“I know girls like the bad boys, erm, girls, but did you seriously have to fall for a fucking assassin, Y/N?” Tony said.

Natasha smirked. “C’mon, Tony,” she said. “You know you love me.”

Tony rolled his eyes dramatically. “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “But I don’t love you dating my daughter. I don’t like the idea of you two… fondling each other.”

“We’ve been dating for a year, dad. We’ve been ‘fondling-’”

“Nope!” Tony said, walking away. “Don’t want any details.”

“She could’ve done a lot worse, Stark,” Natasha replied.

“I know,” Tony replied. “You’re… a good person, Natasha. But I still don’t like my baby girl dating everyone.”

“Aww,” you responded, placing a kiss on your dad’s cheek, then walked over and placed a kiss on your girlfriend’s.

DAPG Sims #35 - Domestic
  • *Dil tugs in Dab*
  • Dan: Aww, I'm still getting the I need to punch something...
  • *Dil kisses Dab on the forehead*
  • Phil: Awwww!
  • Dan: End me! Take my life. Punch me, God. I don't...
  • *Phil goes to punch Dan in the head gently*
  • Dan: Not you, you're not God.
  • Phil: I am God.
  • Dan: Your punch is worth nothing.
Make It Work (Pt.7) // Wonwoo

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.” -Unknown.

Genre: neighbor! & best friend!wonwoo
Word count: 2.9k
A/N: this chapter and the next…I feel quite content. tell me what you think.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7


The fireworks were still ongoing with almost everyone focused on it. Muffled gasps and awws were heard along with distant booms from the fireworks’ explosions. The crowd in front has thickened, shielding you and the others from sight even with the help of the light illuminating everyone once in a while.

Wonwoo blinked, getting pulled from his thoughts, his eyes meeting Soonyoung’s with an expectant look on the other’s face. “What?”

“Who do you like?” he grinned.


“Yeah. You just said you think you like her,” Soonyoung glanced at the direction Wonwoo was looking at. “Who’s her?”

Wonwoo’s eyes turned round as Soonyoung’s question registered. “I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything.“

Soonyoung’s eyes were locked on the same direction, searching for whoever ‘her’ is. His eyes turned wide as discs as recognition dawned on his face. “You can’t…”


“You can’t like her.”

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Imagine: Watching  a film with the Hitachiin twins.

Imagine: Watching a film with the Hitachiin twins.

Y/N: *Sitting on the couch* “So do we have popcorn and drinks?”

Hikaru: *Sitting next to you* “Yeah, Kaoru has them.”

Kaoru: *Walking towards you* “Aww Hikaru, I wanted to sit next to Y/N.”

Y/N: *Moving slightly* “You can still sit next to me Kaoru, I have two side y’know.”

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I! Hate! Heteronormativity! It's made me so darn confused. Like I'm 97% sure I'm a lesbian (along with the two guys I've ever liked in my high school life, both turned out to be gay lmaoo) I look at a guy and can be "wooow he hot" but then I always have this "but you ain't gonna date him cuz that makes you uncomfortable" which it does!! I can't ever see myself with a guy but I still find them super attractive and it's messing with me ugh thanks society

aww i feel you dear!! it’s really confusing and really annoying; heteronormativity really messes up gay girls and it’s unfortunately something we just have to deal with :(

if you only want to be with girls romantically/sexually then you’re a lesbian! it’s totally normal to be able to tell when a guy’s attractive even if you’re a lesbian simply because that’s what’s expected of girls, but you’re still super gay! no worries! 

lots of love!! <3 


- oh god where do i start

- will comment on anything and everything at any time and any place istg

- “wow look at that flower, it looks so pretty–”

- and will somehow insult it

- "but obviously, it’s not as pretty as me so next to me it’s as ugly as soonyoung” /cue hoshi crying

- you and seungkwan would be bffs

- you two met when you were little munchkins aww so cute

- don’t worry, you’re still adorable af, reader ♥

- and you and seungkwan always hung out until now and as time went by, hugs and hand-holding was normal to you and seungkwan ever since he accidentally kissed you in 5th grade

