i would be here for 80s cartoon style morals at the end of every episode if they contained solid advice like “don’t murder people”


You show up at Bucky’s hotel door offering more than just your housekeeping services.

author: buckysbackpackbuckle

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

word count: 7918 (I am so sorry)

warnings: AU, nsfw images, alcohol consumption, dirty talk, spanking, hair pulling, oral sex, anal sex, anal fingering

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I seem to have so many days off every single month, no clue why that keeps happening. In August it was summer holidays, four glorious weeks of doing nothing but reading fics in the sun (except there was no sun but well). So here’s my Sterek Fic Rec List #8!

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Murder, He Wrote by mklutz | 31682 words | E

And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.

dance me very tenderly and dance me very long by Meeya8587 | 22961 words | E

AU where Stiles heard everyone at school talking about the new dance teacher Derek Hale, so he decided to check out the dance classes, but what he saw wasn’t what he expected

One Day I’ll Accept Normalcy (But That Day Is Not Today) by jettiebettie | 15924 words | E

“You know this still really weird, right?” Stiles asks around the toothpaste in his mouth.
“What’s weird?” Derek asks. Stiles spits and rinses his mouth out.
“The cuddling. The cuddling is weird. This-” Stiles says, holding up his toothbrush to the mirror. “-is weird. The fact that I have spare clothes here is weird.”

Camp Sunset by mmmdraco | 30435 words | E

It’s Stiles’ second summer as a counselor at Camp Sunset. It’s Derek Hale’s first.

lay your armour down by stilinski | 37626 words | E

Hale, on two legs and wearing a shirt, finds him thirty minutes later still sitting in the same position, staring at the ceiling.

“I think there’s something wrong with me,” Stiles says. Hale snorts.

“I could have told you that,” he says. “Tea?”

Somewhere In Between by amazingpages | 33029 words | T

Derek’s been letting his job dictate his life ever since he was promoted from freelance photographer to official travel photographer. In his five years of travel, he’s built relationships in countries all across the globe, yet he still returns home after each job as lonely as ever. When he decides to try out the pen pal site Laura recommends to him, he doesn’t know what to expect. Derek isn’t prepared for Stiles, a small town guy with big dreams of seeing the world. And he certainly isn’t prepared to fall in love with him. He has to remind himself that this is just a pen pal thing and not to get carried away. It’s not like Stiles could ever like him back.


All the Wonders that Remain by breenwolf | WIP | E

Stiles has been having dreams about Derek Hale since he was sixteen; the fact that he didn’t put two-and-two together before now is actually pretty embarrassing.

Babcia Knows Best by thepsychicclam | 11887 words | T

Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there’s a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.

Stardust by raisesomehale | WIP | T

This is the story about how Stiles Stilinski becomes a man.
A much greater challenge altogether, for to achieve it –
he must win the heart of his one, true love.

Yes, I am aware that this space is reserved for the same people every single month. Because they write the best mini fics. Leave me alone. And check out obroech, coffeeinallcaps and felicitysmock because the Friends meme thing is my favorite thing ever.
Also very much recommended is Brii’s AU fic rec blog which is all kinds of awesome - FUCKYEAHSTEREKAUS


The Blacklist Rewatch: Anslo Garrick

Just a bunch of wonderful beautiful glorious things about Percy Jackson that can be summarized from the Trials of Apollo excerpt because I take back every bad thing I said about the series and if anything it proves that if you put Percy Jackson in a book I will read the flip out of it because I am literal Percy Jackson trash:

  • “Why?”
  • That’s his opening line. The very first word out of his mouth. You can just tell this kid is so done with this shit.
  • “As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.”
  • I’m quoting that entire section because every line of it is so beautiful.
  • But more importantly can I have “The same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily” line tattooed to my forehead because I can’t tell you how many people have tried to convince me the Percy looks average and don’t really see how he can be intimidating. Just look at this beautiful connection of words. 
  • To furthermore prove how intimidating Percy is, Meg stepped back and hid behind Apollo at the mere sight of him. This is the type of stuff I live for.
  • Note - His hoodie says AHS. So unless Rick forgot what school Percy went to, you can easily figure out the Percy has transferred schools once again.
  • But oh my god he’s on the swim team and this just proves that this entire series is pretty much going to be like every fan fiction ever written but dear god if Percy’s characterization is finally getting back to normal than I am so absolutely down for it.
  • Just, oh my god this is getting my hopes up so high now for this series.
  • Good shit.
You know that one word that'll turn you off from reading a fic, even though it is well written?

