im sure there will be tons of posts like these about how much we all absolutely adore Catherine, but how could i resist making my own? instead of focusing on her achievements and everything about her personality and everything great she has done, im going to focus on something else, mainly because all of us Tatertots already understand her importance to this society and everything she has done to make us smile and laugh and love ourselves but also because it should go without saying that this woman we love so much is basically amazingly perfect. okay on to what i was saying, i chose these pictures because i just wanted to emphasize the fact that she is literally absolutely stunning(and hot) i put together some of the hottest pictures of her i could find. (and included one from last night because, well, did you see the dress?!?). for the most part i chose to talk about her hotness because, if you haven’t noticed, she isn’t exactly the model type, she has curves and big boobs and a bum, and she looks amazing all the time. and i know that Catherine will probably never see this in her lifetime but Catherine, some women would kill for your body, and hair, and face, and personality, everything, i mean EVERYTHING. Words cant express my love and gratitude for this woman i havent even met(sigh) and when i do try to put it into words, it usually ends up sounding something like “havdbwhsbqjsh”. Catherine, i wish you all the best, i hope you have an amazing birthday and do know that there is always someone out there that loves you and is willing to tell you how amazing you look in just about anything. props to you if you suffered through this sincerely, a truly love-crazed Tatertot.

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oohh how was your day? (: tell us about it if you'd like!!!! c:

my day was FANTASTIC FRIEND!!! :DDDD i finished my second semester of college today and i took my last exam and i’m freeeeee for over a year!!! yay!!!! <33333333 and then i went to lunch with my friend Sadie and that was fun (it’s always fun with her <3333) and then we went to walk downtown and there’s a lil festival going on called Artistsphere!! and it’s basically a little thing where people set up tents and display their art and there’s food/wine tastings and it’s SO cool!!! <333333 there was one booth we went by and it had these incredibly high res pictures and they were GORGEOUS. they were literally the most beautiful pictures i’d ever seen and they were from all over like from Italy and Tokyo and even from like Indiana like wow. WOW. they were stunning!!! <333333333

and then i had to take Sadie back bc she had another exam and then i went home and painted my nails and watched Grey’s Anatomy!!! and then i met up with my work friends Callie and Andy and we went to this arcade type place and it was SO fun and we went to the mall to eat and we went and bought flowers and it was so so much fun!! wow i love them a lot!! <333333 tonight’s been a really great night <3333333 

if there is one person in the A+ fandom i miss, it has to be stardust. i swear to god she had the most gorgeous, visually stunning pictures i had ever seen in my life. i know it sounds crazy but i don’t think i’ve ever gotten over the fact that she suddenly closed the fansite down one day. she would travel up and down the country to take fancams and pictures, she was there since day one. joon always seemed to spot her in large crowds too. dare i say it, her work actually kinda made you want to ship the two, that’s how good it was! …and suddenly she disappeared into thin air. if anyone knows what happened, where she went or what she’s upto these days, please let me know!!!!

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What is for fave eleanor outfit? x

I can’t pick just one so I’ll pick one of her most recent ones 😂

My fav 2015 outfit is the one she wore in an Instagram picture with Max with the caption “you savage” and she’s wearing her black over the knee boots with this black coat and her hair is in a half up top knot and ugh she looks stunning 😍