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89. do you like your neighbors? Oh, fuck no. The guy below us is ALWAYS playing his electric guitar, which is not really an apartment-friendly activity, and across from us are some really obnoxious kids who are always outside stomping up and down the stairs and getting yelled at by their parents.

100. who was the last person you cried in front of? I honestly cannot remember. I very rarely cry (Mr. Jenn and I have been together almost a decade and he has literally never seen me cry), and when I do, it’s usually because a book has emotionally damaged me or something, and I just quietly tear up in the bath where no one can see me. lol

94. favorite lyrics right now Shake me, all night, she said / Shake me, shake it, don’t break it baby / Shake me, all night, she said / All night long from Cinderella’s ‘Shake Me’, because it’s the song stuck in my head at the moment.

18. favorite tv show? Hmmmm…either Peaky Blinders or The Walking Dead. Both of which I need to catch up on.

28. how many friends do you have? I’ll just stick to real life friends, so I don’t talk about my internet friends and come across like that sad person whose only companions in life are all in their computer. I have a few really good friends (in the three to four range) that I would kill a bitch for, and then a bunch of acquaintances I would not kill a bitch for, but we could go for coffee and swing into the bookstore together or something. Also an activity I would do with one of the really good friends, after we kill a bitch. Iced tea is always better after a murder.

29. whats the worst thing you have ever done? This question could be taken a couple of different ways; I’ll approach it from the legal angle rather than the moral, and base it on which of the illegal acts I’ve committed would have netted me Most Time Served had I been caught while doing them. There may have been some trespassing and other transgressions I’m not going to mention, so I’ll stick with what’s been a pretty consistent part of my driving career, which is speeding. While out one night with a guy, I was going 120 mph in a 30 mph zone (we were trying to see how fast we could get my car to go down this big hill), which most definitely would have gotten an officer to skip the ticket and just tell me to assume the position. It’s possible I sometimes rode my motorcycle at triple digit speeds as well when I was a dumb, immortal youth.

There was also that time I was going to break into a building in Budapest, but in my defense, it was abandoned (me and my roommate wanted to see what it was like inside), and also I booked it when I noticed some construction workers were staring at us, because I didn’t want to go to Hungarian prison.

33. favorite actor? Cillian Murphy.

34. favorite actress? Candice King.

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why do you always tag jenn eastjesusnowhere in green day memes? im confused.

i really just. want you to read that sentence back real quick

Stained Glass Eyes_El Diablo x Reader

Anon bunny asked:  El Diablo request where the reader is small and chubby and shy around him, and the squad helps him build up the courage to talk to them? But the reader is super anxious because they don’t think they’re attractive??? Thank you!

Jenn’s note: Okay little OOC bits and I’m a pretty literal person so the last paragraph was a bit awkward. I don’t think I really captured the Shy reader bit….

Word Count: 636


Warning: Suicide Squad Spoilers, swearing

Disclaimer: All mentioned characters belong to DC. Gif not mine.

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“Come on, man. Just tell her how you feel.” Floyd sighed.

“Nah, it’s better this way. She’s safer.” Chato replied

“Oh sure, and I’m the president of the United States.”

“I mean it brother. She’s too god for me.”

“My god mate! Just ask her out! I swear I’ll kill you if I see you ogling at her again.” Digger cried, exasperated.

Chato shook his head. “She doesn’t even like me.”

“Yes she does!”


“I don’t see why ya don’t just tell ‘im.” Harley said, frustrated at her friend’s denial.

“Because Crazy. He doesn’t like me that way.” Y/N replied, stepping around a burning car.

“And why wouldn’t he, huh?”

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe because I’m short and stout like a fucking teapot?” And it was true. Y/N was only five foot tall and had extra fat where she didn’t want it, packed around her thighs and stomach.


“’So?’ What do you mean ‘So?’ Never mind, I give up trying to explain normal, healthy relationships to you.” And with that she walked away from the crazy blonde.

-After the Battle-

The remaining members of Task Force X were in a good mood as they sat around waiting for Waller’s people to take them back to Belle Reve. Weirdly happy in fact. They were in such a good mood that Lawton felt it necessary to shout across the room when Chato and Y/N sat next to each other.

“Yo Y/N! Fire boy likes you!”

“What the hell, Esé?” Diablo shouted back.

In the meantime Y/N had frozen completely. After all this, assuming the sniper wasn’t lying, she never expected that El Diablo actually liked her back.

“Hola, Earth to Y/N.”

She was thrust back into reality when a very red faced pyro put a hand on her shoulder. “…What…?” she whispered, voice painted with disbelief.

“Sí, Pollito. It’s true.” He said. “I know you’re too good for me but I really like you and I just…”

Y/N stood up quickly when he trailed off. Whispering a small ‘Sorry…’ she bolted before he could see that she was crying.

Chato sat there, stuck, for several minutes processing that she had just run off.

“Go find ‘er hotness.” Harley spoke up. “Trust me.”

“Why should I do that Loca?” he asked “She obviously hates me.”

“Well I guess you’ll never know.”

Chato found Y/N outside the subway station, shivering and sobbing in the heavy rain. Sighing he walked up and put a warm arm around her shoulder. “If you don’t like me back you can just say so, Pollito.”

Subconsciously she leaned into his warmth. “I-It’s not that, Chato…”

“Then what? ‘Cause your message was pretty clear when you ran out.” He winced when his voice came out a little too harsh.

Y/N pulled away. “You don’t understand! No one has ever wanted me! I’m short and I’m fat and no one likes me. I’m not beautiful…” At first her voice was loud and angry but by the last sentence it had turned into a whisper.

“I have tattoos on my face, and for what it’s worth I think you’re gorgeous. I also know that I don’t deserve someone as stunning as you.”

She gasped when she was pulled into his embrace again, but she didn’t pull away. She just cried against his chest as he held her close. Y/N’s sobs died with the rain and her breathing slowed. ”Thank you…” she murmured “And if it still means anything, I like you too.”

