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Hi, Mom!(SAA) I don't know how, but you found my blog and followed me! I'm so happy! Thank you so much! Just wanted to say I hope you're having a great day! You're an amazing person! Love you!

Oh my gosh bby you are so welcome! The funny thing is I still don’t know who you are even tho I’m now following you, ahaha! :’D 

I hope you had an amazing day, kiddo! Thank you so much for this message. I love you, too! <333

Chapstick challenge (Josh Washington X Reader)

Requested by @jayde0602

A/N: Hey Love! I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this! I still hope you like it video for some help and used a few things.

Word count : 1,030

„Hey guys! It’s me (Y/N) and welcome to my channel.” You greeted and waved to the camera. You were recording a new video for your YouTube channel that achieved 200,000 subscribers the day before. So you thought you made something special for your supportive followers. “At first, I want to thank all of you for your support and for your positive feedbacks. Thanks to you, we reached to 200,000 subscribers. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t come this far without you.”  You blew a kiss to the camera.

“Second, I thought I make this chapstick challenge everybody is talking about. My friends have done it too. It’s very funny. And many of you have already asked me to do it with Josh.” Your cheeks took a slight shade of red as you talked about your boyfriend. He was also very supportive and helped you with finding ideas to keep your channel in running. Without him, you would have been lost.

You leaned closer to the camera, putting a finger on your lips. “But psst, he has no idea about it.” Then, you took three of your favorite lipsticks with different flavors, showed them and put them into your jeans pocket. “So guys,” You went on. “Josh is downstairs and has probably nothing to do than being busy with his Smartphone. Let’s call him.” You stood up and went to your door, paying attention that the camera was still recording you.  “Josh!” You called.

“What?” He shouted back. “Can you please come upstairs? I need you to do something for me!” You went back to the spot you sat before and waited patiently for your boyfriend.  

Josh stood up from the couch he was comfortably lying on and stomped up the stairs to your room. As he arrived, he saw you sitting on the floor with your camera before you. He instantly knew you were working for YouTube again.

You turned to him, smiling and instructed him to six down next to you. “Come here, Josh.” He obeyed without any hesitation, wondering what kind of video you were doing today. His face showed a trace of uncertainty. You paid attention back to your recording and introduced your boyfriend. “So, for the people who don’t know who this handsome boy next to me is,” You snuggled to his body, “this my boyfriend Josh. Say hello, Josh.”

He grinned and winked to your followers. “Hey porn stars. How are you?” You buried your face into your hands, groaning. “What?” He asked innocently. “Was this really necessary?” He offered you a slight laugh, mentioning you to go on. You began to tell him what you both were going to do. “Okay Josh, what we are doing in a few minutes is the chapstick challenge. Have you heard about that before?”

He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “No idea.” You slipped your arm around his waist and started to explain the rules. “I will apply lipsticks on my lips and your job is to kiss me and to find out what flavor they are.” After you finished explaining, Josh grinned at you mischievously and you slapped his arm, laughing.

“Are you ready?” You questioned. “Whenever you are, babe.”  “But you have to turn around.” Then you grabbed the lipstick with the strawberry flavor and applied it thoroughly on your lips. You gave Josh the permission to turn around. He put his hands on your cheeks as his face came closer to yours. Then your lips were pressed against his and you both shared a very sweet kiss. You could hear your followers “aaw” in your head.  Josh pulled away, his eyes still closed as he licked his lips to find out the flavor. “Hmm… Is it strawberry?”  Your face lightened and you cheered. “Yes, that’s right! Very good!”

The next lipstick you put on your lips tasted like pancakes and syrup. Josh made a grimace as he smelled the flavor. “Woah, that smells! What the hell is that?” You leaned closer to him, but he slightly pushed you away. “Wait! Let me get ready for it!” You expected him to kiss you again but instead he licked on your lower lip. “Eeew, Josh!” You shouted and punched on his chest lightly. “Don’t do that!” He kissed you this time, not very amused of what he tasted on your lips. “It tastes like grapes and feet.” You giggled at his answer. “Grapes and feet. Is this your final answer?” He nodded and you pointed the stick into the camera. “It was pancakes and syrup.”

