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I just want to tell you that my absolute favorite sports fic is Sportsmanlike Conduct. I reread it like two weeks ago and *melts*. I have weakness for Sports AU and your's just takes the cake. Like can I hug you and make you dinner? Also, what are you working on now? I miss you! (another sports AU I wouldn't say no to. Football? LOL)

Aww thank you so much! It makes me happy to hear that people are still reading and enjoying Sportsmanlike Conduct because that story is one that I absolutely loved writing. And I would never say no to hugs and dinner :) College is kicking my butt a bit this year which is why I’ve been a little MIA from posting fic lately, but I am working on something that is just about finished. Since you took the time to send such a sweet message, I will give you a little teaser ;)

(cover art designed by the amazing @smoakqueenz )

No, it’s not a Sports AU, but it’s been really fun to write and I think you’ll enjoy it! After that, I have another story already planned out but I’m sure I will eventually getting around to another sports related one :)


Aww cmon guys I still have two sketches from previous event to go :’D

But I once said I will make another one after I hit 4,4 K so here It is XD; (Just let me finish the previous one first ok XD<3) Still, ur very adorbs followers, thank you for your support ;_; <3

To join this sassy sketch event all you have to do, Is to make sure You follow me and either like/reblog this post.

I will use Random number generator and pick 3 people who can request a sketch <3

It will be either B&W Or color - we’ll see :D
Any amount of likes/reblogs allowed.

Deadline - Thursday (6.03) sounds Ok XD? Its a nice day of the week, actually perfect for picking winners :D <3  Let’s hope It will be sunny too, good luck and thank you!

So in short : I will announce winners here on Thursday this week * ^ * <3333333

Next one at magical number of yaoiz : 6969 :D

When I try to explain my OTP

Me: These are Root and Shaw.They are these two completely badass ladies who are perfect for each other

Other People: Aww that’s so cute. How did they meet?

Me: Oh Root tasred Shaw and then tried to torture her for information

Other People: Wait…what?

Me: Lol yeah they both kind of kill people

Other People:…..what?

Me: No but they become really nice to each other. I mean Root still occasionally tazers and drugs Shaw but she does it in a nice flirty way. And Shaw doesn’t really mean it when she constantly threatens to kill Root although she did shoot her once but you know…

Other People: You have some serious mental problems


Ok so here’s my shitty contribution to the fandom…

I’m not a native Russian speaker so feel free to point out my mistakes.

Anyway I’m gonna talk about the Russian used in yuri on ice and maybe teach someone something?

So that starting scene had two things I wanna talk about.

First, yakov calling victor “vitya” is super adorable. In my head I keep thinking of victor as the “oldest” even though he’s only 27. The fact that yakov uses his diminutive made me say “aww look at my cute little baby.” Vitya is the name victor would have went by in childhood, and now that he’s grown up most people would call him by his given-patronymic. (Though the show still hasn’t given us his patronymic/middle name) anyways the fact that yakov is using vitya shows how close they are and that they probably have been that way for a long time.

Second, victor uses до свидания (dasvidania) which are pretty much the only Russian words most people I’ve met know. It means goodbye, but it’s not the only way to say it. Despite victors seemingly flippant attitude he chooses this phrase over the more casual ones. It shows he respects yakov still.

Of course, I have no idea if this was intentional, or if anyone working on this show actually knows Russian.
They did use the proper form of вкусно (vkusno) meaning delicious. They chose the adverb form rather than the adjective form. I don’t know anything about Japanese, but most English speakers would say delicious is an adjective. While there is an adjective form of the word, when by itself it should be in adverb form.

Then I tried to read this headline and was kinda disappointed. It took another read through for me to understand what they were trying to say. Translated directly it says:

Victor nikiforov on vacation
trainer of Yuri Katsuki from jalan(they misspelled Japan) again stadt(misspelled start) carwer (again misspelled career)

What is weird is that they have all these misspelled words but the grammar is mostly okay? They use prepositional case fine with on vacation, and even though they misspelled Japan, they messed up the root of the word, not the genitive case ending. Likewise they messed up the root of career, but not the accusative case ending. (Russian has six cases total so they attempted half of these) Russian is very weird but these mistakes make zero sense to me. I was expecting them to put everything in nominative case if they were just using a dictionary of some sort, but these mistakes seem to be human error?
So I’m thinking we might expect some actual Russian albeit very rusty from this show.

(There were some other things I can excuse as foreign words not declining in different cases, such as yuuri’s name and hometown)
(yuuri’s name is actually spelled differently from yuri’s name so it doesnt decline like yuri’s russian name does)

#2076 I love to imagine being in a huge bath tub with Kíli and Fíli, sitting on Kílis lap while Fíli spreads my legs and fucks me passionately. Kíli would kiss my neck, hold me by my waist and whisper cute things into my ear. After getting out of the tub, we’d go into a large bed with clean white sheets (still naked and wet, of course) and I’d braid their hair and they’d braid mine. After cuddling for hours, I’d fall asleep beetween the two of them. Aww those dwarfs give me feels!!!

