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This is a gift for @kinkypoptarte for creating such lovely aus, creating gorgeous artwork, supporting other artists, and being such kind and sweet person.

You inspire so many people including myself and this is the least I could do to show my appreciation 

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Smoke (Sherlock X Reader)

Summary: Reader is Sherlock’s longtime girlfriend and one of the few people in Lestrade’s division who likes him. Sherlock and Watson take her on all their adventures, as she is the one who presents cases to them and represents them in the police force. She finds herself awaiting their return to Baker Street often, but none have ended up like this. What does she do afterward? Can she find closure?

Key: (Y/N)-your name

Today’s Playlist: Hmmm…so many options… My original inspiration was Viva la Vida, though it doesn’t quite fit (still a good song tho :3 go listen to it) as well as I Was King (ONE OK ROCK) and I Want You Here (Plumb). As always, I usually listen to the nightcoreversions and those are the ones linked as they are my inspiration, but I highly encourage you to listen to the original songs, too!

Cast: YOU! Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Anderson, Mary Watson, and brief mentions of Donovan and Lestrade’s Ex-Wife

Warnings: Language? I think? Too lazy to check…. Smoking Habits, Depression (minor, nothing super serious other than brief mentions of grief and tragedy) Angst, Grief

Status: Complete (May consider prequels or a part 2 if requested and I can find the inspiration)

    “Or, or, or- hear me out on this one- a bungee cord! That would have worked! I mean-”

    It’s been almost a year to the day since his death, yet Anderson still holds hope. How? I’ve no bloody idea.

Even I lost hope a long time ago and I was quite possibly the closest to him, besides John. You’d think that being his girlfriend would dub you automatically closer to him than his best friend, but that’s not the case. John has known- knew him far longer than I did. Still, I loved him very much.

“I mean, obviously he had to have help from his brother, right? Because if not-”

    It’s been hard without him. What has? Cases, for one thing, talking to people, waking up in the morning, and how about living? How’s that for an answer? He was part of me. He was my other half. We were both clever, but I’m a sweet talker and he was…antisocial, to say the least. He was a sassy bastard and a pain in the ass while I was sneaky and persuasive. We made an interesting couple, for sure. We definitely gave my dad headaches on the regular.

    “So he had to have done that or else he would have-”

    Dad. He’s taken his death pretty hard, too, though not only for his sake. He can’t stand to see me like this. He’s started smoking again. He thinks I haven’t noticed, but I’m not that blinded by grief. I tend to notice the little things. Besides, he’s not the only one with a pack of cigarettes under his bed.
    “See what I mean? That’s absolute bollocks!”

    I’ve detached from everyone. Dad and I don’t talk. I haven’t seen John in a while. He’s probably moved on at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to cut ties after what happened. Mrs. Hudson checks in on me often and I take care to call her at least once a week for fear that she might come after me if I don’t. I haven’t spoken to Mum since the divorce. She never cared for me, anyway. Never wanted a kid, much less a daughter wanting to follow in her dad’s footsteps. It was kind of a blessing when she left. Donovan doesn’t dare even think of talking to me. It was all her fault after all. I doubt I’ll ever be able to forgive her. It’s a miracle I can tolerate Anderson after that. Anderson is one of the few who dares to approach me, though I’m sure he’ll stop once I give him what for.

    “What do you think? (Y/N)?” He asks, holding out his coffee in questioning.

    I turn to him with a frustrated sigh. “Stop it, Anderson. Sherlock is dead. He’s not coming back.”

    “But he-” He starts to argue with me, but I can’t take it anymore.

    I shout, “I saw him fall with my own eyes! I identified his body, Anderson! Don’t tell me for some bollocks reason that Sherlock is alive because he’s not.” I glare him down as he goes silent, glancing down at his feet. I desperately have the instinct to bring up how Sherlock’s death was partly his fault in the first place, but I don’t. He’s already expressing his guilt through coming up with theories and acting as if there’s hope, not to mention starting the fan club. “Sherlock is dead and it’s about bloody time you accepted that because he’s not coming back.” I storm off, choking back a sob.

It’s hard to accept, but I know he’s dead. There is absolutely no possible way he can be alive after that.

