BALLBUSTING CLASS 1 ( Story ) (idea from picture above)

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As Jenn found the potential of busting balls out, she gave ballbusting classes for girls about her same age and younger about 16 years old. Jenn was still 17 but after the incident with the biker she had to do this to teach her generation of girls on how to stand a chance against men in their future.

On this day she had a group of girls from about 16-17 and she began class with “the Anatomy of the man”. Jenn wore a tight Grey shirt with some hotpants. Her tits basically bulging out through her shirt and her ass took full advantage of her pants. Together with her grey heels and that blonde hair she looked bomb. Pretty face, full lips, flexible body. All the girl’s were very excited. Jenn first introduced herself to the class and so did all of her girl students and so she began. First she began with the male body ingeneral then talking about their general Physis talking about their bigger muscle strength, hair growth and other things women don’t have. Finally she showed then a descriptive document about the male genitals.

“And those are the male genitals. That is the penis and down there are his testicles . The length of their penis is different from man to man but their groin is usually about the size of a big walnut or a ripe plumb each. But i will continue with a real model of a male.”
With that a naked man comes through the door and stands next to Jenn. All the girls were whispering to each other. He was middle'eastern maybe Greekish looking and had a decent face and a short cut haircut. He was bulky body typish and had a large chest, wide shoulders and was at least 190cm tall. Slight beard ,paced with muscles and covered with hair on his legs, arms and chest. About 26 years old.
He stood wide legged next to Jenn facing the whole class of girls. She presented him to the class and began.
“He is the perfect exemplar of a man. So as said before: look at their shoulders, bigger upper body and their Physis coming from the testosterone . They are very strong. You. Girl with the pink top and black pants come up here. Try everything you can to overwhelm him and push him to the side. ”
With that the girl stands up and trys to push him over. But he just stood their wide legged, arms crossed and just withstood , while she pressed with all she had against his chest. She gave up short after.
“Nice try princess” he said and she went for her seat again.
“Not bad but you haven’t talked about the most important thing of the male anatomy in detail. Their manhood.” With that she pointed at his exposed genitals.
He had a big fleshy cock hanging down his body and behind those his large low hanging testicles as big as rich plumbs and surrounded by thick genital hair.
Jenn stretches out with her arms and picks his cock with the one hand and with the other one his balls.
“Now look at those fat balls” she she pointed with the other hand at the board again and sais “ They are responsible for creating the male body as they are. Filled with testosterone and sperm. But they are also really sensible.” With that she tugs her thumbs a bit in on of his balls , making him flinch and gasping for half a second and with a slight change of face expression.
“ He will now try to attack me ” Jenn said while the man turns towards her and is going to grab her with his big arms, thinking of himself he’s being an alpha. With that Jenn quickly lifts her nice knee up ,showing her nice legs and smashes it precisely in his dense manhood. With that he suddently curles up for one second until he stands up right again but protecting his groin a little with one hand while he loudly exhales.
“ It’s that easy! I’m new to this aswell but it’s easy to learn to take advantage of it. You with the pink shirt. Come here again and start over”
With that he takes in the same position he did last time stable with his arms crossed. Her black yoga pants show her still evolving ass which was already juicy and her short top her pointy breats.
“Try again sweetie” he said with a smile baiting her.
“ Ok now try again but use everything you have learned”
She is only the height where his chest is but she moves towards him but came to his and all the classes surprise with self esteem and unshyness really close to him. She is looking him in his eyes while she reaches down between his big legs. She shoves his big cock a side and Takes both fleshy orbs in one hand. Which is really difficult for her small hand. She then takes her other hand and uses each hand for a different Testicle. She is pressing. He quickly curls up and trys protecting his balls but she has a tight Grip on them. She presses her thumbs so hard in that he thought she is trying to press his cum out of his balls. After about 3 seconds he went from that stable ,arm crossed position like a doorman checking id’s infront of a club to on his knees groaning in pain. The whole class applauds. She is returning to her seat with a smile and trys to hold back her laughter. “ see that was really easy” Jenn continued. The guy was still left on the floor getting over the pain but finally lifted one foot and then the other one to stand up again although it still hurt a lot what you could see in his face expression. “As you can see although this girl was physically weaker than he is, she used his weakness to tame the beast by inflicting pain with her small hands to his big balls. Now you stand up please and come here”. The next girl is shy with a short beige skirt, white shirt, glasses and brown curly hair. Compared to the other girls she had pretty small breasts and seemed pretty light. Her legs were pretty smooth and solid but gentle. And at the end a pair of black shoes. She slowly stands up and goes to the front. “You look like a smart one. Let’s see what you do when he picks you up and wants to drag you away.” With that the strong man puts his big hands on her small and petite waiste and lifts her light body infront of him upwards. Really not a big deal for him but the girl was pretty surprised due to her shyness how he just grabbed her by the waist like that. He held her up so high that she was now one and a half heads taller than him. He had her pretty good under control up there and now wanted to to push her against his body and then flip her over his shoulder onto his back but this shy, light girl drew her foot back and smacked it between his legs causing him to let her off his grip on her, groaning loudly and squatting down ,due to the precise hit fromthe end of her black shoe smacking in his sensible eggs. As the girl reached the ground again she turns around to the other girls spreading her arms high up in the air and with a smile “tadaaaaa”. The girls laughed and again were whispering to each other but this time louder due to their excitement. “Sooo shall we continue?” Jenn asked. To be continued…

