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Love the flow of this and can’t wait to see Carrie and Letty together!

We will see Letty in the next part ^___^ And we’ll see them together soon too! I still need to decorate the station and make few more characters. I’m still debating how to go about the sets. I really need a city like place for the outdoor scenes… 

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I do that often too! Get too exhausted so I just edit shit lol. It looks great though!

I think editing is one of my most favorite parts of the process. It’s relaxing! And thank you! I’ve been messing around with Google Nik some more, though I’m really tempted to buy PS Lightroom too.

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Digimon designs have been inked Finally! 

That took so long why did my dream version of PracticeSciencemon have to be so much more complex than the original?

I even added a bonus… to the preexisting bonus. So the image includes a new version of Sciencemon and its pre-digivolution Studenmon.

… Also I still am debating what to call new PracticeSciencemon. I’m thinking maybe Experimon (kinda a combo of experiment+monster) would work since its canon Sciencemon can only digivolve by experimenting on herself. Sciencemon is a canonly a really fucked up digimon made of bad decision,


It kinda annoys me people don’t get Pokemon are based on real animals of the natural world (to the most part) while digimon on the other hand are combos of data fragments you would find on any subject on the internet. That’s why their designs tend to be considerably wackier than Pokemon (or at least they used to… that’s a rant in itself). On the topic what makes me legit terrified is imagine the beast that would be made up of like all the data relating to shitty tumblr discourse or memes or all the hatetrains against minorities on Reddit, etc?

Truly the digital world has become a much scarier place in recent years.

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Kai doesn’t like people who wear heavy fragrances(GQ interview) and I saw somewhere that Sehun is allergic to perfumes or something?? So that means that Kai and Baek like Sehun’s natural scent. Which is pretty obvious, again cause Kai has no chill when it comes to Sehun:

The Policing of Black Girl’s Natural Hair

The topic of nappy heads is unending. Thankfully we’re embracing our curls, those spirals that defy gravity and are still a topic of debate for so many. For Black girls, August means finding suitable hairstyles that parents and girls can agree on to start the new school year.

  • Growing Up My Hair Was A Big Deal

My mother was a wonderful person but hair or more directly her lack of skill in the area of hair grooming was considerable. I made it through elementary school with crooked parts and ponytails that ranged between two and four in number. That number was determined by how hard it was to get through my hair the night before. I look at my 2-4 grade school pictures and cringe. Cute outfit but that hair. Chile!

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So today SM Entertainment came to give a presentation for those of us attending a Korean adoptee conference in Seoul. This gathering includes hundreds of people adopted from Korea.

At the beginning, they played us a video of NCT, Red Velvet’s Wendy, and Exo’s Kai, Sehun, and Suho sending us specifically a message.
To me, this one video was HUGE. There I was, a girl who is complete Exo trash getting acknowledged by my favorite idols. This was genuinely so meaningful to me, as in Korea adoptees are often kind of brushed over. Seeing these idols I admire so very much address my community was huge.

Still debating whether or not to post Wendy’s and NCT’s. I’ve been in this fandom since predebut so I really wanted to share this never-before seen video not available to the public. The presenter, SM’s casting director, said it was filmed yesterday.


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Ever since Yoongi's mixtape came out I've been seeing him in a new light. Its fucking great to see him laughing and smiling so brightly without a care in the world. Even after all his heartbreaking hardships. I just can't express how I feel these days whenever I see Yoongi enjoying life knowing he has his members, family, and armies behind his back.

Same here. I literally cannot see him as Suga anymore but as Min Yoongi. I cried while listening to the songs with the lyrics not only because of how much I related, but also because I felt genuine pain for him. Bless him, his perseverance, and everything about him. 

