I took her to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center and Chris Rock was in the green room with his two girls to meet Taylor and my publicist hooked it up so I could go and meet Taylor and my daughter could meet Taylor. And she came out and she was super great, she spent time with the kids. Then she asked Chris and I if we wanted to come up on stage. Chris Rock and I were like “Uhh..” we look at the kids and they were like “Yeah yeah yeah!” So he and I ended up going on stage and walking down the catwalk, like two complete boneheads. It was really funny. And then I got to the end where my daughter was there, and Taylor’s mother watching my daughter while I went up on stage. The whole thing was surreal. So that was my rockstar moment. And I get to the end of the stage and I look down and there she is like bright eyes look at my Dad up there. So the next morning at breakfast, we’re having breakfast and I’m like thinking how I’m gonna bring this up, “So what’d you think of your Dad up there on stage with Taylor Swift last night?” Without missing a beat she goes, “Ahh I thought you were kinda cheesy.
—  Matt Le Blanc on taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert (x)

After watching the CNN documentary “Blackfish,” Steve-O, famous performer and comedian had the anti-SeaWorld campaign on his mind and, after passing “SeaWorld Drive” in San Diego, the inspiration for a perfect stunt struck him (see the video)

“I have a pretty passionate stance against animal cruelty, as everyone knows,” he said. “But I want to be really clear here too: when I go on tour to various locations, one of first things I think of is what kinds of trouble can I get to to shake things up and get some news … this worked out so great. I could kill two birds with one stone: bring attention to the cause I believe in, and bring attention to myself.” 

Steve-O noted that he was very careful not to damage any property during the stunt. And the result is something of a circus itself. The whole ordeal (which took place last May) took five tries and cost him more than a few injuries, but Steve-O says it was worth it.

“It’s magical if I can take a wild and crazy stunt and do some good,” he said. “Here I am setting out to entertain people and then I can do something to make a difference.”   


Teen Wolf and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.

(I covered some of this in a reblog from teenwolftoday, but I want to flesh it out more.)

Now, I’m a published writer, amongst other things, and one thing writers do is we observe. We observe everything, so we can describe it in our writing. We watch and we analyze. We can’t really help it. And I’ve been watching behind the scenes at Teen Wolf.

 The storyline this season is great and it’s got us all on the edges of our seats, wondering what’s going to happen. Not only that, but to build up excitement and attention, JD started teasing about a Major Character Death, which the shows PR department took and ran with. That neat little 3 second graphic of “Who Will Die”? You know what I’m talking about. 

But the whole thing is going a little too well. Let’s start with last week, when teenwolftoday posted a public service announcement roughly saying “Please Don’t Cut Yourself for Teen Wolf”. Which, you know, is a little odd. A little poking around and I found that some one (or ones) had been cutting herself and sending pictures to the Teen Wolf cast. Understandably, the cast and producers were upset by this. 

And it clued them in to how frantic the fandom for the show is getting. So, they quietly started to do some damage control. The little clip of O'Brien saying “I’m sorry my little cutie fans, but there’s going to be a death.” And then the other one, where he assures the fandom that Stiles isn’t going to die. I truly believe those where just cut to try and calm the fandom down a little. 

And then, at the same time, TW sends three leads to NYC to do appearances everywhere. (And I AM sympathetic to Posey, Hoechlin and Holland in this. I’ve done blog tours for books, and having to answer the same questions, in different ways, literally 20 times over is very painful) And somewhere in that push, Posey went off-topic in a big way. 

Now, I think this happened because Sterek is actually happening, and I’ll cover what that all means in a second post, but the short version is if/when Sterek happens, it will be HUGE and everyone is going to be looking at O'Brien EVEN MORE, and they won’t be looking at Posey. I suspect Posey’s worst fear is that Teen Wolf will go from “starting Tyler Posey” to “That show Dylan O'Brien did that started his career.” (And then, if you want to get to the Mulder leave of thinking, think about if this might have anything to do with Crystal Reed leaving the show)

Now, share my writer’s headspace for a moment and think about what happened at the MTV offices when Posey came back from NYC and told them what happened. Think about DOTW over the weekend, that they all did, knowing that interview, with that quote, is hanging over them, like a time bomb, about to go off. Because they all knew. They are all extremely aware of how the fandom was going to react to what Posey said.

