anonymous asked:

would you ever self harm again?

I dont really want to talk about it on here. Asking about SH in this way like its something i would “choose” to do when i was normal minded is a bit strange. (It is a choice , yes , but one that is often made impulsively) . But for your information i have relapsed recently, sadly. But it will b ok

I’ve been so depressed lately that I haven’t gotten out of bed much, at least willingly anyway, and have done nothing I really enjoy. Which sucks because when I’m not being creative that alone depresses me, yet sometimes I can be too depressed to be creative… But today I feel pretty good. I’ve done Jordan’s lessons with him, made breakfast, got dressed in real clothes (not just pajamas) All the house work is done for the most part and I’m back to working on my story after a creative wave and planning. All I wish now is I had some speakers to crank my music up a bit while I download some cc and edit some screenshots.

I hope everyone else is having a good day too.

oh man i feel like i haven’t drawn in a long time i seriously haven’t touched my laptop in a week and school is just like here have all the exams and im just dying i can’t but im glad i managed to do something this weekend it felt nice to draw 

anyway i drew my oc hana again cause i really dont want to neglect my babies so ill be drawing them more often