Prompt: “Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight.”

You weren’t really sure how it happened the first time; or the second or third time. All you knew was that you liked it, a lot. But you also hated it. You hated sleeping with your best friend, spending countless hours wrapped up in his fluffy white sheets. You hated knowing that he would go out the next night, party it up, and possibly bring a girl home. You hated knowing that Harry didn’t love you the way you loved him. You’d known him for years, him always being your go-to person for any and everything. Even a romp in the sheets. Your feelings for him developed quickly after a drunken hook-up on the night of your birthday. The drinks and Harrys beautiful green eyes clouded your thinking. He kissed your neck grabbed your hips and lead you to his bedroom. And thats when you fell for him. Watching Harry bring home girl after girl night after night got old. You were tired of having your heart broken over and over by the man who didn’t even know you loved him. And time and time again, he’d come back to you, telling you how much he’s missed you. No one knew. It was as if you were his dirty little secret. Of course it was no secret that you were the best of friends, but no one knew what you had been doing behind closed doors, and certainly no one knew you were madly in love with Harry. So you did the only thing you knew how - avoid Harry like you’d avoid the plague. You had always accused people who ran from their feelings of being stupid and delusional. But each and every time you laid eyes on Harrys tall frame and dimpled grin, you fell more and more in love with him. Avoiding him was the only option. But Harry soon figured out that you were actively ignoring him, making ignoring him even harder. He called you, texted you, e-mailed you, direct messaged you and else. And after about a week or so, you guess he gave up. He hadn’t tried to contact you, at all. And you were finally overcoming your feelings for him, until you opened the door for him, thinking he was the thai food you ordered. He didn’t look so good. His once tan skin was pale and his eyes puffy and wet with tears. You didn’t say anything, but moved aside to let him in. He sat on your couch, rocking back and fourth, looking at the ground.

“Tell me what I did.” 

“Its not what you did..its what you didn’t.” 

There was a silence in the room that could only be described as painful. You went over to him, sitting beside him and he looked over at you with a nervous face. 

“What…?” he asked you, taking his hands from his face. You didn’t know what to say to him. All you did was press your lips to his in a sweet kiss. 

“You didn’t realize that I love you. But thats not your fault.” you said to him, swinging a leg on the other side of his hip to straddle him. “So lets just pretend. Just for tonight that you love me the way I’ve loved you for so long.”  You began to kiss down his neck, but you were stopped in your tracks when he said,

“We don’t have to pretend. I’ve loved you for longer than I can even remember. I never said anything because i didn’t want to scare you off. You’ve said multiple times that you don’t ever see yourself in a serious relationship. So I kept it to myself. But all those nights we spent together…I was making love to you. It was the only chance I had to express how I felt for you without using words. All those other girls, they meant nothing to me. I was simply trying to take my mind off of you. But I’m here now. We love each other, and thats all we need.”  

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This is how I imagine if Mika and Yuu went to a parent teacher conference because their kid went to a fight. Teacher: "Your child has gotten into a fight with a fellow classmate and left five stitches on their face." Mika: "Five stitches?!?!" Yuu: "That's my boy/girl!!!"

Mika would be glaring at him the whole time


Mika: *whispering threateningly* Yuu-chan…

Yuu: *gulps* I-I mean… bad! That was very bad! You’re grounded, little one!

Yuu: *whispering in the child’s ear* I’ll give you a reward later, now lets do as papa says and pretend you’re in trouble


: Mr Chairman, it’s very unskillful

Shirofuku: I guess I should have thrown the pen tablet away

Nokkuso: do it, I’m an unskillful member too, let’s just do our best as The Unskillful Committee together with Zecchan, Niban-kun, Aoi-kun and Forgeru

Aoi: hey, I’m very good at drawing

Shirofuku: Waiting for a picture from you

Nokkuso: (@Aoi) more like copying

I adore the Slytherin in Isak I really do. But please don’t pretend he’s innocent and pure and would never do anything to hurt a fly when we’ve got 3 seasons worth of him being the exact opposite of that…

Like the reason he isn’t a bad person is that he does apologize for some of the shit he did when he hurt someone, bu he did so after he was caught not before that. 

Like I don’t understand why you all pretend like Isak isn’t fake himself in so many ways? He legit led 2 girls on before he came out. It doesn’t make him a bad person but he’s not exactly Saint Isak either?

