A modern Wells/Bellamy AU for the lovely @natharmillerWhere Bellamy and Wells met in college, probably hated each other for like an entire year, got really drunk at a party (organized by Monty, for sure) and ended up having some really interesting and very nonsensical discussion about philosophy that turned them into friends. The rest is history.

[Caption: a series of social media edits of Wells Jaha and Bellamy Blake. In order:

Wells’ Instagram profile. User: WJaha. Description: “yes, that Wells Jaha”. The photos visible are: a picture of Wells at a museum, Wells and Bellamy talking, Bellamy in bed, Bellamy dressed as James Potter, Wells in a dress suit, a coffee on top of a pile of notes, a photo of green leaves, Wells in a suit, Wells smiling at the camera.

Next is a picture of Wells in a suit, in black and white, looking at the camera with a serious expression. The caption is “boring ass dinner with my dad and a bunch of politicians #killme” and, below, Bellamy commented: “i thought my company was enough to brighten your night, i’m hurt”.

Next are three tweets:
@jahaw: “My boyfriend has spent the last 45 minutes explaining why the plot of Marco Polo is historically inaccurate. Someone rescue me.”
@augustus: “@jahaw @ me next time”
@augustus: “Anyways, the real Marco Polo was a liar and Netflix’s Marco Polo is an obnoxious white savior. We’re still marathoning it though.”

Then, there is a text conversation, from Bellamy’s phone:
Bellamy: “do i have to, like, wear a suit for your dad’s dinner or…”
Wells: “you can borrow one of mine”
Bellamy: “that means i do have to wear a suit, right?”
Wells: “maybe i just really want to see you in a suit?”
Bellamy: “that’s just evil”

Next are a series of Snapchats: Bellamy dressed as James Potter with the caption “at sdcc with this nerd”. Wells at a beach, looking away, with the caption “he acts like he’s not posing”. Bellamy giving a thumbs up at the camera with the caption “finished first thesis draft!!!!!”. Wells looking at the camera, in Sao Paulo, with the caption “wish you were here”.

Bellamy’ Instagram profile. User: HermesB. Description: “lover of history, art and coffee”. The photos visible are: a picture of Bellamy drinking from a mug, Wells looking away, a Klimt painting, a neon sign that reads “the last book store”, Wells holding a camera, Bellamy smiling at the camera, a sculpture, Bellamy wearing a dress suit and holding a glass of champagne, Bellamy smiling at the camera again.

Next is a picture of Bellamy in a plaid shirt, leaning over a bunch of papers and smiling at the camera. The caption is “grading papers with the help of my little sis (by help i mean, she takes pics) #hardwork” and, below, Raven (@CuervoRey) commented, “look, it’s a giant nerd” and Wells commented, “is that my shirt?”.

/end caption.]

welp i had the highest of hopes for finishing the next chapter of what’s real today, but i am absolutely exhausted. i had a super fun day at the beach looking for sharks teefs! i pretty much got home, showered, and collapsed into bed. alas: no finishing for tonight. but it’s so close i can practically taste it.

i had a comment asking if i was going to continue it and the answer is – definitely yes! i’m just busy but i’ve been slowly working on it! the biggest thing now that i need to do is do the little doodle (and edit!). 

but yes, what’s real is very special to me and i love it dearly.


vampire and bat @knittinggiantbeanies. and a severed hand named bob. 

ah. jeebus, i love her. but i feel bad i know her through bill. BUT DAT TALENT.

anyways. thanks judy, ive been feeling like complete crap through my depressive episodes and you make me feel happy. so i totally wanted to thank you, and draw this halloween pic for you. 

i really hope you enjoy it ;;v;;

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