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jacksepticfox  asked:

Omg! What about a drabble on Angel!John but the reader is allergic to feathers??? I don’t know why that crossed my mind, I seriously don’t know. Thank you!!!

“Well hey there,” John cuddled up to you as you groaned, “look who’s finally up.”

You rolled onto you side, feeling a soft blanket underneath and on top of you. Smiling at your angelic lover, you kept you eyes closed, sleep still heavily on your mind.

“Mmm, good mor-“ you were cut off by a very strange feeling, “morn-“ any attempt a finishing your sentence was a failure.

Finally you ducked your head and sneezed. Your nose began to itch and your eyes felt puffy. Looking around you understood why. There weren’t blankets around you, they were John’s strong wings. The beautiful white feathers fell around your frame lovingly. You felt so bad, you had to tell him at some point.

“You okay, sweetheart?” John asked with concern as you crawled out of him embrace.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll be right back!” You said, trying to keep the annoying allergy hidden.

Waking to the kitchen, you opened the cabinet and reached for your allergy medicine. To your dismay, you were out. The bottle was empty. The moment of truth had finally come, now you really had to tell him. Especially with his cuddly nature. There was no way you’d make it through the day if he was so close to you. Sighing to yourself, you leaned back against the counter.

“Baby, are you sure you’re okay?” John’s voice asked.

Looking up, you saw him standing in the kitchen doorway. You had a worried expression, which in turn made John worry. Normally you were happy with him. When he walked closer to you, you put a hand to the middle of his chest, stopping him from getting any closer.

“John, I,” You started meeting his golden eyes, “I have something to tell you…I’m allergic to feathers.”

“What? You’re allergic to me?!” John sounded hurt as he kept his wings behind him tightly and stepped back.

“No just you, Love,” you tried to comfort him, “any feathers, angels, birds, it’s not your fault. I can get medicine for it and be fine!”

“Oh,” John relaxed, “I see. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you smiled, “it’s just that I’m out of the medicine, so….we can’t cuddle until I get some more.”

Without a moments hesitation, John grabbed the keys, “what kind do you need?”


member: park woojin.
genre: high school!au, hoobae!woojin
summary: ludic. (adj) - full of fun and high spirits. in which park woojin finds himself entangled in the antics of the school’s troublemaker sunbae.
word count: 1655

note: the very first request ever on this blog! thank you so much to the anon that sent this ;; i was going to format it in paragraphs but somehow i ended up going bullet-point format and and i don’t know i feel nervous presenting this bc i fear that it won’t reach your expectations but i hope that you’ll like it anon! 

btw, thank you so much for all the reblogs, likes and follows that i’ve received throughout the week. it means a lot to me heheh! i’ll try to continue working hard ;; i really, seriously, truthfully, completely, thank you all! < 3333

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rottenka  asked:

You're so nice for replying to so many people and genuinely caring for what they have to say :D it speaks a lot about you, Community Mom™

Aw you really think so?? Thank you so so much, that’s super nice of you to say!! :D I just think that it’s only fair to give back all the support that people show me! Also I’m trying to be a decent human being haha but seriously, thank you so much, what you said put a big smile on my face! :D

super-batgirl  asked:

Is there any logical way for Linda and Mae to live in the same universe? As independent heroes in there own rights? I've got a whole little (series of) fic planned out and this is kinda important for me to know 😄 and your the resident superfam smarty so 😘

Short answer, that’s actually canon! They are two different people who, for a certain amount of time, ended up sharing a body/consciousness. 

The long answer I went over here (which lowkey that’s one of my favorite meta posts I’ve ever done lol sorry to pimp it out)

But seriously thanks for asking! I love questions about the Superfam and especially Linda and Mae, since they’re the Supergirls I grew up with!


@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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anonymous asked:

Slides you two buttons and a piece of lint. How about some Voltron Headcanons? Finger Guns out.

lint and finger guns?? sold

  • lance: “don’t worry guys, I’ll stay behind and protect the princess” allura, visibly eyeing lance’s biceps: “…………….. uh okay”
  • fun party game: guessing how keith got kicked out of the garrison
    • he stole a space craft!! (”okay i only stole parts and i was never caught for that” “wait what”)
    • he called iverson a dirty lying quiznak!! (”i didn’t even know that word back then lance”)
    • he tried to alert the public that the garrison was covering up the kerberos mission!!! (”i didn’t but they were”)
    • to be honest he probably just decked iverson
  • coran designed the space pirate outfits himself
  • *hunk crashes his lion* “well, looks like I’ve hit… rock bottom” 
  • weirdly enough, slav is the ultimate It Could Be Worse guy
    • [something goes right] slav, sweating: “there’s a fifty-two percent chance that this’ll still go horribly wrong in some way”
    • [something goes horribly wrong] slav: “i mean i know we just lost an engine, but on the bright side, at least we’re not in one of the three hundred realities where the cockpit blew up instead”
  • sometimes allura’ll shapeshift herself a mustache so she can stroke it pensively
  • keith: “i hate authority figures” pidge: “you’re an authority figure now" keith: “…shit”
  • [lance’s mission log while stranded alone] “i mean, technically i’m the lowest ranked member of the crew. i would only really be ‘in charge’ if i were the only remaining person… so what do you know?? i’m in charge” 

pffftokthen  asked:

