“why do the koroks have teeth and facial expressions”

This morning I realized I actually am missing a chance to be maybe legit informative with this ask so I’m going to take a bit to talk about comics, readability, a phrase I’m probably making up which I’ll call the “panels to joke efficiency”, and why my koroks have teeth and facial expressions.

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Ok. Let’s go over it once again, alright?

Peepers was standing there and started muttering after Sylvia stopped in her tracks and spoke up. Maybe coincidence, fine.

Then he started explaining plan to her despite ‘assuming’ she wasn’t joining him.

(Including ‘cool’ poses, mini Dominator stomping and whatnot, Peepers you’re such a show-off)

And his plan didn’t include what would happen to the bots that he clearly had to expect, since he knows what to expect on Dom’s ship plus there was this:

Ah yes, Peepers, you’re so unprepared, but wait!

He just randomly had golden gauntlets that would fit Sylvia and only Sylvia. Yup.

Tl;dr Peepers is so crazy prepared he had a plan to get Syl help him all along, perhaps it was even his plan A. No, you’re not going to convince me otherwise.

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Patti doesn't get enough credit for a lot of things. She's incredibly smart and insightful, has balanced work and family incredibly well, and (like you said) loves and respects the theater community so much. Theater fans have reduced her to a barely competent insane person and it's really frustrating.

Thank you anon!!

Like, I stagedoored War Paint and she was SO. FREAKING. NICE. to everyone at the stagedoor, even though she was in a rush to get back to Connecticut (She commutes to NYC from Connecticut every day what an Icon™) she still posed for selfies and whatnot. Like, I was honestly thrown by how genuine and un-Diva-y she actually was. (I was also thrown by how short she is)    
And like, she admits that she isn’t perfect, and she still works hard to make sure her voice is as good as it can be, she doesn’t half-ass or go “Pssht I’m a Diva and a Goddess and people will love me no matter what!” cuz even tho we totally would, she could burp and i’d call it a work of art, Patti has too much respect for the theatre and those who pay to see it to do that.  

Like, honestly, what a queen. 

Victuri Fanservice or Love??

There have been some YOI fans/non-fans lately who referred VicYuuri moments as extreme fanservice..


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Yes there are moments of fanservice including the famous butt/naked shots as well as sexy stretch poses and whatnot,

well why not?

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Certainly alot but for a moment just stop right there and think

And consider that if it were a shojo anime with probably one of them as a girl and one a guy…would all of you guys still refer to all of this love, support, comfort…. IF IT WERE USUI AND MISAKI…OR NARUTO OR HINATA?

Would you still call it fanservice??

Why is it that when a fanservice involves a girl and guy it is love and when it is between two men or two women..it’s just eye candy fanservice?

Why is it that when it is between a guy and girl, the fanservice makes the girl/guy as a potential wife/husband? but not the same in case of two guys or two girls?

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Heteronormativity much?

I’d say that Fanservice between VicYuuri just proves that they are “potential lovers/husbands/partners” just like in shojo animes otherwise it is just unfair.

Calling a fanservice ‘empty’ just because both people are of ‘same sex’ and calling it ‘potential relationship’ when it is a straight couple is ‘hypocrisy’

Let’s get Past the fanservice part now and focus on something called ‘platonic love’ that i presume is probably absent from many minds..

why is that everything about love is associated with sex?

There can be love even with out physical relationship, you know..like…

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…..Hugging your partner to comfort them? Combing their hair? Sulking when they don’t give you attention? Clinging to them? Being not able to take eyes off them? and what not……..

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 Also being serious in motivating when they need you to be serious? (seriously what was that thing about victor making a weird face when yuri hugged him? people calling vic a show off when all he did was reply seriously because Yuri needed a serious motivation not one of victor’s jokes)

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and last but not the least, confessing

Victor was pretty serious when he asked Yuri what does he want him to be and he was even serious about that boyfriends thing. It was not his usual moe joking cute tone but a rather serious suggestion followed by “I can try my best”

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Even Yuri who mentioned that he had pushed away a girl because he felt like she was forcing sympathy on him ,left Victor an opening to approach him.

At first it was all about Yuri’s crazy obsession as a fan of Victor to approach him but now, we can see more clearly that Yuri has found something called ‘Love’ which might not be physical probably but he can clearly call his feelings LOVE

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“ He knows who he’s skating for ”

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what does body checking mean

“Body checking refers to an obsessive thought and behavior about appearance. For people with eating disorders or body dysmorphia this may present as frequent weighing, looking in the mirror, and pinching or wrapping hand around stomach, waist, thighs, arms. Or they may ask others for such assurance: “do I look fat?”, “do I look any bigger,” etc. This can be done even hundreds of times per day”

It’s really triggering and upsetting for a lot of people for these accounts to be posing and pinching and whatnot when they very we’ll know they are underweight for their body.

