Aspen is the new heir of the Small Legacy!

After a very close race and 3378 total votes (wow!), Aspen has won the poll! She’s obviously still a teen though, so the focus of the story will continue to be Avery until Aspen becomes a young adult and then she’ll take over.

I have big things planned for Aspen and I think you guys are really gonna enjoy seeing what happens … or at least I hope you do anyway LOL =D

Thank you to everyone who voted!

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anonymous asked:

"There’s a lot of canon evidence in this show about how strong Bellamy’s and Clarke’s feelings are for each other. I’m not quite sure so many people keep saying it’s delusional, or so many people doubt their interpretations. It’s on screen and in the script." this is your headcanon, not legit canon. the actors who actually PLAY the characters and analyze the scripts way more intensely than you both don't view your crackship as anything beyond platonic because it's not. stick to your fanfics

OH, the hell, it is not my head canon.

If Clarke says she trusts and needs and believes in Bellamy. If Lxa says that Clarke cares for him more than she does anyone else. If Abby says her friends are her weakness and to start with Bellamy Blake. If Clarke legitimately sacrifices her life so that Bellamy can live. If RavenALIE says that Bellamy was more devoted to Clarke than his canon girlfriend. If Murphy tells Bellamy that he’s not the only one in Polis to save someone he cares about. If a bloody and beaten Bellamy drags himself through the woods screaming that he can’t lose Clarke. Well goodness, if all that happened and you missed it, what’s up with your ability to watch a show critically?


They did not kiss on the lips. Fine. You got me. Bellarke is not a make-out relationship.  I never said it was.  Are YOU trying to say that Bellamy and Clarke DON’T care for each other? You’re going to have to show me some evidence for that, because you’re making it up. 

You got your C/L kisses and love scene. Their relationship is canon. I’ve never said they didn’t have a true connection. What I dispute is the importance of that relationship within the show. I think the fandom puts too much importance on C/L because it caught their fancy and they ignored the rest of the story to focus on it. Which means they missed out on canon text like, “You care for him more.” (What did I say? that they care deeply for each other. What did L say? That Clarke cares deeply for him. How did you miss that? It was C/L dialogue.)

 I’m saying the show is about The Delinquents, and rebuilding society, and the two leaders who will do that, Clarke and Bellamy. I’m saying it’s about their partnership, and that means it’s about Bellarke. 

Everyone is free to decide for themselves what the canon evidence means. C/L is a canon relationship and you get to say it was a love to end all loves, and I get to say it was a meaningful love affair but not the heart of the story. But if you pretend that all the canon relationship building between Bellarke for the last three seasons doesn’t exist then your interpretation is questionable. This show, canonically, focuses on the relationship between the two lead characters. That would be Bellamy and Clarke. And saying that they care about each other is not a delusion. 

And since when is fandom about telling other people that they are not allowed to ship who they want to ship? Canon or not? Please don’t anon me again. 

anonymous asked:

IM SCRESMING I LOVE YOUR KID AU SO MUCH. could you please write more interactions between neil and aaron? and neil and renee/allison as well?? Basically anything is fine. I'm obsessed with this verse!

( combining this with the anon that prompted kid!fic with the sleep deprivation take!! )

Although Wymack’s couch had become home for the pint-sized version of their friend, they relocated him to Abby’s house when the coach was called away for a three-day conference five states over.

In order to make him feel comfortable (and to not leave him alone in a new environment with just the Monsters for company, because no matter how good Abby was and how much Andrew clearly favored Neil, old concerns remained – this, thought but not said by two of the girls), it was decided that move-in day for Neil would double as a team-wide sleepover.

Luckily: Abby approved.

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anonymous asked:

I know it's been years since you've written bleach fic, but apparently bleach is going to end in two chapters... I just thought you might want to know...

Gosh, really? That’s…it’s hard to know how I feel about that. I read Inuyasha to the end too, but that didn’t conflict me nearly as much as this does.

I mean, I started reading Bleach in undergrad! The anime had barely started! Even now, every few months I’d go and catch up on all the chapters at once in a rush of nostalgia for everything I loved so much about that series. Not just Ichigo and Rukia and co, but the whole world of the zanpakutou and the lore of the shinigami and Quincy and how darn cool the Hollow could be.

