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was reading garden falls over and just wanted to let you know again that I love it!!! did you have the rest of the story figured out? I totally get not finishing it but i was just curious to know the end of the story.

honestly theres only one chapter left which is the greg side but i dont really have the strength to work on it

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Okay... I may or may not be planning to draw some of your angel and demons AU since I'm inspired. (Although if I did it would be trash so I apologize like from now)... But, just one question, do demons have wings? Like those spiky black thingies xD

honestly you can draw it however you want? but i dont really see them as having wings, i honestly just kind of see them looking like their human self but their pupils are all black >:) aint got none COLOR in they eyes,,,but live when they’re in hell i want them to have like big claws and have really pale and cracked skin >:) but theyre human forms are normal aside from the eyes…..does that make sense??? feel free to message me again if i just made u more confused LOL

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MOMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA i don't know what to read...(books, not fanfics...but fanfics are acceptable lol)...i finished this book called Bad Girls Don't Die and it was really good/creepy but now I'm between two other books: 1. Looking For Alaska (John Green is one of my fave authors!!) but I already started it last year and I don't really like reading books over unless it's one of my favorites oops; and number 2. The Wicked Girls..I started it but i dont really like it and it's not interesting to me:(

Hey kiddo!! <333

If you want another good/creepy one, I totally recommend Nova Ray Suma’s The Walls Around Us! If you want something emotional and beautiful and humorous at times I recommend one of my fav books ever: Dante and Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Other favs of mine that you may like!

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati 

The Serpent King by Jeff Zenter 

Underwater by Marisa Reichardt 

Devilish by Maureen Johnson 

I hope this helps you pick a new book to read!! 

(PS John Green is one of my favs too!! <333)

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My secret is that I identify as genderqueer, and since my boobs are really large I'd really like to get a binder to flatten them, but my parents are completely against it. They both basically said that if I don't identify as a boy then I shouldn't get it. I want to try asking again, but their last reaction has me too intimidated. I just feel stuck at this point; until I can get my own credit card and buy it online for myself there's nothing I can do.

I understand that they want to make sure its a decision you’re happy with. But its your body. Its your decision. I dont know how old you are, but I would always say do your research before doing something like this. Be safe. Ask for advice. 


Oosh out
Thank you for existing

my dumb ass wants to get a nintendo switch at launch because i could if i really  wanted to and im extremely interested in using it as just a handheld but man i dont want to get burned again like what happened with the wii u


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

Things I Noticed or Learned from YOI ep 8

-Yurio really is a cinnamon roll that loves his grandpa

-the media could fucking care less about Yuuri

-Victor doesn’t give a fuck about being back in Russia. Heavily promotes Yuuri instead

-Victor intentionally doesn’t answer questions that regard his personal life with Yuuri *wink wink*

-“Dont you want to compete with him?” Victor internally: “No, because he’s already won my heart” :)

-Victor+Yuuri: It’s good to see you again Yurio!

-Yuuri knows Sala (hmmmmmm….?)

-Out of everyone present, the only ones to even acknowledge Yuuri are Victor, Yurio, and Sala.

-Emil loves Mickey and wants his attention

-Mickey loves Sala in a little-bit-more-than-a-brotherly way

-Seung really likes dogs and doesn’t give a shit about much else

-Phichit may or may not qualify for the GPF

-who the fuck is Pyeongchang?

-Seung is a sexy parrot

-Emil wants to travel with the siblings

-JJ doesnt care about Yuuri at all (ignores Yuuri and only addresses Victor)

-Victor is used to kneeling for Yuuri

-Yuuri is used to Victor kneeling for him

-Yurio’s grandpa doesnt show up for an important event

-The crowd cheers louder for Victor during Yuuri’s routine

-Yuuri has to remind Victor that his eros is for him (aka, the tie grab)

-Yuuri still gets embarassed about showing Victor his demanding side

-Yuuri is a temptress who only Victor has the right to touch (aka, that fucking kiss. OML.)

