lajlir  asked:

I created an tumblr account just because of you and your work 😍 love it ♥

I have never ever felt so honored in my entire life ever. Thank you so much! ♥

I hope you have fun on tumblr! There are so many amazing artists in here as well :D

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Another year has gone by, and I cannot thank you guys enough for sticking with me thus far! I’ve gotten to know so many amazing bloggers, artists and writers here on tumblr, and I feel so grateful that we can connect in some way (especially with our love for two beautiful male characters that deserve all fluff and happiness in this fandom). I’m also extremely thankful to my awesome followers, and to those that reblog my art and leave me messages.

Bless you all for being such lovely beings. I adore you all very, very dearly. ♡

And now… onwards to 2016! Let another year filled with rivaere/ereri begin!

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Do you have any suggestion for Tokyo Ghoul artists on Tumblr?

Sure thing! There are so many amazing TG artists here that I can’t list them all unfortunately T^T but here’s a list! Feel free to go through my TG art tag because there’s a ton of amazing artists there, regardless if they do solely TG or not :D


That is sooooo cute anon!!! While I enjoy littledevil!sousuke, I also love adorkable!sousuke~


Yamazaki-san finds it hard to make friends because of his intimidating size. But with the help of RinRin and Nitori-chan, his dream may not be too far ahead! 

To clear any confusion, Sousuke has no animal symbol yet, him being a whale shark is merely a whim of mine

You know I see so many amazing artists for the OnS fandoms and I can’t help but feel sad and even a little jealous that I have literally no artistic talent in order to join them… 

 But then I remember how the author of the actual series draws and I end up feeling better.