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Sooo, is Olivia gonna make a female president because she wants that accomplishment as well? Or is she doing this to get back at Fitz or something? Is it a power thing? Mellie is all happy now, the heck? What happened to her being a whore? 😑 a mess.

i got the impression that Rowan invited Olivia to join Ro-Jake in their quest for more power.   or she can go solo and try to stop their evil plan.   and that’s when Olivia decides to roll with Mellie.   right now, that’s her best option.

Olivia already screwed over Fitz.   and out of loyalty to the POTUS, Cyrus won’t have nuthin to do with her.   Olivia doesn’t wanna involve Abby.   so, IMO, her best option for getting back into the Oval inner circle is to use Senator Grant.

after all, Mellie is running for POTUS.   she’s also a Senator.   and no matter what happens, she’ll always be Fitz’s ex-wife.   in other words, if Mellie wants to hire Olivia to revise her tell-all book…   why not use that opportunity to go after Ro-Jake?   i guess that’s the premise of the plot??

but WHO wants to see Olivia and Mellie work together.   HA!   it’s gonna make their low ratings go that much lower.

and as for Olivia being called a “whore”…   we’ve been here before.   once Mellie gets what she wants, she’ll go back to using that name.   JMO.

I was enjoying a great shower when my mom decided to also take a shower in her bathroom and stole all my hot water. The shock was unpleasant to say the least. So I jumped out, conditioner still in my hair and legs half shaven, ran to her bathroom and was like WHAT THE HECK MOM and she got mad at me like it was my fault. Now she’s refusing to shower at all and crying. I just….



That’s what you get for showing off in class Marinette.

Now the debate begins. Does Adrien now know she’s Ladybug or has he just developed an even bigger crush on Marinette? You decide.

This is so sad and scribbly. I legit promise that I have the second and third parts to that really cleanly done ink comic coming, I’m just having digital problems. I also have a really clean and serious pencil comic coming.

Heck I have a lot coming. XD


🌠 innerstellar theme (1)

hey whats up i decided to try to figure out how to code tumblr themes and see how they’re put together and stuff and this was the fruit of my efforts

live preview | code

you can edit the heck out of it, use it as a base code, just like keep credit somewhere that would be real swell. 

check out these cool features under the cut:

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Oh no I should be sleeping what the heck 

Since I drew an Omega Pap, Decided to design an Omega Sans fusion made out of original, underfell, and underswap sans;


Papyrus for size, he would be the size of  his radius/Ulna

He would be eating mustard and ketchup covered hotdogs and tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime and any place. His attitude’s pretty chill, but man he does get angry pretty quick.

So I really liked all the Ramona (RaphxMonaLisa) stuff that happened in this episode (War for Dimension X)
Though, funny story, when we were given several sneak peaks of what we were in for in this episode, one of them was a picture of Mona pressing her nose against the window CLEARLY speaking ‘Raphael’ as she did so. Some people were expecting Raph to get up on his tip toes and try to press HIS nose against the glass to have the closest form of their snugglenosekisses that they do :3
But instead what we got was Raph RUSHING to the control panel, stabbing the life out of it until the doors opened (like he usually does) and Mona snuggles the heck out of his nose this episode ^_^ *sighs* the shipper in me is content…
So yeah, I decided to do a little fanart of this ^_^


Ok, I first thought I wouldn’t participate in @gerita-week this year, but then I thought “what the heck, even though I can’t draw Germany well and am super busy with school and work, it’s my OTP, I should always have at least a bit time for it!” So yeah, I decided to join! And like I said, I’m very busy, so today I had only about 15 minutes to draw and colour this quick sketch, but it’s still better than nothing!. I hope I’ll have more time for next days…

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Holy crap...I just decided to watch an episode of Boom since I wanted to know what the fandom was up against. I felt like I was going to be sick midway through. Heck, I literally had a headache by the end of it. If I ever watch another episode...I'm going to have an aneurysm.

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this season 3 thing has me so hype and cackling intensely

{slight spoiler alert!}

R**as breaking down slowly, Maya in Farkle’s spot so we get her reaction to everything Riley says and does (Mhmm) , Maya just NOT being down with this triangle and being frustrated yet sitting in the hole with Riley because she’s loyal/loves her

and FUCKBOY Lucas still ambiguous as heck…Dude, it’s been a whole summer! In fact, you had since TEXAS! (NOVEMBER 2015!) to decide and we’re about sit here watching SEPTEMBER 2016 and you don’t know??? Lmaoooo just gimme Rilaya. This is embarrassing and fake. I’m tinhatting trash but this show makes it so easy to think this triangle is a coverup for a Farkle/Riley/Maya thing. Especially since the writers fail to develop Lucas’ character and literally called him a distraction in the episode Riley & Maya exchange those freakin’ rings… Like what do they want my silly butt to think?

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I see Zayn saying all those things. You know. He wasn't really happy and he decided after a long time to say that he couldn't take it anymore. And we can judge a lot of mistakes he made.. but this.. we can't about this because it was what he needed. And now, I'm asking myself if Harry is happy. And I wish him so much. I want him to feel free to leave, to go solo. But he's too nice, too polite, too aware of what people could think about it, I think. My heart feels heavy in my chest. (French girl)

Harry is free to do whatever the heck he wants right now. It’s not about being too polite or nice, ‘cause he would never pull a stunt like Zayn and leave at the worst of times. They’re on an indefinite break now, he IS free, so if he wants to go solo, he technically and contractually has every right to do so. Whether he WANTS that life for himself right now though, is a different subject… I personally don’t see it happening in the near future, but we’ll see. 

Okay so there’s a type of Different called Mixes, they have the abilities of all of the elements, so unlike single gene type Differents they don’t have a clear cut colour scheme for their element.

Eye colour wise they have white by default, but they change colour depending on what Element they’re using. For hair colour they have two options: Black, or Rainbow. 

The only thing is I’m not sure what sounds better for the rainbow option? White, but with streaks of rainbow colours throughout/at the ends, or fully rainbow? Does anyone have any opinions on what’d be better?

Fun Doctor Who AU idea: Doctor John Disco is an influential radio DJ (who, in spite of is name, is one of the first radio DJs to introduce punk music); Clara Oswald is a dedicated listener who, on a whim, decides to ring up the station one day.  And so on, and so forth.

The best thing about parties, other than girls, was always the booze. Vodka, rum, champagne, beer – heck, even wine, Ryder wouldn’t discriminate. Of course, once he’d drank enough, music became his favorite thing and he just had to bust a move. He forced everyone around him to make a circle and decided he’d be the first to show the foreign visitors how Genovians did it. “Now this is what I call, drop,  but don’t roll – just do the worm.”