No offence but NCT is the big wave that will lead the 3rd generation with their unique style and capacity to put out original pieces. They literally can’t be named as “Second *insert group name*”. The unit system shows how the members, songs, choreographies and styles have to blend in well to form the concept itself. NCT is the revolutionary group that will take Kpop to its next level.

taehyung x highschool!au

ok tbh,,not really high school!au more like

“i saw you on the bus and you’re so cute and!!” x “i saw you, tried to smile at you, and murdered my shin in the process fUck”

  • taehyung is a nice coddamn person ok he can be a shy little baby sometimes but he’s so nice
  • so when his mom starts taking up extra hours at her job he takes one for the team (what a TEAM PLAYER am i rihgt) and offers to just take the bus to school instead of having his mom drive him
  • and at first he’s like yeah yeha i’m totally cool with it (even though internally he’s just….fjaeifojewfjpoiasdlfksjdf)
  • but then he actually steps onto the bus and (was that air hissing? w-what the fuck) and it’s crowded and a little smelly and he doesn’t see anyone he recognizes and he has to stand in the middle of the aisle while getting jostled constantly and ohGod this is terrible what have i done-
  • and then the bus stops and he hears the stupid hissing for like the billionth time and taehyung thanks the heavens that he decided to take the early bus and then
  • woah
  • woa h
  • woah
  • WOAH
  • did some kind of goddess just walk onto this bus because you are f to the i n e,
  • taehyung can’t even keep his mouth from dropping and he probably looks like an idiot but there are more pressing matters to take care of (such as making an additional thanks to the heavens) and oh shIT they’re coming this way (A/N: of course they’re coming your way tae there’s literally no seats ya walnut)
  • and because cliches are undeniably GREAT you lock eyes with this cute dude whose face is kinda flushed and his mouth is hanging open a little and he just generally looks awkward (but no lie ur into it) and you want to smile at him and you just kinda
  • stumble over like the bumbling idiot you are and bump your shin into something hard and fucfKCJfuk it hUrts 
  • but then you hear “excuse me” and ”’scuse me, sorry about that” and then you’re looking up at the Awkward Man and he’s eVEN CUTER UP CLOSE??HOW??
  • meanwhile as you’re gawking like an idiot dude’s like “omg are you ok?? it looked like you fell!!”
  • and because you’re just THAT slick you’re all “yeah, for you” (ok no honestly whenever you think back to that moment you STILL aren’t even sure where you got the balls to say that)
  • luckily Awkward Man is Awkward and he’s like “oh” and laughs nervously because holy shit did Cute Person actually say that
  • (spoiler: they actually said that)
  • cue more nervous laughter
  • cue introductions (”Taehyung? cute name for a cute face” “…omg”)
  • cue inevitable phone number exchange
  • “well, this is my stop” you say when the bus stops on the street adjacent to your school
  • taehyung doesn’t wanna say goodbye but luckily
  • this is his stop too!! what c(liche)oincidence!!
  • what are the odds that him and Cute Person go to the same school
  • what are the odds you and Awkward Man go to the same school
  • truly baffling
  • aNYWAYS so you guys get to the school and your shin doesn’t hurt anymore but taehyung remembers, “does your leg still hurt??” because he’s Awkward Man but he is also Thoughtful Man which is good shit
  • and so you ofc say non o not anymore and he’s like that’s good and
  • cue awkward silence
  • cue cliche looking at each other with sparkles in your eyes (however that works)
  • and for the finishing scene
  • “i’ll see you around?”
  • “sure yeah that’s cool i’m down totally” (A/N: y’all can just imagine who said what LMAO)
  • and they go their separate ways, ik ik it’s boring bUT
  • fear NOT
  • because once they’re far enough away from each other
  • you’re squealing like a loser bc 1. you suddenly had SO mUCH GAME??WHERE IT FROM THO??
  • and 2. you got Awkward Man’s number and he saved it in your phone as “taetae” with the bear emoji and A HEART W H A T
  • that’s not even all taehyung’s still flustered because wow 1. who knew the bus was hiding such an Angel
  • and 2. W H O  K N E W
  • the end

