Ok I was debating whenever I should do another follow forever, but since I reached my goal, like two weeks ago (I think?), I decide to do another follow forever. 

I’m using a edit I did few weeks back,because I can lol. And I love Natsu’s smile alot so yeah. 

Now before I do the follow forever I want to say something: Thank you all for following me and sticking with me. I had tumblr for nearly three years and just now I finally got to 1,000. For those who don’t know me, socialization takes a lot of energy out of me, even just for five minutes belive it or not, despite this I really do want to talk to people,and so I’m really am suprise I have this many followers. And so thank you guys so much, it really does mean alot to me. And now here are the people/blogs that I love seeing on my dash, or just in general have a really great blog, and you all should deffintly check them out. Just so you know if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean anything, i love all the blogs I follow, and just so you know that all of you are awesome. 

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otherbunny asked:

Hey girl. How you doing :) I wanted to get some advice on what makeup you recommend for hot/humid weather or not wear any at all.. Thank you!

Hey! I’m doing pretty good, hope you are as well :) In the spring/summer, I find it’s always best to stick to light makeup. Cream/powder products, lip stains, a bit of waterproof mascara, and tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Heavy makeup will most likely just melt off and/or be really uncomfortable on really hot/humid days. If you like wearing heavy makeup no matter the whether (like me), I suggest using a primer, a makeup setting spray, and a translucent powder to keep away oil and shine. Bring the makeup your using with you wherever you go as you will definitely need to touch up. :)

I told Jazz that I didn’t like the number I saw on the scale and his exact response is “Don’t worry love, most of that number is strategically placed among your luscious boobs, thick thighs, and that fat ass…swoon😜💁🏾” lol thanks honey.

His use of emojis makes me laugh. However, going to start a fitness regime soon. More about being healthy, not skinny. I’ve got the eating habits down to a science, but exercising is a drag. Need to find something that I will enjoy and doesn’t feel like a chore or I won’t stick with it. What do you ladies do to stay healthy?

cotiant asked:

may i ask what brushes you use to create that lovely art? your lineart is super beautiful...

Thank you! I use Kyle’s Brushes, mostly out of convenience and there are a lot of good options. I mostly stick to the Ultimate Drawing Set and the Watercolors (for coloring). Kyle’s Brushes gives you a ton of options but I often just stick to a few brushes, namely the rough inking brush and the beauty brush. 

I really just choose those brushes because they are near the top of the bin and I’m lazy. I think you can get good lineart with any solid inking brush really. To me what is most important is expressing the volumes through lines over the actual line quality. 

It’s seeing stuff on this blog that make me thankful that most of my friends and I don’t use the FR Forums and just sort of have our own small circle of breeding and exchanges and talk among each other. No one’s bitching about exalts or particular breed/gene combos or gifts or newbies or whatever…we stick to each other and help ourselves and that’s it.

Jussayin’, some of y'all need to find Dragon Jesus. You’re losing your shit over a digital petsite.

admin note

Hey guys, I’d like to formally apologise for not posting for like months on this blog. I’ve been really swamped with school and now I’ve got a part-time job and it’s just been bluh.

I’ve also been trying to find a proper way to send off this blog since I’ve been slowly losing inspiration for it. Plus I don’t have much time to tend to it as I used to. I’ve already got some things coming to mind but executing it properly is giving me some difficulties.


In any case, since it’s summer, I’m hoping I have some time to release the last few posts (?) for this blog and properly send it off.

I’d like to send out my thanks to all the followers of the blog who are still here!!! Thanks so much for sticking to this teeny blog guys! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Also thanks for reading this small post, I hope y’alls understand!

-Admin N

anonymous asked:

Do you like to refer to the people you help as clients or patients? I've heard of both, but I am wondering what you prefer. Would you please also say why you use one over the other? Thank you!!

