Blood and Clay Masterpost

I’ve finally decided to do it, so quit bugging me on anon. c: I’ll update this as more come out.

Part One - Bloody Simplicity - Rating: Not Rated

“Nux was simple, and he liked things simple. He could grasp simple, strive for simple, and everyone around him understood simple. Driving was simple, dying was simple, and those were the only things he was ever really going to do anyway.”

Part Two - Wash It All Away - Rating: General

“Nux loved wash day. It had another name, fancy, meant to make the whole process seem like some sort of special ceremony, but the War Boys didn’t really see it that way. It was just wash day, a few minutes under a stream of freezing water to scrape off a month’s worth of sweat, blood, and white war-clay. ”

Part Three - Worth - Rating: Explicit

“The half-run, half-stumble back to the bunks took much longer than it should have, but Nux wouldn’t remember that in the morning. What he would remember, however, was the steady buzz of anticipation that hung in the air as he fumbled his way into his bunk in the pitch dark and yanked Slit up after him. He wouldn’t remember banging his head on the stone above them as they struggled for dominance, but he would remember losing, as per usual.”

Part Four - Chapter Doof - Rating: General

“The first time Nux met the infamous Coma-Doof Warrior, he wouldn’t have recognized him if it wasn’t for the ridiculous red onesie and giant boots.”

Part Five - Camel’s Back - Rating: General

“Nux was having a great day, and that was weird. War Boys didn’t have great days. At least, not when they weren’t blazing through a desert at seventy miles an hour in their favorite rigs. Though the familiar itch for combat hadn’t died down, he was actually finding the space between supply runs and raids and any other outings rather enjoyable. He had no other word for it than weird.”

Part Six - Talking Body - Rating: Explicit

“The last thing Nux remembered before the world went black was an honestly magnificent fireball and several cut-off screams.
The first thing he heard as he slowly woke was another scream, though this one sounded familiar. Distressed, yes, pissed off, probably, but definitely familiar.”

Part Seven - Deceptively Dangerous - Rating: Not Rated

“No matter how many times Nux met with the Coma-Doof Warrior, the little musician always managed to confuse him. Doof never talked about himself without prompting, though when said prompting was given, he seemed happy to answer. Nux and Slit often complained about their lives, little things like guard duty and sick mainly, but Doof seemed perfectly happy to sit and listen.”

Part Eight - Bleed Well - Rating: Explicit

“Nux lost himself when he started banging on the door; he wasn’t aware that his knuckles had split until the door swung open and knocked him sideways, almost sending him sprawling into the wall. In Nux’s currently warped mind, Doof looked like some kind of demon as he materialized from the darkness of the room beyond the door; his unseeing eyes, both an opalescent white, glared at the War Boy in obvious and probably warranted irritation. ‘What the fuck do you want? It’s the middle of the fucking night.’”

Part Nine - Paint Me A Love Song - Rating: General

“Nux was bone-tired, and Slit wasn’t faring much better. The day had been a brutal one, a blur of adrenaline and burning rubber, but a glorious day of battle nonetheless. All the War Boys on the raid were still hollering and grinning manically, dripping blood and sweat and thrumming with excitement even as they jumped out of their parked vehicles and made their collective way to the medicine bay.”

Part Ten - Brothers In Arms - Rating: Not Rated

“It was a raid day. Nux was practically vibrating, shaking from lack of sleep, running on nothing but adrenaline and fierce joy as he sprinted to his car, Slit cackling manically at his heels.”

More to come!