Did it seem like Holland was a little off last weekend? Did it seem like Hoechlin was trying a little bit harder than usual to support Posey? 

So now, MTV and the producers are trying to steer a runaway locomotive. The show has gotten huge, with a lot of media and audience attention (which is power in Hollywood) and it’s on the edge of being more than they can control. And they’ve got some huge events on the horizon, that will just make this thing run faster and harder, namely the character death and the possible Sterek. 

Buckle-up, my friends. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

(I’ll post my Sterek reasoning next.)


“Actually, the last thing we shot with Matthew, which was really great because we got to surprise him, was from episode seven when Marty’s watching the video tape Rust stole from the Tuttle house and Matthew has his back to Woody. We start rolling and I keep it going and we gather the entire crew right outside the storage unit. We slammed the doors open, which kind of shocked him for a second, and then the whole crew was there to clap for him. It was pretty awesome. It seemed like he got misty-eyed for a second, but then he was in complete control as Matthew, usually he is. He delivered a very nice speech to the whole group.” (x)

I watched the volcanion/magearna movie here and…. I loved it! Definitely the best xy movie, and the best movie imo for a long time, since DP. The stuck on you tropey bit for like, the first hour was actually really well done and very funny, and made this gif I made months ago incredibly accurate

 but like the plot was good and engaging too, very evil baddie which is nice, and there were SO many just cute nice pokemon just being pokemon moments, (its going to be gif hell when the dvd comes out). Oh and magearna itself was such a good character and pokemon.  I didn’t know how I felt about it beforehand but now I love it. Also yass puni-chan, slaaay. 

Now all that’s left is for me is to update this

EDIT: it was also basically an ash fashion show, walk walk fashion baby 

EDIT X2 COMBO: It’s filmed in the cinema obvo, but the quality gets much better after the first few mins

thuviaptarth | [Marvel] VID: Hey Ho

guys guys guys YOU GUYS. thuvia ptarth has made the MCU vid of my dreeeams, probably because it was for an auction and i explained those dreams to her in lengthy detail. which makes the whole thing even more awesome, really. it’s extremely critical in every sense of the word and also just beautiful. go watch it and say things, it’s so great, go go go

If Jessie doesn't die in the season finale I swear to God I will shit a brick. Then stop watching.

I thought I could do it. I really did. I knew the whole Jessie thing was going to happen, and I tried to prepare myself for it.  I thought I could handle Jessie, as long as it was short lived, but this is pretty unbearable. So I will watch until the season finale. And if she dies, I’ll be able to keep going, but if she doesn’t I’m pretty done for the time being. 

It really sucks. I thought the Walking Dead was going to be different, and treat POC differently (MAN WAS I NAIVE). It kind of hurts. Michonne is such a great character, and it really fucking sucks that she’s good enough to watch and protect the white dude’s kids, but isn’t “good enough” to be his love interest, especially when Blondie McBlonde comes along for two seconds? COME ON.

Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

I didn’t expect this movie could give me so much to think about. 
I don’t usually go to the theater to watch cartoons, but this one was a French animated film so I thought I’d give it a shot. 
And now I still feel kinda overwhelmed. ._.
Well, here it goes…

The music was great, haunting and dreamy, sometimes a little bit scary, but it was really good, much better than I expected. It’s the one thing I love most about this movie, gotta say I haven’t heard such good soundtrack music for quite some time. 

The whole movie has a very exquisite vibe, which was excellently delivered by a mix of both Victorian era and Burton style. 
The theme was dark and pretty creepy, yet still had some very romantic scenes. 
The combination of the character’s porcelain looks with the sounds of a clock, a bell and a music box throughout the movie made it even more haunting.
Everything was so unreal it felt like you were experiencing a dream. 
The music, the scenes, the effects, they were all perfectly brought together.