I go home after that, not wanting to bother with anyone for the rest of the day. I’ve left Baker Street by now and moved back in with Dad. I can’t stand living in a flat completely composed of things that remind me of Sherlock. At the same time, I can’t fully move on.

He was the first person to truly see my potential and help me to use it. He wasn’t like Dad, who refused to bring me on dangerous cases because he was so scared for my well being. No, Sherlock was the exact opposite. He wanted me to be there. He wanted my opinion and my help. He wanted to hear what I had to say. He wasn’t like Donovan or Anderson who doubted me and turned on me within milliseconds. Even when his reputation was tarnished, he was careful to make sure I was safe and that Moriarty had no idea how close I was to him. Even when it meant that we couldn’t be seen together in public, he kept me safe. I wasn’t like other people in the force. I didn’t think he was a freak. I thought he had an amazing talent that could change the world and I so desperately wanted to learn it. He was astonished by this and, after some suspicion and time spent together, started to teach me the science of deduction. I have learned a lot, though by no means have I mastered it. I only wish he could have taught me more before…

I find the door to the apartment unlocked, surprisingly, which means Dad’s home. We don’t cross paths a lot anymore. In fact, it feels like we avoid each other. I just can’t face him after all that’s happened. I’m afraid that if I do…well, there’s no avoiding it now.

I climb the stairs and enter the living room, barely glancing at Dad, who’s sitting on the couch staring at nothing with a blank look on his face. He looks up as I enter and close the door behind me. I toss the keys onto a nearby table nonchalantly and turn slowly, pausing there with my hands in my coat pockets. “Hey,” I mumble quietly, not making eye contact.

Dad mumbles a reply that I can’t hear, running a hand through his grey hair and sighing. Suddenly, he notices a pack of cigarettes peeking out of my pocket. His head snaps up, “Have you been smoking?!”

I don’t answer, glancing away and furrowing my brows in slight frustration. I don’t feel guilt. I turn back to him with a huff. “Yeah. So have you.”

His gaze softens as he takes his turn to glance away and lean back onto the couch. I’ve caught him. “Talk to anybody today?” He asks, casually slipping concern into the conversation rather than facing up to my accusation.

“Anderson,” I mutter quietly with a sigh, something Dad quickly picks up on.

“He badgering you with his theories as well?” He rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Of all people he had to-” He mutters a few incoherent thoughts as I stand there awkwardly. Then, he’s silent.

There’s a tense air filling the room quickly as neither of us wants to talk about it. We don’t want to talk about the fact that Dad had to help in the events that killed my boyfriend. We don’t want to talk about how he died. We don’t want to talk about the idea that he might be alive. We just don’t even want to bring up the topic of Sherlock.

“You can talk to me, you know.”

“Huh?” I turn suddenly to him, not sure I heard him right. He can’t mean that…

He stands and starts toward me. He looks unsure, though his eyes are full of love and hope. He stops just in front of me and continues on, knowing I heard and acknowledged what he said. “I’m worried about you.” He puts his hands on my forearms gently in a loving motion. “You don’t talk anymore, (Y/N). At least talk to me. Please?”

I’m silent as he pulls me into a tight hug. He closes his eyes and holds me close, resting his head on top of mine.

“I love you.” He whispers, “This scares me.”

I blink a few times as tears come to my eyes. I bury my head in his coat and mumble. “I miss him.” I start to sob as Dad pulls me closer and rubs my back, comforting me the only way he knows how. He understands loss, sure. I mean, he felt it with Mum. However, he doesn’t know what it’s like when someone you love with your entire being dies unexpectedly, especially not in the way that Sherlock went.

“I know.” He whispers. “I know, love. I miss him, too. We all do.”

“What will you do when you tell her, then?”

“Tell her?”

“You don’t seriously think you’ll be able to avoid her?”


“She hasn’t forgotten you, Sherlock.”

“I hope not.”

“You have to talk to her.”

“What for?”

“Don’t be so selfish, Sherlock!”

“Me? Selfish? Well, that’s just irony at it’s best, isn’t it, Mycroft?”

“Talk. To. Her.”

“She’s better off without me.”

