Say Goodbye (pt. 4)

It was Signe’s idea, if Sean is honest with himself, but he likes to think that he had a big part in actually bringing it to fruition. And of course, someone had to talk Anti into coming out again.

Now, as he hides behind the door to the convention room, watching the screen and watching the people enjoying his video, he’s so nervous and giddy that he can barely contain himself. When they see the first glitch, the audience starts to freak.

Anti glitches around in Sean’s head. He’s on edge. Sean can tell that much, but the glitch doesn’t say a word as they both watch eagerly.

The video goes dark for the first time and then reappears. The audience begins cheering wildly, and when it does it a second time, it’s Anti’s time to shine. He appears in a blaze of sporadic videos and giggles, glitching onto the screen with his signature bloodied neck. Signe had insisted on fake blood this time.

“Did you miss me?”

The roar of the crowd is almost deafening, and Sean takes step back, mouth agape. It’s a whole new feeling to see them react to one of his videos in person. Anti leans forward. He can feel their excitement charging him with energy like fire through his veins.

As the video goes on, the audience almost drops to an awed hush as the glitch conveys his envious message. “You found someone new! Threw me aside!” Anti whispers the words along with the video, “I’m not going anywhere.”

When the video reaches its crescendo and Anti’s final words ring out, the crowd starts to cheer again, and Sean can feel something inside of him spark wildly. Anti grunts in pain and starts glitching out of control. “What’s happening?” He coughs once, his head whipping around quickly at odd angles, and then he disappears. Sean feels the silence of it all the way down to his bones. He’s alone in his mind once again, and the video has ended.

Time to start the show.


Anti awakes backstage where he can still hear their excited screams and Sean’s playful banter with the audience. Their hearts are still racing. They hang onto his every word, but it’s all because of Anti. He looks down at himself, at his new body. He just needed that one last little push over the edge, and here he is, material. Whole. Well… mostly whole.

He traces his fingers over the cut along his neck. “Great, now ’m stuck with this,” he mumbles, but really, he’s so overjoyed, he doesn’t know how to react. And he can’t draw attention to himself, not here.

Anti stands, smelling the dust and the cold, recycled air of being backstage. Always in the background. He peeks around the curtain to look out at the audience’s excited faces. They did it, they gave him this, and it isn’t much of an existence. But it’s something.

And Anti wants more.


When the panel is over and Sean finally meets up with Signe again, Anti is nowhere to be found. “He just… disappeared,” Sean tells her. “When the video ended, something happened to him, and he disappeared.”

Signe curls a finger around a lock of her hair and nibbles at the corner of her mouth. “Maybe he appeared somewhere else? I mean, we have no idea how this works, right? So, anything could’ve happened.”

“I can’t believe ’m worried about him,” Sean mutters. “He tried ta kill me.”

“But he didn’t,” she replies. “For whatever reason, he doesn’t actually want to kill you. Even when he stole your body, he didn’t hurt you or me. So, maybe he’s not all bad.”

Sean takes Signe’s hand, lacing their fingers together and sighing. “Let’s hope not. Otherwise we may have just unleashed demon on the world.”


May 17, 2016, dawn, in KOREA

A 23-year-old woman was brutally murdered by a man whom she have never met before.

The reason he killed her is because he got ignored SOCIALLY.

He expressed his anger by killing an innocent woman randomly.

The point is that she was killed just because she is a FEMALE.

However, Korean media is not covering this crime seriously.

Because crimes similar to this happen frequently.

This is a serious female violence and a social problem.

Please mourn this woman.
Please bring attention.
We all have a right to live in a secure world.

Cassian Week - Day 7

I’ve been wanting to do something for @cassianweek all week, but of course didn’t think of anything until about two hours before it was over. So here, have some Father Feels. Based off this post

Words: 857

read it on ao3. 

Cassian’s father is dead before his 7th birthday. He doesn’t remember celebrating it, but he knows his papá was not there.

As the years go on, his birthdays get less and less notable. His distant memories of a special sweet and songs in his language are replaced by the realities of ration bars and the echo of blaster fire. Childhood wishes of toys and late bedtimes are replaced by mission objectives - get in, get out and stay alive.