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia 

Pairing: Tododeku

A/N: guess who finally caught up with bnha?? (it me) @octorina and @kidovna bullied got me to ship these two pretty hard, so I hope this is any good! Also, Happy Birthday Midoriya Izuku. ♥

“What’s up, Todo-”

Shouto interrupts his question with a kiss, pressing his lips firmly against Izuku’s. Izuku isn’t expecting it, not in the least, but it isn’t unwelcome; far from it. His hands almost automatically loop around Shouto’s neck and he stands on his toes, increasing the pressure of the kiss. Shouto’s hands rest on Izuku’s hips and he squeezes before pulling him closer by the belt loops of his pants.

Izuku pulls back for a second, eyes roving over Shouto’s face, “In school? You sure?”

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lilylightly12  asked:

What pappened with Peyton and uriah

*cracks knuckles and sips my wine*



which basically this post codons ppl with different opinions than the OPs will deserve rape. 

That didn’t sit well with most of us. AND HERES WHY.




ROWAN UNFOLLOWED HIM. (and it is rumored that she blocked him)

Uriah then went on his insta after all this BLEW  THE FUCK UP and said in a video if we were offended we can leave his page. like ok. bye then.

Peyton liked an #alllivesmatter tweet, and ppl are SUPER upset about that because that movement belittles the #blacklivesmatter movement.


sunflowerstark  asked:

how do u think all the boys on the team get along with camilla once she and lardo start going out

ok ok ok ok here we go climb aboard the gr8 ship lamilla with me & i will pilot us through the perilous waters ahead

  • lardo is a bro & camilla and jack were functional exes so overall i feel the SMH would be pretty chill with them
    • they are also chill because of Fear
      • holster: bro…. she could definitely kill me
      • ransom: wait. are you talking about lardo or camilla
      • holster: does it even matter
      • ransom: shit u rite
  • they are too cute together and never get fined for it because of this
    • lardo: ily you’re my shining ray of sunshine
    • camilla: *kisses lardo on the nose*
    • ransom: should– should we fine them
    • holster: do u have a fckin death wish
      • tbqh the entire team is #whipped
  • bitty is definitely saltmates™ with camilla over jack being “a dumb bitch sometimes” 
    • bitty: ok you know I love jack with all my heart and soul
    • bitty: …. but let me just say
    • camilla: yas drag him
  • kegsters are WILD
    • there’s a new haus rule and it’s called Don’t Play Beer Pong Against Lardo & Camilla
      • they are a FORCE to be reckoned with
      • ransom & holster tried playing them once
      • theyre dead now. rip
    • speaking of people getting rekt let me talk for a second about these girls on the dance floor
      • how the fu–
      • lardo how do you have that much stamina you don’t even play SPORTS
        • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      • a circle is cleared
      • everyone is cheering
      • nursey is probably writing poetry about this
      • aaand shitty is crying somewhere
        • “u used 2 call me on ur cell phone….”
    • oh and bitty and camilla totally dance to beyoncé together
      • lardo sends snaps of this to jack
      • jack: what did i do to deserve this
  • anyway the team DEFINITELY goes to tennis matches now 
    • there’s a lot of fighting over who gets to hold the ‘YO MARRY ME CAMILLA COLLINS” poster
    • good god
    • they are. so rowdy 
    • eventually they learn to be quiet because it’s a tennis match ffs
      • this doesn’t mean they’re any less passionate tho
      • im just saying; this is rans & holster after everything camilla does
  • basically the team totally adopts her as one of their own
  • jk camilla is the one who adopts them
    • camilla collins & larissa duan: team mom and dad
*yells from on top of her house* The Onion Prince... Was Not That Good of a Person!!!!!!¡!!!1!

ok here we go because I’m so damn grumpy and just made the mistake of looking at people’s comments on the youtube video of Duel 19 on Nozomi’s channel.

