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I have never seen a single episode of SU - I've picked up bits and pieces from what people post but that's it. But I decided to give your most recent fic a try and I'm so hooked. You've got quite the talent!

*starts doing math on fingers* So…so does that make it original fic? Sort of?

Because holy hecking wow that’s impressive! I’m just piggy backing off of these characters that the show has already made people know and love. Wow. Wow. 

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I'll add to the list of embarrassing stories :) two years ago, my school banned earphone use. I decided to be a rebel and hit mine black earphones in my black hair. My art teacher found out at the end of the lesson (after I bragged about it) and took them away and sent me to the headmaster. I started crying frantically, when my headmaster came out of the meeting saw me crying then took me to his office and gave me tissues. Turns out he was okay with it, and my teacher was just trying to scare me

oh my gosh that’s awful :( your art teacher is a real bum what the heck

Aang, why so salty???

Currently I’m watching TLOK and although I’m aware that’s it’s a different story and concerns a different avatar and stuff I still can’t understand why the heck the same writers who wrote ATLA decided to change the old characters so much :T

That scene with Toph and Aang totally threw me off balance - I’ve never seen this much of saltiness in Aang before! It’s like he’s saying ‘don’t call me names! I’m the avatar!’ I know he’s no longer a kid but come on, in my opinion he’d never every say something like this, especially to his friend!

Both adult Aang and Tenzin seem to me like a perfect contradiction of what an Air Nomad is supposed to look like - they’re both super stiff, kinda bitter and grumpy. WHAT

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Headcanons including a shy Slytherin girl and her protective Hufflepuff girlfriend?

HECK YA I DO *swells with Huff pride* (sorry this took so long <3)

It’s a gloomy Saturday afternoon, and Emma walks down to the greenhouses, wanting to study potion ingredients by looking at the plants themselves. She knows what she needs to look at, but discovers she can’t differentiate some of them by sight. There’s a Hufflepuff girl down the aisle repotting some herbs and Emma bites her lip, trying to decide whether or not to ask for help. While frowning at one of the leafier plants, she hears a bubbly voice ask, “Need some help?” 

Emma starts when she notices the girl is right next to her, peering over her shoulder at her notes. “Oh!” says the girl, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “This is the one you want.” She points at a plant and begins chatting about its properties, and Emma just stares, transfixed by a smear of dirt across the girl’s cheek. She’s really quite pretty, Emma realizes with a nervous rush. After a minute, the girl seems to realize the Slytherin has yet to say anything. She stops mid-sentence and grins sheepishly. “Um, sorry, my friends always tell me I run away with my words and I guess they’re right, I mean I still haven’t- oh, fuck’s sake.” The girl laughs and sticks out her hand. “Hi there, I’m Lucy.” 

“E-Emma,” she replies, taking a deep breath to steady herself and then grasps Lucy’s hand. “My name is Emma.” After they shake hands, Emma acts without thinking and reaches up to brush away the dirt on Lucy’s face. Emma inhales sharply at the heat radiating from the girl’s skin on such a cold day and Lucy meets Emma’s gaze, raising her eyebrows in surprise. Emma drops her hand hastily, feeling a blush spreads across her skin. 

A slow smile graces Lucy’s face but she says nothing, obviously sensing Emma’s desire to flee. Instead, Lucy sits down on the ground and pats the spot next to her, where Emma quickly settles after a moment’s hesitation. They spend the next two hours talking over Emma’s list of ingredients (or rather, Lucy talks and Emma nods and occasionally voices an opinion but mostly tries not to get lost in Lucy’s warm voice). When the sun sets, Lucy invites Emma to sit with her at dinner, which Emma readily agrees to. Emma spends the meal meeting Lucy’s friends, and trying not to grin like an idiot when Lucy holds her hand under the table. 

Over the next few weeks, they quickly become inseparable. One day, a boy rudely inquires as to why they’re always touching, to which Lucy calmly replies, “Because she’s my girlfriend.” The boy quickly shuts up and Lucy looks at Emma with the first nervous expression Emma’s ever seen on her. Bursting with happiness, Emma does the only thing she can think of and kisses her. Once they’ve kissed, it’s rather hard to stop, and they can commonly be found stealing kisses in the library or snogging in the gardens. 

On a random night, Emma is walking back to her dorms alone (Lucy is on prefect duty) and three boys corner her, taunting her about being queer. One of them has just finished saying that maybe she needs to be kissed by a real man when Lucy and her patrol partner round the corner. Emma has a second to see the fury flash through her girlfriend’s eyes before Lucy and the Ravenclaw boy raise their wands and all three bullies find themselves pinned against the wall. Lucy spits in their faces and pulls Emma into her arms and away from the scene, leaving her capable partner to contact a professor. The next morning, they find that no one has dared to voice their support of the three boys and the incident has not been put in the spotlight. Emma sighs, relieved, and leans into Lucy’s comforting presence. Outwardly, Lucy appears relaxed as she kisses the top of Emma’s head, but Emma can feel the tension in her girlfriend’s body, ready to protect her at a moment’s notice. Emma revels in the knowledge that she’s found someone incredible, and tilts her head up to give Lucy a reassuring smile. Neither of them is going anywhere. 


excuse the banner, i literally made it at 4:00am like 2 days ago and then decided i couldn’t come up with anything else so HERE IT IS

anyways i hit 200 followers in four days and i just?? what the heck????? things i never expected to happen: that. i’ve gotten multiple messages about how much people like the way i play indominus and it means the world to me, it really does, and i’m amazed by how many compliments i’ve received so far

i just wanna say thanks to all of you for following me and making my time in the jurassic world fandom great!