The storyline was basically a metaphor about falling in love.
When you open up your heart to somebody, it’s a risk. Falling in love makes you feel vulnerable and fragile, just like Jack’s little cuckoo clock heart. 
Being hurt can emotionally and physically destroy you, so rules were made to keep your heart safe. But when the clock strikes the right time, love will come and there will be no escape. You’d break every rule that ever kept your heart from falling apart…
But love can also make you brave and fearless. Knowing it would litterally kill him, Jack still chose to take that risk.

Warning: The plot was cleverly set up as a metaphor about love, but it’s not a Disney fairy tale kind of movie, not even close. Before you can realize what’s going on, it has already given you an emotional breakdown. SO…
*Do NOT go see this movie if you are a woman who’s PMSing. You WILL cry like a baby…* :))

Really, dude? Really? There are so many things wrong with this Cheetos looking ass guy’s statement. 

a) If Trump wants to protect the Americans, why the hell does he “forget” to mention that the Orlando mass shooter was born in New York and therefore a legal American citzien whose parents happen to be of Afghan descent? 

b) Generalising a whole fucking religion with over 1.6 billion members, making up 23% of the world’s population. Well done. On another note, I’m curious about how the Mayor of London is going to visit America for important meetings and work concerning foreign policies since he is Muslim. Oops. 

c) Trump is against banning people, who are/were on the terror watch list, from buying guns. Did I tell you that the Orlando mass shooter was under FBI investigation for connections to terrorism two separate times in 2013 and 2014, meaning he was on the terror watch list? :) 

d) Did you know that the National Rifle Association—an American non-profit organisation which advocates for gun rights—endorses Trump? I wonder if these lobbyists attempted to influence Trump’s decision regarding the Gun Control Act with money… Ah, nonsense! As if, right? 

e) And lastly, fuck Trump. We don’t like Trump. Trump is against gay marriages. Trump is a part of America’s crooked system, which is not only influenced by hypermasculine beliefs, but also by homophobia and everything that goes against their toxic ideologies. 

How can anybody vote for this joke? Seriously…

Okay so after him becoming my fave in Eurovision I’ve done some research on  Michał Szpak (Poland performer) and I can confirm that he is amazing.

He’s whole sort of ‘’motto’’ of sorts is basically ‘’be yourself’’ which is a beautiful message for people and one I live by. I myself am weird and have an odd style sense and personality and I believe very strongly in embracing that. Michał Szpak has a rather odd fashion sense and seems a bit weird and he embraces that. I watched his X-Factor audition, and he was spinning on stage and really giving a big performance, dressed in this awesomely unusual outfit with lots of accessories, and he sang wonderfully of course.

I don’t know where I’m going with this except to say I loved his performance due to his great voice and song and all and now I found out these things about him and I like him even more.

“Also the fact that I can show people true emotions and present my motto “Be yourself, whatever it takes” that I’ve been living by ever since I can remember.” -  Michał Szpak (x)

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from working with Greg Berlanti, whose obviously had such amazing success in television, is to always have a really great plan, and then always know when to let the plan go. We are very cognizant of what makes people excited, and certainly seeing the fans respond to Emily last season helped cement her as a regular this season. We have a plan, but we also kind of go where the story takes us. So while it is a juggling act, we just do what we feel is right — and up until this point we’ve been lucky that most of the audience has agreed, and this is a show that we would love to watch. We really do make it for ourselves, and as long as we’re happy and excited, we feel like the fans will be happy and excited too.

Andrew Kreisberg’s answer to:

I know the whole Felicity thing surprised you in Season 1 — how that character took off, how Emily [Bett Rickards] took off. And you’ve obviously got viewers out there who want something to happen between her and Oliver. Is it a balancing act for you, to touch on “Olicity” now and again but not make this show about that? (x)

The Revenant

So, I went to see The Revenant this afternoon. Unfortunately nobody wanted to go see it with me (apparently the people around me have really bad taste). I loved it! The people who were sat behind me thought it was boring, and I can see why it would be boring for some people. I think you have to appreciate cinematography and good acting for a brilliant movie like this, and not just want some action or whatever. The director took his time to show the scenery and set a mood, which worked really well for me. I was so captivated by the whole thing. I felt like I was there and sometimes I had to look away because I felt like I was physically in pain just from watching certain scenes! For example the scene with the bear is really as good as everybody keeps saying. I was afraid it might have been overrated and it would disappoint me, but it didn’t in any way.

