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i just wanted to send a message saying that youre still my favorite artist after all this time for like a year and a half and even though i dont watch miraculous ladybug your art is still really beautiful and amazing and im glad i got to visit your ax booth back in july!!! have a nice day!!!

thank you so much!! ^^ im glad you came back to visit me… AX was pretty busy too so im very sorry if i seemed a bit out of it! ><!!! ill be helping out my friends again AX17, so i hope you can visit me again! 

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Hi it's really late here where I live and I am afraid of going to sleep because last night I dreamed that Jimin was executed. I don't want to dream this nightmare ever aging. I need someone to talk

omfg, are you okay sweetheart? what were you thinking of before you went to sleep to make you dream of that? jimin is okay dont worry, it was just a bad dream and hopefully wont happen again. i hope you dream sweet dreams of mochi jiminie!

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Food Stuff!

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certain foods like stir fry veggies + meat that are Supposed To be mixed together ill eat together but usually not others. and also sometimes ill have a weird craving (taste sensory stuff?) and eat 2 foods that are weird together -😶

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On the food convo- I dont eat all of one food at once, but take 1-2 bites of one, switch, and cycle through. But the amounts of bites i take depends on how much there is because i do not want more of one food than others. Also if i want another plate of food, i only do it if i can get everything again, so if i had: meat, potatoes, and beans the first time, and then there are no more beans, I don’t eat anymore because it has to be even. Idk if its really an autism thing but its a me thing

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i eat my food in this order: 1.a bite of any meat that might be in the meal 2.a bite of any potatoes that might be in the meal 3.a bite of any vegetable other than potato that might be in the meal 4.a bite of any bread thing that might be in the meal once i’m ALMOST finished, i stop eating my favorite thing, and only eat the other things, but in the same order. and then i finish my favorite part. it sounds complicated but like idk how else to eat it? do other people just do it randomly?

Some people do! Some people do it like you! -mod har

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I actually have the opposite thing. I have to mix all of my food together, so that I don’t have to deal with just one of the types of food on its own. Is anyone else like that? :/

Absolutely! -mod har

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So, i really want to have fancy lace or satin pajamas to wear. I dont have a boyfriend, i just wanna feel good about myself. But my parents are very strict and probably wont let me get any. What should i do?? (I hope this makes sense)

Honestly I would say just go out and buy them but then again I don’t want you to get introuble if your parents find out. I would say just ask them and tell them that cotton doesn’t feel good on your skin when you sleep and if you can get pajamas in a softer fabric ex: satin. Just ask they will probably say yes.

-Admin M

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Dude, what if they're doing this to get Lauren off the closet? Following the person's logic, that'd also put Lucy in the spotlight (the whole world knowing her, not only harmonizers). That could actually protect Camren, and MAYBE, we'd have more Camren interactions in public, cause in theory "there'd be nothing to hide" and "Lauren'd be taken". Of course, Camila'll be upset and the person said she'll have a hard time and maybe causing their relationship to shake again?

Ok so, I’ll tell you what the account said. Its actually really really smart, yet I dont really believe it. Ok so, they said they’d out laucy TOGETHER. And that they dont want to out Camren together because that’d put the spotlight on Lauren and Camila. Keep in mind, Lucy’s dad is a hispanic singer (luis something) and they said that Lucy will be using Lauren as a helper or something for Lucy to grow in the music industry. Keep in mind Lucy has performed on stage in Colombia, so maybe she wants to become an upcoming artist. And with Lauren being on her side, that’d grab attention for Lauren and for Lucy. Because Lgbt couples in the music industry are not common nowadays, so imagine all the attention they’d get.

(still bullshit, no?)

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i have a question! I'm a gemini and my bf is a taurus. so, we're both virgins and we've both been wanting to have sex for the first time together. The only thing is, I know he loves me, but he never really shows it. And i dont want to have sex with someone unless i know for a fact that they're deeply in love with me, i just dont want to get hurt again, ya feel? so how do you tell if a taurus is really in love wih you, or if he's just "going through the motions"?