FIRST OF ALL: he’s pissed about being ‘friendzoned’ and implies that Wakaba would be ‘tarnished’ should she get with someone else and that’s why he goes to the Mikage Seminar, literally it’s because he’s a whiny pissbaby who cannot handle just being friends with a girl. Seriously he runs there from his conversation with Wakaba like he’s freaking the fuck out because he was rejected by a friend - who had never said she was interested - because he thinks she’s too innocent and can’t exercise good judgment yadayadayada (the fact that Wakaba isn’t exercising good judgment aside, as the Onion Child doesn’t even know who she’s going to).

SECOND OF ALL: His butterfly literally just stays a butterfly because he is having petty shallow whiny boy feelings rather than grappling with something that is actually significant.

THIRD OF ALL: Mikage is a manipulative liar and has no time for people who aren’t useful to him so of course he just sends him home and we should not believe his decree that whats-his-face is even a decent person, let alone too good of one for the Hell-evator. Seriously anyone who’s trusting Mikage’s judgment on who is or isn’t a good person needs to take a step back.

AND THIRD OF ALL 2.0: Mikage isn’t at all concerned with good or bad people, he’s literally just using anyone who is closely connected with his targets. So the fact that he sends Tatsuya or whatever his name is home is literally only motivated by his lack of time for fucking around with children who cry about women being people who make their own choices, especially when these children aren’t even close enough to the girls they’re crying over to be useful for his purposes. It’s literally just that the Onion Prince is not useful, it has nothing to do with him being a good person because 1) he’s not and 2) Mikage gives zero fucks about that.

ALSO BONUS NOTE: Mikage’s probably just sympathetic to this kid because he also was the kind of manchild who could not handle not being ‘chosen’ by the woman he was interested in and basically it led him to murder like 100 people or whatever so.

A bunch of silver headcanons

For your silver needs! Ok here we go:

- the child dislikes being cold, and rarely takes his gloves off unless its for finger food, and even then its eaten quickly and gloves are put right back on

-his speach used to be very clunky, and he never really used i’m or I’ve, it was always “i am” or “i have”. His speech has improved since then and his speech pattern is more natural now.

-if you’re warm and a close friend he will cuddle up to you.

- he was once invited to a masquerade party. He didn’t know what that was. It was a bad night for everyone involved.

- there was a point in time in which silver strongly believed kisses on the cheek were very platonic and widely accepted as that, and did it to a friend when they were feeling down and sad. He has since then learned that’s not the case for everyone, but still feels compelled to do that as a form of comfort for friends when they’re sad, but just asks this time before doing it

-due to an incident where the movie CD was in the wrong case, silver doesn’t allow Gold to pick the movies to watch anymore.

-you like proteam omega? Of course you do cuz silver will now happily explain EVERYTHING about it.

-he likes to play with all kinds of hair, asking permission to braid or style hair often.

-silv had to be introduced to silverware. He liked it so much, he’d stab things like cupcakes with forks and eat them that way (much to Gold’s annoyance).

-silver has a few scars on his body he doesn’t like people knowing about. Crys had to patch him up after a bad battle once, and needless to say it was embarrassing for him and he made her promise not to say anything about them to anyone.

-Silver stays at Gold’s house quite often, especially during the winter.

-There’s a house in Viridian City Silver always visits. Its abandoned and unsuitable for living in, but there’s something about it that gives silver a sense of sadness, and he theorizes it was the house he lived in before he was stolen away.

-silver is a strong believer in cosmic things and natural forces, and likes to use stone energy healing stuff, and often likes to do horoscope things and star stuff, and practice the stone and healing remedy stuff with crys.

-silver also likes to pay attention to zodiac sign compatibilities, he just doesn’t let anyone know that.

-he pays attention to Blue’s shipping wall, is aware of his placement. He’s not sure who to choose.

-he has a variety of outfits ranging from suites to dresses, mostly because he’d often disguise himself in public to calm nerves. Also skirts are comfy so why would you not wear one

-there was a period of time where blue was busy with kanto dex holder friends, and where silver believed Gold and Crys didn’t want to have much to do with him anymore. This is also the time between emerald arc and HG/SS, where he seemed to dissapear and the only one who knew where he was was Green. When Crystal reacted the way she did to seeing him, he realized the assumption he made was incorrect.