- and you and him didn’t ever regret it

- as time went by, seungkwan found himself thinking of you and not just as a friend

- he would slowly find you more beautiful as days went by 

- and how funny, cute, smart, and talented you really are

- he really admires how you would do anything pERFECTLY










- but he accepts the fact because when he glanced at you after realizing, you were smiling at him

- and his heart fluttered

- but the thing is

- you think he’s gay

- and seungkwan doesn’t know that

- and you’d think the affection seungkwan gives to you is only between friends and not in a “dating” way

- but he really tries to tell you that he likes you through his actions

- except his snappy comebacks 

- so whenever seungkwan kisses your cheek, you just brush it off like it’s just seungkwan and him being him

- so story time

- seungkwans really touchy ok

- sometimes perverted okay

- oKAY

- one day you were at seungkwans house and just on bed with him

- no dirty thoughts isTG

- and he was lying down while scrolling on his phone

- and you’re just pouting at seungkwan because he wasn’t paying attention to you

- okay so you actually like seungkwan and the things he does makes you go doKI DOKID ODKODKI

- but you don’t think he likes you and only thinks of you as a sister

- but you were like, “eh he hugs me and stuff so–” 


- you take seungkwans free hand and just lie on his chest before wrapping his arm around you and hugging him


- you just laugh and hug him, staring up at him as he just sighs

- “what am i going to do with you, Y/N…?” seungkwan dramatically sighs before a smile appears on his face

- you and seungkwan are really touchy lol 

- it’s no surprise that both of you had touch each other’s butt

- just saying

- have you seen seungkwans butt btw


- during these moments, seungkwan would always pretend to still be busy with his phone but he’s usually paying attention to what you’re doing

- like how you’re just playing with his fingers or hugging him because you just wanna sleep so you tend to snuggle against something

- seungkwan would then put his phone down and just look at you, pretending to look at you in disgust

- “you’re disgusting,” he would make a face

- you just laugh and nudge his nose, “says you.” 

- seungkwan would then pretend to bite your finger

- and you’d just squeak like nOPE

- and you’d just smile and stare at him as you mumble, “seungkwan, you’re the best, did you know that?” 

- “and you’re okay I guess.”

- cue seungkwan getting slapped


- you and seungkwan would be just walking to your locker

- and you widen your eyes because you see a bunch of heart sticky notes on your locker

- and seungkwans just like

- “what the fck is this” 

- and he’d be fuMING LMAO

- you, on the other hand, would be like “aww who did this?” 

- and then you see this guy, looking like a kpop idol with the eye liner and geled up hair

- and he just hands you a flower

- and you’re like !!! oh1!! thanks?!!?!!!

- and he just grins really shyly

- but then 


- it’s in english btw

- and it’s coming from seungkwan who has his hands on his hips

- and you look at him and lightly slap him 

- and seungkwan’s just huffing and taking the flower from your hand and placing it behind his ear before crossing his arms

- “thanks for the flower but i have to say no.” 

- you stifle a laughter when the guy just looks so fcking conFUSED LMAO

- and you just smile at the guy like, “I-” 

- “she says no, so good-bye!” 

- you glare at seungkwan

- seungkwans just making this face with his lips slightly puckered lOL

- and you just sigh and roll your eyes before muttering, “yah, sorry but i’m interested in someone else.” 

- the guy aND SEUNGKWAN


- and you just laugh softly and nod before excusing yourself and taking seungkwans hand

- suddenly seungkwans all moody 

- “whO IS HE” 

- “why didn’T YOU EVER TELL ME I-” 

- and you just pull seungkwan into an empty classroom 

- and seungkwans confused asf im laughing

- and you just stay silent before just wrapping your arms around him and hugging him really tightly

- seungkwans still confused

- but he has his arms around you the next second aww

- and you just mumble, “seungkwan, you idiot. he probably hates you now.” 

