Look, I ain’t got a problem with vegans. But if you gon be sittin at my table just to shoot evil looks at my innocent bowl of mac n cheese, me and my Goodwill leather jacket are gonna get you… and your little soyburger, too.

People are throwing away their WOW tickets…(an event that supports women of the world and their feminist visions and ideals) all because Gillian Anderson isn’t dating who they want to and instead dating a man who is being honored (amongst his other awards and accomplishments) at BFI dinner for his achievements and success in screenplay writing…?

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Your Body Next To Mine

for @racheltuckerrr because she wanted some fluff.

Your Body Next To Mine

Kara hadn’t seen her former boss in couple of days. Well, technically, Cat was still her boss but she was under Snapper’s reign now. Even though she wasn’t Cat’s assistant anymore, she still visited the other woman. In fact, they had started weekly lunch dates. At first Cat claimed it was to see how she was holding up with the new position and to rant about the assistants that weren’t Kara but eventually it became something more. Cat would visit Kara in the office she was sure Snapper didn’t know about and Kara would bring Cat lunch and sit with her while they ate and caught up. They didn’t realize it at first but they had started a routine. Eventually, Cat visited Kara every morning and brought her coffee while Kara came by Cat’s office to bring them lunch. They had become close friends and Kara was happy. Sometimes Kara wondered if there was something more between them. She couldn’t admit it but somewhere along the way, she had started to develop feelings for her former boss. Sometimes, she felt that maybe, they might be reciprocated but then she realized she was most likely projecting her feelings onto the other woman.

Kara walked through the now empty building. It was Friday evening, everyone had gone home. Well almost everyone. While the majority of the time, they ate together, there were days like today where they both became swamped with work and missed their lunch dates. Usually, those were the days they stayed late anyways so they decided to make it dinner dates when that happened instead. Kara used the word date just as Cat always did, in a completely platonic way of course.

“You’re staring.” Cat called out to her visitor. “Why?”

“Because you’re struggling.” She said as she stepped into the office. “Let me help.”

“Since when do you talk back?” She questioned, a smile threatening to form on her face.

“I don’t know Cat, maybe since someone repeatedly scolded me for being too nice.” She smirked as she walked towards the other woman.

Cat shook her head, letting her weight lean against the desk as she welcomed the younger woman. “You know, I would’ve never promoted you if I had known that this is who you’d turn out to be.”

Kara smirked. “Yes, you would have.”

Cat rolled her eyes. “What are you still doing here? Everyone’s gone home already.”

“You’re still here.” She pointed a finger in Cat’s direction. “And don’t tell me that you don’t count because you’re the boss. You forget that I know you. Besides, I haven’t seen you today.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t make it any less true.” She stated as her hand went to the back of her dress. “Yeah, I figured Snapper’s got you chasing down stories.”

“More like useless nothings.” Kara muttered.

Cat sighed, struggling to fix her dress. “It’s good, it means that you’re starting to gain his respect. Besides, everyone’s got to start somewhere.”

“All right, that’s enough.” Kara mentioned for her to turn around. “Here, let me help.”

Cat shook her head, smiling at the assertiveness of the younger woman. “Thanks, the zipper’s been stuck all day and I can’t seem to loosen it.”

“Why you where these impossible things is a mystery to me.” Kara teased, letting a small sigh escape her lips.

As soon as Kara’s hands touched Cat’s neck, she knew that she was screwed. She wasn’t an idiot, she knew that they had chemistry. There was a certain flirtation, a back and forth they always shared. But lately, it was more prominent. She wasn’t sure if it was because of Kara’s new found assertiveness or maybe because Kara wasn’t her assistant anymore but the electricity around they seemed to crackle  when they were alone together.

Kara tried to ignore it, she really did. The fire that seemed to ignite in her stomach when she was near Cat had ignited and Kara knew, she knew that she shouldn’t give in to it but she wanted to. Oh, boy how she wanted to. The smell of Cat’s perfume was intoxicating and getting closer to her wasn’t helping.

Each step Kara took towards her seemed to echo. Cat wondered if the other woman could hear the thumping of her heartbeat because she could hear it. The blood seemed to be rushing in her ears and Kara wasn’t even touching her yet. Kara placed a hand delicately on her shoulder and her skin felt as if it was on fire.

Kara took a deep breath, trying to steady her shaky hands. It was stupid, it was a zipper. Cat had asked her to fix her zipper. So then why could she feel her heart pumping faster?

