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Slides you two buttons and a piece of lint. How about some Voltron Headcanons? Finger Guns out.

lint and finger guns?? sold

  • lance: “don’t worry guys, I’ll stay behind and protect the princess” allura, visibly eyeing lance’s biceps: “…………….. uh okay”
  • fun party game: guessing how keith got kicked out of the garrison
    • he stole a space craft!! (”okay i only stole parts and i was never caught for that” “wait what”)
    • he called iverson a dirty lying quiznak!! (”i didn’t even know that word back then lance”)
    • he tried to alert the public that the garrison was covering up the kerberos mission!!! (”i didn’t but they were”)
    • to be honest he probably just decked iverson
  • coran designed the space pirate outfits himself
  • *hunk crashes his lion* “well, looks like I’ve hit rock bottom” “HUNK”
  • weirdly enough, slav is the ultimate It Could Be Worse guy
    • [something goes right] slav, sweating: “there’s a fifty-two percent chance that this’ll still go horribly wrong in some way”
    • [something goes horribly wrong] slav: “i mean i know we just lost an engine, but on the bright side, at least we’re not in one of the three hundred realities where the cockpit blew up instead”
  • sometimes allura’ll shapeshift herself a mustache so she can stroke it pensively
  • keith: “i hate authority figures” pidge: “you’re an authority figure now" keith: “…shit”
  • [lance’s mission log while stranded alone] “i mean, technically i’m the lowest ranked member of the crew. i would only really be ‘in charge’ if i were the only remaining person… so what do you know?? i’m in charge” 

But seriously tho, on the topic of temperatures we can survive and stuff, aliens would flip the heck out if they lived where i do.

I live in a part of southern Canada that gets so cold that being outside for more than 2 minutes means you have a good chance of getting frost bite.

My room has two outside walls, and is very well insulated. In the winter i get frost on the inside of my walls and i couldnt give two shits. I sleep with the exact same blankets i do in the summer.

Like you see all these things about Australia, or rainforests, or Florida, and how extreme they are.

But id like to see aliens take on a candian hosehead. They’re like red necks, but with more crazy stunts, more beer, and more guns. Like can you imagine???

Alien: ah yes a nice cool region this will do nicely for the invasian

Human: *careens off building on a ski doo towing another man on a toboggan, hollering about how he left his beer at the lodge*

Alien: well perhaps the local species are a bit strange, but mostly harmless! After all, this species of humans “can-ayy-dee-ins” are known throughout this planet as kind and docile, we shall have no difficu-SMACK- HOLY GILSNIP YOU HIT ME WITH A PEICE OF ICE YOU PRIES FROM THE LAKE AND NOW IM BLEEDING HOW DARE YOU FEEL MY WRATH

Humans: WEEEE HEEEHEHEEEEE you came to the wrong neighbour hood, bud!

Alien:…. my scans say you are heavily intoxicated. This shall be a easy fight

Human: *whistles loudly and gives a big toothy smile*


Humans: high fiving as they climb on their sleds and chase after their herd of buffalo because that will take a while but it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT DID YOU SEE THAT ALIENS FACE GET REKT

Woke up to a nice surprise this morning. Every time I hit a milestone, I always think “yup this is it, I won’t get anymore after this” and then I find myself writing another one of these. I’m still blown away honestly that anyone would want to follow me, haha. A warm welcome for the new 100 and a hearty thank you to my 500 that have come and stayed through my debauchery and general shenanigans. I love and appreciate everyone of you, seriously. You guys are the greatest. I feel like celebrations are in order and overdue but I can’t think of anything. Suggestion? Haha

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Wtf, you are so pretty! 0_o and you can art, and you game, and you cool af! You are goals (really though, I aspire to be on your level, hardcore). Pls be my friend, like holy mother of all that is good I find nothing wrong with you. You glowing angel human you.


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I mean, you’re a sweet bean for saying so, but just like everyone else on this crazy little planet, there’s PLENTY wrong with me.

More than enough to go around, really. Haha I guess I just don’t make a point of posting a lot about the hard times here. But I’m glad that I can inspire you! That’s honestly the dream! Being inspirational as an artist, to other artists and humes is what it’s all about! :D 


Also yes be my friend. 

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okay really though i hate that this fandom seems to think matt is like 22+ even though he and pidge look like they could be twins AND he was wearing a /cadets/ uniform. he and pidge are not that far apart age wise, you can not have 22+ matt without 18+ pidge. either she's 14 and matt is like 16 at the most or pidge is a damn young adult like the staff has called /all/ of the paladins.



okay i really wish i could have replied to you guys individually but it’s hard on mobile so 

all of you lovely people really made my day better and better with every word like ?? /?? ? ? IM SO HAPPY ??? ?  so tHANK YOU SO MUCH honestly i’m proud of that cover so this really means so much to me asdlfjkasldfk i have no words anymore thank you thank you thank you <3 <3 <3 

History Maker Cover >> Here <<

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honestly we already explained so often WHY we're upset, it feels like the people who still think it's because we didn't get malec porn WANT to think that it's because of that, arguing with them seems pointless and i'm tired

Oh God, I know, Anon, I know. Especially since if we all wanted to watch porn, we would have simply done this by now (and save our poor nerves, lbr) instead of explaining and pointing out over and over why we are actually upset.

Oh my!

As it turns out that 100 people are following me! 104 to be exact. I want to seriously thank you all, but have no idea how to properly go about it. Unless someone has a good (and feasible) idea then I’ll just keep writing the Mercy76 fan fictions.

It means a lot knowing that people actually enjoy what I do here! Once again thank you so much!

In other news, if anyone is looking for people to play Overwatch with (Ps4 platform), I’m also looking for people to play with! Just send a message my way if you are interested!

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do you think raj has a crush on alec? i feel it would explain some things, like the look he was giving him in the alt dimension or his saltiness towards magnus for example(and also if he has i feel so sorry for him, unrequited love sucks)

Actually, I also headcanon-ed that Raj has a huge crush on Alec. Especially after watching the AU!episode but also the look he gave Magnus in 2x04.

That’s why poor Raj totally deserves a boyfriend. What about Victor? I heard he has a big crush on Raj. In my head at least. ;)

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you're the only sam on this site that i care about. your portrayal is dead on and the only thing that matters. kbye.

this is the most relatable ask i’ve ever gotten. same, my bud, same.

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you're disgusting for shipping keith and shiro

uhm pls 

I cannot hear you over the sound of someone who clearly didn’t read my rules and jumped to assumptions because of ( I assume ) the tag on one of my posts that I am crying over Keith &&. Shiro. Listen up my friend, you can cry over bromances as well 

now pls keep all that salty anon stuff away from me, because yeah. That’s not cool.