- seungkwan just snorts and mumbles against your hair as he buries his face against it, inhaling your scent

- “i don’t care.” 

- and you just pull away slightly and stare at him, “but seungkwan, i know him–” 


- you roll your eyes and smack your hand against his lips 

- “he’s one of those ‘cool kids’. I doubt he actually likes me for me and you just humiliated him in front of everyone.”

- seungkwan’s cool slowly goes down as he widens his eyes, “really?” 

- you nod, “yeah. and i don’t want anything bad to happen to you or… or just someone hating you.” 

- “i don’t care if someone hates me, Y/N,” seungkwan would roll his eyes, “just let haters be–” 

- you’d pout and mumble, “i know but… how can someone hate you?” 

- you’d be so quiet but seungkwan would hear it loud and clear

- “say what now?” 

- and you’d blush and mumble, “you’re just so… lovable.” 

- seungkwan also blushes before speaking up, “um–” 

- you’d pout and look at him, “look, i know you’re not straight but i just want to–” 

- seungkwan immediately gasps, “waIT– I’M NOT STRAIGHT? WHERE’D YOU HEAR THAT????”

 - you’d blink in shock, “well… you did point out how some guys’ butts were cute and–” 

- seungkwan gives you a look, “look honey, im nOT gay.” 


- seungkwan just stares at you with an amused smile

- and your face is so red lMAO

- and he just sighs before hugging you, “stupid. unless you’re a dude, then yes, i am gay.” 

- you widen your eyes and just stay silent

- and then he just pulls back and pecks your nose, “you’re so silly. but i like that.” 

- you just stare at him and lightly punch his chest, “if only you complimented girls and not just guys, i’d confess earlier.” 

- “well, you’re the only girl i find attractive so how can i compliment other girls?” seungkwan shrugged

- you look at him and you just pull him down and kiss him straight on the lips 

- and he just smiles against your lips

- smooth AND SASSY 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

My excitement about the book is rising again. :D :D I can’t wait, y’all.

Link: Is it cold in the Netherlands? (is momentarily confused)
Me: (facepalm)

Some people actually think Netflix cheating is worse than an affair?? wtf…I bet those people have never been cheated on.

The more they talk, the more it sounds that Netflix is a euphemism for actual cheating XD I’m loving this conversation, though.

Link: The remote teetering on her… (realizes where he’s gesturing) well…on her belly…
Rhett: Two remotes.
… :O

Psh Rhett, we know you’re busy, but we’re still gonna wonder wtf you guys do with your time. :P

Aww, remember how Link used to be so protective about his hair that he’d lock himself in the bathroom for hours

Word of the day: micturate.

They both said hell and didn’t bleep it out! o_O whaaaa

Link demonstrating how he straddled the toilet. XD Someone in the comments said that prison toilets were already like this? I googled and apparently that’s true (at least regarding the toilet/sink design part). Interesting…

“I’ve also peed into a sink before, in a moment of desperation.” I…am curious about the circumstances of that.

Link mentioning his fly and the word gaping in the same sentence… Rhett and I had the same reaction.


Can I get a ship for Riverdale, Supernatural, and Harry Potter? I am a straight female high school who is EXTERMELY sarcastic. I love writing and love to write poems. I seem very cold when you first meet me, but when you get to know me I am a lot nicer. I have bipolar II disorder, but I don’t let it stop me one bit. I love people who can take me for who I am, but still push me to be better. Thank you!! I love your work!! 


Aww that’s so sweet of you.

Riverdale: I ship you with:

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Poems.  All I gotta say is poems.  This dude loves that you can write from the heart, and it all sounds so deep.

Supernatural: I ship you with:

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Sam is such a sweetie pie and is always so understanding.  He loves how strong you are.  He saw past your cold exterior and immediately knew that you were such a genuine person.  Two genuine people together are hard to find, but you are the perfect example of that.