“It tastes horrible.” He whined, turning to the camera and warning your followers not to buy this flavor. “Please girls, do your boyfriends a favor and don’t buy pancakes and syrup. It’s not very tasty, not at all.”

“Okay, are you ready for the last one?” You asked Josh. His face showed anything but delight. “Turn around.” You ordered and applied the next lipstick on your lips. This time it tasted like cupcakes and you knew how much Josh loved cupcakes. That’s why he kissed you with so much vigor and passion so the lipstick was not only smeared all around your lips but also his. You finally managed to pull away from him, otherwise you knew you would make out and that would be very inappropriate in front of the camera. “And?” You asked him. It took him a while with licking his lips, before he finally answered. “I’m not very sure but it tastes like cupcakes.”

“It was velvet cupcake but I’ll accept it.” You both shared one last kiss, he deserved it after all, before you slowly finished your video. “That’s for today guys. Thanks for watching. And special thanks to Josh who was willing to do the challenge with me. Do you want to say something?” You looked at him, a smile was plastered on your face. “Thanks for having me, (Y/N). If you like the video comment below, my beautiful girlfriend would be happy about it.” You put a kiss on his cheek and cuddled against his chest.

“Don’t forget to subscribe and share!” You both simultaneously said, waving to your followers.  

“Six of Crows” - Leigh Bardugo

-The characters were all so diverse and unique. They all had a perfect balance of strengths and weaknesses. All their personalities were fitting, and great and I loved every single one of them sooooo much. And the representation! Various races, sexualities, religious beliefs!!! I can’t even begin to praise it enough

-This was a different plot from what you usually see and I loved that. It’s a bunch of anti-heroes, doing illegal things, for less than moral reasons…But it’s still for the greater good as well, and you can’t help but root for them. And The twists and turns are quite the roller coaster, but in a great way!

-The writing style was absolutely awesome. It jumps around a bit, from character to character, often flashing back to past events, but the transitions are seemless, you don’t even notice because the flow is so great. It’s funny, heartwrenching, dark, gripping, everything you could possibly want, and it keeps you guessing, but never leaves you lost for long.

-There is romance, but the way it’s done? Brilliant. Perfect. I can’t even describe. It’s just enough to keep the romantics appeased without being too much. And they are all different levels of depth, development, ways of expressing it. long running and strained, secret and unrequited, new and budding? You get them all and the chemistry between all of them is absolutely magnificent and works so well with the characters.

- Cliffhanger ending and the sequel, “Crooked Kingdom” doesn’t come out until September. GAH!

- Look, I can usually find some sort of flaw in a book but I am genuinely struggling with this one…I just can’t think of any part I had a problem with. at all. 

Overall Opinion:

Definitely the best damn book I’ve ever read to date. I know that isn’t comparing to much, I just started reading again recently, but this was so up my alley, so well done, and so amazing it’s going to be REALLY difficult to top. All my praises to this book. I can’t even…

It was Gold’s birthday yesterday (for me but probably still is Gold’s birthday in some part of the world so technically I am not late) so yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FICTIONAL CHARACTER THAT I LOVE VERY MUCH. I am just gonna ramble about why I like him so much to celebrate his awesomeness. (Now i haven’t read HGSS arc yet and I heard bad things about it so i’ll just talk about the masterpiece that is GSC arc)

So Gold is the lovable asshole to me, he at times just does the weirdest shit and sometimes maybe seen as comic relief but I think his brash, impulsive nature sets him apart from the usual, cliche cool-headed hero that the protagonists of stories so often are.

He is such a cutie pie, so full of funny quips, it was an absolutely joy to read through the GSC arc with him as the protagonist. After the seriousness of Crystal’s character and Silver’s moodiness, a character like him really just lights up the manga and gave it a much more light-hearted tone to it. He is witty, not the best battler, but he does have his moments of accidental genius. He grew up in a sheltered, happy family, but he doesn’t lack the resilience that some other children might have coming from those kind of backgrounds. 