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Janet Jackson Tribute. BET Awards is this Sunday coming up, and Janet Jackson has finally decided to come back to home and she is being honored by BET. With an icon as great and Ms Jackson, its only right she’s given a tribute. Bet has called upon Ciara, Jason Derulo, and Tinashe. Here’s the tip, I’m only here for ciara because she’s been a shoe in to give Janet a tribute that’s fitting for her because Ciara is a born dancer. Tinashe and Jason what the heck bet? I like them, but no..I don’t see it. Its sad because the only male I can see giving a good show for a Jackson is Chris Brown, and we can’t forget his unforgettable Michael Jackson tribute 5 years ago. The only person that I feel will deliver Janet justice is Ciara. Ciara has the soft voice, body, and moves Jason and Tinashe… I really don’t get that feeling…

                          134 FOLLOWERS ALREADY?!

Seriously though guys what the heck? I didn’t expect that for a while haha XD But gosh! Thank you so so SOOOO much for following me. After deciding to reboot (which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done) I didn’t expect to reach even 100 until what..at least a month into this blog? AND WELL. HERE YOU ALL ARE. So I’m not going to write out every follower I have because

 1) I don’t really think it’s fair to list names and spam everyone haha 2) SO MUCH TIME. GOSH.

 But anyway, here is a small babbu list which I have created to show my love to a certain few people on here whether it be a person I roleplay with, stalk, spam constantly - WHATEVER.

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Well, that absolutely sucked. The book she wanted was on a place she couldn’t ever hope to reach. Normally she’d leave to go to another bookstore, but the rain had decided to trap her in the store… without an umbrella. Lady luck seemed to be non-existent, but then again, it’s probably because she doesn’t believe in luck. “I can totally reach if I jump-?” She mumbled, taking a step back and- oh, what the heck, there was a person behind her the entire time? Well they shouldn’t thud against the opposite bookcase despite her mistake… hopefully.


((Jebus, out of all my characters Yue so far has been the one to undergo the most drastic changes in character desing and style. He went from being a cute cinamon bun babuh to being a tough grump bab. Like seriously, even his personality. It wasn’t even supposed to be this angry. He was originally supposed to be pretty calm and quiet and now he’s this |D What the heck happened??))

| outsiders preference


Darry: Darry doesn’t like social media. He doesn’t trust it. But when Sodapop and Ponyboy tell him that Facebook is completely harmless, he decides to try it out for himself. But, he doesn’t post much, just stalks his brother’s profiles.

Ponyboy: He is more of a Tumblr poster than anyone else, and most of his posts have to do with books, movies about or based of books, and sunsets. Needless to say, he’s got a heck of a lot of followers.

Sodapop: He loves Instagram. His feed mostly consists of gorgeous selfies with #nofilter.

Dally: He prefers Twitter over anything else. His posts mostly consist of sarcastic responses to everyone’s tweets, although he does post the occasional funny video and post-party picture.

Johnny: Like Darry, he doesn’t like social media. He prefers interacting with people rather than texting them through a screen. So he doesn’t have any accounts, although he sometimes posts on Ponyboy’s somewhat inactive Facebook when he feels like it.

Two-Bit: When it comes to social media, he’s the jack-of-all-trades. He posts on every form of social media every day, but strangely he doesn’t remember creating any of his posts.

Steve: Ever since Ponyboy introduced him to Pinterest, he’s been obsessed. Most of his pictures have to do with cars and easy ways to fix them, as you might predict.


A/N: Hello! Here’s my submission for todays prompt of nalu week! I hope you all enjoy :) 

Waking up with the sun shinning through her window, Lucy stretched, having this strange feeling, like something was wrong. Weird, she thought, but decided to ignore it and get ready for the day, hoping to go on a job with a good reward so she could pay her rent. 

Unfortunately for her, her strange feeling turned out to be correct.

“KYAAA!” She screamed as she looked at her reflection in her mirror. “What the heck?” 

As it happens, Lucy had turned into a ten year old version of herself. 

“Lucy!” She heard Natsu call from outside the bathroom. When did he get here? Scowling, she opened her door, hoping he might have a clue as to what happened to her, even though the odds of that were low. 

