“I want to believe” is actually my favourite catchphrase to come out of The X-Files because it’s simultaneously optimistic and skeptical. “Wanting to believe” is different from blind faith - it implies that you’re holding out for a burden of proof, even when the belief itself is desirable. There’s a level of restraint in that phrase that is so beautiful and pure; it feels wondrous and curious but also totally sane and grounded in reality. I think that’s why it continues to resonate.

“You have that power, too”

Y’all mind if I talk about feminism real quick?

I love that scene from “Return of the Jedi” where Luke confesses the truth to Leia on the Endor bridge. Mentally I’ve always titled that “the Luke and Leia are twins” scene, but now I think I’m going to remember it for that line Luke tells Leia.  More than just saying “I’m your brother and Vader is our father”, he tells her she has the Force and it’s strong in her. And the way he phrases it is so beautiful:

“You have that power, too. In time you’ll learn to use it as I have.”

And then he proceeds to tell her about the family tree. But how awesome is the equality in that statement? Not “I’m strong in the Force and I guess you can be as well but I’ll have to teach you”.  No, “you have that power, too.”  And then the invitation that “Leia, one day, you will be strong in the Force because you are strong in everything you do.” I’ve already written a ton of meta about how Luke really looks up to Leia, and I think in that scene the power is passed off in a way, but it’s a really beautiful moment between the twins. A real moment of equality. 

And that quote alone, “you have that power, too” is just such a good quote for feminism, equality, and even liberation, I’d love to see Star Wars fans adopt it as our slogan. I’d love to see this on a t-shirt. It’s a really underrated moment but it is so good

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Erin, do you have anything positive for me? I'm sad

In 1933, two high school students came up with the idea of a man who had abilities beyond that of normal people. In 1938, they sold their idea to a publisher, and he made his debut as something the world had never seen before. Dressed like a circus strongman, more powerful than anyone, faster than anyone, smarter than anyone. He told a reporter “You needn’t be afraid of me. I won’t harm you.” and in 1996, they were married.

That man is the reason why we call superheroes super heroes. Because they’re like him. Because they’re like Superman.

Those two high school students changed the world when they created him, and their idea impacts the lives of millions of people, long after their deaths, including us. Especially us.

“You needn’t be afraid of me. I won’t harm you.”

That phrase is so beautiful that I can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel. It paved the way for characters like Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Raven, Captain Marvel, Power Girl, and so, so many more. They’re superheroes. You needn’t be afraid of them. They won’t harm you.

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Hola! I had a spontaneous idea (scenario or head-canon) for Sidon, where the s/o is either mixed; latino, black, caribbean, etc. and she introduces her ethnic background(s) ? Muchas gracias ! 💜

(I tried my best to be accurate and respect the traditions, I don’t want to offend anyone, hopefully I did a good job…~ Enjoy!~)

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BTS reactions to having a crush on a foreign girl [requested]


I feel like Jin would have to check that he actually did like you and he wasn’t just wasting his time. He would do this by starting casual conversations with you and asking you what your hobbies were etc to get to know you. To be honest, he would probably also ask you what sort of food you eat in your home country. Once he knows he actually does in fact like you, I feel like he would try and work out how much you knew about Korea. He seems pretty traditional, so if you didn’t respect Korean values, I don’t think it would work about between you. Jin would really appreciate it if you were open to learning about Korea and spoke fairly good Korean. He might not make his move quickly, but it would happen eventually if you passed his “test”.

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Suga has said in many interviews that he doesn’t really care what people look like, he judges people based on their personality, meaning he wouldn’t care where you’re from or what you look like, as long as you have a “nice” personality. I think the deciding factor whether or not he would date you is if you can speak Korean or not. All of BTS are rather good a speaking English, but I get the vibe that Yoongi is the least comfortable and less experienced of the members at speaking English. If you weren’t very good a speaking Korean, Yoongi would have a hard time communicating with his crush, therefore he wouldn’t be able to figure out your personality, and if he couldn’t do that then he probably wouldn’t date you.

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I love this gif just look at that smile man 


I think nationality doesn’t really matter to J-Hope. To him, love is love. If you don’t speak very good Korean, I think he would go to one of his Hyungs or Namjoon for advice especially Namjoon. He would probably ask you a lot of questions about your country and be very excited to learn about your culture, although I’m not sure how much information he would actually remember. I can picture him giggling away as you tell him about traditions your family does, finding your enthusiasm for your country particularly funny.

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I think out of all the members, Rapmon would be the most likely to have a foreign girlfriend. This is because he seems like one of the more open members, and he has self-taught himself English. I don’t think Namjoon would outright ask you many questions about your country to get to know you better, he would probably choose to search it up in his spare time. He would also be the type of person to find out what not to say around you, to avoid saying something and upsetting you. I think once he knew a little bit about your country and knew you well enough, he wouldn’t hesitate to make his move.

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Like all the other members, I think Jimin would also not care too much that you’re not Korean. He would judge you on your personality and how nice of a person you were. I don’t think any of the boys would not be with someone just because of their nationality. Jimin would be interested in learning about your culture, and your language (if your first language was not English). He would be the member that teaches himself phrases in your native language (or just perfects sentences in English if that’s your native language). He would learn phrases like “you’re so beautiful”, and “you look stunning today” so he could tell you that randomly and surprise you.

