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Dude i will love you forever if you drew a bunch of characters slightly confused/disgusted. i dont care who you draw but please. ur art gives me life

investigating ur face oooooooooooooooohhhhH

jk but who are you tho because this is in fact one of my favorite subjects to draw

I want to talk about it then again I dont. The more I do, the easier it has been for me. Throughout our time together we’ve both sort of lost sight of things and haven’t been fair to each other. I hope to get myself back together, and I’ve learned that I can’t really be there for someone completely when I am not there for myself.

no one that works with me even understands what im going through i always have to pretend im happy so they dont tell my mum as she’ll kick me out if she knows im getting really bad again, i cant go to the house social services found me as it’s a single mum and ill be triggered constantly, the new therapist that see’s me keeps telling me its bad adults use to touch me and i cant tell her they made me finally feel wanted as she’ll just tell me that they didnt really care about me. im stuck inside my head with no way out but a razor and pills 

ok im gonna try again bcus i really wanna do this !!

like this post if you want me to add your oc to one of those hunger games things !! if you’re multimuse, please specify !! otherwise im just going to pick one of them at random. you also have to have some kind of sprite or reference on your blog or i cant make icons !! thank you !!

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i recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year BC he was being a dick and it turns out he was with this girl he knows i hate for 2 months WHILE we were dating. but i miss him a lot and we talked today and he admitted what he did was wrong and i really want to get back with him. so now i dont know what to do :((


once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater.

just bc he acknowledged his mistake doesnt mean he wont do it again. you deserve so much better.

playing ally makes me really sad now because she had a matching toon to go along with mine.. now whenever i log on and play him it just reminds me of her.

i want to delete him to get rid of thhe memories but hes my favorite toon and hes also the highest laff and stuff.. grr..


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Tales of Angel Lu Chapter 2: Happy Halloween


[A/N: To everyone who have read the first chapter: The chapters are not necessarily in a chronological order. The chapters just tell random events of Angel Lu’s life. (Or you can just pretend that wings grow back after some time lol.)]


  • me:*suffering from anxiety* making phone calls makes me really nervous and i dont like doing it
  • mom:you'll never get over it if you dont do it often! make more phone calls! you just have to get used to it! everyone starts somewhere!
  • me:*throat closes* *anxiously vibrates*
for they're designed to be together
    with your body next to mine
    our hearts will beat as one
    and we're set alight, afire in love