Your voltron headcanons are literally the Best Thing™ I have read ever and you should def make more my friend 👌👌

*hamilton voice* what if this shit is my legacy

  • they have eleborate missions to keep coran out of the kitchen so that hunk can cook dinner
    • there are codenames and everything
    • “The Mustache has left the Barber Shop, Razor are you in position to run interference??” “lance can you speak like a normal human being please”
  • *lance opens his mouth* shiro: “no”
  • any time allura picks up a weapon she always points it the wrong way, every single time, without fail
  • give keith and pidge like five minutes and they’ll uncover some sort of conspiracy
    • hunk, looking out at golden, rolling fields: “wow what a lovely, peaceful planet-” pidge: “hey guys I just hacked the king’s computer and it turns out they’re running labor camps across the valley” keith: “oh that makes sense considering the fact that galrans have infiltrated this government”
    • hunk is just. can we have one day. one relaxed fucking day
  • sometimes shiro’ll walk into a room with a disappointed look on his face just to see the guilt that reflexively appears on lance’s face whenever he does
  • keith is basically that cat that’ll make eye contact with you as he pushes an object off of a table
    • “keith that is incredibly dangerous and you shouldn’t do it” keith, nodding: “yes but consider this-” *nosedives straight into the middle of an enemy base*

hauntedtyrantqueen  asked:

OMG I love your icon so much, Sam looks so fucking good in that pic, like where do you find these incredibly photogenic pictures of Jared it's so fucking amazing, I could stare at it all day bro

Oh my gods. I know right?? 

Jared is photogenic in almost any picture. 

But like, do you prefer Jared in a suit? Because fuck, man. 

Or you know… Without a suit whatsoever…? (I die.)

What about his beanie and sunglasses?

Or what about the ridiculous way he stares at the camera sometimes? 

Jared… Sir… Please keep your lips and tongue under control. Just keep your damn mouth under control. 

Oh and hey! What about the stupid Saxx underwear thing? Because double fuck. 

And here’s an adorable younger!jared for good measure. 

There. I totally just filled everybody’s dashboards up with Jared Padalecki, but somehow… I’m not really sorry?? 

I think I accidentally destroyed and murdered myself too. 

I own none of these pictures or gifs. All the credit goes to the rightful owners. 

Feel free to add more gifs/pictures and maybe tag me please?? (you know… Tumblr’s suck-ass notifs) because this is one of the few things I don’t mind being destroyed by. lmao

an outsider’s perspective on pjo

submitted by the absolutely incredible @orhowfar

okay i’m not in pjo fandom. i havent read any of the books, and before joining tumblr i knew NOTHING about it other than there was a movie once. sooo idk what this is really, i guess i thought an outsider’s impressions would amuse you.

- a bunch of teenage demigods who… hang out and piss their parents off
- the consequences are disastrous
- because their parents are greek gods and therefore assholes
- everyone should just listen to annabeth
- percy’s a little shit who doesn’t know what he’s doing but gets it done anyway
- percy is poseidon’s son, annabeth is the daughter of athena, and like idek any of the others but i know their names are piper nico bianca hazel grover jason magnus (who is… annabeth’s brother?)
- percy annabeth and hazel remain to be the only three i can name by sight
- percabeth
- his memories of annabeth were too strong to be completely erased
- there’s a… prophecy?? or something? there’s always a prophecy
- but no one dies ever
- except where’s grover
- why are they all wearing orange shirts, seriously is that a collective favorite color or something
- boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been
- but srsly just listen to annabeth
- dark!percy aus are apparently a thing that are not entirely out of line with his character in canon which is a discussion i followed with interest
- nico’s gay but everyone hates the way this was revealed. also i think he has a sister.
- percy on the other hand goes out of his way to spell out how no-homo he is
- hazel teams up with annabeth at… some point. idk. there was fanart. it looked epic and apocalyptic.
- in the new book there’s a character who wears a hijab, and some other dude, and it’s also about norse gods, and also annabeth is there
- what movie
- “what i dont understand is why, over the course of several books, it’s proven that despite being an utter goofball percy actually comes through and saves the day, and everyone continually acts all surprised.”
- pjo fandom is stuck in some otherly-dimension groundhog day where they will be buying new pjo books for the rest of their life.
- did that underwater kiss actually happen or is it a natural byproduct of a fandom where the lead is the son of the god of the sea
- just… listen to annabeth
- percy no

i am dying because this is the most accurate summary of these books and this fandom and just “boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING holy shit. bravo. bravo.