Apparently that word is “bluenette” for me.

Happy Birthday, Shirley! My friend, my wife, my soulmate. There are no words that can describe how much you mean to me <3

The sun has set a few hours ago, and the bunker was dark and quiet. No one was in the kitchen, making pies and singing off key. No one was in the library, reading or researching for the hunt. The only signs that people were actually living here were dim light and soft noises coming from Dean’s room. Of course, It wasn’t just Dean’s room anymore. A few months ago, he and Castiel cornered Sam in the library, holding hands, and finally admitted something that Sam knew had been going on for a while. Sam just smiled and said he was happy for them.

Now, Dean and Castiel were lying on their bed together, tired from another successful hunt, and Cas was watching some documentary that Dean was not interested in, instead choosing to cuddle with his boyfriend and slowly falling asleep.

‘Hm…’ Castiel murmured, deep in his thoughts.

‘What?’ Dean asked, voice raspy from staying silent for some time now. He cuddled closer to Castiel, laying his head on the fallen angel’s shoulder.

‘Did you know that summer in Netherlands starts on June 21?’ Castiel said, turning the TV off and placing his hand on Dean’s back. ‘In fact, all seasons there start in the middle of the month.’

‘You’re a nerd,’ Dean laughed affectionately and kissed the shoulder he was lying on. ‘Let’s just sleep, I am so friggin tired.’

‘Maybe you’re getting too old for these hunts. Maybe you should think about retiring?’ Castiel teased with a playful smile on his lips. Dean only huffed.

‘I’m not old. You’re old.’

‘Well, you’re right, I am extremely old… Though you do make me feel like I’ve only just started living,’ Dean looked up and saw two blue eyes, gazing at him with so much love that it made him blush and look down.

‘Jeez, I’ll never get used to this,’ Dean breathed, trying to laugh the whole thing off, but Castiel only put the finger under his chin and tilted his head back up.



‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

Dean laughed again, feeling happiness burst inside of him and letting Castiel’s steady breaths slowly lull him to sleep.

here’s to all those tiny, uncredited moments as a relationship is blooming; the small heart flutter as you read their name above a sweet text message, the blush as they ask you about random things in order to keep talking to you longer, the flip of your stomach as your fingers first casually weave together, the ever-so-stereotypical fireworks when they first kiss you, the everything good that comes after…


AU: In Which Raven and Reagan happen to be sisters and Raven is the younger sassier one and Reagan is the oldest who just usually gives Raven “the eyebrow quirk” which makes Raven backtrack and stumble over her words and Reagan smile in triumph.

I just finished reading Empire of Storms and I need to say a few things so if you haven’t finished please move past this. I mean, I don’t really reveal anything other than talking about my feelings about the end of the book, but spare yourselves so you have a bigger reaction to it.

No book has ever made me feel like this. I’m not one to get super emotional while reading no matter what and this book throughly wrecked me. I thought I knew everything that happened at the end but there is still so much nobody talks about yet. I can’t even nor will I because these are the biggest spoilers ever. All I will say is that I had to stop many times reading the ending and tried not to sob and failed on multiple occasions. I could literally feel my heart ache and hurt deep in my chest from the events that unfolded. And that last line broke my heart.

Like I said, I’m not one to get emotional like this because I just feel like every other person who cries at books and I always thought they made much too big a deal. But there are no words to describe how well written this book, this SERIES, truly is. I never got overly upset at the other books. It’s going to be a long while before I can get over the pain in my chest and the slap in the face this book left me with.

the worst thing about adhd is when you’re staring at instructions or hearing them and everybody else is understanding them but your brain just. doesn’t get it.

and you can understand each word individually but if you try to put them together it’s like trying to read a language you don’t understand

Pro-tip: Commas are your friends, especially in short introductory word groups.

Come on Bucky has a vastly different meaning from Come on, Bucky.

Let’s eat Steve might convey something else to your readers than Let’s eat, Steve

When Sam was ready to jump his friend tossed him the pistol reads a bit differently at first than When Sam was ready to jump, his friend tossed him the pistol

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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when Thorin emerges from the dragon sickness and throws off the crown, i think it’s more than just, “I am not my grandfather.”

i read this as the moment when Thorin abdicates the throne.

his next words to the company support this - he says, “I have no right to ask this of you,” because he feels he is no longer their king. compared to his statement in Laketown - “I have the only right,” this shift to having “no right” is pretty important.