-silver has more nightmares than dreams

-he really loves sneasel and weavile and dreams of having just a huge house with nothing but the pokemon in question roaming around.

-determined to make sure no one’s ever gotten sad like he has before

- Gold and Crys fought over him at some point but he didn’t actually realize that he just thought it was a conflict of plans to go somewhere and he decided to just take them both hiking into the woods

-stargazing with crys is fun

-fishing with gold- also fun

-silver actually really likes carnivals and fairs, but bring him anywhere near a circus and he will not be into it. He likes rides and clowns sorta freak him out

-sometimes he acts like a pokemon in a sense where he likes his head scratched sometimes

- add more summer sun to silver’s hair and it starts to turn a strawberry redish-pink color

-alola is his favorite other region besides jhoto and kanto. He feels a strange, strong connection to there.

-only expensive items he’s ever owned was a record player and records to play along with it. These are all kept at Gold’s house, though.

-likes to help crys with filling her pokedex.

-he has been mistaken for a girl often and he’s fine with anyone using any pronouns for him, he just lets people call him what they want and carried on conversation. When he spoke, some realize the mistake and others just roll with it. He honestly could care less about pronouns.

-the stares he does are sometimes hypnotic

-all dexholders agree that silver has the most beautiful eyes ever

-he has a beautiful voice, sometimes harmonizes with crys and sometimes sings along to Gold’s ukelela playing


- when he tries to wake someone up he sounds a bit creepy/murderous when he’s just trying to be calm and gentle. Both he and Blue have this trait.

That is all i got for now

yourfelicitymyoliver  asked:

Congrats on 600! Is there anything else you can give about GM Bear or GMGLONY?

Girl meets bear hmmm
Ok here we go…
Theres RL but its not a good thing
Rl has their first time alone together and break some boundaries 😁
Theres Lucaya and awww its sweet but then it goes back to being sad
Joshaya is sweet but Josh is acting like a kid Maya and the kids sort him out
Theres Zaya and I love how much Maya means to him
Theres Riarkle in subtext that will make you squeal but also questions that are pondering Farkle’s mind
Theres SUBTEXT as usual
And lastly SILVER GLOVES has finally been given to the next owner 😃

Girl meets lady of new york
Theres RL Lucas is trying hard but Riley…
Theres Lucaya Maya is initiating but Lucas…
Maya and Lucas find out about where they come from its funny and I think theres a square dance theory I’m planning from it
Riley doesn’t know where she’s from
We find out something devastating about Ginsburg from 1961
It causes Farkle to break down and Riarkle rises again
Smackle is not in this episode 😉
Maya and Lucas sigh….
Farkle still is going through things after his discovery
Zay also is shown something about his past he is also sad
He and farkle bond because of this
And lastly Auggie has a new friend 😃😃😃

Hopee this is enough

jin x domestic!au

basically house life w seokjin skdiejlsdf i didn’t know what else to call it….honestly it’s just u and him loafin around together isn’t that great

