Game of Thrones: Ep. 1 Reactions #spoilers

..because I was spamming twitter, so here’s all of my thoughts on Episode 1.


Why is it called ‘winter is coming’? It already looks like winter to me.

Is that Matt Damon?



Is that Aragorn?




Got it… not winter everywhere.

Does that tree have a face?


Homie just showed up on a horse and he’s already slaying the ladies. And he’s like 13.



They had iridescent tile back in the day? 



Daenarys has the best booty. Ever.

I don’t care if that pony tail means honor. It’s gross.

Brother is douche. I hope he dies first.


What up with all the brothers and sisters do-


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Did I ever tell you I how much love your headcanons? Because I really do! <3 Also, I never knew I needed more Now Three stuff, but here we are.

Aww, thank you! I have too much fun with them, particularly when I probably should still be moving stuff out of boxes in my room. (There’s a bunch of mugs on my bed and I’m going to regret leaving them there when it’s time for me to sleep.)

I’m really enjoying this resurgence of people asking me about Now Three because I want to write more in that verse but until I actually get off my ass/manage to finish one or two things so I feel less silly starting new ones, I confine myself to headcanons. But it lets me think about silly, sappy Steve/Loki family headcanons. Which is all I want from life, really.

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Hello lovely person. If you get this it means you're making someone happy. Share 5 random facts about yourself and anonymously pass this message on to your 10 favourite blogs.

Aww, thank you :)

  1. My grandmother’s favourite song was “Sah ein Knab ein Röslein stehn” and when I was little she used to sing it to me as a lullaby. Until today I haven’t figured out whether I love or hate that song
  2. I’m so jealous of Trish from ilovethebritishroyals because she shook Camilla’s hand today, but I’m also so happy and excited for her ♥
  3. I can watch a movie like a thousand times and still cry at the same scenes
  4. My two favourite cocktails are “Dracula” and “Sex on the beach”
  5. It’s my cat’s 18th birthday on Sunday :)

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I'm not like upset or pissed about the livestream. I mean i'm a little hurt cause I can't afford tour tickets and I live through other people's videos. But I was looking forward to it because today I had what I call one of my "bad days". I have Anxiety Disorder and sometimes it gets to be to much. I spend most of the day in bed in the dark, crying and I don't know why. I was looking forward to watching Taylor because it helps calm me down and sooths my mind if that makes sense.

Aww, precious thing, I understand! While my anxiety is not disorder-level, it’s still a constant battle between my brain and my emotions on days when it hits hardest. (This actually happened two nights ago and I almost passed out at work because talking to customers was too much.) If you ever need someone to talk to about that, I’m here, and I’ll do whatever I can to walk you through it.

That being said, try not to let this get you down too much. A fun thing to do when there’s no new performance videos to watch is to go back and watch interviews from 2007-2008. Baby Tay says some of the most unbelievably funny and/or inspiring things that still cheer me up to this day.

Hope you feel better soo , babe.


you won’t fucking believe it, khalees…but zel actually joined in to pay for these bastards like…holy fucking shit ??? anyway, here they are! :] hope u like ‘em! and if u don’t…blame her, lmfao.


“ …The-these are for me? “ It was rare the occasion she received a gift. She stared at the two adorable plush toys, still a little bewildered. They. Them. Link. And even Zelda had gotten these for her? Really?

Aftet the inital surprise, a little smile began to spread on her lips. She hid a small sniff before wrapping her arms around her friend and sending a gentle squeeze through them and pulled apart with melty eyes.

“Tha-thank you… Tha-thank you very much… I– I really like them! I will take care good care of them! …Please, please tell Miss Zelda I’m very grateful too… Thank you very much!”

Awwww lca3349 you’re so sweet!!! Now I can ACTUALLY squidge your widdle cheeks coz I know your younger than me and won’t feel as awkward/disrespectful doing it! *squidges your widdle cheeks coz you’re an adorable cinnamon roll*

And lol no, age is just a number right? Besides, I’m only two years older and that’s nothing! ^ ^ n'aww you’re so sweet! (Again) well, (belated) welcome to Tumblr/the voltage fandom! ^ ^ Hope you enjoy yourself! There are some amazing people here ^ ^ I myself am still getting used to it (tho I joined 2ish months ago instead XD)

Glad you like the series and thank you soooooo much for the support! ^ ^
(Unfortunately, I don’t think we can have a private convo because yes, tumblr hates me but if you ever get kik/line/snapchat feel free to add me! ^ ^)


(And lol if she did, tell her it’s coz you were excited coz you finished your homework and were free - always pleases the parents XD)

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What do you when you have friends or like a few but you still feel lonely and like thwy dont care at all