Dear Yoongi,

You are loved and very much appreciated in this world. 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:The Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness really draws you into a false sense of security with reference to the ages of the characters, particularly Todd, Viola and Davy. In The Knife of Never Letting Go Todd tells us that he is 12, soon to be 13 which shocks the reader until it is relieved that New World has an extra month every year meaning that, as Viola explains, he is actually around 14 by the way we measure age. While this is a significant step up from 12 it is worth noting that 14 is still very much a child and that Todd and Viola are both still children. Even Davy who is around 16 by New World ages and so possibly 17/18 by our standards is still incredibly young. I feel like that's something that's very easy to forget while reading the books due to the acts carried out by all three characters, especially Todd and Viola and for me personally it was not until I finished the series that it hit me that they were still CHILDREN, something that to this day has left a lasting impact on me. I feel like that's one of the most powerful things about the trilogy and if Daisy Ridley is cast as Viola it seems to suggest that they are aging Viola up to be, presumably, around 16-18. This, I think, will remove some of the impact that having 14 year olds being engaged in the themes that Chaos Walking presents to us. Not only this but I would assume aging Todd and Viola up into their late teens may be done as 14 may be seen as too young and not morally acceptable to show on screen. However if we think that 16-18 is an acceptable age rage to fight in a war, be tortured and witness the attempted genocide of an entire species what does that then say about us a society? How are the films going to handle this? I need answers.
  • Gajeel:So...how are we going to learn more about each other, since we've been a team more often.
  • Mirajane:Let's talk about our pet peeves!
  • Laxus:-raises hand-
  • Mirajane:Yes, Laxus! Tell us what your pet peeve is.
  • Laxus:So much as vex me, you're dead.
  • Juvia:-raises hand-
  • Laxus:Yes, what do you have to say...
  • Juvia:Juvia is known to be quite vexing, she's just forewarning you.
  • Laxus:... I appreciate the honesty.
  • Cana:-claps- That's my girl!

Being The Child of El Diablo (Chato Santana) May Include…

(Spoilers, as usual, ahead)


  • A lot of resentment
  • Not just at your father, but for his powers and what he’s done with them
  • You’ve tried forgiving him
  • But you can’t
  • At least, not yet anyway


  • Chato wanted to see you
  • Wanted to try and be a father–your father
  • You had to be convinced by Amanda Waller
  • But you went
  • You talked
  • You agreed to do this again next week or whenever he could
  • You would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy yourself


  • You weren’t 100% sure if you didn’t have any
      • `There was a large chance considering they could be passed down by genes
      • That’s how most Metahumans get their powers
  • There were those moments when you’d think you can feel something burning inside you, covering your arms, hands, legs, feet, body
  • It terrifies you
  • It’s still debatable if you some or not
      • Amanda Waller has an eye on you
      • She knows, better than anyone, how powers manifest

Before The Squad

  • You were pretty close with your dad
      • You didn’t agree what he did on the downlow
      • But the two of you had a great relationship
  • You were the oldest kid, just turned 18 and was already off to college
      • You were the first in the family to even consider college as an option
      • Chato was…proud
      • He wanted you to have the things he couldn’t
      • He wanted you to have a good life
      • Something he couldn’t quite provide
  • When you were born, you screamed of hope
      • The hope Chato believed he had
      • The kind that was supposed to push him to stop doing what he does
      • The kind that made him forget about the powers the devil had provided him
      • You were a redemtion ark
      • One he never had the chance to board
  • The two of you loved  to bake together
      • The kitchen would be a complete and utter disaster by the time you were done
      • But the food was amazing
  • The day you got the call to inform you of what he did, it broke your heart
      • You wanted to forgive him
      • Wanting to turn back the clock to when you thought he was your hero
      • Not the guy who ripped apart your family
      • But
      • You still loved him

The Squad

  • The day you met the squad wasn’t a happy day
      • You thought that you would be scared of them
      • But you embraced them with open arms
  • The only two who even talked to you was Harley and Floyd
  • Harley became a friend, someone who tried to be there whenever she could
      • She’d send you care packages from time to time
      • Always reminding you that you had a friend to turn to
  • Deadshot (Floyd) was like a big brother to you
      • He and your dad shared some weird friend bond thing
      • He wanted you to know that your father was a good man
      • That he loved you
      • And wanted the best for you
  • Amanda Waller was actually kind of nice to you
      • “Your father was a good man”
      • In order to keep your mouth shut about everything, Waller agreed to pay for college
      • Basically, the government was paying you instead of the other way around
  • It was a sad day and you wished you did things differently

Well, there’s that

DATE: AUG. 12 2016
NOTES: Angst lol

Lover, Please Stay (Bucky imagine Part1/?)