His memories of his father are few to begin with, and they too dwindle and fade as the years go on. After Jyn tells him the news of their own coming child, he struggles to latch onto even one. A bursting panic wages against the weightless joy he feels at the thought. Alongside the happiness, fear settles heavy into his bones over the next months as he wonders how he can be a father when he can hardly remember having one.

All his concern melts away when she is cradled, crying and pink, into the crook of his arms.

She is the living, breathing symbol of the hope that has carried him through his life. She is what he has fought for. She is the reason he has lied, killed and compromised. And she is worth all of it.

When his daughter turns 7, Cassian is there.

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Hold up

Something just hit me

Juvia killed two people.

She’s fairy tail’s first killer.

Think about it, she killed Keith (and don’t tell me he lived because she made the guy explode into tiny little pieces from the inside out) and she killed silver (unintentionally with no choice *cries in spanish*) so that makes her fairy tail’s official first person to ever kill because no one has THAT WE KNOW AND HAS APPEARED TO BEEN CONFESSED IN THE MANGA. Correct me if I’m wrong doe, but.

Because Elfam didn’t kill Lissana, and technically Erza didn’t kill Simon Jellal did, she was just, like the reason, why he got killed, to protect her. No one else has killed that we know. At least comes to mind. Well I mean future Rogue but like that’s different.

Juvia is a guenine nice person and super lovely but yo that just hit me.

And I’m not saying this because I want you all to hate her now and throw rocks at her NO. I’m just sayin because it just hit me and this doesn’t mean i'ma love her any less in fact I think it’s kinda cool and ironic in a way. (Not the silver part that emotionally hurts me each time) but like….idk it was just a thought.

Let that sink in.

She’s a sinner….a beautiful sinner….who fights for the ones she loves……and has killed actually…for Gray.

And look at him now.

Look at them now, oops.

I'ma leave you all with that :-)

don’t hate me


wangsoluvhaesoo said: “When Soo came clean with So, she told him that she kept the truth not only because of Eun, but also because she did not want So to experience unfortunate things.Thus, it could be the same scenario here. She begged Jung not to kill So not in the literate sense. She just did not want to burden So with more unfortunate encounters with his brothers.”

It might have looked like a distrust at the first glance, and for a part it was, but HS’s main objective from the beginning WAS TO PROTECT SO FROM THE PAIN OF KILLING HIS OWN BROTHER. At this point, she already knew HER VISIONS WERE REAL and she also knew that So must have his reasons, that he wasn’t evil. 

There is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MOMENT WHICH SHOOK HS TO HER CORE, WHICH IS THE REASON WHY SHE DIDN’T WANT TO TELL HIM ABOUT EUN - it’s when SO GAVE UP FIGHTING AND KNELT BEFORE YO - in that MOMENT (she was clearly ready to die, she thought that he couldn’t possibly love her so much as to sacrifice so much) SHE REALIZED HOW MUCH HE LOVES HER, HOW FAR HE IS READY TO GO TO PROTECT HER, HOW MUCH HE IS PREPARED TO SACRIFICE (basically everything), THAT HE LOVES HER ABOVE EVERYTHING. And that makes her afraid - that she would become the reason why he would have to kill his own brother. 

Not telling So about Eun is HS’s last attempt to change history, to play god, similarly to the time immediately after she had those visions - but this time SHE IS PROTECTING HIM. And what a person would she be if she didn’t try to prevent death and the suffering of the man she loves.

anonymous asked:

Can i request number 86 prompt pleaseeee!! 😍

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic
#86. “You’re important too.”

“i don’t understand. why does our sakura have to be in a team with those two?”

“sakura has done nothing wrong. she is the brightest in the class but you decide to place her in a team with a boy who has the demon fox inside of him and a boy whose whole clan was massacred?”

those were the words she remember from that day. she was eight at that time, unaware of what her parents were talking about behind closed doors with the third hokage. she wasn’t even sure why the hokage was in her house at all to begin with. the whole thing was very strange to her. but then again, she was only eight.

it wasn’t until a few years later, at the age of twelve, that she realized that her parents were referring to this very day. the day of genin team assignments. her memory was still fuzzy on the whole matter and she had placed that memory on the back burner. as she looks in the mirror at her own reflection, she sees a girl with long pink hair and bright, dazzling green eyes stare back at her. 

she grins. “i hope i can sit next to sasuke-kun today…” she murmurs to herself before bursting into a fit of excited giggles. 

