So I just saw Get Out and this post will have no spoilers but holy shit, does it ever deserve its current perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m not going to go on about its racial commentary aspects because I am white as hell and I figure it’s best if I leave that discussion up to POC, but it is just a fantastic horror film and a really well made movie and I highly endorse it.

Some thoughts:

  • I have only ever seen Allison Williams as Peter Pan before and so in my head, for the whole movie, she was Peter Pan
  • The cinematography is so GREAT and claustrophobic and that combined with the fabulous score just puts you so on edge and GAH
  • The preview makes it look like a racial Stepford Wives and it’s SO MUCH WORSE AND MORE DISTURBING, DAMN
  • But honestly though, I was actually the most unnerved during the setup than when things became a straight up horror film because at least then you could tell yourself “well this isn’t actually possible” but before that it’s like the microaggression equivalent of Chinese water torture and it’s so uncomfortable and cringe-worthy and the worst part is hearing shit like “I would have voted for Obama for a third term” or “my man” or “Is [the sex] really better?” and realizing you know people who would say that sort of thing and think they’re not racist at all and then you start to wonder if you’re that obnoxious and it’s almost a relief when things go to hell
  • Except it’s not a relief at all because HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE
  • also the takeaway for white people here (other than don’t participate in human trafficking and racism) is probably that if you’re like Peter Pan and realizing your community is hella racist, the thing to do about it is not get privately frustrated but not actually stand up for your friends beyond incredulous looks at racist asshats, use your privilege for good, people
  • there is some comedy in this movie, and it’s great because it’s a Jordan Peele film, and it comes in exactly the right spots when you need a bit of levity or you might die of the tension, but it always felt like a proper horror film to me more than a horror comedy
  • the design of the hypnosis sequences are GORGEOUS
  • so there’s some gore in this movie but what you see is pretty much all surgical gore and any gory violence is just implied off screen, you only see blood as a result of violence
  • There’s no sexual violence in this movie, but there is human trafficking so that does imply that sexual violence is happening somewhere
  • There’s also an extended sequence of animal death where you don’t really see much but you hear the most awful pained cries
  • As far as I remember, there aren’t racial slurs or really explicit racist language (like “boy” or “you people” or calling the lead less than human or anything), but there is one scene that is very deliberately and painfully reminiscent of slavery auctions and there’s a lot of fetishizing of black (clothed) bodies by the white characters and casual dehumanization of black lives and at least in my perspective that made it even more uncomfortable and painful because these people probably are totally convinced they’re not at all racists and urgh
  • this movie made me like the TSA
  • like every single line of this movie has significance later, it’s really well-written
  • I know I said I wouldn’t comment on the commentary aspects much, but really, white people should see this movie, it points out a lot of microaggressions and makes you uncomfortable and it should
  • Daniel Kaluuya pretty much carries the movie in a lot of scenes and he’s great, I don’t know what his role in Black Panther is but I can’t wait to see more of him

impressive things hunk has done because damn he doesn’t deserve this shit:

  • Is literally one of the smartest members of the team
  • found the fucking blue lion with his “Voltron Geiger counter” they would be lost w/o him bye
  • messed w the wiring of a galra tech elevator to get it work in no time at all
  • was one of the two paladins thus far to use their bayards to create a weapon for voltron (very useful on the balmera AND when they were rescuing allura)
  • Hunk knew Rolo was sketchy from the get-go and realized they were faking the ship problems bc he’s a fantastic engineer.
  • like the whole balmera thing
    • He’s the first of the younger paladins to really understand what its like to be a paladin 
    • what a great maturing arc im so proud of him
  • Used algorithms or something (i didn’t really understand it) to help Pidge create a better system for translating Galra to English (basically did something even pidge couldnt do like wow!!)
  • Saved all their asses in episode 10 by signaling that guard with a drone so he thought nothing was amiss.
  • Charged right into the main Galra ship to save Allura even though in like episode 3 or whatever he wanted to flee with the Arusians like it’s only been a few weeks but he’s grown!!so!!much!!
  • stop reducing him to a fat joke he’s one of the best characters in this show bye

