150522 - SHINee comeback stage Music Bank recording (please do not delete credits)

→ Finished view recording just now… 3 regular mtakes and one really long partial one at the beginning that was hilarious.
→ Taemin and key were wearing shorts today.
→ Taemin had a move where he needs to slide on the floor a little but because of the shorts he said it was difficult. His knees would hurt. He actually joked around after that trying to pull his socks higher to cover his knees xD dork.
→ Of all the OT5 shows I’ve been to this was by far the most lively and active and just happy recording. They were in their best mood ever ㅠ ㅠ
→ They played around so much I don’t even know where to begin. The first 10 minutes were just them goofing around and it was glorious.
→ Taemin continued his word play today. He went from View to “I love…” and we went “You!” He was happy lol.He added a 3rd one: “Thank you"XD When the members didn’t react to his Thank You he was bummed so he said I only have the fans. The fans get me XD
→ Taemin was singing&suddenly he changed the lyrics to "ugh I’m so tired,dead tired” then when we worried he continued singing “just kidding~”
→ They had to film the same part over and over so Taemin said it’s difficult&Key suddenly went “Hwaiting!"super bright XD Taem was like yes~
→ It’s kind of weird -happy weird- to see just how much they’ve changed in how they interact with fans. Especially Taemin. It’s astonishing- I mean even just 2 years ago I never would’ve imagined Taemin to be this talkative ,interactive&most importantly comfortable with fans ♡
→ During the partial-recs they kept cutting off the song so we got a ton of acapella-singing from SHINee,they kept on singing without musicㅠ ㅠ
→ Before we went in they warned us not to do individual chants&ments. No random screams of hey minho did you eat, Taem I love you, etc etc

→ Out of Music Bank recording, boys were full of ennergy, always playing around!
→ They kept doing strange noises, so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ The stage was full of mirror, really amazing!
→ We kept laughing at us and they started a recording with us laughing, hope it won’t be the broadcasted one OTL
→ At the start Taemin was checking Onew’s mic and when it worked they started doing body gag ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin’s wearing short! So so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ They recorded the close up shot at first but the boys were still playing around when they started so they had to re-do it a few times xD
→ For the close up shot they use a shoulder camera and the man almost kicked Minho because he was really close to him. So after the take Minho re-do it with Taemin, do funny ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin was the first to arrived, he waved at us then hide behind a curtain to tease us xD
→ They were singing live, amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ As Key was singing some of their old song Minho did the "Lucifer” pose. Taemin made a bad joke and members laughed at him xD
→ Taemin told us “I love View”! He also told us “Thank View” so cuuuute ㅠㅠㅠ
→ The balloon is new, they gave us fancard. It feels like a new start for Shawols~

→ So cute today babies. Greeted us warmly today when they came on stage ♥
→ Taemin sang along to Hana, but changed the lyrics to “in the morning light xxxxx(didn’t catch) I’m dead tired” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

→ Taemin was a wearing a dark blue blazer and jean shorts, white shoes and high socks and a white shirt that said peace on it
→ The stage was purplish light and with hanging rectangular mirrors all around
→ The shinee members were really cute and awake today
→ The prerecording for view was an hour because they also filmed closeups for the view performance
→ They kept fooling around while waiting
→ After a the closeup recordings, Taemin complained that it was hard cause he was getting tired but Key told him “Hwaiting!”
→ Jonghyun and then the rest of the members started to make clicking sounds while practicing in between recordings. Then the members started to blow into their mics and would pretend that the wind they would blow would hit onew and onew reacted lol
→ In the beginning, Taemin randomly began to sing a few lines from One
→ Taemin told to the fans “I love View” and shawols responded back saying “I love you/view” and taemin responded by saying “thank you” in eng
→ The SHINee members were also singing parts of Lovesick while waiting to record
→ When minho said lu-ci-fer, taemin said it too and then said doc-tor, lol oh taemin-ah xD
→ There was just so much interaction with SHINee today!! ^_^ I’m happy that they were happy today


I died. Kookie is hilarious #sillyKookie “My feels right now…I want chocolate! xD #Jungkook #bts #bangtan #bangtanboys #kpop #dubsmash”

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You know what, as a feminist, menimism is actually one of the greatest things to happen

Before, the extreme groups against feminism would be under the umbrella of ‘anti feminist’, but there are also anti-feminists who aren’t bad, but just misinformed.