Aww Anon. Let me hug you! ❤️ I experience this a lot. Feeling alone is terrible. What I do is pick two people that I tell them how I feel (I don’t always do, even though I should) and then I try to remind myself that people care about me and that I’m alone.
Also pets help. And music. But not the sad stuff. I like symphonies because there are many things to focus on. If that doesn’t help you can always come talk to me.
I wish you the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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aww, nose rolls! my moms friend had two pugs named sophie and sebastian, and sophie would always sit on your foot because she was blind and wanted to know you were still with her

That’s adorable omg

Send me anons

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There was this sosososo cute blue eyed guy who I loved and loved me so much. We were together for almost for years and I lost him due a car crush about two years and a half ago. Still kind of not over it. Getting there but not there yet. And today I'm feeling sad after a while again because I miss him

aww shit, that sucks:( im sorry. it must be really hard to try and get over though :(

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I'm glad I made your night! I hope I find what you have my boyfriend of a year broke up with me two months ago I loved him so much and everything was fine until we went to this party together and I hated it and left early and the next day he dumped me :( I was very depressed and I still cry sometimes 😔I want to be a young mum too but I'm afraid I won't find anyone again we talked about having babies and I just don't know what went wrong I'm a very outgoing and loud person so I can be annoying

Aww I’m so sorry to hear! He didn’t deserve you if he is going to let you go just like that! You will find someone trust me. There is always someone that will love you as you are, i’m quite a hypo and loud person at times too and there were people that couldn’t stand me but then again I found someone who actually loves that about me. It’s not easy to find but if you be who you are then you can’t go wrong ♡ sometimes it’s about letting go and taking a risk! That’s what I did and it payed off. You’re so beautiful and trust me someone will come along and life will change in a second! x

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Jensen spent so much of him and Misha's panel talking about Jared!!! Literally, he mentioned him so many times and said he missed him! He also said he could spend all day telling stories about Jared and defended and praised Sam and said he was the co-main lead or something and AWW!!! And his speech during the closing ceremony was just oh my god, just watch it. You'll understand.

ugh can someone link me to this?! is there a full panel video???? (I’m still trying to sleep more because sleeping in two hour intervals isn’t enough so I’m sorry!) I’d really like to wake up again to see this panel!!

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i miss the scott who does comic book reviews :( drag reviews don't interest me :( i know its many years ago scott but i hope youd go back doing comic book reviews. thats how i met you and i really miss that part of you :(

Aww honey, I’m still here and just as ill-tempered; hopefully I can get into it again after Drag Race is over (I did have two drafts last summer but I never finished them).

The thing with my comic book reviews was that at the time I didn’t have anyone to talk to about all of my comic-related feelings and frustrations so I used that blog to vent. I basically stopped around the time I started working at the comic book shop because now I’m able to talk to people about stupid crap like how Bendis manages to write a dead-on Emma Frost one issue and then miss the mark entirely the next. 

Not to worry, if you’re the same anon that sent me messages over the last few years asking me to get back into it just know that I haven’t forgotten you and I plan to put something out in the soon times.

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+ just to sit next to me and we sometimes talked. the summer i graduated i went swimming with my guy friend and we met my crush and i think he thought i was dating my friend. well that day he met his current girlfriend. next year i started working in a big company and two months later they hired that guy and he worked in my department! now i rarely meet him, because he moved to another country and i still regret being stupid and shy because he was/is a nice guy

aww….this is sad…….:( but you couldn’t foresee what was going to happen so don’t blame yourself. if it’s meant to be maybe he’ll come back to ur country and you’ll meet up again. 

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I ship you with ask-lancecorporal-levi because you two would look so good together cosplaying as rivetra holy shieeeeeeet

aww shucks x3

Mun is really nice: I would love to cosplay with him one day! I have only met a few Levis who would willingly cosplay rivetra with me. Unfortunately I live in bumfck nowhere on the east coast so I don’t think any of my mutuals are near me :’D



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I have followed you for a long time now and I used to relate to your sad posts a lot but over the past few months you haven't posts any. I'm just making an assumption that you did, but how did you/do you overcome the sadness and how did you recover from self harm?

aww, yeah i did recover :) 

i don’t really know what made me stop tbh, i think getting help was the main thing that helped me, because the people that helped me offered constant support and were always there, and still are even two years on, so it always helped knowing that i had others there for me, i think you need to want to be able to stop too, and know that it isn’t a good thing, learning other ways to cope helps a lot, like drawing or painting and exercise, they helped me. I guess its down to the person, what helps them. But the main thing i’d say is to tell people your problems and get help, cause it really does help! 

hope this kinda helps, sorry if not :(

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Because Muv Luv Destroyed me and I too love Virtual- I mean Valgeron


I have two! Timothy Richard!


hmm.. my first though is a Haro.. Second thought a Griffin


Grey! Followed by Blue


aww shit that’s tough.. I still Love SKILL my Jam Project, But Rainbow  from Aria has a special place.


