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  • They’re a pretty mellow group. Nico doesn’t feel the need to put on her cute routine around Kotori and Umi because they both already respect her for who she is.
  • They help each other out on everything. Umi and Nico will help Kotori make clothes, Kotori and Nico will help Umi write, and Kotori and Umi will help Nico practice songs.
  • Kotori travels a lot for work, so Umi and Nico make sure to call her everyday. Nico convinces Umi to take selfies to send to Kotori.
  • Their meals are very easy. All three of them can cook which makes preparation fast. They all are also early risers so often one or two of them will make breakfast while the other prepares lunch.
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she thinks:I honestly don't understand what's going on with Dan. One night he practically asks for help and the next morning he denies it all and says he was just being funny. I feel like he regrets opening up to us and it makes me so upset. Does he not trust us enough? Does he think we'll make fun of him if he takes off his happy mask? Or is it because of the sarcastic replies he got to the "Captain Existential Crisis" tweet? Whatever it is, I hope he sees all the support he's getting. I hope he sees all the edits and loving messages. I hope he realises that we do not see him as a joke but as a person.

On The Wings of Love - Teaser for Week 4
We have to believe it. We have to feel it.

Le gaspth it’s an adorable kitty made of ice cream!!! *0*

Me and JohnYume were talking about cute tater tot Mikey and how he would get all wubu messy if he were to ever find Ice Cream Kitty in the past. ( Via portal or otherwise. ) So both me and Yume decided to draw our versions because who can say no to cute? *3*

So here is the end result of my end after much procrastination and sidetracking. >u>” drawn with pencil and paper, inked with a 0.5 pen, and colored with fabulous PrismaColors pencils~ 

P.S. Don’t look too closely at IC Kitty’s face or the slanting floor. >_>”

Bakura asks Ryou to make a costumized night-light together with him. Since he’s willing to share his technology with him for once.

Given the shape, Ryou doesn’t need to ask who it’s for, and respectfully does not cross Bakuras boundry of ‘no questions asked’.

This time, no jokes. Bakura goes up to Marik, gives him the damn night light and doesn’t even joke around about it.

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I really respect that you take the time to fill so many requests for people. That's cool of you and takes a lot of work. Thanks for that.

ahh you’re welcome! this was awfully sweet to receive, it is a lot of work but it’s pretty fun!