“And why is that?”

“She won’t have anyone on her tail, won’t be constantly watched by my government official brother…I don’t know.”

“The sarcasm is overwhelming, brother mine. Despite your best efforts and ignorance, I will always keep an eye on her.”

“Then you admit you care?”

“No. I simply know that you do, though you ever refuse to act on it.”

“What do you mean you haven’t told (Y/N), yet?!” John whisper-shouts, floored by Sherlock’s admittance.

“Exactly what I say, John,” Sherlock mutters, uncomfortable speaking about this around Mary. He barely knows the woman and now she’s going to hear about his girlfriend- ex-girlfriend?

“You can’t be serious!” John is even more furious with him now.

“Completely,” Sherlock assures him.

John lets his jaw drop in anger. “You have to talk to her. She is in absolute ruin, Sherlock! She wouldn’t speak to Lestrade- her father, mind you- for a year! A year, Sherlock!”

Sherlock tilts his head ever so slightly upward, cocking an eyebrow at John. He doesn’t show it, but that statement concerns him. Surely (Y/N) would have moved on by now. Surely she’s found happiness elsewhere.

John quickly realises what Sherlock’s thought process was and leans back into his chair with an angry smirk, the token expression of a Watson’s fury. “You bloody idiot. You thought she would forget you?” He leans back onto the table, pointing his finger angrily at Sherlock. “She is worse off than when her Mum left. In fact-”

He just saw her the other day at Baker Street, meeting with Mrs. Hudson. He immediately smelled the smoke on her when he first walked in but was even more shocked when she walked out the door and started to smoke right away. She didn’t care about the consequences nor what anyone thought when they saw her smoking. She needed it. It was her coping mechanism, if you could even say she was coping at all. She hadn’t talked to John at all, which Sherlock quickly deduces was because she was envious of his relationship with Mary and his ability to move on from him. All of this shocks Sherlock. He can’t believe that she’s so hung up on him…Why?

“Because she loves you, Sherlock,” John tells him fiercely.

He rings the doorbell cautiously, taking a deep breath as he does and preparing himself. As the door creaks open, he greets her casually. “Hello.” He can barely catch a glimpse of her shock and overwhelmed emotion plastered on her face before he closes his eyes, ready for her fist to come in contact with his jaw.

To his surprise, it never comes. Instead, she wraps her arms around him in a tight hug, immediately starting to cry into his coat. Sherlock opens one eye, glancing down at her curiously before comfortably wrapping his own arms around her tightly. She doesn’t say a word at first, just holds him close as if he’ll run away if she lets go. “I thought you were dead.”

“Yes, well, a lot of people did.” Sherlock jokes lightly as (Y/N) looks up at him, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. He hates to see her cry. “Now then, stop that. You’ll get me started.”

To her shock, she sees a few glistening tears in his eyes. She stands on her toes and presses her lips to his, holding his cheek in her gentle hands. Once she releases, she leans against his chest. “I love you, Sherlock.” She knows he won’t reply. Sherlock isn’t one to say those things, especially not out loud.

He doesn’t even hesitate. He shocks even himself. His emotions overwhelm him to the point where he has to say it or else he might just die then and there. He doesn’t know what it is. It’s a feeling he’s never experienced, only heard of before. At least, he strongly believes he’s never felt it quite this way.

“I love you, too, (Y/N).” They’re frozen there for a few moments before he reverts back to his bastard self. “But really, you should stop smoking. Not exactly pleasant for physical contact.”

She giggles lightly, shaking her head. “God, I hate you.”

Note: I love the idea of Dad!Lestrade so much!! Seriously, if I ever have the opportunity, I will write with him as a dad again! There are just so many options! Anywho, hope you enjoyed my first Sherlock fic!

Requests are always open!

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Sterre. Everytime I listen to home. I get teary and so emotional. It always reminds me of Louis. Like I always start to think about him and how strong he is and his struggles and how he makes me smile by making really inspiring music. :')

Hi anon :) 

You = me. 

I just think that it’s so important and so wonderful and valuable that Louis has been able in the past, and continues to inspire so many people by just being himself and sharing his passion with us. Whether he gave you a feeling of being validated, or confidence to be yourself, or inspiration to see another day, or to follow your dreams, or just simply made you smile - he did that and continues to do that and I love him for it. 

