One of my greatest weaknesses in art is plants. Not in a “scientific illustration pose”, but in the normal natural chaotic pose, where leaves just overlap, point at weird directions and whatnot. And since this will be necessary to draw on the future pictures I want to make, started practicing it.

Quercus ilex, done with BIC. All sketches for studies. A LOT LOT LOT to learn and improve.

I don’t mind transformation sequences in Magical Girl series, I think they’re really pretty and a nice way to show off all the little details on a costume, as well as emphasizing the character’s abilities and giving them an iconic pose and whatnot… But… They do get repetitive and annoying after a while. It’d be nice if the full transformation was only used the first time, and then they used a quicker version, or just had them exploding into sparkles for a second to transform. It’d save time.

submitted by Anon

I find I have a hard time posing and displaying the Toa Hordika in 6 cool yet unique poses, due to some of the limitations of their construction. Having one arm with no elbow and one with a gear function for a limb makes this quite a challenging process. I also really don’t like the left shoulder, how it can’t go straight up or straight down. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sets and I think they look great, but man, posing them is tough. Especially when that elbow gear is loose…