Common poses are the toes-together-heels-apart to show off a thigh gap; sucking in the stomach until the lungs almost pop; wrist holding…

Trust me, I’ve been there: wanting to love my body even when underweight. But there’s a difference between trying to love and accept your body at its current state + accepting that it will change over time.
What gets to be very problematic is when pictures are taken with the intent to “show off how sick” one is (“sick” is a loosely used term, here, because it’s a mental illness–there is no body type or “sicker” body than another when it comes to mental illness) or receive “validation” that they are underweight and still look as though they are struggling (yet again, the terms are used loosely because they are MENTAL illnesses, not physical, and any one with any body can have a life threatening ED) and bodies shouldn’t be the tool we use to receive validation that we are struggling. Self-validation goes a long way, and professional help is so important

It’s so harmful to both the self and to others. We learn to associate “sick”/“in need” with our bodies. We learn to associate care and concern from others with our bodies. And this practice further perpetuates that we have to look a certain way to get the attention and/or help we need. We need to learn to use our words and not our bodies.

Idk ramble over

I think, one of the most ridiculous things to come out of this fandom is making “naked” skeletons into something ~risque~. And I don’t mean skeletons with form ecto/magic bodies. I mean quite literally, a bare bones skeleton.

Like bruh. They’re fucking skeletons. They’re not something scandalous?? I mean, yeah sure if they’re posed suggestively or whatnot, but skeletons are not inherently “ns fw”

I’m extending my $50 offer to full-body characters

This is the lowest price I have offered for art in about 5 years, but the pressure’s on so I’m going to run with it for a couple of weeks.

Single character, plain background. Nothing too complicated as far as posing and whatnot. Normally I ask $100 for these but I’m pretty povvo.

Five Nights at Freddy's - Foxy

This is a theory / conjecture post, meaning I claim nothing to be true, and only offer my thoughts as they are.

Arguably the most popular of them all, Foxy is an animatronic fox designed after a pirate. He resides in Pirate Cove, where he hides behind the curtain. A call from the phone guy informs you to keep a watch on him, giving you your only hint of his existence and how grave the situation is should you lose sight of him.

Foxy operates differently from the others. Instead of starting on stage and making his way down the restaurant to get to you, he waits behind the curtains in Pirate Cove, only peeking out and walking out of it the longer you don’t keep your eye on him, and later in the week watching him TOO much causes his activation. Once he has left the cove, he breaks into a sprint down the hallway straight to your office, causing a game over within seconds.

Further adding to the differences between him and the other animatronics, Foxy is in disrepair. Various holes in his body showing his endoskeleton underneath, and his hand and legs are completely bare metal parts. His jaw also seems to flap when he moves, suggesting it’s broken, and instead of moving somewhat fluidly like the others, he simply twitches and jolts about when he enters your office. The sign outside of Pirate Cove also reads ’ Sorry , out of order ’ .

While it’s completely obvious he was pretty much put out of business at some point, there is still several things that make him stand out among the others. But let’s address the elephant in the room first.

Foxy is often pinned as the one responsible for the Bite of ‘87. People point to his teeth being sharp as the reasoning for that, and the whole state of disrepair and being out of order. But to tell the truth, the sharp teeth - while of course helping out with it - isn’t 100% responsible I believe. For one thing, they’re robots. Machines are more often than not stronger than humans. What would take a person a while to break down, would almost be no problem to a machine with enough force. So while the teeth helped in puncturing the victim of '87, the pressure of the jaw coming down on the skull would probably be enough to crack it open like an egg. 

While this insinuates that any of the animatronics could be responsible for the bite, Foxy’s broken state is often point number two. If Foxy was indeed the one that bit the victim, I can imagine the restaurant putting him out of order for the sake of the other patrons of the place, or at least to give the customers the idea that they are repairing him so he wouldn’t bite again. But given how dirty and questionable the establishment is, they didn’t bother, and left the deactivated Foxy behind the curtain so no one would touch him again.

My personal opinion on it, Foxy was indeed responsible for the bite. 

My reasoning is slim, given we are lacking much on Foxy himself. But I can discern this. The Pirate Cove is, or seems to be, in the same area as the dining tables, as well as the center stage with the other animatronics. Foxy’s location could’ve been as part of a show skit where he would respond to Freddy and friends as part of the show.

Pirate Cove shares the same big rectangle as the dining area and the main stage.

The area itself looks low enough so kids and such could easily climb up for pictures, posing with Foxy and whatnot. It was probably an area where kids could take photos with him, but being that close to the animatronic was dangerous, and it only took one kid not being careful at the same moment the machine had problems, and thus the bite happened. He was probably put out of commission shortly after, and fell into severe disrepair that no one bothered to fix, for potentially the same reason they never fixed up the others either.

Something I haven’t quite figured out yet, is the potential reasoning for Foxy’s behavior. He hides out of sight for most of the time, and only decides to move out if he doesn’t see you watching him, or sees you watching him too much. He makes a beeline to your office upon freaking out and leaving Pirate Cove, so he obviously has knowledge of your existence. But if he felt as angry as the spirits of the other children, if he is indeed haunted like the other animatronics, why would he wait? Given that he waits until later in the week to attack when watched too much, earlier in the week he’s possibly trying to sneak out of the cove and stops still when you see him out. In other words, being aware he’s an animatronic and holds still to throw off Mike. Later in the week, he becomes more aggressive and paranoid that his attempts aren’t working, and will say 'screw that’ to taking his time and tries to stop you more, hence why he’d run at you for being overly watched.

Also, this is before he breaks for your door. I always felt that he was stopping still in place because you caught him just before he started running. This is the only time Foxy will be standing still outside of the cove. Any other time, he’s inside peering out, or running for you.

That and the cocked head looks goofy.