god i’m really not over how the first time bernie + serena meet it’s literally like a scene straight out of a fanfic…..like bernie just swaggering over to serena with a cigarette in her mouth, the classic ‘the alternator might be cactus’ line, bernie immediately sharing the whole cigarette-as-a-symbol-of-my-freedom-thing with this woman she met exactly 30 seconds ago, the iconic™ way bernie was about to text marcus telling him that her shift was shit but then after speaking to serena for like 1 minute she texts him saying it’s going great….like it was all so gay + now they’re in love can u BELIEVE IT

Jaspar Livestream Summary

- they did the livestream at that time so the US people can watch it

- “I saw UK! Go to bed!”

- everyone wants Joe for president (#Jaspar2016)

- Joe mentioned that banning zoos would be good (animal rights fuck I love him)

- “fudge cake” (”no swears!”)

- “imagine like really drunk elderly people just “BINGO!” I’d love that” “Love old people”

- “turnt and loose, great things to be”

- Joe wants to take the Buttercream boys to a bingo game for a video

- Joe hogs video ideas lol

- “this is like a really high tech live stream”

- “look how many different countries, and you’re all watching this because you have one thing in common and that’s watching our videos”


- “Joe you’re the funniest salesman in the whole world”

- “It’s better than Tinder. The new dating app, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road”

- Joe lies about smelly bathrooms after Caspar uses it to embarrass him in front of people

- they said Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA is a long title for a movie (obviously lol)


- Joe yelled at Caspar for talking with his mouth full

- Caspar kept trying to keep the stream on track and Joe kept distracting him


- “How do I end this? This is gonna take a while”

anonymous asked:

I really don't want to be the one to say this, but it's written all over the season 3 that Even is going to die. I fucking love this love story, it's totally epic, but it's so obvious from the first moment when Isak is watching the film that Even made, and how he is is talking about great love stories, that there is none unless one of them dies. And all the things he says after that e.g. when they are in bed in Isaks room and in the hotel room, that you have to lose something to have it always

I don’t agree with you. If he was going to die, he would’ve died in season three. It was the leading theory and I thought he was gonna attempt in O Helga Natt, but he won’t die now. And also I think that him being mentally ill and queer would send the wrong message if he died. Like Even himself said “and the whole joke is that you think it’s a Romeo and Juliet reference” 😉

Ok I’m going to address the whole Hyperventilation situation once and that’s it.

I don’t care if you unfollow, reply with your hate, send hate messages etc (yeah I already got those). This is my blog and I’ll write what I want and feel. (I will not reply to your hate, but if you feel like expressing it - who am I to stop you).

If I was an artist who made a great thing, and people/fans were making gifs out of it and sharing it, while giving credit to me and sending people to watch it at the original source  - I’d be happy. I’d feel amazing knowing people enjoy my art and sharing it with others.


This gifset has more than 850 notes so far, which means 850 NEW FANS FOR THIS ARTIST AND THEIR WORK. 

I’m not the artist. I don’t know what they feel and think. 

But I, myself, don’t understand why they would forbid anyone to share screen caps/gifs?? Especially while giving credit!

I’m not talking about downloading the video and uploading it somewhere else, no. This is NOT OK and I get it. 

But pics? Gifs?? What’s wrong with those? 

You tell me I do not respect the artist, but I just want to try and understand why they don’t allow such things??

I’m not taking credit for something I didn’t make. I sent people to watch the original videos on the artist’s YouTube. 

The artist made these videos in order to share them with the rest of us. But now they made the videos locked and not everyone can watch them even if they are willing to pay! I WAS WILLING TO PAY BUT MY COUNTRY IS ONE OF THOSE THE VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE AT. 

and now they/you are angry that some people who did pay for the video and were able to watch it, help others who can’t by sending them a link?

Yes. I watched the 4th ep with the help of a kind person. I’m not going to make gifs out of it and not going to upload the video anywhere. It’s on my computer for my eyes only.