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sparkling-september  asked:

I have one - Caroline helps Enzo to turn it on, they fall in love...

Here is a Carenzo fix for that episode.  I will be writing more to it, but I figured I’d post this first part now. So, we don’t reach “they fall in love” yet, but we do have Caroline talking him down. The writers may kill off the hot British vampire, but I will continue to ship and write for this ship!  Enzo’s death has only made my love for them stronger. This includes my headcanon behind the “switch” - which is basically that it’s a lie used to make vampires feel better when they do something awful.



“But I’m only human, and I bleed when I fall down.  I’m only human, and I crash and I break down.”

                “Where are you Blondie?  Now is not the time to dodge my calls!”

                Caroline rolled her eyes as she listened to Damon’s voicemail.  Was it her fault she had finals and didn’t want Traveller drama getting in the way of her A average?  Just because Elena was content with Cs and Bs didn’t mean Caroline had to be. 

                She deleted the message and moved onto the next, this one from Bonnie.

                “Things got bad, Care.  Enzo turned off his humanity… and.  Crap, he has Elena.  You’ve talked with him, maybe you can talk him down or something? Or at least help Stefan get Elena back.”

                The message ended and Caroline stared down at the phone.  What the hell had happened in the three days she’d hidden herself away to study?  The last time she had spoken to Enzo he was smirking and flirting over drinks and telling her that all he wanted was to thank the woman who had kept him grounded.

                And now he had gone off the rails and turned off his humanity?

                It made zero sense.

                Caroline shook her head and scrolled through her contacts until she found Stefan, and she dialled quickly.

                “Now isn’t a good time,” Stefan said shortly when he answered.

                “So I’ve heard.  What exactly happened to make Enzo go off the rails, Stef?”

                There was a sigh on the other end, and Caroline knew from the sound she wouldn’t like what she was about to hear.

                “Damon killed Maggie, Enzo decided to turn off his humanity, and now he’s probably going to kill Elena to get vengeance.”

                Yup, Caroline didn’t like what she heard.  She also wasn’t surprised to hear that Damon had killed Maggie.  Damon killed people only to regret it later; it was his thing.  And now Enzo was on a revenge kick and had Elena, which meant that Caroline knew exactly how this scenario would end.

                It was Jesse all over again.

                Caroline felt her spine stiffen at the thought, because Enzo wasn’t perfect.  He was arrogant and cocky and couldn’t take a hint. But he had wanted to thank a woman after seventy years, because she had given him reason to live, and he had killed Tom when Caroline hadn’t been able to, and maybe his motives hadn’t been all pure, but they hadn’t been completely selfish, either.  He’d even accepted her dirty looks and her declaration that she had lost all respect for him, when others might have told her to go screw herself. He might be kind of an ass, but he didn’t deserve to die.  Not alone and without his humanity, sacrificed for the love between Elena and her Salvatores like far too many were.

                “Don’t do anything, Stefan. Where are you?”

                “The parking block down the block from the bar… why?”

“Just… just keep him busy until I get there.”

                “Caroline, he’s dangerous and he has-”

                “He has Elena, yes, I know.  So keep him away from her and keep him busy.  I… just do it, Stef!”

                She hung up the phone and, forgetting her usual commitment to secrecy, she flashed away from her car, headed for the parking lot.


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Penny Dreadful WTF!

So, I’m an unapologetic Ethanessa shipper and last night’s episode completely destroyed my ship! I’m just a little unclear how Ethan could dismiss the fact that Hecate tried to kill Vanessa on numerous occasions, not to mention, she is the reason he killed Sembene. So quick to forget? My sweet buttercup Vanessa deserves much better. I thought Ethan was a little stronger than that too.

I love this show, but let’s quit playing around and get the Scooby squad back together now, shall we?