I THINK the only reason Perfect Model Boy™ isn’t shown to also be good at drawing is because he would probably doodle a lot of Ladybug with/out her mask and THIS would happen pretty much right after Stoneheart—-.

and his drawing style would totally be anime+shoujo i’ll fite you on this

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This was mostly a test for a bigger thing I wanted to put together, but since I only have so much time this weekend, this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.


happy birthday @saywhatjessie!! your extremely thorough collection of reference photos for castiel was just too inspiring! i had to draw him. i hope he looks the way you imagined! dean’s uniform is inspired by samwell.

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everybody should go read Queer Eye for the “Straight” Guy today, just sayin’

Proposed: Thedas is not a ‘medieval’ setting

I don’t know about you, but when I was first considering the overall state of Thedas, mostly for worldbuilding purposes, I was semi-consciously thinking of it as a fairly typical pseudo-medieval-Europe.  And that’s natural enough, because in Origins, Ferelden really did look like that.  Thatching, half-timbering, nobles in fortified castles, a fairly monolithic church around which much of society was built.

The further you go into the franchise, though, the more problems you encounter with this.  Kirkwall as a city doesn’t give off a particularly medieval vibe, nor does its government.  You have sailing ships that are more advanced than Europe saw in the middle ages, you have the Qunari with their mind-altering drugs and poison gases and explosives, you have a popular novelist.  A popular novelist requires printing presses, paper manufacture, relatively widespread literacy, and fairly complex shipping systems to exist.  The first European novels were published after the medieval period.  Come Inquisition, we have the almost Baroque Orlesians, broadsheet newspapers, and a lot of things most people probably didn’t notice, like cast iron cookstoves and Bianca Davri’s steam-powered thresher.

Here’s the thing.  Okay here’s a lot of things.  I once had pages of notes trying to work this out, and I’ve tried a dozen times to make a post about it, but it’s too much.  I give up being organized.  So here’s some of the things:

  • Ferelden is a poor backwater.  I know, I’m a rabid Fereldan too, but to the rest of Thedas, it is canonically the arse end of nowhere.  It is no more a good example of the overall technological state of Thedas than the hills of my Appalachian home (where people lived without power or indoor plumbing well into the 20th century) in the 19th century were a good indication of the state of things in 19th century Boston, even though they were only a few days’ ride apart.
  • Thedas’ history and development is in no way like the real world.  It’s a place where the world faces a potentially fatal apocalypse ever few hundred years.  Again, the first game is pretty misleading in this regard, because we neatly wrapped up that Blight in, supposedly, a year, without it ever escaping the borders of one country.  The First Blight lasted over a hundred years and ranged across all of Thedas.  Far and away the shortest Blight besides the fifth still lasted 12 years and destroyed entire kingdoms.  That’s five huge periods of world war and cultural destruction.
  • Magic.  I mean, obviously.  Now, the tangible existence of magic and demons in the Dragon Age arguably has a lot to do with the strength of the Chantry, which has set itself up as a protector from these evils, thus providing an excellent excuse to accumulate military power and suppress dissent.  It doesn’t really effect everyday life much for anyone but mages in the Dragon Age–most people have never seen a mage, and only the wealthy can afford enchanted items.  But of the five empires Thedas has seen, only two (dwarves and Qunari) put any emphasis on technology, and the earliest two (Elvhenan and Tevinter) relied very heavily on magic, and thus presumably had very little incentive to develop technology.
  • The Qunari deliberately suppress at least some technological innovations in the south.  Remember your friendly neighborhood dwarf who liked to blow shit up from Awakening?  His name is Dworkin Glavonak.  You meet his cousin Temmerin in DA2 during the Finding Nathaniel questline, and he tells you that Dworkin’s been driven into hiding by the Qunari. (video)  Certainly sheds new light on why no one outside of dwarves seems to have explosives or gunpowder in the south.  Orzammar dwarves may be the exception here because a) they use lyrium in their explosives, thus making them self-limiting due to the restricted access to lyrium, and b) since Orzammar is a closed society and you cannot come in from the outside, the Qun could not easily place spies in Orzammar society anyway.