And now the artist even threatens to make the next videos available to Koreans only!? (because Koreans DON’T re-upload/steal/whatever? Really?)

So they kinda lose what they were looking for in the first place. 

It’s the internet. Once you posted something… it’s there. And I guess this artist didn’t do the whole thing (great animation, voice acting, sound affects, story) just so the videos would stay on their computer for their pleasure only. No. They chose to upload it and share it with other fans of the genre. But now they’re trying so hard to fight illegal uploaders that they might end up sharing it with a limited group only. So what’s the point? Your whole work? For what? Who? 

They wanted fans, right? They wanted to share it with fans and give them something they’ll enjoy, appreciate, talk about. 

But it might not end that way.

That’s it. That’s what I think about this subject. 

Have a good weekend everyone. 


For the record and for those wondering, I DID ask for permission, the day I made the gifset, but the artist never replied (maybe they don’t check their YouTube messages)

More thoughts on ARTTL Part 1

I thought I would share more thoughts I had about the first movie for A Round Trip to Love, even though I had shared my initial thoughts about it before. However, after watching it so many times over, I have finally realised how great this production is, how amazing the cast and crew have been in their planning of every action, gesture, expression, camera shot, camera angle and more. I guess what I really want to express is, the novel may be different from the movie, but that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t as good. A main difference would probably be Lu Feng, because we get to see his side of things now, and although events may be slightly different from the novel, I have to say, I truly admire how they’ve shown their love story in a whole new way. Before I continue, I’ll just say that this is going to be a long post, so let’s begin…

A gunshot is fired. What is going on? Who are they? Before we can understand what’s going on, we’ll have to look at their story that goes all the way back to their youth.

I want to focus on Lu Feng for this post today. Why? Well, there’s a variety of reasons, but I guess it’s mainly because I don’t think people see his pain as easily because of his personality. We’ll have to go back to the young teenage Lu Feng then. In his youth, we can see a bubbly, cheerful Lu Feng that wasn’t presented much in the novel. We see a silly side to him when he eats his yoghurt messily, sees his childish competitive spirit come out as he races with the stranger at the race track and a shy teenager in love as he hesitates to put his arm around the oblivious Yi Chen.

He goes a little far at times, especially that time at his house with Yi Chen as his anger gets the better of him, but we see a gentle side to him when he comforts Yi Chen, hugging him and carrying him home, all the while trying to express his feelings as best as he can, even though he’s not good with words. There’s a romantic side to him as well when he sneaks out with Yi Chen to give him the ring (that he designed) in a room he decorated, and although the moment is short-lived, in that moment, they are both content by just being together.

But people change, and we can see this gradual change in Lu Feng years after when they meet again.

The first shot we get of Lu Feng is this — a cold expression with a frightening sharp stare. It feels as if all the warmth has been sucked out of him. Why?

But then, Lu Feng makes a surprise visit. “Fix my computer,” he says. But he doesn’t seem to be all that bothered about it as he first questions where Yi Chen’s “girlfriend” is at. Here, we see hints of the teenage him when he says “I’m hungry”, obviously wanting Yi Chen to make him some food. Is this not similar to his whining in the past? He then leaves Yi Chen with his keys and tells Yi Chen to find him with those keys when he’s ready to start anew with him.

Alas, a misunderstanding pops up as Yi Chen finds out about the marriage. He doesn’t know that Lu Feng has been trying to cancel it. This is where we first see the beast in Lu Feng. Yi Chen hands him his resignation letter coldly, and he’s furious. Why was Yi Chen still refusing him after all these years? He doesn’t understand, he has tested Yi Chen a few times for his reaction, he knows he still has feelings for him, so why? The pain of the refusal then builds up on the pain of the lack of replies from all the letters he had written when he was overseas and Yi Chen’s words as he said that he had lost the ring. This pain is finally too much to take, and he releases it by trying to force himself on Yi Chen.

I think this was the most heartbreaking scene for me. Lu Feng’s confusion and pain was so clearly depicted in his silence when Yi Chen uttered the words “I don’t love you anymore”. That pause and silence had made my heart stop for a second there.

