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AU Request: Comedic reasons for two characters being kicked out of anywhere?

  • “This date was going well until you tried to argue with me about my favorite television show and we argued so loudly that the restaurant kicked us out, so do you want to go get dessert someplace so we can continue this argument?” AU
  • Characters A and B are purposefully trying to get kicked out of Walmart and are daring each other to do more and more daring stunts. Character C is an employee watching them and debating if they want to kick Character A and B out, or see how far they’ll go. 
  • “We got thrown out of an all you can eat buffet because we kept daring each other to speed eating competitions and making a mess, but it was totally worth it.” AU 
  • While at a Harry Potter film showing, Character A and Character B get into a conversation about book to movie adaptations. Character A says that the books were way better, while Character B says that the movie are the best. The two end up debating too loudly and get kicked out, still arguing about which is best. 
  • Character A and Character B go to the zoo and keep trying to ‘talk to the animals’ and end up laughing way too much and slightly terrifying the families around them. 
  • “You tried to do parkour in IKEA and even though I was yelling at you to stop, we both ended up getting kicked out.” AU 
You Won’t Wake Up Alone Pt. 2

I wasn’t expecting to write a follow up chapter to this (and not this soon) but here it is anyway. So enjoy some much needed sibling cuddling. 

Part 1 | AO3 Link

The thing that sucked most about almost dying again was the fact that Dick was forced to stay in bed longer than he wanted to be. It wasn’t even Bruce or Alfred glaring him into submission this time. Dick honestly didn’t want to move. He was tired, and everything still ached. Bed was the best thing for him right now.

Even so, his bed was starting to get pretty lonely. It was too quite in his room. Alfred only came by every so often. Bruce had gone back to work. Everyone else filtered back into their lives. Sure, Damian had been around, Tim and Jason too. But Dick wanted to move, and he wanted company to be around all the time. Instead he was staying put.

He wasn’t staying in bed because it meant he didn’t have to face his little brothers. He wasn’t staying in bed because any time he saw Damian he remembered how terrified he’d looked, and the tremble Dick had forced into his voice. Or because he remembered how he’d hurt them trying to save them.

He was staying because it was best.

Not because Damian seemed to be a little more distant than usual. Or because Tim kept eyeing him like he was about to start screaming again. Sometimes Dick could be such an idiot. What else was he supposed to do? How else should he have reacted? Let them stay? He’d thought- he’d thought he was about to die. He’d done the right thing. He had.

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A-Z book recs

Inspired by @macrolit :)

A - Albertine Disparue, Marcel Proust: The Fugitive, penultimate book of La Recherche, and among Proust’s best work.

B - Berezina, Sylvain Tesson: 200 years later, Tesson and his friends decide to follow the steps of Napoleon’s army from Moscow to Paris. Both funny and poignant at the same time.

C - Chartreuse de Parme, La, Stendhal (The Charterhouse of Parma): somewhat similar to The Red and the Black, but set in Italy, and even better.

D - Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak: my favourite Russian novel, probably. Tragic, epic, sad. Perfect.

E - Eugene Onegin, Alexander Pushkin: forget it, this is my favourite Russian novel. Tragic, epic, sad. Perfect.

F - Flucht nach Oben, Annemarie Schwarzenbach: Schwarzenbach may be better known for her non-fiction work, but this novel is one of her most amazing pieces of writing.

G - Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin: everything has already been said about this book. What can I add? Read it.

H - Have his Carcase, Dorothy L. Sayers: one of my favourite detective novels, (my very favourite being Gaudy Night, of course.) If you haven’t read Sayers yet, please do. She’s too wonderful for words.

I - Immoraliste, L’, André Gide: the story of Michel, a Frenchman confronted to his homosexuality in the 1900s. Read it for Gide’s incredible writing and stunning descriptions.

J - Jean de Florette, Marcel Pagnol: a small Provencal village torn apart by the arrival of Jean de Florette, a city man who wants to settle down in a farm in ruins. One of Pagnol’s best works.

K - K, Le, Dino Buzzati: a short story collection. Not among my favourites, but the only book I could think of for this letter.

L - Liaisons Dangereuses, Les, Choderlos de Laclos: forget the Stephen Frears movie, the book is way better. 

M - Maurice, E. M. Forster: one of my favourite authors. One of my favourite books.

N - Nuit sera calme, La, Romain Gary: a long interview between Gary and one of his childhood friends. A must to understand Gary and his work.

