(the morning after s1m9) (please full-view ;n; )

“Doctor Myers?”

The doctor turned around, finding a timid-looking Ed peeking out from the dorms with Molly sleepily clutching his leg. Surprised to see them up so early, Maxine , hoping her weariness didn’t show through. “Hi, Ed. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck with one hand. “S'just that Sam’s not in his room, and his alarm kept going off. It woke Molly up, so I went to make sure he was okay, and he just wasn’t there. Thought it was a bit odd so,” he shrugged, “figured I’d tell someone.”

The forced smile fades away, worry creasing her forehead. “That is odd. I can’t imagine… Thanks Ed, I’ll take care of it.” Ed waves and turns back inside, doubtless to go back to bed. 


“Still no sign of him?” Janine’s voice is distorted from the toy-quality walkie talkies she and Maxine are using.

“No,” she grumbles back, leaning against the doorframe of the mess hall. They’d checked the comms shack (say what you like about his organizational skills, but Sam’s work ethic was frighteningly intense), his room (just in case), the showers (enlisting Rajit’s help to avoid startling any early-rising men), the “training area” (a dirt path circling the gardens), and the mess hall (self-explanatory), and had yet to find their main radio operator.

“I’m going to see if Five has any idea where he may have gone. She would have been the last to see him last night.” Well, technically this morning.

Janine’s reply came only after a short stretch of silence. “I should apologize to Five,” and wasn’t that strange to hear from their hard-hearted leader, “since it was my plan that put her in that situation.”

“I’m closer,” the doctor quickly interrupts, forgetting that the walkie talkies can’t transmit and receive at the same time. She winces, waits for the crackle of Janine’s transmission ending, the tries again. “I’m closer. I don’t think Five will want to have much of a conversation right now. She only got in three or four hours ago.” More silence from Janine and yes, maybe that was a bit rude in hindsight. The residents working the kitchen today give her a funny look when she leaves without eating, but her mind is already trying to figure out where the hell Sam could be hiding.

When she reaches Five’s room in the easternmost dorms, she knocks quietly on the door, knowing that Five (like many of the people who survived the whole zombie-apocalypse thing) was easy to rouse.

“Hey Five,” she murmurs, pushing the door open. “I’m sorry to wake you up, but Sam’s missing and we were wondering if you knew where he’d - ”

Ah. Found him.

It’s hard to see Five’s face in the shade of her hoodie, but her voice has that fuzzy intensity of someone who’s trying very hard to wake up. “Sam’s missing?” she says, like he’s not right there, one arm wrapped around her, head on her shoulder. Maxine tries very, very hard not to laugh.

“Not anymore.”

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes

As happy as I am to see that Mark said something, I wish, with all my existance (the best wording i can use at the moment), he hadn’t needed to. But it got beyond the point of anyone else but Mark speaking about it to make it stop. Thats why its important that everyone reads what he said. He’s the only voice loud enough for everyone to hear and the only one people will listen to, but he’s not here to babysit. He’s here to lead all the Heroes in the right direction.

A ‘Markiplite Purpose Update’ or ‘Markiplier’s Heroes Objective Update’ (or some other cool name) every half million or every million needs to be done because those half million/ million people literally do not know. A reminder needs to be done, like “back in the good ol’ days” when we could not get him to stop talking about it. Which wasnt a bad thing.

okay so !! its my best friends 16th birthday, holy shit!!
weve been friends now for a long time, almost a year, and i love you even more everyday. thank you sosoos much for always being there for me, and sticking with me even though im terrible at communication sometimes and can be a pretty shitty friend in general. i hope you read lots of beautiful lashton fics, and see amazing hqs of mikey (ooh did u see him lick his guitar i hope u cried). i remember i was at a low point in 9th grade, my mental health was so bad, but you stayed and you helped me and i will never forget that. i hope we never stop being best friends, one day we’re going to meet in real life and i can finally hug you and then fight u, REKT! ur so old now smh. but thats okay, youre a cute grandma!! :-) anyways, i love you so much and this was supposed to be much longer but i just took a bunch of pills for my bloody throat and yea, this turned gross. hehe i love you so much sweaty, i hope this made at least a little sense, hopefully it made u smile a lil too :-) I LOVE YOU SO MCUHC MY BABY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! irwi


listen up

whoever keeps harassing shabon ( satoushabon ) and sending her r/ape threats needs to cut the shit because im not happy about seeing my friend upset. if she did something to make you upset or mad, DONT SEND HER THREATS OF DISGUSTING SHIT LIKE THAT but instead TALK TO HER CIVILLY

honestly its fucking gross and completely unhuman to do something like that and who ever is doing it is completely lower than dirt at this point if they keep doing it after she said to FUCKING STOP SENDING THAT SHIT

im a nice guy. i try to be but when i see shit like this happen, thats not okay because not only are you doing something disgusting to a friend, youre disgusting me and make me want to find you and bash your skull in

shabon is a nice person. shes sweet and does her best to make people happy and comfortable and have someone they can talk to so i literally dont know what your fucking problem is with her but how about you stop being a disgusting asshole and tell her what she did wrong, if she did anything wrong.