Then Yi Chen finds out about the letters he wrote, and you may think that everything’s going to be fine and dandy from then on… until you see the trailer for the second movie.

I have to say, his lines in the trailer still echo in my head from time to time. The image of him lying alone and hurt in bed while looking at the wedding invitation was painful, but what made it so powerful for me was probably his words. “All of you better watch out, one day, I, Lu Feng, will stand up again.” After giving up the world for the one that makes his world, Yi Chen betrays him by getting married. Of course, we know Yi Chen has his troubles too, he has to keep his promise to his mother, but the fury in Lu Feng is unleashed. It’s bone-chilling really, to even think about what he does to Yi Chen from then on, but let me go back to the start.

The gunshot. Lu Feng’s shocked expression when he sees Yi Chen shielding him. We see his worried self at the hospital, obviously having snapped out of his blinding anger. He realises what he has done, what he had been doing. But as to what happens next, we’ll have to wait for the next movie to be released or wait till I finish translating :-)

Of course, Yi Chen has suffered his fair share of pain as well. Both sides have been suffering throughout the years. When Lu Feng left, Yi Chen had to face everyone and everything alone, his teachers, his schoolmates, his family. To be stuck between your family and your lover is probably one of the greatest pain in the world. Not only that, he has to live as if nothing has happened, and that means no one to confide in, no one to rely on. His trust in the world and his confidence is shattered, as many of you would know from the novel, so I won’t drag this post any longer by elaborating. (Because his pain pains me too :’))

What I really wish to say is, we should give credit when we should, and this is definitely a production to appreciate. As the crew has said before countless of times, they have poured blood, sweat, tears and a heck lot of money into this, and I would say, this really deserves to be on the big screen. The actors have done a really good job, especially at expressing the characters’ emotions, so I’m really looking forward to see more from them. All in all, although this probably isn’t the best platform to do so, I want to extend a big thank you to them, and of course to all the viewers here accompanying me too. Let’s show them our support so that they know what they’ve been doing is worth it all and that the next movie can come out soon!

Star Watch - Crystal Clear & The Hard Way

If you’re wondering why I’m late to the party with these, there’s an easy answer:  being an adult really sucks sometimes. I have to juggle a job, every-day things like hygiene/food intake/chores, and all my fandoms with what my brain has the energy or mood for, while knowing I only have so much time in the day to do these things. Do I feel like continuing my Yu Yu Hakusho marathon today, or do I want to watch something new? Do I want to browse the web after watching a 10-minute Star Vs episode, or do I want to plop down and not have to move for the entire time it takes me to watch an episode or two of Buffy before I have to go to bed so I can get up for work? 

Also, I don’t have cable, so I depend on people uploading new episodes. Usually I don’t have the opportunity to see them until a whole day later. To put it simply, it sucks.

Crystal Clear:

I have no idea what happens in this one because I managed to avoid every single spoiler for it! Horray!

[one episode-viewing later]

Uh. Ok. I see why a lot of people didn’t like this very much. And why people didn’t bother unleashing spoilers.

This episode was sort of slow, especially considering the Big Reveal was that “oh hey the big magic problem we’ve been having is getting worse, here’s the giant swirling green mass of magic to prove it”. Like we didn’t already know it was going to be a continuing problem from earlier this season. It did have its humorous moments, though, so it’s worth re-watching again later on, maybe post-season. Still, here’s the highlight reel of the important bits:

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anonymous asked:

Do you think l Christians/homeschoolers are the same as the Duggars? Believe me, I'm not trying to be mean here, it's an honest question.

Hmmm tough question. The thing is, the only Christians/homeschoolers I “know” are the Duggars/Bates/other fundies. The whole concept of home schooling was completely new to me, since where I live it is forbidden to school your child at home. When I first watched the Duggars I was kind of taken aback how their kids would not go to school. I still think their schooling is not very good but I kind of understand their reasoning behind it (Understand, yes. Agree with it? NO!)