However, when you had an extreme anti-feminist, and there was retaliation. I feel there was a portion of innocent people caught in the fire.

But, some people start a joke calling them menimist, and you know what, people took the name. So now those oddly extreme anti-feminists had a label to which specify more easily.

It basically turned into the hold stick and box trap on the internet, and people unironically fell for it, which I find hilarious XD

THIS OR THAT Results: Debut Aegyo Reaction - Kai or Sehun?

Kai - 11

Debut Showcase Aegyo:

Reaction three years later - want to go somewhere alone, dig a hole to hide and never come back, probably want to burn that aegyo video too

Sehun - 29

Debut Showcase Aegyo:

Reaction three years later - shows off to other members and thinks that he’s the cutest maknae out there who killed fangirls with his aegyo

© Debut Showcase Aegyo, Reaction


Our maknae’s reaction was just too hilarious for him not to win this poll. XD Remember when he used to not be able to do aegyo? Now look at him. 

Thanks for participating everyone! Hope you had fun. 

- Admin Jackie

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Kuroo+Oikawa+Tsukki: They are sleeping over at their s/os and witness her playing an otome game. How do they react (shes really into it, has tiny little screams etc. xD)?

Holy… Why is this actually really hilarious to picture???

Kuroo Tetsurou: Kuroo will jokingly ask her for updates every now and then or whenever she makes a particularly loud noise. He won’t really care at all until it gets to the point where it’s been like two hours and she doesn’t seem to plan on putting the thing down any time soon. So, he does it for her, plucking it away and putting it somewhere out of reach so he can start working on getter her attention back where it belongs: on his pretty, pretty face and the hands around her waist.

Oikawa Tooru: At first, he attempts to be a good sport about it by only half trying to get her attention focused back on him. When that doesn’t work, he decides to busy himself with something else, hoping that they’ll miss his cuddling and whatever. When that still doesn’t work and she’s just getting more and more into it, he leans his face over whatever they’re playing on and asks, clearly offended and jealous, what’s so great about whatever guy’s route they’re playing on. What’s whoever he is got that Oikawa himself doesn’t have? And then his questions take a huge left turn into NSFW land until he has her blush like crazy.

Tsukishima Kei: Tsukki gets so annoyed to the point where he’s basically ignoring her since she’d rather deal with fakes even though he’s right there. But the more noises she makes, the more jealous he gets until he literally gets so fed up that flips whatever it is she’s playing it on out of her hands and sits himself in her lap and starts proving how much better it is to have a relay boyfriend compared to a virtual one.

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Make New Friends But Keep Discord Recap

U Jelly, Discord?

Tree Hugger is so chill, right now.

It’s been 4 seasons since the first Grand Galloping Gala.

The Smooze is here.

Rarity just seriously covered herself up. Are you kidding me?! She’s always naked!!

OMG Maud Pie is here!!

Discord got burned by Maud!! LOL

Maud confirmed as a lifeboat

I couldn’t take Tree Hugger, seriously!! lol XD

Tree Hugger is the only one can stop The Smooze.

Tree Hugger was about to be sent to Sesame Street.

And Discord just went TOO far on the jealousy.

I give this episode a 10/10. This is so hilarious! Also, I was so happy that Maud Pie was here.

See ya next week and have a wonderful weekend, baconators!!

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Dear Ahsoka, I Ahsoka you. You have a nice Ahsoka. You make me Ahsoka. You should Ahsoka Someday I will Ahsoka. You + me = Ahsoka. If I saw you now I’d Ahsoka. I want to Ahsoka you. I would build an Ahsoka just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be Ahsoka. We could Ahsoka under the stars. 
Anakin (P.S. Ahsoka) ( am I doing this right? ;D)

This is hilarious XD

malcolm-harkness answered your question “All right. I need some finger-warmups before working on a fanfic. Send…”

Maybe Hartwin, Everyone is sick of the blatant pining going on and hilarity ensues in the form of everyone trying to get them together?

I love there are so many headcanons of hilarious get-together schemes! XD!!!

Merlin rolled his eyes in exasperation as he looked across the table at Eggsy as Harry, now Arthur, read off of a list Eggsy’s, now Galahad’s, endeavors.