Harry Potter: I ship you with:

Originally posted by daz-zling-bling

Draco Malfoy adores your sarcasm.  The two of you will have sarcasm battles back and forth, which ends up in you two being Slytherin’s OTP couple (whether you are a Slytherin or not).  He pushes you in potions, while you push him to be nicer to people.  You both understand each other, which makes your relationship very stable.

squadmum  asked:

Ohhh dude I don't even caaaaare if you aren't taking ships bc I need you to know how much I ship you with Ryan wow. Wow. Like you meet people in the pit and he puts Edgar in the hole you know? Omg omg okay bYE

Holly I love you thank you for coming from nowhere and giving me this aww yiss Ryan shippin’ i am here for this

I’m getting some sweet, sweet Gavin feels for you still, so here: you’re both sweet, silly, a damn delight, and very in-tune with good aesthetics and the world around you. <3

Originally posted by tower-of-pimpss

Sometimes, you wonder how your boyfriend hasn’t snapped damn near in half pulling the stupid stunts he has. His foot is up on the table during off topic, heel resting casually on the wood and the other planted firmly on the ground (it took nearly two minutes for him to struggle to get that comfortable during the ad read). You chalk it up to him having remarkable body control and the blessings of too many luck deities, and decide to head Geoff off at the pass when he decides to finally make an appearance on camera just so he can goose Gavin as he always does.

You don’t mean to hit Gavin in the nads with the hornet you’d aimed for Geoff’s ass, but for all the luck that Gavin is afforded by the universe has to form a deficit somewhere and that’s you. Gavin drops like a sack of spuds, Geoff is almost immediately crying laughing, and Michael and Jack look like they’re torn between laughing it off and asking Gavin what the fuck he expected.

You ping the rubber band off into the stage where it’s nowhere near you to mark you as perpetrator before they have time to look to see who’d done this to the Brit before you head to the line of cameras, standing between the ones for the wide shot and the Michael Cam, kneeling down to ask Gavin, who is laying on the floor holding his junk, if he’s okay.

“I just got shot! Of bloody ‘course I’m not okay!” He wheezes out, curling tighter into the foetal position, and whining quietly.

“Would you like me to pet your hair?” You scoot just into where you’re sure the audience can see you in the wide shot (the traitorous members of crew you work with already selling you out and adjusting the cameras already). You hand him an open bottle of water and let him poke you to where he’d like you sitting before crawling half into your lap to sip at some water and continue to guard his danglies from an unknown assailant. You take all of this as a clear yes and pet his hair like he usually enjoys.

“Who the fuck- how in the fuck- Gavin buddy, I’m so sorry but like I wish that’d been me.” Geoff is kneeling, gently rubbing Gavin’s leg, wiping tears off his face.

“Me too, Geoff, then I could be hugging my lovely y/n instead of laying on the floor crying because my balls hurt.” Gavin petulantly pulls his legs away to curl up tighter.

When he finds out it was you, you’re so boned. So boned. For now though, you’ll relish is getting public cuddles.

We’re still taking in ships for the ship meme! And by we, we mean Mod Ashe. All ship memes are tagged w/ #/shipping labels

Ok so here’s my shitty contribution to the fandom…

I’m not a native Russian speaker so feel free to point out my mistakes.

Anyway I’m gonna talk about the Russian used in yuri on ice and maybe teach someone something?

So that starting scene had two things I wanna talk about.

First, yakov calling victor “vitya” is super adorable. In my head I keep thinking of victor as the “oldest” even though he’s only 27. The fact that yakov uses his diminutive made me say “aww look at my cute little baby.” Vitya is the name victor would have went by in childhood, and now that he’s grown up most people would call him by his given-patronymic. (Though the show still hasn’t given us his patronymic/middle name) anyways the fact that yakov is using vitya shows how close they are and that they probably have been that way for a long time.

Second, victor uses до свидания (dasvidania) which are pretty much the only Russian words most people I’ve met know. It means goodbye, but it’s not the only way to say it. Despite victors seemingly flippant attitude he chooses this phrase over the more casual ones. It shows he respects yakov still.

