hey hi this is a good time remind people that the main problem with wattpad is not the quality of the fics or the sexual orientation of their subjects or the age of its userbase 

the main problem with wattpad is that it is making money off of fanfiction created by writers who are working for free- it’s a capitalist enterprise built on the backs mostly of young women. 

anonymous asked:

okay so like I know everyone is talking about his eyes and i agree!! but please: what about his perfect stubble accentuating that gorgeous jawline i mean look at it please!!

Okay, all right! Let’s look at the evidence shall we? First of all: YES we need to mention those eyes because they are just insanely BLUE and I can’t not talk about them!!! But, fine let’s move on. First of all, we need to get closer..

Right. I hear you. That’s a very very nice stubble indeed. It’s got a slight red tinge to it too which goes really nicely with his golden skin tone 

and YES, it definitely accentuates his jawline! It looks so sharp and wonderfully defined and I can say with 100% certainty, anon, that you are ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!! That is one fine jawline definition right there ^^

I hit 1k followers I can’t believe this!!! thank you all so so much for following me and being incredibly friendly and supportive, you all mean a lot to me and have made tumblr feel like a safe place where I can freely talk and express myself. when I started this blog less than a year ago I never imagined it meaning as much to me as it does now, literally this blog is my entire life, and I never imagined meeting so many fantastic people!! so to celebrate reaching 1k I’ve decided to do a follow forever

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LOOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN THE MAIIIL!!?!! I seriously just died a thousand happy deaths!

I ordered these from the amaaaazing @zillabean. Ugh I just love her work so much, these sparkly sexy shiro’s will end me. Thank you thank you thank you, Zilla, seriously you’re an ispiration and a godsend, for blessing the world with sparkly Shiro. Omnomnom


everybody in the house is kinda scared of the spider but nobody can take one for the team and throw it out 

Mob feeds it grasshoppers and caterpillars from Reigen’s garden

also nobody knows why theres a tarantula in a bathroom in the middle of a city

(thank you anon for the superb idea!!! coincidentally it fits perfectly with the general theme of ritsu being scared of bugs lately and I just have to add a small thing for it)

and yep request is still open ayyy