Something About a Touch

It took me a month, but I finally did it. If you haven’t read the first part, you can so here. I also want to thank @twerkit-hxrry for being my eyes and ears throughout this grueling ordeal, and for helping me write the ‘Niall bathroom scene’. Seriously, thank you.

This part is a little shorter than the one before, but there’s still more to come with these two. And with that being said, enjoy. x

Harry was fucked.

He knew it from the moment he opened Instagram to find you had gracefully accepted his follower request, and was met with what he could only describe as ‘the most strikingly beautiful selfie to ever grace the palms of the earth’ – and what didn’t help was it was the same picture you had taken on his sofa only the day before, an empty chow mien box laid discarded on the table by your side.

The caption read: ‘Chow mieny soy sauce you want?’

A heavy quake erupted deep in Harry’s throat, a sound he could only describe as an unmanly squawk, and he instantly goes to cover his agape expression as he retains the joke he had told you just the night before.

He doesn’t take a second to think before he quickly double taps the photo, only just before noticing Niall had gotten there first, and continues scrolling.

It’s only a quarter passed eleven that morning, and you’ve been gone for two hours, and the one thing keeping him calmly situated in the comfort of his sofa is your scent left lingering on the hoodie he has taken upon wearing the moment you stepped foot out of his house – the same hoodie you claimed as your own the night before when, after grumpily swinging your legs over the sofa with a deep exhale, you trudged over to his wing chair to steal the Muscle Machine hoodie he had hanging over the back.

“Were you born in the Arctic?”

After sharing your intricate meal of Chinese takeaway, it was left to his surprise when you brought up the idea to break out the wine, and it dawned on Harry quickly that the second you start to bat your eyelashes and pout your lip out, there’s no way he could ever say no to you.

Another thing he learned about you was you were, in fact, very dangerous.

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anonymous asked:

Keith telling Matt he's galra and Matt's reaction ? Or maybe team voltron minus Keith ( and shiro if you want ) finding out that Matt and Keith are dating ?


[This is just one of the many works I started for today, and I hope I can finish every single one during the next couple of weeks.]


Keith was scared.

No, scratch that, he was terrified.

He felt as if there was something pressing down on his chest, squeezing his ribs and his lungs and his heart. It was a heavy weight, something that he knew he wouldn’t be able to take off him without having to make a real effort. He had already told the paladins, heck, he had already told Allura about it. It was not as if this was the first time he would have to come out, to tell the truth of his heritage to someone he cared about.


But he had already known, back then, deep down, that they would understand and accept. Even if grudgingly, they would have accepted him and he would have still had his place in the castle, as a Paladin, as a member of Voltron. In a sense, he had been expecting even less than what he was actually given—he was waiting for tolerance, and received complete and thorough acceptance instead, even if it had taken more time for some than for others.

Now though, things were different.

Because this was Matt.


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wingedvirtues  asked:

You always brighten my day, friend. Your art holds a very special place in this sappy heart and you bring it upbeat so beautifully. :3 From the big floofy bats to sharing my curiosity about them in a modern verse. Much love to you. I certainly missed seeing your art among a few others the very most when concerning my hiatus. <3 <3 <3 <3 I guess overall, this is just me saying I missed your beautiful and brilliant mind.

I’ve been saving this message for some time now because on the other hand I want to treasure this forever in my inbox, but on the other hand I want @wingedvirtues to get a reply where I profess my undying love for him (and his portrayal of Dettlaff jfc I love him, he’s just, IDK, somehow feels right).

So, here goes my confession; you have slain me with your words my good sir how dare you call me a friend and make my heart all warm and happy you NERD.

i’ve said variations of this over the past few years but after teh 20th of June i will have finished with law school forever so hopefully i will be abel to keep my fic update promises better after that. i’m taking a bit of time off before i start working full time. 

providing i don’t fail my trademarks law exam which at this stage i probably will so who the fuck knows. 

but seriously thank you guys for being patient. i know some of you have actually followed me into different fandoms / given up on my various WIPs so. hugs for u all. x___x 

Ok…. I need help.

I wont give the whole sob story, but in short, my move to San Jose has been absolutely riddled with unforeseen troubles.

I am in desperate need of money right now. And very willing to take commissions to pay for things.

(Donations are also welcome–just send to the Venmo or Paypal in the image above)

Anything helps…. please message me directly to discuss the commission info!

Ahhhhh thank you all for coming to watch with me!!!!!!

It was super fun, even though I have like 1000 unanswered questions about that rediclous film. 

I’ll definitely do this again soon <3  People seemed to be keen on watching Mississippi Grind next, so I’ll let you know as soon as I have plans. Feel free to give me suggestions!

If you weren’t able to join, over the summer I’ll be in the USA, so I‘d play it at different times, so hopefully more people can come. 

Thanks guys, you’re all awesome and it was great to get to know you all a bit better!

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You are my favorite person on this godforsaken website

This is extremely flattering and I wasn’t expecting this sort of message at all to appear in my inbox? But seriously, thank you so much! This means a lot to me considering there’s sooooo many great blogs on here that I think are 110% better than mine. To know somebody out there thinks of me like that is !!! Again, thank you kindly. I hope you’re having a good day on your end~

also holy shit???? seriously thank you all so much for a thousand, idk how i got here honestly but it really does mean the world to have everyone sticking around, love u all

st1ck-m1st3r  asked:

Just saying I dont know what happened to you, but I was scrolling threw your blog yo find out...I'm sorry for what ever happened but just saying their are people who will support you and be there for you even if were just anons sometimes so thank you for giving us a warm welcome to your blog *hugs* <3 things will be okay!

Seriously thank you my dear, thank you for the kind words, many bad things have happened but I’ve just got to rebuild myself. I love everyone that follows me and I appreciate anyone who sends me messages be it anon or not because I know there is a person that spent time to write something to me


i M lauGhing so hard anon thANk YOU


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Slides you two buttons and a piece of lint. How about some Voltron Headcanons? Finger Guns out.

lint and finger guns?? sold

  • lance: “don’t worry guys, I’ll stay behind and protect the princess” allura, visibly eyeing lance’s biceps: “…………….. uh okay”
  • fun party game: guessing how keith got kicked out of the garrison
    • he stole a space craft!! (”okay i only stole parts and i was never caught for that” “wait what”)
    • he called iverson a dirty lying quiznak!! (”i didn’t even know that word back then lance”)
    • he tried to alert the public that the garrison was covering up the kerberos mission!!! (”i didn’t but they were”)
    • to be honest he probably just decked iverson
  • coran designed the space pirate outfits himself
  • *hunk crashes his lion* “well, looks like I’ve hit… rock bottom” 
  • weirdly enough, slav is the ultimate It Could Be Worse guy
    • [something goes right] slav, sweating: “there’s a fifty-two percent chance that this’ll still go horribly wrong in some way”
    • [something goes horribly wrong] slav: “i mean i know we just lost an engine, but on the bright side, at least we’re not in one of the three hundred realities where the cockpit blew up instead”
  • sometimes allura’ll shapeshift herself a mustache so she can stroke it pensively
  • keith: “i hate authority figures” pidge: “you’re an authority figure now" keith: “…shit”
  • [lance’s mission log while stranded alone] “i mean, technically i’m the lowest ranked member of the crew. i would only really be ‘in charge’ if i were the only remaining person… so what do you know?? i’m in charge”