O - Other Voices, Other Rooms, Truman Capote: Capote is at his best when he talks about the South, and his first novel remains one of his finest.

P - Price of Salt, The, Patricia Highsmith: once again, forget the movie. The book is way better.

Q - Quatrième Mur, Le, Sorj Chalandon: not translated in English, Le Quatrième Mur is a pretty good novel about theatre, war, and love.

R - Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” Need I say more? 

S - Sido, Colette: Colette at her very best. A tribute to her mother and her childhood. 

T - Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald: maybe not the best of Fitzgerald’s novels, but my favourite. I re-read it every year, and love it a little more each time.

U - Ungeduld der Herzens, Stefan Zweig (Beware of Pity): ah, Zweig. The more I read his books, the more I love him. Beware of Pity remains one of my favourites.

V - Vie, Une, Guy de Maupassant (A Woman’s Life): Maupassant’s realism can be harsh at times, but it’s always beautiful. A wonderfully written, heart-wrenching book.

W - Wendepunkt, Der, Klaus Mann (The Turning Point): Klaus Mann’s autobiography, from his childhood and teenage years to his exile, first in Europe, then in the US. Beautiful, illuminating, and heartbreaking.

X - I tried and tried but couldn’t find something for this one!

Y - Years, The, Virginia Woolf: not her best, but still wonderful.

Z - Zauberberg, Der, Thomas Mann (The Magic Mountain): one of the best novels I’ve ever read. Wunderbar.

A Cocktail of Emotion (Part 2)

Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader (first person POV, ‘I’ pronoun)

Genre : Soulmate!AU

Warning : idk what to warn you guys lol

Word Count : 1578

A/N : Heyaaaa I finally post the 2nd part… sorry it took so long! I just came back from Singapore 3 days ago and I was super tired and as usual, my brain isn’t functioning properly… Anywho, since I’m making this story 1500 words per part, this story would probably have several more parts before the ending and just to be clear, there will be angst somewhere over the rainbows.lol. btw I really appreciate the support some of you have been sending me through dms, comments and even submissions, it means a lot to me and I’d definitely reply them. I think I might make more Tom holland stories so if you wanna be notified, go ahead and dm me, I’ll put you in my tag list! 💕

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Part 1

School wasn’t bad.

So far at least.

I managed to get through the first and second period without a hitch. The teacher didn’t bully or tease me for being the new student and the other students were actually very accepting of me.

But despite all that, I was very disappointed that my imagination didn’t became a reality.

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Note: Sorry that this took so long to finish. B.A.P Mafia!au are quite popular it seems. I can see why though haha And thank you so much for your support, you are an angel! *sending hugs*


you don`t know how much I love this gif 

So. Not. Amused. He would`ve seen it coming probably so he wouldn`t be surprised, however he had hoped you were smarter than that. He would be quite calm but in that predatory kind of way. You would try to sneak out at night but he`d be sitting in the garage waiting for you. He`d be slowly approaching you saying:

“So you`re just gonna leave without saying goodbye? That just won`t do, will it darling?”


He`d be annoyed more than anything else. Like, he has things to do and you trying to escape is just wasting time he could`ve used on work. You wouldn`t get far before he found you. He`d take your hand dragging you back to the car saying:

“Seriously girl, I have more important things to do than to babysitt you. Will you behave now or do I have to keep you locked up?”


You had been gone for less than 2 hourse when his men had found you at the airport, ready to leave the country with the first available flight. After bringing you back to the heard quarters you are brought into his office. Calmly and without saying a word he gets up from his chair walking up to you grabbing your chin harshly, pulling you closer to him before he speaks.

“This is the first and last warning I will be giving you. Noone betrays me. If you were anyone else you`d already have a bullet in your skull.”


He had taken you to one of his many VIP parties thinking it would be fun using this night out to spend more time with you but you had other plans. You had run outside as soon as he had attanded to one of his guests. As he came back to an empty table he took a sip from his drink knowing you tried to escape. He`d order his men to follow you and bring you back he next morning. As you come through the door that morning the only thing coming from his mouth would be.

“Had fun last night? I felt rather lonely. I think you need some dicipline for humiliating me like that last night.”