I saved the best for last. THE BEST. Simply put: Misha Collins! There is no one better. Every one of my photo ops for two years has been with either a friend or my children. I just wanted ONE picture alone with Misha. So my very last photo op was the Misha solo. I walked up to him, like I had done many times before over the past two years, and he put his arm around me like he was going to take a nice picture of us standing next to each other. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and said “This is my very first photo without my kids!!!” He gave me this “aww” face, like he totally understood. The next thing I knew, he was grabbing me into a tight hug. You can see his cheek is squished against my face. The picture was snapped halfway in between the “aww” face and his smile starting to pop out. It was such a great hug, I can still feel it. I also don’t think I could smile any bigger. It’s embarrassing.

I wish it was a video so I could just watch it happening over and over again.

is it just me or are the creatures just so cute …
like every time i see a new thumbnail , i just think awww kootra !!! awww spencer !! aww stef!!! n stuff ?? idk
im still heartbroken af cow chop left them but i’m so glad the two groups are doing good!!!
love them both and if they ever see this thank u guys for making me laugh everyday and being the first youtubers that i ever buy merch from 😂😂

Coro Coro Kuririn 💖💜💙💚💛 I miss him!! I found this really cute series of old sanrio gashapon all in 00s rainbowy color theme, I really love it ;O; I found a Usahana one too! I think Sanrio had this rainbow theme around the same time they had Hello Kitty as 3-Dish Fairy Kitty in early 2000s, I miss it all ahhh!!!! It makes me think back to making websites and learning html as a hobby in middle school, those images and colors were popular to use in your layouts and stuff aww ;U; and kao-ani!!! Did any of you guys make cute personal websites too? It was a pretty big community I feel like! I still keep in touch with two friends I have from way back then (harmonylanddd 😍😇💖)
#corocorokuririn #kuririn #sanrio

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Hey man can you do a blurb of like 4/4 or whoever you want if you have time where they get scared and you comfort them? Not like scared of losing you but like legit like spiders or heights or thunder or something because there are so many imagines/blurbs of them comforting you but they are all lil marshmallows and aww it would be so cuute <33

okay so i think calum has an underlying fear of bugs and/or spiders for sure and he would try and hide it cause he totally wants to impress you and wants to seem all tough and rough and made of MAN STUFF (idek pls give me a break) but you wouldn’t care cause damn is he cute and into you and you’re into him so you guys would have been dating for a month or two, not all that long but it would still be super cute and you guys would be hanging out at his house or your house and snuggling up on the couch and he would excuse himself to get something to eat or drink and he would go into the kitchen and out of nowhere you’d hear an “oh, shit!” and something falling and so you’d get up to go check on him and he’d be in there with a hand over his chest and breathing kinda heavy and at first you’d be concerned because what the fuck and he would point to the corner where next to the open bottle of coke would be this tiny little spider and at first you would giggle because macho man calum isn’t so macho now but you would look at him and he’d look pretty shaken up (cause surprise attack spiders aren’t fun ok) and so you’d quickly get rid of the spider with a paper towel and walk over to him and wrap your arms around him and he would hug you super tight and put his head into your neck and take a moment and aw i wanna snuggle with scared cal shucks

yo luke would hate thunderstorms and he would be kinda like calum in the sense that he wouldn’t want to show it too much because he didn’t want you to think he was lame or anything (even though little fears like that are super cute ok) and it would be the middle of the night and it would be storming and the thunder would wake him up and catch him by surprise and he would be kinda scared and would have a real tough time falling back asleep so after a while of laying there he would gently prod you in the side trying to wake you up and at first you would brush him off and try and go back to sleep but he would poke you again until you turned to face him and he’d be looking at you with big eyes and you would say “are you okay?” and he would just mumble really quietly with red cheeks “m’ kinda scared” and you’d immediately know why so you would pull him into a hug and grab a flashlight from your nightstand and pull the covers over both of your heads and you guys would talk about everything until the thunderstorm was over (and the sun started to rise)


Imagine Steve shipping you and Bucky so much that whenever someone ever questions you two (because Bucky is still seen as a villain to society) Steve yells at them.

Steve: Does she make you happy?

Bucky: I’ve never been happier. She’s the only one that makes me feel…anything.

Steve: Aww, you’re in love. With my other best friend!

Y/N: I’m his favorite.


Interviewer: Steve, can you confirm Bucky and Y/N are pursuing a romantic relationship?