-Victor and Yuuri are so proud of Yurio it throws him off guard (they just want to love you my dear)

-Victor and Yuuri can pull Yurio out of a mental breakdown

-Victor+Yuuri have adopted Yurio

-Yurio doesn’t realize he has unconditional support from his one-sided rivals

-Yurio+cat ears+angry look= cute but angry murder kitten

-JJ is kind of a jerk

-the Katsuki family shouldn’t be trusted with watching people’s dogs

-Mari-chan is actually really cute

-Yuuri prioritizes Victor’s mental state over him being there for the Free Program

-Victor is really worried about Maccachin, but also really worried about leaving Yuuri in Russia by himself

-Now that they’re in Russia, there are a LOT less touchy feely Victuuri moments


please commission me if you need some cool art!!

i just quit my job because of personal reasons, im starting online school to finish up high school the last few credits i have. im currently going to be putting my last paycheck in savings as well as anything else i can muster up while i dont have rent to help me afford things i need for my future carrier as an artist, to support myself and follow through with my transition. the more art i do the more i improve. ill take 5+$ for a any doable commission i really dont mind. anything can help. i dont want donations without giving anything in return. this will in turn help me prepare myself as an artist and prepare/grow for the future. 

if anything please help share this 

my goal is to start testosterone by march. which was my goal for last year, i dont want this to be a goal again, i want to reach it. in turn i will also be setting up top surgery appts depending on how healthy i am and how fast it can happen with everything going on/savings. most likely by july. 
here are some examples of what i can do:

thank you for taking the time to read this, please instant message me if you would like a commission!

List of thoughts jack probably had through the years about Eric Bittl

Year One
•He’s frustrating
•oh but he actually wants to get better
•good at hockey but i started off calling him bittle I cant shorten his name now
•pleasant kid
•its cool that more people of the lgbt community are getting into hockey, or at least being open about their sexual preferences
•do you think he would want maple syrup from uncle? Or honey from uncle with bees? Ill ask (proceeds to get into hour conversation about honey vs maple syrup) uh… i still dont know
•(during the summer) uh i miss bittle. He was cute. I think i kinda like him in the romantic sense but maybe i just miss him too much. Even if i did like bittle, who can blame me. Also i shouldnt act on it, hes a teammate and friend and i cant ruin a freindship again this way

Year two
•bittle is really sweet
•bittle would make any boyfriend of his happy, like look at these pies and hes athletic so his legs look so good and his face is cute. I hope his future boyfriend treats him well or the SMH team will have something to say
•bittle looks so good for the camera hes like an angel. A little southern angel.
•senior year is a bit daunting but at least my friends are here and i have bitty’s pies. Im going to miss them. One step at a time though jack.
•i regret yelling at bittle last year its been a while and were friends now but i mean i can make up for it by taking him out for the sugar coffee he likes i suppose, no other reason for taking him out more than shitty
•his legs are so good (x500)
•aw he still isnt used to the cold here bits, my jacket.
•i want to kiss him. Oh wow what an impulsive thought jack keep it together youre probably horny and hes gay but hes a teammate. Hockey over ten minutes of pleasure as mom always says
•im gonna miss bittle i cant believe this is happening oh no… i would give up hockey playing to be by bittle for another year.. oh no i love him and i didnt tell him

Year three
•i love him so much
•bits looks so good in this kitchen.. and in my room…. and my living room…(etc)
•I LOVE HIM (x9999*10^9999999)
•should i buy him these butt shorts or send him a link- oh wait oh my god bitty butt
•im a bitty butt man

the reason people like reaction videos is because it’s some of the same thrill of showing a friend a funny video and wanting to see if they think it’s funny too.

the reason we do this is because when we see other people laughing, the empathetic part of your brain makes us want to laugh too, sort of like how you yawn when you see other people yawn. the release of dopamine that the laughter causes gets us closer to the same amount of excitement we had when we first saw the video, like watching for the first time again.

reactors usually try to act really personable and friendly so we can establish that friendship-connection, if only artificially, for the duration of the video.

so shut up and let me watch my reaction videos in peace, i dont have any friends and it’s a guilty pleasure.

me: *fucks up my hair a little bit*

intrusive thoughts: cut it all off. it’s ruined. 

me: what why-

intrusive thoughts: it’s ruined. 