Probably the only one who`d find it amusing. Not the fact that you tried to escape but the fact that you thought you`d succeed in it. He`d give you another day to get away before he`d start his search, which wouldn`t be too hard as he had eyes and ears at every street corner. He`d find you checking into a motel on a little used road. He`d let you check in before following you to your room, putting his foot into the door before you close it and stepping into your room saying:

“Darling if you`d want a vacation you could have said so and I would`ve booked something way better than this. You didn`t think you could escape me this easily, did you?”


He had given you everything you ever could have asked for and more. He`d even taken time out of his busy schedule to go see all the places you wanted to see. Now you ran away without so much as a word. Angry would be an underastimated choice of words for his feelings. He`d be furious. As soon as he got you back, which wouldn`t be too long after, he`d make sure you were watched 24/7, never giving you more than a few seconds out of sight. 

“I gave you EVERYTHING, and this is how you repay me? I thought you knew your place by now. It is by MY side, do you understand?” 

Imagine Trying To Summon Cupid, But Summoning Dark Instead

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-you were just trying to do something nice for a love troubled friend, when you were flipping through your newly bought summoning book

-what a better way to do some match making then calling on a Cupid right?!

-but, when the the candles relit, you weren’t expecting a pale man in a black suit

-but, to be fair, Dark wasn’t expecting to be freed from the void by means of a young adult dressed in sweats

-“did I add too much salt? Wait, what does the Cupid summoning call for again?”

-“do I look like Cupid to you?”

-“goth faze?!”



(A/N: I’m trying to get the writing juices flowing guys, please excuse the slow updates)

A Cliche

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Request:  I was just wondering if maybe you could write a cute fic with Bellamy x reader where everyone knows they like each other and the reader makes him smile all the time, but he’s afraid of hurting her and yeah just pretty much all I want is fluff.

Word count: 1,974 

A/N: This is super cheesy but I love it so I hope this does your request justice nonnie <3 // Also this is like early season 1 when everyone hated Kane so forgive me for some Kane hating at one part (I love his character now :)) 

There was a lot the 100 did not know. They did not know how to kill animals efficiently to eat, they did not know how to heal serious wounds, and they definitely did not know how they were going to survive on the ground. But there were a few things they did know: the ground sucks, the Ark sucks, but might as well fall in love to make the ground more bearable. Y/n was intent on keeping out the romance drama that the ground suddenly brought, like with Clarke and Finn and Octavia and Adam. Bellamy Blake, though, made this situation incredibly hard.

Y/n was a delinquent that lost her family when she was fifteen because her mom tried to steal medicine and her dad tried to help. She was thrown into the Sky Box after Kane and his minions found out she knew about the situation, but did nothing to stop it. She had no friends or family, and sometimes she really liked that she was alone. But as she observed people interacting with each other on the ground, she realized how much she had missed out on. She quickly befriended Octavia Blake, who also had no friends because she spent her whole life hidden under the floorboard. Octavia is how she met Bellamy Blake, and how she fell head over heels with a guy completely out of her league.
Bellamy Blake was the spitting image of male bravado: he was tall, tan, and handsome. His voice was like dark chocolate and his smile was like the Sun. He was a leader, albeit sometimes too tough of a leader, but he was a leader that people looked up to. They turned to him when they were scared or unsure. He fought for the little guys, the “low borns” like Y/n. He was everything Y/n never had, and that’s why she never told him how she felt. She didn’t know what it was like to have someone like that in her life, and she was too nervous to find out.

Unknown to Y/n, Bellamy Blake was absolutely smitten with Y/n. He thought she was attractive from the moment he laid eyes on her in the drop ship. As he got to know her bubbly personality, cunning wit, and bad sense of humor, his schoolboy liking turned to a full blown crush. She was everything he felt he was not. He was also stuck in the stereotypical ‘everything I touch dies’ mentality. They were both incredibly insecure, both incredibly in love, but incapable of telling each other.

But tonight was the night. Bellamy had decided that he was going to toughen up and tell Y/n how she felt. With the recent surge of deaths in the 100, he felt like time was fleeting, and every moment he wasn’t with her was a moment wasted. They were both on watch duty tonight, so he planned on telling her then. That way they would have the ultimate amount of privacy, and if everything went badly, they could patrol on different sides and not have to see each other.

As the sun set and Bellamy made his way to his post with Y/n, he felt butterflies rise into his stomach and throat. His hands became clammy and he began to feel nervous. ‘Snap out of this Blake. She’s just a girl. What’s the worst that will happen? She says no?,’ part of him thought. The other part of him mentally responded with ‘Yeah and that’ll be embarrassing if I get rejected.’