Of course, I have no idea if this was intentional, or if anyone working on this show actually knows Russian.
They did use the proper form of вкусно (vkusno) meaning delicious. They chose the adverb form rather than the adjective form. I don’t know anything about Japanese, but most English speakers would say delicious is an adjective. While there is an adjective form of the word, when by itself it should be in adverb form.

Then I tried to read this headline and was kinda disappointed. It took another read through for me to understand what they were trying to say. Translated directly it says:

Victor nikiforov on vacation
trainer of Yuri Katsuki from jalan(they misspelled Japan) again stadt(misspelled start) carwer (again misspelled career)

What is weird is that they have all these misspelled words but the grammar is mostly okay? They use prepositional case fine with on vacation, and even though they misspelled Japan, they messed up the root of the word, not the genitive case ending. Likewise they messed up the root of career, but not the accusative case ending. (Russian has six cases total so they attempted half of these) Russian is very weird but these mistakes make zero sense to me. I was expecting them to put everything in nominative case if they were just using a dictionary of some sort, but these mistakes seem to be human error?
So I’m thinking we might expect some actual Russian albeit very rusty from this show.

(There were some other things I can excuse as foreign words not declining in different cases, such as yuuri’s name and hometown)
(yuuri’s name is actually spelled differently from yuri’s name so it doesnt decline like yuri’s russian name does)


Afterwards we watched the tale of two puppies. We still had quite a few movies to got. Lucas got quite emotional with the puppy story. He’s a softy for puppy eyes.

“You’re a softy for puppy eyes,” I teased him.

“Maybe that’s why I can’t resist you,” he answered back, flirting.

I flushed red and looked away covering my face. I was expecting him to flirt with me, tease, certainly, I can deal with a little tease, but flirting?

It’s different to say the least. No one has ever flirted with me, I mean, who would want with someone as strange as me?

“Aww, are we getting timid?” Lucas teased.

“Shut up, dork,” I half laughed from behind my hand, though I was still embarrassed.


if you ever feel bad about saying something inappropriate just remember that i’m the girl who:

family friends (backstory: their house burned down a few years back) leaving our place after hanging out
me: haha, what’s the hurry for, is the house on fire? (that’s a common catchphrase in my language)

mom, on the phone, mentioning two people i knew when i was very little and hasn’t heard of them since: so, remember [names]?
me, driving and getting lost in thought: ya (jokingly) those ppl are still alive?
mom: not really… they got into a car accident, one of them died

my sister sends me a picture of my (late) niéce (she had a very severe heart condition)
me: aww, i could just eat her little heart! (another catchphrase btw.)

me, watching a movie with my dad: someone had to die for this movie to be this good.
mom walks in 2 seconds later to tell us that a very close family friend died

when i walked past the front desk at my uni and they said ‘have a nice day’ and without stopping i yelled back ‘love you too’

in my defense life would be much easier if people just stopped dying

There Goes the Plot

Context - The game is Vampire: The Masqeurade. There are four of us, two of us are new players, one player had a side quest where she met a werewolf detective, and the last player was the GM. We had just convinced the werewolf detective to come help us track and defeat a Methuselah, which took hours to defeat and required very unconventional tactics, both for the fighting and the tracking.

[Combat Ends, Methuselah Dies]
GM: “In a frenzied rage, the werewolf manages to rend the vampire to pieces, finishing him off for good.”

Inexperienced Player: “Finally! That took forever!”

Experienced Player: “Aww man, I wanted to finish him off. Still, this was awesome!”

Me: “Yeah! This was so cool!”


Me: “Were… we supposed to win this fight?”

GM: “No.”

Me: “Were we even supposed to be fighting him?”

GM: “No.”


GM: “Chapter’s over, by the way. I have to level you guys up next session.”

Inexperienced Player: “Neat!”

GM: “For context, it should have taken you at least a year to move up from Neonate. You managed it in a handful of sessions.”