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Can I have RFA + V & Saeran (If you do) coming home with their friend and MC freezing becouse their friend would be MCs abusive ex? I love your blog

Oh god i had fun writing these, i must be honest.THIS GOT REALLY BIG!

Thank you for your support and for those kind words!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)
Warning: Violence.


  • He invited a good friend of his to his house, that friend doesn’t even believe Yoosung have a girlfriend, a beautiful girlfriend!
  • “Honey, i’m home!” God, he always wanted to say that
  • “Welcome back Yoo–” Mc look at the guy behind Yoosung, was her ex, and abusive ex, an ex that called her horrible things, treat her like shit, hitting on her sometimes, he treated her a way that no woman must be treated, a man that nobody must be treated
  • She just freezes, looking at that man’s eyes and him looking at her, almost finding it funny 
  • “Honey…What’s wrong?” Yoosung said, looking at you, getting closer and closer, you’re shaking, the ex  doesn’t even are afraid that you might tell the truth about him, you’re a coward.
  • “He’s….He’s…That guy i told you…The abusive ex”
  • You say almost whispering, afraid, Yoosung froze too, that guy…Was the one that done those bad things with you… 
  • “Well…Looks like MC is sick!” He laughs and looks at the guy “Hey bro!Sit on the couch, I’ll pick some things to us to drink!” He’s smiling, you don’t understand why he was like that.
  • The man starts walking to the couch, whispering a “bitch” when he passed by you, you have certain that Yoosung heard it, but he’s still smiling, closing the door, while your ex is on the couch, watching TV now.
  • You can’t believe this guy will drink with your boyfriend that knows about all that guy made, you want to cry,you’re looking down, holding your tears.
  • When you look up, you see Yoosung, picking up a knife, with a marvelous expression on his face, you don’t know what he’ll do.
  • That guy doesn’t even notice Yoosung behind him,and then Yoosung puts the knife on the guy’s neck “I’m trying my best to not cut your throat, you’ll get up, will say that you’re sorry to MC, and you’ll go away and never, listen to me very carefully, never, come back” He presses the knife on the guy’s neck, almost cutting.
  • “And if you think I’m afraid of you, look at my eye, i’m not scared of a piece of shit like you, now…Go”
  • The man gets up, slowly, Yoosung’s still looking at him, with the knife in his hand, your ex walks toward you “I-I’m sorry…” He says shaking, and after that, he runs away.
  • Yoosung puts the knife on the counter and looks at you, smiling, “Honey, do you want popcorn?”


  • Zen already warned you about this, you are happy, Zen will take a day out, finally. 
  • When those two arrived, you’re smiling, ready to greet your boyfriend, then you see that demon behind him.The men that used to beat you.
  • You froze, taking a littles steps back, Zen was waiting for his hug and kiss, but he knows that something was wrong.
  • “Long time no see, little thing” When he heard this, he remembers what you said to him, that your abusive ex boyfriend called you “Little thing”.
  • Zen look at the man, and punch your ex, a punch that made him fall to the ground 
  • “WHAT THE HELL MAN?” Your ex says, trying to defend himself while Zen is punching him, the guy doesn’t stand a chance against Zen
  • Zen looks like a demon,he’s saying so many things to your ex, yelling, after all, that your ex goes away, bleeding, and Zen looks at you, his hand is covered in blood.
  • But he doesn’t care, he runs to you and hugs you even with his hand with blood “I’m sorry for bringing this guy to this house..” You hug him back.
  • In that day, he’ll make you remember how much he loves you.