Kara stepped right behind the older blonde and Cat could feel the warmth breath by her ear. “You know, if you would dress less like you were going on a runway everyday then maybe this wouldn’t happen.”

Cat shivered, her whole body was tingling as she tried to continued their banter, her words came out breathlessly. “Hmm, and what dress more like you? I’ll stick to the occasional mishap.”

Cat felt the rumble of Kara’s laugh, the vibrations go through her. “Come on Cat, I don’t dress that bad.”

“Fine, I’ll admit. Your wardrobe’s gotten a little better. But only minutely.” Kara’s other hand reached up toward Cat’s smooth skin by her neck and gently pushes the other woman’s soft hair out of the way.

“Don’t want your hair to get caught.” She murmurs, her eyes transfixed on the other woman’s body.

Kara’s hand on her neck elicited a small gasp from Cat and she knows the other woman heard her. A couple of seconds later Kara pulled on the zipper, and slid it down gently. Kara tried not to dwell on the fact that she could see Cat’s lacy black bra peaking out from the now partly unzipped dress.

Cat felt Kara’s hand push the zipper down, antagonizing slow and she swallowed before clearing her throat. “Thanks,”

Kara stayed there’s frozen for a moment, before slowly bringing her hands to the top of Cat’s shoulders, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever Kara touched. Suddenly, it became too much. The tension surrounding them became thicker, the spark between them igniting further and further, until the inevitable happened. It caught fire. Kara’s felt hands slid down to Cat’s waist and heard her breathing hitch.

“Cat.” She whispered, sucking lightly on the sensitive skin just below her ear.

That set Cat over the edge and she spun around to face the other woman. The moment their eyes met, she felt the heat from Kara’s smouldering eyes. It was as if they were burning through her. She leaned into the other woman, their lips barely touching. She could feel Kara’s warm breath on her.

“Cat?” The desire coating the other woman’s voice became too much for Cat and she closed the distance between them.

She laced her fingers around Kara’s neck and pulled her towards her. She kissed her, hard and it only took a moment before the other blonde responded. Kara’s lips were soft and inviting and a sense of warmth filed her entire body. Passion and desire burned within the kiss. She heard Kara moan and she took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Her tongue grazed the roof of the other blonde’s mouth and a low throaty growl escaped from her as arms grabbed her ass. She ran her fingers through Kara’s hair, letting it come loose from the ponytail. Their lips unlocked and before she could take a breath, Kara was sucking on the base of her neck. She withered and Kara sucked harder. There was sure to be a hickey in the morning but in that moment, she didn’t care. She brought her lips back to the younger woman’s lips but not before leaving a trail of open mouth kisses along the length of her neck. The fact that Kara was murmuring incomprehensible things her ear with a gravelly voice that she had never heard before made her about to burst with need.

Cat’s mouth tasted like bitter wine and possibilities. Cat’s hands roamed her body urgently and she trailed scorching open mouth kisses down the side of her neck. Cat’s hips rocked against her, unashamed and she involuntarily pressed hers against the other woman harder. She craned her neck, giving more access. She moaned, as she sucked near the base of her neck. Her response was an even louder moan.

And when breathing became a necessity, they pulled apart. Her whole body ached, she craved the other woman more than she thought was ever possible. She was more conscious of Cat than she had ever been of anything or anyone else in her life. When she leaned toward her and brushed her lips across Cat’s, she reached for the other woman as if she would otherwise drown.

They broke apart when air became necessary, their foreheads still touching. “Wow,”

“That was,” Cat exhaled, she felt dizzy as if the world was spinning. “Wow.”

She heard a chuckle come from the other blonde and stared. “What’s so funny.”

Kara smirked, a sultry laugh escaping her lips. “Are you speechless? Have I made the infamous Cat Grant speechless?”

“Shut up.” She smiled, smacking Kara on the shoulder.

“Make me.” Kara bit her lip and Cat felt herself shiver.

“Carter’s going to his fathers for the weekend.” She let the hand on Kara’s chest wander. “Meet me at my place in a couple of hours.”

She licked her lips. “Mhm I don’t know, I might need some convincing. I did have planning for tonight.”

“Oh, I have plans for you.” She let her hand dip into the younger woman’s shirt. “They involve you screaming my name until your voice becomes hoarse.”              