Umbrella - Chapter XII

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Lesson Twelve: Indulgence

[Christian Yu, DPR Live]

You can find all previous chapters here.

“You cooking kinda looks sexy,” you commented in a teasing manner. You were in the kitchen with him, your eyes following his movements while he was preparing dinner for the two of you. Dabin and Hana both went to visit their families over the Christmas holidays, so it was only Christian and you.

You rested your chin on your hands and blinked at him with a playful grin on your lips.

“So it works,” he said as a little smirk covered his face.

“What works?” You quirked up one of your eyebrows at him.

“I’m actually trying to seduce you right now,” he wriggled his eyebrows and gave you a seductive wink.

Letting out a chuckle, you only rolled your eyes at him in response.

“Wanna have a taste?” He then asked you and you nodded your head eagerly.

“Come here,” he waved you to him.

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A/N: Takes place two years before the events in ‘Crash Course’, so you don’t have to read it to understand what’s going on.  I tried to interlace some plot points revealed in CC and it’s sequel, Infinite, but again, you don’t have to read them to understand what’s going on.

Song: ‘Partition’ by Queen B

Pairing: Rucas with brief mentions of J/M and F/S

Rated: M

Word Count: 14,221 (I still don’t know HOW it ended up this long)

Totally dedicating this one to @jenn0bi bc without her calling me out on not using this song (after I promised), this would never have been written. I *really* hope you like it, Jenn. <3

Maya groaned as she cradled her phone between her ear and her shoulder.  She hated it when he made sense.  The most annoying part of it was that her boyfriend always made sense—especially when it came to the subject of his niece.  “It’s been two years,” she reasoned as she reached for her concealer.

“Yeah, but we both know that she’s different now.  She’s not the same person she was in high school.  She’s not the same person she was since they broke up.”

Maya cringed.  She hated it when he used her words against her.  “But it’s Farkle’s birthday.”

“I know.  And I know she’ll be there and try to not let it affect her, but Maya, we still don’t know the whole story.  We don’t know who broke up with who.”

“There are going to be a ton of people there,” she reasoned.  “Maybe they won’t even cross paths?  Maybe she’s doing better than we think she is?  Maybe…maybe she is over it?”  She looked down at the counter as she quickly debated on which eye shadow to use.  “She has been dating around…and has gone on like four dates with this new guy.”

Josh frowned.  “Really?  Who is he?”

She frowned.  Nothing she had was going to work with her dress.  “Uhhh…Caleb, I think?  I only met him once.”

“Is he coming tonight?”

