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headcanon/fic prompt/idea: Robert and Aaron texting. How do they do it? Do they send pictures? Smileys? Who is more into texting? Why tries sexting more? Just everything you can think of regarding texting. (would love examples ;))

Hey, thank you for sending such a fun request. I think with texting Aaron is very old school and with Robert he is modern. 

  • When it comes to selfies Robert sends more. His selfies are mostly of him trying the whole serious yet still sexy look. Aaron is more likely to send a snap of the scenery or food. His selfies are rare and mostly of him pulling funny faces.
  • Texting is preferred by both. It doesn’t matter if one is away on business or if they’re in the same room, Aaron and Robert are constantly texting each other every second of the day.
  • Robert will send cheesy messages like “Guess what I’m doing tonight?” waits for Aaron to reply with “What?” then texts back “You!”
  • At first, Robert was more into sexting. Aaron was quite shy.  Seeing though how horny Robert could get, Aaron started loving using a few dirty words and a half hard dick pic to tease him.
  • Robert will use “c u l8,” abbreviations like FYEO or HF or IOW, and will write a whole sentence using emojis. Aaron absolutely hates that Robert writes like that because he can never understand what he is saying.

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She's gonna have healthy short brunette hair. It's going to grow and be healthy and she will still be sexy af. She never wore her hair down because it was so dead. Now there's gonna be no fly aways or accidental dreads. She'll look so good (prolly even better) in a suit y'all, just fuckin wait

Welp I just gotta get used to it