  • It’s hard to imagine him with a friend, so it’s a company employee, one that he trusts.
  • He’ll talk about some projects on his house while drinking some wine. When he arrives with this man, you drop the bottle of wine that was in your hands.
  • Is this the monsters that abused you for many years?Yeah, it was. You’re scared, so you just froze, with a terrified face, Jumin is preoccupied about you, so he just goes, toward you and hugs you 
  • “You can tell me if anything is wrong…Nothing will happen to you…” His voice is so calm and firm that you tell whispering to him everything, holding back your tears.
  • After that, he looks at the men, who was looking at you “Guards.Take this man out of here.”
  • The guards hold the man, taking him away “Wait a minute.” He takes off his suit and puncheS that man while the guards were holding him 
  • “Make sure to punish him outside, you guys will be rewarded, each tooth of this man that you bring to me, i give you guys a promotion, now, take this trash out.” The guards take him out.
  • Jumin sighs and looks at you, he smiled and kissed you “I’m by your side now love…Me and Elizabeth”
  • You give to him one laugh “I’ll make a collar for you, love…Will be made with that man’s teeth.”


  • She brings your ex boyfriend to your house because he was a trusted person, he was helping a lot with the cafe, providing advice, supplement, Jaehee wants you to meet him,and then, you can thank him.
  • When she opens the door and you see that man, you don’t know what to do, you open your mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.
  • Jaehee finds it strange, when he looks at the guy again, she remembers why she think he was so familiar
  • She knew him from old photos that you showed her, when you told your history with that man, that monster, that abusive boyfriend.
  • Jaehee could kick his ass right there, but she doesn’t, 
  • “I think it’s better if you leave.” That guy nods, but when he was about to go away, he stops on the door and look at you “I didn’t know you stepped so low MC,you’re a lesbian now?" 
  • He laughs, and before he could even think about anything, Jaehee kicks him right in the face, he falls to the ground.
  • Jaehee gets on top of him, immobilizing him "Say that you’re sorry.” “What the hell?!Okay, i’m sorry!”
  • Jaehee let him go, but not before you kick that guy’s face, she gets up “Sorry for this behavior MC, but i couldn’t let this guy talk like that with the love of my life.”


  • I know it’s impossible to him have friends bring someone to his bunker, but please, ignore that detail or i’ll never be able to do 707
  • He’s the meme god, the meme lord, and he has a friend?That is unusual.
  • When the two of them enter that bunker, you froze just by see the face of your ex.
  • Seven looks pretty serious after that door close “Hey man, i have a present for you!" 
  • He runs, your ex look at you "You still look like a bitch.” When you’re about to say something, Seven’s back, with that robot, the dog robot, the one that spits fire.
  • “Here” He smiles while the man picks it up “Hey, come on!Let’s test it outside, he obeys some commands!”
  • While they are leaving again, Seven looks at you, with a smile on his face, you’re so curious about what he’ll do, that you stood by the door.
  • The man seems excited, he puts the dog on the ground 
  • “Okay, i will show you what he does…Doggie..” The robot eyes shine “Burn him up. Do a good barbecue” And then he starts to spill fire, and the man begins to run while the robot chased him 
  • “Saeyoung!He can die!” Seven laugh and kiss you as he enters the house again, pulling you in too, closing the door 
  • “Let’s just hope that he doesn’t die in front of our house!” You don’t laugh, you seem worried “Baby, i will not kill him, i just..Roasted him" 
  • This time you laughed.


  • He was bringing a new friend of his, he said that you’ll like the guy, he was cool.
  • When that guy arrives, your heart stopped, that was your ex, you told V about it, but of course, he cannot recognize the man. 
  • But he was holding your hand and he realizes how much you’re shaking right now, you just shake that much when you told him about this man
  • He gets it now.
  • "I think it’s better if you leave, please, close the door when you get out.”
  • “Okay” The guy says while he was going 
  • “I don’t know you like blind people MC, good look, pig” and then he gets out, slamming the door.
  • V hugs you, comforting you “Calm down love…I sorry i could do anything…” He kisses your cheek
  •  "But Jumin’s bodyguards can" he smiles. He’s so precious.
  • He can be calm, but not with this kind of people, if you mess with MC you mess with him.