Steve: I can and I love them.

Interviewer: However, Bucky is known to be a huge HYDRA member. He destroyed the town and you trust him with America’s sweetheart, Y/N? He is a-

Steve: She is an Avenger and she makes him better. He is rehabilitated from being brainwashed because of her. They are amazing. You’re ridiculous. Take it back. Take it back!

So today two people in my class were talking about sex and they both looked at me and were like “what about you?” (keep in mind I’m in grade 11) and I just shrugged and said “Eh, I’m not into the concept of sex. It really doesn’t interest me that much.” And the girl got a sad look on her face and replied “Aww, that sucks. I’m sorry!”
My asexuality isn’t something you need to apologize for. I just don’t have any interest in sex

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My crush is a boy who I've been friends with for about two years now. He likes me back but we aren't dating cause of school (and I'm terribly scared of my parents finding out), but I still like him a lot!!! He's v nice and calls me cute and always listens to me and I like him a lot a lot a lot (〃ω〃)


Male Reader x Taehyung ~ Study Buddy

“Tae~!” you giggled, “Stop kissing me! We need to study!”

“Nooo.” Taehyung whined as he continued to kiss down the column of your neck. You threw your head onto the couch cushion and let him straddle you, throwing the school work of your lap in the process. You turned your head to the side and blushed. You and Tae had been dating for almost a month, and yet the two of you acted as a married couple. However, that doesn’t mean that you still don’t get shy whenever he shows affection towards you.

“Aww you’re so cute when you blush!” Tae chirped as he smiled at you with that endearing boxy-smile of his. The blush only crept further onto your cheeks as you averted your gaze, and you smiled at the floor only to notice the long forgotten study guide.

“Babe, we reeeaaally need to study.” You countered with a cute pout; caressing his shoulder.

“Ugh, fine you nerd.” Taehyung said teasingly, albeit lovingly.

He climbed off of you and re-arranged the school work on the small coffee table before playing some calm music from his phone. The atmosphere was soothing and warm, and shockingly (for you and Tae), a comfortable silence fell over the two of you. However, said silence only lasted about three minutes. Taehyung started to laugh, and once you turned to see what was so funny, you realized that he’d been staring at you for the span of time.

“Tae!” You smiled exasperatedly.

“We’re going to fail this test you silly!” You continued; hitting him with your review packet softly.

“Who cares about a test when I can make out with my beautiful boyfriend!” Tae teased as he made kissy faces at you. You rolled your eyes playfully and fell back onto the couch with a sigh, not complaining when he straddled you for the second time. He placed his long fingers under your chin and tilted your head back, now with better access to your neck; he began licking a spot on the side of your throat. He bit down on the flesh there, causing you to gasp, and started sucking strongly. You wound your fingers through his hair and pulled at his scalp before saying, “Taehyung you know he have places to be tomorrow… I can’t show up with a hickey…” You stuttered in between heavy breaths.

He smirked, and then hummed in response, sending vibrations along your skin. Suddenly, he detached his lips from your neck, and said in a deep and husky voice, “Everyone should know that you belong to me.”

You gulped as you felt your face turn an embarrassing shade of red, and Taehyung latched onto the spot on your next he’d been briefly neglecting. You caught small moans in your throat, but eventually let them loose; watching how your noises affected Tae. His hazy gaze flicked up to you, and as a response you pulled him up to your mouth by his hair; initiating a heated make out session. He bit your lip softly before twisting his tongue with your own. Your eyes rolled back into your head at what his tongue was doing, but soon you had to pull away for air. After another minute passed you pulled away; nearly gasping for air. Taehyung giggled at the fact that you seemed much more out of breath than he was, and cupped your face before sweetly asking, “You okay?”

“I’m good.” You breathed a response, but of course your voice decided to crack on you.

You and Tae burst into cackling laughter. His eyes landed on your neck, and suddenly a cheesy grin overtook his face.

“What?” You asked as you wiped the tears from your eyes after having laughed so hard.

“Sorry, babe.” He said; trying to hold in his laughter. You grabbed your phone from the floor and flicked up to the camera, instantly seeing a big, deep blue and purple hickey on your neck.

“Kim Taehyung!”

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krazyangelkat81 replied to your photoset “Anyone’s up for romantic swim in highly irradiated acid bath? :3”

OMG looks like a set from X-Men. I approve. lol

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“Anyone’s up for romantic swim in highly irradiated acid bath? :3”

Very cool!

lyrea replied to your photoset

“Anyone’s up for romantic swim in highly irradiated acid bath? :3”

No thank you. ^_^ Looks great though.

Aww thank you all ^____^ I still have 3 more sets of pictures to come for this house! I had so much fun building it. And it took me literally two days o___O So I may stick to building more things in that same style. 

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