So when you say I wish Sana wouldn’t do this to my pure Isak, you’re erasing his past, assuming judgment on who’s deserving of revenge and cruel treatment, and magnifying Sana’s mistakes to minimize Isak’s.

Don't pretend you like heavy metal unless you listen to these bands!

- The Wiggles

- One Direction

- The Backstreet Boys

- 5 Seconds Of Summer

- Mordecai And The Rigbys

- Plankton And The The Patty Stealers

- The Monkees


- That korea one

- Rubber

- Elastic

On the night that grief comes, I lay out my limbs like sacrifice, hoping that if my body soaks enough of her up, I could pretend you are still here. I indulge in every memory and open parts of myself that have only ever been torn up, press my fingers against the flesh wounds, and try to find you. Nightmares can only kill you in your sleep. I imagine the worst until I can believe this is just a dream. On the night that she comes, I welcome her like a ghost. Barren and empty, bringing back nothing real; and yet, grief looks an awful lot like you.
—  To lose your goodbyes to the deceased 

But could you imagine if the glove thing wasn’t planned?

If Yuri was just like ‘I’m gonna pretend to slap you’ or ‘Fuck Victor and Yuuri, I’m gonna touch your face, too’?

And Yuri goes for it with nothing particular in mind, maybe even thinking about jerking his hand away at the last second and Otabek just fucking tears his glove off with his teeth?

Yuri must having fucking died inside.

You said it was dark with all the lights off. I knew you wanted to inspect the completion of my thighs but I did not want to see your face. So long as I could not see you, I could pretend you were him. I could make myself believe that your narrow hips were the broad ones he had owned. I could pretend your slender thighs were his that were twice as wide. I could pretend your flat chest was his sculpted muscular one. Without the light, you were who I said you were. In the back of my mind, you were him.

I keep seeing people acting like they are so sad that older girl groups keep disbanding, but they put in zero effort to support them while they are still around. The only reason they are acting like this is because they are afraid their faves are next. And it’s a fair feeling to have, it’s understandable. But please stop saying something should be done but then not supporting any older girl groups other than your faves.

Seriously, go find a list of older girl groups and go watch their latest music videos, listen to them on spotify, maybe even buy a song or two (it’s understandable if you can’t tho), and show all of your support, even if it’s not your fave group. Because girl groups seem to have an expectation date, and you pretending to care isn’t actually helping.

A Letter for Lainey

Lainey, please. For the love of God. You know why you’re crying, don’t pretend that you don’t. You know that it’s because he makes comments that he knows upsets you, and then when you tell him how you feel, he invalidates your feelings by telling you that they’re stupid, that you’re irrational, by getting angry, by accusing you of being too sensitive, by playing it off as a joke, and you just need to lighten up and deal with it. 

 A lot of people think that you stay for the money, but I don’t. I think you stay because you feel trapped. I think you stay because you don’t think you can do any better. I think you stay because you believe that nobody else will want you, will be able to put up with your anxiety, with the fact that you have two children, with your depression. I think you stay because you’ve never been by yourself and you’re terrified of being alone, and you don’t know who you are without the identity that he provides you. I think you stay because despite the way that he treats you, you genuinely love him, you worship the ground that he walks on, you marvel at the qualities that he has that you don’t believe that you have, and you idealize him to an unhealthy degree. 

 You might not think this about yourself because he’s convinced you to mistrust your own gut, but I can tell that you’re a very intuitive person. What your gut tells you about him - that he doesn’t care about you, that he doesn’t love you, that he uses your bisexuality as a tool to queerbait other women into a relationship with him, that he manipulates and controls you, that he uses you for sex and house-cleaning services, that he would drop you in a hot second if he thought that he could find a way to be with a younger woman without having to pay you alimony or child support, and while being able to keep you on the back burned as a subservient back-up - are all true. We can all see it, and even though you’re right in the middle of it, I can see that you sense it too. Your insecurities are not irrational - they are a very rational response to the behavior that you see in him. He convinces you that you’re being crazy and overly sensitive, but you’re not. You. Are. Not. Crazy. 

