I’m very sorry please throw me in the trash where I belong

okay so there’s this fic (A Peculiar Situation, by marispots on ao3)  in which alya and nino direct a class play about the superhero duo and marinette ends up being cast as chat noir and adrien as ladybug 

and there’s one part where adrien tries on his costume, and it comes with a yo-yo, and clip-on earrings and everything, so of course it comes with the ribbons for the pigtails as well right? right? 

well, to me he is definitely wearing the ribbons until proven otherwise, so have a super rough doodle of the cosplaying catboy :3c 

I just ripped a huge hole in my pants and it’s not even along a seam. It’s like a big horizontal tear below my right butt cheek. I’m in my office right now, so it’s a good thing it’s warm enough outside for me to rock my jacket tied around my waist 90′s style. Also my sister and I are bust laughing right now, because this is just too good. hahaha. :D

I think it’s funny that sometimes I forget to hydrate myself, but can’t seem to forget the
sound of your voice right before you fell asleep.
Our love was a lullaby of perfectly orchestrated good-nights and good-mornings.
So when you said forever, I thought you meant us.
Not me
In a casket
beneath a grave that reads “Here lies infinity.”    
How can I forget something so beautifully tragic
when I still taste your morning breath in my raspberry tea,
feel your cold fingertips in every glass of water,
see your eyes in my coffee,
We were a beautiful lie too naive to admit we were falling apart.
The stitches of our relationship that once held you together were wearing thin.
You couldn’t find much of a point in things, and for a while neither could I. 
So I took baths in gasoline to wash your fingers out of my hair
and you lit matches to light a path to your own recovery
We weren’t a good pair.
You are just one of the many I broke myself for;
You and I were a compost pile waiting to give birth to new life,
And then death,
And then life again.
I don’t know why I fold the pages to books I have already read.
You’d think I’d know the ending by now.
—  A Letter To Every Boy I Ever Let Touch Me (2015)