GM: “You didn’t even ask why he was attacking Caitiffs, you just went after him! This game is supposed to be about politics and intrigue, what is wrong with you people?!”

Exo Scenario: Waking Up with Xiumin ~

Walking up with Xiumin? Please? I love your writing so much! You’re amazing, always making my days brighter!

Aww thank you, that really makes me happy to hear. Thank you for requesting and please let me know what you think of this :)

I also have this version for Jongin, so check that out as well (I might have more than just Jongin, but I can’t remember off the top of my head, too many scenarios to keep track of).

Sleeping over your boyfriend’s house was nothing if not completely relaxing. Truly, the two of you did nothing but cuddle and watch movies all night.

As well as pig out on food.

In the mornings, still half tired from the night before, you would glance over at your boyfriend’s adorable face and laugh a little at the fact that he was drooling on his pillow. As long as it wasn’t you, you were okay.

And this morning was just like that, peaking over at him to see him still fast asleep. You brought one of your hands up to push the hair out of his face, and smiled gently at seeing how absolutely peaceful he looked. Minseok was always kind and gentle, but he was even more so when he slept. Whether it was falling asleep for the night right beside you, or taking a nap on you during long train rides, or really whenever he seemed to be asleep near you, you always adored the face he wore.

It was so serene, you didn’t want to disturb him. So you placed the lightest of kisses on his forehead before getting soundlessly up from bed to take a shower and brush your teeth, hoping to start on breakfast before he woke.

About halfway through making breakfast for the two of you, Minseok stumbled out of the confines of his bedroom, hair a complete mess atop his head and his sweatpants hanging low on his waist. You had to admit that you liked the sight, but it was so hard to believe sometimes that this man was actually your boyfriend. Not only that, but that his personality belonged to that body. You found it funny sometimes, especially at times like this when he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

He stumbled his way over to you as you greeted him with a soft hello and his answering smile was still sleepy as he pressed you into his bare chest, hugging you from behind as you continued to cook. You giggled at the warmth emanating from his body, pushing him off only lightly.

“I have to finish cooking, Minnie.” you murmured, much to his disappointment. He made a show of frowning cutely, trying to use aegyo on you to get you to hug him back. But you just shook your head, telling him to go sit down.

But even as he did so, you could still feel his eyes on you from where he was sitting and all you could picture was him sitting there without a shirt on, his hair a complete mess. It had you completely distracted from the task at hand.

“M-Minseok, can you go put a shirt on?” you asked him, back still turned as you continued making breakfast. He chuckled, knowing exactly why you asked such a thing of him.

In the next second, your boyfriend is right up behind you again, that sleep voice suddenly getting extra low as he teases you.

“Why? Am I distracting you, jagiya?” and your nerve endings all snap to attention, more awake than you were before. You turn around then, taking him by surprise as your drape your arms around him and glance at him with batting eyelashes. You smile before answering.

“If you don’t put a shirt on, you won’t get breakfast.” and it’s enough of a playful tone, with enough of a threat behind it that your boyfriend pouts and disappears quickly into the other room. When he returns, he’s wearing one of his older tank tops, which doesn’t make it too much better as his arms are still a distraction, but makes it better enough for you to continue to make breakfast…

Sitting across the table from one another now, Minseok eats his food while staring at you lovingly. You giggle and ask him why he’s staring at you.

He shrugs before he’s smiling, his gummy smile all that’s right with the world, “I just love you. A lot.” and your own smile breaks out across your face at that confession, because you can tell that he’s genuine even if still a bit asleep.

“I love you, too, Minnie.” and you lean over the table to press a solitary kiss to his forehead, which he absolutely adores. He liked it when you baby him, even though he won’t admit it to anyone else. You like that about him. “Now eat up.” you order, nodding toward his food, which is almost gone.

He smiles without giving you a verbal answer, his only answer being that he finishes off the rest of his food with a smile on his face. You love him so much.