So my advice would be, if you love a great movie (technically) and great acting AND an important piece of American history; go watch this movie! 

My Sway Expereince

Some ppl asked me to post on my experience at SWAY 3.0 outside of my lame blurry pics so here we go…

I went to the Sat. show and after party. I was kinda far away so I didn’t get great pics.  I gave up after awhile and just watched the show. 

Tony’s section is kind of like one long continuous scene where different couples filtering in and out. It was very 1930′s…ballgowns….foxtrots, waltz etc. Sharna & Tony have some very cool lifts in one of their dances.

My fav section was Val’s. The energy went up 100%. There was a good variety of hip hop, jive, samba, cha cha, salsa & contemporary mixed so a little bit of every thing. “Concrete Wall” with Serge, Henry, Emma and others was very cool piece. Henry does some beautiful ballet moves in that number. There were slow melodic pieces in this section as well as high energy numbers and that really kept my attention the whole way through.

Val & Jenna danced beautifully together. I think Jenna excels in the high energy, fast paced dances. She has an energy about her that is kind of like Peta…very fierce (is the best word I can use to describe it).  I really loved watching Val do full out jives….no matter what dance…your eyes are drawn to him when he dances…he just stands out.

Val & Rumer’s Toxic was 1000% better in person vs. on tv. Rumer has a beautiful voice. It’s strong and clear and she can sing. In person I loved it. When they started dancing the mood was so sultry and sexy and cool…their energy matched the song very well. It felt very intimate. Also on t.v. you don’t get the full effect of how fast they are moving doing some of their moves. It was my fav routine of the night.

Mak’s section was very “Latin” “Miami” vibe about it. Maks & Peta did a cha cha that I just loved. Maks was moving all over the dance floor and Peta was just so quick with her feet. Super sharp.

Artem, Peta and Emma did a piece that I had not seen before. It was super sexy and cool. Emma & Peta danced together for parts of this routine…I really liked it.

Maks & Meryl killed their “Heroes” routine. Maks is so much taller than Meryl and he is MOVING during parts of that tango and Meryl is a fireball because she totally kept up. The ending pose felt very cool especially with the dramatic lighting.

I loved the ending routine where Peta/Maks, Val/Jenna & Tony/Sharna dance. Again my eyes were drawn to Val. During his section he was in street clothes…but to see him in the black slacks/white shirt seemed more competition style.  He is so technically proficient and sharp in his movements while at the same time expressive and able to draw you into the dance. He’s a breathtaking dancer by himself. Whoever he is dancing with…I become captivated by the energy of the couple. Val generates that energy. If he is feeling passionate…everything about him exudes that feeling. His dance partner’s seem to feed off that energy and end result is a passionate dance. The same for when he’s doing a high energy jive, or a fun/flirty salsa.

I loved the entire show thought it was excellent.

Ok this post is WAY longer than I intended…I’ll post a 2nd post about the after party.

Feel free to ask questions I’m happy to answer for those who didn’t get a chance to go to the show.

a-human-between-two-scorpions  asked:

So my friend got me into Star Vs because of your marco theory and boy howdy is it a great show and I've been watching the whole thing with your theory in mind. I'm really thinking you're right and I'm only on like ep 6 of season one.

Well good news for you because a lot of people reguard the first five episodes as the worst ones in the show.

Which means that it’s only going to get better from there.

I’m so amazed at how little I’ve spent on so much food lately. I’ve really noticed a price war going on in the supermarkets. They’ve got so many offers on.
The kids are off school next week. I’ve booked for them to have a day at tennis camp, Rory wanted to go all week, and Lily Grace wanted to go to a different one where she could watch films, but this was cheaper because I didn’t have to commit for the whole week, plus you can watch films at home kid.
We’re buying pumpkins this weekend. I’d like to go to a farm but I don’t think there’s anywhere close. I’m going to have them make their own snacks and things like apple crisps and we might make bake bread.
I’ve bought some nice crusty bread to have with soup for lunch and I guess how much I’m looking forward to that moment means it’s officially autumnal and cold.