Hey were surrounded by the sounds of sirens and raging fires in a city that had been reduced to rubble, but neither cared. Every little thing faded into white noise when he lifted her chin and kissed her. They weren’t’ happy with themselves but they were happy to have each other.


Hey, guys. So there's someone in our side who really shouldn't be speaking for us.

Jet/pack-/jenn/y is very… Um. Kinda just wow. They use the R slur frequently and are all around rather…phobic. Rose tried asking them to stop using the R slur and they refused.

I’d block them. I don’t want this person fighting for me.

i have really strong feelings about the first scene in tfc where neil tries to run an andrew hits him with his racket. i mean, this story is so memorable and important and its such an incredible ride. to think back to the beginning and remember where it all began–one Boyfriend™ stopping the other from running for the rest of his life with one swing–is oddly nostalgic and it makes me smile. like who knew it would go this far? not neil josten that’s for sure.

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So on google, the track list for understanding the brobecks includes a song called Lucinda or some name similar to that, but you can't find it anywhere! Is it a song that was incorrectly added to the track list, or is it a song that was real? Do you know anything about it? Cause I spent hours scouring the Internet and couldn't find it

Okay, so I had never heard of that song but just did a bit of digging myself. I ended up on a few sites that played Visitation of the Ghost when I played it and then there were a few other sites that were most likely scam/malware shit.
I’m usually very good at digging up stuff but I got nothing here. It might be a hidden track? But then it doesn’t really make sense that it’s in the middle of the track list.
The only thing I can think of doing is to ask @dallonsmiles about it.

Perseid Meteor Shower 2010 by Jenn (ovaunda) on Flickr. Source - (http://flic.kr/p/8rU2NL) Explored August 13, 2010 #2

I could really use a wish right now and the Perseid Meteor Shower, early morning August 13, 2010 over Enoch, Utah, was just what I needed.

I saw quite a few and took over 70 shots, hoping to get just one. And I got just one. It was one of the best and brightest I saw too.

Blogged here: http://ift.tt/1OBu0cn…

20 second exposure
Nikon D90
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR


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I can’t wait to go back to LA, just to be in my own bed. Living out of a penthouse hotel suite is not ideal. I need to sort the mess out at home too because all of Khari’ gifts got sent to LA, the guards will just dump them anywhere without a care in the world of the home. Got held back because the team wanted me to do more shoots and magazine interviews all ready for the release of my album, Chris and I have been real lowkey since the party. I been doing work and Chris has just been inside with Khari, I have this one meeting today and then I can go home to LA, spend some time with my babies “you figured out who is going to be your new assistant?” Chris asked me, looking up from my phone “uhm not really, I don’t know who I can trust with my family. There isn’t many people I can trust” I am so sad to lose Jenn on this tour, she is so supportive of us “you need to make your mind up before they get you someone and you won’t like it” he has a point “what about Lee? You need someone that is not bound to anyone, I personally say Lee because she is good” side eyeing Chris “you mean good entertainment for you? You just want someone to annoy” I know him because Lee is useless and will not help me.

Placing my phone on the table “so what is on the agenda for today?” Chris asked me, I been meaning to speak to him actually “well I am going to my meeting at Roc Nation and also see my mom at the hotel, now don’t get offended and think I am doing it to keep you away, what gets to me is that my family tend to use you against me. They say words to you that upset me, they know my weakness is you so what I am going see my mom. All I want know is if I need to disown her too, I just want to speak to her, she needs to know I am real about this” I hope he is not offended, Chris shrugged “it’s whatever, don’t let her hate for me upset you. You need your mom, I don’t want you sad either Robyn” shaking my head “you are right, I married you and I chose you. I am going to ride this out like you told me, they are selfish towards me. I am happy and they don’t see it, you made mistakes but you have learnt from them” part of me is hoping my mom’ attitude has changed, if she just holds me and says Robbie you have made me proud, you are a mother, a wife. Everything she degraded me about, feeling my eyes well up “just going to get dressed” I don’t need Chris to see me emotional, he won’t let me go then.

Staring behind me in the mirror, my eyebrows knitted together “uhm, are you going somewhere?” asking Chris, he is getting ready “oh yeah, just doing a quick interview on the radio” he never told me this, squinting my eyes at him “that is random Chris” placing my foundation down “what are you up too?” turning around slowly “nothing, having an interview” biting my nail staring at Chris hard “but this random? You bringing a new album out?” Chris shook his head “then what you having an interview about” he can’t just do something so random, Chris smirked biting his bottom lip, now I know he is up to something “tell me!” grabbing his arm as he placed my comb down on the table “you about to trip on me though” mean mugging him “tell me now, you can’t keep shit away from me. We have to agree on things together now” Chris sighed heavily “me and Ebro are just sitting down, I am having a pre-recorded interview announcing that this is my last album. He is going to release the interview once I spoke to you and my manager” he is really doing this behind everyone’s back.

I have my make-up half done having to stop Chris doing something so stupid “why you doing this? You cannot do this! You cannot leave the music industry! Listen to me Chris, I feel bad. I am in the way of you, I don’t want you to do this” he is smiling about it, I don’t like it “Robyn this will take time to process trust me, it will take well over a year to do. I want to do one last big tour, first I am going with you and then after I will do me” looking at him in sadness “you want me to cry? Is that what you want from me?” Chris put his hands together “I beg you, don’t cry. I rather people know now, I want to be with my family, I want to be at home. I am done with everyone, I just want to be at home and pick Khari up from school, watch him grow” shaking my head “bullshit, Chris you will be bored at home! Please I am begging you, I don’t agree so you can’t do it. I want you to do music forever, I want to able to take our kids to see you. Wouldn’t you want Khari and our future kids to see that?” he is not saying no, maybe I can work on him “Chris listen to me on this, I don’t want you to be bored or regret this. Have the interview but don’t say you are leaving, the industry needs you. We will work this out, you will see the kids. I just need you to not jump” silence is golden with him, I really forgot all about this and now I am panicking “please, promise me you won’t do it? Do not lie to me either” he nodded his head “promise” thank god, I feel a little better now.