ok here we go,,enjoy and cringe along

  • imagine ur favorite breakfast. now imagine jin cooking ur favorite breakfast. incredible
  • you want a dog? cat? nope you’re gonna come home to a fucking guinea pig
  • “his name is seokjin junior” “if u think i’m calling it seokjin junior…u have another thing ahead of u” “whYYYyyYYYY”
  • your fridge is literally covered in pictures of u n the boys and magnets that say shit like “miso hot!” wit a picture of steaming miso soup (he would)
  • “bruh……….can we go see finding dory?”
  • bruh”
  • ok so y’all know that stupid ass egg hack that’s like,,,’use an empty water bottle to separate the yolk from the whites!”
  • ya well stupid ass seokjin tried it and the yolk fuckign broke in the water bottle i swear he dropped to his knees n almost had a funeral for it “the precious yolk………i’m sorry i couldn’t protect u” what a stupid ass
  • imagine you guys wearing matching oversized sweaters!!
  • every valentine’s day you guys go out and buy matching fluffy socks im not sure why but it is what it is
  • LMAOA SHIT and the days after holidays like valentine’s day or halloween are a shitfest of candy that you bought on sale iconic
  • once while soakjin was sleeping you drew the mario ‘stache on his face and when he found out he was fLAILING at the fact that u damn well decided it was ok to draw on his face
  • and then he decided he liked it im screeching he even dug out his giant ass mario hat from the closet yeah u know the hat,,amazing
  • oHgPd okok and sometimes you’re eating cookies n cream pocky, minding your own fuckign business, when stupidjin swoops in and bites off the rest of the pocky sticking out of your mouth what an ass
  • sometimes you’ll find him watching something on his laptop with his hands completely under it looking like a coddamn loser “it’s warm leave me alone”
  • literally imagine him laughing or sobbing during a movie while he’s in this position,,,
  • there he is, crying because mufasa just died and he needs his hands to wipe away the tears
  • his hands shoot up out of the warmth of a laggy laptop to catch his tears and bAM
  • the laptop falls off his lap onto the carpet
  • incredible
  • jin usually kicks your ass at super smash bros but on good days you kick his ass (he’ll never admit that he lets u win. ur too cute when ur excited about finally beating him)
  • he changes his contact picture in your phone about 3498304986 times a month “you have to keep up with my growing handsomeness”
  • three words: matching phone charms. he has toad because he loves toad’s tiny little vest i mean who doesn’t and you have yoshi because yoshi is the shit
  • The End

It’s pretty much common knowledge by now that we have a serious problem. 

TEN people haven’t submitted their fic outlines. Not only does this make the admins incredibly crazy trying to figure out what to do, it also completely halts the process of the mini bang. 

Without these fics, artists can’t choose who they want to collab with. It delays the entire timeline that we came up with weeks ago, and if we extend it much longer we’re not sure if the final product posting period can make the release of Empire of Storms (thereby messing with the entire point of the timeline!!!).

We’ve sent messages and emails to everyone who didn’t submit a few days ago, but it’s been difficult. Only a few people have responded. 

I don’t want to be rude, but the admins are getting a little frustrated with the lack of commitment here. If you had a solid reason for not submitting in time, just let us know asap and we’ll be 100% willing to work with you. If you just forgot, that’s okay too as long as you let us know what’s going on. 

All I’m asking is that some consideration is shown for the other participants. Message us off anon if you want to talk about your specific situation.

Let’s all try and make this mini bang as fun as possible for everyone involved.


admin isha

anonymous asked:

Do you think Hammy was the jealous type? In his letters to Eliza he's always like "you don't write me enough, I want to hear every-single detail of what you did everyday" I can totally picture Ham throwing a fit if he saw Eliza talking to some dude having a pleasant conversation and Ham just losing it. & Eliza being like "um, dude you cheated on me, remember?" You need to write a story on jealous Alexander Hamilton. Please.

Ok, after talking this one out with @madamejumel, here we go

Takes place mostly early in 1799.  It is all fluff.  This is how they make Little Eliza.

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OK. Here we go.

I attempted to list some of the theories we’ve had over the years from gator about Ben and Sophie, and here it is. This is from memory so it might not all be correct, by the way. 

 1. Harvey Weinstein set Ben up with Sophie, a high class prostitute, as part of his Oscar campaign and Ben, unable to get a girlfriend any other way, went along with it.

 2. Sophie placed an engagement ad in the Times and Ben then had to marry her because, well, reasons have fluctuated. She found out he was a drug addict and blackmailed him, she pretended to be pregnant, she blackmailed every news outlet in the World despite having no money, er—-you get the picture.

3. They then pretended get married setting up an illegal ceremony with a blackmailed criminal COE Priest. Numerous people came and they had fireworks and everything and loads of people knew it was a sham but no-one has ever said anything because—–er— no idea really. 

 4. Sophie then went through with a fake pregnancy which was obviously fake because a handful of clever people on tumblr were able to tell it was fake by drawing pretty lines on blurred photos. Once she even wore the bump upside down and several times she forgot it entirely but no-one noticed except a handful of bloggers, and if anyone else noticed they’ve never said so because—-er—- blackmail? The entire world? No idea. 