Muv luv, Fate, Kancolle, Gundam, IMAS


It’s a good place to find excellent art, and I’ve managed meet some really cool people though here! very grateful for it!

(sigh i could be better, he deleted his blog last night and i broke down again cuz that’s all i had left of him really but even after that, i still saw him stalking my personal. and then friday marks the two year anniversary of when we first met and his birthday is coming up in 2 weeks so there’s a lot making me :/// but i’m trying to be okay and distract myself. sorry this was long wowowowow)

(aww :/// i feel like he’ll end up  remaking, you never know!!)

(how do you think your AP went babe? and how are you??? I miss you :((( )

(it was eh.. sorta okay i dk LAMAO, mISS YOU TOO OMGOGN :(()

*sighs happily when you kiss lightly all over my face, smiling to myself and kisses you back slowly when you pressed your lips against mine, moving my lips with yours and moving my hands up your back and into your hair, holding you close to me as I kissed you slow and passionate, smiling at you when the kiss was broken, leaning my forehead up against yours and listening to your words* I am so happy to hear you saying that. I’m so in love with you and I will never stop loving you. You are my whole entire world, beautiful. I can’t wait to marry you and make you my wife. *smiles widely from your words, my dimple popping and looking at you with bright green eyes* Alright, babe. I won’t argue with that. That sounds so amazing, thank you. *relaxes a bit when you went off to go put together some food, watching some television quietly and smiling when hearing you call me shortly after, going out to the kitchen to find you after I turned the tv off, grinning at you and seeing all the food, widening my eyes before walking over to you and smirking when seeing the flour on your cheek, chuckling quietly to myself and wiping it off with my thumb before kissing lightly all over your face* Thank you so much for being the most amazing girl ever. I’m so damn lucky to have you. -Harry

*I laugh lightly when seeing you so shocked at the amount of food I made, cheeks flushing when you wiped the flour off my cheek, laughing even more when you pressed kisses all over my face, wrapping my arms around your waist and leans over to kiss you sweetly for a moment, resting my forehead against yours while standing on my toes* “Thank you for being the best lover everr,’ I remark softly, pecking your lips lightly. ‘I’m just as lucky to have a guy like you babe,’ I laugh lightly and walk over to sit down at the table, serving you some of the pancakes and lets you start eating those, handing you the bottle of maple syrup as I started to eat the bacon. 'I’m hungry to be quite honest,’ I laugh softly and start to eat, eating happily with you and plays foosties with you under the table, getting through the meal and is relieved when we were happy again, cleaning up the table and dishes with you. I get dressed to go out to the beach, wearing a bathing suit (XXX). 'Figured I would blog about this one afterwards,’ I remark, smirking playfully after coming out of the bathroom in my bathing suit. 'You reckon it would be cool if I posted some stuff about lingerie on my blog?’ I laugh lightly, standing between your legs while you sat on the couch already in your trunks, giving you a quick lap dance, laughing softly and sits on your lap, kissing your cheek softly. 'Ready to go take some more pictures and have more fun in the water?’ I ask, stroking your hair gently. -P


*moans quietly into your mouth when you pulled me down for a harsh kiss, rolling my hips against yours to tease you even more, biting hard into my lower lip after the kiss was broken and looking at you lustfully, squealing when you flipped us over so easily, letting out a quiet moan just from feeling your hand trailing down my body, squealing again when you swatted my bum, biting into my lip as you snapped my bra strap against me, smirking to myself from your words* Well then, why don’t you? *wiggles my bum at you* I’ve been such a very naughty girl and I need to be punished, Harry.. Why don’t you punish me and have your way with me, hm? I want you to boss me around and absolutely wreck me.. -Katie

*I growl a bit and snap the straps of your lingerie harshly enough for the bra to tear and yanks the straps of the panties harshly enough to make them break as well, tugging your torn panties off your body and tosses them aside and sits on the end of the bed, pulling you over so that you were on my lap with your bum in the air, squeezing your bum firmly and cup syour core harshly, pulling your core up and swats your bum harshly as possible to make a loud echoing slap sound, leaning down to your ear.* 'You do truly need to be punished for being… such.. a.. naughty… girl,’ I speak softly, spanking you harshly between each word in the end, grazing my fingers over your core and swats your bum some more before swatting your core and rubs over your core gently to soothe you a bit. -H

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I'm here but I've just been a little busy. I still come on your blog every night but I'm a little behind on vlogs. That book is hilarious they really just need to watch two videos Zoe's 50 facts about me and Alfies my first time video (not sure if he did a 50 facts video it's been too long). I'm surprised the book doesn't say G is her chummy. -creepy anon

Aww, creepy anon! :) 

Omg if it said that about G, I would hunt down the author and give them a good slapping haha