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I just don’t understand how we can both work, one of us have to stop or just do nothing, I am willing to do this. Removing my snapback from my head “when you going to start walking lazy ass” I said to Khari, we are both matching with our Bape today. Khari totally ignored me and continued playing with his toy car on the table “little ugly, I am speaking to you” placing my foot on the glass table, Khari looked at my timberland boot and then at me “you being ignorant ugly?” Khari didn’t say anything but look up, poking my lips out confused “wait, you rolling your eyes at me?” moving my foot “who rolling what?” Robyn said “Khari rolled his eyes at me” leaning over to grab him but he soon got on his hands and knees crawling away from me “mommy!” Khari went chasing Robyn “oh yeah, he got that from me” Robyn giggled “hmmm so I am guessing you roll your eyes at me then?” Robyn went silent, that means yes “mommy” I hope Khari is not in that mood again, he knows Robyn is going out.

“Do I look pretty?” Robyn said, twirling for me “yes, you look nice. You taking Khari though?” I changed my mind, I don’t want Khari because he is about to cry with me “no, hell no. I can’t, please you have him” Robyn walked over to the couch to place him down, Khari grabbed Robyn’ top dragging her down with him “you not wearing a bra again!?” I spat, Khari pulling Robyn’ top down showed me “get off, now Khari” Robyn eyeballed him “I don’t like you when you are like this” she yanked his arm off her top, she walked off like he is not having a mental breakdown. Khari screamed crying getting off the couch to chase Robyn “I guess you are stuck with him” I said shrugging, acting like I was upset but I’m not at all.

Stood at the car door watching Robyn strap Khari in the car seat “he thinks you are staying, is this why he is quiet?” Robyn nodded, putting his pacifier in his mouth “Chris be nice to him, be a good boy now and put his programme on your phone so I can go” getting my phone out “oh my god Chris Brown, can we have a picture please!?” looking behind me and seeing some fans “not right now mama” looking back over at Khari “here” pressing play on his baby cartoon “close the car door and come around so we can swap over” closing the door and walking around “please Chris” I felt bad and it’s only two of them “quickly then, Jon take it” walking over to them, standing between the girls and wrapping my arms around them “we love you so much, your music has got me through so much. Thank you” smiling down at the girl “appreciate it” looking up at the phone to take the picture “thank you Chris, love you” nodding my head “love you too, thank you” walking around the SUV, it’s nice to feel appreciated.

Robyn knows her own son, it’s amazing how she got him settled and slipped away so easily. Khari is all calm now, he hasn’t asked for Robyn at all. Slipping out of the back of the SUV, I told Ebro that I would have the interview at Hood’ apartment, it’s private and it’s only the boys that are there. Walking around the SUV, Jon opened the door for me “thank you, come in with me” I said to him, unbuckling Khari out of the seat “you dropped this” leaning over to get Khari snapback, placing it on his head “come here” picking him up “your backpack” Jon passed me my backpack, this is full of Khari’ stuff.

Walking the lobby to Hood’ apartment “hold me that” passing my backpack to Jon, digging into my pocket and getting my phone out “I wonder what he wants” answering the phone “Mark, you good?” stopping outside the door “fine Chris, you heard from Lucien? He needs to give the boy back” I have totally forgot about him, he dipped on me “uhm, I will find out where he is at. Don’t start that bitch off” I hope he hasn’t runaway or something “I won’t but It’s been two days where he has been missing, no contact at all. I lied for him! I can get in trouble for lying” sighing heavily “I will find out, don’t worry about it” disconnecting the call, I have my own shit to handle first. Knocking on the door “fat ass!!” slapping the door “hurry up!” Khari sighed, even he hates waiting on niggas “man, calm that ass down! I am literally here” Hood said opening the door “you the late one bruh” he said, side eyeing him “hello to you too motherfucker” seeing Ebro and his team already here “what’s good Christopher” he got up to shake my hand “what’s good E” Ebro shook Khari’ hand and he actually let him “my bad, you know how it is with kids and what not” it actually wasn’t even Khari that made me late, it was Robyn.

“Bro, no smoking with Khari around. Robyn will kill me, sorry” Hood gawked at me “even I can’t” the boys all chuckled “you lucky I love you” Hood went to put it out, Khari is being so good. Sat on my lap silently, I guess new surroundings so he will be quiet “we just getting things set then we can start” Ebro said, nodding my head “cool” taking Khari’ jacket off “look at him flexing with his watch on” Keeis said pointing “hell yes, flexing like his dad” holding up my arm and flexing my watch, Khari looked at my arm and then held his arm up “yes son! Flex on these niggas” grabbing my phone “take a picture for me” passing my phone to Keeis, he took my phone “Khari” I said to make him look at me, Khari turned his head to see. Holding up my wrist to look at my watch, Khari did the same as me “you have a mini Breezy right there” smiling widely taking the phone from Keeis, that is going to be my lock screen, it’s too epic not to be. Sending the picture Robyn before I put it up anywhere “he gets his charm from me as you can see” he actually does.

I have not really planned any of this or what’s going to be asked, I will be going with the flow, it’s all pre-recorded so anything that I say wrong can be deleted off I guess “such a blessing to have one of the greatest artists right here with me, I can truly say that you Chris Brown is the best in the music industry and I was so happy to know that I was interviewing you, how you been breezy?” smiling as I shrugged “good, just living life” I said bluntly “we can tell, we have little Khari with us. He seems like a dream child, so quiet” I snorted “this is a lie, before we even came here Khari was crying his eyes out. He wanted to go with shawty” looking down Khari smiling “would you say he is closer to his mom then you?” I paused thinking “honestly it depends but I would say Robyn, but who isn’t close to their mother at that age, he is forever screaming for his mom” Ebro cooed “little man is one now, heard his party had everything. Must have cost a couple of Gs” I snorted “more than a couple, it was real expensive, I need to work that back now” hearing slight chuckles from Ebro’ team “some people will say that is so extreme for a child at that age, what you say to that?” rubbing my head “I would say, are you mad son? There is too many people hating, it’s our money we can do what the hell we like, eff those people” I couldn’t care less what people say.