  • Saeran will be a little different, you two are walking on the street, and you spot your ex and froze because of this.
  • You two were walking, you were happy, Saeran is happy, but with his grumpy face. So everything is normal!
  • While you were walking you spot your abusive ex that you already told Saeran about it. And when you told him he wanted to find the guy to beat him up, but you stopped him.
  • He looks in the direction that you’re looking to see that man, he recognizes him because of photos. 
  • He promised you that he wouldn’t search the guy and beat him up, but he didn’t promise that he wouldn’t beat the guy up if he finds him.
  • He runs to the guy, and start to beat him up, smashing his fist into the guy’s face without even thinking about it, he doesn’t give a fuck about the people that was around him
  • That guy touched you, beats you, he wants to kill that guy.
  • “STOP” you yell to him to stop, and he does, getting up, with his fists covered in blood, with his shirt covered in blood 
  • “You’re lucky…If it wasn’t for her, i would kill you.”
  • He runs to you, pick your hand and start to run before the cops come
  • When you two arrived your house he hugs you so tightly, putting his head on your shoulder “I couldn’t imagine someone doing those things to you MC…You’re so precious…Especially to me.”
  • He opens his heart, is a miracle, but he did, and you smile because of that and kiss him.
  • He is precious to you too.


Maggie Sawyer to Alex Danvers: I hear everything you said, I get it. if you never want to talk to me again, I’ll respect that. I’ll disappear. I dont meet many people that I care about. I care about you a lot. You’ve become really important to me and um, I hope one day that you and I can be friends because I dont want to imagine my life without you in it. 

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can i request the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to the MC kissing them for the first time unexpectedly? thank you i love your blog it really cheers me up~ :)

I’m so happy to hear that! I treasure all my followers, you guys make me so happy with these words!
I hope you liked it, this one was so good to write!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • He was preparing himself to go to school while MC is eating his omelette, she loves everything he does
  • Yoosung was a little in a hurry, he ate like a flash, maybe that’s why he was always with his shirt turned upside down
  • It was funny, sometimes he even drops coffee in his shirt, he got burned because of that
  • But you always help him, saying what’s wrong, what he forgot, etc.
  • He stopped on the door, ready to go, already on the outside, you stood up and go to him, you usually give him a hug and say “Have a good day” of course, when you don’t need to go too.
  • “Have a good day Yoosung…Take care!” He smiles ready to hug her, but you kiss him
  • He was surprised by that, maybe that was because of that he isn’t kissing you back
  • When their lips parted, he looks at you with his mouth open, and you just…smiled
  • “I think i can skip school for a day…
  • ” He said as he enters the house again, kissing you, closing the door with his feet (he thought he was so badass in that moment)
  • He skipped classes today ~


  • That day he was so excited, he got a new role!
  • Because of that, he was jumping in every part of the house, and MC is just laughing at this.
  • You love to see him so happy and successful with his dreams, he needs more than he’s getting.
  • When MC was sitting on the couch, seeing him jump around yelling about his new role, he stops and start to sing to you, and you smiled
  • Until he sits beside you smiling 
  • “Thank you, my princess, you’re so good to me, you believed in me" 
  • He kissed your cheek and when he was about to get up again and start to yell, you grab his shirt and kissed him
  • For the first time, Zen didn’t move at all
  • But when your lips parted, he puts one hand on your back, and pulled you back, and kissed you, a kiss that seemed he hasn’t kissed you in a long time.
  • While you guys were kissing he made you lay down on the couch, he was on top of you now, when you two stopped kissing he looked at you and give a little smile
  • "Can we celebrate that new role princess? ~”


