March 13, 2005 - From Kevin Smith’s Facebook Page on February 11, 2016:

“I was in the UK receiving the Empire Magazine Independent Spirit Award alongside fellow award recipients Matt Damon and Quentin Tarantino. To present me with my trophy, I chose my Dogma partner-in-crime - England’s own Alan Rickman! The Rick'er graciously agreed and at the ceremony, an actor I’d fallen in love with long before we’d ever met said some beautiful stuff about my fat ass before inviting me on stage for my acceptance speech. Afterwards, I was congratulated by Dame Helen Mirren and almost passed out when Jane Tennison herself said “You’re very funny.” But the true highlight of the evening was this photo. We were crammed into one van heading back to the hotel when we all begged the driver to stop on a London bridge so we could memorialize the evening. It was a bit of an ordeal to accomplish but now I’m so glad we took the time. Nearly 11 years ago, four folks who did Dogma duty together back in the day and their loved ones celebrated simply knowing one another and being alive in one of the greatest cities in the world. Pictured are me, Jen Schwalbach, Jayme Wes, Matt and his wife Luciana, future Argo producer Chay Carter, and Alan and his longtime love (and future bride) Rima Horton. Always take the time to capture the moment, Kids. Before you know it, the moments pass… And sometimes, so do the people you love.”

anonymous asked:

So how did mercy look before ghoulifcation?

Nearly a half hour has passed since you’ve been seated in Mercy’s office, the Ghoul Medic already preoccupied with another patient’s rather urgent injuries. 
The silence was only cut here and there by the passing of footsteps outside the door, but it never opened, and you let out a nearly frustrated sigh every time the footfalls waned. 

You were bored out of your fucking mind. 

Spying his terminal, you get this uneasy jolt of curiosity. What did the Grump doctor have on there anyways?

Taking a moment to steel yourself, you slip from your chair, and seat yourself in Mercy’s desk chair. The Terminal was unlocked, highly surprising. 

Even more surprising, is that the highlighted words indicated a Holotape was still loaded into the terminal.
Okay, curiosity really had you by your fucking guts now.
You hit enter, screen loading up and You see a man, wiping blood from his hands, jovial chatter littering the background.  

“Aww come on Doc! M’folks sent this baby over so I could get some good ol’ war memories for alluva us to laugh over when the War’s over.”

“Jeez Morales, give ol’ Doc Monroe alone! Can’t you see he’s trying to work?”

“Ha ha, I can fight my own battles, Rickman. now quit moving or that bullet is going to be a permanent asset to your left cheek.”

“Does that mean we can Call Rickman ‘Private Lead ass?’”

“Sure,” The Medic retorted, looking over his shoulder at ‘Morales’. “If we can call you Specialist Peckerwood.” 
The men howled in laughter, the camera shaking slightly as Morales threw the bird at the Medic, whom returned, cigarette smoke trailing over his shoulder while getting back to work on his current patient.  the video continued, quips and laughter kept on until the recorder cursed, saying he was about to run out of memory for the holotape, and they group waved, some to humor Morales. 

“Until next time, folks! Give the folks at home a smooch, will ya Doc?”
The Medic smirked, and rolled his eyes, before tossing a wink at the camera.
“Whatever, Morales. Merry Christmas.” 

You almost feel weird, invading the good Doc’s Privacy. But was that Mercy? it had to be. They had the same scar on the neck, the same lip gash. 

it isn’t until you hear the door close, and see that the Ghoul medic had removed his aviators with an uncharacteristically morose stare that you realize that maybe the Doc needs to actually have a chat with you, not vice versa.