Two chapters. That’s so hard to believe. I mean, it’s time, and it probably has been time for a long time, but…man, I think I’m really going to miss it.

shapechangersinwinter  asked:

headcanon: "Tench Tilghman" is actually an alias belonging to an unnamed con artist who insinuated himself into various positions in the Continental Army's high command under false names in order to get the attention and appreciation he felt he deserved. he juggled all of these various personae by the clever use of different hats and assorted silly accents.

Huh this seems kind of complicated, are you sure he’s not just a shapeshifter?

  • Tench Tilghman was both John Laurens and the Marquis de Lafayette. Alex once had a threesome that was actually just Tench turning the lights off and alternating between Southern and French accents, and creatively using a turkey leg. “Laurens” died because Tench was stuck in the Bastille and couldn’t keep up the con.
  • Tench Tilghman personally arranged for John Andre to be executed after he got stuck at a party listening to Andre talk about his Philosophy/Political Science double major and how this year’s opera was a sign that their generation was going downhill.
  • Tench Tilghman was forever bitter that Eliza chose Alex over him. He cryogenically froze himself and emerged in the early 21st century. He then founded a blog dedicated to Eliza, in the hopes that it would win her heart. Once he realized she was dead, though, he settled for answering spelling questions.

Give me a headcanon, and I’ll give you three back!

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This was long overdue, i reached 9 9 7  which is HUGE OKAY IM STILL in  shock. First off i want to thank all the people who followed this trash of a blog, aka me being WA trash lmao, it means a lot seriously, i can’t believe yall still support my annoying and multifandom af ass, i don’t even make gifs, or write ff yet… how are you guys still here??? idk, i ask myself that question everyday. Anyways i love you all so much, and thanks for sticking around, and not blocking my ass, this means a lot,,,,,im just so emotional.  

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also this is like a first, so have no idea if i did this right lmao 

 hope this doesn’t flop, goodbye now  

anonymous asked:

you KNOW y'all that this prompt would bring up Deadpool honestly dat boi can't keep his mouth shut or his pants on ?! anyway “quiet. they can hear us.” ? Please and thank you I love your blog babe!! Mwah! (;

prompt: “quiet. they can hear us.”

warnings: sexual content

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” you moaned breathlessly as your head lolled backwards, almost touching the ground. You propped yourself up on your knees to get a view of one thing, and that only made you moan aloud again in a deep, satisfying, “Ahhh.”

Admittedly, that moan had been louder than the others, mainly because you couldn’t handle the look of Wade fucking Wilson going down on you in a supply closet in the middle of a freaking mission. Technically, though, it wasn’t your fault for the moan, and it wasn’t your fault for the explicit acts. It was all him. All him and his “hey, we’ve got time to kill while these stuck ups eat, why don’t we do something fun?” The next thing you knew, that probably wasn’t exactly how the sequence of orders went, his mouth was sucking at your clit and you were writhing with sensational feelings.

It sounded like there was a shuffle up against the other side of the door, and Wade teasingly said, “Quiet. They can hear us.”

“That’s not funny,” you said breathlessly, falling back onto your back as it hit the cool floor.

“Maybe it is,” he said, “Maybe it isn’t.” With those words, he returned to eating you, reminding you to be quiet or else you’d get caught like this, and that wouldn’t be a good thing, no, not at all.

As if he actually cared about what some soon-to-be corpses had to say about that.

anonymous asked:

Hey can u recommend me some spn blogs? I don't mind any type of blog. :)

hey!! sure thing, there we go:


i could mention so many more tbh, i find it hard to finish it here haha but i’d have to go for hours answering this with all the blogs i love (actually i think i’d have to put here over half of the blogs that i follow and believe me, there’s a lot of them), so yeah. anyways tho, i 666% recomend you to follow these because they’re simply amazing and seeing them on my dash makes me really happy, and let me tell you, behind those urls are really great, kind and helpful people :)

anyway thank you for asking me to do this! i hope you’re having a great day or night or whatever, anon, feel free to talk to me whenever <3

  • Kakashi:You should ALWAYS wear condoms. As in ALWAYS unless you have talked it out with your partner and are one hundred percent sure you are ready for kids.
  • (Hinata and Sakura glance at eachother)
  • Hinata:even if you’re a lesbian?
  • Sasuke:especially. You know, unless you want double the unexpected pregnancy

anonymous asked:

what's your favourite lipstick color?