Night cuddlers

Titel: Night cuddlers
Pairing: Platonic Moxiety
Summary: “Anxiety has so many stuffed animals- where did they come from?” from @sanders-au
A/N: I’m bored, I waned to write fluff, I found this. This is short. I’m sorry

It’s all Patton’s fault. It started when Virgil was only five years old and always had nightmares. He tried to figure out ways to help the poor boy. At first he just slept with him every night and to his surprise, it helped. Virgil would be cuddling close to Patton and hold him tight and Patton would do the same. It made Virgil sleep peacefully but Patton didn’t have the same sleep.

A month of sleeping in Virgil’s room he decided to try something else. He found a yellow teddy bear that was really soft and of course he brought it. That night both of the small boys would sleep really good. Virgil had a teddy bear to cuddle with and most of the nights he slept well but a lot of times he would sneak into Patton’s room.

The next time was on Christmas. Patton tried to find a good gift when he found lots of really big stuffed animals. He had to buy those. He didn’t think it would do much. Logan got a big octopus that Logan placed in a corner of his room. Roman got a big lion that was placed on his bed. Virgil got a black cat that, surprisingly, was his cuddler every night. Patton once came in to see if he was asleep when he was clinging onto the cat like if it was Patton not long ago.

After that only Logan notice the pattern. Every year on their birthday and Christmas Patton would give Virgil all sorts of stuffed animals. And it didn’t stop at 15 years old or even 20, no, as it seemed now. It would never stop. That is also if you walk into Virgil’s closet, you would see like 50 stuffed animals.

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PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 PART 5 PART PART 5 pleaaaaase im dying please please pleasw please 😭😭😭😩😩😩😩

Part 5

You asked for it, here it is but meh….I’m not content…

Eric’s warning turned out to be true. You had never been in the trunk of a moving car before but now you knew how it felt. You were thrown around during every turn and braking he made, it was even more exhausting since your hands were still bound with the cable ties behind your back. You couldn’t even support your own body. Your dress clung to your frame, still soaked and still dirty, the ties cut uncomfortably into your delicate wrists, for sure damaging the skin.

You couldn’t see anything and it made you feel highly uncomfortable but at least you could still hear and smell, thought there was not much to be heard or smelt. It smelt fairly neat. People might expect that the car, especially the trunk, of an 18 year old teenage boy smelt and looked different but Eric was a lover of order through and through.

You felt around, desperately searching for a sharp object or anything that had sharp edges that might be of help cutting your ties but there was nothing except for something that felt like a breakdown triangle. The car suddenly stopped and you gasped as you hit the front of the trunk. It was too early, the ride too short; you couldn’t be at his house already. You heard as the car door opened and Eric seemed to exit. You heard steps leading away from the car, the motor still running and wondered what he was doing but it took him barely seconds and he was back, slamming the door shut and the car moved again.

You didn’t think about what had just happened or what he had done but tried to focus and come up with a plan. You felt the car taking two sharp turns and recognized them, knowing that you were already in the road of the Harris house. Indeed you were right because the car stopped a few seconds later but this time the motor was turned off. Once more you heard as the car door opened and listened to Eric’s footsteps coming to the back of the car, the trunk.

You braced yourself, getting ready to fight back. The trunk was opened with a strong pull and the light of the street lights brightened your eyes for a second before you could see Eric’s face, or at least the outlines.

“End of the line.”

He said and you remained calm as he bowed down, wanting to pull you out. Only when he was a few inches away from you did you try to kick him, almost failing as Eric grasped your foot but your shoes were slippery and you managed to hit his nose. A very sensitive spot.


Eric screamed and groaned, carefully feeling his nose, you couldn’t see much but there was definitely some blood there. He spat on the ground. You just lay there and watched as he wiped the blood away; smearing it all over his hands and chin, being proud of yourself.

“Fucking get out of there.”

He growled and grabbed you by your arms, pulling you out of the trunk and onto the cold and dirty ground. You knelt in front of him as he roughly pressed his hand to your mouth, the other one grasping your hair to pull your head back.

“Try something like that again if you want to know what happens when I run out of patience. And I swear to god that if you only breathe too loudly now, you’ll pay! Is that understood?”

You nodded as much as his grip allowed and Eric pulled you to your feet and closed the trunk, turning you around so that you were pressed with your back against his chest and shoved you forwards, his hand still covering your mouth. You stumbled to the door of his house and he roughly pressed you against it with his body as he searched for the keys in his pockets. You whimpered against his hand, the pain of your ties and the strength with which he had pushed you against the door too painful.