Eggsy bashfully looked down at the table while Harry read, a pinkish hue touching his face when Harry beamed at him. As Harry smiled adoringly at Eggsy, telling him what a good job he had done on the field Merlin thought for a brief moment it might be worth making a fake puking sound just because it was so disgustingly sweet yet those two hadn’t moved beyond pitter-pats around one another.

It finally took one day of Eggsy excitedly chatting away to Roxy about the latest things that Harry had said that Roxy went, “oh my god, will you just get with him already??” making Eggsy a little baffled at first at who she meant and then blushing vividly as he connected the dots.

Finally, during a Gala night, Roxy formed a plan to get the two together. She had Merlin, Gawaine, Percival, and even Tristan get in on the help setting up the perfect dance music composition.

Sure enough, Harry and Eggsy dwindled the Gala night away in chatter instead of participating in dancing, become more loose around each other but not quite relaxed….then Roxy’s plan kicked into action by having the general playing music turn romantic and she and Percival encouraging Eggsy to dance while Merlin teased Harry until Harry relented, making the two come together in at first a terribly awkward dance until Harry’s training took over and he took the lead.

It turned from gentle romance to more upbeat rhythms, making their dance go from pleasant and slow to something almost primal, sweat touching their brow, and just as the last note struck on the song Harry pulled Eggsy closer than what the song would call for and the two shared shy smiles that were cut a little more than short as each were respectively nudged by Merlin and Roxy into an accidental kiss that had them dissolving into laughter. 

It’s official, History through Hetalia will be a panel coming to you very soon at a2f. If you went to my Horrendously hilarious histories your teacher wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, then it can be compared to that EXCEPT I will have ‘co-host’ aphgatekeeper (aka Austria) and we have the full intention of educating you, but we are also fully aware that we will probably end up arguing about the same stuff we always do, except maybe you might get it now XD

See you Saturday, time to be announced.

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idk if i asked you to do this or not (whomp) but like do me do me \o/

bulletproofhobi - omg courtney well first off their blog looks like this: 

I legit laughed out loud (and so did nabijewel who is with me right now XD) omg it is so hilarious and there is shirtless hoseok and idek what to do with myself I was unprepared. 

anyways she’s also one of the precious hoseok trash squad which obviously makes her the absolute bomb.

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I think Merda would be the one to convince Jack to play with her. I also think Jack would have the most hilarious reactions like “HOLY *** THAT THING CAME OUT OF NOWHERE” and such. XD

Yeah I think Jack would be kinda jumpy XD But at the beginning he’s like, “Oh cmon Mer it’s gonna be fun, you scared teddy bear?” and such and now Merida cant stop laughing. Jack is totally saving her score with how much he’s distracting her from the suspense.

bisexualdragon-lord answered your post: It’s Question/Discussion Saturday!!

jack is a big scardey baby and we all know hes gonna be hiding behind merida the entire time she plays the game with a straight face while secretly being so relieved jack won’t let her go because she terrified


missiechan answered your post: It’s Question/Discussion Saturday!!

I do believe it would be Jack’s idea, but it would backfire horribly because Merida’s reaction would be to throw whatever she’s holding (remote, drink, phone…) at the TV and breaking it.

Or wave her arms around a lot when she’s surprised and hitting Jack a lot because I dont think they could afford 10 tv’s/computers every 3 months

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*Playing FNAF*

i have no idea what that is but im so in for it

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Omg Flo your blog is 5,040 pages long. I'm looking at your old blog posts and it is hilarious. like people are saying Florencia instead of Flo, and your sets are so colorful. Like blue and pink jeans, that part is funny cause now your like drenched in black clothes. Oh and your were freaking out over 11,300 set views on Polyvore and now you have what? like 50 million. I'm seriously enjoying this so much XD, like this is the best thing on Tumblr. Omg I love this. xx

hahaha wow

yeah i’ve had this blog for ageeess

i’ve probably posted every single day for like 3 years omfg

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Have you ever played Saints Row? I can kind of see Brenna as a Saints Boss and that's both glorious and hilarious 8D

I haven’t played it myself, but my brother has the game so I know some stuff. Ahhh, now that you mentioned it I really want to see a modern version criminal boss Brenna and all the shenanigans that follow… XD