“So come on Chris, what is next for Chris Brown? You can’t be taking breaks, music misses you. Every time we hear featuring Chris Brown then we know that song is about to be epic, you kill the chorus and make it better than it is. I know we spoke vaguely on things but we are all asking what is happening to Chris Brown, he is quiet. Posting random pictures and I won’t front, you look happier and healthy” laughing a little “are you trying to call me fat now?” busting out laughing “nah nah, just good fat” Ebro said, waving him off “you know when people used to tell me, like the boys in my family they would say don’t get married because you get settled and when you get a woman that can cook it happens. I have been so settled that my image didn’t matter so the weight I have put on I didn’t notice, people from the outside are now seeing me which has made me realise that I need to go to the gym, quickly too” dead ass didn’t think I put weight on “it’s all good weight though, you just touched on a subject, now it’s all been rumours so you tell us Chris, are you married now? Are you off the market forever?” taking in a deep breath “uhm yes, me and shawty are married” Ebro looked at me in shock “wow, you both married on the low?” nodding my head “yeah, had one of our friends there. Was actually in a cheap ass chapel in Vegas, I can truly say it was the best moments of my life. You know when you have found your soulmate, she was always it, no matter what me and Robyn would have been together. Even if we was fifty and had kids, if I saw her and she gave me the chance I would take her. We couldn’t be near each other, always ignored each other because it would have ended up being something else like being together and then fucking up. We did that so many times, we both had to change and this time it worked out” the room is so silent “wow, so happy for you Chris. Also Rihanna, congratulations” licking my lips looking down at my phone “appreciate it” Robyn’ has text me back, unlocking my phone to read it.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Loveeee this picture, glad to know my baby is ok. I have literally just got to Roc Nation, I was hungry so I ate. Miss you baby xxx

Texting Robyn back quickly.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

He good, my niggas are entertaining him, oh I see how it is fatty! Eat without me and shit. Miss you too, see you soon x

Pressing send “I am still trying to get over that Chris Brown is married, there will be heartbroken girls out there. What you say to them?” laughing loudly “uhm, what can I say? Just know that I am truly happy right now in my life” I can imagine my ex’s being shocked, they ain’t ever think I would settle “equally the same with Rihanna, must be a dream to wake up next to her every morning” my eyes widened “a dream? She be snoring at night” I snorted laughing “I am playing, I am joking. She doesn’t snore but uhm it’s amazing, you know I have those moments where she be talking about herself, I can literally stare at her. She is so beautiful no matter what, stripped back from makeup and just being her. At home she is just Robyn, ain’t no Rihanna there. She can cook, clean and you know the whole nine” smiling to myself “a man’s dream bro?” nodding my head “hell yes, but I had to change myself for her. She has supported me in everything, I went back in rehab and I haven’t spoken on it but she was there. I didn’t expect it and I gave up, when I went into the room I saw her and from that moment I knew she was mine. I was in a room on my own thinking Rihanna wouldn’t come here and I have fucked up, I relapsed and hurt her. She turned around and said I am going to support you but this is the last time, from then on I changed” I have never spoke on rehab “that is such a blessing, to have a woman that loyal. From the outside looking in people really gave Rihanna that cold shoulder for that, they said harsh words and Rihanna’ answer was fuck you and we are all proud of her for that. In the past she would run” nodding my head “yeah, shawty was scared of the backlash. What she did was hard for her” rubbing my chin.

Khari shifted in my lap and wrapped his arm around my neck, laying his head on my shoulder “so what would you say to those people judging you” wrapping my arms around Khari “I don’t care anymore, people are evil, they are so selfish. The music industry is an evil place, these award shows are fake, and they know who they give the awards too but yet make fans vote for nothing. The record label get you caught in this contract where you can’t leave without making ten albums so you stuck there and then they want to control who you date, it’s happening right now. Rihanna’s team are so money hungry that they wanted to make money off our wedding and we just did the opposite, her ex G was all for show. Nobody will tell you guys how he treated her but me, they will make sure that is a headline on a blog. They will hide his secrets but all I am going to say is that he treated her like shit and I was picking up the pieces but I look the bad man!?” pointing at myself “I am so done with music in general that I want to leave, I am done but shawty won’t allow me to do it” shaking my head “why don’t you both go alone? Create a new label, two superstars can do this. That doesn’t shock me, we all saw the pictures and they was no chemistry, Rihanna looked really not there. I understand where you come from because they don’t appreciate you out here on these streets” finally someone said, someone understands me.

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“Rihanna” Jay Z said, it is just me and him in this room, no execs or other people “Jay” sitting down on the chair “fabulous party, my daughter was amazed by the party and the goodie bag was an amazing idea. Blue told me to tell you thank you, she loves her Jordan’s and it was crazy that she mentioned Chris and how funny he is. She said auntie is lucky because Chris is funny and made her laugh and danced with her” I didn’t even realise this, I was busy stressing because of him “must pain you to say that, you sure you didn’t tell Blue what a terrible person he is really?” Jay chuckled shaking his head “no, I was just shocked” I don’t get what is shocking “Chris is a nice guy, you all got him wrong. He is a little passionate when it comes to the people he loves, but tell Blue it’s ok and she is welcome to our home whenever” wish they would give Chris a chance “if I tell her that then we would be there the next day” rolling my eyes, he wouldn’t want that “I got the chain back” my smile grew “glad you did, my son is not your next venture. He is not your money maker, it would make me sick to have him wear such a thing around his neck” looking down at my nails.

A knock came from the door “Rihanna, your lawyer” just like clockwork, smiling widely “tell him to come in” Jay didn’t look pleased, he can fuck with me then I can with him, just that he needs me more than I need him “Rihanna” my lawyer said while shaking Jay’ hand “what is this?” Jay said, my lawyer sat next to me “I came as soon as you said, got the papers drawn up too” he slid the papers over to Jay “what is this?” Jay said again “oh this is just me leaving Roc Nation, you know I realised how playing dirty works around here. We can either do it nicely or I will just leave like right now” he was not expecting this “you know Jay, when you bought my ex to my son’ birthday party that hurt my soul. There was no need for it! You knew so don’t play me, you knew everything about me and G, you knew how much Chris hates him and you did it. I want it gone, my past which is Roc Nation” Jay looks actually really sad “Roc Nation is you, you are Roc Nation! You can’t leave us” eyeing up the papers “oh I can, thank you for giving me a backbone” getting up from the seat “we need to speak about this!” my lawyer got up also “nice seeing you Jay” my lawyer said “I am not accepting this Rihanna” Jay said, he has no choice.

