter your text color into foreground and your post background color into background, and it will tell you if it passes Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAD) contrast requirements. If you want your theme to be accessible, it should pass at least the AA standard.