today was a bit of a nothing day. im not feeling great.

super early wake up. was going to go for a run but ended up drinking a full pot of coffee and watching luke cage. 

kept binging luke cage, eventually had a piece of corn for breakfast, flame grilled and covered in butter and pepper. honestly the best feed that $1 can get you. also now i wanna start growing corn? 

went to go buy some perspex from a supplier but they wouldnt agree to doing a single sheet, so i ended up just coming home. when i got there there was a courier who had driven down our driveway and gotten completely stuck. after several burnouts by him, i ended up lowering tyre pressures, sweeping the driveway and he let me drive the van up the driveway. it must have been really stressful for him tbh. also my car is broken again…

still havent got an email from unswad about masters, really uneasy about that whole thing. 

It’s been almost a week since I’ve revealed SSS and so far the feedback has been positive from all ages!

It made me really happy yesterday when a little girl sat through the whole campaign video and then said she really liked it without even being asked.

It’s going to take a lot of time, effort and support to get this thing rollin’, but I’m feeling great about it and that makes me confident and pushes me forward.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this new adventure to the stars for as long as it takes and together we’ll make Stella shine as bright as her smile!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cF9ytZYiQo

PATREON: www.patreon.com/spoonyliger

I watched the season 12 premier of Supernatural. Well you know how the writers tried to put the kibosh on the whole Destiel thing? I thought they did it quite nicely with that whole monologue about Cas being Dean’s brother and all. And so I felt my craze for Destiel slowly ebb out of me, though I did still enjoy things picked for me on Pinterest about it lol.

But…if they were truly trying to kill that part of the fandom…they did a shit job. Thank you season 12 premier for the wonderful hug between Cas and Dean that was just a little too warm to be familial and the great camera work to snap to Mary and catch that look of, “Wtf is going on between these two? Is my son gay?! What?!” for reigniting my Destiel obsession.

Yeah I’d really like to see a gif of that particular hug with mama Winchester’s reaction.

P.S. I really loved seeing Dean’s reaction when he realized what went on in that backseat before he got a hold of the Impala hahahaha!

tbh this is about to get personal here y a go

so ive been watching 30 rock and ive been thinking about it alot before this but like ive been rethinking this whole settling down thing.  my whole life i have always been driven by my career, which is great because I love my job.  but now I have to rethink my whole life because I think i might want to have a family which I have nEVER wanted before.  like since i was 8 i was like nope im be successful on my own.  but like now I kinda want a husband and little boy and have us go on trips to disney world and play board games and play video games together on christmas day and all that cheesey crap I have never wanted before.  and like i dont want all that right now but the problem is is i feel like in my head im about 5 to 8 years older than i really am so this is fuckin weird but i really want a serious boyfriend.  like someone that down the line i could see myself marrying i dont wanna run around anymore im tired of all these boys that couldn’t give less of a shit about me and tbh even though i like girls i don’t think im ever gonna be brave enough to come out to my parents so like i dont even look for any girls i like other than gigi because i dont wanna have to talk about that back in ohio especially if its not the real deal.  anyway im mad bc a hot boy tried to hook up with me back home and i didnt know he was single and now he has a girlfriend again so im revaluing my ideas of love and what i want.  and thats the problem too you know like i LOVE my career very little comes first like if i got pregnant it would be GONE but like i feel like once my careers over I’ll adopt a boy with my husband but like what if i dont get a husband because no boys actually care about girls they just get attached for a while then leave and also there are no straight men in my career path or what if I don’t stop working until im in my 40s or 50s when they won’t let me adopt anymore?  which would be wonderful but what if im old and have only regrets sondheims only regret was never having children like im never gonna be sondheim im just gonna be a no body who chokes to death in her apartment alone and no ones gonna find my body until the neighbors smell me and im scared of life also what if all ive done is waste my time and have to move back to ohio and date my ex boyfriend who also made it clear he’s never leaving and accidently get pregnant with him then end up just like his parents who hate their lives and are only together because they have to be like no matter what happens im going to be miserable the rest of my life and im having a midlife crisis and im only 19 fuck AH