ho boy, anon, you are asking the hard questions. i think purple? any type of purple. all types of purple. a lot of purples honestly don’t look that great on me, because i’m really pale so cool toned colours wash me out like woah, but i wear them anyway. mauve though, mauves are amazing.

i am obsessed with lip products though, i love them so much.

actually you know what? i’m gonna do you some freakin swatches, anon, because i am a #beautyguru obviously

so from top to bottom we have:

1. Dior Addict High Shine in 680 Catwalk Mauve, which is my favourite ever lipstick and which they discontinued. i was legitimately heartbroken.
2. Dior Addict Lipstick in 983 Insoumise, which is the closest match i could find to Catwalk Mauve and it appears as though dior has also discontinued. wtf dior why do you hate me?
3. NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 03 Toasted Marshmallow, which is my current fave at the moment because a) the colour is gorgeous, b) it’s called Toasted Marshmallow, and c) IT ACTUALLY SMELLS LIKE MARSHMALLOWS

for your viewing pleasure i have also included a gif of a hot chocolate applying lipstick because IT’S A HOT CHOCOLATE APPLYING LIPSTICK AND I THINK IT’S THE MOST PERFECT GIF I’VE EVER SEEN.

Originally posted by porucz

The ‘L’ Bomb (Steve Rogers)

Originally posted by sonicaru

Prompt: I just found your blog and read everything. I love your stories! Wanted to know if I can request a Steve story with the dialogue prompt “I’m in love with you in a friend way”?

A/N: This was cute! I don’t know why I keep setting this stuff in diners. Maybe I need some pie, that could be the issue. Anyway- thank you to the lovely anon who requested this. I hope you enjoy it. 

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I was tagged by the lovely angel @ladybloq thank youu!!

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

nickname: em, ems, tay, peggy, eileen (just… it’s fine, just go with it)

star sign: cancer

height: 5′8″

time right now: 12:36 PM

last thing you googled: you me dancing lyrics

favorite music artist: woodkid

song stuck in your head: you! me! dancing! by los campecinos

last movie you watched: uhhHHHHHHH it was “my favorite year”

last tv show you watched: american horror story

what are you wearing right now: pjs yo

when did you create your blog: well THIS blog has been around since november ish? september? idk the official date. but i’ve been on tumblr for 5 years now

what kind of stuff do you post / do you like to read / follow on tumblr: this is my miraculous ladybug sideblog / personal, so i post ml and occasionally other things, but my main is aesthetic and marvel af so i follow a lot of aesthetic and marvel blogs

do you have other blogs: @hhermes is my main, @mniyards is a collection of aesthetic posts, @elizasingh is for my ocs, and @galaxcores is my writing ref blog. THEN there’s @buckyremember-archive and @hansofthedoucheyisles which are from before i remade. there’s more, but those are the ones i regularly post to or reference

do you get asks on a regular basis: lol no. if i reblog a post saying “send me prompts!!” then i’ll usually get some but everyday? no. 

why did you choose your url: idk man it was just one letter off so i went with it

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anonymous asked:

sorry i meant to say 1/2 but anyways, i just wanted to say thank you. To you and everyone else who believed in me that day and told me i could make it. I owe it to you guys, you kept me going before i could find people and stand on my feet. Not gonna lie, its been a rough almost year, but im pretty happy. So thank you. I owe so much of this to you

or not idk if that first message even sent, if it didnt, in short, im the runaway who messaged you last year. I live in LA with some other people not yet on their feet in a small apt, i do under the table jobs since im not old enough yet. I dont have internet, we all share a laptop and only ever get internet access when we go to mcdonalds. Im doing pretty darn great.


aaaaa hey there fam! good to hear from you again! im really glad you’re doing great on your own now! its super relieving to hear that :”) i really am glad that you are happier and found some company- i cant believe its been a year already! 

thanks so much for dropping by again and i wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. Do still stay aware and take care of yourself ^^

caliginousspectrum  asked:

I finally bought Dragon Age Inquisition for twelve quid with all the expansions after seeing you post about it so much, and in the last two weeks i've racked up almost a solid hundred and fifty hours without even defeating corypheus yet... Anyway, i'm basically here to say thank you for showing me this game, i love it so much, it's my favourite game ever. I love Cullen (i finally got a romance line with him!) and Solas and Cole and Sera and DORIAN and KREM OH BOY KREM anyway thanks

ahhh np! I’m always happy to hear of more fans for DA because it is my one true videogame love T-T