She sighed.  The good thing about living with her best friend was that she was welcome to borrow her things—including her makeup.  “I think so.  He’s friends with Farkle too.  That’s how she met him.”

“Then maybe we only need to worry about Lucas?”

Maya scoffed.  “You can worry about Lucas.”

“Come on, Maya.  I know you still talk to him.”

“Maybe I do, but when it comes to break ups, us girls have to stick together.”

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Ok guys, it’s that time of the year where Gina gets emotional af and starts to give feels to everyone. I hope I make you cry with me because I cried while writting this looooong AF letter.

Y'know, in my real life people tend to ignore me a lot, to make me feel like I’m a complete mess and even I feel like they hate me without knowing me at all, or when this people doesnt hate me/ignore me, they tend to think that they can do whatever they want with me and try to control me.

Also, this year was the first time in my life I live in another city without any familiar face in this new city and the first time I felt really really helpless and taste the reality away from the protection of my overprotective parents. This year I lost all what I knew for going to the adventure of being a foreign student, I lost the friends I had in my city (well, I didn’t lost them but I can’t hang out with them because I’m outside townl, I lost my habits (like roleplaying with @juanguero and the hours I eat and sleep), I lost the comfort of a warm hug of my mom… But I also learned a lot, most of how to defend myself and how to be more mature about stuff, how to lose fear and talk by myself and I learned that even when you didn’t did anything bad there are going to be people that just wants to get your world burn because it seems more happy than theirs (thanks, Tania’s mom).

So, going through this site and finding awesome people and feeling all the (not overprotective) love you guys have on me it’s.. actually refreshing and it’s too much, I don’t think I deserve it mostly because I feel like I forced you to talk to me by talking to you first. But… Even if I feel that, I can’t help it but also feel blessed and super super happy for my decision of not listening to that inner voices telling me to not talk to you guys and take the decision of being social and try to make a name here in tumblr. I feel the happiness I haven’t felt since I meet my first virtual friend and, actually, My best friend.

This fandom is completely blessing, such kind and warm people and amazing artists, no jelous, and, most important, So lovely people that share the love of a serie more than that and there’s not so much fights over it.

There are a few people I want to, specially, thanks.

@juanguero This was not a surprise. Really, Even if you are not part of the Duckfam I can’t left you apart. I just can’t. Sab, we know each other since I was on middle school, and Actually you were my first real friend even if it’s by a screen. We both grow up together, we did. And… That’s actually pretty amazing since I’m no good by keeping friendships. I know you so much, even if I forget a lot because, y'know how I am. You really helped me, a lot of times. A lot: My parents, my school, feeling bad, my depression attacks (I don’t have depression but y'know how feeling-girly I am), mis pendejadas and you aguantas todos mis fangirleos (ya empecé a decirlo en español alv). And I want to thank you so much for being part of my life since 201x. I don’t even remember when we met and It’s actually hilarious! I want to give you the biggest hug, and actually that is something that I don’t do a lot. I really love you!

@squorkal Jenn, you. Are. Blessing. Really. I have told you this so much times and I can’t stop telling this: You beautiful girl, so kind, so trusting, so cute, so crazy, so funny, so beautiful. Jenn, really. I can’t believe how united we are now, I can’t simply believe it: We have talked by… like 3 months, and really I feel like I know you since years. I can be extroverted but actually making friends is super hard for me. I want so hard to hug you now, and I wish this friendship last forever. Love ya! Thanks for being part of my 2017

@donaldtheduckdad KAT! WONDER KAT! You beautiful girl! You crazy and wonderful Kit-Kat Wonder Kat DonDad and more nicknames we have for you! You are so kind! You really spread the love and the justice! You are a Wonderful woman! You are so supportive and so so talented. We are friends and that makes me so happy!!! Te quiero mucho!!! Gracias for being part of my 2017!

