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Omg Ink Drawing request *-* If u r not too busy can we get a funny Marichat scene?

This was meant to be funnier but it just came out cute?? Which isn’t really a problem in my opinion…

Thank you, Anon, for this request. MariChat is my SHIP. She’s drawing whiskers on him, by the way (= °w ^=)

Artwork ©: alazic02

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13 Reasons Why Headcanons:

Fluffy Clony:

-It’s no secret that Tony and Clay love to cuddle, both sets of their parents having enough photographic proof to last a lifetime. After a particularly bad day, it’s become custom for them to pop a movie in and settle on the settee together and cuddle, holding on tight and soaking up the other’s comfort- Tony being the big spoon and peppering Clay’s head in kisses every so often. There’s no place safer that Clay feels than in Tony’s arms.   

-Clay loves tracing Tony’s tattoo’s with his hands; the way the painted skin feels beneath his fingertips and how Tony shivers at his touch when he gets to a particularly ticklish part- especially after they’ve just had sex and the older boy’s still sensitive to his touch. Half the time he doesn’t realise he’s doing it, the movement becoming a subconscious habit that brings him comfort and allows his brain to fall into a lull of content.  

-They have a shared enthusiasm for kissing the other- whether it’s just a peck on the lips or a full blown make out session, they love the way the other feels against their mouth. Tony likes to kiss Clay wherever he can, on his mouth, on his cheek, on his neck (often with the results of numerous hickeys) while Clay likes to keep the kissing to Tony’s lips- not that he minds when Tony gets a bit more adventurous.

-Tony has a habit of holding Clay’s hand whenever they’re out together- not in a possessive ‘this is my boyfriend, back off’ kind of way, but to remind himself that the younger boy’s there and safe; he also secretly loves the way that his hand wraps around Clay’s, the younger boy’s fitting perfectly in his own.

-Most of the time, after school, they’ll spend their time together at each other’s houses. One of Clay’s favourite things to do is to watch Tony work on his car while he’s supposed to be doing homework; he’s loves the way that Tony gets all sweaty and greasy, his shirt sticking to him and how his hair gets all messy- it gives his body a increasingly, frustrating tingly feeling on the inside until he has to call the older boy over just to steal a kiss.