We really like Pokemon and so does SJC and Black Market Custom, so on our current tour with All Time Low we thought… why not?

Be sure to check out @BlackMarketCustom and @SJCDrums on Instagram and the like, they’re Pokemon masters! Not only are these pieces SUPER EFFECTIVE, they sound incredible too! :)

*Live Photos: Elliot Ingham and Jenn Curtis*

Guys this is a big moment for me: I've reflected

New feelings have emerged three days after the tragedy that occurred on Survivor this past week. Considering I hold grudges like it’s my job this is insane…

This is really long like I’m sorry I had to put it somewhere and I know I’ve talked about this so much but this is it I swear!!


Seeing those adorable videos of Shirin and Hali and Joe and Jenn singing in the car made me realize that hey, if /Joe/ doesn’t even hold it against Jenn then lol why should I?

That being said, I’m still pissed. I mean, Joe got voted off and that fucking sucks. Jenn doesn’t want to be there because she has “nothing out here but despair” and she definitely doesn’t deserve to be there over Joe. But now that I’ve had time to think about it, I can understand not wanting to take that last step and /officially/ quit the game. I still think it would have been a much more admirable thing to do than to let your friend who loves the game as much as he does get the boot, but I can understand. 

Jenn did everything she could to be voted off (granted this is why she’s already quit in my mind and why it was so hard to hear her say she wouldn’t walk because “that’s quitting”). She tried so hard to win immunity for Joe, she begged for votes, she made her case to go home. She didn’t go the extra mile and quit for her friend but it’s not her obligation to quit so someone else can stay no matter how much he deserves to be there or how rude I thought it was not to. 

I still think she should have fallen on her sword. I still think it was disgusting and really inconsiderate of her to say “this is so exciting” during tribal council right before the last vote was read. But I’ve made peace with the fact that, even though she’s miserable out there, she still wasn’t willing to quit flat out…despite the fact that it would have been a miracle to have her quit the first time Joe didn’t have immunity (man that would’ve been fabulous.)

So, yeah. It is still just awful to me that she didn’t save him with a final sacrifice and I’m heartbroken that Joe left and didn’t make it to his family visit and didn’t continue to dominate the game. But hey, that’s Survivor.

A phone holds a thousand memories. Not just in the hundreds of pictures that could tell my story, but in my music, in the text messages and the ones I never sent, in my voice memos, in the games I play to pass the time away secretly waiting to hear from you, in the way my ear presses against the glass just to hear your voice, in the way my lips teased the phone talking to you and whispering to you late at night and yelling at you because really I just missed you so fucking much and I’m sorry for crying while there wasn’t anything you could do… but most of all, in all the silence of our slightly opened lips desperately begging it to just say how we really feel for each other. A phone remembers the silence it had to endure between people.
—  Modern Day Memoir // Jenn Satsune

for the-game-spirit, whom Crystal was the secret santa for! UvU However since Crystal was unable to do anything i went ahead and colored this sketch of hers, so that was it was still kinda from her…. omfgshesgoingtokillmewhenshecomesbackicanfeelit

I hope you like it! 8D


i was playing around with my brush settings some more since sai decided to not save them >:- \\\

hope you guys like it! i had no idea this ship was so popular haha. it’s kinda like shipping me and feli/our blogs together if you think about it, and that kinda makes me happy wow


Dear 16 year old me,

That big life changing decision you’re trying to make right now, go with your gut. Don’t ignore your intuitions. It has never failed you before, and trust me, it won’t fail you now. Sometimes your heart knows things that your mind just can’t explain. Oh, and spoiler alert: you do end up moving to LA. Life is full of goodbyes and some are harder than others. You’ll say your toughest goodbyes when you move to LA, but know that not all goodbyes are forever. You’ll always find time to keep in touch with the people who mean the most to you. And from this, you’ll realize who means the most to you. In these next two years you’re going to meet some of the best people you’ve ever met in your life. I’m not kidding. You’ll have your most memorable moments with these people. Have fun. You’re also going to meet some of the worst. Steer clear of these ones. Stay focused. Remember there are people in life who will try to drag you down with them. Don’t forget where you’re going. Some best friends forever really aren’t forever. But don’t regret the time you’ve spent with them. They’ve all impacted your life no matter how long they were in it for, even if they kinda sucked. All you really need is one best friend, quality over quantity. And that’s for everything in life. You’ll learn to surround yourself with the kind of people you aspire to be, and it will inspire you every single day. Stop hanging out with that girl who wastes your time and start hanging out with that one who knows what she wants. Motivation is contagious. You’ll experience heartbreak and you’ll think it’s the end of the world. It’s not. And he’s not worth your emotions. Stop wasting so much time and energy thinking about him. You’ll learn the difference between alone and lonely. Life’s not always easy. And in fact, it’s about to get a lot harder. It’s going to break you, but you’re going to get through it. They’re not lying when they say it gets better. And I know that’s probably the last thing you wanna hear right now. We as people never self-congratulate ourselves but we should start. So let me start and tell you that you’ll accomplish things you’ve always wanted to. You’ve worked hard for it and you deserve it. Be proud of the things you do and don’t stop now. This is just the beginning. You’ll find yourself. You’ll learn more about you in the next two years than you’ve ever really known about you. Like that you’re still afraid of the dark even though you probably shouldn’t be anymore. Anyway, once you find yourself, keep being yourself. Keep creating. Keep inspiring. And keep dreaming.

- Jenn McAllister (jennxpenn)