Hey Blake, what’s shakin’?” Y/n asked, breaking him from his inner dialogue. He brushed the negative thoughts off and paid attention to Y/n. She smiled at him brightly, like she was the happiest person alive. He returned the smile, which was something he very rarely did.

Y/n was leaning against the front post with her knife at her side, and a book in her hands. She casually munched on a handful of nuts they had found in the forest. She was wearing a thin black t-shirt that allowed her collar bone to poke through, tight gray jeans, and combat boots. Her hair was pulled back into a braid.

As Bellamy approached her, Y/n took time to check Bellamy out, much as he was doing to her. He was looking like a snack in his tight gray t-shirt that allowed the viewer a preview of every nicely toned muscle on his body, jeans that were tight in all the right places (his butt), and black combat boots. His hair was messy, which Y/n decided was a better look on him than the slicked back hair was. He carried a gun in one hand and what looked like a flower in the other.

“Look at this flower I found earlier.” Bellamy said. Y/n chuckled at how uncharacteristic of a comment that was. She didn’t mind it though; it was completely adorable. Bellamy held out the red flower. Y/n remembered seeing a flower like this in one of her books up on the Ark.

“It’s a rose I think.” Y/n responded, taking the flower in her hand.

“Watch your fingers-” Bellamy began to say before she pricked her finger on the thorns on the stem and let out a soft hiss. Bellay started to say I’m sorry when Y/n put her thumb in her mouth to help stop the small cut from bleeding.

“It’s fine. I should have been paying attention. It’s beautiful though.” She grinned as she twirled the flower around carefully in her non-injured hand. She motioned to give it back but Bellamy held up his hand.

“Keep it, I got it for you.” At Y/n’s questioning look, he added, “You mentioned how you’ve never seen a real flower before, so I found this and thought of you.” He mentioned as if it were in passing. Y/n’s cheeks deepened to a red comparable to the rose’s. She felt butterflies rise in her stomach at the thought of Bellamy remembering such a miniscule detail about her. Not only that, but he actively went and found a flower for her.

“Bell, that’s so sweet. Thank you.” She took out the book she had brought with her and pressed the flower into the pages of the book. This way, she would be better able to preserve the flower.

They sat in comfortable silence as the sun disappeared completely from view, and the moon came up to play. Y/n kept catching Bellamy staring at her, but every time she looked over at him, he’d look away. He was incredibly beautiful in the pale moon light. Even though he couldn’t see it, Y/n’s cheeks reddened again. This was Bellamy Blake she was thinking about. There was no way he’d go for her.

Bellamy, after his twentieth stolen glance at Y/n, cleared his throat and sat up from his slouched position. He took in a deep breath and decided that now was the moment. He was going to tell Y/n how he felt right here, right now.
“So Y/n-” He started.

“Oh no, very few good conversations start with “so ‘insert name’…” Y/n chuckled, trying to lighten up the tense air that just befell them.

Bellamy grinned slightly out of nervousness. He coughed into his hand before continuing, “Well, I hope you think this is good…” he paused and swallowed a large breath before letting the sentence roll of his tongue so fast he almost didn’t catch what he was saying, “I like you a lot.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and reached back to scratch his neck (a nervous tick of his) before peeping one eye open to see Y/n’s reaction. She stared at him with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Bellamy took this as a sign to keep talking, “Wow that sounded childish. Um, ever since we got to the ground, I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you. And then you became best friends with my sister, and I got to get to know you and well, yeah…” He trailed off.

crossed her arms and with her mouth wide open, turned to Bellamy, who still hadn’t completely turned to look at her face. “Wait, seriously? You like me?” She asked. She laughed slightly, but Bellamy knew it was out of shook.

“Out of all of that I did not think that would be the part you got caught up on.” He sarcastically replied and smiled.

“I-I-I’m like the female version of like, Chancellor Jaha or Kane or something. No one likes me, and especially not someone as good looking as you.” She stuttered. Her mind was roaming in a thousand different directions. Never before did she have a guy that she was interested in like her back. And it was Bellamy Blake, the eye candy of all the delinquent girls.

Bellamy tried to hide his smile as he said, “Well, I like you a little bit more than Jaha.” They both laughed out loud to his joke. Y/n had almost forgotten that he was here because he tried to kill Chancellor Jaha, which she honestly didn’t blame him for.