Yikes, Taurus men are extremely confusing I’ve totally been in your shoes honey. Taurus are often confused about their feelings when it comes to relationships, so it’s often difficult to tell. I say talk to him! Be open and be honest. They’re very direct people.

no but i really am leaving. 

thank you all very much for the support/love you have shown me over my time here. it’s very sad to be leaving because this blog has given me the most amazing network of friends. i’ve seriously met some of the greatest people because of this, and i’m glad to have had this opportunity. 

but sadly, people sent me some very…negative things last night. a handful were very very ugly and i wish not to elaborate so that it doesn’t upset anyone. it was too much to just brush off, and it really upset me. and i don’t like seeing the negative asks as much as anyone else. it upsets my friends, which upsets me more than the asks themselves. i’m also just not into osomatsu-san anymore! ;^P 

but most of my experience has been a great one, so thank you! i’m just a little too tired (physically and mentally) and i don’t think i can deal with rude asks atm. 

maybe we’ll see each other in the future! maybe i’ll come back one day, who knows? but for now, i am leaving. goodbye, everyone! thank you for being nice to me and jyushi! :^D

-mars, aka mod jyushi

I feel anxiety right now over Bleach ending

I swear, if the same naruto shit ending happens on Bleach, I will never ever in my life read a manga again.

I was so angry at that sasusaku and naruhina bullshit, I know a lot of people ship them and I respect that, but I was so so so angry at that ending, I swear, I spent one week so angry and sad because I never expect it. I know it’s just fiction, but for the record, I pretend that naruto’s ending (as well the harry potter epilogue) never existed.

So, I dont want to do that with Bleach. I really really love bleach and Ichiruki. Please Kubo, please don’t breake my heart. I hope I am not the only one feeling this way. I dont care if we have an open ending, as long as IH doesn’t become canon.

PD: I love Orihime. She deserves a cinnamon roll like Ishida.


PD3_ No, I really don’t.

PD4: Forgive me for my bad english, please.

i hope once all these nice, non plot episodes are done (i dont want to call them filler because i really like them, but they’re a lot more chill, they remind me of those episodic season 1 or 2 episodes) and we get back in to the more serious episodes, maybe dealing w jasper or pink diamond again, we get a new ending theme too

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Okay I'm honestly confused. Why do you draw your persona pretty chubby when you're actually really skinny (in my opinion). Is that how you want to look?

you and I have different perspective

while you see me like this: standing up, with clothes on and binder and other “slimming” stuff underneath

this is how i see myself

I have handfuls of tummy fat, of course it’s more noticeable when Im sitting down without my binding top.

on the first pic I dont look busty either and that’s again thanks to my binder.

here’s a pic of me without my binder or anything, being full out female presenting (thos this was from about 3 or 4 years ago, i put on a bit of weight since i think)

I might not be extra fat but I don’t think I qualify as skinny. I just try my best to wear clothes that don’t make me look fat and wear binders and shit *shrug*

I made a thing! A Star shimeji to be exact! What does it? Well, it runs around your desktop! I have currently four Stars on my screen and they are… doing stuff… I don’t know exactly… But I know exactly what they could do! 
More to this really cool thing I made + the download under the cut!

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hey guys i actually wanted to kinda ignore tumblr til something happened to ten but this is RLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! there is a second poll and i guess many of you dont know about it because ten is literally losing right now. momo is 1st place, chungha 2nd and ten is 3rd, but hyoyeon is really close to him and he might be 4th again. please go and vote and dont ignore this. like seriously, this is important guys. can we do it? i cant link yall properly but heres the link!: http://tv.mnet.com/web/poll/detail.m?svySeq=203
please take your time to vote because this voting sure as hell is not for nothing. maybe it will affect the end results. and yes, i get it, winning is not everything, but its still nice and an achievement. imagine how happy ten, as a rookie, would be! hes working really hard since a kid and deserves it. please vote.


