I’m talking mchanzo with a @aprinceforflora and

mccree and hanzo have an established relationship for X amount of year/s, mccree treats every new day as the first day of them dating, always doting on and teasing hanzo with affection and things like “aww, I didn’t realize you had a crush on me <3” only to get a reply of “we’ve been married for 3 years” from an annoyed but flattered hanzo.

and then they’ve been married 7 years, adopted two rowdy kids, and enthusiastically encourage sleepovers so they can have hot sweaty sex when the kids aren’t home. mccree still acts like they’ve just started dating, loves hanzo to death and hanzo happily encourages and returns the affection.

let these beard men have their fun.

So my boyfriend just finished watching Hannibal with me...

These are my favorite quotes from the last two episodes:

(About Dolarhyde) “Why does he have to be sympathetic? I don’t want to feel bad for him!”

(About Alana and Hannibal) “He didn’t even make her beer that people-y. God, why are you so pissed?”

“Does Bryan Fuller have some sort of problem with lights? Why does he hate lights? WHY DO NONE OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE LAMPS?”

(About Bedelia) “She’s sexy, but I still want Hannibal to eat her.”

(About Margot and Alana’s son) “Aww, he’s going to be a widdle appetizer!!”

(When Dolarhyde attacked Will in his room) “That was not the serial killer Will had been fantasizing about showing up in his hotel room.”

“Fuck you, Jack, I’m glad Will and Hannibal are going to eat you someday.”

(At “Going my way?”) “I have never been happier in my entire life.”

During the entire last scene, he made a noise something like gahhhhhhhhhh.

(After the episode) “Nope, now I have never been happier in my entire life.”

“…………………..so, when’s season 4 happening?”

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“So, Thor?”

“Aww, you’re so cute when jealous. Even if I had dreams like that, you were always there with us.”

“At least that.”

“Sometimes, there was two of you and one me.”

“How would that even work?”

“Remember that I still can do a split?”

“Okay, no, please no details.”

“How about you, ever had a wet dream?”

“… I don’t want to say.”

“Come on! Who was it?! Nat? Sam? Clint? Fury?”

“God! Tony, no! It was… It was Ella Raines.”

“That actress?!”

“Yeah… She was the most beautiful person I ever saw. Until I saw Peggy, that is. And then you.”

“Huh. So, you always had a thing for brunettes?”

“Seems so.”

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1:09pm - how lastnight I called my ex because sometimes I still have breakdowns about our breakup. (We broke up because he moved to a different state) when he answered he didn't know that I had just finished crying and I was surprised that after 3 month of not talking, we were talking like how we used to. There was no awkwardness, none of that. And it sucks because it made me realize that no one can make me naturally happy as much as that kid.

Aww :(( well maybe you two and get back to each other someday you never know babe

Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.

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Okay so I'm gonna tell you about my cat (I have two but one specifically). He's been acting so rude to me lately (you should see my arm) and he won't sleep next to me anymore. But I can live with it because even when he's out and about in the house he still comes and sits on the floor of the room I'm in and I think that's love so. Just wanted to share 💙 have a wonderful day/night

Aww as they say, love is in the little things. Thanks for sharing! It made me smile, and I hope you get to snuggle up with him soon :) You have a good day/night as well~