Sitting in the back of the SUV, so much has happened within a few days, the people I call my team is so little now, looking over at Jenn, she also looked at me. We both laughed “what you looking at?” I said through my giggles “you” she said laughing “why? What you thinking” putting my arm around her “thinking how I only have you left, heart-breaking right?” I love Jenn too much “who needs anybody else when we have each other” she got that right, just crazy how things have turned out between us all “but you know Robz, I am just happy for you. You are happy and that is all I care about, you put yourself first and that is a blessing in anyone’s eyes. You have Chris’ family now too so stop acting like you don’t have anyone, I saw you with them all” moving back in my seat “yeah but that is still Chris’ family, what about mine. Anyways I do miss my little men, hate being away from them” getting my phone out, let me text him back.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I want to hold you so bad :(. Hope your day is better than mine. Please be on time, see you on the jet xx

My family never went back home after the party and mind you this hotel is being paid by me, Chris’ family went home the following day but these don’t know when to leave. Slapping the sixth floor button on the elevator “you sure you will be ok?” Marcus said before the doors closed “yes” I have Jenn with me anyways “you look like you are ready for a battle, try and talk to them” pacing the elevator as it went up “I am just hoping something has changed, I love my mom” I am just praying their attitude has changed somehow “don’t be disappointed if she hasn’t, you did say she said that you can come and see her but not Chris” I huffed “yes I know but I did tell her that Chris is not coming because I said so” this shit is not on her terms “you would think I treated them bad, it’s like I married the devil” Jenn snorted “well Chris is just that” side eyeing her.

I know for a fact Rorrey will be here so I need to keep my cool, the hotel room door opened and there stood my little brother “Rihanna” he opened the door wider for me to walk in, he is different with me “robz” my dad is the first one to get up to hug me “dad” this made me smile so much, hugging my dad close “nice to see you smiling” I am only smiling for him “yeah, I am happy to be going back home” moving back from my dad, just like clockwork Rorrey is here. Making my way over to Noella, sitting next to her “where is Majesty? The kids not here” Noella waved her hand laughing “they are out” or she knows that there is about to be an argument, I love how my mom has my auntie here “that is a big ring, wow” Noella pointed at my wedding ring “damn girl” she touched my wedding ring “this is beautiful, still not over that you are now a Brown. I thought we was close Rih, seriously” moving my hand back “I told nobody, only Jenn was there” Noella bought her head forward to see Jenn “you was involved too!?” my mom barked from across the room, Jenn put her hands up “I was there to see their love blossom” Noella sighed “how did she look in a dress?” Jenn smiled “she looked how I thought she would have, beautiful” grinning at Jenn “I have a picture, I am not sending to anyone but I will show you” I wish she wouldn’t.

Jenn held her phone up showing the picture of me and Chris on our wedding day “wow, they look so nice together and so happy. Beautiful” Noella complimented, putting my head down smiling to myself “thank you” I mumbled “I expected you to have a grand wedding, so big to make the world jealous. Total opposite, a small Vegas chapel” I nodded my head not really caring “and it was the best day ever, thank you very much” my dad looked at me and then looked away “it hurts I didn’t give you away, Monica please look” my mom looked away “please put the picture away” I said to Jenn “he married for cheap, I didn’t want that for my daughter. I raised you better” kissing my teeth “I married for love actually, gran gran would have told you! Told you how wrong you was about this. She would have supported me, she knew me and she knew my heart was with Chris” the look of hate on my mom’ face “you got married without us, you think she would like that” nodding my head “yes she would, actually agree with me” my mom waved me off.

My dad shook his head “I don’t like this” he is looking at me like I started this “I don’t like you, that you didn’t hit Rorrey like I thought you would have, you say you care for me like you do but you let your son say shit to me” Rorrey scoffed “that you deserve trash?” rolling my eyes “are you going to tell him off?” looking at my dad, I don’t understand why nobody is telling him off “I don’t need this and I would like you to be in my life” I am such a weak bitch, I am angry at myself “I will be in your life, yours” my face softened “is that it?” is she being serious “Rorrey is right, he made me see sense Robz. You going to get hurt” he really poisoned my mom’ mind “so you agree that I am a hoe?” pointing to myself “if you didn’t parade your body around then men would respect you, better men would love you” that actually hurt me, I won’t cry “like Gregory did? You think he was the end all, I remember I told you. I said mom he treats me like dirt and you said to me it will get better, I was so stupid to listen to a woman that allowed my dad to hurt her, you call me stupid but you are too! I get it from you!” Noella placed her hand on my leg.

Hitting her hand away “don’t! I wash my hands from all of you. I may have lost a lot of people on the way but I blame myself, I was blind to it. All those years I let you all talk me into leaving Chris, made out he was the bad guy when all he was doing was protecting me from you people! He saw what I couldn’t, I should apologise to him for making him look a fool all these years” I am so hurt by these people “we still love you Robz” Rajad said “we really do, we are so upset because we are close to you. We want the best” I chuckled wiping my tear “but just not Chris?” looking at Jenn “I think I got my answer, from now on you can all drop dead. Do not use my name in vain or I will sue. Good luck with funding the house that is mine, have it!” getting up from the couch “Robz please don’t do this” my dad said “when I married Chris, I chose him. I think this is what upset you all the most, sad part is” looking at my mom “you thought we would have broken up, you wanted that to happen. You let Chris get engaged to me to entertain him but you all had your bets on us” moving my dad’ hand away walking off.