“You’re being serious right? Like this isn’t some joke where people are gonna jump out from the bushes and tell me this was a prank?” Y/n questioned, taking a sharp turn into seriousness.

He closed the gap between them, and took her free hand in his. Her hands were cold from the chilly night air, but were soft. His were rough and calloused from years of manual labor. Y/n felt her breath hitch in her throat and felt her heart skip a few beats. The last time she was this close to Bellamy was when they were using a car as refuge from the acid fog.

“Why would I do that?” He whispered. His voice so close to Y/n made her hair stand up on the back of her neck. She shrugged and stared at the ground.

“Why are you telling me this now?” Y/n asked after hesitating for a moment.

“Honestly, I was afraid I would hurt you. My mom is dead because of me, my sister is down here because of me, and my dad left because of me. I’ve hurt everyone in my life that has mattered to me so far, and I didn’t want to do that to you.” Y/n knew his words were sincere, but she still chuckled anyway.

Bellamy looked up at her finally. Her eyes were soft and kind, not mocking like her laugh suggested. “You know how cliché that sounds right? You can’t protect me by not admitting your feelings. If something bad is going to happen to me, it won’t be because of you.”

She intertwined their fingers and pulled him into her a little bit more. Bellamy towered over her and stared into her eyes. “I’m sorry about everything that’s happened with your family, but letting someone into your life isn’t an automatic death sentence for them.”

Without a second thought, they both moved in towards each other, their lips crashing together as they joined in a chaste kiss. The kiss lasted seconds before they both pulled away to look at each other. Their eyes searched the other’s eyes before Y/n wrapped her arm around Bellamy’s neck and pulled him back closer. Their lips connected into a passionate kiss filled with suppressed emotions. Bellamy wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her even closer. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss.

When they pulled away, their lips were swollen and their breathing was ragged. “So the flower was a good move?” Bellamy smiled down at Y/n, who still had her arms wrapped around his neck.

“Oh yes, excellent.” She kissed him again, and beamed into the kiss. For once, life seemed to be going decently, and she couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of it.

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omg an aethelrik blog, thank you for existing! If it isn't too much trouble, could you break down all the stuff in the books that were not present in the show, relating to aethelflaed and erik's relationship? I haven't read the books and I am dying to know! Thanks in advance!

OMG anon just doing the Lord’s werrrk, thanks! First, just to let you know, the book was written in Uhtred’s POV, so the aethelrik shiznit only started when he went to Beamfleot for the hostage negotiations. Most of what happened in the show are almost the same as in the books but there were some major changes tho, like TV!Aethelflaed was not carrying Aethelred’s child during her captivity. This is going to be a long post anon, so stay with me:

  • When Uhtred first sees Aethelflaed, he was expecting her to maybe look like crap and run to him joyfully as soon as she sees him [cue record scratch sound effect] nooope, before greeting him and asking if daddy was pissed, she and Erik were busy heart-eyes-ing each other that Uhtred just went:
  • In the books, Aethelflaed was treated way better as a prisoner and had 5 maids at her disposal, plus all of her guards were old fogeys. Erik wouldn’t allow any dane without a senior citizen ID to go near her…sorry Haesten :(
  • Had they escaped successfully, Erik would have converted to Christianity, as what he promised Aethelflaed (ಥ‿ಥ)
  • Also Erik said all he wanted was to live peacefully tilling in the fields and taking care of their future farm animals.
  • The conversation Uthred had with Aethelflaed in the show was almost the same as in the books, except that they were in a dining hall celebrating the closed deal with all the Beamfleot squad. She and Erik never even looked at each other the whole night, Uhtred was so amazed he was like, dayum these two are pros [plays footage from the night before]:
  • Erik was willing to swear an oath to Ragnar once they’ve escaped from Beamfleot. He was all, “I’ll join Ragnar’s crew if he lets us crash forever for a bit in Dunholm”. Uhtred considered it and imagined Ragnar to be amused by their love story.
  • Aethelflaed revealed that she didn’t want to like Erik, that to fight the attraction she even resorted to praying… Good try princess, prayers ain’t gonna help you fend off that Danish charm & charisma.
  • There was no cage-the-princess scene in the book. Also, Sigefrid was totally oblivious to his brother’s feelings for the princess, he thought Erik was just using her for sex and would eventually drop her for some saxon bling.
  • Haesten was the one who set fire to the camp so he could whisk away Aethelflaed and go solo on the incoming ransom money. This so enraged Erik that he went total Terminator mode on Haesten’s men, killing everyone in his path without even a shield, it made Uhtred go, “that’s the most badass shit right there the gods are probably loving it.”
  • Sigefrid was the one who recovered Aethelflaed from Haesten’s goons and kept yelling, “I have the bitch”, and Erik was like, “GIVE HER TO ME” twice and that’s when all really went to shit.
  • Sigefrid was also pissed that he didn’t know Aetherik was a thing and that his brother and Uhtred became BFFs so when Erik said he’ll take Aethelflaed and pay the share of ransom money, Sigefrid was like ~hell no! you betrayed me by joining Uhtred’s boyband and wtf happened to bros before hoes? Bitch bye~ not verbatim but you get the drift.
  • Aethelflaed was weeping and shrieking from the time of Erik’s death until the battle was over, that the fighting men around her were spooked af, even Uhtred described it as “a sadness to fill the world”.
  • When Erik died and his body was being arranged and prepped for a viking burial, they had to pry a still-sobbing Aethelflaed away from him.
  • TV!Aethelflaed went home pregnant alright, but thank JesusMaryJoseph it’s Erik’s baby *throws confetti* 