So since I don´t know any homeschoolers outside the fundie world I can´t really judge. But I guess if you don´t have so many kids and the teaching parent has a high education, I can see it going pretty smoothly and providing kids with great education (the school system is mostly pretty crappy itself) but I pity the kids for missing out on experiences with class mates. (Annie)

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

bonus-point replied to your post “I just watched the episode and this is officially my favorite episode…”

I’m so happy to hear someone liked it. There were some questionable things but all in all I liked it

Overall I really enjoyed the episode! Maia was amazing on it (like always). Jace and Simon scenes were hilarious. I really enjoyed seeing them interact. That scene with Luke and Valentine was great!!! Isaiah and Alan did and amazing job. Also, I’m really intrigued to see where this whole Izzy thing is going. All the Malec scenes were really cute, though I really wished they could’ve have showed us more of what actually happened. I mean, from what we saw you can’t really tell if Alec and Magnus really did have sex or not. 

It’s not really about showing, but it’s a big step for them and they literally showed Jace and that naked girl on top of each other, so why not show Alec and Magnus, you know? It would be really upsetting if they showed a straight couple but when it comes to an LGBT one they just brush it off… But I’m gonna keep my mind open and wait to see what happens next episode. As we can see from the promo for 2x08 Jace is going to talk to Magnus, so we might get our answers there… 

But yeah, besides that I enjoyed the episode a lot! Really funny. Was good to just lighten up a bit after so much drama!   

finally watched “arrival”

i really liked the first hour and forty-five minutes, but i’m totally meh about the last fifteen. i mean, it basically turns into a star trek time travel episode. a really well-acted and beautifully-shot star trek time travel episode, but still. and time travel episodes are almost always the worst because they so often rely on the predestination paradox trope. just like this movie does. and yeah, i know no time was actually traveled, but still. the whole scene with general shang at the party was just… ugh. and, you know, assuming the aliens are better at the whole non-linear time thing than amy adams, who’s been going it for two fucking days and doesn’t have a great big cephalopod brain, why is she able to “remember” an entire fucking language she learns in the future and general shang’s private digits and shit, but they don’t know about the bomb in time to keep one of them from being mortally wounded?

I found this some time ago when I was going through my photos from uni. It’s from  2011-02-13 and I’m about to watch The Great Game for the first time. I really enjoyed the show, I had fallen hard for it the moment the Wrong! texts floated over the screen, (I didn’t make dip for just any TV show!) but I had no idea how life changing it would end up being. 

Fandom wasn’t a concept I really knew existed at the time and it would take until May before I stumbled into it, but it was there, in January/February six years ago, that this whole thing started for me. Sherlock has brought so much to my life, and I’m so happy that I have a photo of the beginning.

(I took this photo to show my mum that I used the beer glass she had bought me by the way. It’s the first and only time I’ve done it, because it feels a bit weird to drink out of a glass with Lars Winnerbäck’s face on it.)

I watched the volcanion/magearna movie here and…. I loved it! Definitely the best xy movie, and the best movie imo for a long time, since DP. The stuck on you tropey bit for like, the first hour was actually really well done and very funny, and made this gif I made months ago incredibly accurate

 but like the plot was good and engaging too, very evil baddie which is nice, and there were SO many just cute nice pokemon just being pokemon moments, (its going to be gif hell when the dvd comes out). Oh and magearna itself was such a good character and pokemon.  I didn’t know how I felt about it beforehand but now I love it. Also yass puni-chan, slaaay. 