5. Ben can’t get rid of Sophie although she’s one of the worst people on earth because—- ????? Drugs???? 

 6. Sophie, being a fantastic person with amazing skills we can only dream about doesn’t live with Ben and, in fact, hardly ever sees him except when she turns up unexpectedly at events of various kinds. Being so inventive and clever, she even turns up unexpectedly and has a SEAT ready. 

 7. There is no child. There is, in fact, a birth registration signed by Ben but this is a forgery and only a few tumblr users know all about that. ?????? 

8. There are some photos of Ben and Sophie with their son but these are either photoshopped or they have borrowed someone else’s child for the occasion or hired a child. 

 9. Famous people read gator’s blog and send her anons because she’s so fantastic. Ben himself has sent her messages because he knows she only wants what’s best for him, that is, he’s unemployed and SINGLE. Sophie is constantly in touch with gator. ?????? 

10. Sophie lives with her old boyfriend that she broke up with years ago in a flat along with his wife, child, live in nanny etc. This was proved by the records of their Company. Being told that directors in the UK can use the Company address as their contact address spoiled this theory a bit but never mind, and no-one has ever seen her there, but perhaps along with her other skills she has mastered the art of becoming invisible. I wondered how she gatecrashed the CBE ceremony!!!! 

11. Marvel and Disney are worried about Sophie and the fact of her gatecrashing. They’d like to get rid of her but can’t seem to manage it. 

 12. Famous designers provide clothing for Sophie to wear to events but she always looks terrible anyhow and, despite this, they keep providing her with more dresses and how do they know what she’s going to gatecrash next?? 

 13. Knowing they were going to film Hamlet Sophie turned up unexpectedly, got a seat in a sold out run and appeared for a couple of seconds thus ruining the entire performance. She’s great, isn’t she? 

14. Sophie argued with Ben publicly at Wimbledon, but no-one in the entire world noticed except gator and a handful of her fans. They didn’t notice BC’s girlfriend crying though and when it was pointed out in various places they decided it was Sophie’s fault because BC was ignoring her and concentrating on Sophie who was flirting with him. When people in a crowded place lean near to each other it’s not because they can’t hear unless they do that, you see. How did she get a seat anyhow?? Why did Ben get her one and arrive with her??? Only gator knows, I expect. 

 15. Quite a few people have seen little Christopher but they’re all either lying, have seen a hired child, or whatever, or are being paid. 

 16. Gator has sauces, super secret sauces, handed down through the family maybe. She can’t say anything about these sauces, and will never reveal anything about them because they don’t exist but her fans, who, collectively, have no brains at all, think they do. 

17. Sophie, or superwoman as I prefer to think of her, is ruining Ben’s career. Since he’s been with her his career has been in a severe decline. We’ve all just imagined him being in Dr Strange and new episodes of Sherlock and The Hollow Crown and Hamlet etc. 

18. Ben doesn’t interact with fans any more since Sophie. All those people he signed for after Hamlet were just having a massive collective hallucination. All those photos and little bits of vid of him signing that are on line therefore must be, erm photoshopped, I guess. 

19. Gator has had to deal with numerous people with NPD in her life and therefore can diagnose it in complete strangers, despite the fact that it is, evidently, quite hard for even trained professionals to diagnose when they are analyzing the person face to face. Therefore she knows Sophie has it and no-one else has noticed, in fact, everyone who meets her that mentions it says how lovely she is. Why????? She can’t be blackmailing everyone. Oh, wait a mo, PR, because Ben and Sophie have the greatest PR people in the entire world. They literally control everything, and I mean, everything. 

20. Sophie’s parents are revolting people. I can’t remember what they did to merit this but gator, with her magic all seeing eye, knows something or other. 