Especially Home yeah, it’s clear it means a lot to him, and obviously to us fans. I think it’s his journey and it’s so brave to be able to share that, to be willing to share that, and to have the creative mind to write it down in such a beautiful, inspiring way. (Also as usual, kudos to Liam for contributing to this song obviously) 

So yeah, you = me, anon, you = me.

Today Hiromi Tsuru, The voice of Bulma, has passed away at the age of 57. She helped bring the world of dragon ball to life and is one of the reasons we still have this beloved show today.

You will be forever in our hearts. You have inspired so many voice actors and children and will continue to do so. You have made your mark on history in the hearts of children and the hearts of those who grew up listening to you. You brought Bulma Briefs to life. You will forever be remembered and your accomplishments will be celebrated


“More than anything else, I just want you to know my sincerity.”
Happy Birthday to the our one and only angel Jimin! ♡


after months of inactivity I wanted to post something here, based on this new game “Bendy and the Ink Machine” created by @TheMeatly

all these sketch are based on this talented artist who was following me on DA and I really appreciate so much: @shinyzango
also, various scenes from @nyrandrea fanfiction
your 2D Bendy AU inspired so many and I wanted to dedicate something

EXCLUSIVE: BTS Celebrate Their Biggest Album Ever and Reveal What They Love About Themselves

Welcome to BTS’ next chapter.

The K-pop boyband shocked the biggest names in music when they beat out artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in May – but their success is no surprise.

With 8.4 million Twitter followers and a fan base so dedicated it’s referred to as ARMY, BTS is one of the hottest acts in Asia, and soon, the United States.

“There is much more recognition of BTS music than before the BBMAs,” V, one of the band’s seven members, told ET. “Which means fans have higher expectations than before. We’re trying to live up to it and I hope the new album can be the answer to that expectation.”

The new album, Love Yourself: Her, dropped on Monday and was even shattering records weeks before its release with over one million pre-orders, according to BTS’ label, BigHit Entertainment. By Tuesday, Love Yourself had already topped the iTunes Album charts at No. 1 in a record-breaking 73 countries, the largest debut release for any South Korean artists. And “DNA,” the album’s lead single, is also blowing up on YouTube with nearly 30 million views since its early Monday release.

ET caught up with V, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope on Tuesday, where they opened up about their incredible success, their fifth EP, and what’s next.

Q. Love Yourself: Her is already a huge hit around the world. Were you surprised?

Rap Monster: We’re surprised at the huge response when each album is released but it is beyond our expectation and overwhelming this time. Our new songs topped iTunes chart in 73 countries and made its debut at No. 4 on the US iTunes Song chart. “DNA” music video views surpassed 10 million in just 8 hours, which was the fastest for Korean artists ever. We are very grateful to our fans worldwide for appreciating our music and video.

Q. The music video for “DNA” is a little different from your past music videos, and includes some intense choreography – what does this mean for other music videos off this album? How long did it take to shoot the video?

J-Hope: BTS’ music videos always have intense choreography, but it was even more difficult to learn all the dance moves before the shoot. It may look different compared to previous videos due to complex use of computer graphics and edit styles for “DNA” video, but it took three full days to shoot. Everyone was great in learning the choreography, although there were many different moves we had to perform for the video. Personally, I think Jungkook and Jimin really pulled it off nicely.

Q. You collaborated with The Chainsmoker’s Andrew Taggart on the song “Best of Me” after meeting at the BBMAs. What was the collaboration process like? What did you learn from him?

Rap Monster: We first met at the BBMAs last May. [We] were invited to The Chainsmokers’ rehearsal backstage for the award show and we had fun talking about music and many things. The duo sent us several tracks after we returned home from BBMAs and we selected a couple of tracks to work together. “Best of Me” was the best for our new album in many ways so we decided to write lyrics and finish it together. The song came out great and we were all satisfied with the collaborative process. Andrew is awesome; he’s passionate about music and I think there should be more opportunities for us to work again in near future.