I think the best moment in the GSC arc for me, where Gold really shines, is that scene where Prof Oak (right?) wrote the letter saying that all the dexholders have something special in them and Gold wasn’t one of them (you know that scene) and Gold just completely broke down. It was one of those rare moments that Gold showed an emotion other than ‘WOOHOO LET’S GO TEAR SHIT UP’ and that to me really showed how much Gold actually wants to be appreciated rather than just perceived as the life of the party, who has no potential in anything other than that, being just good at being funny. It was in that moment of vulnerability I truly felt sorry for Gold and felt that he actually wants to be taken seriously despite of his personality. 

Gold also cares for others, arguably every dexholder does, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Gold willingly sacrificed himself for Silver and Crystal and went to battle the Masked Man alone, probably knowing he is fucked but still went for it anyway. Gold, like every other dexholder, is a hero, albeit a sometimes silly and goofy one. 

tldr; I love Gold

Edit: Oh, and he is a breeder. A BREEDER. I find it hilarious someone so impatient and reckless like him is given the task, and is in fact good, at handling eggs, treating and idk feeding the baby Pokemon tenderly with gentle care. ADORABLE. He is probably a great stay-at-home dad and just imagine him playing with the baby Pokemon. Why is he not real.  

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the funny thing to me is that now that we've actually gotten to see Malia grow & develop, I don't mind Sta/ia as much as I did, because I love Malia, whereas in 3b & 4 it felt like she didn't have a purpose, which was irritating. I mean, I'm Stydia af and I'm so glad we're so close, but I really hated Sta/ia when it first happened because I wanted to know about Malia as a character & she was so secondary to Stiles.

I didn’t dislike St@lia in 5a and 5b, it just made me sad because he was so shitty to her and she deserved better. Like you, however, I had a hard time watching it in s4, and I still struggle to watch their scenes. 

However, I do think that in the end Stiles was a disservice to Malia, both as a character in the story, and as her boyfriend. 


i don’t remember if i’ve posted some already, but here are some pictures of my pup, Freya, whom we got around the end of march. she’s about 5 months old and still super hyper and spoiled lol 

her, her mom, and her siblings were rescued from the streets in california and were sent to a the dog shelter here in oregon that we got her from. i didn’t go but apparently it was a pretty nice place that looked like it could’ve been someone’s home and they had a good amount of land for little fenced off areas for the dogs! but we all thought it was kinda funny that they were from cali becuse how we moved here from there so it was kinda like getting a little piece of home lol

i added the 2 pictures at the bottom to show the size difference of her and our other dog, Lady.

lastly, the new pup’s a whippet & chihuahua mix and our bigger dog is an australian shephard & weimaraner mix!

(also @dreamy-dalish here’s the new puppy!)

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Domestic headcanons for a poly relationship with iwaizumi and Oikawa? :)

It’s already funny enough that I think, canonically, they would live together when they get into university and it would be very much like a married couple. Oikawa’s still not allowed to use the stove.

♡ If you’re ever worried about any sort of issue with dinner, Iwaizumi’s got it covered. He’s been practicing every day to be able to make family meals and to make sure that his s/o and Oikawa don’t end up eating some unhealthy every single day. They aren’t by any means fancy, but it definitely tastes good. Oikawa still can’t cook all that well, but at least he attempts (when Iwaizumi isn’t kicking his ass out of the kitchen).

♡ Oikawa likes to keep the house neat and tidy, so he organizes the house a lot. He even decorates it. He loves having laundry day, where his s/o and Iwaizumi both help him fold things and put stuff in the washer. Not only is his surrounded by his favorite people, but the clean smell of laundry detergent as well as fresh clothes make it all the better. He loves cuddling with them both while the clothes are busy being washed.

♡ Around the later hours of the night, there’s always a designated cuddle time, made up by Oikawa. It’s “required” they watch a movie and cuddle on the couch, all while possibly eating dinner. He feels it’s a good way to keep their bond strong. Iwaizumi thinks this is pretty silly, but of course he can’t pass up having his s/o and Oikawa all nuzzled up close to him. He’ll take silly if it means being close to them both.

♡ Living space wise, everyone had unanimously agree on getting a home instead of an apartment. There was more space to work with, extra rooms to set up a work out place, maybe an office, and definitely some storage. Also large enough to keep some pets in. Iwaizumi can’t pass up a chance to have a dog in the house. Oikawa wanted one smaller, but with some convincing of their s/o, they both agreed on a medium sized dog.

