its 3 in the morning and i went and got some snacks and mom… got up, came and looked in the closet, and when asked what she was looking for, said “i dont know.” then she stole one of my cookies and presumably went back to sleep

truly Lena Luthor’s life is so tragic… nearly every single person she’s cared about has betrayed her… even Jack with the way he mistreated her due to her last name/making their breakup especially hard on her… she doesn’t even know how to have regular relationships… her general behavior is extremely odd (i.e. risking death at her original ceremony, showing up at Kara’s place of work in person, showing up at her home next, risking her life to stop a gang of bad guys, giving a reporter she liked unrestricted access to L-Corp, OVERFLOWING Kara’s entire office with flowers, asking Kara to talk her out of a dinner with Jack, telling Kara she promised she wouldn’t go see Jack because it was so dangerous and then doing it, literally being okay with the concept of herself being KILLED)… she’s seriously so sad and out of wack… Lena Luthor deserves to be cared for, helped, and loved I want the best for her and so does Kara Zor-El

listen…..modern au where fantine has a v lorelai-rory relationship with cosette AND cosette’s lesbian gf eponine. fantine knows eponine comes from a rough family so she tries her very best to shower her with all the love and protection she’s never received at home

不思議な隣人さん (Fushigi na tonari-san)

Kzentertainment has announced their next cd! Complete with totally legit cover art, courtesy of a certain someone 😚🌰

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

You, a newly-inducted member of adult society, are currently living alone in an old and narrow apartment downtown.

One night, after you’ve returned from work, you go to retrieve your laundry from the balcony, only to have the wind blow one of your towels away to your neighbor’s balcony. Your neighbor, who often heads out to his balcony to cool himself off, picks it up for you—but you realize that he has no shirt on!

While you were surprised at first, every time after that incident, you find yourself talking to him. And even though he’s little unusual, you eventually come to fall for this mysterious man…

CV: 切木Lee (Shingaki Tarusuke)

Release Date: May 19th, 2017.