A couple of months ago, my nerdiness and love for comic books forced me to make this blog. I really don’t know what happened, but somehow 500+ of you have been following this trashy blog, full of memes and love for my gay baby.

Honestly, this blog has given me A LOT and I need to THANK ALL OF YOU for hours and hours of joy and shared nerdiness!

[ TWISTED BABE ] @godsonllychild  - Your flawless style brought me here and I stayed because everything else. Also, you’re the main reason why I’m here. So, again, thanks Miss S.

[ PARTNER IN JUSTICE ] @amazonbuilt - Feels, brilliant plots and mountains of cheesiness are what you give me, P. And for that, thanks a lot.

[ SUPER-FRIEND ] @glassesandcape  - Our interactions are relatively new, but every talk, meme and thread we have, it’s really awesome.

[ BFF REQUEST ] @blvdhavens -  One thing it’s that I love your “Dick” and another one that I plainly love your graphics, your personality and our few interactions.

[ FAVOURITE DOGE ] @titus-wayne, @robbing-the-hood - Not only your drawings are gold, but also your kind personality.

[ REAL BATDAD ] @crcsader - Your blog is quality and I do really thank for our few interactions.

[ ADOPTED KIDDO ] @stephrcles - Batmom loves her child and I enjoy all the fun these two give to my life.

[ GERMAN AWESOMENESS ] @unbxrial - You’re such a pillar for our community that I’m glad to have you as a mutual and a roleplayer partner.

[ CROCKY LOVER ] @comegente - Ok, ok, ok… ya sé que ya lo dije, pero reitero que tu cool blog es uno de mis favoritos y una de las razones por las cuales sigo aquí.

And to every each one of you [ @legacyofthecowl@araneaostium, @immiineo@vormitternacht, @unxcipote, @lassowielder​, @esepyrokinetic, @revvupyourharley, @arrowsbro, @agentofspyral, @backinaflcsh, @domigerium, @eggplantcapes, @elairity, @gothamsmyth, @htgrl, @charliebrcwn, @chaordiic, @nogcd, @willbuilt, @innsania, @justakansasboy, @lunarfaced, @marksthespct, @analcg, @oracleknows, @oraclesend, @punxsher, @questionablc, @tabithagalavan, @gothamblooded], thank you so much for the interactions, words and talk we had in the past!

A year and a half ago, I made this blog. It was rudimentary and I thought it wouldn’t last. Well, I was WRONG. Although my skills in graphics are still pretty horrible, I’M STILL HERE!

This blog has given me a FUCKING LOT: awesome partners to write with, great hours of doing something I love and even a beautiful girlfriend. Well, now it’s time for me to THANK ALL OF YOU for that… and for what still is waiting us.

[ MY NERD ] @entirelyqualified - I flirted with you once, you didn’t notice; we became great writing partners and it was good for a time… but now we’re something more. Thank you for everything (including this banner), my beautiful nerd.

[ THE BABE ] @vausx, @aciddyed, @godsonllychild - All your blogs are awesome and our weekly harmless flirting are one of the best things in my dashboard. You’re talented I treasure all our interactions and the fucking awesome graphics you made for me.

[ THE PROFESSIONAL ] @emmaxmeyer - You were one of the first blogs that provide me with a more complex thread. Everything about our interactions is gold and you’re pretty much an authority when it comes to RP.

[ THE EXPERT ] @thedriiver - Every blog you make, every blog I follow. Beside you, I feel like a rookie, because your skills and capacity to plot are pretty mature.

[ THE FEELING MAKER ] @atomgun - Ok, real talk: everytime you send me memes or reply to our threads, feels explode… thanks for that!

[ THE GIFTED ] @littlcmonkey - All your blogs are awesome and so diverse, only evidence that you’re a gifted writer.

[ THE MISFIT ] @bellereved, @comegente - ​Nunca me cansaré de decir que eres genial. Tus gráficos las interactiones que tenemos son siempre geniales. Somos las relegadas de la comunidad en Español… y gracias a ti lo amo!