That’s all I can remember, hopefully I’ve covered just about every little detail. We can all go back to being sad now thanks for the hurt anon

Grad school tips: if you haven’t finished the book, pleaaaaase read the sparknotes! If there aren’t sparknotes, find a summary. I mean, ideally you should just read the book - we all know that - but if you don’t, make sure you know what it’s about enough for class discussion. Sparknotes are never an adequate stand in for a book, but it’s way better to have something to say when the prof asks for comments than just silently staring at your notebook and praying you don’t get called on.

so the magnus chase book was honestly way better than i expected. i’m. a little shocked at just how well that turned out. not only did we get a second confirmed bisexual protagonist, we got a pretty strong implication that another character is Not Straight, which means that the last book was officially straightbaiting. thank god

on the other hand

whelp, frank’s probably dead

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I really like that you and a few other TS fandom blogs are like a big group of friends. It really makes me feel better after a rough day, to just see what the fandom puts together.

Oh yes, we’re famILY. ^^

I love this fandom so much. I’ve never felt so included in my life before. It’s really heartwarming to see how sweet and supportive everyone in this fandom is. So many awesome content creators, it’s just wonderful. Everytime I read a really good fanfiction I am in absolute awe of how someone can come up with such amazing stories and tell them in such eloquent ways. I’ve read many books but sometimes fanfiction are way better.

It’s insane when I think about it. Some fanfiction writers have ripped my heart into pieces in a way no book author has ever done before. Kudos to you.
And also my fellow artist who are way better at drawing than me. You are all so wonderful and talented and I love your works so so much. Keep it up! <3

“Newt isn’t even cute”

“The Maze Runner is a copy of divergent”

“The books suck”

“Movie was way better than the book”

“Everyone is so ugly”

“It’s so stupid”

Yesterday I finally started reading To Kill a Mockingbird (I always have the urge to type “how” before it 🙈) and after three confusing pages I really got into it! I think I’ll like this book way better than The Catcher in the Rye 🙊
I think I’ll have a relaxing Sunday that’ll consist of reading, watching series and just getting my energy back after quite a stressful week 😴
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday ❤️✨

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book pairings:Ian O'Shea and Wanderer
from The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Was it fair that Ian would suffer? He deserved happiness if anyone did. It wasn’t fair or right or even sane. How could I do this to him?
I love you, I whispered.
Don’t say that like you’re saying goodbye.
But I had to. I, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian. And that will never change, no matter what I might become. I worded it carefully, so that there would be no lie in my voice.

One of the core characteristics of people like historians is that they master habits of thought—analytic habits of thought—that have real utility in everyday life. These habits help one sort out the various and conflicting messages one gets continuously, from advertisements on television to criticism by a loved one, and assess their significance and credibility. They help one figure out what one really thinks—and feels—when confused, even irritated, by such messages. And they help one persuade someone else to think similarly. This emphasis on fostering analytic skills lies at the heart of this book. There’s no better way of doing that than writing.

From Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write, and Think about History by Jim Cullen