Seeing the other SUV parked outside the jet, Chris is actually on time. Looks like they have just arrived here to be honest “what you think Jay is thinking right now? You think he will agree?” Jenn asked “he has already agreed, he is quiet. I said that I will finish the promo with them, the tour and after that I am done. I don’t know who will want me, I am not done with music just with the record label” the SUV came to a halt outside the jet “I am so happy to see the back of New York for a while” opening the car door, it’s weird how I am missing my own bed at home. Closing the car door behind me, walking over to the jet I already felt my emotions get the better of me, I’ve not even cried and I think I will when I see Chris but I don’t want to do that “Mrs Brown” the pilot smiled shaking my hand “hi” walking up the steps.

Seeing Khari laid out on the pull out couch and Chris on his phone texting, he has not once noticed me even arrive. I feel so much emotion, my jaw hurts from clenching it just trying to keep my tears back, and my heart is so full. I really want to cry out before seeing Chris, maybe I should walk off the jet and get it out of my system “Robyn” Chris said smiling at me but then soon frowned “why you crying?” he got up from the seat rushing over to me, I felt the hot tears fall, my throat closed tight “Chris” I said squeaked out, I feel so broken. Holding Chris tight as I sobbed out, Chris didn’t ask me nor did he question why I am crying, he held me tight in silence “oh Rih” Jenn said behind me “I am sorry” feeling Jenn rub my back, I can’t believe this is how it’s turned out.

really though

all these comebacks are getting me so hyped. i can’t wait for topp dogg’s comeback. i can’t wait to see what they’ve been working for past couple months. i’m ready for them to do live performances and to promote their music and to show everyone just what they’re capable of

god i’m so excited the anticipation might actually kill me

Well, I knew it couldn’t last long. 

My mom has been on really good behavior lately, clearly watching what she is saying to prove that I am just an asshole and all the stuff I called her on isn’t true, because she’s a really pleasant person, and my sister and I were just yesterday talking about how this couldn’t last forever, and this morning I get a mysterious e-mail from my sister that says, “It’s starting” and nothing else. I knew right away it was about our mom, so I asked what she was doing. My sis says our mom is sitting across from her right now, so she’ll send me an e-mail when she gets home.

I wonder which variation on the ‘Jennifer is a fat piece of shit human being’ narrative it’ll be today.

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not trying to get anyone's hopes up but you know what would be an interesting story? that the reason why the kendon kiss happened was because of some bet they all did backstage where b kissed dallon too. You know what would be even more interesting?+

That they put both kisses in the recap video for the last week of tour (I miss brallon can you tell) 

oh man, how I wish that was true.. I am fucking starved I tell you
that would be fucking amazing tho

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I understand that fans are upset with Dianna being MIA and not really working. Especially because she has/used to have a HUGE fan base. That's one of the perks of being a main character in an Emmy Winning TV show like Glee. And she literally could have done anything : keep acting, write a book, go further with YMC, become a brand ambassador.. Anything.. And yet she doesnt really uses that fan base and that's a shame. Bc as long as you're in the public's eye you don't even have to work. (Part 1)

And she still could do something because she still has die hard fans and some “gleeks” checking her Instagram once in a while.. But except if you’re a real fan, it’s kinda hard to even know she’s working bc she doesn’t really her indie movies. It’s always random videos and pictures with the hashtag of the movie but when you look at the comment section, most people don’t know if she’s actually promoting something of just playing around with her friends.. (part 2)

I 100% understand that she doesn’t want to work 17h/day like on glee. And for whatever reason I feel like she was kinda “traumatized” by Hollywood and now wants to do indies only.. But there are so many more things she could do! Dianna is talented in many fields, writing especially. She could do like Chris and write children books. I still think that being the ambassador of a brand like Blake Lively would be great for her without bringing crazy attention. Idk.. (Part 3) sorry for the rant Jenn

Yes, I definitely agree with a lot of what you said. I too get the vibe that she doesn’t want to get trapped into another Glee like situation where 85% of her time is spent working on the show, but I do think she would do great on a cable show where they only do like 10 or 12 episodes. And yeah, there are so many different areas where she would do great and it’s frustrating because I feel like there is a lot of wasted potential right now. 

Hopefully this “vacation” she has been on will end soon, her older movies will come out and she’ll book something new soon. Because her fans are fading fast and if she doesn’t do something soon, no one is going to care anymore and that just hurts to even think about. 

49. Part 3

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Robyn is finally ready to leave “can you explain what we was waiting for? You ain’t got no makeup on or anything” she dead ass took her time for nothing, Robyn fixed her bag over her shoulder “I needed to have a shower but I am here now” placing the glasses over her eyes “mhmmm sure” picking up a sleeping Khari, Robyn said to put him to sleep so he will be happy to do a photoshoot without being moody “I am tired from waiting, what you think Chris?” Jenn said behind me “same, I feel like sleeping myself” walking towards Robyn, she pressed the elevator button “I feel so bad still Chris, I am really sorry” sighing heavily, placing my arm around Robyn’ shoulder “it’s fine, we just need to move on from this. I won’t let shit like that break us or anything” Robyn rested her head on chest “I love you” the elevator doors opened “I love you too, I love you more than anal” Robyn didn’t even give me the chance to laugh she straight punched my shoulder “hate you!” chuckling to myself.

I swear the paparazzi camp out here, they always know our schedule “pretty intense out there” Marcus said “yeah, they been waiting for y’all since the morning and we got fans outside too” Lucien added, it is so annoying “I am just going to put this over Khari” Robyn said as she placed his jacket over his head and body “you go out first and then I will, it makes it less hectic and flow easier” Robyn said to me “yes, we will walk out with you and then come back” Marcus said gesturing me to walk, I guess she has a point “aight, see you in the car” the hotel doorman smiled at me as he opened the door for us, nodding my head at him as I made my way outside. I felt both Jon and Marcus close in on me as we got outside “Chris!! We love you!” that has to be a fan, waving my free hand as I walked to the SUV “Chris! Are you and Rihanna both married!? Chris Is it true!? Congratulations on marrying the best looking woman!?” Lucien opened the SUV car door “thanks bro” sliding into the back, it wasn’t that bad.

