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Hey, I tried starting Merlin two times. But each time I only got through the first season or almost finished it (the season), I can't really remember, but I finally have some free time and I keep thinking of starting it again, the thing is that I wouldn't want to watch the first season for the third time, even though I don't even remember half of it, so could I just jump into season 2? Or even 3? (I am not sure at all if I got to the second season the first I tried it or not) Thank you.

i… im not really sure how to answer this, dear. i understand that you wouldnt want to watch s1 again when you’ve done that twice already. however, if you dont remember half of it or if you even finished it, id actually recommend to watch it again cos the following seasons build on some story lines from s1, e.g. lancelot, arthur’s birth, morgana’s and gwen’s tensed relationship with uther; and from a shipper’s perspective id definitely watch it again cos its probably the best season for merthur. not knowing/remembering how it all started might make watching the rest of the show less enjoyable.

i used to be so into all these romance novels but now that i am more aware and i know more…… i fucking hate them like i really dont want to read about a white boy and a white girl falling in love in different circumstances again. unfortunately thats basically the entirety of the YA genre. i guess my point is that im so sick of heterosexuality being in every goddamn book i read. 


                                                   Big and little at the same time,
                                                               brand-new and ancient, 
                                                                          and the bluest blue ever.

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Tales of Angel Lu Chapter 2: Happy Halloween

[A/N: To everyone who have read the first chapter: The chapters are not necessarily in a chronological order. The chapters just tell random events of Angel Lu’s life. (Or you can just pretend that wings grow back after some time lol.)]


Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

I’m sorry I forgot the snapbacks  (╥_╥)

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

Allah tests those He loves most


「Cage Catastrophe」

Chapter 1 END

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Ah, there are tons of inconsistencies throughout chapter 1. I’m planning to redraw it and possibly turn it into a comic book zine (more info in tags muahaha) I don’t know if people would buy that though so let me know in this poll so I can plan out what I can do :’D

But anyway! >w< The long awaited conclusion to chapter 1! Will be on a hiatus for now but chapter 2 will definitely happen! But for now, I’m gonna do my own AU series~

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Thanks, Rukia. Because of you, the rain has stopped falling.


I hate to do this again, but there is now a donate button on my blog, as many of you know I spent a lot of time in the hospital, which has set me back majorly in funds. Im trying commissions, but its simply going too slow, too slow to get the funds I really need. Im keeping commissions open still, but if you find you dont want to deal with the hassle of commissions and find it in your heart to help me, I would be eternally grateful, I need 300 by the end of this month alone, and Im not even half way to my goal. and who knows what I’ll do next month. I genuinely need help, and I hate having to beg for it but I need help. please

bc of BPD I have this awful fear of abandonment whether real or perceived and so a lot of times when I tell people to leave me alone and they do for an extended period of time I go into Panic Mode and think that they’re abandoning me and I just Split More and 1) lash out bc they’re leaving me or 2) put up a protective barrier or 3) both! at the same time!

I want to apologize to all my followers for dragging them into all the drama in between me and a few certain people from our fandom.I wont get involved with them again ,fighting like this is really childish and a lot of people got dragged in who didnt deserve it and i feel like this must come to an end.Im sorry if some of you are disappointed in me,or think im a “bully” i dont think ive ever really insulted anyone or bullied anyone,both sides had faults but that doesnt matter anymore,and im sorry that my blog has became a place you dont enjoy as much as before,i really want it to be a place that makes you smile and i promise itll be like that again.I know im not a bully or some awful evil person and ill make sure this is the last post concerning my relations with them,i hope they too see how pointless and draining for both sides it is and put a stop .

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MikleoxSorey Drabble: Valentine's

(did a quick little thing for valentine’s)

Pairing: sormik (soreyxmikleo)

Rating: PG-13

Words: 700

Warnings: no spoilers whatsoever

Summary: Sorey is given chocolate right on Valentine’s day by accident. Or so Mikleo claims.

(thanks for betaing again niennakhera)


Surprisingly, it’s not Lailah that notices it first, but Edna.

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