I typically refer to my them as clients. Patient, typically is used in the world of medicine. While it can be appropriate, I find it a little bit distancing and I’m not an MD, PsyD, or PhD. Also, all places I’ve worked and interned have referred to them as clients, so I just stick to it.


anonymous asked:

part 2/2, it made me feel so good to just feel my muscles working and seeing progress. I could shift my focus from feeling bad, to looking at progress and searching for information about fitness. But my friends really brought me down, and when i started showing progress, i felt ashamed of it (my friends really let me know how bad i started to look).but then i found ur blog. ur passion for fitness inspired me so much. and i can't thank you enough. u can't possibly imagine how much you helpmestill

aww thank you so much! :’) this made me so happy, and i’m glad you’re feeling happy about it, too! It gets a bit stressful to have friends who are discouraging and don’t understand how lifting makes you feel (don’t worry, my friends used to be like that as well). It is 100% important to stick with who you are and what you want! You are controlling your life - therefore your view on yourself is what matters most. I hope myself and lots of other awesome people on this site continue to inspire you (and many girls/boys like yourself). Keep at it! :) 

Blog update: regular posts to resume ASAP

Well ladies and gentlemen: I’m officially a home owner. Well, nearly. We’re set to close at the end of June. There is still lots of stuff for us to do, but I finally had a new evenings to relax. I was able to take some time and get a pool of posts set up. I’m in the process of queuing them now. I want to thank everyone for sticking around the past two weeks while I worked everything out. I hope you enjoy the upcoming content :D

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wyocutie asked:

I started to read The Girls That Went Away based on your suggestion and I would like to say thank you. Although it is sad it is also a wonderfully informational read. I think that many people would benefit from reading it. Thank you once again.

You’re welcome! There’s several other books but their titles are escaping me at the moment.

I do remember reading one book that talked about the systematic racism in the 1950s to 1970s and out of wedlock pregnancy. Whereas young white women were either forced into marriage or forced to give up their infants for adoption, African American women were shamed into keeping their infants and were essentially shamed into single motherhood.

I use the term women here as that’s what the authors used.

There is one story that sticks out in The Girls Who Went Away (spoiler alert) where the woman lied about the ethnicity of the child’s father, stating he was Italian rather than African American. The woman knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her daughter due to societal pressure but also knew if she said the father was African American her daughter would not be placed for adoption.

I do have a personal connection to adoption as my grandfather and great-grandmother were adopted. I may share those stories later if requested.

soounds asked:

Oo! I also have coconut meat from an org six young coconut that is now in the freezer so it doesn't go bad I was thinking of using that for smoothies but if I could make a dessert with that and the coconut cream that would be awesome thank you ms coconut goddess :)

All I can say is stick the coconut flesh and coconut cream in a blender with 5 pitted medjool dates, some plant milk, and some sea salt, blend, and enjoy salted caramel deliciousness! Honestly to die for x


Greetings, memeons and “Kingdom Hearts” fans!

We know that we’ve been relatively inactive on this blog lately, so starting today (with our recent Facebook milestone of 25,000 likes), we’re resuming full activity on here. We’ll also be adding new features, including an “Ask [Insert KH Character or KHM Admin] Anything” series, so stay tuned to get in on the action. Thank you so much to our current followers for sticking with us, and we can’t wait to share more with you. Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts, listed below!

Twitter: @khmemes
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/n1nj4xh3r
Twitch: twitch.tv/kingdomheartsmemes
And, of course, you’ve already found our Tumblr: kh-memes.tumblr.com

Thanks for reading!

bichitobesos asked:

hi! ive been following you for a long while (from hellboundwitch to this blog!) but i had no idea you read the raven cycle!! it's a wonderful series but not many people i know read it x.x what book are you on?

First of all, hello! :D Thanks for sticking with me for so long.


I’ve been putting off reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue for as long as possible (every time I try to type Lily Blue I type “lily bulb” ‘cause I’m used to typing it for my email address, haha) because I want the wait for The Raven King to not feel as long as it is, but I’m probably going to only last another week or so

But at least I’ll have the tarot deck to look forward to and tide me over?? :D

Taylor THANK YOU for busting your ass to put on an amazing two hour show for us. THANK YOU for sticking around after that amazing show in order to meet fans. You have got to be exhausted. The fact that you stay after to meet us means everything. We love you so much. THANK YOU.