@tricia-morvill MORRA. SI. MORRA. Girl! Paty, you crazy talented girl! Such a blessing girl, from my country! I love you so much, like, really. Talking with you is the funniest and most hilarious thing in this places. You are so crazy! But so sweet! You deserve the love we all give you and I am so thankful I decided to talk to you with the most inspiring thing in the world: “ERES MEXICANA COMO YO?!? Y TE GUSTA PATOAVENTURAS?!? HAY QUÉ SER AMIGAS!!!” (YES, THAT WAS THE FIRST TEXT I SENT YOU). Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@itsdetectiveliz Liiiiiz!!! You girl! Amazing girl! You are so sweet and so charming! I thank the world I talked to you. It was amazing that I talked to you one time and the next day you drew my icon in a duck version. Really! That moment I fell in love with it and I decided: ok THIS GIRL IS SUCH A BLESSING GIRL AND I NEED TO BE HER FRIEND AND I NEED HER IN MY LIFE. Thank you so much for being part of my 2017!!!

@i-restuff NADAA BLESSING GIRL OF THIS FANDOM. You are such a kind heart, so pure, so beautiful! You are really the queen of kindness and you are such a miracle in here! Thank you for being kind to me and the others! You deserve the love you have! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@day-ni OMG. GIRL. GIRL. GIRL. I-I don’t k now what to say, really! I was super afraid of talking to you in the first time but I did and It was worth it! You did things I didn’t knew I needed, you drew me with all the girls! You drew my son! You drew LOUIE BENDING. And all those stuff, I wasn’t expecting it! Really! I want to talk you more and know you more and I want to drew stuff for you like you did for me! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@heythatsdeep Girl, I. Need. To. Talk. You. More. I want to talk you more! You seem to be a super super cute girl! Thank you for answering my random questions! Thank you for trusting my awful skills to digitalize your beautiful drawing of the fairly odd-triplets! Also, thank you for liking those weird youtube playlists I made when the pilot aired! I want to know you more though. But! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@miilkyprism GUUUUUUURL!!!! Youuuuu!! Thanks to being so kind to me! Thank you so much for telling me stuff I don’t hear so much in my life! Thank you for being such an amazing girl and so kind! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@robinine-blog OMG. You are so funny! I really really like talking to you! Hearing about losing your train, about the restaurant that has dinosaurs, your boss being an awful plant-care. You are such a blessing too, you are so kind, and absolutely, I love talking to you! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@peeka-boo-blogs you are one of those persons I need to talk more. I know you are an amazing girl! But I haven’t talked to you a lot. But my wish is to talk you more!!! Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@janetbrown711 ok. You are one of the funniest girls I’ve met in this fandom. You are so cute also! I wish I talked to you more than I do now. Thank you for being part of my 2017!

@atruedonaldist I NEED TO TALK YOU MORE TOO! You are so cute also! I really am thankful of knowing that I’m not the only weird girl in here that talks to people to make friends and try to make stuff to feel better in here. Thank you for being part of my 2017!

This last months were the best experience in this years, with all the bad stuff and the amazing things that happened to me. I feel really Really REALLY Happy of being part of such a great family in here. Thank you all! Thank you for making me feel loved without feeling you do just because I feel alone in my real life. Thank you for being better persons than most of the people I know in my city and in the new city I live. Thank you for being part of my 2017, and I wish you will be part of my 2018 and the next year and the next year and more! Thank you all!!!!!

Poster Boy [Chapter 1] - Poe Dameron x Reader

A/N: Inspired by that page in the Star Wars Propaganda book 👀 ( http://moghedien.tumblr.com/post/153996510369/ ). Also a bit by the Rouge One VR thing on Playstation. Also I didn’t mean for this to be multichapter story but?? It just sorta happened?? Whoops.

 I remember how I stood in line with the numerous other recruits, dressed in the iconic orange coveralls, hands folded behind our backs. Finally, I had gathered the courage to join the Resistance, to fight, to fly. General Organa herself had looked each of us up and down, silently judging us, seeing for the first time what we could be capable of. Since then we’d come far. We’d long since completed training and began to make a name for ourselves at the main base.

