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do you mind me asking, do you think ross truly loves demelza? why does he cheat on her? also, does he only cheat once?

Hi. I’m really no expert! I’ve read the books but others are so much more steeped in them and can answer much better than me - pile on in people :)

Anyway, what I think…

Yes, Ross loves Demelza, he doesn’t realise how deeply and truly quite yet, but he really does. I don’t think he ever stops loving her through the difficult days of books 3 and 4 (Series 2 in the show). 

The show suggests that Demelza knows this too, even though she fears that he loves Elizabeth more and she worries that he doesn’t desire her in the same way anymore. The show also had Ross being completely dumbfounded when it crosses his mind she might think that (before the event with Elizabeth, obviously).

Why is he unfaithful with Elizabeth? So many many reasons. Lost love, idealisation, lust, unfinished emotional business, some awful need to ‘possess’ her before she marries George…. Would Ross have been unfaithful with Elizabeth without the crisis of that terrible night, I wonder, probably not, it might all have stayed suppressed and poisonous to his marriage for many more years. Would he have cheated with anyone other than Elizabeth? I don’t believe so.


Ross cheats once, never again. Their relationship is turbulent and tested in future, but not by any further infidelity by Ross.

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Hi tumblr mom! I was wondering if you have/ever had any not-mom moms? Back in high school I also had speech mom leading the speech team, and she was great like you are, so it seems to be something of a theme. Anyway, hope you're having a nice day!

I’m not sure I ever had anyone I thought of as a mom figure (including my own mother at times), but I certainly had people in my life who influenced me and made me want to do better.

I think for me the biggest influence on my life was Terry Pratchett, who while not a mom figure, or even a paternal figure, was sort of like that cool uncle who showed up at Christmas (not literally, but I usually got a Pratchett book for Christmas so we’re speaking in the metaphorical sense here) and spent hours helping you build your lego sets while breaking down the fundamentals of the universe in a way you could understand and then piecing it back together again so that the pieces fit right and looked like they were supposed to. Or at least, didn’t look quite so bad as before.


Hi friends! I’m going to do NaNo again this year. Last year it got me a good chunk of the way through The Bureau book one, and my goal is to finish that first draft & start the first draft of an unrelated project so Tom and Gracie and Carmen and I all get a break from each other.

If you’re doing NaNo too, let’s be writing buddies! I do better when I’m competing against people’s word counts.

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Basically Gillian flew to New York for work. She made appointments, she'll do interviews and everything. She doesn't tell David about her plans, tho. She decides that it will be better if he has no idea she left London. Once in New York, she promotes her new book, has some meetings, everything's going great, David has no idea she's in New York. That's the way she wants it to be...

… because she wants to surprise him. she wants him to find her naked in his bed. That’s the plan for tomorrow. After the meeting, she comes back to her hotel room. She opens the door and frowns. Something smells nice. Like lavender. Or something. She goes straight to the bed because she’s tired and that’s when she sees the candles. And then she sees David. Naked on her bed. He’s smiling. “If you didn’t want me to know you’re here, you shouldn’t have posted that photo on twitter.”


I’m gonna have some really sweet dreams tonight, filled with images of naked David in Gillian’s bed, and naked Gillian on the beach. Perfect. Thank you very much!

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Do u think harry is a little Christian grey? Not in a abusive way but in a more fuck hard way. Lol

Admittedly I only half read the first book and saw the movie. So keep that in mind while you read my answer.

Christian Grey was emotionally manipulative and emotionally unavailable. Harry is neither of those things. The biggest reason sex with Harry would be good is not because of what he’s doing to you but how he makes you feel mentally while it’s happening. He’s there, he’s present, he wants to know how to make YOU feel better, he’s about YOUR pleasure, he’s cognizant of your proclivities, he learns and applies what he learns for future interludes. Harry is 100% all about you.

The comparisons or hopes that some girls have that Harry is like that? Is kind of sad to me. Christian Grey is not a man I would ever consider the pinnacle of sexual gratification. Far from it. While he may have developed in the later books, in the first one he was a selfish dick.

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why are you so good at finding ways for Bill to torment Fiddleford?

I am human garbage addicted to angst. I love ya Fidds and that’s why I want ya to hurt so much.

Honestly if I wasn’t so lazy that’s all my blog would be. Just nonstop Fidds torment.

The flannel man better make it canon, I’m paying an arm and a leg for this book so it’s the least he can do.

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1 and 4!

Hello beautiful anon! 

1. Have you met your soul mate?

Boy have I. I believe I’ve met 2 of my platonic soulmates, but idk about romantic soulmate. Maybe someday? Who knows.

4. Are you in love right now?

I’m in love every day. I’m in love with my friends and my cat and how they make my day so much better. I’m in love with the clouds and their ever-changing shape. I’m in love with books and characters and the stories they experience. I’m in love with the way my friends smile and laugh and/or snort at my puns. I’m in love with college and how accepting it is. I’m in love with the idea that my friends love me enough to text first.I’m in love with getting asks on tumblr and people reblogging and liking my content. I’m so in love with everything, anon.

Except for Bradley. Fuck that guy.

(Is this the same anon that asked me if I had a crush? If so, how you doin’?) ‘,:)

Forget Self-Esteem—Try Self-Compassion Instead
Trying to boost your own ego is largely pointless. Here's what works better.
By Olga Khazan

Khazan: So what is self-compassion? How is it better?
Neff: It means treating yourself with the same kind of kindness, care, compassion, as you would treat those you care about—your good friends, your loved ones.One component is self-kindness, which is in a way the most obvious. But it also entails a recognition of common humanity—in other words, the understanding that all people are imperfect, and all people have imperfect lives. Sometimes, when we fail, we react as if something has gone wrong—that this shouldn’t be happening. “I shouldn’t have failed, I shouldn’t have had this issue come up in my life.” And this sense that “this shouldn’t be happening,” as if everyone else in the world were living perfectly happy, unproblematic lives. That type of thinking really causes a lot of additional suffering, because people feel isolated and separated from the rest of humanity.

So, when we have self-compassion, when we fail, it’s not “poor me,” it’s “well, everyone fails.” Everyone struggles. This is what it means to be human. And that really radically alters how we relate to failure and difficulty. When we say, “Oh, this is normal, this is part of what it means to human,” that opens the door to the grow from the experience. If we feel like it’s abnormal, this shouldn’t be happening, then we start blaming ourselves.”

i’m just really hoping that when they find the book’s author he/she is just gonna be like ‘lol um, nothing is decided by me, guys, all i do is record what happens.’