Moving the Jacket from Khari as I got comfortable in my seat, looking out the window to see if Robyn has come out yet. Frowning at them shouting about marriage, how do they know this. Just like clockwork my phone started ringing, digging into my pocket to get my phone out. Looking at my caller I.D and seeing my publicist calling, I knew it “yo” I said down the phone “morning from the team” she sounds nervous “morning!” I said reluctant to say it “erm last night, Drake posting about marriage? Are you and Rihanna married?” staring ahead in shock “what you mean?” I said confused “you not seen it? Ok, well Drake posted a picture of Rihanna at a photoshoot and said he was happy about his girl being happy and have a happy marriage? Is this just some lie and mess he is creating” blinking several times in shock “look” sighing heavily “I don’t want people knowing, my family don’t know. Deny all the rumours, we are married but erm, the world doesn’t need to know” the line went quiet, I want to be good with this publicist because I always fuck up with all of them “wow, well congratulations Chris from the team here. No wonder the desk has been quiet, she is good for you” she laughed, I couldn’t help but laugh with her “appreciate it, I will let you know when the time is right” the SUV door opened, looking over at Robyn, she heard the same shit I did outside with the look on her face.

Putting my phone in my pocket “what the fuck?” she said in shock “yeah, my publicist called me. Drake said something, he posted it about you and said marriage” Robyn’ face dropped “he fucking did!?” she spat, I nodded “why would he do that! Jay Brown said to not say anything! He said it!” Robyn screamed out, she is angrier than I am “that bastard! My family are going to be sad! What the hell” Drake is a bastard, we know this “deny it, I just did. But I told my publicist the truth and that to deny all rumours for now” there is nothing we can do, I will give it till tonight where they find a copy of our marriage certificate, I just know it “you know why your team wanted us to wait, they want to make money out of it” I think Robyn is more worried about her family “they do, I know we did this but we need to tell the family before the world” she said panicking, licking my lips looking ahead, paparazzi just don’t give up “Robyn, just let it happen. We will see them for Khari’ birthday, we will officially let it be known then, for now just deny” there is nothing more we can do, all I know is my phone is vibrating so much right now, everyone is wanting to know.

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I am just sitting back at this photoshoot, this is all about Chris and Khari. My son has been taken over by a team from Puma, they are getting him ready, hopefully they can get him to actually shave his hair without crying “you look like you about to have a nap” Jenn said, she know damn well I am about to fall asleep with these shades on “I am back now” Jenn shuffled her chair forward “you went to see?” I questioned “yes, Khari got a fade. They got him” my eyes widened “he listened?” looking over at Jenn “yes! You know he plays up with you, he sat on Chris’ lap while Chris’ Barber did it. I think when Khari saw Chris getting his hair done he wanted it, he didn’t mind then” smiling to myself, he is his father’s son that boy. Crossing my leg across my right leg waiting “erm” this skinny white man got in my view “yes?” pushing my shades down my nose a little “you are supposed to be in makeup?” shaking my head “oh no hunny, I am waiting for my team to come. I am here for my child” he nodded his head walking off, I am resting, no makeup for me just yet.

“Boo!” Chris said in my ear, I jumped up a little “we done!” Chris walked in front of me, I gasped seeing both of my handsome men “oh wow, oh my god. Look at you both! And you!” pointing at Khari “who created you? You are so handsome” Khari grinned “you are my boy, my little Barbadian prince! Aww I love it” placing my hand over my heart, Chris pulled a face “nobody wants to look like the boys in your family, they ugly” mean mugging Chris “you always lower the tone, remember he is half of that! I damn sure can see Barbados in him” he better accept this, getting up from the chair “you ready for the shoot my handsome man” touching Khari’ head “my baby about to be famous” kissing his cheek “what about me?” Chris said, I snorted “what about you? Nobody want you, go back to the country” waving him off laughing “all the country is good for is giving you ashy skin, least I come back glistening and glowing” Chris let out on oh “all Barbados is good for is giving niggas huge foreheads and broken ass English” hearing Jenn laughing her ass off “and all VA is good for is incest” Chris gasped “oh shit!!” he shouted laughing “damn, you got me there. Bitch ass” raising my arms in the air “I win this round” Jenn is cackling her ass off.

Watching on as the photoshoot is well underway, seeing my boy in front of the camera. He has kind of grown up in the camera a lot, he is used to it “just do what you need too Chris, act free on here for a while” the guy behind the camera said, Chris is fine with that, he loves acting like a goof. Chris grabbed Khari and picked him up so he is now stood on his feet, Khari is just staring at the camera no matter what Chris is doing to him. Chris held his one hand “Khari!” I shouted him, Khari is looking everywhere “baby, here!” waving my hands at him, clapping my hands jumping up and down. Khari waved his free hand at me giggling, Chris let his hand go “mama!” he clapped as he stood up on his own, I don’t think he has realised he is “awwww” I cooed, Khari turned his head to look at where Chris has gone and at that point he fell on his butt, my baby is getting there “I think we got the shots there” the photographer turned the camera to face me “aww can I have some of these!?” my baby is all happy “we got the shoot with Chris, father and son. Khari looks very stable when walking with someone holding his hand, just look at him, he is a poser. His eyes stand out so well” I am in love with all these photos and I want them.

I came up with an idea, I told the guy to film Khari and take pictures for his birthday party “why don’t you get in the camera too?” he gestured, pointing at my face “you seen this?” I look a damn mess, the photographer chuckled “natural beauty, come on Rihanna” shaking my head, I look dreadful so I rather not do that. Looking over at Khari with a crown on his head “I cannot believe he is going to be one” I feel a little emotional “a year went too fast” Chris said behind me, feeling his arms wrap around my shoulders “so much has happened but I am so glad I had you on this journey, I am so happy I believed in you Chris” resting my head back against him “thank you momma” feeling him press a kiss to the side of my face “he has been the biggest blessing to us both, he is 1 year old already. We did so well Robyn, we didn’t ask for any help, we did that” he is right, we did this on our own with no help. Khari pointed at me and Chris, his lower lip quivering “mommy is here” walking over to him, I think he has had enough. Picking Khari up “you about to get too heavy for me soon” Chris walked over to me “you want me to hold him” he was about to take him but Khari whined “mommy” Khari said, my eyebrows raised “you said mommy” he always says mama “damn, ok Khari” Chris said, Khari looked behind him to look at Chris “he loves you Chris, stop pouting” feeling Khari press his face on my cheek “you giving mommy kisses again?” Khari smiled at me “why he gives you kisses and not me!?” Chris spat feeling butt hurt “because he loves me” as much as he loves his dad he loves me more.