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hi nikki. im not feeling the best right now, which sucks. is there a funny/happy story you have to tell? i would appreciate it. ily

hello, friend!!!!! :D i’m so sorry this is 5 hours late, i’ve just woken up (it’s 6 am, so that should be a funny enough story in itself) and while i hope you’re feeling a bit better now, maybe reading this tomorrow morning (or now. idk your timezone. the world is weird) it’ll still make you smile, or maybe be just a reminder of how much better you feel now! :D

OKAY, SO. i’m not really interesting enough to have a funny story, and while i could lit on about the various amounts of time i’ve ran into walls or said stupid things or made a fool out of myself, i’m actually going to talk about feel-good animals stories??? because??/ who doesn’t love feel good animal stories??? SO. i grew up in a pretty awful household with lots of Issues and that’s not happy or funny so moving swiftly along, but my mom used to foster for the humane society, so we’d have these KITTENS. ALL THE TIME. 

and kittens are kittens, yknow, they grow up, and they get big, and they’re still wonderful, but kittens are kittens and who doesn’t love kittens. and, when you foster cats for a humane society, sometimes you get big cats that will stay with you until their adopted, but most of the time you get kittens, and you give those kittens back to the humane society right when they’re not itty bitty anymore! which, while heart breaking for the first few times, and getting attached is lethal, having tiny itsy bitsy kitties nibbling on your toes is AMAZING, and seeing these sick lil babies grow up to be BIG BABIES!! that’s amazing

u can also get BOTTLE BABIES, which is lots of work and super hard but my mom and sister did it and that’s when you get TEENY TOPSIES and something happened to their moms so you have to feed them bottles of formula and care for them and they’re the TINIEST THINGS and here are some photos of lil bottle babies that are just about Kitten Stage, but are still itsy bitsy and ignore my southpark shirt it was 25 cents at goodwill

AND, because kittens only do so much, here’s a link to my smiles tag. there’s lots of doggos in there, too. i hope you feel better, and i hope this helped. <3

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I am fairly new to Led Zeppelin, and I have learned a lot about them recently. Robert's my favorite member haha! I was wondering, since you know so much about him, do you know of any live performances where he is doing or saying funny/unique things onstage? I have seen the Whole Lotta Love live performance at MSG before and that is hilarious and cool with all of his dancing and joking around, and the random noises he makes haha. Great blog by the way.

Well, hello!  Thank you and welcome to the world of Zep!  Similar to Hotel California.  Good luck trying to leave. :D  My friend, what you seek is all around you!  Robert loved to hear himself talk, probably still does lol!  And I’m thankful for it because you can find him saying silly shit in just about every bootleg that exists.  It’s fantastic.  One of my very favorite things to do - troll boots for “Plantations.”  There are tons on youtube.  There are also a few sites that might be of interest.  Facebook has a page devoted to Robert and his witticisms - https://www.facebook.com/RobertPlantations/ - also check out http://www.ledzeppelin-database.com/ - click on Plantations at the top.  Another is http://www.rambleonzep.com/ - it has transcripts, as well.  As far as particular performances - there are so many funny moments but I think the Earl’s Court shows were some of the best.  Robert was clearly in a good mood and throwing stuff out left and right.  You can go to ledzeppelin.com as well - there are threads devoted to this.  It’s so, so fun to discover a new off hand comment or give and take between the boys.  It’s the closest I’ll come to being there live!  Hope that helps, and listen, if you find some great stuff - pass it along!  I’ve only scratched the surface!  Take care!! :-)  

what if, life doesn’t love you as much as I do and what if, it’s never enough for you like I was? I doubt my words when I say that sentence out loud because you’re like a stranger to me now and I’d like to think you love different things and different people with different loves and interests, but it’s funny because even though you pass my mind from time to time I seem to have gotten over writing the thoughts you shared with me over 2 am texts. you don’t exist within my heart and head anymore, so why am I still writing about you?
—  over you

maybe the most dangerous thing about my self is how much i love \cathect in cultural products
im listening to the year of hibernation again and thinking about, wow, this album gets me like no person can ever get me. this piece of art created by a human can get me more than another human ever can – even the person who produced it. funny how meeting that musician you love, or the artist, is always a disappointment… how could you make something so beautiful but still be only human, when you are just another someone that i have to use words to mediate my communication with, when my emotions can flow straight into that OBJECT you made?