Q. Who’s your next big dream collaborator?

Jungkook: My biggest dream collaborator would be Justin Bieber because I just love his voice and the way he collaborates with other artists. However, I’d like to give it a try with whoever has the right chemistry with BTS musically.

Suga: I’m pretty much open to anyone who’s unique and has mutual appreciation in the music as BTS. I have some tracks and songs written for future collaboration and I’m happy to work with artists who have the right voice and taste.

Q. The song “Skit: Billboard Music Awards,” features Rap Monster’s speech from the awards show – what made you choose to incorporate that into your new album?

Rap Monster: It was one of many ideas we had for this album and we all thought that it would mean a lot to BTS and our fans if we have it permanently in the album and cherish that special moment for everyone. We’re facing the second chapter with Love Yourself: Her in terms of music and life and the BBMAs is like a new turning point for BTS in many ways.

Q. Rap Monster already revealed that Barack Obama was an inspiration for “MIC Drop” – Why? Who else were you inspired by on this album?

Suga: There are so many things that inspire us. For me, it’s people around me. And for RM, it can be books he reads. In general, what fans talk about and think about become a very important source of inspiration to us, because we want to write something that’s real to people, especially those who listen to BTS’ music.

Q. During your live stream on Monday, Rap Monster said that his favorite song is “Ocean,” but that song wasn’t released with the album. What can you tease about when the song will drop, and what it sounds like?

Rap Monster: It’s one of two hidden tracks you can listen to only on the physical album. “Ocean” has a lot of things I thought about since my debut in BTS four years ago. I have lived through many different dreams, worries and emotions in past years and I wanted to share those moments in the song. Sound-wise, there’s guitar and synth and the song is over five minutes, which is quite long. I hope people like it as one of the surprises I’ve prepared.

Q. You changed up your hair color since we last saw you – who decides when it’s time to change your look?

Jimin and J-Hope: The hair color decision is based on the concept of the new album and the timing is discussed with the whole production timeline. Each member’s opinion counts, so our stylists and creative team propose optional colors for us to choose from. But at the end of the day, they’re professionals and they know what they’re doing and in most cases, the proposed colors turn out to be the best for each member.

Q. This new album marks a new chapter in your careers after School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings. What do you want fans to know about this new era of BTS?

Rap Monster: We tried many new things for this album and I’d like to label it as “innovative,” if I may. There will be new styled songs, new video, and many new things from now on. We want to evolve as artists and develop what we have within ourselves. If we ever slow down or even fail for our trials, it’s OK and we’ll be and stay as BTS. In addition, I’d like people to love themselves and think about what true love is while listening to the new album, because real love calls for courage to appreciate myself as is.  

Q. What do each of you love about yourselves?

Jin: I love my face and how it looks, which I appreciate very much.

Jimin: I love my attitude towards work and tendency for perfection.

V: My newly discovered talent to shoot great photos.  

Q. You’re wrapping up your tour this December. When will you be back performing in the U.S.?

Rap Monster: We do have plans for a world tour in 2018 so we will definitely go back to the U.S. soon and meet our fans as much as we can. If there’s any special opportunity for us any time soon, we’ll make sure to share it with you first.



The sweetheart that is @therealjacksepticeye has reached 17 million!

Fun fact, this was actually the first ever fanart of him I ever drew! So decided to redo it in celebration~ 

It’s been an amazing couple of years being a part of the community and I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way and am even working with some of them, who I considered art idols, to make a damn videogame! It’s fuckin insane…

So thankyou Jack for being such an amazing dude and inadvertently allowing me to fulfil some of my dreams and make some amazing friends~ You’ve inspired so many people, including me, to go out and chase their dreams and just be better people in general. And for that, I’m so fucking grateful <3

i’ve been thinking about studyblr lately, and i just want to give a shout-out to everyone here. i mean, we’re all here because we want to be the pioneers of tomorrow, the hermione’s and elle wood’s of the real world, the badass boys and girls of knowledge and learning. and even if you aren’t here for that, you’re still here because you just want to be surrounded with people who are in your same boat, encouraging and motivating you to keep going.

whether you post aesthetic, share experiences, or make posts to help people study and learn better, you’re adding value to this wonderful part of tumblr and are actually inspiring so many people to get up and be productive/knowledge-oriented.

to have a community online like this, it’s just truly unique and special.

idk, studyblr is really cool.

