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gabby what's ur opinion on the hyper-sexualization of izzy in sh? it's just i'm latina as well and while i agree she shouldn't be slutshamed and it's nice that she's comfortable with her body the whole fandom treats her like she's white. like they seriously don't realize what's wrong with a LATINA being the MOST sexualized person on the show. we (latinas) barely get any representation but when we do we're almost always being hyper-sexualized 1/3

2/3 and i have no problem with izzy being comfortable with her body but why did they have to make her, the latina, the MOST sexualized person (she fits into the “promiscuous, sexy, fiesty” stereotype sm but the whole fandom ignores that and acts like the show is the most progressive show ever) not only that but p much all the writers and ppl working bts are white (men esp) which just makes me more uncomfortable. i told three of my white “friends” this when the first ep aired

3/3 but they told me that I was being misogynistic and that all women face the same level of oppression which is why we have to empower each other bc no men face any type of oppression and that that stereotype no longer exists they even denied the racism/fetishization/sexualisation I face as a Latina so I haven’t talked about it since then bc they said I was being racist towards whites :/// so I just wanted to hear ur opinion

first and foremost your friends have no business dismissing you like that and if they don’t know better that reverse racism doesn’t exist they need to check themselves. i hope you’re not ever made to feel like you can’t express your opinion when something upsets you, especially something so important, and your friends shouldn’t be creating that environment for you. you should be encouraged to speak out in defence of yourself and your cultural heritage and in defence of latinx people if you feel they’re being stereotyped or misrepresented, and your friends, especially given the fact they’re white, aren’t allowed to tell you when you are or aren’t facing oppression (tbh that’s oppressive in itself)

secondly, there’s female empowerment and then there’s turning a blind eye to sexuality designed only for the male gaze. i really do think they’re going wrong on that front, and it’s far from a ~progressive show or narrative or set of characters imo but i think certain aspects of that has to do with the original writer. 

i think in certain places, i can see empowerment, i can see izzy being proud of her sexuality and i can see the boys being unphased (for lack of a better word) / supportive of it, but there are places where it’s completely unnecessary and unrealistic (i know it’s as far from realistic as a show can get but i’m talking about like, representation of women in general, and in this case especially latinas who are so often stereotyped as the sexy one or the loud one or like,,, you know,, the ~~woman in the red dress~~ kinda thing,,, which they literally did with izzy) like here

yeah it’s great for her character to dress that way and to feel comfortable enough to have that as her ~style but you have to question why she’s wearing it on a mission (aside from the context of her ~seducing meliorn, but like,,,, she’s going to fight a bunch of vampires it’s not a practical thing to wear) other than the fact that it draws attention and completely sexualises her character. like who behind the scene is like,, ok they’re gonna go on an extraction mission and kill a bunch of vampires,,, what could izzy wear??? oh i know!!!!!! 

like i’m all for women exploring their sexualities on tv and it being praised and all, but not when it comes to stereotypical depictions of minorities and not when they’re struggling to flesh out the character beyond what they’ve been doing so far. i know we’re only 5 episodes in but all we’ve got so far is clary/jace, clary/simon, clary, clary, clary and (for now, i do think or drastically hope they’re planning better for izzy) they’re really just putting izzy there (i feel) as something pretty to look at in the background or for clary to lean on when alec’s been mean to her or whatever and it’s like,, frustrating how they’re portraying her

like it’s possible to maintain her sexual promiscuity without over-sexualising her and turning her into a walking stereotype, they seem to be doing just fine with dreary fray

me: *scrolls through CE stuff*

person: i ha-

me after seeing all these damn complaints everywhere: yes, y’all can’t believe that Chris smokes, i know, y’all hate smoking so much, smoking is the most disgusting thing, smoking is stupid, y’all just hate cigarettes, i KNOW , y’all hate it y’all fucking hate that he smokes ok i know, i get it, Y'ALL DON’T LIKE THAT HE SMOKES. I GET IT.

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Hey, I know this is going to sound like a dumb question, but I've been looking at your store for a while and I'm really looking for something that can be sexy, and still make me feel masculine. Is there anything you suggest? Something that my partner would see as kind of a "lingerie" but still a binder? I know this sounds weird. I'm sorry.

Heya. This is neither weird nor dumb, and it’s totally a good question - even if we can’t give a definitive answer to the elusive overlap between sexy, masculine, and lingerie.

A pinstriped binder might do for you? Either Gomez, with gold stripes, or the Gangster, which looks like this:

Or you might try a slick shiny black satin binder, or one of the darker scaled binders like Toothless or Basilisk

So my history of damaging my fallout OCs is as follows.

River from Fallout 3 - almost lost her eye during her first encounter with a deathclaw. She now has some sexy scars down the left side of her face *and some of her body; and they are SUPER sexy as she likes to point out to Charon* - gets roasted by some raiders on her way to douchebag tower. Still insists her left sides her unlucky side and her scars are still SUPER sexy. - lost her arm from the mid bicep down. Moira had to amputate the rest but did manage to make her a super cool robot arm - and post storyline she becomes ghoulified. She manages to maintain a full head of glorious red hair and uses her new found zombie look to scare the shit out of Butch.

Courier Yaz from New Vegas - the obvious, two gunshot wounds to the head. These prompt her to get an undercut to show the entire scar. *the other reason is the hair kept irritating the wound* - a bunch of scars that she doesn’t know where they came from. She has a knife wound between two of her ribs. Another bullet wound on her hip. A raking scar that runs up her forearm that Boone says looks like it’s from a Yao Guai. Then there’s a really weird looking one near her right butt cheek that Raul swears up and down probably came from a Radscorpion. - during her fight with Vulpes Inculta he tried to slit her throat. So now she has a pretty gnarly scar running from one ear almost to the other one. - part of her left ear is missing after a really close call with a legion sniper. - post endgame both of her legs get blown off from the knee down by a trip mine while her, Raul and boone went to go rescue veronica from slavers. Boone fireman carried her back to the strip, where she insisted on being fitted with non robotic prosthetics. (Think Gazelle from Kingsmen.)

Zoe from Fallout 4 - a scar above her left eyebrow from her time in the service. - her back looks like a whipping post from her time in the service. She lies about where she got them CONSTANTLY. - two bullet wounds along her pelvis from her initial run it with raiders rescuing preston and co. - three long, raking scars down her abdomen from a run it with a deathclaw. - a scar on the corner of her mouth from the time she clamped down on a gunners knife with her teeth during ‘kid in the fridge’. - a bite mark on her neck from her first run in with a ghoul.*it was huge and got hella infected so she went back to sanctuary and asked sturges if ghoulification was contagious. He freaked out and emptied a whole bottle of antiseptic.* - a Yao guai bite on her left forearm. - another scar on her left eyebrow from the time a super mutant whacked her in the head with a nailed board. - the DLCs need to come out so I can decide what grievous injury to give her post games.


Emma Skirt

If I released the Emma Top as a separated top, why shouldn’t I release the skirt of my Emma Gown? It’s is a high-waisted long, slit skirt which can give your sim a sexy, still elegant look.

  • standalone
  • HQ texture
  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 14 swatches
  • It might conflict with boots and shiny shoes!
  • It doesn’t look well with some tops, especially with sweaters, but some crop tops are a perfect choice!

Special thanks to @starlord-sims who gave his permission to edit and include his mesh, and who helped me A LOT! But really, God bless You! Thank you!  ♥

Moreover to @stealthic, @sclub-privee, @madlensims, @missfortunesims and to all the amazing CC creators whose CC I used on my model. Poses by the one and only @flowerchamber.  ♥

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