omg hello sry i disappeared i was Doing Things like sleeping all day and rewatching bojack horseman and writing a scathing 10 page article about how terrible oitnb is but okay lets do requests:

  • i was going to do a more ~formal~ request but i can’t be bothered, but i basically need people for annie’s show!!! production people, producers, camera people, interns, writers, what have you. anything you can think of!!! 
  • i also need GUESTS, basically annie is the nicest most likable funny person on earth, so pretty much every celebrity should/should want to be on her show. she’s the host of late night with annie bahl, which is basically a mix of all your favorite talk shows except it features annie and she’s a lot cuter and funnier than the white men who have been dominating late night tv for so long AND her show is super popular/super high ratings so…get that promo
  • and lastly we still need people for charming!! (the bachelor type show); we need production people, a couple more producers, and contestants on the show!!!! i would really love to have some contestants (erin and i even had an idea where one of the contestants is also an ex of the current prince/bachelor, so that would be super fun) and producers, but yeah!!! 

these are all super open ended but basically make things love me xoxoxo

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How is Andrew in person? And how was his class? (I am so excired for you haha)

He’s sooo funny!! He always messes with the assistants so much I love it. As far as class goes, I’m not actually a huge fan of how he runs it. Like I looove him for his personality and choreo, but I always feel like the only thing I do in Andrews classes is learn choreography. There are other teachers (like Ray and Sonya) who teach lessons that you take away and remember forever and I just love that. It’s still such an awesome experience to take from him though!!

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#1/? adzie i have been following you for about a year now and i just want to tell you a few things: 1) i fucking love your art. even if you just scribbled nonsense onto a piece of paper or something, i would still treasure it like a precious gem. 2) you are so funny. literally im addicted to funny people that have the same sense of humour that i do and fuCk i love it so much. you are just a hilarious person that i can #relate to lol 3) you are so cute!! i could just cuddle you all day :>>> -

but jfc i just love you so much i cant i hope you will notice me one day but im just a smol anon that doesnt have the biggest of the balls to talk to your cute face :-))) i hope you have a fucking lovely day, yeah? you deserve it so much for being a lil ball of sunshine,, ilysfm xxx

this was just chilling in my drafts and i have no idea why i didn’t post it but honestly i am lost for words at how kind you are and aslkdjaskdlasdjlasjkl thank you so much for this message - i hope you are good anon, whoever you are/wherever you are <3

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✤ + ALYA AND NINO what is their ship name hsjagadskja RE-SENT BECAUSE I FORGOT THE ✤✤✤✤✤✤

send me ✤ + a ship and i’ll tell you…@viexcestlaxvie im still using djwifi??? idk you want a new one?

  • who said i love you first? Alya, when Nino was making a fool of himself trying to tell her despite it being obvious. So she helped him by saying the words
  • who laughs when the other trips? Both would but I think Nino is more the type to trip around
  • who pays the bills? Nino, because Alya is always busy with seeking new scoops so he ends up doing that
  • which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays? Nino, he is a dork. No wonder he and Adrien are BFFs
  • who’s more clumsy? Nino 
  • who checks their daily horoscope? None of them cares but since they’re the always connected couple i think they share with eachother when funny things appears
  • who sings louder in the car? Alya, Nino is not the type to sing much because he is shy about that actually. So i think Alya would start singing really loudly to make him join her
  • who leaves the cap off the toothpaste? HMMM none i think Alya comes from a big family so she wants to keep everything in order. If Nino ever does that, I’m sure she would call him off so it might have happened once. Alya is scary 
  • who is more up to date in pop culture? BOTH but Nino likes outdated slang so he seems outdated
  • who insists on going to see the newest movies? NINO HE IS A NERD
  • who cries when the abused animal commercials come on? their kwamis and then they have  a hard time to get them to calm down
  • who’s the lighter sleeper? none, they’re the type who stay up late and end up falling asleep when they cant stay up any more. I bet it would be really hard to get them to do anything in the mornings
  • who believes in ghosts? Nino says he doesn’t but he is scared and Alya totally knows that and uses it againts him 
  • who does the grocery shopping? depends, but both. but i dont think either of them like it so they probably go together to make it less boring
  • who updates their facebook status more often? ALYA  but they’re the internet couple so their accounts are always updated with photos and everything

Dear G,

It’s been about a year since you decided that you don’t want to talk to me anymore, and I don’t blame you. You needed to move one from me since I was too scared to commit at the time. I really miss you so much! I think about you everyday. Things happen in my life and the first person I think about telling is you. I usually get over people very quickly, but I’ve been unable to shake you. 