So let’s look again, not starting from Origins but look back from Inquisition.  And this time when we look, we find a world that

  • has steam technology, albeit very new–steam-powered threshers were invented around the 1850′s
  • has cast iron stoves such as were not invented in our world until the 1850′s
  • has a canonical reason for lacking gunpowder–which, in turn, completely changes the nature of warfare (or more accurately, doesn’t change it, since it’s guns and cannons that put an end to armor and swords and siege weapons)
  • clearly has printing presses, even if we don’t see them, because there are popular, cheaply printed novels and broadsheet publications and banned book lists

And it’s not quite all from later games, either.  Branka was made a paragon for the invention of ‘smokeless coal’–which isn’t actually a thing in itself but rather a process which removes the impurities from the coal so that it then burns cleaner.  Which, as far as I can ascertain, is a process that was developed during, you guessed it, the 1800′s.

Now, I’m not trying to excuse all the inconsistencies in technology or claim that the devs did a good job of following through on all the implications of things they stuck into Thedas.  Frankly, I think it’s a weak point in their worldbuilding.  BUT it’s really going to keep not making any sense if you try to insist that the setting is more-or-less-medieval-Europe.  In fact, I think it’s futile to try to match Thedas up to any period of real-world development, partly because Thedas’ history is just too wildly different, and partly because a lot of the worldbuilding is done by sticking a bunch of cultures into a blender and picking out what they like.  But if you start thinking about it as a place where technology has continued to develop in places to something roughly congruent to the western world in the 1850′s, but with none of the socioeconomic conditions that created the Industrial Revolution, you might be a bit closer.

He pressed two fingers to Neil’s throat, checking his pulse. When Neil tried to bat him away, Andrew caught his wrist with his free hand. His smile was small and fierce as he leaned forward into Neil’s space.
   “Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”
Neil was too startled to answer, but Andrew didn’t wait. He slid past Neil, using the weight of his body and his grip on Neil’s wrist to pull Neil with him out of the way of the door.


Shinobis and their familiars. I’ll update when I find more. I’m curious about how Genya would appear with Oboro’s sprite. It’s not like a dog can perch on your shoulder like the others’ animals, hahaha.

Update: Oh well, here you go… Awww, I was hope there would be a close sprite of Genya holding Oboro, that would be mega-cute!

For those of you who are not familiar (yet) these are the shinobis with their  shieki doubutsu (literally translates to battle animal) familiars/animal companions that they use to aid their work.

Sasuke + Kohaku the eagle

Hotaru + Tora the cat

Kaede + Fuutaro the flying squirrel

Chibi Sasuke + Momofuku the owl

Sakuya + Tobimaru the monkey

Genya + Oboro the black shiba inu

Hanzo + Haku the albino snake

Kyouichiro + Raita the fox

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Unspoken Feelings — Peter Parker

A/N: I hate this so much oh well jdnskdmdkw here ya go

You were beyond confused. The Peter Parker you knew was shy, sure, but he was never so quiet around you. Whether it was telling you new stories about missions he’d completed and bad guys he had taken down, or simply telling you about his day at school, he was always talking. You didn’t mind it, though, rather you actually enjoyed it. There was something about him that made you able and wanting to listen to his voice for hours on end.

You knew something was up when he hadn’t been giving his usual commentary on the movie of choice during movie night. The two of you sat close together on the couch, almost too close, but it was normal. Usually, Peter would be narrating and making funny comments, always looking over at you before anyone else to see your reactions.

He didn’t do that tonight. Instead, he sat in silence for the majority of the action movie with his hands folded in his lap. When you’d asked him to pass the popcorn, he handed it over to you without a word.

The other Avengers seemed to notice his change in behavior as well. From across the room, Nat was shooting you suspicious looks, which you returned. You were just as confused as everyone else. However, you tried to take your attention off of him, and you laughed with the others about stupid jokes and funny moments during the film. You tried to remain your usual bubbly self, but it was hard when this curiosity was eating away at you.

