anonymous asked:

So in a silly kitty vs stupid cat post u mentioned that cute was once an offensive word like stupid is now and i wanted to ask u abt it bc I've always known it to be a compliment and I'm interested in this sort of thing. Sorry if I'm being wierd

Not at all being weird!  And I have to admit that I said I wrong thing.

It is a rather common belief that “cute” used to mean “ugly but interesting”. This is what I meant when I reblogged the post. I believed this my whole life. BUT because of your ask, lovely anon, I went to reading and found out that that is a myth. As I learned from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the real old meaning of cute in the early 18th century was: “clever or shrewd often in an underhanded manner. (Source)

GASP! I did not know this. But I know this now. It’s interesting that “cute” used to mean something fierce, and now it’s used in a way that is endeared and…well…cute!