I know that you think that the Internet hates you and that we don’t support you (and I admit that there are a lot of inappropriately mean comments on this video and elsewhere online), and I also know that you think that I (and people like me) only care about you because we want to hurt him. But that isn’t true - there are a lot of people online who feel a great deal of empathy for you. Everybody wants to see you happy, healthy, and away from him, including your own family. You know that they love you and would take you back in a heartbeat and help you get back on your feet. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you read this. I know that you’re probably not going to, but I had to say something in case there was the faintest glimmer of hope that you might. Even if you just want to reach out to have somebody to talk to, I’m here - I promise that I won’t judge or try to pressure you to leave him. I can just see so clearly how incredibly broken and alone you are, and it breaks my heart to be able to see your pain so dramatically. If not to me, then reach out to your family. You don’t deserve this.

I know that you feel lost and don’t have an identity outside of being Greg’s wife, but you’re not just Laineybot, wife of Onision. You’re Lainey, a human being, first and foremost. You are beautiful. You are sensitive. You are empathetic. You are funny. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are creative. You are intuitive. You are intelligent. And you don’t deserve this. 

HorribleSubs: “We are a fansub group. We translate, time, encode, and edit our own shows. We do not rip our shows from Crunchyroll or the likes.“
HorribleSubs: Doesn’t subtitle the OP or ED, just like Crunchyroll
HorribleSubs: Uses the exact same wording and typesetting as Crunchyroll

Why even bother pretending you aren’t Crunchyrip-tier anymore if you’re gonna be so blatant about not having changed at all?

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Okay but maybe something happened on Wednesday at the park. Maybe they are planning a surprise for Sana like they did to Noora in episode one. Maybe they care more for her than we realise. Maybe it's just that they don't know how to reach out for her than that they don't care. They do realise she says no to them all the time, especially Noora must realise something. I'm gonna believe this until I've been proven wrong. Idk about Vilde though.

yeah i definitely think they don’t know how to reach out to her. i mean that’s the problem when you pretend nothing ever goes wrong in your life, people believe it. and you cant expect them to know when you’re feeling down and read your mind. but that being said, it’s getting painfully obvious that there’s something wrong with sana, so they really need to step up and SHOW that they care for her, bc they haven’t done much of that yet. 

also, i dont know how to take noora’s text, it could either be that noora knows sana wont agree to meet up if noora asks what’s wrong but maybe she knows that sana likes to focus on others, so she chooses to tell sana that she needs to talk to her about something with her and not sana as a way to hang out with her and then help her. or she could just be extremely ignorant and gullible and only want to hang out with sana when she herself needs to talk idk 

whatever happens, this is my mood all the time from now on:

NCT’s reaction to you confessing to them but they reject you so you play it off as a joke

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could do a NCT reaction where you guys are best friends and you confess to them but they reject you, so you play it off as a joke (even though you really like them) Hope you understand what I meant, thank you 😊😊”

A/N: This is a 100% something I would do, lmao.


He wouldn’t believe you, to be honest. But to don’t make you feel uncomfortable or make things awkward between both of you he would pretend that he believes you. He would also take a bit of distance from you.

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He wouldn’t believe you either, but unless Taeil he wouldn’t take any distance from you, instead, he would actually start to slightly tease you until you tell him the truth. But he would make you suffer with hugs and lots of hand grabbing.

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Do you think this guy is stupid? He would laugh ironically after hearing your little white lies and get closer to you, placing one of his hands softly in your cheek. “So it’s just a joke, uhmm? Lying is not good for you, babygirl.” He would confirm his hypothesis when he sees you getting nervous and your hands getting shaky.

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Really similar to Johnny at first. “Did you know that lying is a sin, Y/N?” He would tease you a little with his words but end up being like Taeil and pretend to believe you. He would make his skinship with you slightly more frecuent but basically nothing would change.

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Basically, the same thing as Hansol, but he would actually make you suffer. One day he would be the clingiest person with you, and the next one he would ignore you completly, making you feel really confused and angry at him. He would tease you like this as long as it takes, just to see how much can you endure without slapping his face, lmao.

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He would also start teasing you with lots of skinship and you didn’t mind it at all at first, but every day his loving touches would just make you feel more weak. “Why are you suddenly so touchy, Kun? I can’t stand you anymore.” He would laugh and look at you in the eyes. “Tell me, Y/N. That was a joke or a lie?”