And to every each one of you [ @trxstnobitch, @notdanita, @rcznikov, @nogcd, @thedestrcyer. @okaygoggles, @eidetic187, @beigeclad, @glorysoaked @chosenforthis@hamndgirig, @hydrophobiic, @heretokillyou, @ofthesight@indiianbrave, @junebcg, @limitlessxxpotential, @piiiety, @quidprcquo, @oftheborgata@revvupyourharley, @ragnarxlodbrok, @raidstombs, @wildtypc, @yxtes ], thank you so much for the interactions, words and talk we had in the past!

I’m going to sleep and those asks really really boosted my morale, thank you guys for all the kind words ;w; good night !!

borntobeafangirlxd  asked:

guren,11 ^^

Guren Ichinose

11. Wardrobe Headcanon

I’d headcanon Guren for wearing casual clothing, like dark jeans and black shirt. And sometimes when a lazy day, it’s a loose black sweater and shorts. And sometimes when no ones around and only yuu, he’s walk around with his boxers and white under shirt.

And sometimes, i headcanon him for wearing pastel coloured clothes, for example a pastel dark blue sweat shirt and a pastel forest green jacket. And sometimes, I headcanon him using dresses or light nightgowns (^q^) at home, using girl’s clothes and sometimes using men’s clothes.

I headcanon him to be comfortable using both clothes of different gender, because; Guren would never look down on females; Guren would never look down on anyone; and to prove his point he wears clothes of both genders. In and outside.

and most of the times, i imagine him wearing a neko jacket~<3

hello! so i hit a very tiny milestone (500) not too long ago. it’s not a big number compared to many blogs, but nonetheless, i’m pretty proud and very thankful :) thanks to everyone who follows me! but anyways, i was wondering what you guys would like to see for a 500 follower celebration? the only thing i’ll completely rule out is a follow forever. i’d like to do that for a larger milestone, and reserve it for when i have more time. so blogrates, gifset requests…anything you can think of. Give me ideas please! (and thanks again!) 


OH GOSH OKAY So- When I read the newest INTL chapter I was actually in PUBLIC. AND LET ME TELL YOU, I had to try vERY HARD to not make too many noises. So naturally, I snatched a couple of sticky notes and scribbled onto them real fast before I had to focus on other things again. It’s super messy and quick but gosh dArn it @theninjamouse / @theninjawrites hAS DONE IT AGAIN!! AHH!

Ok I have been making my way very slowly through criminal minds and even as I’m three seasons deep I’m astounded that people watch this every week or actually watch whole seasons on Netflix like what….is the point? But ANYWAY I’m on the ep with the comic book artist which I’ve seen syndicated and which I would have sworn was an episode of angel.

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I just wanted to say that I personally love that your videos are so long and that they are much more than just food. It makes me feel like I experienced your day with you! And I love hearing your thoughts in your rants ❤

this is seriously so sweet, thank you. I love that. I want every single person watching my videos to feel like we’re just hanging out, you know?

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aha thank you💖💖💖💖💖 seriously that person made me so mad. you can’t just put your url on an image to make it yours. that’s not how things work. that’s like if I bought a bunch of paintings and I signed all of them claiming their mine cuz I found them. that’s basically what they’re doing. I just can’t believe they’re in such denial that what they’re doing is okay it’s appalling.


SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU..i basically just rebog what i find funny or cute and sometimes i add little bit of my own work that i call edit or some jimin updates..so for real thanks for following me and i hope that you will spread that love for jimin 


Gals and guys, seriously, thank you so much for following. I know sometimes I suck at updating, but it warms my heart to know that so many people love Emma as much as I do.

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Hey babe! Just felt like sendin some love! Your writing is marvelous👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 keep doing you love! 💗💗💗😍

Thanks so much, love! <3 

It’s been a tough day and this means so much to me. <3

Seriously, thank you! <3