I took her to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center and Chris Rock was in the green room with his two girls to meet Taylor and my publicist hooked it up so I could go and meet Taylor and my daughter could meet Taylor. And she came out and she was super great, she spent time with the kids. Then she asked Chris and I if we wanted to come up on stage. Chris Rock and I were like “Uhh..” we look at the kids and they were like “Yeah yeah yeah!” So he and I ended up going on stage and walking down the catwalk, like two complete boneheads. It was really funny. And then I got to the end where my daughter was there, and Taylor’s mother watching my daughter while I went up on stage. The whole thing was surreal. So that was my rockstar moment. And I get to the end of the stage and I look down and there she is like bright eyes look at my Dad up there. So the next morning at breakfast, we’re having breakfast and I’m like thinking how I’m gonna bring this up, “So what’d you think of your Dad up there on stage with Taylor Swift last night?” Without missing a beat she goes, “Ahh I thought you were kinda cheesy.
—  Matt Le Blanc on taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert (x)

The reason why I feel bad for the the king of hell

We all know (well the ones of us that have watched season 8, if not the. Woo keep going you’re doing great! Watch on baby!) that at the end of season 8 Sam tortured him in a way that he could never imagine being tortured. He was tortured by his morality. Crowley was weak and vulnerable due to the human blood and like a person fresh out of a relationship he clung to the first person he saw. Sam Winchester. Moose. The boy with the demon blood. Whatever you call him, Crowley was attached. Crowley was also in the room when the whole “you’re my brother I would to anything for you.” Speech happened and with the speech presented another thing for Crowley to attached to, family. So now it was both winchesters. As he grew sober he really thought they were family. He even drunk dialed Dean! He asked them for help. They locked him up. With another vulnerable aspect in the bunker with them. Kevin. Then Kevin died and Crowley cared. Then Gavin came back, and he cared, but Crowley couldn’t see what happened to his Kevin happen to his Gavin, so he gave him a new life. Now we’re getting to the summer of love with Crowley and Dean. Crowley never stopped believing that he was family with the winchesters. So here we go again. He help Dean become human again because “he was not good for business” (bullshit btw) But the point is through all this Crowley still thought he was family or atleast friends with the winchesters. So when Sam tried to kill him, he finally realized. He’s a demon, he can’t be family with the winchesters!(even though to be fair they were both demons at one point) He was never actually family with them. Everything that his life had been for the last few years was a lie. That’s why I feel bad for Crowley.

First thoughts on Bear

I felt like this episode was a little strange. On the surface it seemed very light hearted, but underneath I felt like there was a very serious current.

I want to go back and really look at the different conversations, but each one was very interesting. 

I love how they have Lucas and Farkle switch characters. Felt very much like foreshadowing. 

My favorite parts are always the BMW callbacks so the boxing gloves were great. 

I loved Zay’s call out of the Maya and Josh “long game”. And speaking of that, that whole scene with Josh pulling Maya out from behind the door drove me nuts. I think all of us that watched BMW have a sweet spot for Josh, but he’s really driving me crazy with this Maya thing. 

I thought it was very interesting how Farkle ended up in the “canada” position again at the end. I know that he has Smackle right now, but it was just very interesting to see seating arrangements. 

I find it funny with Josh telling Riley to hold on so tight to the bear and the wording was something I want to go back and look at again. You can’t tell me that Riley’s bear and Josh’s laundry/endgame weren’t one in the same lesson. 

I really loved Zay throughout this whole episode. He was funny but so much more than just the comic relief. 

Great episode. Sooo much to dig deep into in later posts!


Screenshots from JACK THE MERCIFUL | Reigns #2! :D

Such a fun video holy crap! :D 
I love these kind of games where Jack can role play and dick around with it because it just makes for really great commentary from him. This whole video Jack’s commentary was fantastic! He was just going with whatever the game threw at him and just made it all his own. 
I think my favorite part of the whole thing was after his character in this game ate the blue mushrooms and started seeing everyone as bunny rabbits and Jack was just pretending he was extremely high or tripping balls. xD 
I swear I think Jack is really good or would be really good at improv. Even if what he’s saying isn’t really that funny or clever he still throws all of his energy and enthusiasm into it and that’s very fun and entertaining to watch because he still has a way of making his commentary all his own thing that’s full of so much genuine passion, excitement and enthusiasm. :D 
I could tell he was having so much recording this video too he was so giddy throughout the whole video and honestly that just makes the video even more fun to watch at least for me anyway because I like seeing and knowing that he’s having fun with whatever it is that he’s playing and the positivity that comes from all of that is just absolutely contagious. ^_^

Seriously though I had so much fun with this video. :) 

Ash and Alain: Just My Opinion :D

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Okay first I am going to say this: Though I wanted Ash to win (He’s my favorite Character in the whole Anime) and would have been as excited and more so if he had, I am okay with the outcome of this match. Top two/runner-up is a major step up from all his previous standings in past leagues and we all should be proud of Ash for making it this far.