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CASSIDY had the pleasure of getting to know Rachel Cobb, fellow Dawsonite, and seriously great, down-to-earth youtuber, she’s honestly one of my style icons! Scroll down for more on Rachel’s inspiritations, style & more!  :)  

My name is Rachel Cobb, I’m a nineteen year-old Montreal native and I make videos on my youtube channel (just look up my name!) on thrifted style, my monthly inspirations, and whatever else comes to mind! My goal for my channel when I was first starting out was to create a creative platform for myself, where I could share the things I love and hopefully create a community of people who share those same things, while also showing young people that we don’t have to spend tons of money nor shop at fast-fashion retailers to be stylish. My new goals for my channel are to continually grow my community, create new connections with cool people around the world, and continue to challenge myself to make better and more creative content. 

When it comes to my channel, I don’t have very many concerns. I know that YouTube is not the end all be all of what I’m going to do, I don’t necessarily see it as a career path at the moment. I simply see it as this beautiful place where I get to be myself for the people who like watching. Sometimes I wonder about getting too involved with social media and becoming too concerned with how I look and seem online that it may take away from my tangible life but I try my best to detract myself from that. I try my best to be my authentic self and to not over-think what I post, but that can be pretty difficult. I hope that as I get older and continue to do what I do, I will become more and more comfortable with who I am and what I create so that frivolous things like posts on Instagram won’t matter much. 

I began watching YouTube channels when I was 16 and really got into ClothesEncounters back when Jenn Im made thrifting videos and she was in her dorm room. I still love her channel but that part of her life really fascinated me and I was incredibly inspired by her. I would definitely say she changed the YouTube style game. Soon after that I went to California and went thrifting for the first time and it seems sort of strange to say but it was a life-changing moment for me. I was so incredibly happy that day and I discovered this part of myself that I had never known. I had struggled all of high school with wanting to be creative but believing that I wasn’t good at anything, so when I discovered that style was a way for me to be creative and channel everything I was inspired by from movies to music, I felt like I had locked into something I needed to pursue. Quickly after that I discovered channels like, Svetlana D and Rian Phin who had smaller followings and made incredible thrifting/style videos and I knew that I had to start my own. Now I am continually influenced and inspired by the young people I subscribe to on YouTube. My favorite channels/people usually have small followings, are around my age and are pretty much the coolest people on the planet. My favorite people are Jujusquad, Rian Phin, Taraola, Empowa, Fashionbambini x Tara. Check them out asap, you will 100% not regret it.

Living an environmentally-conscious/cruelty-free life is very important to me. I try to do my part by only shopping at thrift stores and I try to promote that on my platform as much as possible. I am strongly against shopping fast-fashion and believe that we can and should all shop sustainably. I mean, it’s much more fun anyway! Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?! I believe shopping on depop and shopping at independently-owned stores are great options as well. I also became a vegetarian in November which is a decision I’m so glad I made. I had wanted to be a vegetarian my entire life because I have such a deep love for animals, but I struggled for years to really make the connection between the meat on my plate and the animals I loved. Now that I’ve been a vegetarian for over 7 months, I have never felt so good and so much more myself. I hope to continually become more conscious about the things I consume and my impact on the planet and others. I am so excited for the future and the things I will learn and create, and the person I will subsequently become.

You can check me out on youtube here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0t35xqKNqoIcvXzG8Ag7mw

Instagram: @cobbaloo 

Actress gives the shirt off her back - literally.
Grey’s Anatomy star boosts cancer sufferer’s spirits with meaningful gift
By: Kevin Toal 2007