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“So it was a joke, uhm? Okay..” He would use this to his own good and always end up having the last word in all your dicussions because of this. Sometimes, when he feels a bit cray cray he would be like Johnny, placing his hands around your figure and getting really close to you just to make you feel nervous. 

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This guy would tease you for like a whole month about it, but only when both of you are alone, and like Johnny he would do it with in a really provocative way. His teases probably involve some tiny kisses and slow caressess. And since this baby doesn’t know how to keep a secret at all after he tells the other members about it he would end up being even more teased than you, making him take a distance from the members instead of you, lmao.

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He would also pretend that he believes you, but still tease you about it, but instead of making you feel flustered or sad, it would became a private joke between both of you. “I know you can’t resist me, Y/N, stop pretending.” It would basically make both of you closer.

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Probably the only one that believes you right away. He’s really inoccent and even if he would have his doubts from time to time, he would believe you in the exact second you told him it was a joke and play it off naturally, but leaving him a bit confused for he rest of the day too.

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I feel like he would believe you too, but it would take a bit longer than Sicheng. He would be constantly thinking about it and doubting about you. He would think about past memories and realize that they would make a bit more of sense, but eventually believing in your lie or forgetting about your confession.

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“You just confessed to me! Why would you pretend that you don’t like me? It makes no sense.” He wouldn’t even think twice and just tell you how he feels about this change of oppinions that you had, probably making things a bit awkward between both of you.

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He would be the same as Taeyong, just that he wouldn’t tease you at all, but probably make you feel flustered with his facial expression that clearly are telling you how he doesn’t believe you at all. He would tell his actual opinion to Renjun or Mark, and they would make you know how stupid he thinks your decission was.

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He would tease you with this everyday of your life, believe me. Even if eventually he ends up in a relationship with you or if you stop liking him, I swear that everyday he would remind you this and use it to his own good. “Oh? So you don’t want to do the dishes for me? Well, the minis would love to hear about that time when you conf-” “oKAY, FINE, I’LL DO IT.”

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I feel like he’s really good with awkward situations? So he, like Renjun, wouldn’t be scared of asking you a bunch of stuff about it and putting you in one of those embarrasing situations. After a few hours he would act like it never happened and would treat you like he always does. But from time to time he would look at you with his ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face.

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Wouldn’t believe you either, and he would chose the worst moments to tease you about it, for example, in front of all the members. “Today I discovered that Y/N looks really cute while blushing.” “Y/N blushing? When did that happen, Chenle?” “Oh, when she confessed to me.”

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You would leave this poor baby so confused. He would ask for advice to the other members, and accidentally making everyone know about your crush on him. Things woud get really awkward and he would stop talking with you for a few weeks until things are normal again.

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“do a spec aphobes think I want them in my community?” honestly way to highlight one of the biggest flaws in aro/ace communities. exclusionist aro/ace people are not magically less or more aro/ace and i dont understand how you can pretend to be for ‘inclusion’ but exclude people from a community based on something like being uncomfortable with cishets.

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"H-Heya Shy!" Mischief approached his partner, a small smile on his face. His smile looked different, however. His face was flushed and he was slightly sweating ink. He looked quite tired actually.

*he tilts his head, watching closely then gives a small frown, tail drooping and looks close to tearing up*….W-why are you…why a-are you hiding from m-me?…Y-you are not happy, I c-can tell, y-yet you pretend?…*whispers softly* I k-know because that is h-how I would smile w-when I really w-want to curl up and cry…So…w-why are you hiding from m-me, love?…

To the boy who hates insects, 

I swore to myself in the beginning that I wouldn’t cry over you. I am though. Not sobbing, at least. Just the hot tears rolling down my expressionless face as I stare at our messages and wonder where it all went wrong. It was so sweet and beautiful and now it feels like I’ve been punched in the throat. You are wonderful and mesmerizing and I guess I just wasn’t enough for you. I’m sorry for trying so hard. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you added insult to injury and suggested we should be friends. You had the nerve to apologize to me as if you didn’t know I would take the complete and sole blame. You act as if you don’t know that I won’t stop crying all night, I won’t sleep for days, I won’t feel tomorrow, and I won’t smile for a week. Don’t pretend you don’t know how you built me up and up and up and then you broke me. 

From the girl you used to give butterflies