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(( HC + Keyblade ))

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Oh man. I- Have a lot of thoughts about his keyblade actually?

Starting off, then, how he gets it: 

Two theories. One is Xion gives it to him as his master. I like this one - it’s precious gives great character development, and platonic/familial Xigxi gives me so much life. This is the one Alex and I have running, and it’s spawned all sorts of emotions.

Second theory. This one started out crack-ish with Ferret, and now I’m running with it. The basic idea was that, due to overexposure to Xehanort and Dark and Light - Everyone has a keyblade. 

Literally everyone. 

And, this group makes up a third faction in the keyblade war.  There’s the Seven Warriors of Light, th Thirteen Seekers of Darkness, and the Legion Of Forget This We Just Wanna Go Home Without Worrying You Idiots Are Gonna Drag Us Back In. Long story short, the mass of Done people win even if it’s by sheer numbers alone, and Dilan and Aeleus drag Braig home quite literally by his ankles. 

That tomfoolery aside, I think there is something to the idea that Norting might give a person the ability to use a keyblade. After all, if the blade chooses its wielder based on their heart, and the ‘Norts all have the heart of Xehanort, who can use a keyblade, wouldn’t that make sense?

Or, we could combine the two: A mix of having the ‘right’ heart and Xion being an absolute treasure.

Anyway. As for how/ when he summons it: for the first time.

The requirements I see for him are realizing that he’s himself again, he’s free, he’s not Xehanort, he’s not stuck in the darkness any more, he can change - all that fun stuff. And that’d be really hard for him, and there would be days when he can’t summon it at all because he just- Relapses into the sort of hopeless ‘There is no escape for me’ state of mind. For those of you that read the haircut ask from a while back, that might be a good time for him to summon it. He’d be too emotional to show anyone, though, and he’d want some sort of grand entrance to make it look cool.

Lastly! I drew this in class today because I’m a butt but here, have a ridiculously rough concept. 

The working name right now is True Aim, though, that’s because I was half asleep sitting in a Japanese lecture and couldn’t think of anything better. As far as colours go, it’s mostly the same as his guns, though the heart token and ‘scarf’ on the grip are red,  and the eye at the end’s blue. 

The basic idea was to make it similar to his guns, the way Lea’s are like his chakrams, but I also wanted to make it clear it’s Braig’s keyblade, not Xigbar’s, since separating himself from that ‘other self’ is a huge part of what lets him summon it. The chain is a string of links shaped like his arrows, and the token is the heart that was on the Guards’ uniforms; The grip is shaped as the Roman numeral II, but has Braig’s scarf wrapped over top of it. The eye at the end is the Eye of Darkness. I put it on the end of the keyblade because I’m a symbolic nerd and I kind of liked the idea of Braig trying to distance himself from the darkness, but never being able to let it go completely; And, when he turns the keyblade into his arrow gun for the random attack I scribbled at the bottom, he has to quite literally face the darkness to draw strength (And, based on how he holds his guns in the renders, hold said darkness close to his heart).

Above you can see my random attempt to make the blade fancier via hastily-scribbled kanji, but, most starting keyblades (with the exception of Kairi’s) are pretty simple, and something about the way this one was shaped made me think of the Wayfinders. I dunno, some nice irony there. 

I sort of rushed the ‘final attack’ thing at the bottom, so it’s kinda hard to see, but the basic idea is that the ‘teeth’ of the key come off, make a circle, keyblade turns into a gun, Braig does what Braig does best and starts shooting things upside down. The mechanics behind that would be that each of the seven teeth have to be destroyed so you can land a hit on him, like a shield - each one takes about one hit, but when he’s zapping all over the field, seven hits are annoying to get. After x amount of time, when the attack wears off, he launches one of those charged shots, and any remaining bullets from the shield go along with it. Then, of course, you get the brief pause while he ‘reloads’ the keyblade, leaving him vulnerable, and the fight goes on.

This got way longer than I meant it to I am gomen