The credits began to roll, and as everyone was beginning to get up from their seats, you had finally had enough. Looking over at Peter, you sighed before grabbing ahold of his hand and pulling him up.

“W-what are-” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but you didn’t give him a chance to finish his thought as you kept your grip on his hand and started dragging him off to your room.

After a few steps, Peter stopped trying to protest. He knew that you always got your way, and that you could get information out of anyone when you wanted to.

When you finally reached the door to your bedroom, you turned the brass doorknob and pulled the boy who’s hand was still in yours inside. You walked over to your four-poster bed, sitting down with your legs crossed and motioning for him to do the same.

Peter reluctantly sat down beside you, still never meeting your eyes. You waited for him to look up for a few seconds more before you shook your head in disappointment.

“Peter, look at me.” You said, shaking his shoulder gently with your hand. His eyes remained focused on his socks.

“Peter.” Sighing heavily, you shook his shoulder again, slightly more rough this time. It was starting to anger you how he just refused to talk to you. This wasn’t the Peter you knew. You were dying to know why he was acting this way, but you couldn’t find out unless he actually spoke more than one word to you.

What you didn’t know was that the boy you were so confused by was silent because of you. The previous night, he was out patrolling the city as usual when he saw you walking down the street hand in hand with someone. Peter couldn’t see his face, but the mere sight of you in another boy’s arms made him sick to his stomach.

His secret was that he had been harboring a huge crush on you ever since you had been introduced. But he knew that nothing would ever happen between you, you were Tony Stark’s daughter after all, and your dad would probably kick his ass if he even came close to you.

That’s why he was so quiet. He ached inside, wanting desperately to tell you how he felt. He wanted to stop you from hanging around with the boy he saw you with last night, but he couldn’t without revealing everything.

Peter was snapped out of his thoughts by your hand squeezing his. The contact made his veins pulse with electricity and his head start to cloud over with fog. As many times as this had happened before, tonight every emotion, every touch, every little thing felt maximized to the extreme.

He decided to finally look up. Your eyes widened as his head lifted, finally meeting your gaze with a hurt look on his face.

“Pete.” You said his name again, for what seemed like the millionth time, but this time your voice falling octaves softer. Your faces were in close proximity, bordering on too close. Neither one of you looked away.

You rubbed your thumb over his. “I-”

Before you got another word out, and before Peter’s racing mind could tell him to do otherwise, his lips were on yours. Your breath caught in your throat, entirely and completely surprised, but you kissed him back.

His hands reached up to cup your burning cheeks and you grabbed him by the front of his sweater, pulling him closer into you. The feeling in your stomach was almost ethereal, and your face felt like it was ignited with electricity where Peter’s hands were placed. It felt like you were walking on air.

When you pulled away, both of your eyes were wide in shock. Your hands dropped from his gray sweater, leaving a bundle of fabric where you’d been gripping so tight.

“Y-you kissed me back.” Peter stuttered, stuffing his face into his hands before standing up off of your bed.

Now you really were blushing.

“You kissed me back.” He repeated, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Uh, well, what did you expect me to do?”

“Anything but that.”

“Why?” You stood up, brows knitting together in confusion, and stepped closer to him.

“B-because I’ve ignored you this whole day! I thought you were mad at me, you had every right to be, anyways. I just, I saw you last night with that guy and I guess all of the pent up feelings just got ten times worse, and I was so jealous I couldn’t even see straight-”

Now it was your turn to interrupt him. You pulled him into a tight embrace, your face just meeting his collarbone and nuzzling itself into it. Your actions stopped the words from falling out of his mouth as Peter fell silent, hugging you back with so much love that you could practically feel it radiating off of him.

And he could feel it radiating off of you too.

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Hi! Sorry for asking but, may i request a victuuri saying happy bday? You'll see, my best friend and I are getting apart for external reasons that make us so sad, her bday was this past week and i feel so helpless bc i can't give her anything, a fanart of her otp would be much help, please.

gyaaaaa i wanted to write their name on it~ oh well, but here you go!! i hope things go well with you guys, this was such a sweet request i couldn’t help it ////