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I think when i come out to my mom i'm gonna sit up on the kitchen counter amd wait for her to get home from work and screech "i'm gay"

Ian inspired so many coming outs it’s wonderful 

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I have to tell you, you're one amazing person! Keeping up with so many blog AND having amazing storylines and witty jokes, you just inspire me so much! More power to you Claire!

You don’t know how much you’re making me happy and motivated. I read every comments you make!! It’s just gives me confidence with my works. Honestly, these past few weeks I don’t feel good with my own art so I spent my time drooling and crying over other wonderful artists and wondering when will I be that good. Thank you so much and please let me also tell you how amazing you are and your wonderful works!! 

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1 it's literally so cool that you told everyone you came out and you inspired so many people to do it as well! 2 ily 3 dudedudedudedude. idk where you live but have you heard about the clown thing happening in colorado?!

ahhaha i know!!! it’s crazy that people chose to come out too bc of that!! and omfg ily2 also no i dont know!! what happened?

honestly at is what got me on tumblr properly

i had an account before but i didn’t use it for anything and just gave up with tumblr but then like 3 years?? ago i watched my first at episode ‘guardians of sunshine’ and i loved it

i’d flicked past the show many times before writing it off as some stupid little show but i honestly never expected that it would come to mean so much to me

and without at and without joining tumblr i don’t think i would have ever found so many wonderful and creative artists on here that inspired me to take art more seriously or even dream of becoming a storyboarder or even a creator of my own show

seeing how much this one show has inspired so many people and given them joy, helping them when they are lost and just been there for them when they’re upset and having all these wonderful people join into one community is just such a brilliant thing and i hope one day i’ll be capable of it

so thank you adventure time

thank you for helping me find something to do with my life

i love how the old jedi order spent three whole movies saying that once someone has embraced the dark side there’s no chance they can be redeemed, but luke skywalker looked at the man who chopped off his hand, participated in the torture of his twin sister and best friend, and pursued him and his friends across the galaxy with the intent to kill them and said “yeah i can fix this” and then he fucking did


FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS REINA // ten of my favorite photos of Frida Kahlo. Her birthday is July 6, 1907


NEW VIDEO: “What I Learned From Pickle Juice

Reblog if you dig it. I’m gonna love anyone who does.


“… How many times do I have to apologize for attacking the Southern Water Tribe before you LET ME OFF THIS SHIP?”
“It’s not punishment, Zuko. It’s fun!”

Zuko goes ice dodging. He does not enjoy it. Younger baby Druk is there because why not. :)

In which Flowerboys have self-esteem issues too!