We don’t often think of giving the shirt off your back - an expression used to describe the utmost generosity - in the literal sense. But that’s exactly what it took for a Grey’s Anatomy actress to give Lee Surrette a surprise she would never forget. Sitting in the living room of her Bedford home, Surrette proudly displayed the publicity photo Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on the hit series, sent to her. The gift came as a heartfelt display of support of Surrette’s fight against breast cancer. The picture is a direct result of her daughter Jenn’s desire to bolster Surrette’s spirits during an extremely difficult time. At first glance, the picture appears to be a standard publicity still. Written in thick black marker are hugs and kisses followed by the actress’ name. Yet, upon closer inspection, a second, smaller inscription reads “To Lee - you are my hero.” It was evidence that Ramirez took the time to personalize the picture - and her thoughtfulness did not end there, "I’d been looking through a magazine and saw an ad for Ford Cares,” Jenn explained. “It’s a promotion they do with a lot of popular shows. ER did it last year.” The ad showed Ramirez wearing a brown t-shirt emblazoned with a warrior symbol. Similar shirts were offered for sale as a part of the Warriors in Pink campaign to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. But, unlike the personally-altered shirt Ramirez was wearing, the ones for sale were of a standard unisex t-shirt design. Towards the end of September Jenn decided to order the shirt with the idea of making her own alterations. To help with the task of getting it as close to the actress’ style as possible, Jenn sent Ramirez an email. She also took the opportunity to request an autographed picture for her mother. In the email Jenn told Ramirez about the breast cancer and how she wanted to support Warriors in Pink. What happened next surprised both Jenn and her mother. Less than two weeks later, Surrette checked the mail and found a brown manila envelope. “I didn’t really think about it,” Surrette said. “Jenn is always getting things online in my name. I opened the envelope up and saw the picture and t-shirt. I asked Jenny if she knew about it and she said, ‘Yeah!’” Until then Jenn had kept the donation and the email to herself. Instead of sending alteration instructions, Ramirez sent the original. It was the one from the ad that had sparked Jenn’s interest. The timing, she said, was perfect as Surrette was in the early stages of recovery from surgery. In response, Jenn sent a snapshot of Lee and herself, with a warm email of appreciation. That same day, Ramirez sent a reply confirming the authenticity of the shirt and added her hopes for a successful fight. The act of compassion has one Ramirez a couple of loyal fans. Of the Grey’s Anatomy actress, Surrette said, half-jokingly, “Needless to say, in our family, she’s the favorite.”

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Yeay new update! Yes torture Christian a bit more ;p. Is he still bang some random girl this past month? If still, I objected him with Jenn. If not, maybe he’s really like jenn. But I like to torture Christian a bit more. Please proof to Jenn that he’s really like her. Kekekeke. Can he even survive in london for a week? How about a text telling her that he miss her? ;p #yeaydabin #whydabinsocute

You’re so mean haha poor Chrisitan LOL
You’ll find out soon!

[ (( …so… uhm… I’m gonna work on my two latest muses since it looks like everyone else is kinda busy at the moment and Riley and I are just like, “WTF are we doing here right now?” and we’re afraid of pissing any of y'all off if we even so much as say “HI!” wanting to plot and write and… stuff… )) ]

The agent who showed Mr. Jenn and me a couple of houses last weekend just sent me a listing for this little 1910 farmhouse on almost 10 acres, with a barn and shop already on the property. I think it’s probably going to be a ‘no’ because it’s a little smaller than what we’d like (three bedrooms, but not quite 1100 square feet and a one and a half bath, whereas we’d really prefer two full), and Mr. Jenn is already cringing thinking of the age of the plumbing. But it’s so fuckin’ cute, so I requested a showing. Never hurts to go look at something in person.

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Jenn I'm just... so triggered right now... like... ugh. I read an "insightful" blog post on everything "wrong with" Steven Universe. Basically it says that people only like the show because "complaining SJWs" or some bullshit like that. The animation is "ugly" and the characters are all awful apparently. Such as the... eh... "obese and obnoxious" Steven and the Crystal Gems who are "all awful parents"... and that's it. Nothing really specific. Has over fifty likes already. Jenn... I want to die.

Meh, the best advice I can give is to ignore those moronic SU criticals. They’re gonna hate on the show no matter what, but either way, they’re pretty much wrong about everything. There’s essentially no truth at all in the statement of saying that SU is ugly or not worth watching, when it completely and entirely is. Clearly that post was made by someone who’s incredibly ill informed about the show in general (read: never watched it) and just made that post to set people off so yeah, the best thing to do would be to just ignore them.