Anyhow, that’s about it for now. Feel free to add things. Have a good day.

anonymous asked:

Who are the most overprotective boyfriends and girlfriends hcs

oh my god ok here we go

The most protective boyfriends are Sanji, Portgas D. Ace, Smoker, Jinbe, Coby probably X Drake and Sabo and maybe Killer

And the most protective girlfriends are Boa Hancock, Koala, Tashigi, Baby 5 and maybe Nami, Rebecca and Wanda

anonymous asked:

kurotsuki and question

Ok! here we go! The prompt came from this list! It’s an emotion list so here is your mini drabble for it! i really don’t know how to write question as an emotion, but I’ll do my best!

“Why are you looking at me like that?” The blond narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend looking down on him.

It was one of those summer days where the heat was so heavy you dared not go outside. So they were in Kei’s bedroom, reading. Kei was laying on the bed. Kuroo was sitting next to him, propped up by all but one of Kei’s pillows.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked again, at the man with a smirking smile above.

He didn’t say anything, just puckered his mouth trying to stop the smile from spreading shaking his black mess of a mane.

Kei sat up at this, honey eyes leveling with dark topaz.

“What?” he sounded exasperated, but he was smiling, slightly amused by his boyfriend’s antics despite himself.

Tetsurou just stared at him, eyes soft, admiring and smiled wider.

Kei smirked then. “Am I going to have to kiss it out of you?”

Tetsurou raised his eyebrows, lips set straight and pulled in, smiling, shaking his head as he leaned slightly away.

Kei took the challenge and leaned forward, hand moving up to catch the back of the raven head. His lips connected gently to Tetsurou’s hidden ones. As he continued to kiss him, Tetsurou’s lips began to relax and kiss him back in earnest.

Kei pulled away as Tetsurou leaned in trying to capture his lips once again.

“So, why were you looking at me like that?”

Tetsurou sighed in defeat, a crooked smile settling on his lips. “I was just thinking of how lucky I am to have you,” he replied softly, leaning his forehead in against Kei’s.

The blond immediately blushed.

“I’m lucky to have you too,” he whispered back, before leaning in to capture his lips once again.

anonymous asked:

P/S Hogwarts AU please

Lmao I actually have like half a fic written for this exact au so here we go

1. OK hear me out….I put Sansa in Slytherin…It was the hardest decision ever, seriously, it was Slytherin or Hufflepuff, just i know they’re on completely different ends of the spectrum but both work. I settled on Slytherin because she shows ambitious traits (wanting to be queen in canon verse) and a talent for self preservation (all through king landing) and she cares very much about how she is presented and perceived. It also would help considering Petyr is also clearly slytherin,  but what really pushed me over the edge in making my mind up was I had Margaery, Myranda and Arianne in Slytherin beforehand and i wanted them as a Slytherin girl squad OK SO THATS THAT, thats my choice and I stand by it.

2. All the Starks, sans Rickon who’s too young, go to Hogwarts. Ned was a Hufflepuff, Catelyn was Gryffindor, as are Robb, Jon and Arya, with bran being Ravenclaw and Sansa in Slytherin. So they’re all over the place and its not like if you’re a stark you have to be in one house.

3. Petyr would be the arithmancy teacher. Magic and numbers. Generally seen as a difficult and boring subject no one cares too much about. Sansa takes up the subject to her family’s surprise, especially when she doesn’t give it up after the first year. It’s just that the arithmancy professor is really dedicated to helping her to her best is all.

4. Sansa would be really good at charms, and she uses lots that help her with her needlework and sewing. Like she magic embroiders her robes with flowers and patterns in Slytherin colours, and scarves knit with impossible intricate patterns, and eventually her friends trade her sweets and things to to ones for them, and then it goes even further and Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors and Ravenclaw girls are asking her to do ones for them as well. A low key little business going on.

5. I can’t think of a good 5th one sorry. Petyr is head of Slytherin house because of course he is. Idk. he has a cat in his office.

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Faz uma lista com tumblrs d imagines favoritos d vcs ou indiquem alguns legais e novos pra gntiii pfv......😊

acho que já fiz, a um tempinho atrás… mas ok! here we go.

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  • @one-shots-da-1d as meninas são realmente, a minha paixão! cada coisinha que elas postam é impensavelmente melhor do que o anterior.