Victuri Fanservice or Love??

There have been some YOI fans/non-fans lately who referred VicYuuri moments as extreme fanservice..


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Yes there are moments of fanservice including the famous butt/naked shots as well as sexy stretch poses and whatnot,

well why not?

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Certainly alot but for a moment just stop right there and think

And consider that if it were a shojo anime with probably one of them as a girl and one a guy…would all of you guys still refer to all of this love, support, comfort…. IF IT WERE USUI AND MISAKI…OR NARUTO OR HINATA?

Would you still call it fanservice??

Why is it that when a fanservice involves a girl and guy it is love and when it is between two men or two women..it’s just eye candy fanservice?

Why is it that when it is between a guy and girl, the fanservice makes the girl/guy as a potential wife/husband? but not the same in case of two guys or two girls?

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Heteronormativity much?

I’d say that Fanservice between VicYuuri just proves that they are “potential lovers/husbands/partners” just like in shojo animes otherwise it is just unfair.

Calling a fanservice ‘empty’ just because both people are of ‘same sex’ and calling it ‘potential relationship’ when it is a straight couple is ‘hypocrisy’

Let’s get Past the fanservice part now and focus on something called ‘platonic love’ that i presume is probably absent from many minds..

why is that everything about love is associated with sex?

There can be love even with out physical relationship, you know..like…

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…..Hugging your partner to comfort them? Combing their hair? Sulking when they don’t give you attention? Clinging to them? Being not able to take eyes off them? and what not……..

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 Also being serious in motivating when they need you to be serious? (seriously what was that thing about victor making a weird face when yuri hugged him? people calling vic a show off when all he did was reply seriously because Yuri needed a serious motivation not one of victor’s jokes)

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and last but not the least, confessing

Victor was pretty serious when he asked Yuri what does he want him to be and he was even serious about that boyfriends thing. It was not his usual moe joking cute tone but a rather serious suggestion followed by “I can try my best”

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Even Yuri who mentioned that he had pushed away a girl because he felt like she was forcing sympathy on him ,left Victor an opening to approach him.

At first it was all about Yuri’s crazy obsession as a fan of Victor to approach him but now, we can see more clearly that Yuri has found something called ‘Love’ which might not be physical probably but he can clearly call his feelings LOVE

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“ He knows who he’s skating for ”

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I’m extending my $50 offer to full-body characters

This is the lowest price I have offered for art in about 5 years, but the pressure’s on so I’m going to run with it for a couple of weeks.

Single character, plain background. Nothing too complicated as far as posing and whatnot. Normally I ask $100 for these but I’m pretty povvo.

I love how like fandom stuff of Elayne, like fanart and stuff, shows her all regal and in powerful monarch pose #9 and all sultry and whatnot, because while that’s not really inaccurate to her character or anything, there’s also Elayne who jumbles up her curses and tries them out whenever she can, and tries to sneak around to be all detective like while also being queen of a country, and has herself carried outside in her bed to get stuff done around the doctor’s orders to stay in bed, and flails a sword at a trolloc while pregnant and on horseback and her only comment is that even the trolloc looked shocked she did it

I love Elayne in all her regal ridiculousness


Princes Jellyfish!

Someone offered us a little photoshoot at Palmcon! He was very helpful with deciding on poses and whatnot (I suck at that lmao) but ANYWAYS!

Photographer - Travis Scotka Photography

Kuranosuke - glitty-kitty
Tsukimi - emolga (me)