So sorry I haven’t written in ages! Ive been super busy. I’m hoping to make this into a mini series, this is just kind of a starter so I promise itll get better haha.

Originally posted by buckybarneswintersoldier

The loud drilling of your alarm disturbs you from a deep sleep at 8am. You unwrap yourself from your human pillow, and slam the snooze button grumbling. It should be illegal to get up before 10am on a Saturday. You lay still for a second, debating whether to face the wrath and ditch a shopping day with your deadly assassin friend. You glance over at the body next to you and a smile plays on your lips. He looks so peaceful and beautiful when he’s sleeping, his hair falling over one side of his face, his back rising and falling as he breathes steadily.
You decide to get up, moving slowly as to not wake the sleeping soldier, but an arm shoots out and grabs yours, dragging you back down and into its embrace.

“You’re not leaving” he says, voice deep and sleepy.
“Bucky c’mon Nat will kill me if I’m late!” You groan, acting as though you wouldn’t rather spend the day in bed with him. He huffs, slinging his metal arm over your stomach and burying his head in your shoulder.
“Ill fight her off” He says, and you laugh, running your fingers through his bed hair. You live for moments like these; where the two of you can be at ease and playful with each other. The peacefull moments. You look down at him, and a familiar ache fills you. How you just wanted to lean down and place a kiss on his tinted lips. But you can’t, because your love for him is unrequited and a secret, so you don’t. Instead you sigh and close your eyes.
“5 more minutes”. You give in.

You’re woken for the second time that morning by a banging on your door. You jump up, rolling Bucky off your stomach. The clock says 8:47.
“(Y/N) you better be nearly ready or ill kick your ass. I told you we’ve got a tight schedule.”
Ahhh fuckkk.
“Give me 20 mins Nat!” You shout, trying to sound as awake as possible. It doesn’t work, and the door flies open.
“You haven’t even started get-Oh.” Nat stops in her tracks and folds her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow at you as she notices a half asleep Bucky in your bed.
“Sleep well did we?” Her tone changes and you glare at her.
“Fantastically” he replies to her, and she shakes her head and heads back out the door, threatening for you to be ready in the next half hour.
You wait for the door to close and throw a pillow at Bucky.
“Out! You made me late you asshole!” You pretend to be annoyed, but can’t help but laugh when he pouts at you with those puppy dog eyes. Biting your lip to hide your grin, you point at the door and tell him to leave, watching him slink out the door with a stupid smile on his face.

Half an hour later, you’re in the passenger seat of Nat’s car, waiting for a snarky comment about being caught with Bucky in your bed.
“So… You and Bucky huh?” She smirks. You give her a death stare, like she doesn’t know you’re madly in love with him.
“Nat, nothing happens, he comes to me when he has nightmares sometimes and can’t sleep. He just needs comfort that’s all.”
“Yeah yeah, this whole best friend act that you two have going is BS. You’re clearly in love with each other.” She scoffs, and you gasp.
“OK first of all, I told you that in confidence you better not have repeated it. Secondly, Bucky is not in love with me.” You look out the window, desperate to avoid Nat’s look. You hate talking about the situation, deep down you kinda know he must have some sort of feelings towards you, you’re practically joined at the hip and you’re one of the only people he trusts. But you push that thought to the back of your mind.
“Well, we all see it, even if you don’t believe it.” She reaches over and squeezes your hand, looking sympathetic now as she sees the pain behind your eyes.
“Hey, let’s just forget about the guys for today, we need you looking hot as hell for these awards tonight ok? I know just the place!” She winks at you, and you roll your eyes. You’d much rather be in bed, but your wardrobe is pretty sparse on the party side, who better to fix you up than the smoking red head herself.

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It’s come to the point that seeing a picture of a Black person is scary. My first thought isn’t “Omg look at them, killin it damn, great selfie” it’s “Oh no.. Another victim” now. I wince and brace for impact, just like so many of us and the existence of the issue is still somehow up for debate?