Natsu blinked. “Hey Happy! I think Lucy has a little sister or something!” “No she doesn’t Natsu, why-” Happy stopped mid-sentence as he flew over and saw the little version of Lucy. “Oh, well I guess you might be right Natsu, she does look a lot like Lucy!” Natsu nodded in agreement, feeling proud of himself for being able to guess correctly.

“IDIOTS!” Lucy shouted, cause the dragon slayer and his cat partner to look at her in shock, not understanding. “I AM LUCY!” She fumed, not in the mood to deal with their antics. Realizing that she had no idea what was going on, with no idea how to fix it, she started to cry. 

“What? How are you Lucy, you’re a little kid!” Natsu questioned, then immediately felt bad when he saw her crying. “Hey, what’s wrong Lucy?” He asked, kneeling in front of her, not sure what to do. Turning his head, he looked over at Happy, “go and get Wendy and Mira Happy, they might know what to do.” “Aye sir!” 

“Lucy, it’s okay! Wendy and Mira will be here soon to help, okay?” He said, and decided to hug her. He hated seeing Lucy cry, more than anyone else. He loved to see her smile and laugh, he just wanted her to be happy. He loved her. 

“I don’t understand what happened Natsu, I just woke up like this.” She sniffed, no longer crying, but hiding her face against Natsu’s chest. She felt so secure like this, wrapped up in his arms. But it’s pretty weird, considering I’m in a ten year old body, which would kind of make Natsu a pedophile… Suddenly she burst out laughing, making Natsu look at her like she’d gone insane. 

“Uhh, Luce? Are you okay?” but she just shook her head, not daring to tell him her thoughts. 

“Lucy!” Mira cried as her and Wendy burst through her door. At the sight of Lucy and Natsu hugging, Mira had hearts in her eyes, her shipper heart and mind going crazy. “Ohhh, should we come back later? Or would you rather get back to yourself so you and Natsu can-” “MIRA!” Lucy shouted, face turning red while Natsu looked on confused, not sure what just happened. Lucy sighed, “can you guys help me? I just woke up in my ten year old body and have no idea how to fix it.” At this point her and Natsu had let go of one another and were now standing up. 

“Right, I’ll do my best!” Wendy approached Lucy, trying to reverse the magic that Lucy was put under. Frowning, she stepped back. “I’m sorry Lucy, but I can’t seem to reverse the transformation.” Lucy smiled. “It’s okay Wendy, you tried your best!” 

Mira stepped up. “Lucy, I believe you might have accidentally transformed in your sleep. There are many reason why this could have happened, but I think you must have been dreaming about the past and were so focused on it you transformed yourself. It can sometimes happen when someone is just starting to learn transformation magic. So all you have to do is transform back into your usual self!” 

Lucy almost sweat dropped, not believing that she didn’t think of that herself. She supposed it was because she was panicking and wasn’t thinking straight, then Natsu came and distracted her even more..

“Oh, right.” She said, before concentrating really hard, and then poof! She was back in her old body. With a sigh of relief she thank Mira and Wendy countless times before they waved and left for the guild, but not without Mira giving her a suggestive look towards Natsu. With a slight blush, she turned to Natsu with a smile. “Thanks Natsu, I’m glad you were here to help me by getting Mira and Wendy.”

Natsu just shrugged with a large grin on his face. “Of course Lucy! I’d do anything for you.” Then his grin turned into a smirk as he moved closer to her. “Besides,” he said, placing a hand on her cheek. “I like you better this way.” Leaning in, their lips met in a long awaited kiss, filled with mutual love for each other.

Maybe sometimes all it takes to realize something is to turn into your ten year old self. 


Still in disbelief that people think Damon’s idolization of this couple was character growth. The old guy Damon watched resolved his argument with a butt slap.How is that romantic!! 

This old woman is laying out her issues and wants to be heard and instead of listening, her partner just decides to sexually objectifying her in the hope that she will be flattered that he finds her attractive enough to forgive him for anything. This isn’t the way mature couples resolve their issues people. 

Heck I think it verges on showing a very bad anti feminist message. To men it’s saying a good partner for a woman lets the girl know they are sexy you don’t need to bother listening to what they are upset about. To women it’s saying that the sign of a good relationship is more about if your boyfriend finds you sexually attractive when you get older .

Why did I decide to watch an episode of Alaska State Troopers this morning? It made me miss home. But it also made me wonder what the heck is wrong with people. Do tourist not understand that as awesome as bears look, you probably shouldn’t get out of your van when you’re 30 feet from them.


The Rich Man’s Daughter Week 7: Jade and David meet again.

David: What’s the reason for this meeting. 

Jade: We were going to ask you for another favor.

David: And we have decided to give our relationship another try. She’s my fiance.

Oscar: Jade, is this true?

NCIS? What the heck is that...?

ncisla hiatus fic challenge theme 1: Change one thing

My change is that instead of Clara Hetty got “accidentially” killed by the Comescus. What if Callen had never met Hetty? And who would work for NCIS anyway?

One-Shot / 395 words

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