An Understanding

The sound of crayon on paper.

“So,” the artist says, not looking up.

“So,” Frisk says.

They’re sitting, crouched like a cat, on a Chara’s bedside table. They are also the table, and the picture frame that has currently stuck into their avatar and broken it apart slightly already, to which they pay no mind. They are also the Chara, and the crayons, and the paper.

In a way, when they talk, they talk to themselves, always.

“So explain to me how it works, then,” the Chara says, briefly pausing to point the black crayon at them, red eyes narrowing. The end has been chewed. “And don’t say I wouldn’t understand.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” It would be mean, after all. And unnecessary, because Chara will…

“You mean you don’t say that. You just loudly imply it.” They return to their task.

Already know.

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“…  initially an idea where Handsome Jack had a spoiled nephew that lived on an island …”

TV Tropes could you just….please…source this

Edit: What a pleasant surprise! 

So on one hand, I did miss today’s chapter, exactly like I thought I would - sorry about that.

On the other hand, as I was aiming to do, I got Crimson Walkways outlined all the way through to the end of the pre-Komui era. Looks like it’ll last about twenty chapters. *smile* Should be fun.

willowstar101  asked:

Mun’s Interpretation Meme (Still Accepting!)

✎ What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?

[[ ALIENS. >8U

C’mon man, I know it’s heavily implied that Shadow’s an alien, but how? Whose? Where from? In Archie they had him serving the Stardroids, but the Stardroids clearly didn’t recognize him in the manga. And how did Wily get him? The only thing I’ve seen is that while Wily was looking into the space stuff Shadow just. showed up. So what did Wily do to him that makes him so loyal to him? How was he similar enough to the other RMs that no one noticed, not even Shadow himself?

Of course, I’ve got my own theories and headcanons for all these things heheh owo but it’d be nice to have an official decree! ]]

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“If I’d known you were just gonna be a wet blanket, Daichi, I would’ve invited Terushima instead; he would’ve been excited. C’mon, this place has great reviews, and heaven knows if anyone needs to let loose for a night, it’s you, mister med student. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a major hottie tonight.”