“Does it hurt anymore?” A tribute to Cody Christian’s character Theo Raeken.

Plenty of people were convinced that Theo Raeken would not make an appearance in the final episode of Teen Wolf. Plenty of them thought that Theo Raeken was going to die in episode 19. However, he was neither in episode 19 nor died whilst taking a bullet for Malia with Stiles shouting her name, as so many spoilers indicated. This merely proves that we should not be too keen on believing what we read on the Internet.

We see Theo in his truck, talking to Scott on his phone. The Alpha asked the chimera for help. That’s why he is on his way to the hospital. Old Theo would not have done so. Old Theo would have long been gone, selfishly only saving his own ass. However, Old Theo literally is gone. We will learn what that means later on, once Theo has arrived at Beacon Hills Hospital.

Liam is there, confronted by several hunters with guns aimed at him. His situation seems hopeless, but the elevator doors fling open and Theo pulls the beta inside. The doors close before the hunters’ bullets can do any harm. This certainly brings the Thiam scene in 6x09 to mind where Theo pushed Liam into the elevator and became the bait himself, ready to risk his life lest the beta was taken.

This time, however, they are both in the elevator, staring at each other.

What are you doing here?”  Liam asks.
“I was just asking myself the same thing,”

 Theo simply replies. The chimera wants to help. He is ready to fight the hunters, to keep Scott’s pack safe. He is ready to keep Scott’s beta safe. We can literally feel the tension between Theo and Liam in these few seconds inside the confinement of the elevator.

A heads up for Thiam-fans: Jeff Davis actually was wondering himself why they did not kiss in the end. Khylin Rhambo mentioned that during the screening, everyone thought that “they were gonna do it”. Cody and Dylan obviously enjoyed working together and their chemistry is amazing, no matter if you would like to see Theo and Liam as an actual couple or friends. They were definitely bonding. Cody and Dylan loved the fans’ response to their bromance. Dylan is like a little brother to Cody and the only thing we could possibly regret is that Theo and Liam did not have the chance to develop their friendship a tiny bit sooner.

I’m not dying for you.

–– I’m not dying for you either. But I will… fight with you.

Okay. That’s fine.

 Although they do not say so, we just know that they care about each other. They would probably not even admit that they do. They are a team and respect one another. The doors open and we finally see these two in action again. Their eyes glow, razor sharp fangs and claws emerge. THIAM are ready to fight. And they fight in unison.

Their fighting scene is yet another highlight of the finale. As I said in one of my previous articles, Theo and Liam are strong alone, but lethal when they join forces.

These two, who were so reluctant to even be in the same room together at the beginning (just think about their scenes in front of the hospital and Liam wanting to use Theo as bait), slowly began to trust each other. Everyone needs someone they can count on, someone who does not question anything they do.

However, both are injured in the fight. One of the teenage hunters, Gabe, takes several bullets by mistake. He is in excruciating pain, moribund. The teenager is bleeding to death. 

And here comes Theo’s triumphant scene. Theo approaches Gabe, who’s lying in a puddle of his own blood. “It hurts,” he says. His voice is brittle.

Theo takes Gabe’s arm. “You can’t take the pain if you don’t care,” Mason told him in episode 18. This time, however, Theo shows kindness. Dark veins emerge on Gabe’s arm, drawn to Theo’s hand. He takes Gabe’s pain away. He knows what it is like to care. 

Does it hurt anymore?
-       No.

The chimera’s redemption arc is completed. He proved how altruistic he has become. Theo does not only care about himself anymore. Theo has a heart. Cody Christian shows that he does.

Now I am not surprised that this was Cody’s favourite scene. It was emotional, sad but also an act of kindness. Theo hardly knew Gabe at all. Gabe was one of the hunters. Yet, he proved that he cares.

Now we have allies that used to be enemies. We have protectors, we have friends willing to fight for us.