and if that doesnt work, come talk to me because i will chew you up and spit you out like the pathetic piece of garbage you are for doing something so disgusting and sick like this.

leave shabon alone.

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I'm looking for advice bc my ex is attempting to be best friends with me again and we dated for almost two years so its kinda hard :/ I tried going along with it, but he keeps telling me how he still thinks I'm beautiful and that he doesn't think he'll ever stop loving me and thATS a hUGe red flag considering he's had a girlfriend for the past 7 months, which is deeply in love with him to the point of losing her virginity to him and I feel so guilty by letting this go on what do I do

dont let it go on then!! tell him you think hes crossed the line bc if he has a gf already then he shouldnt be saying those things to you and idk maybe suggest taking a break from being friends for a while so he can sort out his feelings for you 

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"She starts to watch the sunset." I KNEW that was coming oh my god and it didn't stop me from SCREAMING ieushfjklda thats one of the best lines ever this fic is THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! (you must find be so annoying jfc but i'm just v highkey about this)


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☆ If you guys struggle so much, why bother holding on? (sorry if it's rude, i'm just curious)

I mean no one really wants to dump friends from their life just because a romantic exploration went a bit sour. Before my boyfriend he was my best friend and thats something i still value. Its hard and strained for the both of us. Frankly I cant imagine that we wont get to the point where we do move on and stop trying to force something there. At least until then we are trying at the very least!

i was downtown with my dad and my sister and we walked past this group of guys drumming on buckets so we stopped and listen for a while and my dad went up to tip the dudes and one of them stopped drumming and stood up and pointed at my dad’s shoes and screamed “WHAT ARE THOSE” and my dad just pointed at the other guy’s shoes and said “WHAT ARE THOSE, MY GOOD MAN”

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hey idk how serious u are about getting pointe shoes but as far as im aware u only started dancing ballet a few days ago? pls wait w the pointe shoes, thats actually rlly rlly dangerous! i danced ballet for 6 years and i still wasnt ready for pointe shoes, take your time !!!! it really is for the best

i did ballet about 6 years ago and stopped, but obviously I’m really rusty rn. of course I wouldn’t be using them straight away dw!! thank u tho

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Welcome Back Party

Hey guys! So last friday was our welcome back bash and it was alright. I danced to most of the songs and I was in a dance battle, which I lost because I was going against a little girl and I was tired. No seriously, she was shorter than me and I was the only senior in the battle. Plus I almost fell out from dancing a lot but I still wanted to be in the battle. Anyway, me and my friend was dancing together and having until these hypocrites came around us who were part of our class. Words of Advice: This is your last year, do what you want and don’t let the other people stop you. They really pissed me off that night, but I kept on doing what I do best. Another piece of Advice: If you are at the point of showing your colors and want to murder those people, just remember that you need to be respectful to all your classmates (until you graduate thats when you can proceed in sending them to the hospital). IM JUST KIDDING! But for real, you have been with these crazy people in your class for years and you might miss how crazy and fun your class is when you leave for college. I am trying to realize that now before I mess up my permanent record (haha).

Goodbye my friend,
time to let go.
This is the end,
nothing else to show.

I’ll remember you well,
thinking about you now and then.
But at some point all became hell,
I still ask myself: when?

You looked great in that dress,
I even liked your messy hair.
I’ve always been a mess,
my thoughts up in the air.

Now you’ve a boyfriend,
I hope he is kind,
holds your tiny hand,
understands your funny mind.

I’ve to stop writing,
it all hurts so much,
because my heart is still fighting.
You’re my nonesuch.


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oh my god just fuck off already if a trans person is telling you you're being transphobic, don't start arguing with them over it like. clearly they know what is and isn't hurtful and offensive, because THEY'RE TRANS. stop being such a fucking pissbaby already

all i want is an apology, and if a trans person has the right to say im transphobic then a trans person has the right to say im not and my best friend  lucifer-the-lolita says im not. thus the whole thing is void and i should just stop but at this point im being directly insulted and thats not cool.

nanopup is a self absorbed prick. but they make good posts so im not saying dont follow them