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Khari is tired, he is all played out, he is asleep my poor son. Taking a picture of Khari sleeping in his Bape/Puma gear, posting it on social media ‘he wasn’t ready for his first photoshoot #mylittlemodel’ pressing send “I am still not happy with you” hearing Yusef say to Robyn, it is now Robyn’ turn to get ready for her shoot “why!?” Robyn spat “you came to me with your weave looking like trash, you got married with that on Bitch!” laughing out loud “you got married without me doing your hair first, it’s not funny. I have known you for years! How could you” he is real upset about this, this is just the start “yeah, I feel like burning your dress I made” Adam added “I am sorry guys, it just needed to be done. We will have a party soon, I promise. You are all invited to Khari’ party” Yusef crossed his arms “really bitch? Does your family know girl?” Robyn bit her bottom lip shaking her head “oh, they about to scalp you. Kids today” he shook his head.

I felt a little bad for Robyn, she didn’t want the back lash but she is getting it “Monica don’t play, you really got married behind her back? No offence Chris but she will be so hurt and angry, your momma don’t play girl” he sighed “it’s not even that, I just wanted to see you in your beautiful dress. You would look amazing, I can imagine” Yusef pouted in sadness, clearing my throat “it’s not Robyn’ fault at all, you telling me anyone is really happy that she is marrying me?” I had to say something, Yusef looked over at me “I for one don’t care, we seen everything and we been knowing” he has a point “I understand but generally, nobody is happy. You know how much bad luck we get, something would have gone wrong. I am sorry it was without you and everyone else but we have never been so happy” Yusef’ face fell a little, he stared down at the ground “I understand” he finally spoke “I know you are happy as fuck Rihanna, I am truly happy for you. Just a little hurt that you screamed it on set without telling me prior but you are happy” I just rather people say they are happy for us rather than drag us down.

Smiling at Robyn through the mirror, she been staring at me “so what we doing for little Khari for his birthday?” Adam asked “ask Chris, he is doing it all” yusef gasped “does this mean we are having a blood and crip party?” he side eyed me, I had to laugh at that “well I was waiting for him to be old enough for grills” Robyn rolled my eyes when I said that “well I decided it will be basketball themed, I got LA jersey’s for me, Robyn and Khari. It says our names on our jerseys. Khari has 1 at the back. That is just for when we get there, he has his second outfit with bowtie and it says one. But we have got the same on, Robyn included” watching Robyn’ reaction, she didn’t pull a face “just know when I have a girl that shit will be all me” Robyn said, smiling at her, she is dying to have a girl “I got all my niggas coming, well the good ones” I am real excited about the party now “Chris, you know my team will be there. That party cannot turn out ghetto, it has to be classy” she telling me like I care “Chris doesn’t have class, we know this” Jenn said laughing “you the most classless one of us all” Jenn mean mugged me and then ran at me but stopped “I swear, next time I will jump on you” I was about to scream there “you know I am skin and bones, I can’t take it” she pushed me a little sitting next to me, I like Jenn a lot, she is my fave.

Robyn went to have her photos taken and I stayed in the back because Khari is still asleep, Jen and Yusef stayed in the back with me “Rihanna?” Jay Brown poked his head around the door, this motherfucker is here “she is out there” Yusef said, my smile soon turned into a frown, the door closed and I am glad he left “so anyways as I was saying, I guess we will be spending more time with you Chris, we need to get on more” nodding my head smiling “we do, y’all good. I like y’all. Just her people that make decisions that do it for me” Jenn gasped placing her hand on my leg “I have some news” she near scared me, I thought something happened “now Chris, I have some major news but I feel as if my bitch will be sad” I am so confused “please spill” Yusef said, Jenn paused “guys” she stared at us both, she is making me nervous for no reason “I am pregnant, honestly I am really pregnant. No lie” Yusef got up from his seat “oh my gosh! Jenn!! Awwww” Jenn got up to hug Yusef “it’s taken you so long!! God has blessed you, I am so happy for you” getting up from the couch “thank you” Jenn turned around to me “I am happy for you Jenn” giving her a hug “you deserve it” she been trying for a while “thank you but this means I will miss out on Rih, she is going to be so sad” I know where she is coming from, Robyn is going to be upset “she will be over the moon for you but she will miss you” patting Jenn’ back “please do not say anything to her yet, I will break it slowly” I will not want to tell her this, Jenn helps us so much with everything.

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what are your favourite youtubers?

i’m such a huge fan of @nehrdist ‘s youtube channel aaaaa!!! her voice is very soothing and she’s very down-to-earth and she’s gorgeous and i love her videos! 
@studyign also has a youtube channel with very cool graphics (omg just look at her thumbnails) and she uploads videos very frequently so usually, there’s always something nice to check out on her channel!
@studycubs has a youtube channel and she sounds very sweet and her accent is really quite lovely too!!

i actually don’t know a lot of study-related youtubers yet though ;; i found a study-related youtuber named mariana a while ago! i also recently started watching a youtuber called mygreencow bc she had a ton of stationery unboxing videos and i had such a thirst for stationery (but u know, my wallet was already in so much pain).

i also watch people like lucy moon, vagabond youth, jenn im, and other people and videos !! idk youtube gives me recommendations and i watch them all while i procrastinate and drink more tea and sob internally as i quietly think about the other productive things i could have been doing ahahhaha
i really admire that simple, clean, minimalistic design look that some videos + youtubers have and aaaa i aspire to improve my filming + editing skills !!!!

please feel free to give me some recs!!