Theo has proven himself. He is an ally the pack can count on. It is a bit sad that quite a few questions remain unanswered. I would have loved to find out more about Theo’s childhood. How he ended up with the dread doctors. How he became the first chimera, why he stopped caring. I would have loved to see Liam offer him a place to stay since he can’t stay in his truck forever. Or Theo helping Liam handle his anger issues. 

Nevertheless, Theo Raeken is fine. He is out there, safe and sound. Driving around in his truck. Maybe he even joins Liam, Mason and Corey to play some video games from time to time. He’s still a teenager after all. Sometimes you just need to have some fun, right?

Thank you, Cody, for bringing Theo Raeken to life. It was you who assured with your outstanding performance that this character was not killed off, as originally intended. I cannot wait to see what’s next for Cody. He is destined for greatness and people just need to realize it. He, as so many others out there, inspires people every day. He creates something we can indulge in. Something we will never forget. It is not only the story that made us adore Teen Wolf, but the actors behind it all. People who make you feel better when you have a bad day. Thank you for all these amazing years.


Critical Role | Sam and Travis’s football feud fizzer [x][x][x][x]

“If it’s all about sacrifice, or something that means a lot, what’s one thing that Grog aka me, would never do?” 

“You spent so many times inspiring me, I’d like to take a page from your book.”


I don’t even know what say… I thought crying for 5 minutes would get all my emotions out but no… he saved so many lives and inspired many but that the fact that his own words couldn’t save his life hurts the most… I wish you were still here and I could give back life like you did for us /his fans/…RIP thank you for the inspiration and I’ll try to continue what you started~☾
You say you’re not gonna fight
‘Cause no one will fight for you
And you think there’s not enough love
And no one to give it to
And you’re sure you’ve hurt for so long
You’ve got nothing left to lose
So you say you’re not gonna fight
'Cause no one will fight for you
You say the weight of the world
Has kept you from letting go
And you think compassion’s a flaw
And you’ll never let it show
And you’re sure you’ve hurt in a way
That no one will ever know
But someday the weight of the world
Will give you the strength to go~LP


Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Boyd Urie!! You don’t know how much I love you and support you. You helped me so much throughout the years. You inspired so many people and helped them out through tough times. You are one of the people that inspired me to continue playing my instruments and introduced me to amazing music. Just you smiling can make everyone’s day. I’m so fucking proud of you for writing an album that got nominated for a Grammy, I’m happy that you are achieving your dreams like going on broadway. Thank you for continuing Panic! At the Disco. I just wish for you to have a beautiful day and thank you for everything ❤ I love you

Two Sides to Every Yugioh fan
  • Side One: Can you truly watch all of Yugioh and not come out changed? It has so many powerful messages and inspirational characters that transform the viewer into a better person of their past selves. Such an impacting, heart breaking, beautiful show.
  • Side two: I fucking swear if I hear them explain Pot of Greed one more fucking time I'm going to throw myself off a building. And why the fuck is there a duel every single fucking episode? This show doesn't even fucking make sense until season two like how does anyone actually get through it? Such trash, honestly.

Elizabeth Woodville || The queen consort of a warrior king who took the throne after a rebellion, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the realm. Her critics also viewed her as cold, manipulative, and calculating. Her family benefited greatly from her status as queen, garnering positions and influence. After the death of her husband, she attempted to take control of her son and the crown from the new Lord Protector. Her children were proclaimed illegitimate by her husband’s brother, who took the throne.

Catherine de Medici || From a family known for money, she became queen consort to a king she had a difficult relationship with and was the mother of three kings, two of whom died before her. She wielded varying degrees of power over the government, ruling as queen regent for a time. The reigns of her sons saw civil war and religious turmoil.

Margaret of Anjou || Known to be beautiful, volitile, “passionate and proud and strong-willed”, she became a prominent figure in the English civil war, the War of the Roses, as one of the Lancastrian leaders. She married the reigning king and gave birth to his heir. Many speculated that her son was the product of adultery, though this was never proven. She survived both her son and husband.

Jane Shore || The mistress of a king, she was known to be a great beauty with many suitors. The part she played in attempting to stop Richard III’s rise to power led to her being forced to perform a public walk of penance as punishment. George R. R. Martin cited the event as the basis for Cersei’s walk of penance.