Now all that’s left is for me is to update this

EDIT: it was also basically an ash fashion show, walk walk fashion baby 

EDIT X2 COMBO: It’s filmed in the cinema obvo, but the quality gets much better after the first few mins

The reason why I feel bad for the the king of hell

We all know (well the ones of us that have watched season 8, if not the. Woo keep going you’re doing great! Watch on baby!) that at the end of season 8 Sam tortured him in a way that he could never imagine being tortured. He was tortured by his morality. Crowley was weak and vulnerable due to the human blood and like a person fresh out of a relationship he clung to the first person he saw. Sam Winchester. Moose. The boy with the demon blood. Whatever you call him, Crowley was attached. Crowley was also in the room when the whole “you’re my brother I would to anything for you.” Speech happened and with the speech presented another thing for Crowley to attached to, family. So now it was both winchesters. As he grew sober he really thought they were family. He even drunk dialed Dean! He asked them for help. They locked him up. With another vulnerable aspect in the bunker with them. Kevin. Then Kevin died and Crowley cared. Then Gavin came back, and he cared, but Crowley couldn’t see what happened to his Kevin happen to his Gavin, so he gave him a new life. Now we’re getting to the summer of love with Crowley and Dean. Crowley never stopped believing that he was family with the winchesters. So here we go again. He help Dean become human again because “he was not good for business” (bullshit btw) But the point is through all this Crowley still thought he was family or atleast friends with the winchesters. So when Sam tried to kill him, he finally realized. He’s a demon, he can’t be family with the winchesters!(even though to be fair they were both demons at one point) He was never actually family with them. Everything that his life had been for the last few years was a lie. That’s why I feel bad for Crowley.

Riverdale 1x04 thoughts
  • First and for most, Fred Andrews is such a great dad. I was afraid that I was going to have to watch him yell at Archie for the affair with Grundy but he did exactly right. I’m so proud of him and I really wanna see him like.. adopt Jughead.
  • I wanted so much worse for Grundy, she deserves be arrested. You see right at the end that she hasn’t changed at all, she’s still obviously going to pursue teenage boys- that showed you that right at the end with the whole sunglasses thing. What Mrs Cooper was doing was wrong, she was doing it to get at Archie but I can’t believe Fred just let her walk away. 
  • Archie cries I cry. My poor precious child. 

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I took her to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center and Chris Rock was in the green room with his two girls to meet Taylor and my publicist hooked it up so I could go and meet Taylor and my daughter could meet Taylor. And she came out and she was super great, she spent time with the kids. Then she asked Chris and I if we wanted to come up on stage. Chris Rock and I were like “Uhh..” we look at the kids and they were like “Yeah yeah yeah!” So he and I ended up going on stage and walking down the catwalk, like two complete boneheads. It was really funny. And then I got to the end where my daughter was there, and Taylor’s mother watching my daughter while I went up on stage. The whole thing was surreal. So that was my rockstar moment. And I get to the end of the stage and I look down and there she is like bright eyes look at my Dad up there. So the next morning at breakfast, we’re having breakfast and I’m like thinking how I’m gonna bring this up, “So what’d you think of your Dad up there on stage with Taylor Swift last night?” Without missing a beat she goes, “Ahh I thought you were kinda cheesy.
—  Matt Le Blanc on taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert (x)
Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

I am SO excited for this episode for several things. Mainly, the whole reality thing. This guy is going to provoke some caos while being funny. And I am so excited for it. I’m also expecting to finally meet Winn’s ‘soon-to-be’ girlfriend. I hope i like her and that she is good to Winn. I’m excited for Kara and Mon-el. I’m sure they’ll become a couple next episode. I like them so much they are really cute. I mean, it still bothers me the fact that he takes way to much screen time but well, what can i do. I am also intrigued with this whole Alex/Maggie drama coming up. We haven’t seen them fight yet (at least not both ways) and i think that it’ll interesting to watch. And i really loved that dress that Alex is going to wear, she looks great on it. And of course, i really want some Alex/Winn brotp action or bonding. Because i’ve been missing some this past episodes.





do you like loveable characters?

do you like (A HECKA LOTTA) fight scenes with epic animation?

do you like cool flipping villains?

do you like a little bit of romance?

do you like tO FLIPPING CRY?



character development. plot development. too much. none of my friends watch it, except one, but she’s a season behind me *looks at you slowly cuz you know who you are* this show is going to be the death of me so im just throwing it out there that its really great if you wanna know something to watch. i must admit, though- the beginning of the first season doesn’t have much plot development at first. then for the whole rest of the two-season thing it explodes.