  • Jaehee still with those ”friend thing”, he keeps kissing on your cheek even when she already says “I love you” to you, like a whisper
  • You’re tired of that, why she don’t just don’t accept her feeling toward you like you did?
  • She was closing the cafe as you were walking toward her when she turn around and see you 
  • “Oh god MC…You scared me, are yo—” You kissed her, making her drop the keys, and widened her eyes
  • You were kissing her passionately, showing to her all that love you’re keeping for you when you stopped, she looked in your eyes and you did the same
  • And then she puts her hands on your cheeks and kissed you, showing all her love that she was keeping to herself
  • After you two parted because you two need desperately air, she smiled at you
  • “Want to have lunch at my house?” But you two already had lunch
  • Oh…OH! You nod and she picks the key and your hand and start to walk


  • Jumin’s really stubborn and bossy with everyone
  • But with you, he’s so sweet, look like a totally different person, you changed him, he looks more human now.
  • This day he didn’t  go to work, he was chilling with you in the bed, talking about so many things, work related things, his feeling, he loves to be able to talk about this with you, and Elizabeth, she was with you guys in the bed
  • “You know love, i have one dream…I want to have one more member in our family, i really want to be a dad you know, i never thought about that, but i love you so much that this feeling is keeping me insane”
  • He’s so sweet and romantic, you can’t restrain yourself, you kiss him, he didn’t do anything at the moment, but after a while he kissed you back, making you get on top of him, while you’re catching your breath he looks to Elizabeth
  • She understands the message and get out of the bed, after that he started to kiss your neck
  • “We can try to realize my dream right now?”


  • You always surprise him, you’re  a box full of surprises, you are the only thing that he doesn’t know what to expect
  • Maybe this is why he always loved you? Maybe.
  • “MC ! MC!” He runs to you “I think about a new way to prank Yoosung!Come with me, will be so fun!I will tell you step by step, please say yes”
  • He said, smiling, a large smile, he’s such a dork, but you love that smile so much.
  • You love him so much.
  • You can’t help yourself and kissed him, he seems surprised, but he kissed you back, hugging you in the process
  • After you two stopped kissing, you smile at him “Let’s go”
  • He looks at you and takes off his glasses and look at you with a marvelous smile, “But now i want to do another thing”


  • He loves when you read things to him, or describing to him about a paint,  or image, he can see a little, but he loves to listen to your voice
  • And you love to help him.
  • One time you’re describing lots of photographs and telling the story behind them when you told him about a photograph of a family, his eyes start to get filled with tears “V…Are you alright?”
  • He nods, wiping away tears, and then he looked at you “…I just got happy, i can think about a photograph of a family, but our family…”
  • You’re surprised to listen to him talk about this “…You can continue now MC…” You kissed him without thinking twice
  • He’s surprised, this is the first time you kissed him, when you looked at him again, more tears was coming out of his eyes as he smiles “Could you do this again?”


  • When he goes to the kitchen he sees you doing something there…You look so beautiful in his eyes, smiling, singing, he can’t take his eyes off you.
  • How could someone be so perfect? How could someone so perfect be his?
  • Sometimes he simply cannot believe it. While he was lost in his own thoughts
  • “Hey, Saeran!I’m doing a dessert!It’s a secret, but i’ll use ice cream!”
  • Saeran doesn’t care, he’s looking at you, standing still, lost in his own thoughts “I love you so much…” you look at him again “Huh?”
  • He finally wakes up, “I said that i’m excited to eat this dessert!” You laugh, he’s a dork, you walk to him and kiss him, he was a little surprised by it, but he doesn’t waste time, he kissed you back almost instantly
  • When you stopped, you’re smiling again “If you’re so excited, i better finish it soon!” You say while you’re going back to your “workstation”, but he grabs your hand, and you look at him
  • I was not talking about that dessert.” He gives you a smirk.