Now this is just my opinion but ever since I started watching the XY(Z) series in early 2015 all I have ever heard was how this is the best Ash has ever been and truthfully it really has; his game has been on point in this whole series as a great trainer. So have you ever stopped and thought that just maybe that is why he did not win the Kalos League?

A lot of fans of the Pokemon Anime go on and on about how the writers of the XY(Z) anime has shaken things up, how they did away with the status quo on some things etc etc. well losing a league is nothing new which is very true, but having the underdog win is completely new and as many of you have stated how good Ash has been this series, according to most or your guy’s logic, Ash is not the underdog.
I am not saying I believe Alain is the underdog because he does have a strong Charizard that can pack quite a punch, but in most ways Alain is the underdog because hardly no one in the Pokemon anime Fandom wanted him to win. everyone including team rocket were rooting for Ash to win, only Mairin was cheering for him because Sycamore was cheering for both finalists so Alain had to share the Professor.

In my honest opinion Ash’s motivation is his dream and that is perfectly fine but Ash’s dream is to be a Pokemon Master, it’s not to win a Regional League (though it’s probably a step in the right direction) and he’s young so he still has plenty of adventures to go on and even if he won the Kalos League he would still have went to Alola, but him losing was the easiest way to transition to Alola; and here it is, had he won I would have after cheering my heart out would have crashed back to earth when I realized that there was no mention of his mother or Oak or his older Pokemon watching him win and that would have felt like a hollow win to me and I would have been angry like how everyone is angry at him losing. I am not sorry to say but his most important people are not just the one’s in Kalos. I think it really was a tip off in which way the league was going to end when we didn’t even see his mother watching; you all were caught off guard because he lost when in reality you probably shouldn’t have been.

I honestly feel bad for Alain, because when everything is done and over with he is going to have so much guilt, and the weight of how he was so easily manipulated by that crazy nut job, is going to follow him for the rest of his life. Alain is a good guy and he will be redeemed and if betraying Ash at first was because of a reason in the end Ash will forgive him because that is who Ash is. I am okay with Alain winning because it makes sense why he did when you consider this; from the start of this series Ash has been on a roll and everyone has been hoping or predicting a win from him and because of that status, no one expected Alain to enter the league, I know I didn’t but then he did and everyone was so sure that the anime would follow the same status quo of Ash defeating a rival he has lost to a few times before but look what they did, they threw that one out the window too.

Yes Alain’s Charizard is strong but so is Greninja and though the battle wasn’t heart racing like Ash’s battle with Sawyer it was still a awesome battle non-the-less. the writers really did throw a curve ball out there by having Alain win because no one really expected him to do so, because they all thought it would be Ash. maybe the writers will have Ash and Alain battle again but I really don’t think they will but who knows they could still surprise us.

I do respect the fans who are upset and no one has a right to stop you or tell you to get over it but really in the end it’s just a show that is fun to watch and I believe it’s more about the journey then the destination and after watching the first episode of the Team Flare Arc I am more excited then ever!! :D.

I love that you can’t even voice a legitimate, well-rounded, level-headed criticism of any of LetsPlay’s videos on youtube or you’ll be called a cancerous pissbaby. Like we all know that their videos have gone downhill substantially in the last year or so since they introduced this whole LetsPlay family thing.

Their Minecraft and GTA videos used to get 1 million views easily and now ANY video getting above 500k is a really good day for them. The channel has just really gone downhill and I don’t know if that’s youtube evolving in terms of what the audiences want or Fullscreen pushing AH/RT in a direction that it doesn’t want to go. It’s just kinda disappointing to me that I don’t really look forward to watching their stuff anymore. VR the Champions and the Lets Watches have been good and 7 Days to Die is great and I really want more of that.

But the channel overall seems to be focusing really heavily on quantity and sponsorship and promoting games via sponsored videos now. It doesn’t feel as genuine and that disappoints me. They need to take a long break from Minecraft and come back fresh to something totally new, like PC with mods or something like that. It’s really clear that a lot of their “staple” videos aren’t things that they enjoy doing anymore and that comes across. But I guess I’m a whiny pissbaby for voicing that in the comments lol