“Shut up.”

Eric whispered and you heard as he unlocked the door, opening it and pushing you inside. You stumbled and almost fell but he held you steady. He turned on the light and you found yourself standing in the hall you had stood so many times before, visiting him, coming over for dinner or simply just picking him up for school. You felt like crying but oppressed it.

“Take your shoes off.”

Eric ordered and stepped on the back of your shoes, encouraging you to step out of them; you did as he demanded without protesting while he fetched something from his pocket that you couldn’t see at first. You suddenly heard a familiar sound and only now did you recognize the object he held in his right hand, it was your phone.

“Eric, that’s my phone.”

You said but he ignored you and instead dragged you over to the living room, dropping you onto the couch and went away again to lock the door. You tried to sit up without the help of your hands without success when he was back again. Your phone was still ringing.

“Those are my parents, am I right?”

You asked helplessly, watching him as he stared at the screen.

“What do you think they’ll do if I won’t pick up? They’ll grow suspicious.”

You continued and wriggled off the couch, managing to stand up. Eric looked at you as you moved towards him, he seemed to argue with himself whether he should let you pick up or not.

“If you say anything-“

He growled and clenched his jaw.

“I won’t.”

You quickly said and he observed you for another two seconds before he hesitantly gave you the phone, holding it against your ear. You awkwardly took it between your shoulder and your cheek.


You asked nervously.

“(Y/N) where are you?”

Relief washed over you upon hearing her voice, she sounded nervous and upset.


You almost breathed. It was so nice to hear her right now, she was the one that gave you comfort. But there must have been too much relief in your voice because Eric gave you a harsh look, reminding you to not give anything away. You cleared your throat and took a deep breath.

“I forgot to tell you-“

You swallowed.

“I’m staying overnight at Lauren’s.”

There was a short pause at the other end of the line and then your mother sighed.

“Well baby, you should have told me earlier, your dad and me were worrying!”

“I’m sorry.”

You looked at Eric who starred at you like a hawk.

“I love you mom.”

You said and held back your tears; you wanted to be nowhere else but in her arms right now.

“I love you too sweetheart. Have fun and call tomorrow before you come home!”

You wanted to say something, anything; just anything to keep talking to her but your mother had hung up.

“Mom wait-”

You called but Eric wrenched the phone out of our hands.


He said and grabbed your arm again, pulling you into a different direction, away from the living room and to the stairs that lead to his room. He picked you up and carried you as you struggled against him, taking you down the stairs.

He kicked the door open with his foot and carried you over to his bed.

“No Eric, not here! Anywhere but not here.”

You tried to hold him back from laying you down on the bed but he let you down without effort.

“Stay still.”

He said and walked over to his closet, searching for something as you tried to roll down the bed.

“I said stay still!”

He screamed as he returned with some ropes. You started screeching as he pushed you up on the bed again and began to tie your left ankle to the lower left bedpost.

“They won’t hurt you, they were made for climbing so they’re actually very smooth!”

He explained calmly while tying you down.

“Let me, Eric let me! Please not here!”

You screamed over and over again until he removed your cable ties and you reached out to slap him. He pushed you down to the bed, hovering over you, fighting with you to bind your right hand to the other bedpost. You briddled as long as you could but finally he managed to catch your second hand and tied it down too.


You screamed and cried.

“You think I shouldn’t treat you like that? You think this is humiliating? You know nothing. If you want to be humiliated then I’ll put Sparky’s collar on you and I advise you not to test my limits so that this happens.”

He screamed right into your face and you cried even more.


You sobbed and threw your head back, squirming against your restraints. This seemed to catch him off guard. He surely didn’t expect that!

“You fucked her here.”

You repeated and closed your eyes, tears streaming down your cheeks. You felt so dirty and humiliated. Eric starred at you for a few seconds before he blinked and stood up.

“I have to prepare some things. Be a good girl and wait here, it won’t take long!”

He let his hand brush softly over your cheek but you turned away. You only heard as he turned off the light before he closed the door behind him. And once more your were enveloped by darkness.

So yeah, tell me if I should continue! I really need some advice on the smut! Do you guys want it to happen? Or rather not? Like I said, it’d be some kind of non-consensual passive smut at first so yeah. Tell me!

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