Favorite Broadway Etsy Shops

I also got to thinking about my favorite Etsy shops that have some of the best Broadway items out there!! When you make a purchase, you are supporting local artists and coming away with some very cute Broadway inspired gifts! 


SO MANY cute Hamilton items. These acrylic pins are my FAVORITE!

Greenroom Prints

Greenroom prints has always been one of my favorite shops! You can buy them digital and then print them out. They are so pretty, and she has so many musicals to choose from. I particularly love this one from The Last Five Years: 


The CUTEST mugs! They are so well done and so cute. You can’t help but sing along to your favorite musicals while drinking your morning coffee. 


Featuring hand stamped and engraved jewelry. I especially love this bracelet with a Les Miserable quote. 


And if you’re like me, this was your original squad. Seriously, they have SO many cute shirt designs! I love them all! 


Who doesn’t love to color?! The coloring project has some beautiful pieces that you can make your own! 


How beautiful are these cards featuring the Broadway theatres?! I’d have a hard time mailing these cards out, but they are just beautiful and I bet they would look lovely framed! 


This has to be one of my favorites. SO clever and you can get them custom made. Definitely a gift that would be hard to top! 


This gift is by far the best one I’ve seen!! You can choose the shows and she hand makes everything! Done. I’m dying. I think I need a Broadway room…

Ahhh… this is so fun! We could just keep going!

Feel free to link your favorite Etsy shops that you want everyone to see! There are too many amazing ones- we should share them all! 

idk if i say this enough but i love you guys i really do

i cant believe so many people on here like my art….its really inspiring ;;

thank you so much

kokoro-ayase  asked:

Hi! I was just wonder how you can to develop your style over the years?

HMM JGF HONESTLY ive had like a million styles over the years ive been drawing… mostly bc i get inspired by many artists at the same time so its difficult for me to keep the same style up. experimenting and studying other artists really helped me, as well as focusing on what you like about your art!! for example, i really like drawing eyes and colouring so i centred my style mostly on that since it makes me real happy ^ O  ^ idk if that helps!! 

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You are seriously the most attractive and gorgeous and just seem like you have a beautiful personality. The fact that you serve in the military and are sacrificing your life is so inspiring and lovely. I hope so many good things come to you.

aw thank you so much I really appreciate this, it means a lot


FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS REINA // ten of my favorite photos of Frida Kahlo. Her birthday is July 6, 1907


NEW VIDEO: “What I Learned From Pickle Juice

Reblog if you dig it. I’m gonna love anyone who does.


“… How many times do I have to apologize for attacking the Southern Water Tribe before you LET ME OFF THIS SHIP?”
“It’s not punishment, Zuko. It’s fun!”

Zuko goes ice dodging. He does not enjoy it. Younger baby Druk is there because why not. :)

In which Flowerboys have self-esteem issues too!

I am sorry every song is about you..

[singer & songwriter AU] Dan’s gifted voice paired with Phil’s brilliant mind, made the world into a whole new different place.

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In our society, it’s easier to sell somebody the idea of not being enough versus ‘You’re enough.’ It’s like we women consciously decide we’re going to be mean to ourselves, but you’re your own hero, not some image you can’t live up to.