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look how perfect my baby is here


Tae would be super excited to learn about your culture. He would ask you heaps of questions because he genuinely was curious, and also so he could spend even more time with you. After awhile, his questions might start to get annoying, but that’s not his intention. One thing I think he would be particularly interested in is learning your native language. He would ask you to teach him phrases and words in your language and then he would repeat them back to you. Knowing Tae, I’m 98% sure he would mispronounce them, causing him to burst out laughing and you would be unable to continue teaching him your language. 

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Like Yoongi, Jungkook’s only worry would be whether or not he can actually communicate with your properly. I think he wouldn’t pursue a relationship where you don’t even understand each other, and he seems just to busy to bother learning your language. If you two could understand each other easily, he would be hesitant about starting a relationship anyway, because he’s just Jungkook. He probably wouldn’t ask you too many questions about your country as he’d be afraid he was annoying you, but he would happily listen if you wanted to talk about your country. I think he would secretly be very interested to learn about your culture, but he wouldn’t show it, and you’d have to initiate the conversations about your country.  

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In Elvish, there’s no direct phrase for “I love you,” so they say “Llie n'vanima ar’ lle atara lanneina,” which means “You are more dear to me than the stars.” The Elves love the stars above all else, more than even the Sea or the trees, which is what makes this phrase so beautiful.

Drunken Innocence

Request: Can you write a Sam oneshot with the following phrases? “When did you get so beautiful?” and “Sometimes I feel like making out with you is that a friend thing to do?”

Summary: You have to deal with an overly drunk Sam when the two of you have to stay home from a hunting trip because you’re both hurt.

A/N: hi guys this was another request ☺️ i tried my best on this for someone who’s never been drinking in her life oops. ahh I’ve seen movies and stuff so I hope I did this justice…

i’m really sorry if anyone has sent in a request that i haven’t done yet, i’ve had a ton of volleyball this weekend and basically no time ahahhahaa anyways i’m still taking requests though! hope you guys enjoy! xx, jess

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Have you seen consumed?? Oh we've talked about it? Let's talk about it again!! Like how Daryl basically follows her around with puppy dogs eyes wondering if she's okay! Or how that beautiful motherfucker took the pain of putting down a child walker so she wouldn't have to? Or how he was whimpering when she was taken again??! That's basically me with my fellow viewers haha no shame! Caryl on! Love your blog! Keep with positivity!

Oh my dear sweet adorable Nomy….

I could talk about Consumed all day every day (and I have haha) I will never stop talking about that episode and the way Daryl was with Carol. The phrase ‘beautiful motherfucker’ so applies here. 

I mean my God in heaven EVERY time I think about that scene where he put down those walkers for her and burned them to spare her the horror of it, I start to blubber like an idiot. I mean my god….

He was there when Sophia was put down. Knows how that hurt and still hurt Carol. Dosen’t know what happened to Lizzie and Mika but knows ‘they ain’t there’. Knows it would it hurt her so badly to have to do something like that. . The moment when he sees the walkers and sees the child walker and he drops his head.. he can’t let her go through this again. 

He tells her ‘You don’t have to..” And when she reaches for the door again..

He wants to protect her from having to do this.. to save her from further pain

External image
so he stops her. And while she is sleeping  he goes out into that hallway and  does something no one wants to do.. put a child down. It had to hurt to do..

But he did it FOR HER.  

And when she woke up and saw him burning them.. saw what he did..

She lost her shit and so did I… 

If that is not love I don’t know what is…

Daryl was all about Carol in that episode..

Doing his level best to help her in any way he could. Even if it just meant listening and  not talking at all. Or just telling her to hold on.. just hold on. 

Helping her physically and emotionally..

Just shutting up and letting her talk…taking her  pain and trying so desperatly to make his own… to just ease it in any way he could..

Just looking after her like no one one else ever had. He had no idea what he was doing most of the time., But he did it perfectly. All he wanted in the world was to make her feel better. To help her..

He nearly let a kid die because that kid hurt her.  Everything Daryl did in this episode was about Carol. Everything. 

They may have been looking for Beth, but Carol, right in front of him the whole time. He listened to her, protected h er, from both inside and outside forces, and just tried in his own special way, to love Carol through it. To love her back into living again. Starting over. With him. 

And don’t even get me started on the screaming. ‘LET GO OF ME!”  

and that whimper… as he watched her get taken away, and can do absolutley nothing to stop it from happening. After everything he’d  done since he got her back. After putting his heart and soul into to keeping her with him, to lose her again crushed him. And the little whimper, hurts my heart to hear every time. 

It was, in my opinion one of his best episode. Norman (along with Melissa of course) KILLED it in this episode. And it irks me that there are supposed ‘fans’ of his that either won’t watch it or acknowledge or try to diminish the importance of this episode. And you know why right? Because it proved JUST how important Carol was to him. In every way. 

Daryl, who never knew or had unconditional love his entire life, displayed it beautifully in that episode. And it was for Carol. All for Carol. 

That’s love bitches…and its why I ship it and will never regret it…. EVER. 

And now that I’ve killed my feels i’m going to bed… keep Caryling on my lovelies