I’m really sorry for the way I ended things, it’s a decision I regret. You were right, as long as I still loved you, I should have kept going. I was broken and scared to be in another relationship at the time, especially with you being away. I didn’t realize how happy I really was.

I know you have a boyfriend now and you seem really happy with him. It’s funny, he seems like just the type of guy you would describe as your “dream guy” when we talked about it. It’s funny that you and I don’t fall into each other’s “dream person” descriptions at all, but somehow we fell in love with each other anyways. I feel like you are probably much happier with him than you would ever have ever been with me. That’s why I don’t contact you to tell you how I feel, even though I’ve come close to doing it before.

I’ve changed a lot in the past year, my perspective on things have changed quite a bit and it’s all thanks to you. You have made me grow into a better and more open man. Even if we never talk or meet again, please know that you made a large and positive impact on my life despite the bitterness I feel now. Maybe if the circumstances are right, we can start talking to each other again. One can hope.



Why Ellie is The Bestest Friend

-She is included in the my core group of wonderful people on here who I talk to every single day, nearly non-stop AND I LOVE IT

-We both have work similar jobs, so every morning we talk (*cough and one of us gets wrecked, kinda funny cough*) and then every night after work, and it’s crazy sweet.

-She’s honestly the sweetest little dork I’ve ever met on here, SO CUTE AND SO SWEET I LOVE.

-I feel like I can talk to her about absolutely anything, and that truly takes a lot of trust so I love her for that.

-As much as I HATE to admit this type of stuff, she knows preeeetty much all of my weaknesses and it’s kind of funny because it makes things QUITE interesting…and fun since I know pretty much all of hers hahaha.

-We have the most hilarious, fun, laugh filled, teasy, cute, terrible skypes with @alittlespankandtickle on a regular basis now haha

-She’s someone who I’d wanna keep as a friend for as long as life makes possible

-We may meet at some point if she goes to college in NY whoop whoop!

@spritelygiggles I LOVE YOU NUGGET

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👍👍👍 Your Kyo is hilarious! Every meme response, thread, commentary or anything is just perfect. I love how sassy you write him, because it’s awesome. But just because you excel at one thing doesn’t mean you can’t do others. When you write something where he is being menacing or loving it’s always 100% there and just as good. 👍👍👍

Send 👍 if you like my character portrayal; please say why.

OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A SWEET THING TO SAY!!! Hearing that someone out there likes my dumb jokes and finds my stuff funny makes me extremely happy because I guess that’s the goal, and I really appreciate it that you enjoy my other material with him too!! We definitely need to talk more, and I’m sorry we haven’t yet (I’m still a bit intimidated by the tumblr fandom because I’m the newbie) but we also should totally get a thread going sometime soon too if we could come up with something! But I love when you send a starter/meme or something because those are always fun and we don’t have them on facebook! I know I already told you this in your ask box, but I really admire the way your rp Akito because you absolutely nail it and Akito is a seriously complex character, but you just do fantastic!

Anyway, thank you so much again and I look forward to us getting to know one another better both IC and out!!! ^^ 

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ironclad is amazing and perfect and the definition of beauty the personification of flawless itself --anon


well i think that anon pretty much covered it but i gotta say something i guess :///. listen i love you a lot, okay. you will forever be the sirius to my marlene & the only person i will ever ship the ship that shall not be named with bc —– lol @ fanon forever. you’re so fucking funny & talented & i can’t say enough good things about you honestly and i love that even though we both know nothing about each other’s current main muses save for odds & ends here & there, we’re still here following each other. ur like a fungus i can’t get rid of :/// & i mean that in the best way. i miss ya a lot & we should talk more again bc yeah. p.s. this