When I first started using tumblr in February, I never thought I’d be saying this, but my 2,000th person followed me today. To all my followers - thank you. You’re all like family to me, which is the reason I started using tumblr. This is the place where I feel like I belong and can be myself without being judged for it. I love seeing all your stories and photos on my dash, and I hope you know that you all mean a lot to me. You’ve all shown me an incredible amount of love and support, and I’m so proud to be part of this Swiftie family. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and thank you to all of you for sticking around (even though my blog is a mess). 

I’ve probably forgotten so many people, but here’s just some of the people (other than taylorswift of course) whose blogs I love.


akascooby allt00swift aaussieswiftie13 alloveverdoes  (daiisycoulson) australianswiftie awkwardlilthing altoowhale arizonaswift13 all-too-well allzeeswift bae-tay blank-space-baby13 bad-blood-beat brissie-swiftie bigbroswift bloodrunsc0ld brianc6234 cherrylips-crystalskie-s cara-in-space candlelightdreaming coloursthatscream cats-tea-wonder callmeupagainswift cleansaidithinkiamfinallyclean countingwaystoseeyou cgm12 chasingusarounds closestthingtomichellepfeiffer disneyconfidence darkandtwistymeredith drunkonnjealousy daerjhon daerjohn diagon-alli dressedlikeadaydreamxox dilaurentiswift dancing-in-a-snow-globe-brittany emotionallycant enchanted-x en-chantedx endinburningflamesorparadise


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well kids, this is it!

today we graduated from university! to the class of 2015: congratulations, we did it! (i’m sure you heard that 253 times today, the same way we did).

to those of you still working towards your degrees: keep truckin’! you can do it! 

to those of you on the other side: we’re one of you now, I guess. how’s it?


p.s. thanks for sticking with us these past few years! we’re looking forward to the future!


jensen goes on a tirade against selfie sticks and then, misha and osric show us how exactly misha gets pranked by both jared and jensen on set with misha and jensen being themselves and osric being jared. :)

(please reblog this instead of reposting the youtube link thank you very much <3)

OVER HYPED: Smashbox Step By Step Contour Stick Trio

Thanks to likes of Kim Kardashian contouring is a massive craze at the moment and just about everyone is playing with shadows to slim down their nose and make their cheekbones look more prominent. I love a bit of contouring here and there, but only with the right product. To me the right contouring product is easy to blend, long lasting and cool toned. These sticks have high pigmentation, are creamy and very easy to use, but unfortunately aren’t very long lasting or easy to blend. After applying you need to blend these very quickly as they start to set very easily and they seem to only work well on top of luminous, dewy foundations and go streaky on anything that is the slightest bit matte. Whilst they set quickly they unfortunately aren’t very long lasting, I found the contouring and bronzing shades started to look muddy by the middle of the day. The highlighting shade was the biggest disappointment, it was incredibly chalky, had an orange-pinkish hue to it and looked very unflattering on my fair skin. It was also the most difficult shade to blend and accentuated every imperfection on my skin. The bronzing shade I didn’t find very much use for, it wasn’t awful, but I did find it difficult bronze with. The contouring shade is generally what I hope for in contouring products, it was cool toned without a hint of shimmer and looked quite natural on the skin, but I can’t see myself using it all the time. All in all I think these are very disappointing and spending $45 seems a little steep to me when I will probably only end up using one of the sticks. There is a lot more to contouring than just drawing lines on your face and these just don’t cut it.

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Thank you for featuring my work! I do appreciate the exposure, and am delighted that you’ve been enjoying the things i’ve drawn.

However: Please, please, please stop reposting more than half of my tumblr onto your articles. That’s really not very nice of you. I’ve spent countless hours drawing these things on my own time and when you do this you’re doing little more than using my work to funnel pageviews to your article & website for revenue.

Some of you even ripped the process gif out of my FAQs to stick into your articles, which made me saddest. You went all the way into the FAQs! You could have talked to me first; the askbox was right there. :(

Obviously this is the internet and I can’t make anyone do anything, but i’d really like it if you stuck to only reposting a handful* of images so that people can come here to look at the rest!  

Thanks for your time,

sparrows x

*A handful being five or fewer. Or six, if you happen to have some sort of polydactyly.