i went to to the forest once, it was pretty 

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Hi Nat! I want to apologize for posting your artwork on our facebook page without your permission. I'll make sure that I won't do it again. I'm really sorry. Please don't ask me to delete it from my page because the fans liked it. But I will assure you that I won't post your artworks there again. I'm sorry. Please let me pass in this one.

excuse me, no. please delete it from your page. i don’t care how many people liked it, it’s not yours to have posted and not yours to be getting attention and recognition for. 

take it down or i’ll find it and report your page. apologizing for reposting art after you’ve done it is one thing, but actively admitting you’re not going to take it down is straight up rude and disrespectful, and you’re throwing it in the face of the artist then

many artists quit posting online entirely because of people like you, i hope you realize that. it’s on you when your favorite artists deactivate their accounts because of the disrespect you show when you repost artwork against the artists’ will

on top of that, facebook especially is somewhere i don’t want my artwork because of terms and conditions specifications that may or may not still exist on facebook that claim they have the rights and ownership of any images posted to facebook. i used to put my art on fb back in the early 2000s until i found out about that, and i refuse to put my art on any site that will take copyright or ownership away from me. 

take it down. it doesnt belong there. it belongs to me and i reserve the right to post or not post it wherever i want. 

please take it down. thank you for not doing it again. i’m going to block you if you get entitled or disrespectful toward me about this.

Quotes from Sabrina’s Mother Part Two

I just got off the phone with my mom and told her how much everyone loved her scream quotes and she’s very excited about it and also gave me more quotes to share with you so

  • “if eli lives i will be in a wonderland of bliss and happiness i miss him already”
  • “My poor precious Noah is never going to want to date anyone ever again because everyone he loves dies and that better not give him reason to be the killer next season or else i’m blowing up production”
  • “i just really fucking hate kieran’s hair jesus christ”
  • “our precious virgin is no longer a virgin and really i don’t blame people for calling him death dick because seriously everyone died”
  • “didn’t they say they’d announce if there was a season three after the finale?! ITS ALMOST BEEN A WEEK THAT’S NOT RIGHT AFTER”
  • “I need a season three sabrina” “i know mommy” “no you don’t understand” “yes i do  mom, i feel this as much as you do” “no you DONT. UNDERSTAND.”
  • “Do you think they’ll fix his hair in the special or am i going to want to die”
  • “okay its almost been a week, that’s not right after. right after is the day after, it has almost been 7 days after, not the day after, that is too long.I NEED TO KNOW. WE NEED MORE. WE NEED IT SABRINA. okay i need to calm down and take a nap and not think about how they don’t know what right after means because i won’t stop”
Dangan ronpa 3 spoilers


i think he faked it somehow with things from that monokuma room.

+ maybe ruruka knows because she wasn really upset??? and she wanted to go out of the room asap
i WONT believe that he is dead, if he really is that would be super lame.

like all the characters had like pretty unique scenes of their death but they just kinda stumbled over him. AND he wasnt hung up.

so PLS dont let him be dead plsssssssss D:

on another note: wtf hajime why are you izuru again??? and yay for togami and fukawa :D


…Sigh. I know i’ve already apologized before, but i just felt the need to do it again because..yeah. Anyways, i know i’ve become really bad at regularly posting, and i really am sorry about that to anyone who actually likes this blog at all - i dont even have any physical reasons for being unable to post regularly. Or answering asks (of which im still very behind on hehe). But yea. Just wanted to say sorry to y’all again. Yep. Cool. Sorry

hey, sorry to be asking for donations again so soon but thaaaats being disabled and living in poverty

My current condition is getting bad, I’m suicidal, and going into self destructive habits again. My meds arent cutting it anymore, I need to start seeing a therapist again and the one thing holding me back from that is cost. Last therapist I saw weekly was 70 dollars a session, and the meds i should REALLY be back on are 60 for a refill. I don’t even know how I’m going to afford transit tbh

I didn’t want to make this post but after a rather bad incident tonight I don’t have any other means of getting help. 



thank you for reading, and considering making a donation